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Seattle, WA A Conspiracy of Galactic Proportions.

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by micdavis, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. micdavis

    micdavis Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 10, 2003
    Think about it.

    1) No Death Star was ever destroyed in the manner seen. Entropy tells us that the Death Star should have sat around for a long time, until falling into a Black Hole.

    2) The 'Chain Reaction Photon Torpedo' theory is absurd and has no basis in fact! A Hut mechanic has being quoted as saying that the only way such an explosion could have happened is if someone threw a wrench into the power core!

    3) The alleged 'target' for the 'Chain Reaction' to start was no bigger than 2 meters! Simply an impossible target.

    4) The Death Star, according to its specifications, was supposed to have sufficient firepower to fend off an entire fleet of warships. Yet somehow a handful of obsolete fighters were able to dance around on its surface?!!!!

    5) Several reports were heard of 'earlier explosions' happening on the Death Star. Claims that these were results of other Photon Torpedoes do not make sense! Obviously the Death Star was destroyed with planted explosives placed in the walls when the thing was built.

    6) Conveniently, the man second only to the Emporer himself was stationed a the Death Star. Yet he conveniently is 'out in a TIE Fighter' when the place blows up! Since when do our leaders fly in barely armored fighters!!!!!!!!? Some months later the same leader kills several Imperial Commanders who obviously asked too many questions!

    7) A Freighter backup co-pilot claimed that flying in the 'approach trench' as hypothsised by the Imperial WTFJH comittee is 'impossible'. The trench, as seen in photos was obviously too narrow to fly anything in and is filled with TurboLasers in case anyone tries to do it!

    8) The aforementioned Leader, as documents reveal, is actually the FATHER of the 'General S.' credited with destroying the Death Star!! Coincidence?!

    9) Even more stunning is that merely days, or perhaps HOURS before the destruction of the Death Star, said 'General S' was actually ON THE DEATH STAR!!!!

    10) Other sources indicate that 'General S' had no formal training as a pilot!!! He was described back at his planet of origin as being a 'dreamy kid, reckless, and always wanting to make his speeder go faster! Hardly the qualifications needed to perform such a task.

    11) There was only one known survivor for the Empire and less than Half a dozen for the 'Rebellion'. Obviously both have been at work killing any potential whistleblowers!

    12) Mere months after the destruction of the First Death Star, another one is suddenly in place!! It would seem that the Galaxyists plan these things in advance!!!

    13) The Emporer, when getting news of the destruction, was at a Clone Training base, intimidating young clones into proper behavior. When informed, he continued to intimidate the youngsters and all the others in the area! Obviously he must have known in advance what would happen!!!

    14) In another convenient 'coincidence' it turns out that the 'General S' and The Imperial Leader who survived both knew and work with the same person: A 'General K'.

    15) Later records indicate that the plans for the Death Star fell into the hands of the rebellion inside of a droid that had once been owned by the Empires #2 man, in the company of another droid BUILT by the Empires #2 man, and accompanied by a message from his daughter!

    16) Some reports place a freighter known to belong to a known smuggler in the vicinity of not one, but BOTH death star "explosions." What, or WHO, was he smuggling in or out of those Death Stars?

    17) General S. Was seen by several eyewitnesses to give the aforementioned droids as "gifts" to a notorious Hutt Gangster just before the second Death Star became operational. The gangster was killed in a supsicious "sailbarge accident" shortly thereafter. What were they trying to cover up?

    18) Both General S. and the No. 2 man in the Empire were, or had been, members of an elite secret society calling themselves "Jedi Knights".

    19) The official story of the destruction of the second Death Star makes no more sense than the first. How did a small tribe of furry Ewoks overcom
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