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Star Wars 41 ABY - Shadow Games

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Isis Stele
    Depths of Shadow

    Isis took a step forward and stared hard at the being before her. Completely naked, and ashen-toned, the man, stood unembarrassed by his bareness. Isis watched his mouth as he spoke. The man was handsome, though he seemed distant.

    He said, ?Hi.? Isis raised an eyebrow. So simple a greeting for such a heavy location. This was a most odd turn of events, but it was made even worse, when the man spoke again. ?My name is Anakin Solo.?

    Isis shook her head. She took a step forward and stated, plainly, ?That is impossible. Anakin Solo gave his life in the twenty-seventh year after the battle of Yavin IV. His death was witnessed by at least seven Jedi, and others.? Isis had studied Anakin Solo with obsessive fervor, when she was a padawan. He was one of the most inspirational figures in her life, despite that fact that he would have only been six and a half years older than her. Anakin Solo represented the true mission of the Jedi Order; there was no way that this man was him.

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  2. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Shadow, Bowels

    He was fighting, he was slicing and dicing faster than an Rylothian Lylek in adolescence, not that it made much of a difference to an entire hive and tentacular roots. He knew he had lost Cara to them, but they just kept coming, kept going. Almost like an energy cell holo he saw recently, though the company that produced it eluded him.

    Then the force quivered, like a padawan with full knowledge but little experience was testing the waters, he hardly noticed. Then it latched on, securing itself to him, holding, grasping, clinging, the hive was not happy. They had been ignoring those he was killing but as this happened they paid him attention, they threatened they chided, they chaffed telling him not too.

    So he didn't resist. Whatever made them so unhappy he would gladly give a chance, as he was yanked forcefully down a metal tube that had opened up in the wires. Then they were dropped, he decatived his lightsaber for the fall, no use in cutting himself or Isis who was being dumped with him before he knew what was happening.

    They fell, like so much refuse, then the force quivered again. Like an inexperienced giant reaching to pick up its newborn, trembling at the first grasp, gently holding, saving, lowering to safety as they were diposited on the floor of some room as the opening they had just come through in the ceiling snapped shut above them.

    He took in the room at a glance before his eyes were locked on the naked human standing before him. His first thought being, So that is why they always wear clothes even in the heat?
    Though it was quickly followed by recognition as the human male introduced himself, and then Isis filled in her words, something which his mouth didn't take into account as it jumped into overdrive mingling their words of shock.

    "Your Anakin Solo, thee Anakin Solo who died glowing in the force saving your older siblings, mechanically gifted by the force, and helped me with some repairs before you went and got killed Anakin Solo? You sure not Anakiin Soloo or something? Not that it isn't nice to see you again, because I'm sure the entire Corellia Sector will rejoice as well as the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order. But what in the five worlds are you doing here?"

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  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Cara Ta´Manis . . . Gorog
    Shadow . . . Korriban?

    She was drawn to darkness. Both her body and her mind. Her whole self. She had been ready to die. She had been ready to give herself up. So she did hardly resist. Only embraced it. Hoping to find salvation in the suffering it brought to her.

    And then she was gone.

    Staring at her right hand, red-skinned and clawed she touched her face as somebody shouted her a warning. A warning in her language. But not hers, truly. Korriban. [b]Lord Gorog [/b]looked around, eyeing the battle-field around him. Was she Gorog? Sith. He was . . . or was she . . . a Sith?

    The heavy sword raised in her hand, as the massive frame of [b]Lord Farsk[/b] appeared. Challenging her. The words came to her mind, but only slowly she understood their meaning. Her instincts were much faster to adapt. The Lord came charging and it was [b]Cara[/b] reacting to that threat. She leapt back, pushing the man who had warned her between herself and the attacker. The sword was not her weapon. It was not the right weight for her style of fighting anyway. But what had someone to loose who had nothing left to be?

    Pushing her assumed servant between the attack and herself she threw herself into the enemy. Not into his attack, but his legs. A man like him was used to defend against swords. But was he used to martial arts? Kicking at his legs, she drained what strength her mysterious connection offered to her and kicked into his knees. Raising behind the enemy to bring her sword down in a strike that was far from being perfect.

    [i][color=orange]I am Cara Ta´Manis.[/color][color=orangered]Cara Ta´Manis.[/color] [color=red]Cara.[/color] [color=crimson]Cara.[/color] [/i]

    She repeated again and again. In her mind.

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  4. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Mal Judder/ Depths / Shadow

    [blockquote]Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Assumptions were always stupid, and he'd made a damned big one in assuming that the idiot chiss was going to run. Instead he drew his pistol very quickly, and fired leaving Mal with very little time to react. But then it wasn't like he'd not been in this kind of situation before. He just normally dudn't have a pack on his back when trying to charge people. In a way, it actually aided him, for the moment.

    Dropping, faster than he would have minus the however many pounds on his back, the shot glanced off of his shoulder guard. Mal was immensely thankful for the higher spec armor he had over regular troopers. That and the angle helped a heck of a lot. But he'd still been hit, and that was less than pleasant.

    Ending up against a wall due to the force of the energy. That and he had a rather sore left shoulder now. At least laying on his stomach he had the pack helping to guard him, and he was no longer outlined by the entrance to the cavern like he had been.

