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A big fiction project (rank the core idea)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Ange_Dechu, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Ange_Dechu

    Ange_Dechu Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 21, 2007
    I tried often to write SW fics, without much result. I thus moved out to something else, until I got some success with writing in my home language, French.

    My love of SW rekindled by Blu Ray and TOR (alas, which I don't have the time to play) motivated me to try one more time, but this time with a well written core idea. I will thus get a solid plot for a ''fic novel'', before writing it down.

    The setting would be this : shortly after Hoth, in the Outer Rim, the world code-named Hestia is a relatively unknown planet. It's supposedly a remote and barren world, with some indications that it once house some Republican facilities a long time ago. As the space around Hestia is extremely quiet for the Outer Rim, it's with considerable surprise that the Imperials learn that Hestia is a Rebel controlled world (IE, the Rebels are trying so hard to go low profile that they deal very harshly with pirates and assorted trouble.

    A large task force is gathered with impressive discretion (the Imperials suspect that the local governor got some help on the matter. The reader will have no doubt at all about at play here) and they launch an attack on Hestia : they are going to have a gnarly surprise, as Hestia, as the name indicate, is a rebel sanctuary world : the Rebels will go to great lenght to defend their world.

    The fiction would have two goals :
    A)Depict a full fledged Empire vs Rebellion campaign, in which both sides are remotely matched. Ground battles, space battles, air battles..
    B)The fc would have basically a single named important character, Mara. (dunno if I should try to hide her under a pseudo first, or go straight at it)
    The whole thing would try to explain why and how the Emperor control her

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    We don't allow advice threads about individual stories, this is the job for a beta or a fanfic Master. But if anyone would like to offer help please send it in PM form.
  2. Ange_Dechu

    Ange_Dechu Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 21, 2007
    So right now, I'm trying to plan out the whole thing, and I need mostly help on one core concept, IE why exactly the Emperor send Mara to Hestia in the first place.

    Ideas thus far

    1)Hestia is an expensive ''testing ground'' for Mara. The Emperor want to see how loyal she will be when confronted to tasks like ''dealing'' with Rebel sympathizers.

    2)Hestia was a medical facility for the Republic : Revan mighthave been sent here after his capture by Bastila. Wether this is true or not is irrevelant for Lord Sidious, who is quite willing to throw away a fleet to get a chance at getting a trinket from Darth Revean.

    3)Hestia was a Republic listening post that was hit hard in the opening moves of the Great Galactic War, and it was briefly a command post by the Sith Emperor.
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