Star Wars 5 BBY - The Imperial Fist

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    Rinn Caspian
    The Industrial Sector of Naboo

    Caspian looked around the street from where he had parked his clunky Landspeeder. There was no sign of Imperials. He grinned, and began to walk down the path to the nearest bar. Moments later, he strolled into the bar, and sat down. An Ankura Gungan was stood behind the bar, shouting orders at what looked like his family. He studied the room, before heading to the bar.
    "How much is it for a drink round here?" He asked, reaching into his pocket.
    "Are you an Imperial or something? That is all they can say. Frakkin' Cheek!" The Gungan grumbled.
    "9 Decicreds." He added.
    "That is rather cheap, and I apologise for insulting you. You say there was Imperials around here recently?" Caspian asked.
    "A month ago. A Factory was producing a Medic-Droid for them. They made one prototype, and then the Factory owner was found choked." The Gungan explained. "They got put under new management last week, the Imperials should be returning."
    "Was this bar popular with the Imperials?" Caspian added, dropping a few coins on-top of the bar.
    "It was the nearest to the spaceport, so the Officers crowded this place. Scared off half the customers, too." The Gungan replied.
    "When should they return?" Caspian asked, looking at the doors.
    "Should be here by now, really, unless a certain imperial officer is needed." The Gungan replied. Caspian nodded, and finished his drink before leaving.

    He ran to his land speeder and pulled the hood of his cloak up. The Street suddenly went dark, and he looked up. A Star Destroyer was landing. He turned his land speeder on, and began to head towards his house. As he drove down an alley a few moments later, he saw a group of storm-troopers, fighting a Rodian Smuggler.
    "Freeze, Bugface!" The Captain of that Squad ordered, disarming the Rodian. Caspian stopped his ship, and used the force to blast the Stormtroopers away from the Rodian.
    "Run!" Caspian shouted, leaping out of his ship and pulling out his lightsaber.
    "Jedi! Set Weapons to Stun!" The Captain ordered, before Caspian ignited his blade and stabbed him. More Imperials appeared behind him, and Caspian pulled out his second blade.
    "Rodian, watch my back." Caspian ordered, using the force to throw the Rodians Rifle into its arms. They quickly killed the 12 Stormtroopers, and leapt into the Land Speeder.

    "Master Rodian, why were you in a scuffle with the Traitors of the Republic?" Caspian muttered.
    "Master Jedi, Thank you for that, but the reasons are private. The Imperials will have a price on our heads by now. My name is Heedu, by the way." The Rodian muttered in Rodian.
    "We can hide. There is that hangar over there, it looks deserted. And my name is Rinn Caspian." Caspian declared, driving into a hangar. It looked like a deserted factory, with droid parts left all over the floor.
    "We will be safe here, but we will hide further in." Caspian muttered, walking through an open blast door. He shut the blast door behind him, before noticing the Rodian had vanished. He walked further down the corridor, before the blast door opened behind him.
    "Heedu, shut the... Storm Troopers!" Caspian ordered, before spinning around and igniting his lightsaber at the same time, blocking a barrage of Imperial Blasts. A door opened further down the corridor, and a group of Imperial Officers walked out, pulling out their pistols.
    "Freeze, Jedi." An Imperial muttered, before a storm-trooper used the advantage this had won to shoot the Lightsaber out of Rinn's hand. Rinn picked it up, and clicked it onto his belt before putting his arms in the air.
    "I surrender." Caspian muttered, realising he was in the Droid Factory.

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    IC: Liesl Bridehead
    Issagra Station

    Other than the deceleration compensator, the full ship scan revealed that Lusty Barmaid was actually in relatively fair shape. However, relatively was still a rather operative term, mainly because of the fact that Liesl had to replace five other parts that were on the verge of catastrophic failure. They might have blown out in a week, a day, an hour, a month, a year, who knew. But the odds were that it would have happened in the dead of space, lightyears from anyone who could properly service it and that would mean that the best the Sarkan could have hoped for was to turn on an emergency beacon and hope someone would find him. Of course, considering the condition this ship had been kept in, the Sarkan would have been lucky if his beacon would have worked, let alone been on the right frequency for anyone to hear it.

    At least now Liesl could wash her hands of the day?s work?literally. There was nothing so gratifying as running her limbs under water, all the many mechanical fluids slipping away under the cool stream of water?oh yes. Liesel didn?t mind getting dirty to do her work, but she loved being clean when she was done.

    ?..hello? looking to get some repairs done,? floated a voice that came from somewhere inside the hangar that housed the Barmaid.

    Great, Liesl thought to herself, Another customer just when I?m about to get off shift and knowing Scaggs he?d dock my pay if he found out I let a potential client walk out. She sighed and hoped she had a ration bar in one of the pockets of her jumpsuit.

    ?I can pay for speed,? the voice added.

    Liesl?s ears perked up just a bit at the sound of that. Someone looking to have something repaired fast?that probably meant just a couple targeted repairs, not a full ship diagnostic?depending on the nature of the problems?yes, maybe?Liesl wasn?t a greedy woman, but she appreciated that credits (or, as the case was in the legitimate stores here on Issagra Station, crystalline vertex) enabled one to do a great many things.

    The mechanic trotted down the ramp of the Action IV, grabbing a generally clean rag from a back pocket on her jump suit that she used to wipe off her hands so they?d be at least a little bit cleaner. Standing on the hangar deck, looking about was a man clad in black, which only enhanced the imposing look on his face. Liesl had seen a lot of tough guys like him in her travels, enough to know that some of them were the biggest sweethearts you?d meet and others were as tough as gundarks.

    ?You say you need some repairs?? Liesl asked as she came towards the man in black, stuffing the rag back into a pocket. She cast a quick glance at Scaggs?s office. He wasn?t there. That was good.

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    Lowlife Cantina

    The Bounty Board - not it's official name but the name that the locals know it as - was a large holoscreen on the wall located to the right of the bar. As it's name was a giveaway, the Bounty Board was where bounties on an unfortunate individual's head were posted for any and all to try and take if they wish. But not only were their bounties but there were also listings for other jobs. Considering Merson is a hive of pirates, those other jobs tend to be more bodies for upcoming assaults on transport ships or convoys.

    The regulars, however, had taken notice as to how the jobs have become less frequent nowadays. Anyone who knew the latest scoop about the galactic scene would know the cause: the Empire. At the end of the Clone Wars, there had been plenty of worlds that had been ravaged by battle, leaving them weak and lightly-defended. But that was years ago. Now, the Imperials had not only extended their reach across the galaxy but repaired and fortified those worlds. Having been converted into industrial worlds that produced materials and supplies for the Imperial war machine, most of them now had Star Destroyers orbiting their worlds. Convoys that were sent out were protected by a growing number of Nebulon-B Frigates that have shot down whatever ships the pirates could muster.

    Merson and it's pirate groups had always prided themselves in having easily crushed an invasion by the Old Republic. However, the fact of the matter is, is that the Empire was growing. More troops and more ships with fancier weapons and tech for both, the Merson pirates could only rely on their outdated Separatist and droid tech for so long.

