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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by blubeast1237, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Blaise_Marik

    Blaise_Marik Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 28, 2002
    [hl=black]OOC: Very sorry for my error. I will make an effort to definitely be more careful.[/hl]

    IC: Blaise Marik
    ~Wrecking Ball~

    Upon seeing Chaz draw his blaster, that was definitely not within the limits allowed on corusant or most other civilized worlds, Blaise thought here we go again. Once the blaster bolts, he drew from his coat an average sized blaster. He handled it awkwardly as one does who has no real training. He thought to himself "I hope this thing works" and " How do i get out of here?"

    Scared and worried thinking "how did they find me?" (his self centered nature did not fathom that they could be there for any other reason). He attempts to fire off a few rounds that went wild and struck the ceiling and one that looked like it would hit near one of the thugs but before he could see he noticed the camera man had busted out a window and him and the female had made there way through. Never one to miss an opportunity to save his own hide he quickly scurried through the hole and followed them to the speeder.

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  2. Kimblee

    Kimblee Jedi Youngling

    Jul 9, 2009
    Hi everyone. Yes this is blu. Sorry for the delay, but I was waiting for more people to respond, however I don't see the point in holding you up any further.

    IC: Krews Jortes
    -The Wrecking Room

    [blockquote]"Everybody's out, K!" Chaz screamed as he took down two guards and hopped out the window. Krews grinned, deactivated his lightsaber, and jumped out the window. Once outside he ran to the speeder while Chaz tried to get it running. Gesturing with his hands, Krews focused on a truck speeder, lifting it into the air and slamming it into the restaurant, blocking the window exit, which the men were trying to get out of as well, but injuring no one.

    He turned to the camera man, "Did you get that?"

    The speeder started up, but Krews did not get in. "We're splitting up. Conrad and Safi with me, everyone else stay with Chaz, he's going to distract them and take you somewhere safe."

    "Yeah, if you call that place safe." Chaz scoffed and backed the speeder up.

    "Chaz, give Safi your blaster."

    "Which one?"

    "Any one, I don't care. We've got to go." Krews said as he hustled into a back alley across from the restaurant. Chaz tossed Safi a small blaster and then the speeder rose into the air and off.

    In the air, Chaz grunted to Jespis. "I hope your powers are good, kid. Or else we're toast." They were now being followed by a new speeder, a farghul hanging out of the side, firing at them with a blaster rifle. Chaz sped them to a dangerous speed and they began to make evasive maneuvers. "Blaise, here. This is my favorite blater, so don't frak it up." He tossed Blaise the large, illegal blaster he had been firing in the shop. Out of nowhere, another speeder appeared beside them, on Jespis' side and began trying to climb into their speeder. "Take care of that kid!" Chaz screamed as they continued to race through the city.

    On the ground, Conrad and Safi were having a hard time keeping up with Krews as he slipped from alley to alley. Eventually, he stopped and turned to Conrad. "You rolling?" He stripped out of his Jedi Robes and, while changing into an all green jacket and pants outfit, he talked to the camera. "Okay, okay. I think we lost them. So, I'm changing my appearance now because the gangmembers already know how I'm dressed." He threw his robes away. "Now, we're going to one of my old friend's house. For safety reasons, I can't reveal his name, but he can help us locate the warehouse...Okay, cut."

    He turned back to them. "Okay, you guys need new clothes. Here's come credits, go buy yourself a change of clothes and keep low while you're doing it. Meet me at that apartment building over there afterwards, Level 5, room 507. Stick together." Krews nodded and tried to smile, but the two could see the worry and concern on his face. Nodding, he turned and jogged across the street, disappearing into the apartment building.[/blockquote]
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  3. Blaise_Marik

    Blaise_Marik Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 28, 2002
    IC: Blaise Marik
    ~ Speeder outside wrecking Ball~

    As Krews told them they were splitting up Blaise turned to Safi and with a grin and a wink says " Til I see you again." Then with an awkward attempted flourish that appears more forced than graceful he jumped into the rear of the speeder.

