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A fond Farewell to Star Wars, TF.N and a rant...

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by Morgoth_The_Enemy, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Morgoth_The_Enemy

    Morgoth_The_Enemy Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 10, 2003
    Okay, I know I posted this a few days ago and it was supposed to be my last ever post but I was told to move it here. This therefore constitutes my LAST post. Promise. Unless I've posted it in the darn wrong place again... (mods let me know, I do look at my mail occasionally)

    Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing of Star Wars, James Camerons works, Jim Careys stuff, the DR. Who franchise or anything else of large monetary value. :(

    Right. Well, this message is basically to all who know/knew me here on TF.N and is essentially my farewell post.
    I make no apologies here for my views on the writers and publishers of the Star Wars book franchise. I feel no need to apologise since this is simply my opinion and I?m entitled to it.

    I have become increasingly frustrated with the style of writing, the storyline and the treatment of the characters in the Star Wars novels. It started in the NJO around Star By Star and has only gotten worse as time has worn on. Now, I?m not whining about characters being killed off, I?m actually okay with that as long as it?s done in a tasteful way that serves the story. Some examples can be seen in Lord Of The Rings, Dragonlance and the Song of Ice and Fire books. What I do have a problem with is how the storyline seems to always twist and turn, never leading the reader to the actual conclusion whilst all the while having the characters do one thing in one book then the complete opposite in another. (Or in some cases even in the same book). The characters should have a gradual evolution, they should change according to the circumstances not the whims of the writer.

    The below is a rant I wrote a long while back when Jacen had become Darth Caedus and I kinda want everyone to see it since I?ll be adding to it before this final message is complete:

    Okay. Where should I start? Well I suppose I should start at the beginning. Out of all the readers out there, out of all the people on I doubt I am the only one who is disappointed at the current state of the Star Wars universe.

    The New Jedi Order was bad but it had its good points; the characterisations were believable, 3-dimensional people whose adventures drew in readers and made them care about the story. As the New Jedi Order story arc progressed however it degenerated. The story seemed to be leaning towards a ?deus ex machina? style ending with everyone living happily ever after, even the Yuuzhan Vong. In a stark contrast, at the end of return of the Jedi the Empire does not appear to have such a happy ending which is fine, good wins, evil is punished, the end.

    At the end of the New Jedi Order there is no such feeling that evil has been defeated, it seems to just end. Despite this, the New Jedi Order books were still better than what we have currently been offered. The Legacy of the Force series seems to drain all the fun out of Star Wars. It tears apart and ruins the characters we saw mature in the New Jedi Order series not to mention providing a storyline which is laughable at best; Jacen Solo as a Sith lord intent on conquering the galaxy in the name of peace. It?s so terrible it makes me want to cry.

    Jacen was displayed originally as a kid good with plants and animals. He was strong in the Force and asked a lot of questions. He never sought power for any means. He?s a pacifist who refused the Force and only used it again to protect his injured, bleeding mother. These traits therefore make him the perfect candidate for turning into a Sith lord. Oh wait, no they don?t. ?But he went away for five years and learned new things? I hear some cry. Learned what? How to be a class A jerk? Some might argue that he was already that from some of his actions in the NJO.

    No, what Del-Rey has done, what we have been given is a brand new Jacen, a clean slate that the writers could use as the antagonist when they couldn?t come up with anyone better as the villain. And just what kind of villain? The writers try to hype Jacen as worse than Palps when the reality is he?s nowhere near that level of malevolence and evil. They just don?t make bad guys
  2. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    Er, who are you?

    I see that you had originally wanted to post your rant in Fanfic and the thread was locked, so you went here. Well, fine but it's not really the place for it and I'm not sure anybody's going to read it. That's sort of the thing with rants--they go on and on and you lose what audience you might have had, so they're utterly ineffective.

    I'll leave it up, I suppose, but I'm locking the thread. People might actually read it if they see the thread topic has been crossed out, who knows.
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