    That might be the reason for the sudden updates to the Bounty Board. The holoscreen suddenly flared to life, a sign of new jobs now being updated into it. Before the eyes of the cantina patrons, new text materialized into existence within previously-empty space on the screen. As soon as the first job description was posted, however, a second one was quickly written down.

    Both jobs were entitled "salvage" jobs. One that was to be conducted on Geonosis and the other to be somewhere in the Arkanis sector. Geonosis was the site of multiple battles in the Clone Wars as well as factories that produced new battle droids for the Separatists. No doubt it was hoped that leftovers could still be found despite all these years. The Arkanis sector, on the other hand, was a sector in the Outer Rim that the Imperials have been slowly expanding on with new mining operations. The mines could be a target for the pirates but it was being considered as a salvage job, not a loot and pillage kind of job.

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    Corellia Orbit
    Shipyard, DP20 Frigate

    Both the DP20 frigate and the two corvettes were at the final stage of production. The bulkheads had been welded on, the turbolasers, quad lasers, and missile launchers had been installed, all in pristine condition. The only thing that needed to be finished was all the internal workings; to make sure that all circuitry was installed correctly with a systems check. Dozens of engineers were not needed for such a job as Aubrey and her group found the halls of the Corellian gunship to be deserted.

    Instead, such a systems check could be completed with a couple technicians and half a dozen droids at least. A droid kind of like the R5 astromech that now rounded the corner. Upon coming into view of the invading group, the R5 came to a sudden halt. It's head turned left and then right, seeming to inspect Aubrey and her companions.

    Once that was done, and it's droid brain had concluded that these were certainly not authorized personnel, the little astromech let out a shriek. Spinning on its wheel, the R5 took off, shrieking and beeping in alarm, trying to alert that intruders were present on the frigate.

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    Theed Palace


    That was the first thing that came from Captain Harlin Kayle's lips upon inspecting the newest arrival to the so-
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    IC Zephyr
    The Frozen Fire

    ?Azu! Prepare the B1s.? The voice was Zephyr?s. The ship had landed outside an abandoned droid factory. The intel the crew got was it is suppose to be Imperial and have a med-droid, top of the line. with Father Draal?s current health, the younger members of the crew, Azu, Zephyr, and Lola, decided to to save their father.

    Azu has in front of the docking ramp, young and fierce as any Echani. ?Zeph, I?ve been doing this for like 3 years now; I know what I?m doing.? Behind her was the 10 B-1s, their family had collected over the years, in standard formation. Zephyr stood beside her, always flanked by their father?s worrisome War Droids.

    The Ramp fell as Azu and Zephyr marched to the blast door of the factory. It was quickly convinced to open. Before the shocked sibling was a group of Imperial Officers, surrounding what looked like a jedi. Zephyr was the first to recover from this little surprise saying, ?Oi! Imps, this is our jurisdiction. Yes yes, we look like Mercs and we are. Why hire Mercs over you lot? The Empire is very disappointed. Now, before we act on orders to retire you.? The B-1s line up beside Azu and Zephyr, filling the door way, as Droidekas began to roll off the ship and in front of the line. ?Now, release my friend and I wont bring out the artillery of a few Dwarf Spiders and the Corvette you see behind you. Now, all Imperials please if you value your lives, please find me that O so special medical droid you have here. Thank you.? The Imperials move off, trying to scatter but herded in by the droids, come back in a few minutes with a Medical droid. The B-1s carry it inside, leaving the Droidekas.

    During the brief moments the Imps scurried off, Captain Zephyr had looked at the captured Jedi. The Imperials immediately asked for Zephyr and Azu to leave with their droids, before anything else went on; The officers probably just wanted to get Zephyr out of the way to report their next promotion. Zephyr drew both his VibroSwords, Azu followed suit with her two blaster pistols, ?We?ll take this? Jedi as well. Since I doubt a band like yourself can hold such a power for long.? The guns of the corvette began to move, as the Droidekas shields came online. Any battle would be a loss here, especially with so many Gungan guerillas around, waiting for any sign of weakness or battle.

    Within moments, the Jedi was loaded onto the ship. The Med Droid had vanished into the bowels of the ship, as the Jedi stood with Zephyr watching the loading ramp come up. ?So what?s your name, Jedi?? as Zephyr spoke, one could easily feel the loading Ramp begin to rise.

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    OOC: Cheesey knows about me taking him aboard my ship. In fact this factory thing was his Idea.
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    IC: Rinn Caspian
    The Frozen Fire

    "Wait a second before leaving, my Landspeeder is in that hangar." Caspian explained, and within moments the ship had halted. Minutes later, the crew had put the Land-speeder in the CargoDeck and taken off.
    "Then I am Jedi; Master Rinn Caspian. The Empire thought I was dead, but you let the Imperials live so I am now alive. Why did you just take that Droid and leave?" Caspian asked, pulling his hood down and using the force to open a door before walking into a meeting room.
    "And tell the Pilot to stop at the big warehouse in the middle of a field when he sees it. Everything else here are factories, so he will know when he sees it." Caspian remembered, sitting down. "You have no trace of the force, so why do you have a VibroSword? I trained with Cin Drallig, so I could teach you something if you want."

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    IC: Grim
    Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    Grim watched as the holoscreen flared to life and glowing text began to scroll on its surface. He stood there impassively for a good moment, reading and gauging. The job in the Arkanis sector was interesting, but once he saw the Geonosis posting, he knew that's where he had to go. He'd been only seven years old when the Battle of Geonosis had taken place. Many brave Jedi had died there... and for some reason, he felt as if something was tugging him there, perhaps even calling to him, but he was not certain. It could just be his hunger affecting him still, messing with his mind. Grim made a huffing sound at that. Food would be a nice commodity at the moment.

    Despite the fact the salvage job had nothing to do with fighting the Empire directly, he knew how one thing eventually led to another. Besides, helping the local pirates was certainly an indirect way of fighting the Empire. Too bad they also targeted unsuspecting civilians.

    Satisfied, Grim committed the information he needed to memory , including the contacts for both jobs. The trick now would be finding passage to said planets, but he had no doubt there would be others seeking to travel there after reading the long awaited post.

    Just as he was about to turn and leave, someone else not too far off had noticed the active Bounty Board and came over with much hurry. The red nikto was a brash one, or perhaps had a bit too much Corellian Ale in him as he pushed both Grim and the youngster.

    "Bounties!!?" the nikto exclaimed loudly. "About time...."

    Grim stiffened and glared at the back of the nikto's head, his eyes narrowing. He'd made a fist of his hand, but checked his anger. Stay cool. he reminded himself. No need to be reactionary. He took a quick glance to see if the youngster was alright. Exhaling his initial wave of irritation, Grim once again attempted to turn and leave, but something about the sudden mocking laughter of the nikto prevented him. Curiosity got the best of him.

    "BWAHAHAHAHA" the nikto laughed out loud and spoke quite loudly. "Geonosis? Nothing but bones of stoopid jedi there, hahahahaha! stoopid jedi all dead now."

    Grim's blood boiled as his temper rose. Both hands became fists. He glared dangerously at the laughing nikto, and felt that he was very close to doing something regrettable.

