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A fathers worst nightmare (Character death)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Hananiah, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. Hananiah

    Hananiah Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 15, 2003
    Title: A father's worst nightmare
    Summery: Tahl has something to tell Qui Gon
    Time period: JA Obi Wan is Thriteen
    Disclaimer: I own nothing
    Note: I'm trying to see how Obi Wan's death would affect everyone so I'll probably do a Ani/Obi Angst thing next.

    "Tahl it's nice to see you?"
    Jedi Knight Tahl could barely stand the lightness in her freidnds tone, the happiness, it made the news even harder
    "Qui Gon, we have just gotten word from Melida/Daan" she said caustiously watching as her friend tensed 'well there's worst to come' the blind knight thought
    "Something happened Qui Gon that i think you need to hear and I need you to listen to me and maybe...maybe you had better sit down"
    Qui Gon slowly took a seat, unused to seeing Tahl this agiatated, Tahl was always in complete control of herself. Kneeling beside his chair Tahl folded her hands in his own, staring blindly into his eyes, her tone was gentle. "Qui something happened to Obi Wan on Melida/Daan"
    Qui Gon felt the force tugging at him but couldn't tell what it was saying "Has his impatience got the better of him I always told him..."
    "No Qui Gon" Now Tahls' voice seemed strained and full of tears, "Obi Wan's dead Qui. We just got the news"
    What could anyone say, Tahl nodded slowly, her motions seemed heavy, indded she felt heavy as if a huge burden had collapsed upon her.
    Qui Gon didn't say anything, just stared at his hands, "What?" the tone was harsh, spat out and Tahl was surprised to hear anger there, she had anticapted screaming and crying like when Xanatos had turned not this dull anger "This isn't funny Tahl" he stared up at her like a sulky child
    Tahl got to her feet "Qui Im not joking I saw his body" Qui Gon flinched "And he was dead, Cerasi held him when he died, he was among friends."
    Qui Gon nodded. Suddenly there was a pericing shreik, sharing worried looks the knights got up and went to the door, in the corridor Obi Wan's best friend Bant Eerin launched herself at Neild, tears streaming from her silever eyes, Qui Gon felt his heart cinstrict he had never seen Bant act like this before.
    "Why, Why why is he dead what did you do?" Bant yelled, her voice full of greif. She began smacking Neild's cheast, her small fists pummelling him, the boy didn't move, didn;t move to stop the hysterical girl, it took Tahl and Siri to drag her away,
    "I didn't know what happened" Cerasi was saying Qui Gon could see an aging process on the girl she seemed older then master Yoda then "He...he came out of....of nowhere, he slammed me to the ground and he was shaking and I...I couldn't help him, the shot went through him... I couldn't...i didn't....i'm sorry"
    Qui Gon turned away as Bant gently sucoomed to the needle and Cerasi laid her head against Neild's shoulder, he walked a long way, to the infirmary but before he did he saw Roenni, the small girl looked at him and Qui Gon saw ageless beauty there
    She didn't say anything but gently pushed a lock of stray hair from his forehad with an intense look of concentration.
    Obi Wan's body was laid out on a bed, a healer gently cleaned his body, talking to him as if he were meerly unconcious, she talked of normal things as she gently scrubbed his arms, taking away the bruises and the blood, when she saw Qui Gon she moved away.
    Qui Gon leaned down, staring into the face he had come to love, it was a face he hadn't seen in weeks, it seemed older and alot dirtier, gently Qui Gon drew his finger down Obi Wan's cheek taking the dirt with him.
    "You always did make a mess of yourself didn't you Obi Wan?" Qui Gon asked.
    The face was cold, no expression on his face, no pain, no betrayal, but also no love, no happiness had Obi Wan died perfectly expressionless?
    It didn't seem right
    But nothing in this world seemed rigtht anymore
    "I;m sorry Obi Wan" Qui Gon said, twisting the length of hair into a tighter Padawan's braid, he would be buried as a Jedi so he must look like one.
    Qui Gon tired of the small task and sat beside his apprentice "This was my worst nightmare Obi Wan" he whispered "My ver
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