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Fantasy A Breaking World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'rath

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chukles38, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Valen - In the midst of battle

    The sun has slipped behind the horizon, and now there were only the light from the torches. The darkness hiding the blood that was to be spilt soon. Cursed mages. Both sides began to mobilize, and the tension was thick upon the air. Valen looked around him, to the troops, giving them a nod.

    The moon?s pale light cast a dreary setting over the plain. Valen watched as several orbs of light shot into the air, cast by light mages on either side. Valen averted his eyes, so as to not be blinded as he waited for the signal.

    At the command of Xavier, the archers released their volley and the battle had begun. Valen gave a dark grin, as he drew his his sword. It was time.

    Xavier gave the order to charge, and the Alanva followed suit.
    Sassana and Valen, still near to Xavier, charged with the rest of the army, their weapons ready for battle. The thunderous sound that filled his ears, was the song of battle. HIS world.
    A song he knew well.. Valen roared a challenge, as he move forward, wading into the the crush of battle. Valen's sword found 2 warriors who easily rushed at him. And they died, just as quickly, one losing his head to Valen's mighty swing, as the other died when Valen withdrew his sword, and impaled the man rushing him. Valen scanned the area, his eyes searching for Xavier. Once he found the man, he moved to stand closer to him, and to make sure none made their way past.

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  2. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: first off, my apologies on the wait for this. the duel i was in recently drained me utterly. but without further ado, i give you sassana.

    IC: Sassana Elanun
    Rebel Lines, Battle Field, Earth Kingdom

    [blockquote]There was little to do at the moment, as she followed along behind High Commander Kilmor, and General Tomask. Their conversation wasn't terribly interesting, as most of it really didn't apply to her. Yet Sassana was obliged to listen regardless. One never knew if some if it might turn out what saved her life, or the life of some of the soldiers in the coming battle against the oppressive Mages. In some ways the upcoming battle seemed suicidal, as they lacked the magical oomph of their enemies. But it was a fight that needed to be fought... so here they all were, prepared to die for something that they all believed would make the world better. But what if it didn't?

    As a renegade Mage herself, she knew exactly what magic could do on a battlefield when properly utilized. It was what made her one of the deadliest soldiers in the rebellion. Her weapon, Tsumhershne, certainly helped with that. There were very few things that could stop Hurricane, and only the most hardy of armors would not be parted like silk. In some cases that made defending herself slightly more complicated than it strictly had to be, but it was a trade off she was more than willing to make.

    Using the ancient Naginata as a walking staff, still sheathed in it's black leather, dragon embossed sheath, she looked around her trying to get a feel for what was going on with the rest of their group.

    The High Commander she knew well. Perhaps a bit better than was wise, as she knew that Xavier liked her. Would like to bed her, frankly. While Sassana was not against it, she did not want to fraternize with someone of a higher rank. While she was respected by many here, doing something like that would not be parituclarly good for her reputation. Sassana was also known as quite the flirt, which did not help her out as a commanding officer in an army.

    Another thing that hurt that was her stature. In short, she really had none. Coming in at just over five feet and a very slight one hundred and two pounds, it looked as if a slight breeze could knock her over. Yet most knew that Sassana was a savage warrior and very gifted Wind Mage, which was likely the only thing saving her from being laughed off a field of battle. Not only was she slight of build, but she was also very exotically beautiful. Her hair was long and as white as pure driven snow, while her skin was the pale blue of a cloudless sky. Combined that with a very feminine figure, given her size and weight, and her proclivity for for wearing revealing silks instead of armor and it was easily understandable why so many had underestimated her in the eighty-two years she had been alive. Most had not lived to regret that mistake.

    They neared a group of archers, and she noticed that it was Corporal Lyle Zahara's unit. It was odd to see a group that could be so undisciplined in a non-combat situation be as effective as they were. Whoever had assigned Lyle to that group had really known what they were doing, because his easy going style seemed to have been just what they needed. Before he had been placed there they had been something of a problem.

    Xavier questioned who the leader of the unit was, apparently not liking their loose manner this close to before a battle. But they were all veterans. They knew what was expected of them, but seeing the Corporal take a sip of what was obviously wine even Sassana wondered what he was doing. There were some things that were too far. Such as gesturing towards a superior in such a suggestive manner.

    However the comments, while crass, were decidedly flattering. So ignoring the Generals comments, she winked back at Lyle, blatantly encouraging him.

    Turning back to Xavier, "I'm going to go speak with Corporal Zahara at length. See if I can't impress upon the unit for more proper decorum." In reality she had no intention of doing any suc
  3. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Orml Chal
    Edge of the Battlefield

    Hell looks like that, Orml thought to himself as he stared at the destruction and carnage that had only just begun to unfold. Bodies twisted and mangled like scrap metal under the hammer, limbs tossed about like pieces of a leaf being torn apart by a child at play. He glanced a little farther out. There was something flying just above the ground. Which was odd. It was clad in all white, like some kind of angel, and it struck him as rather beautiful. Perhaps it was an angel. That was when it started killing things.

    An angel of death.

    "How could anyone sit back and condone this?" Orml whispered.

    Well, clearly Mynron could. "Dats life, Orml. Out there on dat battlefield," the kid called out. Orml sat in shocked silence. Was Mynron so blind? Could he not see this the way Orml was seeing this, the machine of war devouring all in its path?