    Going into drill mode, he scrambled forward as quickly as he could until he was against the first abutement, and out of line of sight. Deciding to play off the other's obvious desire to make a name for himself, Mal decided on the suicidal approach. Pulling out the thermal detonator, equipped with deadmans switch and all, he raised it with the button deppressed. "I really don't think you wanna shoot me Seth. Unless you feel like becoming a whole lot of nothing." He wagged his hand, red light flashing on the orb in his black gauntleted hand. "I'll give you thirty seconds to run, and if you fire again... well, we both get to go up in a flash of light." Once he was out of this predicament, more options woudl be open to him. Judder was not pleased with himself for doing something as stupid as to silouhette himself in a cave entrance, but given the situation he could forgive himself. After all, it wasn't every day that plant roots tried to crush you into some ugly little smear on the floor.[/blockquote]

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  5. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Concord Dawn, Fett Farm

    "Don't y'r worry abu't it, Alec. Y'll do y'r old man proud."

    At that the young Mandalorian couldn't help but stand just a tad straighter at the mention of his father. He had lost a lot of years during that Imperial reeducation, years that should've been spent training under Sel Nephrite. Despite having been years late for that education, his father did his best to hammer those Mandalorian traditions into him before he reached the age of thirteen. Those had been difficult years and Alec himself had heard the occasional comment from fellow Mandos of his buir's treatment after a rough training session.

    No one would've blamed either the father or the son about continued training even after Alec became an adult. But Sel had been determined to make Alec a Nephrite and Alec had been determined to regain the roots that had nearly been lost to him. It had been tough but now here he was and, looking back, Alec didn't regret any of it.

    "I parked 'er at t'e tower. G't going, Alec."

    "Yes Manda'lor." With a nod of his helmeted head at Shysa's retreating form, Alec also turned his back and went to start preparing for his first mission.

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  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    41 ABY

    IC: Anakin Solo

    [blockquote]Anakin Solo looked glum as Isis spoke. ??That is impossible. Anakin Solo gave his life in the twenty-seventh year after the battle of Yavin IV. His death was witnessed by at least seven Jedi, and others.?

    His expression sank even further as Driggs caught up. "Your Anakin Solo, thee Anakin Solo who died glowing in the force saving your older siblings, mechanically gifted by the force, and helped me with some repairs before you went and got killed Anakin Solo? You sure not Anakiin Soloo or something? Not that it isn't nice to see you again, because I'm sure the entire Corellia Sector will rejoice as well as the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order. But what in the five worlds are you doing here?"[/i]

    Anakin laughed at the last. ?Well, evidently I?m not the Anakin Solo. I remember dying? and even a little of being cremated.? Anakin screwed up his face at that experience. ?I think? Centerpoint not only took an impression of me when I used the weapon, it also kept tabs on me, somehow, linking me to the station. So my memories of this place only began when I died.?

    Anakin shrugged. ?I have been trapped underground for sometime, but the recent fighting ? which I?d love to hear about, incidentally ? freed up some of the mountain. But now the Killiks are running around, so I?ve been busy with them. But I?ll explain on the way, we need to hurry ? I need your help.? Anakin went to turn, and seemed to recall something.

    ?Um...? Anakin tried to sound neutral, but he shifted his legs, moving his hand appropriately, a blush creeping into his face. ?I don?t suppose you have some spare clothes? The Celestials didn?t, well, wear any, so I?ve been like this for a while now.?[/blockquote]

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    6 ABY

    IC: Gotab

    [blockquote]The Free Mandalore was a beautiful ship. Well armed, manoeuvrable, and capable of taking a solid punch and still going. Just like a Mandalorian. When Alec made his way to the ship, he found a Mandalorian in green armour sitting on a tree-trunk, an un-gloved hand touching the hull. His helmet was on, and the man seemed caught in some sort of trance.

    As Alec approached, the man spoke up. ?I?m Gotab, before you ask. Crazy wild folk from up north?? He paused, as if he had something else to say, and had to work out a way to say it. ?I?m a Kiffu, with a skill in psychometry. Yes, I?m free with my secrets.?

    ?But you?re going into some serious danger. I can tell. You must be careful.? With that, Gotab withdrew from the Free Mandalore, hobbling off away fro the ship.[/blockquote]

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    30, 000 BBY

    IC: Lord Farsk, the Shadow Hand, Korriban

    [blockquote]Lord Farsk impaled his blade on Cara?s servant, who dutifully screamed. He managed to get his Sith sword free a moment after Cara kicked him down, his leg giving away. Farsk rolled, Cara?s blow smashing into the ground. The big man stood, shoving out with the Force at Cara?s side to imbalance her, and then bounded forward, fingers clawed to grab at her head and crush it.

    In the background, the violence was beginning to subside, and all that could be heard were screams. An impasse between the Sith armies had arisen, and both sides were falling apart.

    Cara was caught in this dream, in Gorog?s dream, but peripheral awareness of her body, being carried by the Killik horde, touched her. It ebbed away, and the dream took over again. A solid push could free her, but she was too busy in this dream-world to act.[/blockquote]

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  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Cara Ta´Manis
    Somewhere. Somewhen.

    Lord Flask had hurt her and for a moment she had returned to the blurry self she still had somewhere on Korriban . . . no Shadow. Shadow a moon in the . . . Corellia System.

    He grabbed her head, read to crush her. The Sith. On Korriban. The shift of reality was too much for her, to concentrate and she felt his hand embracing her head. Pain was still abscent and so she smiled under his crushing hands. She did not fear death, but if he did, he was a fool. You don´t grab anything in sword fights. You had no way to cover the side you used to grab. Changing her heavy blade from one hand to the other she brought it up, bringing it right into his "dead-spot", beneath the shoulder where the arm ended in the torso. Breaking free of his grab, while slicing through his red flesh.

    Primitive. Like you become. Wake up. Wake up, Cara. Or you get lost.

