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    I'm here! Post anytime!
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    Dorrie laid on the bottom bunk. Before her were several data pads with information about Master Jinn?s last mission. She wanted to make sure she didn?t miss anything. Bruck sat in a chair across from her and cleaned his saber. She looked up from reading when her apprentice started talking.

    ?Master, that is not the way I remember Master Jinn. Something quite distinctive has changed, though I can?t tell what.?

    ? If it was so distinctive you should remember. That is something we always teach Jedi. You must have a good recollection to what is around you, the people, the terrain.?

    ?I know but it has been nearly five years since I saw Master Jinn. I am eighteen now. I was thirteen in search of a master I last time I remember seeing him.?

    ?Very well, I will tell you this time, his hair. Those Dred locks is not the norm for Qui-Gon. He had them during his undercover mission and just kept them.?

    ?Why he doesn?t look very Jedi-like.?

    ?Yeah, well tell that to Quinlin Voss. He has them.?

    ?Yes but he is like a.. a rogue Jedi, nothing like the norm.?

    ?Well ever how Master Jinn looks, his before appearance or his present one, make no mistake my padawan, Master Jinn is not the norm for a master. He is quite unique and best you remember that.?

    ?And Oafy-Wan is his apprentice. I can?t believe that. I never thought if he lost his master another would be dumb enough to take him.?

    ?Padawan, curtail that kind of talk now or your knees will be raw form meditations young man. I don?t care how old you think you are. You must not speak that way against another Jedi. Obi-Wan is a far superior to other apprentices his age. He made senior padawan two years ahead of most.?

    As soon as she said it Dorrie regretted it. The gossip around the temple had told her that the boy had his senior apprenticeship taken back.

    ?Don?t say it Bruck. I know it was taken away but there was extenuating circumstances. Obi-Wan had dealt with a large hurt in his life. It is awful to lose a master, both physically and mentally awful. Let?s cut him some slack and lets not call him Oafy-Wan in front of me or him, got it? Mind your P?s and Q?S or your own senior apprenticeship might be questioned.?

    Bruck knew his master meant what she said about teasing Oafy but he also knew he had wrapped around his little finger. She would never think of demoting him with a serious thought.

    ?Don?t worry master. I have outgrown whatever was between Kenobi and I. Can I go get something to eat? You hungry??

    ?You know I don?t like to eat last meal too early. If I do, I will be up eating all hours of the night. You go ahead. I want to research this data from Master Jinn?s last mission. Maybe you will run into to Master Jinn and Obi-Wan. Get the right foot forward and make amends. Offer to spar with him or something? Be kind!?

    Bruck leaned over the lower bunk ad planted a light kiss on his master?s forehead.

    ?Anything for you my dear master. Perfect behavior from me. I will be the proverbial gentleman to Obi-Wan if I see him. Sure you won?t eat now??

    ?Does it look like I have missed any meals? Now off with you and let me get this done.?

    Bruck spotted Obi-Wan at a small table by a portal. He seemed consumed with watching the stars pass. Master Jinn wasn?t hard to spot either. He stood out in the crowd not just because of his size but his hair. Bruck loaded his food tray up in the cafeteria style line, paid for it, and had to decide which one of the Jedi he should ask to sit with.

    He wasn?t in the heckling mood and he also had in his mind fresh the statements from his master warning him not to start on Obi-Wan. Bruck hadn?t had time to plan how to handle Kenobi yet. Master Jinn seemed like a perfect person to speak with right now..

    Maybe I can learn more about how Kenobi is now.

    Bruck weaved his way through the crowded cafeteria until he?d reached Master Jinn?s table.

    ?May I sit down??

    Asking permission was just a formality for Bruck because before the master could even answer he plopped down in the chair
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    Bruck is so evil, I don't like him at all!

    I am also very annoyed with Qui-Gon! I hope he gets some sense knocked into him soon! I also hope he fixes his hair! I shutter at the image of him with dreadlocks!

    Will there be a light at the end of this very dark tunnel?

    Great writing, you're able to make me very annoyed with these characters! ;)
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    That started off like Bruck had sort of matured. :p He is the charmer to his master, it did not take long for his spiteful side to show. His rude comments then ?bull? about his and Obi?s fight is showing his true traits.