    The man with the bow apparently didn't agree. ?No, it's death! I've seen people getting killed, but I?ve never seen this kind of destruction of human life before,? he yelled at the boy. ?Don?t you care about all the lives that will be lost??

    "Nope, an you don't either. You don't know anyone on dat field an jus cuz dey dyin don't mean you have to preten you care. My daddy used to say a man feel most live when he fightin for somethin. Dats why deres life on dat field. If we didn't have dem out there, thins be alot worse for all da kingdoms. U betta respec 'em."

    "You call allowing that respect? Sacrificing human lives like pawns on a chessboard? Letting people die at the request of a few stupid, fat, gits?!" Orml barked, biting on the end of his fireweed stick in frustration before grinding it out on the ground. He suddenly didn't feel like smoking anymore. Orml had a few choice words for Mynron then, but unfortunately he was interrupted by a lone figure stumbling into their midsts. Of course the kid wasted no time in checking for allegiances.

    What the hell did he think this was, a game? A little sport between two teams of players? This was senseless destruction. This was the flame of man's desire made manifest, and it consumed without qualm.

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    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    [i][b]"Who you with?"[/b][/i]

    Irritated by the boys obvious attempt to intimidate her, she decided to have a little fun with him.

    But before she could start another of the group she had stumbled across spoke.

    [b][i]"You call allowing that respect? Sacrificing human lives like pawns on a chessboard? Letting people die at the request of a few stupid, fat, gits?!"[/i][/b]

    She blinked at this one, seldom had she seen one as... strange looking as this. She smiled at him and then turned to survey the rest of this group. none of them other than the archer seemed to be paying either her or the rude child any mind so she turned her attention back to him and the strange looking one.

    " I'm sorry, I'm obviously interrupting something, I'll just go over here."
    Turning and taking a step, she looked back over her shoulder and said "And quit snarling kid, you sound like a dog."

    She then turned and walked a little ways away to observe the battle, careful to keep everyone else in sight as she did.

    She did not like what she saw.

    She watched the masses run at each other, watched them collide into bloody mess after bloody mess. Watched as Pikemen tried to hold back the rush of soldiers to keep them from the archers. Watched the Archers try and often fail to penetrate the Mages defenses. Watched as swordsmen hacked at each other, intermingled and indistinguishable at this distance, and even to some degree closer she was sure. She watched the Mages, watched the terrible power over death and destruction that they held.

    But mostly, she watched three figures. Three figures who stood out even in the dark, even at this distance. These three formed the tip of a wedge that cut deep into their enemies lines. She watched as the grunts rushed to support these three, and guard their flanks.


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    OCC bleh, not in the mood for battle describing. LETS DESCRIBE CAKE!!!!!...anyone?>
  5. Kimblee

    Kimblee Jedi Youngling

    Jul 9, 2009
    Mynron Sagik

    [blockquote]The woman turned and walked away. It was better that she did that instead of igniting Mynron's anger even further. The boy had a temper, a dangerous one, but now was not the place or time for him to confront the hag even further. If she saw fit to attack any of them, then she wold find herself swallowing mouthfuls of her own blood and dirt. It wasn't that Mynron had any allegiances to these people, no. He just didn't like her and that was all the reason he needed to explode.

    He turned away from the woman and to Orml. If she saw fit to attack him from behind, he welcomed it. "Orml, I not allowin anythin. You nor I got da powa to stop it and you a wanderer anyway, so you ain't tryin to stop it. Igrene tryin to make a differen and maybe I am too. So, you, you coward, don't giv me none a dat self-righteous, politic, poetic garbage about human lives bein los. You ain't got no right. I respec dem cuz I ain't out dere and dey are."

    He took a look at the group. They were adults that thought they had seen it all. Thought they had been through everything there was to go through in the world. Thought that just because they were older than him that they could preach to him about the rules of war. Well they could all burn if they thought they knew everything there was to know about life. Mynron looked out to the battlefield.

    "Dis ain't goin to last much longa. Trust me, you don't wanna be aroun when dis is ova. Dey kill survivas and take prisoners, sometimes."

    Mynron, obviously, was not the smartest guy in here. But he knew how to survive from nothing and survive he would, forever. He looked at Igrene, "Anybody who wanna come with us is welcomed."[/blockquote]
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  6. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Lyle Zahara
    Rebel Lines, Battlefield, Earth Kingdom

    The cough that was just loud enough for Lyle to detect caused the archer to look over at Valen Tomask and give him the much higher ranked officer a grin despite the disapproval that he was also able to detect. Eh, all these oldbies and their rulings. The men - including Lyle himself - were still young, still needed just a little extra something to get them to fight harder. Spouting off on how a few of them were no doubt gonna die and the rest should fight on in their memory was an old, nice speech that they've all heard before but talk of life and what you could be doing with yours after the next battle was a good one as well to change it up just a bit.

    Lyle's gaze on the General didn't stick on him long because of not only him moving on with their leader, but Lyle had caught the return wink that the white-haired beauty known as Sassana had given him. And as the General and Xavier moved on, the not-so-high-ranked-but-still-higher-then-him woman made her way towards him. Lyle didn't try too hard to hide his staring, had even unshouldered his longbow and planted it on the ground so that he could lean against it while his eyes took in the small, but still very attractive, figure that had that nice sway to her hips that Lyle always enjoyed watching other women perform.

    "Corporal, I was wondering if I might have a sip of your wine..."