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  8. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Shadow, near Anakin Solo p2

    Anakin certainly had found a set of pipes while here, but whose to say anyone wouldn't become chatty after having only creatures trying to kill you for company for a long while. "Sorry to hear about the cremation woes but at least it beats remembering grubs and beatles digesting your carcass. It sounds like the stations are interconnected, and when they touched on you they did more than a simple imprint, they litterally formed a bond to your mind and body. Astounding, and not unprecedented when one considers the history of Calista, although with several greater leaps of connection." he rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a moment before getting up from the ground.

    "Lead the way, as for clothes, don't ask a naked being for a shirt or pants. If he doesn't even wear them how can he share them?" With a laugh he walked up patting Anakin on the arm, "Maybe Isis well have something, but with how form fitting she wears it I wonder if you could fit in it? No bother either way to me, I still don't get what all the fuss is about, you just need some fur gel tonic. Yes, my uncle Lester had a rather embarrissing bald patch he just rubbed some in and thick hair filled in in no time."

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  9. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Isis Stele

    Isis was, for lack of a suitable description, flustered and embarrassed. This man before her, was the closest thing she had ever had to a hero. And, seeing him as an adult, after thinking of him as an adolescent all her life, was warping. Isis?s thoughts came unorganized and screaming by at a million light-years. Isis closed her eyes. She focused on the reincarnated Anakin?s voice. It was roughly the same as the one she had heard as a girl, in holobooks, if a little gruffer.

    Isis opened her eyes, to see Anakin covering his crotch with his hands. She flushed red again. He asked, sounding very embarrassed, ?I don?t suppose you have some spare clothes? The Celestials didn?t, well, wear any, so I?ve been like this for a while now.? Driggs stepped forward towards new Anakin and suggested that Isis might have clothes for him. Then, he suddenly related this situation to a story about his uncle with bald spots in his fur, leaving Isis to wonder.

    She wanted very badly to help Anakin, but was almost positive she had nothing to offer. She tapped the pockets on her belt and clicked her tongue quietly. She swished around to check a pocket on the back of her belt, and her hood got pushed around to the front of her. Isis exhaled, and grabbed hold of the soft fabric. With a rip, she tore the hood free and held the piece of cloth before her. It was big enough to be fashioned into a loincloth, if someone so chose.

    Isis cleared her throat, experimentally, and said, ?Would this work for you??

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  10. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Sinre approved.

    Name: Zazarine Zey
    Age: 56
    Species: Kel Dor
    Planet of Birth: Kuat
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Lightsaber (single blue blade)
    Bio: Zazarine Zey was born on the industrial world of Kuat into a rich family. Ties with the Baran Do Sages made the family early on suspicious of the special gifts of their son. But Kuat, still an imperial stronghold many year after the fall of Palpatine, was not a good place for a boy strong in the force. His father decided to smuggle his son out of the planet at early age, when things suddenly began levitating around him. He hired a smuggler, he trusted for reasons unknown and whatever happened on their flight from imperial spies and authorities Zazarine ended on Yavin IV and his father was never heard of again.
    Somehow this early events of his life spawned a great ambition in the boy. He learned whatever was offered to him relentlessly. Often he had to be forced by Master Skywalker and Master Solusar to go to bed, or he would study to his complete exhaustion.
    When the Yuuzhan Vong entered the galaxy, he had been appointed a Jedi Knight and had several missions completed. He was highly regarded for both knowledge and technique in the force. But the war changed Zey. The Vong changed him. How could one fight a war were the enemy lacked any morale view? Where death seemed to be the enemies only goal? Zazarine Zey believed the force had answered him and only him. It´s answer: Extinction. In the Tapani Sector, where the Vong met brutal resistance, her lead combined troops of regional militia and New Republic military into a destructive campaign against the invaders. Not out of anger or his wish for revenge, but out of a deadly calm calculation. More and more he came to the believe that a Jedi had to stay ture to himself through a complete cleansing of emotions. To become a pure vessel of the force. And do whatever was necessary to preserve peace. Even the worst crime was justifed if it was willed by the force.
    After the war was won, his accomplishments alone made it obvious to make him a Master. Even though some Jedi found his lack of compassion and petty disturbing.
    Before the Council found the time to do so, he delclared himself one. And was undisputed in this claim. Shortly thereafter he became the voice of a conservative group within´ the Jedi. Opposing Master Skywalker and Master Durrons views on the force. He believed a true Jedi did not attach himself to anything. The "Skywalker-Dynasty" and family policy of the Jedi he believed to be great mistakes. Despite his opposition to the order´s policy he decided to lead through example, taking several dangerous and challenging assignments and mastering them.
    When the striketeam on Shadow vanished, among them at least one Jedi, he was nearby and negotiated several peace-aggreements between the former Corellian Insurgency and lesser states. He took the chance to proof himself once more and assigned himself to follow the team to the planet. As the highest ranking Jedi Master in the sector he had to decide, instead of a Council on Coruscant. That at least was his line of argument. As he was the only candidate avaialable he was accepted and prepared through meditation and practice for his journey to the planets surface.
  11. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    Approved by the dark lord and master himself, the GM.

    [b]Name:[/b] Maltrix "Rix, Old Deadeye/OD" Booly
    [b]Age:[/b] 36
    [b]Species:[/b] Human (Ord Vaxal)/Kiffar hybrid
    [b]Planet of Birth:[/b] Ord Vaxal
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Appearance:[/b] With many years of service in the military under his belt, Rixs' appearance has rendered him looking a few years older than he actually is.