    I like Jinn getting perturbed that Yoda likes Obi. He?ll grasp anything he thinks is wrong with Obi-Wan.

    Bruck?s interference should get interesting. :D

    sorry for delay, still working evenings, and it?s crashed a few of my morns too. :mad: 8-}
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    Obi-Wan had been so busy with his thoughts as he stared out the portal that he didn?t even notice Bruck Chun. His master had told him about the other Jedi team but he hadn?t told him which team it was. Now as he got up to leave the cafeteria he saw the other apprentice.

    Bruck Chun, I can? believe it. And I thought my luck couldn?t get any worse. Why didn?t Master Jinn tell me who it was? Does he know Bruck and I don?t get along? Look pretty chummy together. Master Jinn is all smiles with him. He has barely graced me with a hint of a smile, let alone all out laughing as he is now.

    Obi-Wan couldn?t explain it. He knew he would never be a true apprentice to Jinn, he didn?t want to be. However, he didn?t suspect for a minute the evil plans his new master had for him. He would never have dreamed a Jedi master was capable of plotting what Jinn did to drum him out of the Jedi corp.

    Qui-Gon felt the fiery questioning eyes of his new apprentice baring down on him as Padawan Kenobi tried to make his exist out of the dining area. He couldn?t avoid his master and his arch nemesis, Bruck because the only way to exist the dining hall was to walk right by the table they sat at.

    ?Padawan. Come here please.?

    Jinn?s tone was sharp, the stern threatening stare he cast Obi told the teen to hurry and do as he was told. The master did not seem a very good mood.

    ?Yes Master??

    ?Bruck has just been enlightening me on your falling out with him. Anything you care to add??

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes and hid his clenched fists up his robe sleeves. He didn?t need to know what Bruck Chun said. He knew it was the same old same old just by the anger his master exhibited for him. Bruck always claimed to be blameless in any argument or actual fight they were in, and he couldn?t imagine Chun had changed all that much.

    ?It?s unlikely I could give you more insight. It seems you have already formed your opinion of what happened and what didn?t just by your tone.?

    ?So you don?t choose to deny *ANY* of what Bruck has told me? Do you not wish to know what Master Starworth?s apprentice said about you??

    Bruck waited nervously to see if Obi-Wan would indeed refute his story.

    ?It has been many years Master Jinn. I have been cleared of any wrong doing and I don?t wish to rehash the past.?

    Jinn waved Obi-Wan off with his hand.

    ?Very well. Just go to your room and meditate on your anger.?

    ?Excuse Master Jinn. I certainly don?t mean to contradict you but I have no anger.?

    "YOU. HEARD. ME. PADAWAN!!" Qui-Gon was so loud he drew the attention from some of the passengers nearest him.

    ?Or would you rather I write you up and let the council handle your disrespect??

    Kenobi couldn?t imagine what the master referred too. He knew though that he did not want to do anything that would tarnish the memory of his master. Getting written up on the first day with his new master would, Obi thought, damage Tahl?s memory. He sucked up his anger and bowed as gracefully as he could. As he arose he noticed the smirk on Bruck?s face before the other apprentice quickly turned his head so as not to allow Master Jinn to see it.

    ?As you say M.A.S.T.E.R.? Obi-Wan turned to go.

    ?Hey Kenobi wait up. I have to go back to my room to study. I will keep you company on your trip back to your room. I am fairly sure Master Jinn wants some time alone.?

    ?Well thank you Padawan Chun, how considerate. Yes, I would like some time to think about the mission. Run along Kenobi. You and I will discuss you rudeness when I return to our room.?


    On the harsh rocky world of Geonosis, a ringed planet beyond the borders of the Galactic Republic, a business transaction was taking place that the Jedi would have liked to have been privy to, but were not. In the middle of the cloning factory stood Poggle the lesser, archduke of Geonosis. Beside him lavishing praise on him was his newest and best customer at the present, Syfo Dyas.