    Lyle didn't reply just yet, instead leaning to the right just a bit, his eyes moving downwards towards what bare, blue skin he could see of her legs and then working their way back up, taking in whatever else the somewhat revealing clothing allowed him to see of the curvy form before him. The blue skin may turn off individuals here and there, but it wasn't just drinks that Lyle can appreciate for being a bit exotic whenever he experimented with something new.

    "Shouldn't be drinking before a battle," Lyle finally spoke, meeting her eyes once again. "And I gots a low supply." Despite that though, the archer grabbed the wineskin and held it out to Sassana nonetheless. "Which I suppose I can just refill once we win."

    TAG: Trimaj


    This was the only part that Lyle disliked about these large-scale battles: the beginning. As nice and supportive as archers were, their chances to actually fire arrows were a bit limited at times. Such as now.

    At the command, Lyle and his own company of archers notched arrows, drew them back, and aimed high so that the arrows would sail over their own soldiers and strike down as many of the opposition as they could. When they were given the order to fire, the strings shot forward as each archer let go, sending not only the arrows forward as well but sending them flying high into the air. And as they reached as high as they could, the arrows dropped down and rained down upon the opposition.

    And missed.

    It would've been impossible to see without the battlefield being illuminated, but since it was Lyle's sharp eyes were able to see how useless their volley was as none of enemy soldiers seemed to drop. Not one. These kind of displays were the only things that would make Lyle annoyed and actually curse under his breath as he did now. Damn mages. In a battle like this, where lines were drawn right out in the open, archery was practically useless because of those mages. Lyle much preferred ambushing them, striking from the trees or bushes or whatever cover he could find. Those magic users couldn't stop something that they couldn't see coming after all.

    Putting his annoyance aside, Lyle filtered the order to charge to the rest of his men as he drew his short sword in one hand and dagger in the other. Even if archery was effective in this battle they would've had to charge anyway for close combat; once forces collided they wouldn't have been able to shoot without risking shooting their own comrades. So, he and the rest of his men charged.

    And even in the thick of such close combat one could witness Lyle's fighting style. He went blade-to-b
  7. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Skillan Iarnsen
    ~Edge of battlefield~

    There was no need to answer the boy, Orml already did and he clearly didn?t like Mynron?s attitude any better than Skillan.

    But tempers truly flared when a strange woman suddenly came out of the woods and told Mynron to quit snarling. As she walked away from them, he thought for a second that he saw flames dance in Mynron?s eyes, before the boy deliberately turned his back on her and started talking to Orml again.

    It had probably been the flashes from the battlefield he had seen reflected. He shouldn?t let his imagination run wild like that.

    "Dis ain't goin to last much longa,? Mynron was saying. ?Trust me, you don't wanna be aroun when dis is ova. Dey kill survivas and take prisoners, sometimes."

    Skillan quietly stepped away and went to the woman who had come out of the woods. Chances were she came from around here, which meant she would be a good source of information.

    She was watching the battle when he approached her. He took in her lithe form, the dark hair hanging to her shoulders and her profile, revealed clearly in the strange, unnatural light.

    He suddenly realized that she was beautiful, which didn?t help matters at all. He almost walked away again, when a bright flash made him turn to the battlefield.

    So many people down?.

    ?Do you know why they fight?? he asked her. ?I mean, I know it?s probably the rebellion against the mages, but why such a huge battle, and why here?? He bit his lower lip as soon as he had blurred out his question, immediately feeling stupid. What difference did it make, people were dying no matter what the reason. And maybe she even knew some of them. He bowed his head a little and let his hair fall forward, so he could look at her without seeming to, ready to back off if she disliked him being there.

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    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    Ell saw one of the group quietly slip away and start towards her out of the corner of her eye.

    [i]Great, more rude children[/i] she thought.

    Then he spoke, and she saw that he was not as young as the other, more a young man than a boy.

    [b][i]?Do you know why they fight?[/i][/b] Then he stammered to clarify his words [b][i]?I mean, I know it?s probably the rebellion against the Mages, but why such a huge battle, and why here?? /i][/b]

    Obviously ill at ease, she decided to try and make him a little more comfortable. She might even find out why these people were in her woods.

    She turned to him and said "That, my young friend, is a very good question" smiling slightly in a pleasant manner she added "But I imagine as far as we're concerned its probably just bad luck".

    [i]At least i hope it's bad luck, Allen you'd better have gotten the others out of here[/i]


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  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    The Forest

    A battle of sword and power. Arrow and might. She had read about such battles. She had read a lot. But this was something different. It was seeing it. Igrene slowly lowered her body to cower in the grass. Her cold eyes reflecting the powers unleahsed beneath on the field of battle.

    "Dis ain't goin to last much longa. Trust me, you don't wanna be aroun when dis is ova. Dey kill survivas and take prisoners, sometimes." She did not look at him while replying.

    She stared at the soldiers. They were exactly the same like those who had raided her home. She felt a glimmer inside of her. Anger. Maybe. It was a rare sensation and her body trembled in anticipation. But it was gone again. If she could find one of them, lonely. To kill him? She would like to see another one die. Revenge, they called it. Something new to her. But very rewarding to cultivate, she had realized. The feeling of something giving satisfaction to you was so pleasurable.

    "It is the Rebellion, is it? Wasn´t it them we were looking for?" She asked Myron. Looking at him after her words had left her mouth. Then turning the head to the new arrival. She wasn´t really interested in her. Obviously the greater spectacle lay in front of her. She wondered if this was wrong, though. Was she meant to be interested in others? No matter what happened around her? Were people that close?