    Although not drastically so, the stresses of combat operations and the consequences of a military career have conspired to draw a few hard lines on his face from age. However, the most noticeable facial feature of his is his paternal Kiffar tattoo, a blue-green crescent that extends from his left temple down his jaw to the left side of his chin. Not as prominent but noticeable on first glance is a short but angry red scar on his upper right forehead, a consequence of a near-miss by shrapnel. However, both of these are rarely seen due to his constant use of facial paint in-field during operations.
    Keeping his medium brown hair cut to barely more than fuzz, he typically wears black-framed and amber-lensed glareshades over his copper-tinted brown eyes when not looking through a scope in order to preserve his vision.

    Although his body does bear some small scars of past missions and tough assignment, Rix keeps himself in top form, befitting a SpecForce operator.
    Aside from the SpecForce standard battle dress uniform of a Ranger (in this case the low-light coloring scheme), he utilizes gloves that have no fingertips over the index fingers, a special body glove that masks his thermal signature to infrared vision, a dark overcloak that can fully cover him while laying down, [link=]infared goggles[/link] for low-light situations not involving his rifle, and his requisite combat harness and field pack.
    Additionally, he has opted to shroud half of his rifle with a dark cloth wrap in order to break up the straight lines and reduce the chance of reflective glint.
    [b]Affiliation:[/b] Alliance SpecForce, 4th Regiment ([i]"All-weather equipment fails? usually in bad weather."[/i])
    [b]Rank:[/b] Gunnery Sergeant
    [b]The Force:[/b] No
    1x [link=]Tof-Soren[/link] [link=]made[/link] [link=]marksman's[/link] [link=]rifle[/link] (based on [link=]Tof Soren hunting rifle[/link], intermediate-sized rounds in 7 round magazines, 800 meter max effective range, high-powered electronic scope with enhanced imaging mode as well as manual backups [traditional telescopic and iron sights], advanced internal silencer technology. )
    1x [link=]S-5 heavy blaster pistol[/link] with darts and liquid cable
    3x [link=]Class-A Thermal detonators[/link]
    2x [link=]Laser Trip Mines[/link]
    1x [link=]Treppus-2 vibroblade[/link]
    Undoubtedly one of the most experienced marksmen in the known galaxy, Maltrix Booly bears both the scars and the rewards of a career as a marksman with both pride and cynicism.

    Not much is known about his life before becoming a marksman. It is known that he was born on Ord Vaxal, and that his matriarchal grandfather taught him how to hunt and shoot accurately over long distances, in a way training him early to shoot. At 9 his immediate family picked up and moved further away from the inner rim in order to escape the harsh realities in the wake of the Empire Reborn crisis. At 18 he signed up with the New Republic Army. During his initial training h>
  12. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Concord Dawn, Free Mandalore

    Alec wasn't really worried when he found that another man was waiting for him. He was wearing green armor, the universal mark of a Mandalorian, and all Mandalorians were brothers, especially during the past years. Sure, there may've been times when Mandalorians didn't see eye-to-eye - what with the Mandalorian Civil War with the Death Watch - but the Imperial occupation had erased any grudges and allowed the Mandalorians to unite against a common foe that had wished to enslave and, through other efforts that Alec went through, completely erase their heritage.

    Besides, Alec knew the Mando.

    ?I?m Gotab, before you ask. Crazy wild folk from up north??

    Alec knew the name even if he had never met the owner of said name face-to-face. Buir had mentioned Gotab before though nothing bad about him. Strange abilities that Alec wasn't sure he fully understood yet but that was another thing with Mandalorians: didn't matter who you were as long as you were, in your heart, Mando. Thus Alec was obligated to treat Gotab like any other Mandalorian.

    ?But you?re going into some serious danger. I can tell. You must be careful.?


    Alec's helmeted head turned to follow Gotab as the older Mandalorian walked away, confused at the seemingly sudden-made prophecy. What had that been just there?

    The thirteen-year-old only thought about it for a few seconds before he shrugged. Missions that Mandalorians undertook usually did have serious danger involved. While this was his first mission Alec was expecting in logging a few hours of combat. He would be disappointed if he didn't. So with that thought, Alec hopped into the Free Mandalore to do the systems check and get to flying to his mission.

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  13. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007

    [blockquote]Seth watched as Judder cowarded in fear from his shots and then rose on a suicide mission. He now held a detonator in his hand giving Seth the option of running and that he would give him thirty seconds. The Chiss might have taken Judder up on that option any other time. This was not one of those times. He did not take kindly to being offered mercy. If Judder had came to kill him then he should be a warrior and attempt to do just that, not show mercy.

    "No mercy, Judder." With serpentine speed, Seth raised his blaster and shot the detonator then leaped into the nearest hole in the wall.[/blockquote]
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  14. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Mal Judder/ Depths / Shadow

    [blockquote]Again the unexpected. Seth was full of that today, for whatever reason. Or maybe it was a constant problem the Chiss had? Either way the comment of no mercy took Mal aback slightly and he KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt the man was going to do something stupid. Little did he realize exactly how right he was.

    A blaster bolt singed just narrowly past the detonator thanks to the waggle of his hand, the very poor lighting conditions and the fact that his black gauntleted hand was covering the entirety of the thing other than the red light flashing near the top. Still, Mal pulled his hand back in instantly slightly shaken at the near brush with total anihilation that had just occured. Didn't Seth realize that his plans of glory would be absolutely quenched when the baradium went off? This explosive would have disintegrated literally everything within a twenty meter radius? There was no way he could have survived. Likely this tunnel would have become decidedly non-existant due to the collapse that was sure to follow, and gods alone knew what would happen to the surrounding area after such an action. It certainly would not have been good.