    Poggle was not sure who funded the project Dyas had given him in mass
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    POOR OBIIIIIIIIII!!! Qui is so mean! I don't like why Qui is mean...:(

    Great chapter ewen!
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    Oops, did my lightsabre just *accidently* slip into his his chest?
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    Pooooor Obi-Wan! :_|
    But this is only the start. Isn't ? :D [face_devil]
    Great post ewen! Thank you!
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    When P.K. gets her saber out I usually take cover. She likes to do bodily damage to some of my characters,i.e. Qui-Gon Jinn.

    We can't kill him off just yet. I need him to finisf the story.

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    ?Keep your chin up. Straightened that right arm of yours Bruck. I tell you Master Jinn I have never seen the boy do so poorly on the double ribbon kata.?

    ?Everyone has their bad *or* good days. I am sure Padawan Chun borders on a bad day today. Remember when I first met him he was doing an excellent job on a kata with you, Dorrie.?

    The two masters had managed to get their apprentices in the gymnasium at the same time for exercises. It had been Master Dorrie?s idea to have them perform the kata together. Obi-Wan had remained silent. Bruck had put up opposition, but it failed.

    Obi-Wan did the kata through memory. During it, most of the time he kept his eyes closed, most of time preferring to imagine he was doing it along side his now dead Master, Tahl. It came so easily for Obi-Wan when deep in his imagination there on the floor with Tahl executing step by step with him.. The force flowed fluidly through his arms as he stretched them up and up. Each placement of his foot, one over the other hit precisely the target it was too. Beautiful that what it was. Dorrie voiced just that.

    ?That boy of *yours*, blessed with more grace that a troupe of ballerinas. No thanks to you.?

    She punched Jinn?s ribs hard enough to bring a *"humph" * out of him.

    ?Yes, well Tahl was an excellent teacher. Of that I have no doubt.?

    ?Don?t think the boy himself has anything to do with it do you? Blessed with the living force he is. You can be taught how to do the Ribbon Kata but you can?t be taught to be as perfect as he is at it. Natural Jedi qualities in him, I tell ya; born with not taught, gifted not practiced.?

    Dorrie, thus far had seen little enthusiasm in Jinn for his newly acquired apprentice and that worried her. She doubted Qui-Gon had even attempted to bond with Kenobi but she said nothing. She felt it wasn?t her place. Only if their disconnection interfered with the mission would she step between a master and apprentice.

    ?Halt!!? The shout nearly caused both young men to jump out of their skins. It even startled Master ?Dorrie? and she knew it was coming.

    ?Time to shower and dress. We will be landing on Genoisis in less than an hour.?

    Dorrie immediately went to her apprentice and generously praised Bruck for his work well done, though compared to Obi-Wan it was miniscule. After the young men left she walked back over to Qui-Gon.

    Obi-Wan seemed to hesitate a moment as if to wait on his master to say something about his kata exercise. Jinn did not even look at him. Obi hung his head dejectedly and headed for the shower stall.

    ?Would it have hurt you to say you acknowledged the work well done by your apprentice? Your know being coupled with you in such an early stage the boy might need a little encouragement.?

    ? I am not here to encourage him. I am his teacher nothing more. His reward for a job well done in anything he does as my apprentice will be his knighthood.?

    ?Come one Jinni old boy you can?t be that thick skinned. Have a heart, a little compassion. Don?t you think the boy, Obi-Wan went through a lot when he suffered the loss of his master??

    Jinn swung around, anger clearly in his stony emerald eyes.

    ?I have suffered as well. However, I was not the apprentice that let his master go out on a mission alone. That master did not return.?

    Dorrie?s jaw dropped and stayed that way.

    ?Qui-Gon you can?t blame the boy. If you do, why did you take him as your apprentice? That does not make sense, none at all.?

    ?Blame the boy? Of course, I don?t blame the boy.?

    Qui-Gon realized Dorrie was getting to close to the truth.

    ?I know it was the will of the force that Tahl did not return to the temple with me. I just made mention that Padawan Kenobi surely is not under too much duress from his master?s death if he didn?t even bother to attend her on her mission. As for making him my apprentice, it was Tahl?s last request of me as I held her in my arms, as she lay dying, as she drew her last breath. I swore I would take him to train, just as I have done.?

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    Yeah, tell him! =D=
    Just don't think this will change anything. :D
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    It was good to have Dorrie catch onto Jinn?s faults with Obi. I?m not sure what help she may be but at least someone is on Obi?s side. He?s gonna need it.