    She would watch and learn of such things later.

    "Who do you think is winning?" She asked all of them. But then he ice cold eyes shifting to the man with the great sword.

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    ooc: I´ll be gone for a few days to Paris. Should be back within´a week.
  10. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Skillan Iarnsen
    ~Edge of battlefield~

    The woman turned to him and said, "That, my young friend, is a very good question. But I imagine as far as we're concerned its probably just bad luck."

    She smiled slightly as she said it. It made him push some of his hair behind one ear and smile back. ?Probably,? he agreed.

    On a sudden impulse, he added, ?My name?s Skillan. I?m from the Ice Kingdom. From a very isolated village I?m afraid, so I don?t know much about the rebellion. The stories told back home were mostly about great deeds done by the mages, even though we knew they had overthrown the rightful king.?

    He looked at the battle again. ?And now I see mages fighting down there, killing?.?

    It was scary.

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    (OOC: Paris! Have fun, Sirak!)

  11. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Valen Tomask
    On the battlefield...

    Valen roared his challenge, as he swung his sword, his arms feeling the solid hit of another enemy as they came too close to the center core. This was something that Valen enjoyed. Not the actual battle itself, but he feeling, when he was in the thick of it. It was as if all his senses suddenly became more alive.

    Valen swept his gaze over the battlefield, and saw the group of archers, with Corporal Lyle in the thick of things, having now switched over to short swords, and dealing with the enemy. They were closest to Sassana, who was dealing out her own brand of pain, using that strange weapon she carried, and her magics, as he could tell as he caught an occasional blast of wind.

    Valen was moving in on another group, that threatened to get close to Xavier, when two people were suddenly knocked towards him, and Valen could feel the blast of wind behind it. Valen gave a huge grin, and nodded towards Sassana. He then focused on the men.

    Valen took one out, before they even had a chance to regain their footing. But the second man was quick, and dodged the blow that Valen sent his way. Valen crouched down, and watched the man carefully, as he moved in a slow circle, moving his sword slowly, looking for an opening.

    "Well boy. Hurry up! I dont have all day..." Valen growled at the man, who scowled at him. After being called a boy, the man spat at him.

    "You talk too much, giant!" the man growled at Valen, and charged at him, aiming for Valen's legs. Valen turned his sword as he swatted the man, and bringing up his right foot, gave him a viscious kick, sending the man flying. Valen watched the man go sailing, over the heads of the troops.

    "Your probably right." Valen said, as he moved on to the next soldier in his way.

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  12. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    And a mini-update. Campfire Crew, I will have your next update up on Tuesday, so get any posting done that you wish to have added to the game. :)

    To put it simply, the battle raged on. Crimson now dotted the plain, the blood making the ground slick. Death filled the nostrils of the soldiers on the field. Despite the even numbers, it was evident that the rebellion was losing. The magical superiority of the Mages made it clear the rebellion was outclassed.

    One such mage was tearing through the rebellion?s ranks, his earth magic slaughtering all that crossed his path. Vailenar, a 95 year old mage?young by their standards?soon came upon Sassana. He quickly recognized her. Of all the mages that left the Mages of Alanvar, she was perhaps the most well known. Her control of wind was exceptional, but he was more than a match for her.

    Before Sassana had even seen the young man, tension built in the air. It was not often mages were seen fighting each other, and it is a spectacle to be appreciated, whether a battle was in progress or not. The fighting around Sassana and Vailenar died, and the area directly surrounding them cleared.

    The mage smiled, his clean-shaven face looking eerie in the artificial light. His deep brown robes billowed in the wind. As he spoke, his voice drifted to Sassana?s ears over the chaos of battle. ?Ah, mages as beautiful as you are rare, traitor. Tis a shame I?ll have to kill you.? At this, the mage chuckled briefly. ?I?ve heard much of your skills, but I am more than a mere soldier. I am afraid that you shall find yourself quite dead as the battle ends, a suitable death for a traitor.? The man cast an eye over her before speaking again. ?Mmmm? a pity we couldn?t have met under more cordial circumstances first.?

    A slight chuckle later, and the man dropped into his combat stance, his arms held slightly in the air, palms up. His left arm crossed his chest, his hand curling into a near-fist. With a smirk on his face, he flung his arm out towards Sassana, flourishing at the end as a rock shard shot from his hand and sped towards the other mage.

    TAG: Trimaj


    Elsewhere on the field, Valen had been meeting with little resistance as his blade felled man after man. As such, it came as a surprise when his attack was blocked, and then again. Obviously he had come against a skilled opponent.

    The opponent in question was a thin warrior, obviously from the Fire Kingdom. While Valen?s physical size dwarfed that of his opponent, it was clear that the Alanva soldier possessed the agility and skill customary of his people. With a confident smirk on his face, the young warrior spun on his heel, bringing his thin blade around at Valen?s left side.

    TAG: Ktala

  13. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: forgot something with my weapon, and chuckles pointed it out to me. t'was a last minute addition, so didn't get saved somehow. anyhoo, updated weapon:

    Weapon of Preference: Naginata: Tsumhershne, Bresnon Drag'kon (Hurricane, Breath of the Gods)

    Is enchanted to be sharper than normal, eternally sharp, unbreakable by normal means/durable, perfectly balanced and causes gusts of wind whenever it is swung. Also can detect magic and tells this through a whispering in her mind.

