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    I know it's late, but this is my response to April's challenge. The following drabble was inspired by a line from The Third Man.

    Title: A Broader Perspective
    Timeframe: Pre-ANH
    Focus: Bail Organa, Emperor Palpatine
    Notes: A drabble is a work of exactly 100 words.

    * * * * *

    Bail ignored the robed guards as he strode into the throne room. "Is it true?" he demanded. "Is there a 'Death Star'?"

    His former friend stared up at the image projected against the ceiling, the night sky as seen beyond the reach of Coruscant's glare.

    "Just lights," he said.


    "Would you feel any pity," Palpatine asked, his voice distantly calm, "if one of those lights blinked out forever? Or an invisible speck of dust somewhere near one? Would you even notice?"

    Bail couldn't answer, could barely breathe. Resisting the urge to run, he quietly backed out of the room.
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