    No, don't risk it. Walk away. He's right, they're all DEAD. But he couldn't simply walk away. His feet wouldn't budge. Something deep inside him really wanted to take a swing at the ungrateful alien. Those Jedi died protecting your freedom poodoo head! And without thinking further about it, he found himself swinging.

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    IC: Romeyn Oakes
    Merson Asteroid Field

    Romeyn departed Alderaan hours after he had arrived. Apparently, his visit hadn?t needed to extend to the full two days as a prospective buyer for the nerf herd scooped the animals up and offered a fairly reasonable sum. Not wanting to stay on Alderaan any longer, much to the delight of the customs officials who were glad to see the country bumpkin depart their educated soil, Romeyn left the beautiful world far behind him, not noticing the computer plotting a shaky and unreliable course to Merson as the transport entered hyperspace.

    Romeyn?s vessel, the Ruby Peak suddenly felt empty without the distant bellowing and calling of the nerfs. Of course, making a journey from Roon to Alderaan was quite a lengthy trip and his family usually required that other errands be fulfilled before he could come home. Shrugging his shoulders, Romeyn checked the cargo manifest for the first time since leaving Roon. To his surprise upon checking his list, he discovered that several cargo containers full of weapons had been stockpiled in the cargo hold of the freighter.

    That?s odd. Mom and Dad normally aren?t the arms smuggling type. What?s going on here? Oakes thought as his eyes bored a hole through the datapad in his right hand.

    Romeyn didn?t have time to contemplate the matter further as the navicomputer blared an abrupt warning signaling that the Ruby Peak had reverted to realspace, in the middle of an asteroid field, the world of Merson visible beyond.

    ?Son of a Twi?lek,? Romeyn cursed as the transport careened through the asteroid field.

    ?Where the hell am I?? Oakes asked to the cramped bridge, half expecting a response.

    One quick check of the sensors and holographic map in the cramped bridge gave him the required answer: Merson.

    Fighting the controls, Romeyn realized that the computer had been tampered with during his time away from his vessel while on Alderaan. That might also explain why I have several cargo loads full of weapons. Thank the Maker I didn?t run into an Imperial patrol.

    Still frantic at not having control over his vessel, Romeyn realized that the computer was doing a decent job of plotting a course through the asteroid field, avoiding the larger asteroids, albeit barely, and using the shields to obliterate the smaller, less dangerous particles.

    But this had to end.

    Ignoring the dangers of the asteroid field, both overt and covert, Romeyn keyed his communications station and began broadcasting a distress message in the vain hope that someone, somewhere near Merson would hear his call and help him out.

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    Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    The holoscreen flared to life and glowing text began to scroll on its surface. Striker quickly noticed there were basically two jobs to speak of the most. The other was petty junk.

    Both jobs were entitled "salvage" jobs. One on Geonosis and the other to be
    somewhere in the Arkanis sector. Interesting. Striker knew of the Geonosis by
    name..the Arkanis sector, on the other hand, was a whispered thing.
    Supposedly, there was a new mining operations there. Salvage was good. As Striker downloaded the info to her datapad, she heard moving fast. A red nikto came over with much hurry. As Striker turned to get out of the way, he pushed both the new guy and Striker.

    "Bounties!!?" the nikto exclaimed loudly. "About time...."

    Striker was fuming as she hissed, wanting to do nothing more than punch the drunk idiot. The other guy didnt seem too happy either. She yanked on her jacket, starting at the Nikto but keeping quiet. Then she looked down. The idiot had cost her a drink. As her fingers tightened around her glass she heard the Nikto's laughing.

    "BWAHAHAHAHA" the nikto laughed out loud and spoke quite loudly.

    "Geonosis? Nothing but bones of stoopid jedi there, hahahahaha! stoopid Jedi all dead now."

    Striker was about to comment about her drink, when she saw the human moving, so fast that she knew what was about to happen next. But even as she sat back to watch the show, she saw movement from a table in the area the nikto had come from. It looked like the Nikto might have had a friend, and he was attempting to join in the fun.

    Well, SOMEONE owed her a drink, and she was going to get it. Slipping the datapad in her pouch, Striker walked quickly towards the guy. She didnt know the race, but his skin was dark bluish grey, and he looked like he was reaching for something.

    What was his problem? Maybe he didnt like humans? She didnt care. She only knew the big red idiot cost her a drink. And she didnt like being shoved much either. That was all the mattered to her. So Striker took a few quick strides to intercept the guy. And as he turned his head, noticing her for the first time, she used the skills she had gained in the circus to quickly whip around him, and smashing her glass into the side of his head, her fist feeling his jaw, even as her sonic stunner found its way into her other hands.

    "Your friend owed me a drink. Guess you're paying." she stated as he went down.

    She quickly turned to see how the other human was doing, as she shook her head at the rest of the crowd.

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    IC: Zenie ?Covy? Covell

    Covy started some stretches. One needed to stretch after a workout or the muscles tightened up and all the good done from the workout was negated. She put one foot in front of the other and bent down putting her hands flat against the floor in front of her with the leading leg bent at the knee. A short time later she swapped legs and kept her hands flat on the floor. She stood up straight and put her feet shoulder width apart. Once again she bent down and put her hands flat against the floor.

    As she was looking around for someone to talk to, a woman approached her with an outstretched hand "Captain Ciara Holden. 39th Legion."

    ?Lieutenant Zenie Covell of the BowTIE Squadron ,? Covy responded while straightening her shoulders and offering her hand. ?Most people call me Covy.?

    She stepped back from the other woman and sized her up. Ciara stood with an air of authority and Covy knew that she needed to in order to command a trooper legion. Life in the armed forces was not easy for a woman as Covy knew, but it was even worse amongst the troopers. Covy took another swig from her water and then asked.

    ?So why the troopers? If you don?t mind me asking. I get enough grief as a pilot but troopers?? She shook her head slowly back and forth. ?I can?t even imagine.?

    With those words Covy found herself wondering what her father would think if she had given up on being a pilot and had joined the troopers instead. He'd probably disown me she thought. Her mother would support her in whatever decision she made in life, but her father was very proud of his status through his efforts in the air and expected much of his only daughter.

    As she waited for an answer she glanced around the gym to see if anyone was taking notice that the only two women around were talking. It shouldn?t have bothered her, but she worked so hard to become one of the guys that she never wanted it to seem like she was going soft. Though, from the looks of the woman standing in front of her she was anything but soft.

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    IC Zephyr
    The Frozen Fire

    Zephyr talked to a nearby Engineer, who went of to the bridge, to inform his father?s of the flight change. Drawing his attention back to the Jedi, he sheathed his blades, ?The Imperials, unless you told them your name, still don?t know who you are and they will find that my precious droids erased all recent evidence of your existence in their sensors. Even if they find someway to find out you?re an ex-jedi, without evidence those little officers will find themselves demoted and searching for a ship ID that will soon cease to exist. We have about 3 days before they become suspicious, so relax Jedi? Rinn Caspian was it??

    A gold protocol droid walked over to Zephyr, an obvious RA series, and handed the young captain a drink, ?Ah? Lola?s special.?

