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4th of July Celebration Pararde (Costumed event)

Discussion in 'Salisbury, NC' started by RipRoar, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. RipRoar Jedi Knight

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    FAITH PARADE DETAILS known at this time...

    Faith, NC 4th of July Celebration 2009
    Saturday July 4th 10 AM PARADE START
    [Be at my house at 9AM at the latest]
    [We will get ice, water and candy]
    [Parade last a good hour]

    Can bring along more candy to throw to kids if you want (Never have enough)

    Walking with our friends the Monstore Comic Shop with other costumers (Super Heroes, etc.)

    Will have a pic nic after (More details to come on that) if you can stick around. If not and just the parade - we are happy to have you for that!

    Other events at Faith Celebration all week and on the 4th + Fireworks that night:

    Saturday, June 27th
    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:30 pm Band to be announced
    8:30 pm Faith Idol Competition - TBA

    Sunday, June 28th
    5:00 pm Faith Patriotic Program at Faith Baptist Church
    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:00 pm Gospel groups to be announced - Sponsored by Miller Davis

    Monday, June 29th
    Dollar Night - All rides $1.00
    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:30 pm Sea Cruz - Sponsored by Apple Baking Company
    8:30 pm Idol Competition

    Tuesday, June 30th
    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:30 pm The Entertainers - Sponsored by F&M Bank and Rowan Regional Medical Center
    8:30 pm Idol Competition

    Wednesday, July 1st
    Food Lion MVP Armband Night -Show MVP card & get $5.00 off a $20 armband
    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:30 pm Too Much Sylvia - Sponsored by Food Lion
    8:30 pm Idol Competition

    Thursday, July 2nd

    6:00 pm Food and rides
    7:30 pm Hip Pocket- Sponsored by Smokey Mountain Amusements and Cloninger Ford-Toyota
    8:30 pm Faith Idol Competition

    Friday, July 3rd
    6:00 pm Food and Rides
    7:30 pm The Extraordiniaires
    8:30 pm Idol Competition

    Saturday, July 4th
    10:00 am Parade - Grand Marshal (TBA)
    *After Parade Flag raising and National Anthem and crowning of Miss Rowan County Veteran
    12:30 pm Apple Ugly Eating Contest - at main stage
    12:00 - 5:00 pm $20.00 armband
    6:30 pm Nostalgia Band - Sponsored by IFH, Neil's Paint & Body, Memories 1280 WSAT and United Beverages (Miller Lite)
    7:00 pm Races, games and watermelon eating contest
    7:30 pm Idol Contest
    9:00 pm Nostalgia Band
    10:00 pm Miller Davis Patriotic Tribute
    10:30 pm FIREWORKS!
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