    IC: Sassana Elanun
    Rebel Lines, Battle Field, Earth Kingdom

    [blockquote]A smirk found her lips as Lyle very obviously looked her over even more closely. Most definitely conduct unbefitting of an oficer, and Sassana enjoyed every second of it. After all, it was obvious the man appreciated the way she looked... as did his squad if the glances were any indication, hidden though they were.

    Finally he commented on not drinking before battle, and how his skin was nearly empty. And then promptly handed it over. A look of mischief filled her eyes. "Enjoy your look?" Before he could answer she took a long drink of the wine. It wasn't a terribly great vintage, but it fulfilled it's purpose. It took the edge off of what was coming. Death, and lots of it. Ignoring that thought she grinned and handed the skin back to the lieutenant.

    Turning to look at his men Sassana considered them. Many of them would probably not make it back alive. Hopefully they would all sell their lives dearly, but given what she knew they were up against...

    So she decided to try and take their mind off of what was coming, even if only for a moment. Smiling coyly, "Tell me, anyone, what's your favorite thing in the world?" Hopefully no one would say being home with their family...[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge

    [blockquote][i]The Battlefield[/i]

    Everything was too easy. She knew this, and it was a large part of why she was doing extremely simple things throughout the battle to this point, using her weapon's magic more than her own. In short, Sassana knew it could not last and the other shoe was going to drop. It took less time than she expected.

    Suddenly there was no one to fight, and a ring was forming around her and someone else. Taking a half a second, she looked down at her clothing. Her white silks were... not very white anymore. The deep crimson of spilt blood mixed with smudges of smoke and dirt to make a decidedly unappealing sight. This was carried beyond the clothing to her skin. Sassana knew she looked more like a goddess of war bedecked in her ruined splendor than a Mage.

    Then the other spoke and her attention was solely on him. Her mind hummed with warning, but she did not really need it. This was most obvoiusly a magic user. He called her traitor, and despite her beauty she would die a traitors death. Her normally soft eyes hardened as tension built within the very air, everyone knowing they were about to see something abnormal by any standards. Unlike when lieutenant Lyle ogled her this merely made her want to remove the others head.

    Not bothering to even try to remember the mans name she spoke, her voice cold as an arctic wind. "Who was the traitor first? Your entire cast has betrayed everything they once stood for... all so they could eradicate something that they helped to form. So they could feel safe." Spitting at the mans feet, Sassana decided that could speak of her contempt for him better than anything else.

    And then it began. While the other Mage fell into his combat stance Sassana floated there, ready to move with but a thought. It was obvious his control over his main element was lacking as he went through a motion. She yawned, mainly to offend him, as with a flourish and a grin he launched a spike of stone her way. Normally she would have dodged the blow... but then it would have ended up embedded in one of the Rebellions soldiers, probably killing him. So she did something different.

    Moving to the side, she brought Tsumhershne around in a quick arc and struck the stone spike from the air, slicing it in >
  14. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Alleria Deron
    Mage Tower, Neo Alanvar, Earth Kingdom

    It was a fine, sunny day in the Earth Kingdom, and the evening sunlight streamed in through the windows as Alleria trotted briskly down the hall, a bag slung over her shoulder. The passages were bustling as others went about their business - apprentices younger than herself, teachers, battle mages on furlough ... even a group of laughing children, pelting down the hallway and dodging their way through the rest. She paid them no mind. Left, right, left again - now down the stairs - until she emerged into the courtyard, blinking in the sunlight.

    Her eyes adjusted quickly - the Fire Kingdom was, after all, a place where bright lava frequently punctuated black volcanic rock - and she caught sight of her mentor, High Mage Alve Girent, sitting on a bench at the far corner. Upon catching sight of her he smiled and raised a hand, gesturing for her to join him. Alleria smiled back, hurrying over.

    "Good evening, Master Alve," she said.
    "Good evening to you too, Alleria." He stood. "Walk with me."

    Alleria fell in step beside him.

    "Congratulations on making it through your first year," he added. Alleria was startled; had it already been a year? Alve smiled at her, as if reading her thoughts. "Yes; it has been a year already. Time does fly."

    He held out a small box to her. Inside was a lapel pin - the mark of a second-year student. To be precise, the mark of a student who had passed their first year - not all did; some had to repeat it, and the ones who were absolutely hopeless returned to their families with their powers bound - and was now a confirmed apprentice in the Mages of Alanvar. Alleria stared at it, momentarily speechless.

    She had not always been certain she would pass. She was not the best student in magic - far from it, actually. Her grasp of fire magic was shaky; her grasp of other schools nonexistent. When she put her mind to it she could accomplish much, but her study habits were mediocre at best and that didn't help matters any. But Alve Girent seemed to believe in her; he never let her give up, and now she was in for real.

    "Here." Alve took the lapel from the box and pinned it on her collar.
    "Thank you," she said finally, a huge grin on her face. "This -"
    "Is no less than you deserve," Alve smiled at her. "Congratulations once more, Alleria. Or I should say, Apprentice Alleria."

