A free game which i played is so funny

Discussion in 'La Reina, Chile' started by mythwar, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. mythwar Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I must say, Myth War (http://mythwar.igg.com)is a fantasy game .My dear friends and I are playing this game recently.
    Especially you can gain hundreds of pets in game. NOW, saint beats are arrived .They are not only looks very mystic, and also hold high skills both origin from archaic culture of china.
    Many players are from different countries, like USA, Singapore, Europe, China and so on.
    It¡¯s so interesting that you can bring your hot pets fighting with others that you may never feel it.
    We are talking, playing together with friends, usually enjoy game events with GM ONLINE, so peculiar, doesn¡¯t it.
    If you want to try, you can go to their official web as follow:
    Myth War¡¯s official web: http://mythwar.igg.com
    Forum: http://forum.igg.com
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    Y esti otro, qui ti pa'. La ulenta no me cashai ni una, en volá soy entero e sapo.
    Asi que no te vengai a sarparte si no soy na pooollooooo.
    Toy ni ahi con tu gain.
    Soy entero longi.
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    Nice. Looks pretty interesting. Might give it a try since i'm getting tired of RMT's in FFXI. ty for inviting.
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