    Once in the air, Chaz tells the jedi "I hope your powers are good, kid. Or else we're toast."
    Blaise thinks I hope he has some jedi tricks up his sleeve these guys mean business.

    Chaz tosses Blaise his "way outside lawful" blaster and says "Blaise, here. This is my favorite blater, so don't frak it up." Bantha dung i can barely use the one I got thinks blaise.

    Blaise yells too Jespis " i will get the farghul you deal with those!" At this time he tries to fire the oversize overpowered blaster. The bolt flies out and misses completely hitting a wire the hold up a holoboard, causing it to fall and crash into the side of a building. Wow thats some kicks thinks blaise as he is knocked around in the speeder. Then surveying the damages he realizes that was bad. He quickly jumps up and this time bracing himself he takes more careful aim at the Farghul and deliver 3 quick 3 shot burst, and prays he hits.
  4. Blaise_Marik

    Blaise_Marik Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 28, 2002
    ooc: [hl=red]I will be out of the loop for about 2 weeks max not sure if i can get on before then just wanted everyone to be aware sorry RL strikes again.[/hl]
  5. JespisGrabecca

    JespisGrabecca Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2009
    OOC: Sorry guys, RL has been making me very busy lately.

    IC: Jespis Grabecca
    ~~Outside the Wrecking Ball in the Speeder~~

    "I hope your powers are good, kid. Or else we're toast.", Chaz said to Jespis as he was speeding through Coruscant. Jespis was standing in the back of the speeder with both lightsabers blocking blaster bolts as they came whizzing by the speeder.

    This is fantastic, first time without Master Marek and I am being chased by Black Sun. Let's see how I do...

    While blocking blaster bolts with his deep, icy blue lighsabers, he disactivated one and put it on his belt loop, and used the Force to conjure up some ice spikes to injure the thugs with. He flung the spikes over to the thugs and hit most of them. With one still there getting on the speeder, Jespis thought to himself, I hope this isn't against the code, closed his eyes, and chopped of the hands of the final thug, who fell into smog of Coruscant pollution.

    Using the Force to stay on the speeder standing, Jespis then reactivated his second lightsaber and prepared for something he had never done before, which was jump from one moving vehicle to another. "Chaz", Jespis yelled, "would it be wise for me to go to their speeder and take care of the rest of the thugs on the speeder or stay here and deflect?" Jespis really wanted so advise on this manuver before performing such a daring, and possibly foolish, stunt. In the meantime, Jespis deflected and tried to aim the deflected bolts towards the farghul's engines.

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  6. JespisGrabecca

    JespisGrabecca Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2009
    OOC: Yay, it's reopened =]]
  7. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Woohoo! Back in business! :D

    IC: Safi Kirsh

    The group split, Chaz taking the apprentice and?thankfully?the lawyer in the speeder, while Conrad and Safi stayed on the ground with Jortes. And for once?possibly for the first time in six years?Safi was actually missing the Force. She and Conrad were having a little trouble keeping up with the Jedi, and she found herself wanting that extra boost of speed Jedi could get from the Force.

    Finally, they stopped in an alley, where she was able to catch her breath while Krews talked to the camera and swapped his Jedi robes for a green jacket and trousers. "Okay, okay. I think we lost them. So, I'm changing my appearance now because the gangmembers already know how I'm dressed." Yeah, Jedi robes tend to stick out that way, Safi thought to herself. Krews continued, explaining that they were heading to the home of a ?friend? of his, but for safety reasons, he couldn?t reveal this friend?s identity.

    As if the attack at the diner hadn?t already set off warning bells in her head, the mention of this suspicious ?friend? Krews couldn?t name gave Safi a funny feeling. Something fishy going on here?

    But she wasn?t here to question, and did not argue when Jortes told them to find some different clothes, then meet him at a nearby apartment. Level 5, Room 507. Accepting the credit chips, she watched him disappear into the building, then paused to check both her own blaster and the one Chaz had loaned her before heading down the alley. ?Let?s go,? she told Conrad.