    Having realized that there was not going to be a particularly honorable or pleasant way out of this, Judder turned off the det and set it on the ground and instead grabbed a concussion grenade. He had hoped to avoid THIS particular choice as they were a very valueable commodity but a quick ending to this was definitely preferable to potentially walking into a trap later on. With this in mind, he primed the grenade and lobbed it to where the blaster bolt had come from. Due to the enclosed nature of the area it would likely be vastly more effective than it's normal rate as everything was forced into a vastly smaller area. there had not been anywhere near enough time elapsed, less than three seconds, for anyone to have gotten the required four meters (or given the circumstances more like six or seven meters) away to avoid the killing field. In short there was really no way for Seth to survive this little standoff he had forced.

    Mal ducked and covered as the roar of the grenade went off behind him, and his eardrums rang quite harshly due to the sound that even his buckets dampening couldn't completely cover. Odds were the fight, brief and unsatisfying though it was, had been finished. No mercy indeed, Seth. With that he rose and went to go look at the body and ensure the Chiss was dead.[/blockquote]


    shoulda done that before, but wanted to give you more of a choice blu. i'm afraid you lose.

  15. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: A hearty welcome to our new players! I update once a week, as you should know by now. So get comfortable, and establish some good old fashioned friendships with the new team. ;)

    41 ABY

    IC: Luke Skywalker
    Aboard the Gilad Pellaeon, in orbit above Shadow

    [blockquote]The old and wizened Luke Skywalker stared down at the planet through the transparisteel viewport of the briefing room. His arms were folded, and his chin dipped into his chest. There was something strange about Shadow, something he could not understand.

    Standing in the room with him was Miat Temm, the Imperial liason to the mission, her hands clasped behind her back as she looked down from the podium at seats that would be filled by the back-up team once they filtered into the briefing room, which had been modified from the hangar bay - the Skipray blastboat which was to carry them down was already sitting and waiting for them. Admiral Genna Delpin of the old Corellia-led Confederation was leaning on the wall, but there were no other representatives from the various factions present. Luke was doubling up as the GA and Hapan representative, while Miat was representing the Chiss as well.

    They had lost contact with the original team after Nill was destroyed, but upto that point everyone had seen the complete failure of the deployment. The team had disagreed with the battle droid, and that had got it, and it was believed, Alec Stuko killed too. The Chiss had betrayed the team, and recriminations had been thrown across the galaxy.

    Luke Skywalker had to step in to save the galaxy.


    Was this what Mara had died for?

    The back-up team members had been called to the ready room of the Turbulent-class Star Destroyer Gilad Pellaeon. It was time to take a new approach to the problem. It wouldn't go away until it was resolved. The Shadow Question had to be answered by its galaxy - or they would tear themselves apart over it.[/blockquote]

    TAG: All new players - welcome to the Shadows Embrace!

    IC: Anakin Solo
    Shadow Depths

    [blockquote]"Would this work for you?" Anakin Solo grimaced at the ripped hood. Well, a loincloth was something, at least. He took it, and turned away. "Um, yeah, thanks, Isis. If you guys could turn away..." A thought occured to him. "There's a room next door, with food and medical gear. I got a little side-tracked with the meeting. Don't go any further until I'm ready... please?"

    Anakin smiled, the blush still creasing his lips. "And, Driggs, I'll answer your questions later. I can fill you in with the historical stuff then - I promise."


    Far above them, a concussion grenade was thrown, and the pressure rushed out, hit the cavern walls, was refocused inward, crushing everything it had shaken up in the morass into dust. The bubble of counter-pressure nearly pushed Mal back out of the tunnel, but it certainly caused his eardrums to pop.

    But there was no blood.

    Seth was gone - he'd leapt into a denured hole and vanished, like a rather large and blue ranat. The smoke and debris obscured that fact, but Mal could only check by moving forward - moving backwards would see him killed, most likely, by the flailing tentacle-roots. For Seth's part, he had tumbled down the hull, which opened suddenly and deposited him into another cavern - one filled with a Killik nest. His fall was broken by the carapace of a Gorog.

    Mal, for his 'victory', had the tentacle-roots suddenly work out that he'd been pushed up onto the ledge, and they started lashing at him from the main cavern, two tentacles still holding the main cavern where the wires had been. In the rumblings, Mal's thermal detonator - unactivated - rolled off the ledge and fell. The tentacles reached for him by feeling - so Mal was pushed into the denured tunnel network which filled the mountain above.[/blockquote]

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    Jun 4, 2005
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    Name: Raxle Bisthto
    Age: 34
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wiry and lanky for someone his age, Raxle is short with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. A pair of thick-framed spectacles sit on the end of his nose, making his appearance to be almost comical, if not nerdy.

    Affiliation: Corellian System
    Rank: Head Researcher
    The Force: No
    Weapons: A small hold-out blaster concealed within the folds of his lab coat
    Bio: Born in the sprawling city of Coronet, Raxle always had a keen eye for the galaxy around him and how it all fit together. Of course, this caused him to appear different from the rest of his peers and he became the likely target of schoolyard bullies.

    But where he failed at social situations, he excelled with his studies. Raxle breezed through his primary schooling with honors and took the next step up at the University, where he focused on natural and experimental sciences, eventually earning a doctorate and starting his own research group, the Institute of Scientific Research, operating out of Coronet.

    His group soon gained a positive reputation and it wasn't long before it attracted the attention of CorSec itself. The government hired Raxle and his group of researchers to carry on several experiments over the years, including a small stint on Centerpoint itself. But their true calling hadn't come until they were asked to work on the Shadow Project.
  18. Rally_Fan_84

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    IC: Gny. Sgt. Maltrix Booly
    Pellaeon briefing room
    [i]*Although he was 14 years of age in 19 ABY, the date the First Civil War ended, Gunnery Sergeant Maltrix Booly (known as "Gunny" to officers and enlisted alike that were not friends, "Rix" or "Old Deadeye" and it's acronym "OD" to those who did) could distinctly remember when he caught sight of a Star Destroyer, an Imperial II, in orbit above Ord Vaxal at 9 years of age during his families transit away from the planet.
    Back then the Alliance had been closing in and the family had thought it prudent to abandon their homes and preserve the family itself rather than risk an outright annihilation during the inevitable fight between the Alliance and the Empire.