    "Now," he continued, for Alleria was still staring speechlessly at her new pin, "to business. You are an Apprentice now, so more will be expected of you - you are expected to set a good example to your juniors -" Alleria blushed sheepishly "- and on occasion you may accompany me on my journeys outside Neo Alanvar -"

    He continued talking, but Alleria had stopped listening. She knew, of course, that sometimes Alve left Neo Alanvar for a few days or weeks at a time on missions for the Mage Council, but she had never been allowed to go him before no matter how much she pleaded. And now she could go...! She could leave this tower, Neo Alanvar, journey to faraway places and have fun - because the truth was, Alleria was simply bored here in the tower of the mages. She was used to freedom, exploring the lands of the Fire Kingdom at will with her cousins, and while her studies were interesting enough she still chafed at the regimented life of an apprentice mage.

    "Can I really?" Alleria interrupted excitedly. "Go with you?"
    Alve chuckled. "I said that, did I not? Now, as I was saying -"

    He continued his spiel, outlining the changes to her schedule and instructors in her second year - she would have a new teacher for Magical History, but as she still could not even so much as freeze a drop of water, she was to stay in the same introductory class - as well as dozens of other little things that she would have to do as a confirmed Apprentice. Alleria listened with half her attention. She would figure it out later; she always did.

    "Now go put your things away," Alve concluded, startling her. "Classes are done for the day, and I want you to accompany me to the ci

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    Pushing his hair back from his face he responded [b][i]Probably[/i][/b].

    Then, making her smile widen even more, he added quickly[b][i] ?My name?s Skillan. I?m from the Ice Kingdom. From a very isolated village I?m afraid, so I don?t know much about the rebellion. The stories told back home were mostly about great deeds done by the mages, even though we knew they had overthrown the rightful king.?[/i][/b]

    [i]He's so... earnest[/i] she thought.

    [i][b]?And now I see mages fighting down there, killing?.?[/b][/i]

    Smilie fading she said quietly "yes, Mages killing." Then she had an impulse of her own "So tell SKillian, how old are you" She put a concerned look on her face "Not meaning to offend but you seem... well kinda young to be out in the world having your first experiance with a battle."

    By chance she looked back out at said the battle and saw the fighting stop in one area and a ring of sorts form with two figures at it's center.

    "Oh my, looks like we're about to see somthing... interesting" She said as one figure threw rocks out of his hands to be cut in half and deflect by the other smaller floating figures strange weapon.

    "Wind Vs Earth in case you were wondering" She added with a laugh.


    TAG Seremla, Camp fire, chuckles. >
  16. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Skillan Iarnsen
    ~Edge of battlefield~

    Her smile had faded when he mentioned the mages killing people. She sounded sad when she agreed with him and he wondered again where she was from, what her story might be.

    She didn?t tell, instead she asked, "So tell Skillian, how old are you? Not meaning to offend but you seem... well kinda young to be out in the world having your first experiance with a battle."

    Young? He hadn?t exactly thought of himself as young ever since his father proclaimed him a full hunter when he was sixteen, when it was only the two of them with his mother dead and Sonoya married off. That was two long years ago. He wondered what the woman's age was and tried to read it off her face before deciding what he should tell her. He wanted to be taken seriously for a chance and not be seen as the runt who hunted with women?s weapons.

    If he told her he was eighteen, would she consider that young?

    He was saved from having to decide on an answer when something on the battlefield drew her attention.

    "Oh my, looks like we're about to see something... interesting"

    He stepped up beside her and immediately saw what she was talking about. Two figures stood opposite each other. Despite the raging battle a ring had formed around them. He forgot to breathe for a second when he saw that one of them, a woman, wasn?t standing at all, but? floating, suspended above the ground. Then the other made an elaborate gesture and launched something in the direction of the woman, who flew aside and cleaved it in half with a weapon he had never seen before.

    "Wind Vs Earth in case you were wondering," the woman beside him said with a laugh.

    He gave an absentminded nod, his eyes never leaving the two mages. ?You?ve seen magic before?? he asked.

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    Without taking his eyes off the Spectacle before them, Skillian asked [b][i]You?ve seen magic before?[/b]

    Realizing she had made a mistake she quickly came up with a, hopefully, convincing lie "Oh yes, I'm the duaghter of a minor noble whos lands are a few miles from here, and I've seen a few duals between mages before. My mother died in child birth and my father always wanted a son... but never remarried so I'm all he's got" She giggled in what she hoped was a girlish fashion "He's a big woodsmen so I decided I would surprise him by going out and "Roughing it" for a few days."

    She glanced at him, trying to seem younger than she really was "I'm sorry about laughing earlier, I hope I didn't offend you."

    Laying it on a little thick there eh Ell?[/i] She asked herself with an inward grimace.


    TAG Seremla, Chuckels, Campfire group.

    OCC what is with all the font thingys messing up?>
  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Valen Tomask
    On the Battlefield

    Valen had been meeting with little resistance as his blade felled man after man. Valen did not think of such things, but moved through the swell of bodies, as he moved to keep the area they were holding clear. Off to the side, he could see that Sassana was busy with her own battle. He might not like mages much, but he could appreciate them. And Sassana seemed to be more than holding her own. A very good thing indeed. Valen gave a mighty swing to a man who was quickly moving towards him, and was surprise when his attack was blocked, and then again. Valen paused to look at the man, offering a grim smile.

    The opponent in question was a thin warrior, possibly from the Fire Kingdom. While Valen?s was much larger than his opponent, it was clear that the Alanva soldier possessed the agility and skill customary of his people. With a confident smirk on his face, the young warrior spun on his heel, bringing his thin blade around at Valen?s left side.