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  8. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    W00t indeed, JMA. Now, I'm going to let you guys have some more freedom here. You will have complete control over your environments. You can have more enemies show up, or have the police show up, or anything you wish. I want to have some fun and be able to work around what you guys throw at me.:D I know, I'm an evil genius.[face_devil] Just remember, no deaths to the main characters.

    IC: Krews Jortes
    -Apartment Building, Level 5, Room 507

    [blockquote]Krews waited on the turbolift until it rose to level 5. He really did not like this part of town, which was weird because the whole town was like this or worse. The man he was going to go see was Hektor Illand, former Runner and Assassin for Black Sun. The fact that the man still lived here was a testament to the amount of courage he had, or how extremely dangerous he was. As he went to Room 507, he tried to remember how to get Hektor to answer the door. Ah, he remembered. It was knock once, then wait and knock three times fast. He followed the routine and waited.

    Nothing happened.

    Something happened then. Krews felt an instant death in the Force and then felt danger being aimed at him right after. He ducked and rolled down the hallway, igniting his blade, as several blaster bolts shot out from Room 507. Then two women emerged from the room and Krews knew that Hektor was dead and that these were assassins. They began firing at him, but he deflected their bolts, until they threw a small detonator at him ran the other way down the hall. It exploded and Krews went flying out of the window and crashing onto a parked speeder below.

    Safi and Conrad would be able to see this from their vantage points, but they would notice familiar faces and a familiar speeder van that was pulling up. They would recognize these men from the diner firefight earlier. The men got out of their van and began to go after Conrad and Safi, while Krews lay, unconcious, on top of a speeder.[/blockquote]
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    IC: Chaz Zanthigo the Farghul
    -Coruscant Underlevel Highway

    [blockquote]Chaz yelled over the roar of a hundred speeders and blasterfire.

    "The way I figure it kid, they can't shoot if they're dead! Go for it!" He hoped he wasn't sending the Jedi to his death. He would just have to hear it from Krews about how he had to be more safe with people's lives. Yeah, a lecture from the guy who had gotten them in this mess in the first place. He continued to fly the speeder at a dangerous velocity, but veered closer to the gang speeder, so the kid would have a better chance of survival.

    They were on the highway, which was bad because there could be tankers and their could be transports flying low and slow. Chaz cursed aloud as he saw that they were coming upon a large tanker now. It was funny how things only appeared after you were thinking about them. "Fellas, we got a problem!"

    If they slowed down, they would die, but if they continued at the rate they were going at, there would be a rather large explosion on the 6:00 news.[/blockquote]
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  9. JespisGrabecca

    JespisGrabecca Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2009
    IC: Jespis Grabecca
    ~~Coruscant Underlevel Highway~~

    "The way I figure it kid, they can't shoot if they're dead! Go for it!" Chaz was right, but that's not the answer he was looking for. Killing someone was against his and the Jedi nature, so he decided, one he was on the other vehicle, to...disarm the attackers.

    Lining up a good jump was like trying to find the right time to cut the line of a water speeder to land on the one behind. He would wait until the attackers were directly behind them so he could make a straight jump. This would involve a lot of Force technique.

    'May the Force be with me...' And so he jumped to the following speeder and used the Force to cushion his landing, like swimming upstream in a river of air. He used enough Force push to make the landing not seriously injure anything but was still in minor pain. As this pain was occuring, he was still being shot at by the Blsck Sun operatives, and he still defected most of the shots; some of the shot hitting his robes as he was advancing towards the attackers. Alternating blocking lightsaber from attacking lightsaber, as he went, he slashed an arm off of one of the Black Sun personel, then kicked him off, Force pushed the female to the back, hitting her head and leaving her unconcious, while the last jumped off the speeder in fear.