    It had been a chilling sight then, and none to welcome now.

    Still, if anything, the seasoned veteran was a professional and refused to let it get to him. Instead he fell back into his normal way of doing things, and it was not the standard way of the SpecForce. His colleagues in the 4th Regiment, more commonly known as Rangers, tended to be loud and resemble hyperactive demons in themselves. Rix however tended to blend into the background and move with surprising silence, hallmarks of his dedication to his profession as a sniper.

    It was with that ease and quietness that he entered the briefing room, dressed in the basic SpecForce uniform for shipboard duty but still wearing his sidearm, the S-5 being considered by the majority to be obsolete, right up until the bolts from the weapon threw them against the nearest obstacle from the force of the impact, as well as the vibroblade strapped to his boot. SpecForce tended to do things a bit differently and regard every corner as a possible ambush when deployed, and Rix was no different in that regard.

    Gunny Rix saluted his way into the bay and took a seat furthest away from the viewscreen, folding his 5'10'' and slightly lanky but still fit frame into the chair. Aside from the usual SpecForce indicators of his uniform, a pair of amber-tinted glareshades remained perched on his face. It would have been unfortunate if the commanders present had thought he was being insolent or ostentatious. The fact of the matter was even though he was chronologically 36, he had benefited from good teachers and hard combat through 3 wars and was merely preserving his vision from the harsh glare of lights.

    Still, as observant as he was supposed to be, it had been a hectic journey, and the lack of intel prior to the meeting had forced him to gather some extra gear with his standard kit in order to adjust after this meeting. Coupled with his usual prep work and a bit of normal chaos involved with any mission, it all conspired to not recognize the famous face in front of him for a moment.
    When he did, he practically jumped out of his chair and saluted rather stiffly, imitating a nervous Private rather than a hardened Gunnery Sergeant*[/i]

    "Grandmaster Skywalker sir! My apologies, I did not recognize you right away. Gunnery Sergeant Maltrix Booly sir, 4th Regiment SpecForce.
    I doubt if you remember sir but you met with my detachment from the 4th before we deployed to Sarm. You seemed preoccupied but made the time to visit some of the units, and I can tell you that it helped sir."
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    Master Zazarine Zey
    Above Shadow, Corellia System

    His breathing was heard before he entered the room. While he had a silent modus for his mask, he usually refused to use it. It reminded him of his vulnerbility by something as simple as air. Although he could survive days without actual breathing, through his mastery of the force. Mastery If one dared to speak of such a thing in the presence of Master Skywalker. Grandmaster Skywalker. Raising his eyebrow he entered the room.
    ?Master.? Was all he said. Zey was sure the Grandmaster was used to greater admiration from most Jedi. Surely that soldier was giving to him . . . but the presence of the Grandmaster alone was disturbing to Zey.
    He had decided to join this mission and he had decided to not consult the council with something that should be his decision. His decision alone. But the Council, ruling body whenever their King . . . or Grandmaster as they prefered to call him . . . was abscent, had sent the Grandmaster himself. To overrule him once more. He was no Jedi. No, he was another servant of the only Jedi in the galaxy. Luke Skywalker.
    He had no lack of respect for Master Skywalker, of course. The accomplishments of the Grandmaster were outstanding. But he despised the kind off Order Skywalker was about to create. A Jedi Dynasty. Lead by the Skywalker family. It wasn´t the Jedi way. He was not alone, though. And their number, their growing numbers gave him some support.
    After all, even Skywalker had accepted him to be a Master. "I am ready." He only said. Then eyed the soldier. A republic soldier, obviously and nodded. "Master Sey." He introduced himself through the breathing mask. Folding his hands behind his back. Then he turned towards the window and looked down on the planet. Reaching out with the force, he treid to make out anything the force might reveal about the nature of the thread it posed. Not asking Skywalker, but attempting to do so himself. The force would give him every answer he needed. That was what being a Jedi was about. Chosen to know.

    "That´s shadow?"
    He asked into the room. "Looks like a place one can get . . . lost." Breathing through his mask, he waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

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  20. blubeast1237

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    [blockquote]He had missed and he could blame nothing else but his bad aim. He had acted too quickly. Judder would not have responded with Seth holding the blaster up and slowly, very slowly, aiming his blaster for the detonator which would have killed Judder on the spot. He had been too hasty and had sought to kill Judder by shooting the detonator, instead of shooting the trooper himself and then jumping for cover. Bad planning and even worse execution, but that was in the past and now he found himself on the carapace of a hereditary enemy.

    Seth looked around the cavern. It was a Killik nest and a rather large one as it scaled up the walls. The Chiss knew that he was in a dire situation and it would need to be handled carefully if it was going to be handled at all. Sliding of the carapace of the killik, he kept his hand near his blaster in case he needed to fight to find an exit, which he was now searching for. His red gaze wandered around the room, taking in everything to sight. He recalled a moment during his training that they had had to memorize 40 objects placed on a table, given a minute to take them all in, then write down everything they had saw, despite the COs talking to them and making them perform various tasks within that one minute.