    Valen's smile faded. Valen had always been huge is entire life. He had learned long ago, that there were people who would be faster than him. But they always assumed him to be a slow lumbering lunk, hacking away with his sword, as if he knew nothing else. And that was usually their last mistake.

    He had to admit, this warrior was fast. But Valen did not need both hands to weld his weapon. And the shield across his back protected him. So Valen spun, letting his shield do its job, as his other hand left his sword, and reached behind him. Still moving, Valen came around, but now his other hand held his huge hammer. Valen's face held deep in concentration, as he let the years worth of battlefield training speak for him now, as he brought him hammer around, to smash into the young man.

    TAG: Any on or near the battlefield, GM
  19. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Above the Battlefield, Forest

    Watching the two magicians duel was . . . intoxicating. A smile appeared on her face. Power was something that attracted her. As much as she lacked all other abilities to display human emotions properly, she understood fascination. All to well.

    "Who is actually winning? So hard to say from up here." she asked. So far she was ignored. Which was irritating only in the sense that she wanted to learn more. The new arrival talked about magic. She would have loved to listen, but the noise of the battle was too loud. "What do you think, daughter of a noblewoman? Who is winning?"

    She stepped over and mustered the person that had appeared from the forest.

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    Attempting to appear girlish, Elicia had let a strand of hair fall in her face, and had crossed her arms in front of her while holding her hands together. She had just smiled again and was about to wipe the strand back with one of her hands when they where interrupted.

    [b][i]"What do you think, daughter of a noblewoman? Who is winning?"[/i][/b] A young women asked as she stepped over to the two away from the others.

    [i]Are they all so young?[/i] she thought to herself before responding.

    "Oh thats difficult to say, it depends largly on the mages fighting." She then looked to Skillian to include him in the conversation before continuing "Earth magic, as far as I know, is somewhat easier to master than Wind, so if they are both inexperianced then I would place my bet on the Earth Mage." She then turned toward the new comer "However, there is very little that can stand against an experianced Wind mage, and from what I saw down there a minute ago this is a very experianced Wind Mage." She then looked out at the battle "Of course, if you are fighting Wind, Earth is what would seem the best choice" She grinned and leaned towards to say in a whisper "Boulders don't blow around very well".

    [i]I loath myself for knowing how to do this[/i]


    TAG Sirakromar, Seremla, campfire crew, chuckels.

    OCC by the way, I'm sure a few of you know this already, but Trimaj just wrote an epic battle between his wisdom teeth and a drill so he's probably going to be out of it for a few days at least.>
  21. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Orml Chal
    Edge of the Battlefield

    Orml decided to stop bothering with the kid. He clearly had delusions of grandeur when it came to warfare and battle, and nothing Orml said was going to get through that thick skull. If the horror of the situation wasn't impressing itself upon the brat, then Orml's words could hardly hope to be up to the task.

    He sat there in silence for a few minutes, watching the carnage unfold before him with an almost macabre fixation. It repulsed him, and yet he couldn't bring himself to look away. It was as if his body was forcing his mind to soak in all the evil that war begot, so that it would be better equipped to preach against it.

    As this thought occurred to him, a severed arm came flying towards his position like a sick footnote before dropping onto the ground only a few feet from where he was squatting. It was still clutching a sword in a grim, futile gesture of selfless determination and sacrifice. The irony would have been funny if the scene hadn't been so disgusting. The sword in particular drew Orml's attention, almost as if...

    Almost as if he had seen it before.

    That sword had been made by his father. The hand, of course, wasn't his father's, it was too young, too lacking in callouses, but the sword... that was definitely of Tyml Chal-make.

    Which proved to be quite enough for Orml, who decided he had seen enough, and promptly turned in the other direction, suppressed an urge to vomit, and began slinking away from the battlefield.

    TAG: None (Chuk, Campfire Crew if they feel like it)
  22. Seremela

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    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Skillan Iarnsen
    ~Edge of battlefield~

    Skillan was taken back by the sudden change in the woman. Where before she had seemed someone determined, almost businesslike, now she was... babbling. And giggling in that annoying way Berga, the daughter of the village?s richest merchant, and her friends always had.

    He had never understood them and never knew how to talk to them. Where this woman had at first reminded him more of Sonoya, even if they were nothing alike physically.

    She glanced at him, her eyes now huge and her expression completely changed. "I'm sorry about laughing earlier, I hope I didn't offend you." Even the way she stood was different.

    He knew he should answer her, but he felt uncomfortable, unsure. He simply looked at her instead, waiting for things to make sense again.

    Someone else spoke instead. Igrene had stepped up to the two of them. "What do you think, daughter of a noblewoman? Who is winning?" she asked.

    The answer of the woman showed that she clearly knew what she was talking about. For a brief moment, when she looked at him as she explained, he thought she had gone back to how she had been at first, but then she grinned and leaned towards them to say in a whisper "Boulders don't blow around very well".

    He gave her a sad look and turned back to the battle.

    So many bodies by now....

    ?I don?t think we should stay here much longer,? he said, edging away from the battlefield a little. ?I may never have seen a battle before, but I think Mynron was right when he said it won?t be safe to be here after the battle is over. And I don?t think there?s anything we can do to help the... the wounded.?

    Frankly, he just wished he was somewhere else.