    This only left one problem....who is going to drive? Jespis only drove a speeder once and it was very much unlike the one he was in. He immeadiatly deactivated his lightsabers, put them in his belt loop, and went to the controls. Unfortunatly, the controls seemed completely reversed to what he flew before. "Blast it!" Jespis exclaimed. He tried to move the speeder with the Force but could only make minimal movements with it.

    'I better figure out these controls before something...' Just before he could say this, a huge tanker was coming in close in front of Chaz's and Jespis' speeders. 'Sith spit! How are we going to figure a way out of this one?' For now he was trying to rapidly sense the controls with the Force, for there was no way of jumping back to the other speeder, unless they came to him very closely.

    TAG: Blaise and Chaz

  10. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Oh-kay... this turned out a bit longer than I'd like it to be, but I didn't know how to cut it down. Blu, if this is taking too many liberties, just let me know... I'll edit or rewrite if I have to.

    IC: Safi Kirsh

    Perhaps being around the two Jedi had re-awakened Safi?s long-neglected connection to the Force, but when the strange feeling that something bad was about to happen washed over her, she simply chalked it up to the fact that she didn?t like the area.

    Then she heard the explosion.

    Turning back towards the building Krews had just walked into minutes earlier, she saw a burst of flame engulfing a section of the fifth level, and she saw something?or rather, a familiar someone?fall, landing on a parked speeder with a painful-sounding wham. Ouch? that hurts.

    Before she could move to go help Krews, another familiar face showed up?several, in fact. The thugs from the diner were back. Safi groaned in frustration?this job was not starting out very well, and she was already starting to wonder if the trouble was really worth the credits. But it was too late to complain. These bad boys knew her face now, and knew that she was working with Krews, and they were heading straight for her and Conrad.

    Thinking fast, she pulled out the blaster Chaz had loaned her and shoved it into Conrad?s hands. ?Take this. You go one way, and draw some of them off. I?ll get the rest to follow me around the block. Kill them if you can, at least lose ?em if you can?t, then be back here in?? She checked her chronometer. ?Twenty minutes. Thirty, tops. I should be able to get to Krews by then. Good luck!? Without waiting for him to argue or protest, she turned and ran down the alley.

    Four of the thugs followed her. Big and muscular as they were, Safi was smaller and lighter, and was able to keep ahead of them. Laserfire streaked past her, more than once just narrowly missing her?she had the blaster-proof vest on, but it only protected where it covered. She abruptly moved a little to one side, perhaps on instinct, perhaps just a whim?as a shot whizzed past, right where she would have been had she not moved.

    She finally reached the first corner, dashing around it and ducking into the first alcove she saw to catch her breath. Pulling out her blaster, she waited for the men to come around the turn.

    The first one she shot in the neck, the second tripped over his fallen companion, and Safi shot him in the head before she took off running again. With only two of them left, she took a few chances between dodging blaster bolts to turn around and return fire. The first two times she missed, but the third time was the charm?one of the men faltered as Safi managed to shoot him in the leg just before she rounded the second corner. Three down, one to go.

    Since the trick with waiting in the alcove seemed to have worked rather well the first time, Safi tried it again, darting into the first doorway to wait. And wait. And wait. When a full minute passed without the thug showing himself, Safi wondered if perhaps he was on to her; perhaps he wasn?t going to fall for the same trick twice.

    Leaving the alcove, she very cautiously peered around the corner. Not seeing an immediate threat, she went back around, blaster raised and ready to fire.

    Nothing there. She could see the bodies of his three companions, but no sign of the fourth. Maybe he gave up?? Her brow furrowed in confusion, Safi turned the corner again and began to jog down the alley. Krews would be just around the corner ahead of her?hopefully, no one had taken him?

    She heard the blaster shot too late, and the force of the impact against her back knocked her off her feet, throwing her forward. She landed face-down on the ground, winded, her face scraped on the permacrete. The last of the thugs came strutting around the corner, and Safi realized immediately what he?d done.

    He?d stolen her idea. Instead of simply bursting around the corner, as two of his companions had done so reckles
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