    Takes a drink

    ?I left quickly because this is a hit and run. Stay any longer and they will see the holes in the veil I put over their eyes? Follow me?

    The door opposite the ramp opened, revealing a turbolift. Zephyr walked inside and waited for his newest acquaintance. Handing him a datapad, ?Put your I.D.s for your stuff and my crew will find it.?

    Drinks again.

    ?Now, as for my weapons. They are VibroSwords, a heavier and deadlier version of the VibroBlade. They are also commonly found on or near BX-series Commandos. I, as you can tell by my Confederate antiques, apparently scavenge the galaxy looking for crew to fix up and gear to sell, among other things. As for your offer, Mr. Caspian, nothing would please me more, but please use your training saber as to avoid damaging me and my merchandise. It?s not that I doubt your abilities, its just that I don?t want to risk it.?

    While Zephyr spoke the lift rose quietly and opened onto a docking bay. In it were 2, gleaming in their silver plates, Dwarf Spider Droids and what looked like a damaged Nantex-Class fighter. The Bay was relatively small, but empty as well. He extended his right hand toward Rinn ?I?m Captain Zephyr by the way.?

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    IC: Jett Renning
    Issagra Station

    The din of conversation that wafted through the open hangar doors of his shop and the constant flow of foot traffic on the street provided Jett with a sense of comfort that seemed uncharacteristic for the bustling rock known as Issagra Station. Nestled deep within the confines of the Corporate Sector, the commercial world was a network of casinos and spaceports, attracting smugglers, scum and other vile beings of the galaxy. It was a breeding ground for crime and other underhanded dealings. But for Jett, it was the ideal place to conduct business. Honest men didn't venture this far from society too often and even when they did, they very rarely paid the price. The desperate, the proud, the reckless...all of them knew how to pay up.

    A small smile tugged at his lip, a bright spot on his otherwise grease smeared face, as he toyed with the stabilizing fin of his racer. If there was one other thing the lowlife of society knew how to was how to find him.

    Jett did not openly advertise his services to pilots and other spacers. To the average being walking the street, his shop would appear like any other hovel offering repairs and custom designs to swoop jockeys and other speed junkies. It was only after inquiring within and making the right connections that Jett would open up his true services.

    But business was slow; it had been for some time. The Empire was starting to clamp down on all reaches of the galaxy and despite not reaching the Corporate Sector yet, it was affecting it in other ways. People were becoming afraid and when they became afraid, they had a tendency to hold onto their possessions and keep them close. Unfortunately for Jett, that included their pocketbooks. Credits were starting to dwindle in his own reserves and the only real solution he had for that was to race.

    The Agrilat Swamp Circuit was coming up soon on Corellia and Jett had handed over the credits to cover his entry fee. It was a dangerous circuit and very competitive for all involved, but Jett was confident in his skills. He had an extra 'push' where others did not and a very close ally on his side. Not to mention, it offered yet another chance to visit his homeworld. It had been way too long and it would be a welcomed change.

    With the trophy and the winning sum of credits already in his sights, Jett went back to work on his swoop.

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    IC: Grim
    Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    The red nikto was quite durable, Grim noted. He had taken the punch to the head without going down or much complaint. Must be the ale in his system he reasoned. At least he stopped mocking jedi.

    "What's your FRELLIN' problem, sleemo!" the red nikto voiced in anger, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. Grim matched his glare without wavering.

    "You step on my foot, shove me and my friend and spill my associates drink without as much as an apology. Show some respect, or else..."

    The red nikto was angry , then confused, then angrier. "Is that all? you want apology so bad? GRAAAAHHH!!"

    The enraged nikto swung wildly at Grim, who easily evaded the blow as he leaned back out of reach, then ducked under the nikto's second attack. Grim intercepted the aliens next attack, grabbed his arm and shoulder then executed, ironically enough, a Teras Kasi body throw. The nikto found himself airborne for a brief moment before he came crashing down painfully on the hard cantina floor. Grim still held on to the nikto's arm and now had it in an arm lock. He could have dropped the nikto on his head, but that was really not necessary. He wasn't the real enemy, so instead, he chose to have him land on his back. Hard.

    A quick glance around the room revealed that the youngster had been attacked by another alien, probably the nikto's associate, who surprisingly enough, was now laying face down on the floor, the youngster standing above him, stun baton in hand. Grim smirked at the sight, but did not let himself enjoy it too much. The bar patrons, though they didn't mind a bar brawl now and again, disliked having their good time disturbed. Bar keeps on the other hand, hated having their place of business disrupted and their furniture needlessly destroyed. Things had not gotten to that level yet, and Grim was not going to escalate things. The last thing he wanted was for the bar keep to call local authorities on him. The best option now was a quick exit.

    "Fine! don't apologize!" he suddenly exclaimed in a loud voice, his vehemence directed at the nikto under him. To ensure there would be no tricks, Grim found the pressure points in the nikto's arm and tapped them, rendering the arm effectively numb for the time being. "Stay!" Grim commanded the alien as he stepped over him. "Nothing to see here, carry on..." he added as he addressed onlookers and walked with some measure of alacrity towards the youngster. "I think we should go, now..." he whispered to the youngster.

    "Uhm...sorry for the trouble. Going now..."

    These last word were for the glaring bar keep, who was either reaching for a hidden weapon, or was about to call on authorities, or worse, some lawless gang that provided 'protection'.

    With out really looking back, but keeping a discreet 'eye' on his back and on the youngster, Grim walked out of the Lowlife Cantina and out into the night. The main street outside the cantina was crowded with sentients going every which way, which was good, since they would need to blend in with the crowd to avoid being followed. Speaking of being followed, Grim turned to see if the youngster had indeed left the cantina with him, or had taken off in some other direction. Grim found a small smile etching itself on his face. Oddly enough, that had been fun. But despite the brief excitement, Grim realized his hunger was about to get the better part of him if he didn't find something to eat immediately. That would only bring more trouble.

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    IC:Culain Macshael
    Boss Scragg's workshop
    Issagra station

    Culain turned at the voice that adressed him from under a nearby starship, the woman mechanic who was talking to him was quite pretty under the grim of a day spent in and out of engine bays, and she carried herself with the calm assurance of someone who knew their trade...and well, besides he could feel she was among the rare few on this station who were not out to exploit strangers. He strode over to meet her "Yes" he said giving her a small bow "my ship is on that spare pad" he continued gesturing in his ships direction, "My name is Culain and i've suffered some damage..mostly cosmetic, but my engines need a look at, as i said i can pay for speed...and discretion too" he finished with a small smile.

    He walked over to look at his ship with her, standing near it the telltale signs of blaster fire had scorched blackened lines across the battered ships hull. "any assistence you could provide would be greatly appreciated" he said as he cast a sidelong glance at the young mechanic scrutinizing his ship. He hooked his thumbs into his belt surreptiously hiding his lightsaber as he awaited her reply.

    Liesl Bridehead
  14. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    Striker was TICKED OFF. She kicked the alien next to her, not even paying attention to what was happening to the other human. She reached down, and retrieved the aliens pouch, taking out just enough to pay for her drink, before putting the rest back. Frelling nurf herder!!! No, nerf herders had some sense!