    TAG: winkwink, sirakromar, rest of the forest group

    (OOC: I hadn't seen about Trimaj, but oi, sounds painful. I hope things go well, Trimaj, keeping my fingers crossed for you)

  23. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    I apologize for being a day late. Here is the update. Enjoy. :)

    IC: Vailenar

    Vailenar smirked as his attack was dodged and blocked. Wind mages are tricky to fight. Unlike ice and fire, light and dark, the air can?t be seen. Therefore, trained battle mages have to know what to look for? the billowing grass beneath the attack, for instance. Vailenar, while still young, had been trained extensively in combat. He saw the grass moving? quickly.

    With a jerk of his left hand, a short wall sprang up. The mage knew it wouldn?t stop such a fast projectile, but it would slow it slightly? perhaps scatter it a bit. He spun to his right, but he wasn?t fast enough. The wall offered little resistance, and the wind sliced through his left shoulder. He grimaced, but after testing his muscles, it was clear movement was not too restricted? just painful.

    Without delaying any longer, Vailenar countered. His left arm remained cradled to his side, trying to restrict movement and pain, while his right swept across his body. The ground beneath Sassana began to turn to mud. With another flourish and flick of the wrist, the previously created wall shattered and shard of earth flew towards Sassana.

    TAG: Trimaj


    IC: Mysterious Duelist

    The young man was confident. Speed often won out over strength and he had plenty of that. However, the older duelist was obviously experienced. His block was brilliant and the younger man had not expected to see the hammer appear in the other man?s hand? especially given how large Valen?s original sword was.

    Blocking the attack was an impossibility, so the young man used his speed and agility. He ducked back, the hammer passing where his chest had been a second before. However, he didn?t stop there. He let his left hand press flat on the ground as his body bent inhumanly backwards. He fell into a one-handed hand stand for just a moment, and then sprang back a few feet, landing in a nimble crouch. The Fir?naki were known for their agility, but few people had ever really seen it displayed like this before.

    With hardly a moment?s pause between actions, the young warrior sprang forward, jumping to Valen?s right at the last minute and bringing his sword around in a slash that would slice the larger man?s side from back to front.

    TAG: Ktala


    ?Xavier, Valen, Sassana, even young Lyle; all heroes of the rebellion. Their soldiers looked upon them as heroes and role models. When the rebellion entered into conversation, these names were the first to come to mind. With the exception of Lyle, these names have worked to mold the rebellion from its troubled past into its present, and will continue to shape it far into its future.

    ?However, these prominent figures were not restricted to the Mages. One such figure strode this plain of battle. He was a dark figure, dressed in black. All that was visible aside from billowing cloth was a perfectly smooth, obsidion mask. In combat, he had no face, no identity. He was death. His name was Remuza, and he was feared by all. Few of the Mages of Alanvar had acquired his level of mastery over their element.

    ?The battle had started, and Remuza stood at the rear, watching his forces engage. After some time, an evil grin crept across his face. Wordlessly, his hands became encompassed with dark energy as he moved slowly towards his opponents. The battle was fierce, and his men were performing admirably, but he didn?t care. He was, after all, a cruel man, warped by years of wielding his dark element.

    ?Soon, the dark figure met his first opponents. He was rushed by a young man with a sword, and Remuza swung his left arm, his dark-clad fist moving through the man?s chest. The boy?s eyes went blank, and he fell. Another soldier, a similar fate. Remuza moved through the ranks of the rebellion. The Alanva forces surrounding him soon gave him room, for they knew that he did not diffe

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    Before the girl could respond somthing caught Ell eye, and wiped all thought of deception from her mind.
    A large group of men were moving towards them.

    Raising her voice she said "Um guys? Dog boys right, we've got at least... two score men coming towards us"

    Looking around she swore under her breath. This was not good. She turned towards Skillian and the girl "You two know how to travel through the woods by night?"

    Without realizeing it she had drawn one of the long knives from the complex holster at her waist.

    [i]Looks like I like I won't sleep tonight after all[/i]


    TAG Seremla, SirakRomar, campfire crew, chuckels.

    OCC I would have handed Igrene a knife, but I don't know if she has a spear with her or not. Doesn't seem like she does but...
    And chuckels I hope fourty mens is enough

    [BAH, keep seeing mistakes, freakin edits]>
  25. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Orml Chal
    Edge of the Battlefield

    Orml couldn't help but notice there was a rumbling noise behind him. A loud rumbling. A rumbling that so insisted upon itself that he had little choice but to turn around and see what it was.

    His stomach dropped into his feet.

    There were men, a lot of heavily armed men, heading in their direction. Ready to kill, presumably. "Bugger..." he muttered beneath his breath. There were a lot of places Orml Chal still hadn't seen, and that he wanted to travel to. He still hadn't met the love of his life, either. Nor had he been back to talk with his dad about the whole "making instruments of death" thing. "Dammit."

    He didn't want to die. Not here, not on a battlefield. He couldn't, he wouldn't be another casualty.

    He didn't want to die.

    He didn't want to die.

    He didn't want to die.

    He didn't want to die!


    There was more rumbling, and then, much to Orml's shock, the earth beneath his feet started to move. Well, more than move. It began to twist, contort, and take form in front of him.

    And that was when the wall began to grow. It sprang up out of the ground, and quickly shot off in two directions, forming an impressive earthen barrier between the group in the forest and the advancing troops.

    Orml glanced up at the wall, and blinked a few times. He felt a bit funny, but otherwise fine. He was grateful it was there, at least.

    "Did one of you do this?" he asked, turning to the others.

    TAG: Campfire Crew and WINKWINK
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