Beyond - Legends A Blossom In Winter (J/J mush)

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    Title: A Blossom In Winter
    Author: Ceillean
    Characters: Jag/Jaina
    Genre: Romance I suppose
    Notes: I wrote this AGES ago and I posted it AGES ago, too. Changed a bit, thought I'd post it again because it's actually quite nice. Plus, there isn't enough J/J stuff on the boards so...

    Like an everlasting romantic melody, tiny drops of rain touched down onto green grass and oddly shaped rocks that surrounded the small area the Healers used as their infirmary. There was enough room to accommodate several dozen patients; more space had so far never been needed since the Jedi were mostly off world for missions and if someone did fall ill, it was usually because of an average flu, a broken bone or just really nasty bruises.

    But sometimes there was an exception in the normal routine of a Healers? life and this exception now stared into nothingness with big brown eyes. The human woman sat on the exam table and dangled her legs back and forth while her hands lay folded in her lap. She was a small human female with lovely chocolate brown hair and soft, fair skin but it was the strength of her aura that made her quite interesting to the Healer standing just a step away.

    ?Are you well?? Jedi Healer Jannis Linn asked softly, while debating whether to hold the woman?s hand or not. She?d seen it done plenty of times before and supposedly it was meant to be a reassuring gesture.

    The woman forced a small smile and slowly turned her head towards the Healer. ?I?m alright.?

    ?You seem distraught.? Jannis said.

    She shook her head, dark brown curls bouncing around her slender shoulders. ?I?m not. I?m just thinking.?

    ?If this news has unsettled you in any way than I am sorry to have been the messenger.?

    Her laugh was light and sweet. ?You don?t need to be sorry. I knew before I came here.?

    Jannis Linn frowned and folded her hands in front of her. ?If you knew than why come here in the first place??

    It took a long while for the human woman to answer. For a moment, the Healer thought she wouldn?t answer at all. But she took a deep breath and her dark eyes focused on the Healer ? the raw emotions playing behind those eyes were astonishing. ?I came here to be sure. I needed someone else to say it out loud.?

    ?I don?t understand.?

    She jumped from the exam table and waved the remark away. ?It?s a human thing, I guess.? Slowly, as if it were the most difficult thing to do, the human began to dress. Once she had slipped into her flight jacket, she extended a hand towards Jannis Linn. ?Thank you.?

    ?You needn?t thank me. It is my duty.?

    She laughed again and the sound was warming to the Healers? heart. ?Thank you anyway.? She dropped her hand to the side, hesitated for just a moment before saying, ?May the Force be with you.? Then she turned on her heal and left the infirmary, leaving behind a very confused Jannis Linn.


    The flight back home gave her time enough to think. Alone in the cockpit of her X-Wing, Jaina Solo closed her eyes as her little ship broke into hyperspace. The blue and white colors of the hyperspace corridor played across her tired features ? at one point in time she had loved to stare out the viewport because of the fascinating display of colors but along the way, she had lost interest. She had lost interest in all trivial yet wonderful things, deeming them unnecessary.

    Jaina sat back and wondered if that was the first mistake right there. It was the little things in life that made living worthwhile, right? At least that was something she had heard time and time again, though she?d never given it a second thought. But now?now she wondered how many little things she had missed in her life, how many little things might have brought a smile to her face.

    Tears pricked at her eyes while she let her mind wander. She had known, even before setting foot in the Healers? ward, what the Jedi would tell her. She?d known for weeks already that something was different and now that she had certainty, it was extraordinarily difficult to deal with it. Especially on her own but she had no one to go to.
    She could have tried reac/>
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    Wouldn't this be a nice postscript sort of epilogue to Apocalypse? [face_laugh] Like that would happen, Troy Denning doesn't believe in happy Solos. :p

    And silly Jaina. Not-normal people have kids too. I love how happy Jag was. :)

    That ending was wonderfully heart-warming. Part 2 now with the baby? [face_batting]
  3. Jaina_Solo_59 Jedi Master

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    This was adorable! I really liked the combination of their reactions!
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost

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    Connie, your J/J is as splentab as ever. :* :* There really isn't enough J/J around and this is perfectly in character and sweet.

    Thanks for giving them the happiness they deserve and have richly earned.


    On a strictly side note, I'm struck every time just by the very lovely way you write, period [face_love] [face_love]


  5. Jedi_Lover Jedi Grand Master

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    Very sweet. I agree, we don't have enough Jaina/Jag mush.
  6. pinkpearl89 Jedi Knight

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    I love that Jaina doesn't know how to react to a normal life event [face_laugh] It's completely in character

    Oh, how I hope this will be profic soon...
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    All together now... awwwww! [face_love] So sweet. I'm pretty sure I read it before, but it was good to read it again!

    I love how you handled Jaina in this. Jag, too. But it's so typical Jaina - she can handle life-or-death situations and everything else the galaxy throws at her, but something ordinary like this? Panic time! *lol* Great job, this was really sweet!
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    Even lovelier the second time around. @};- I'm so glad that you decided to dust this off and post it again, it's one of my favorites.

    And I have to second or is it third ;) the sentiment, not nearly enough J/J on the boards. I may just have to coax my muse out of hiding and do something about that.
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    What great characterization (sp?)! You really got the feelings of an unexpected pregnancy down in Jaina's feelings and Jag was so calm it's almost comical. I don't know of any man, save Jag, who would be so calm in such a situation
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