    Qui-Gon does not look like he?ll be able to keep his charade up on this trip. ;)
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    *looks at lightsabre*

    this thing couldn't hurt.... ouch! never mind
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    OOps Dorrie better watch herself as she might not get any support from old Dred locks (Qui-Gon)

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    Qui-Gon knew exactly where to go as soon as they stepped off the ship. Yoda had told him of the archduke of Geonosis. Jinn was to make contact with the cloning magnet at the main office of the clone industrial unit.

    There had been no time to store their things, but Jedi carried very little.


    ?So you have no information to give us or even any glues as to who the battle droids on Geonosis that attacked me and my companion belonged too??

    ?Honorable Jedi, I avow they did not come from my plant. I would know. I know every clone, droid, or plain robot that is manufactured or replicated here. No Jedi Jinn, they did not come from anywhere on this planet.?

    ?Then you would have no objections if we have a look at your files? Maybe you have overlooked something.?

    ?Ah? Jedi friend, that would not be possible. I have told you the truth. However, there are clients that do not like their information pandered off to others. I must keep client privileges and requests private. Bad for the business if I didn?t. It is enough to know the droids that attacked you and your friend on Niemoidia did not come from me. I suppose you will have to search elsewhere.?

    ?Yes, I suppose we will. Thank you for your time.?

    The archduke had been evasive in his answers, hadn?t satisfied Master Jinn?s curiosity concerning the battle droids but that did not deter the Jedi master. He left Poggle the lesser?s office with nothing that would help him.

    ?Qui, why are we leaving? You could tell that man was lying. He knows a lot more. I just can?t???

    ?Master Starworth, if the archduke suspects we know something, we will not find out anything else. I suggest we find a room, have last meal, and with the cover of the night we will attain for ourselves what we need to know without the archduke?s help.?

    As they walked to find shelter Obi-Wan could not help but admire his new master. Qui-Gon did not let his emotions where Tahl was concerned enter into his questioning of the archduke. He remained the calm, demurred Jedi in all things. That was the reluctant impression he drew from watching Qui-Gon interact with the archduke of Geonosis.

    All things, except when it comes to his apprentice. I should feel more animosity toward him than he me. He must blame my master?s death solely on me.

    That was a dangerous thought for Obi-Wan to rehash. He?d already laid more than enough blame on himself. Master Yoda was the one who helped instruct him in releasing his inner turmoil and blame and look for the future.

    Make my master proud, Master Yoda said. Did he mean Tahl or this one? I don?t think Master Jinn intends to allow me to do anything that would prove my worthiness as a Jedi or Master Tahl?s apprentice, or even worse his.[

    Obi-Wan had no thoughts of the mission. Right now he wallowed in self-pity which could be dangerous for a Jedi to do. Their life usually depended on their focus.


    A run down shabby room with one bed was what the four Jedi ended up with.

    Qui-Gon explained once there it would be sufficient for what he planned to use it for; a stop over, a place to make plans, nothing more.

    Bruck groaned audibly and spoke his complaint before his master had a chance to jab him in his ribs, something she was profoundly skilled in.

    ?You mean we won?t get to sleep??

    Qui-Gon looked up and gave the boy a wide smile. Obi-Wan couldn?t imagine the hell he would have taken for such whining.

    But Bruck gets a smile for it.

    ?Don?t worry Padawan Bruck, once we are back in space, sleep will be yours until we arrive back on Neimoidia. That is unless your master has other plans for you. Now let?s get to the business at hand.?

    Dorrie knew instantly what Qui-Gon planned to do.

    ?You intend to have us illegally enter the Archduke?s private office, find the files we need, and leave? That sounds like there are some criminal elements to all this. I don?t think the council will approve.?

    Jinn looked around, over his shoulder, and from side
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    Poor Obi!!! :_|
    He's injured and nobody knows! I couldn't even stand if I had a wound like this. Poor kid.
    Great chapter ewen! :D
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    Very interesting but with his silence he wont gain any favours from Qui-Gon
    He better start concentrating

    Great story thanks ewen

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    Masters Jinn and Starworth maneuvered the ship up and off the planet Geonosis in seconds flat. Bruck rushed to find a comfortable spot to make a bed. Obi-Wan headed for the sanctity and privacy of the fresher.