    He had remembered every item. Those were the thoughts that was keeping his systematic, mechanic body shoveling through this. Obviously, Seth realized, he was deeper in Shadow than the team had been, possibly deeper than anyone had been. This could be used to his advantage, but it also put him in a dangerous position. The killiks already did not like him, but if he could escape their notice, which would be highly difficult, he might be able to continue his descent to the center of Shadow and to Shadow's Secret Weapon. His search for an exit continued as he moved through the shadows of the nest.[/blockquote]
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  21. The Great No One

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    IC: Mal Judder/ Depths / Shadow

    [blockquote]Realization of exactly how far back he'd been pushed finally set in, and when he glanced over his shoulder Mal was greeted with a rather bone chilling sight. Apparently the tentacle monster had figured out where the Imperial had gone... and it was coming after him. Oh feth. This is going to be bad. Glancing around, he noticed the thermal detonator he had neglected to pick up was kust then starting to fall over the ledge and the chill got even worse. It was out there. With the tentacle beast knocking space only knew what around and possibly setting the thing off. Suddenly this had become an even LESS Friendly place, which was saying something.

    Scrambling forward, and onto his feet, Mal bolted forward as if scalded. Everything in the tunnel had been jumbled up even more, and there were also more rocks and such from the walls and ceiling laying aroudn just waiting to trip him up. As such this was a rather unpleasant little scramble for life. Especially with two tentacles trying to wrap themselves around him and pull him to some crushing death. Or smooshing death, he couldn't quite decide which was the most likely.

    It did actually manage to trip him up once as he neared the first of the outcroppings, but the trooper was able to grab the edge and keep himself from sprawling on the floor. Absently he noted that there was no blood, no new body, nothing where the grenade had been thrown. This implied that Seth was still alive somehow, but the where and such was most definitely not the most pressing thing on his mind at the moment.

    As the tentacles crashed into, and eventually through, the outcroppings Mal ran through them, praying to whatever powers that be that there weren't any automated defenses active ahead of him. Or at least nothing that he would feel.[/blockquote]


  22. SirakRomar

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    Cara Ta´Manis
    Dreaming of Korriban

    Her mind still whirled. To many things rushed into it. The Sith had fallen. Somehow she knew he was one. The Shadow Hand. He´d survive. The Sith would be there. Later. They were here now.

    Then everything shifted. The Cave. The Killik and then . . . the Celebration. She did not really listen what happened to the fallen Sith. He was dead. Long, long dead before she was born. Trayus was there. Talking. Playing the rudimentary games of courting of that age. And he looked like Elsander. He body, still not feeling a thing, trembled with anger. Elsander had died on Fondor. He had DIED. They used him. To use her. Gorog.

    Resistance swelled inside of her. She screamed out, part in the dream, part in the reality of the cave. Then turned towards Elsander . . . or Trayus.

    "You are dead. YOU ARE DEAD!" She waved her hand accidentially releasing the force in an outburst . . . in both worlds. "You are all dead. You died long ago. LONG AGO!" She yelled. Angry about herself. Angry to see her brother. Something mimicing her brother. She ripped the heavy sword from her side and leapt forward, beheading the foremost servant she found in a single slash. "You think I killed him? He is dead. Already dead. You all are!" She screamed and looked into the confused faces of Gorog´s followers. Finally she laughed. They couldn´t understand. They were dead. Everybody was dead. Except her. Except Gorog.

    "Celebrate? Why do you want to delebrate, Elsander? You haven´t even shown UP when I got the medal of Galinore. You are dead! And you are dead. Like everybody else, dead!" She laughed again. Couldn´t stop herself from laughing. She punched another servant into the face, using the force to strengthen her. Or was Gorog using it? Did she punch one of the insects somewhere in that cave. The cave? "DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!" She shouted at the lying man.

    Then she tumbled up to Elsander. Trayus. Dead Sith. Whatever she called him. "I am NOT DEAD!" She yelled into his face. Looking at her sword she considered stabbing it into him. Or herself. Decided against it. Gorog probably. Or the frekkin´instinct of survival.

    Throwing the blade into the gathered followers she yelled a last time: "ALL DEAD!" And tumbled into her private quarters. Laughing, while she wanted to cry.

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    Name: Hob Bob

    Age: 37

    Species: Mandalorian

    Planet of Birth: Balosar


    Appearance: [without the glasses]
    Royal purple and indigo Beskar armor
    5 feet even

    Affiliation: Chiss ascendancy


    The Force: no

    Light custom Baskad. mechanized joints in his armor to help his endurance designed to not hinder his movements if it stops working. sniper rifle. instead of typical jet pack, he has installed a bacta distribution network in his armor that sends bacta from the tank on his back to anywhere he is injured, controlled by his hud. One custom sub-machine gun style blaster rifle on one hip, and one very heavy slug pistol on the other. miniature rocket launcher in wrists.

    He had a difficult birth due to the toxic environment of Balosar, he was born weak.
    When his parents took him back to mandolore, they where advised to get rid of him, "There is no place for a weak mando'a". Those words followed him the rest of his life.

    His parents kept him, as much as any Mandolorian keeps they're child. They were away often, years at a time, working. they tested wilderness gear in... inhospitable places.
    Picked on his entire life,bullied horribly by the other mando'a children, finally an old man took some measure of pity on the boy and gave him some advice.

    "Boy, you are going to die unless something changes, most only have to prove they are warriors, worthy of respect... strong, but for you that is not enough, you have to be viscous and cunning, you have to attack like a dog, never let up, prove that you are not someone to mess with, play to your strengths boy, surprise them, the next boy to hassle you, jump him the moment he shows up, press the advantage, remember boy, Viscous".