    Her head turned quickly as she heard a rather enraged yell, then she looked back at the crowd. This was NOT looking good. A loud crash, as the nikto hit the floor caught her attention once more.

    All she wanted was a drink and a job. Was that too much to ask?

    "Fine! don't apologize!" the stranger suddenly exclaimed in a loud voice, his vehemence directed at the nikto under him. "Stay!" he commanded the alien as he stepped over the him. "Nothing to see here, carry on..." he added as he addressed onlookers and walked over towards Striker. Striker changed her position, as she wondered what the man was going to do next. "I think we should go, now..." he whispered at her.

    Striker was about to give a rude comment, but then looked around her. Her gut feeling was that now was NOT the time for a debate, unless she wanted to push her luck. No, the guy she knocked out, and the Nikto he put on the floor were going to be unhappy for least till someone feed them so more liquor. So much for another drink. With a loud snort, she quickly moved to follow the human, putting her hands within her pockets as she moved quickly.

    "Uhm...sorry for the trouble. Going now..." The man told the barkeep.

    Striker wasnt sorry but glad she had on goggles. She just looked down, and followed after the man. After all, she didnt throw the first punch, but I doubt that would matter to the guys around here. FRACK!!

    She ran out of the door, and out into the busy streets. That was good at least. She took off at a quick pace, quickly locating the human. She moved to his side, as she spoke.

    "Just HAD to throw a punch huh?" she snarled. She then gave a quick smirk. "Least you waited till after we taba the boards." she stated with a small grunt. She looked at the scrawny human.

    "Well..if Im not drinking...I need to grab some food." She looked over at him. "You seem to handle yourself pretty well in a fight. Might be useful in that skiff job, if we wanna take it." Striker looked around, making sure they werent being followed. She wasnt totally sure about him yet...but she had a feeling about him. He looked a bit rough, but he had stepped up when she got shoved. Might be worth something to him. She yanked a huge floppy hat out of one of her pockets, and covered her pilots cap with it, sniffing the air. She remembered passing a food place somewhere around here.

    "You wanna grab bite to eat?" she asked the scraggly human. "Better yet, you know where it is?" she asked him. "Gotta grab something before I head back." she asked him, as she adjusted her goggles with a push of a button.

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    Main Street, Outside Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    Inwardly, he was glad the youngster had not gone away. It was hard to explain, but for some reason, he didn't feel he had to watch his back so much. Not hat he trusted folks easily, but his inner warning sense was hardly going off like it usually would. That in itself was something that had caught his curiosity.

    The youngster crossed the street and came over while keeping cover through the crowd. Very smart kid.

    "Just HAD to throw a punch huh?" the boy snarled. Grim gave a uncharacteristic short laugh as he watched the youngster give a quick smirk. "Least you waited till after we tabbed the boards." he stated with a small grunt.

    "He started it." Grim insisted, failing miserably at the innocent look. He felt himself relax a bit, more than he had in many years actually, but still remained alert and cautious as he listened on.

    "Well..if Im not drinking...I need to grab some food."

    The mention of food made his stomach growl and he reflexively licked his lips. No, he was the Master of his Hunger, not the other way around. Jedi could go for long periods of time without sustenance, but he had prolonged his fast beyond his own limits and was literally tapped out. The craving was almost more than he could stand, but he tried his best not to let it show in front of the youngster. To that effect, he inhaled, composing himself as he continued walking.

    "You seem to handle yourself pretty well in a fight..." the youngster commented. Grim nodded in acknowledgement. "Might be useful in that skiff job, if we wanna take it."

    'we...' Grim thought in mild surprise, but did not interrupt. One learned a lot more by simply listening.

    The boy looked around, and Grim did the same, making sure they weren't being followed. Then the boy pulled an even bigger hat to cover the one he was already wearing instead of simply switching them. Grim found this mildly amusing as he only smiled and said nothing else for the moment. How curious.

    "You wanna grab bite to eat?" the boy asked him suddenly. Grim stopped in his tracks and felt as if someone had shot him right in the stomach. He felt pain go through his abdomen and he held it back, but his left eye twitched. At least that was better than a pained groan in the middle of the street. Grim managed a strong nod, and a barely audible, "yes".

    "Better yet, you know where it is?" the youngster asked him. Grim nodded again. Oh, he knew the place alright. It wasn't fancy at all. It was a spacer's diner in fact, but the food there was mouth watering and plain delicious. "Gotta grab something before I head back." the youngster stated as he adjusted his goggles with a push of a button. Curious indeed. 'Head back where?' Grim wondered. Was he traveling with others aboard a ship? That was quite likely, given what he'd learned thus far. He highly doubted the boy lived in Shantytown. Though such incidental information was useful, he did not find them important at the moment. All would be revealed in due time. He'd come to learn that this much as true in his experience.

    "By the way, I'm known as Grim." the ex-jedi said by way of introduction, which he found sufficiently appropriate after their short lived adventure. As courtesy demanded, Grim offered his hand to shake as they walked.

    It wasn't long before the pair reached the eatery in question. The Northern Stew. Even at this distance, the smell of food was nearly driving the ex-jedi crazy. It was taking all his focus to stay in control.

    "This is it..." he stated, gesturing with one hand at the ever-busy eatery. However, he did not take a step towards the establishment.

    "Uhm....." Grim began, his gaze suddenly averted and his tan skin flushing red with embarrassment. "I don't have any creds for food, so I can't go in."

    It pained him to admit it, foremost to himself, and worse to a relative stranger. But should he go in there now, he could not be held accountable for any rash actions. Stealing food was something that always brought him shame, and if he had to do it
  16. BLemelisk Jedi Master

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    IC: Kol Arantis
    Theed Spaceport, Theed, Naboo

    Captain Oska looked Arantis squarely is the eyes. ?Yeah, yeah, everybody always wants something.? He sat forward and pressed a button on his desk, activating a shimmering orange hologram in the air above it ? his computer?s main display. From where Kol sat, he could tell that the background image was that of a busty Twi?lek pinup.

    ?Well, you gonna stare at Miss Malastare all day?? Kol said, holding the flask up. ?I could get decently buzzed with just a few ounces outta this baby. Might just take my business elsewhere if you?re-.?

    The unmistakable sounds of blaster fire drifted in through the still open door to the main concourse and stopped their exchange in its tracks. Even though ships were still roaring in well after the sun set over the horizon, the massive cliff wall into which the spaceport was built amplified piercing noises like blasters perfectly. Even so, it was coming from somewhere very close.

    ?You hear that?? Kol asked in Oska?s direction as he looked out blankly into the darkness. Outside, a few nearby stormtroopers and naval troopers had paused as well while the sharp reports of more blasters drifted in.

    Before he even uttered a response, Oska?s communicator went off. ?Theed Spaceport Customs, Contraband Check Office. Captain Oska speaking.?

    The voice on the other end was anxious to say the least. All Kol really heard were the captain?s responses.

    ?-a CR90? Where the hell?d it come from? Yes sir. Medical droid, yes got it. I?ve got a Light Corvette that just landed I?ll get him in the air immediately.? With that he looked toward Arantis, ?I?ll forward the info to your datapad, get Impinger airborne immediately!?

