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Saga A Dark Revelation (Ep 3, Sidious, Palpatine, towards end of movie)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by wald0, Apr 13, 2003.

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  1. wald0

    wald0 Jedi Youngling

    May 22, 2002
    I offer the following fan-fic scene in episode three --

    Time frame: 3/4 of the way through the film.

    The immense battles between the Galactic Republic's Clone Army and the Seperatist Movement conitnue to ignite the night sky of Coruscant. Doubt in the Galactic Senate is spreading as word of the failing Clone Army defenses makes it's way down the ranks. Emporer Palpatine, who is watching the battle on a large screen in the Senate building along with all of the senators, receives a holo-call from one of his assistants.

    Secretary: "Emporer Palpatine, someone here to see you. He requests that you come to your office immediately."
    Palpatine: "Very well." -The hologram shuts off-

    Palpatine goes up to his office.

    (at this point, it would be appropriate to cut to a battle/duel sequence in order to raise the audience's anxiety)

    The battle/duel sequence ends, and we wipe to a dark, gloomy Palpatine's office. The burgundy walls seem to have shadows which look like giant claw marks, and a dark figure is sitting in Palpatine's chair as Palpatine walks into the office.

    The dark figure says nothing as Palpatine speaks:

    Palpatine: "I had no idea you would be here. Everything is going according to plan. As soon as the Seperatists break through our defenses, the Senate will have no choice but to succumb to their wishes. Dooku knows of the-"

    The dark figure whips around and interrupts:

    "Dooku is dead, you fool. Did I not tell you to take care of the young Skywalker whilst you had the chance?"

    At this point, the dark figure steps into the light and we see his old, tattered face. It is Sidious. He raises a finger and approaches Palpatine.

    Sidious: "I blame you for this. And only you."

    Palpatine: "If my heart stop beating, three hundred guards will enter this room in 20 seconds. You do not have the power to withstand that."

    Sidious: "Don't worry, Emporer Palpatine."

    Sidious places his cold, wretched hand on Palpatine's face. Slowly, we see the facial features of Palpatine and Sidious interchange, we see Palpatine grow shorter and Sidious grow taller.

    "In time, you will learn the true meaning of loyalty." As Sidious says "meaning of loyalty," his voice changes from that of the old man to the voice of a relatively young Palpatine.

    Palpatine falls to the floor, unable to catch his breath with his now 200 year old lungs.

    Sidious: "Goodbye, my friend."

    Cut to battle scene.

    Humbly submitted for your review,
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