    Taking the old mans advice, he attacked the next of his "Brothers" that he saw. The shock carried him through the first few moments of the fight, he knocked the other boy over and started pummeling him with his fists as best he could, but he was just unable to do enough damage to keep the boy down. He was beaten and left in the street until he was miraculously able to drag himself home. He reveled in the pain, and with an awful will, he bandaged his wounds and waited.
    Once he was healed he went and found the other boy again. this time when he jumped him the other didn't fall until Hob grasped his neck in his mouth. "Play to your strengths boy". He killed the other boy. he was not bullied after that.

    To make up for his weakness, he taught himself "Economy Of Movement", no energy was wasted, when he stood, it was still as the grave. when he moved its was sudden, not fast, just... he was one place and then somewhere else.
    He played to his strengths and found he had an aptitude for sniping and explosives.
    And poison.

    When they lost contact with the team on Shadow, they sent him as they're follow up member. Partially because he was good, partially because they wanted a break from him.

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Hob Bob
    aboard Gilad Pellaeon

    Bob stalked down the corridor seething.

    Those *******!!! all that work and they just ship me off here! I'll kill em, when I get back, I'll kill em all He grinned inside his purple helmet and look around at the people he was passing. Most looked startled and got out of his way, it's not everyday you see a five foot mandolorian in purple armor stomping around your deck.

    He started skipping down the hallway just to tempt one of them, and one fell for the bait and smiled.

    Bob stopped next to the man and pinned him to the wall with his inhuman stillness and aggressive stance.

    "Do you find something funny?" The man didn't respond, just looked at him with slightly wide eyes.

    Bob grabbed him, turned him, and slammed him into the wall yelling "I SAID DO YOU FIND SOMETHING FUNNY! if you do please share, I love a good laugh" The man just grunted with the impact and stammered "Lo-look man, what do you want, I-i di-didn't do anything to you"

    Bob turned him back around and stood on his tip toes to put his helmet right up to the deck hands face "Didn't do anything? are certain of that? I think you where mocking me, i think you ARE mocking me!" with that he punched him in the gut, doubling him over, and left.

    After he was gone, one of the mans friends went to help him and asked "What was that about?" The man gasped for breath and replied "I don't know, he was skipping down the hall and I smiled, then he stopped, looked and just grabbed me"
    "you gonna report him?" his friend asked as they started walking down the hall
    "Are you nuts? no way!"
    "Well did he say anything"
    "No, not a damned thing! he just grabbed me without saying a word, held me there a second and then turned me around and punched me!" the poor guy said in bewilderment.
    "Huh, fethin Mandolorians".

    Bob got to the briefing room without further incident [even though he was muttering the entire time] and dropped into one of the chairs saying "Anyone comment on my armor and we'll have words" completely unaware that they couldn't hear him.


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    OOC: It'll be fun RPing with you guys/gals as a whole[face_peace]

    Name:Zadann MaRanna
    Age: 35
    Species: Barabel
    Planet of Birth: Bareb I
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: As a Barabel he is of Reptilian stature. He, like any other Barabel, is covered in very tough dark colored scales(color red) that, when a blaster set on stun, would not damage Barabels at all or slow them down, as it would merely bounce off their scales. His eyes are black and a tail that can shed when necessary. He possesses retractable claws along with needle sharp teeth. As a Barabel Zadann is led by his hunting instincts, which gives the feeling that he is always angry, so he might have expressional faces that do not look inviting. With being a Mercenary-for-hire he has many cuts and chips along his scales from various melee weapons. Covering him is basic Imperial clothing while on ships, while on missions requiring him to go on ground in planets; mostly Tatooine Bounty Hunters garbs.
    Affiliation: Imperial Remnant
    Rank: Special Operations(Mostly Imperial Mission) Operative
    The Force: No
    Weapons:[2x]DH-23 Blaster Pistol, Alliance Needler Carbine, [2x] Knuckle Plate Vibro-Blade, [4x] Darkstick
    Zadann MaRann, born on planet Bareb I. That was all anyone cared about Zadann's life. He was a born of a Reptilian species, one in which had exellent hunting and survival skills. At a young age he was taught to hunt by his parents, in which his hunting instincts took him over. With hunting skills leading his path of judgement he was always presumed as angry. On the night of his manhood, around 19, he left his planet for the life of a Bounty Hunter, and on occasions, a Mercenary. No one cared for his past, they only cared about the various bounties and jobs that he completed, when he completed them, and how precise they were completed. This was before the Yuuzan Vong war, when he left the planet was ravaged by the war shortly after and most of the planets Barabel species were killed. His parents were killed, his tribe was killed, everyone he'd grown up with had died and he never decided to go back to the planet in search of his peoples. Seeing the pain an misery wouldn't of hurt him, it was the whole planet being burned that would hurt him. He'd grown up in a place with greenery, and to see black would of struck a blow within his heart.
    Soon after the planets destruction by the Yuuzan Vong Zadann decided to join the Imperial Remnants as one of the many peoples participating in the Imperial Mission. He served as a tracker, often tracking people who were left on their own after their worlds were damaged by recent conflicts. Along the way he got in skirmishes with various smuggelers who wanted to slave trade the rest of the planets inhabitants, all those battles ended with smugglers being burried six feet under. Zadann thought he knew every problem in the galaxy. He did not however, know of the moon Shadow, or the striketeam that went to the planet. By then Zadann was known for his tracking, fighting, and diplomatic skills while in "Ground Zero" of many distrought planets.
    When Shadow's striketeam did disappear, with one member of the Imperial Remnants on it, Zadann was called in. They gave him instructions to find out what had happened to the team, and when he did return to them with the information he had gathered. Once he completed the mission he would go back to what he had been doing, so basically he is doing the mission for personal enjoyment and not for anything else.
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