    Kol rolled his eyes as he stood, lighting another cigarra from his now half-empty pack. Stepping out into the humid summer night he called back over his shoulder past the din of the now-scurrying troopers and droids that were descending on the nearby tarmac to ensure its security, ?I?ll just hang onto the Zairona, you probably would have wasted it anyway.?


    ?Ready to go, sir?? asked Arantis? second in command, Ensign Senn, as they stood in the relatively compact but well-designed bridge of the Impinger.

    ?Do it.? Kol said with a wave of his hand. The robust Light Corvette?s engines roared to life and the vessel lurched against Naboo?s gravity while it rose quickly into the air. The lights of Theed on the cliffs in the distance came into full view as their altitude above the tarmac increased. Reaching out a black-gloved hand, Kol thumbed the ship?s general address comms activation button. ?Attention Impinger, this is Lieutenant Arantis. We?ve got a CR90 blasting off from Theed?s warehouse district with unauthorized cargo on board. We?re going to intercept them in low orbit. Clear for action. That is all.?

    He looked over his shoulder as a black-uniformed stormtrooper officer approached from the rear of the bridge. It was the NCO in command of his ship?s stormtrooper platoon, Sergeant Frei. ?Sir, shall I ready my men??

    ?Absolutely. Assemble them at the portside forward airlock and wait for me, we?ll board together.?

    ?Yes lieutenant,? snapped back Frei as he turned and headed for the bridge turbolift.

    Arantis stretched from side to side as the ship, now so high aloft that Theed and its surrounding cities and towns were mere specks of light, engaged its engines fully and tore off toward space. If it hadn't been for the ship?s inertial dampeners, the entire crew would have been liquefied by that point. ?Scanning, did Control forward the signature of the CR90??

    ?Yes sir,? piped up the midshipman in charge of the long range sensor station, ?I?ll have them - now.?

    ?Excellent. Comms, get me a line.?

    Moments later, the communications officer turned to Arantis and pointed, indicating that a connection with the CR90, still out of visual range, had been established. Kol stepped up to the nearby comms console, knowing that his upper body was w/>
  17. Ktala Jedi Grand Master

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    Main Street, Outside Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    "He started it." the man insisted, failing at the innocent look. Well, he had that right. Striker really wasnt that mad. IF he had not punched the nerf, 'he' would have.

    "You wanna grab bite to eat?" she asked him. The man managed a strong nod, and a barely audible, "yes".

    "Better yet, you know where it is?" the youngster asked him, and he nodded Yes. Perfect. "Gotta grab something before I head back." She gestured for the human to lead the way. Yeah, he had been nice enough to help out in a pinch, but she wasnt an idiot. Striker could not quite put a finger to it, but this guy didnt ring any of her usual alarm bells. As she was thinking about possibly working together, the man spoke up.

    "By the way, I'm known as Grim." he said by way of introduction. Grim offered his hand to shake as they walked. Striker looked at it, and snorted again softly.

    "I bet you are." he stated as she looked at the hand and then gave a short laugh. Striker wasnt ready to give a hand just yet. Striker continued to follow, shaking his head. It wasn't long before the pair reached the eatery in question. The Northern Stew. And the place smelled fantastic. At least the guy knew what he spoke of. This was the place she had smelled earlier. Didnt try to detour them around, or perhaps pass some other folks waiting to jump them. Nope, it was the straight and narrow. Yeah, this ones got some possibilities.

    "This is it..." he stated, gesturing with one hand at the ever-busy eatery. Striker started to head towards the place when Grim's voice stopped her.

    "Uhm....." Grim began, his gaze suddenly averted and his tan skin flushing red with embarrassment. "I don't have any creds for food, so I can't go in."

    Striker turned and looked at the guy, and then back at the eatery, then back at Grim. So thats why he didnt grab anything from the bar at the cantina. That explained a few things.
    He also could have walked his face off, and then left her stuck with the bill. Could have. But didnt. Again, this guy was reminding her a bit of herself. And she could use some help, if she was to take on one of the jobs they had read. Hard to run skip by yourself. And that job was an open job, so no telling what other skang might be in the area.

    Striker walked over towards him, and tossed the money he took from the Nikto's partner. "Da name's Striker, and I believe I asked you to join me. I got it. Besides, we need to talk." Striker told him in a serious tone. And I prefer to do the talking someplace where other ears wont be so interested."

    Striker turned and started heading for the eatery. As he walked, he spoke over his shoulder.

    "So, you gonna come on in, or you gonna stand there drooling in the street? I've got a schedule to keep." Striker stated as he kept walking.

    Striker didnt really have a timetable to deal with..well, except for Daks. But hey, it sounded cool, and it have Striker time to figure out if this was a good thing or not. Felt like it could work. She had worked with less. She had been hard pressed to find any reliable worker, since the circus. maybe coming to Merson wasnt a bad thing after all.

    'I must be outta my mind!' she thought to herself, as she continued to walk to the eatery. She looked out the corner of her eye, to see if Grim was coming or not. Eat first. Then the job. Maybe.

    Yeah, thats it.

    Man, did that food smell good.

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    IC: Liesl Bridehead
    Boss Scaggs? Hangar, Issagra Station

    ?Yes. My ship is on that spare pad,? the man said with a slight bow, quite uncharacteristic for a visitor to Issagra. Liesl hadn?t been here long, but she knew that at least. He then gestured to one of the ships in the hangar. ?My ship is on that spare pad. My name is Culain and I've suffered some damage?mostly cosmetic, but my engines need a look at, as I said I can pay for speed...and discretion too.?

    Liesl followed Culain to the ship, which she identified as a Muurian Transport. They were fast little suckers, as fast as a starfighter, which was saying something for a freighter like this. That was why Liesl understood his urgency about having the engines looked at. If they weren?t in tiptop shape, this thing didn?t have its greatest advantage going for it.

    ?Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated,? Culain added.

    Liesl tapped the scoring left by laser bolts on the hull. The Muurian Transport achieved its speed by shedding shields and hull. It had been a rather near call. If this was just cosmetic with no underlying hull damage, then it was possible she?d be able to make her plan work?

    ?I?m going to have to check your hull integrity,? Liesl said as she put one ear to the metal to listen to the sound her finger made on the hull, ?It sounds like it?s still holding, but it?s worth checking since it?s been compromised. But?? here Liesl turned to face Culain, ??if you want we can skip that if you?re in a hurry.?

    The mechanic turned from the scorched hull. ?Let?s see those engines,? she said, allowing Culain to take her into the ship. Once when she?d had been 18 years old she?d skipped up a boarding ramp in her eagerness to get a job started. The ensuing electrical shock from the anti-intruder system had taught her never again to step onto a ship uninvited by its captain.

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    IC Zephyr
    The Frozen Fire

    A message came in on Zephyr?s wrist pad, it was a message from Father Nihil, apparently the Imperials are curious. Zephyr watched his droids finish loading and spoke into the pad, ?Azu ready the droids and place them on patrol, I?ll be on the Bridge in a moment. Lola, take care of the Jedi.? Zephyr proceeded to push Rinn into a nearby hall, as Zephyr boarded the TurboLift. ?Jedi Master Caspian, Lola will take care of you, she?s hiding so don?t be afraid, just call her name.?

