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Omaha, NE A Dancing Stormtrooper Made Me Pee My Pants!!!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by TheStarKiller, May 24, 2001.

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  1. TheStarKiller

    TheStarKiller Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 4, 2000
    Seriously...For some reason or another, that thing made me almost choke. Very funny.

    Now that I am done moving (and at the same time nursing a back unjury sustained in said move) I can once again post to my favorite boards on the net. Well, only because they are our boards...not necesarilly because they are on TF.N...but.....oh, nevermind.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who attended the meeting. I thought things kind of snowballed out of control a bit, with not quite everyone getting to voice their opinion, but it was still a very productive night, I thought....(or did I? Am I lying? Stay tuned....).

    I just hope that everyone stays involved. In chatting with our Supreme Chancellor (or CM) through emails, I posed a question that I would like to pose here. I was wondering if it was at all an option to rotate nights (I see that we are meeting on a Monday this time, so I guess that one is why did I say anything? Who knows...) as well as locations, as we progress further down this road of Star Wars (media?) fandom. Just a question. Last week's meeting was kind of a stretch for me to make. Just a bad day for me at that time. So if we can perhaps strike up a poll of sorts and see when everyone is available and what locations would suit us, I think that it would be nice to get as many people involved as possible (meaning, can't make it this time on this day, don't worry cuz it will be different next time...:)). Any sense there? (If not, I apologize...that sound of tape being ripped off the roll and stuck onto boxes, mixed with the impending unripping of said tape has proven to be a bit too much for me to bear...)


    Has everyone checked out the pictures on our (when I say our, I mean the Omaha Fan Force, which we are all members of. I understand that it takes a talent to put together a site...of which, if you will all remember from the meeting, me being "media" and all, I have none of...LOL) website? Kind of made me feel bad that I didn't spend time with all of you during AlphaCon. But please know that it was because my time constraints and not for lack of want. Between my booth and everything I was doing that weekend for the Con, the whole thing is a fog. There are moments, but I would be hard pressed to put together anything resembling a good point A to Z (or is it A to B...?) detailing of the weekends events. In any event, looks like you guys had fun...and that is what we did it for.

    And speaking of someone being able to detail the events of guys HAVE to read T'Bone's review of AlphaCon.

    It may take a minute or two to load (Fandom's problems right now and all...Poor T'Bone) but I think it worth the wait. The guy runs a very quality site and if any of you have yet to go there......well....go there now. Yeah.......

    Well, I have rambled on long enough...

    Take care all and keep posting. Contrary to popular opinion (is it popular if only a couple people feel that way?) just because we are "media" fans, doesn't mean that we can't read and write. Right? (Those of you trying to decipher this text now are asking yourselves whether or not I myself have these talents, aren't you???....Kate???)

    May The Dancing Stormtrooper Be With You.......Always.

    -- Rusty aka TheStarKiller

    P.S. -- Maybe we can make the next meeting a potluck so that we can ALL have food...Feelings?

  2. UncleOwen1138

    UncleOwen1138 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 13, 2001
    The article by T-Bone you recommend was GREAT! Brought back some AlphaCon memories. Everybody should read it if they get the chance.


    BTW, if it's ok with Kate, a potluck would be cool.
  3. Dawmer299

    Dawmer299 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 6, 2001
    I second that!! Cool Article. -Dawmer
  4. LuneKell

    LuneKell Jedi Youngling

    Jan 20, 2001
    Hi, all!

    If you'll reread the notices I posted about the group meeting at the bookstore, you will notice that I wrote several times that people were more than welcome to bring their dinners with them. But if you guys want to do a pot luck, that's great with me.

    Now, the meeting itself went very well, We were able to to air certain concerns about the structure of AlphaCon, and several questions were posed that I hope will eventually be answered. It was also very interesting to watch the "print fan" vs "media fan" conflict play out.

    In the meanwhile, for everyone who was so confused by references to "Creation Cons" here is a link to follow:

    Farscape -



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    superstar sci-fi talent including one of our all-time favorites VIRGINIA
    HEY of FARSCAPE! We also are welcoming a lot of other
    entertaining stars too including STAR TREK's MARINA SIRTIS, JOHN
    the latest news on ENTERPRISE and the next Trek film from
    RICHARD ARNOLD, and many guests from other series including
    (Iolaus of HERCULES).

    It should be a huge fun weekend and we hope you'll be with us! Grab
    the best seats in the house now at our site at:

    AOL <a href="">Click Here</a>

    Your friends at Creation

    In the meanwhile, have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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