    When her ?urge ? became unbearable, Master Dorrie finally went to the fresher door and pounded on it.

    ?Hey kid, there are others that need the fresher you know. It has been a long day with little or no breaks.?

    An ashen faced Obi-Wan walked out of the fresher, a bit slower than he had gone in.

    ?Hey kid, you O.K.??

    Dorrie stepped to the side of the doorway to allow Obi-Wan to leave the small fresher, that she at the moment very much needed. She noticed the opaque pallor of Obi-Wan?s face. Jinn?s attention immediately turned to his apprentice.

    He?d had a nagging feeling about Kenobi all that evening, since the battle and with Dorrie?s concerns he wanted to look for himself.

    ?Kenobi is there something wrong??

    Now the apprentice was put into the position of either telling his master about his injury or lying; something unthinkable for him or any Jedi.

    If I could just have a few sessions of healing and possibly a healing trance tonight, I know I will be alright. The bleeding has already stopped.

    He plunged in and did the unthinkable.

    ?There is nothing wrong. I am fine.?

    ?Then perhaps it is your guilt over you inept ability to guard one little door that is causing you such obvious distress. We still need to discuss that, but I have no desire to retreat to the fresher to do it in privacy. Our talk will have to wait until we are on Neimoidia. Just remember though, I have not forgotten your dereliction of my order.?

    Obi-Wan stood there balancing his weight from one foot to the other. Beads of perspiration broke out over his face as much from the lie he?d just told as from the pain from the injury.

    Qui-Gon tilted his head to the side and looked questioningly at his apprentice. He expected some kind of response.

    ?Well, did you hear me? I am not accustomed to my apprentices totally ignoring me when I address them.?

    Obi-Wan heard him even over the fuzzy ringing that was constant in his ears. Kenobi knew that was possibly from the massive blood loss. He reasoned he could heal that and the never ending queasiness as well with a Jedi healing trance if Jinn would just excuse him.

    He really didn?t know how he did it but he mumbled through a ?Yes Sir, and I understand.? before Jinn gave him leeway to go.

    #############Three days later#########

    Qui-Gon had hoped that with the files in hand with Syfo Dyas? name on them he have better luck than he?d had thus far.

    ?Gunray was not very hospitable to us today was he??

    Dorrie sat mending a rip in her robe as she spoke.

    Qui-Gon directed his attention from the stolen files to his Jedi master companion.

    ?No, and that in itself is suspicious. Oh he sounded sincere in his sympathy for Tahl?s death, but he couldn?t explain who the battle droids belonged too. Seems odd that he rules Neimoidia but he had no knowledge of the hundred or so droids that roamed his main city?s streets the night Tahl was killed. And if they are not his then who sent them? It is unlikely Jango Fett has financial ability to own them. Besides if they were under his direction then he was also under someone else?s edit.?

    ? I agree, there is someone or ?someones? behind all this.?

    ?I agree and I plan to find out who before I leave this planet.?

    Dorrie dumped her sewing in her lap and studied the serious Jedi master across the room.

    ?Making any headway with your apprentice??

    ?Depends on how you mean that. I have spoken with him concerning his actions on Genonosis if that is what you mean.?

    Dorrie got up and walked over to Qui-Gon and sat down.

    ?No, that?s not what I mean. Have you connected or tried to strengthened your training bond with him. The boy seems somehow lost, disorientated and I don?t like the melancholy he has taken on. And have you noticed how pale he is.. Not good I tell ya Jinni old boy, n
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    earlier post: Obi has plenty of troubles on his mind, getting distracted to the point of injury is not be good. Qui gives him no reason to confide in him but I have to worry for him just the same. [face_worried]

    today: :) Jango took the wrong one? :confused: His ?master? will not be pleased with him. :p I doubt Bruck will be able to hold it together.