    Moments later, the ship took off, on course to upper orbit. Zephyr entered the bridge, making sure he was the only one visible in the pick up field, looking at his father and then to the holofigure before him, preparing his speech, ? I am sorry, did you say ?A 11-2?? Terribly sorry but your Imperial grid is rather pointless and unused outside the Main Imperial Hierarchy. As your Ensigns have most likely told you, dear? Custom officer, I am on a CR-90 Corvette. My ship ID is that of an Imperial CR-90 that disappeared several weeks ago, but what you Ensign will not tell you is that the Emperor knows exactly where this ship is and who is piloting it, making this an Imperial Ship. I however will agree that I am not the average Imperial Officer. I am Captain Zephyr, go ahead and look me up, you?ll find I have gone on Secret Missions for the Empire on several occasions, including this one once it becomes declassified. I?m considered a special agent of sorts.?

    Smiles and takes a drink of Lola?s Special. ?I ask you for your own convenience, not to board this ship; which would enflame those nasty gungan rebels one way or another and let me on my way before one of you higher ups with knowledge of my mission comes and finds you interfering, for your sake I hope its not Lord Vader.?

    Takes another Drink, ?However I expect you to be the loyal and smart sort so you would do your duty anyway, merely to find this Med-Droid. I assure you the Droid is fine. I?ll even show it to you if you want. I?ve taken it merely for the reason that I was ordered to. You see this Prototype of a Med-Droid is coming along too slowly for the higher ups taste, I being very busy and thus travel around cant stay in one area to help them out. Me being a collector of these creations, I take the droid, finish it, find my way to an Imperial Outpost or base and drop it off. I am rewarded by the Empire and I get help on my real mission.?

    Takes another Drink, ?Fair enough, Comrade?? As he finished his speech, Azu had readied the vanguard of Droidekas, War Droids, and B-1s. ?Now if that is acceptable, please let me go on my way. If it is not, please retransmit coordinates into something I can actually use to land this thing.? The Frozen Fire was just entering the Mesosphere, to conveniently interfere with communications. "I have entered your planets Mesosphere; we will talk more once we are both out of it, OK?" Zephyr smiled as the image began to flicker in and out.

    Zephyr's Fathers were both on the bridge, looking at each other nervously and frantically setting coordinates for a hyperspace jump as the ship continued to rise through the atmosphere. Azu was patrolling and listening in on the conversation. While the littlest of the crew, Lola, watched her new playmate from the shadows.

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    Main Street, Outside Lowlife Cantina, Merson

    Pushing feelings of inadequacy side, Grim stood his ground. He would hold on to what little remained of his dignity. He'd done as he had promised and brought the youngster to the Northern Stew because he'd said he would. There was no contractual agreement or any such thing happening here. They did not owe each other anything. The little stunt at the Lowlife Cantina had been nothing more than a passing distraction. Simple, fun entertainment. Why make more of it than what it was...

    Grim sighed, clearing his thoughts and straightening his trench coat. He was about to turn and leave while he still had the strength to do so, when he spared a last look at the kid and saw him take a step in his direction rather than the eatery. Hmmm?

    The kid walked over towards him, and tossed him some creds, which Grim caught with a smooth motion. What was this? charity? Pity? No, Grim could not accept this, he had done nothing to earn this. He frowned and looked at the kid, already opening his mouth to protest, but the kid cut him off. "Da name's Striker, and I believe I asked you to join me. I got it. Besides, we need to talk." Striker told him in a serious tone. Grim regarded Striker for a moment, his face unreadable, then nodded in agreement and deep gratitude. "..And I prefer to do the talking someplace where other ears wont be so interested."

    "Agreed." Grim said, finally managing to find his voice. A lopsided smile appeared on his face for a moment. He could hardly believe some kid was trying to recruit him. But such ironies where a daily part of his life.

    Striker turned and started heading for the eatery. As he walked, he spoke over his shoulder.

    "So, you gonna come on in, or you gonna stand there drooling in the street? I've got a schedule to keep." Striker stated as he kept walking. Grim gave a short laugh, took a couple of long strides and got himself next to the kid.

    "Thanks. I'll pay you back. Double." he whispered to the kid as they entered together.

    Grim still remembered some lessons about charity, kindness and pride, and how Jedi should not be too proud to accept help when they needed it, and should always seek to return such kindness, every time. But he wasn't a Jedi anymore. He hadn't been a Jedi now for much longer than he'd been one. But that was a thought for another time. The overwhelming smell of delicious food immediately drove any other concern away. The creds Striker had loaned him were more than enough for a fairly decent meal and he could no longer wait to eat.

    A quick look around revealed a vacant table for two, and another pair of spacers moving towards it. Grim however, was faster on his feet.

    "Sorry..." Grim said as an apology, even as he slipped into the corner booth first. The two spacers muttered in protest, but he ignored them and took out a chair for Striker. They'd better not start any trouble, he thought ruefully. Grim's eyes became slits as he half-expected some kind of confrontation, but much to his relief, there was none as the spacers moved on. Fighting on an empty stomach really was no fun. He knew all about that.

    A low whirring sound gave away a serving droid as it arrived at their table in short order. Its metallic appendages placed two menu tabs on their table,as well as human eating utensils.

    [Welcome to The Northern Stew, may I take your order?]

    Grim knew exactly what he wanted as he ordered without looking at the menu. Obviously he'd been here before. He did, however, take his time ordering, which gave Striker enough time to look over the menu and choose a dish of his liking. After the ordering was done, Grim leaned back and relaxed.

    "The galaxy is full of surprises.." he stated simply, then added. "I'm just glad this is one of the pleasant ones, however infrequently they might come."

    The ex-jedi became pensive for a moment as he looked out the window. He gave a small smile, then nodded as if he had just spoken to some unseen person,then returned his full att
  21. Cheeseywob1337 Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Rinn Caspian
    The Frozen Fire

    Rinn Caspian watched Zephyr walk away, worried about what he had over heard. The Empire was curious, apparently. He could remember where the Cargo Deck was from a mission on a CR90 in the Clone Wars, and ran at full pelt down through the ship, hoping he would get there in time. He arrived in the corridor leading to the Cargo Deck minutes later, and used the force to open the door. He had been too reckless with the force before, so he winced when he realised that he had just used it again. He saw his Land speeder, and ran to the cargo compartment on it. He saw his ceremonial Jedi Robes, a Blaster and a large sheet. His Normal robes were on underneath his blast armour and cloak, so he didn't worry about them. He pulled the large sheet out and put his second lightsaber in the compartment in its place, before shutting the lid. He looked for the furthest and darkest corner of the Cargo Deck, and leapt into the Land Speeder, slowly driving it towards the corner, carefully. Moments later, he climbed out, and threw the large sheet over his land speeder, and quickly hid his ship. He then remembered the blaster, and uncovered the ship again and pulled it out, before quickly covering it and leaving the Cargo Deck. He hooked his pistol on his belt where most people would put them, and tucked his lightsaber up his sleeve and clipped it there. He pulled his cloak off and threw it under his land speeder, and left it there.

