A BIG "Thank You" from one Bounty Hunter!

Discussion in 'Tidewater Area, VA' started by jedimomtosith, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. jedimomtosith Jedi Master

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    I just wanted to say "Thank You" to the Jedi's (Chris, Allen, Jon) that came to the Boy Scouuts event last Sat.
    You guys really helped me out.
    For people I have never met before to go out of their way and to use up a Saturday means a great deal to me.
    I thank you all very much for doing this for me and for the kids!
    The Rebel Alliance/Tidewater Alliance are awesome...THx
    Sith Mom aka Aurra Sing
  2. DOMNUSKYWALKER Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

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    You're so welcome it was lovey to meet you and catch up with some old friends. Looking forward to seeing you next week at Galacticon. Hugs!!!!1
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