    Qui-Gon is still sticking to his resolve but there was a little hope that he is getting a bit rational... just a wee little hope. I?m sure he?ll find some way to blame Obi. :( And, with Obi?s injury not healing, I don?t think he?ll be able to hide it much longer.
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    Poor Bruck he! he! ha it will scare
    the life out of him.
    He will wish he had a friend now.
    Jango might lose his head too.
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    Put there by his master, Obi-Wan lay on the bed and groaned incoherently. It had been a battle for Qui-Gon, dodging kicking legs and flinging arms while he stripped the padawan of his tunic and robe.

    Master Starworth busied herself getting a basin of water and a cloth to assist in the reviving of Jinn's apprentice. Jinn had already found the spot where the potent medicine had been injected in his padawan?s neck. Also found was the nasty looking injury to his side, first thought to be suffered from the attack he?d just sustained. Upon closer look Qui-Gon realized it couldn?t have been this attack that had put the wound on Obi-Wan?s side.

    It is already badly infected.

    Even the slightest touch to the festered pus oozing blaster wound caused the apprentice to moan in agony, though still unconscious.

    ?Here Qui.? Starworth handed him the bowl of water and bent over to see the wound.

    ?He didn?t get this today. It had to have been during our battle? And you didn?t know? How can that be? You are his master.?

    Jinn averted his own gaze to avoid the other master?s accusing scrutiny.

    ?I was right all along. *You* haven?t formed even the slightest beginning of a bond with Kenobi, or you would have known about this. Well that can be quickly rectified. Bond with him Jinn and hurry. We can?t leave him alone in the state he is in and I will need you to help me search for Bruck. He needs his master, one bonded to him to aid him in his healing not some standoff stranger that you still evidently are.?

    Panic gripped Jinn along with the most incredible case of quilt he?d ever experienced. He didn?t want Dorrie to go alone to find her apprentice, for fear she would meet the same end Tahl had. However, he wasn?t sure he wanted to bond with Obi-Wan.

    In the past two days Master Jinn had done a lot of thinking about his reasons for taking Obi-Wan as an apprentice. He had come to realize they were reasons unworthy of a Jedi and reasons that desecrated Tahl?s memory. He wasn?t proud of himself and was just about past the revenge stage. He had chosen instead to think about giving the boy back to the council for them to find him a master that would take Obi-Wan?s best interest to heart. He?d hadn?t forgiven Obi-Wan for what he believed was his part in Tahl?s death but he didn?t want to have to see him everyday as a constant reminder of either or both he and Obi-Wan?s blame in the blind master?s death.

    ?Look Dorrie, I don?t want you to go out there alone. I will try to aid Kenobi in his healing but?. But??

    ?But what? Look Qui-Gon, I can?t just stand here while Bruck is out there, kidnapped by someone, for some purpose. I have to find him before he ends up like Tahl.?

    ?I know. *Sith* Master Starworth don?t you think I know that..?

    Jinn carded his fingers through his hair. You could see his evident upset state.

    ?I am not sure I can form a bond with Tahl?s apprentice.?

    Jinn?s voice had been reduced to an almost apologetic moan.

    ?And why is that? Just make a mental connection. You are familiar how?s it done. I grant you the bond will be deeper at first because of interjecting so quickly your mental connection with his but this is an emergency. You have to see that. My apprentice?s life is at stake here as well as yours.?

    ?I know we need to find Bruck. Let me see if my healing abilities will aid Padawan Kenobi.?

    ?Oh crap Jinn. That won?t work. The boy is too ill and on top of that he?s been injected with who-knows-what. No, the only way it will work is if you form a bond with your apprentice. How can you object to that? It could very well be the difference of life and death for him.?

    ?Look Dorrie, I can?t go into to all of the why nots, but I don?t want to bond with Obi-Wan Kenobi as a regular master and apprentice let alone just jump inside his mind and insert myself without even discussing it with him.. I can honestly say I have never formed a bond like that so quickly and intrusively. Besides there is a chance that even though he is a semi conscious state he could reject the bond
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    Qui-Gon! Adopt the "Nike" motto... Just Do It!!

    I'm very glad Qui-Gon has finally begun to "wake up", even if it's only partially!
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    Agrees, this is a good turn for Qui-Gon :) but he has little choice in what he needs to do to save Obi-WAn. The cost is high and I do not see Obi-Wan taking kindly to the intrusion. Jinn may learn more than he is willing to accept or change. :p

    Decisions, decisions. [face_devil]
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