    He arrived back where Zephyr had left him within a few minutes of leaving the Cargo Deck, and quickly decided to head for the Bridge. The fact he remembered the way around these ships from over 15 years before was surprising, even though he had spent 2 Months in one of them in a space battle in a large asteroid field. For the first month, droid's had swarmed onto the ship, and vandalised the fuel tanks and jammed all communication from that ship, and Rinn had been leading the defence of it. They eventually got reinforcements just before the main attack of the Separatists had been set to begin, and the battle after that lasted one month. He eventually snook onto the Main Separatist ship with his apprentice, and they took out the entire crew of the ship and its Neimoidian Captain before setting the autopilot at full speed towards one of the large asteroids. They managed to escape, and this somehow counted as his Apprentices Final Jedi Trial, allowing Caspian to become a Jedi Master.
    Then he remembered that a year later, that same ship was shot down with him and his Apprentice (Who had chose to do the mission with Caspian) on board, and them and 27 Clones held off Separatists from the top of the ship for 2 Hours until they could be reinforced. But then the 12 Clones that hadn't been killed opened fire on his Ex-Apprentice, and after that he had ran as far as he could towards the Outer Rim. Caspian walked onto the bridge, with the memory of the 12 Clones opening fire on him still in his head. He looked up at Zephyr.
    "Where are we headed. I couldn't help overhearing what you said about Imperials, so I would recommend Issagra Station. I take it my 2 Star fighters and Droid are going to be left on Naboo?" Caspian asked.

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    IC: Culain Macshael
    Issagra station

    ?Let?s see those engines,? Culain nodded and turned to lead the way, walking up the ramp he disengaged the anti intruder measures and, with the young mechanic, made his way to where the engines were. Once they had got to the engine room Culain waved his hand at the expanse of engines "I've done what i could...but i am no mechanic that is quite sure" he said with a selfdepricating smile. "I shall leave you to it...i'll be in the cockpit if you need me", with that he spun silently out of the engine room and made his way to the cockpit, once there he brought up his map at the nav station. It would be foolish to think Vader wouldnt have someone trying to track him and despite his precautions he didnt want to push his luck for too long on this station, he sighed and began trying to come up with a plan to avoid Vader again.

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  23. BLemelisk Jedi Master

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    IC: Kol Arantis
    Upper Naboo Atmosphere, Aboard ICS Impinger, Bridge

    ? I am sorry, did you say ?A 11-2?? Terribly sorry but your Imperial grid is rather pointless and unused outside the Main Imperial Hierarchy. As your Ensigns have most likely told you, dear? Custom officer, I am on a CR-90 Corvette. My ship ID is that of an Imperial CR-90 that disappeared several weeks ago, but what you Ensign will not tell you is that the Emperor knows exactly where this ship is and who is piloting it, making this an Imperial Ship. I however will agree that I am not the average Imperial Officer. I am Captain Zephyr, go ahead and look me up, you?ll find I have gone on Secret Missions for the Empire on several occasions, including this one once it becomes declassified. I?m considered a special agent of sorts.?

    He paused to drink something.

    ?I ask you for your own convenience, not to board this ship; which would enflame those nasty gungan rebels one way or another and let me on my way before one of you higher ups with knowledge of my mission comes and finds you interfering, for your sake I hope its not Lord Vader.?

    The CR90?s captain continued to go on about the medical droid and how it was intended for other bases of operations and asked to be allowed to continue on his way. Arantis had no intention of caving. The story was clearly fabricated, and he?d heard hundreds similar.

    Kol blinked at the younger human?s bluish image that hovered at two-thirds actual scale above the holocomms console. Before he could reply, the outgoing holofeed cut out momentarily. The Impinger finally broke free of the planet?s atmosphere with a slight shudder and then complete stillness, broken only by the constant thrumming of the ship?s powerful engines.

    Discreetly activating a button on the console that fed a continuous neutral standing loop of Arantis? form to the opposite ship, he turned to address Senn, ?We cut out before him so we?re out of the exosphere before him too. We have a few minutes. Run a search on Captain Zephyr in Customs databanks.?

    ?On it, sir.?

    ?Who does he think we are?? Arantis mused toward no one in particular, ?Secret missions for the Empire. I?ve heard better stories from people tripping on glitterstim.? A nearby officer let out a laugh in agreement.

    ?Lieutenant?? called Senn, ?We?ve got nothing on them, but they?re back into comms range. They?ve not decreased their speed and are visible in quadrant two.? Against the turning blue orb of Naboo looming large in the port-side bridge windows, a small speck of light could be seen on an exit trajectory.

    Kol inhaled deeply and deactivated the hologram?s idling simulation, ?Imperial nav charts are standardized. Also, if you?re such a high up agent of the Empire, you?d know the position exactly. You?ll turn that medical droid over to us now. Power down and we?ll come to you.?

    He idled the hologram again and went to the ship?s gunnery control console, ?Put a salvo across the tagged CR90?s bow I want them sweating.?

    Before he could return to the holocomm, Senn addressed him, ?Sir we?ve just gotten another message from Theed Control. Suspects wanted in connection with an attack on a trooper patrol are also believed to be on board that ship.?

    ?Helm close with them, flank speed.? Kol smiled, ?Looks like another boarding action. I hope Frei?s men are ready.? As if to punctuate his statement, a series of green turbolaser bolts thundered from the Impinger?s six double-turrets and streaked across the star-filled vacuum, careening close past the offending corvette?s bridge viewports.

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    IC: Rinn Caspian
    The Frozen Fire - Bridge

    Seconds after Caspian finished his sentence, there was a green glow from the windows, which faded after a second.
    "The Empire are onto us. I know their ships, we have no chance of fighting one of them in a ship like this. I will go to one of the meeting rooms to meditate on what we should do with the empire on our backs. I'll be in the first Meeting room you see." Rinn said calmly, being used to getting shot at by ships larger than his own, even though that was almost 2 Decades ago. He strolled down a corridor, and walked into the first meeting room he saw and sat down on one of the chairs, shutting his eyes.

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  25. Draco_Drake Jedi Youngling

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    IC Zephyr
    The Frozen Fire

    ?Imperial nav charts are standardized. Also, if you?re such a high up agent of the Empire, you?d know the position exactly. You?ll turn that medical droid over to us now. Power down and we?ll come to you.?

    ?Fine, but we cant power down or the droids may start to be slightly uncontrollable and do you want the droid and the droid brain, the droid and the upgrades we have for it, or just the droid?s body, and which escape pod do you want it fired out of? Also, I never said I was an agent or high up, just used by the empire.? Zephyr smiled, he didn?t seem unnerved by the salvo. Zephyr walked out of the holopads view and tapped his father on the shoulder; shields soon came up. Walking back into the view, ?Careful, you could ruin the paint job, and what?s to stop us from Jumping? Hmm?? To his fathers, ?Transfer the message to the meeting room when we have him talking again.?

    Zephyr left the bridge, and walked toward his Jedi friends meeting room. ?Morning Rinn. So advice, help, or what do you suggest? Also the droids got your stuff. It?s in Cargo but we can easily get it up to the hangars.?

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