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Beyond - Legends A Gathering of Light (EU, Jedi, concurrent with JAT and I, Jedi) PG-13 (Double updated 3/19/2012)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediAlly, May 6, 2004.

  1. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Wow. It looks like the economy had caused DRL to hit my readers like they've never been hit before. I'll keep posting, but I have to say I'm eager to hear from some of my readers. And those of you who are lurking, speak up.

    Also, I've gone back and reworked the entire section where Luke told the others what he knew about his father's life on Tatoonie, in light of Luke's bio. As for Alex Winger, I plan on updating those sections in April. By then, three months will have passed since Charlene Newcomb released the latest chapter in Winger's life in the Star Wars Hyperspace.

    The next morning, Kirana Ti and Streen were in the hangar performing a final check on their backpacks. It had been several days since Kirana Ti last ventured out into the jungle, and she was eager to go. The moon paralleled her home planet in terms of untamed wilderness. Even back on Dathomir, the Witches of her clans sometimes went on patrol to bask in the wilderness.

    However, she learned of the dangers of this jungle during an earlier sojourn. Since then, Master Skywalker established the policy that no one ventured out into the jungle alone. With that in mind, she went to Streen and asked him if he would go with her.

    Streen reflected back to when she asked him to accompany her on this little sojourn. He was reluctant at first, since he wasn?t used to traveling in the wilderness like she probably had been. However, she pointed out that it would give him an opportunity to work on his mental shields. That much was true. Things had been tumultuous when Gantoris died, but they started to settle down when Kyp arrived. Just when things finally seemed to have calmed down, things went spiraling out of control ? Kyp?s aggressive thoughts and abrupt departure, and then the destruction of the Tedryn Holocron. Adding to those incidents the fact that he had been experiencing disturbing nightmares for the past several days, he knew he wasn?t in good shape at the moment.

    The only consolation was the new arrival Mara Jade. She had tight control over her thoughts and feelings, and besides that flash of irritation she had when Kyp stole her starfighter, she hadn?t contributed to the maelstrom he?d been sensing. He didn?t know exactly what to think of her at first, though he was willing to start things off with a blank datapad, so as to speak. Nevertheless, as he mentioned to the others the other day when they were talking about Mara, he wouldn?t associate the word ?sociable? with her. More precisely, he didn?t think she would be sociable these days unless she was doing business.

    In the past, he had to put a great deal of distance between himself and other people in order to quiet the voices in his mind. He couldn?t really do that now, but he could put a little distance between himself and the Temple. This should help in his effort to rebuild his mental shields. He also knew that Kirana Ti was able to keep her thoughts under control ? not as much as Keiran or Mara, but it was enough for him. More importantly, he trusted her, and right now, she was like a rock of stability in his life.

    As for Kirana Ti, she had sensed how tense things had been at the Praxeum for the past several days; however, she sensed more than that. She wasn?t certain if she was sensing something in the Force or if it was battle experience from fighting against the Nightsisters, but she felt there was something looming over the horizon. Right now, it was ?the calm before the storm?. She didn?t know when or how ?the storm? was going to strike, but she was certain that she, Master Skywalker, and the others would be ready for it and would defeat it.

    She then saw Streen fidget. She thought he was getting nervous about going into the jungle, but then she heard Mara Jade?s voice echo in the hangar.

    ?Luke, I?ve had enough of this!?

    Even without the Force, she could sense the frustration coming out of Mara Jade in waves. She then glanced at Streen and winced sympathetically. He?s sensing Mara Jade?s fr
  2. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    <Hello! Hello!" My calls echo through the chamber.> I feel like Shaeeah callnig into the escape pod wondering if anyone's there. Where did all my readers go? What, like first the economy and now the snowstorms are keeping my readers away? I decided to hold off on making this post to give you all time to catch up, but I held off long enough. So here's the next one. It's short, but it helps set up a forthcoming event, and you'll know what that is.

    That night, Exar Kun spent his time contemplating. The past two days have proven to be most profitable for him. First, he had heightened the lingering doubts that had been plaguing Skywalker since he started this Praxeum. Halcyon might have stopped Skywalker from dwelling on his doubts, allowing them to increase, but the damage had been done. In addition, Skywalker might have found the answers to some of his answers, but not all of them. Skywalker didn?t know how to proceed, and that gave him freedom to plan and prepare.

    The repercussions from the destruction of the Tedryn Holocron went beyond his expectations. He expected the grief and despair from the minstrel was delicious, and he regained some of his lost strength. However, he didn?t expect the sense of increasing dissatisfaction from the Arranda woman. As for Solusar ? he knew from the beginning that Solusar had been plagued with doubts about himself and about established policies and credos from his father?s Jedi Order. Now he was starting to have doubts towards Skywalker. That had been unexpected, and he needed to consider how to turn this to his advantage.

    As for Jade, he had sensed that she wouldn?t be a factor in his plans, and now he understood why. She had an understanding of what was going on, based apparently on what she had experienced on Dromund Kaas. He managed to get enough snatches of her memories to get the idea. However, she greatly underestimated him if she thought he was a mere Dark Side specter. He wanted to punish her for her faulty perception, but she understood enough. That would do.

    In addition, it was obvious that she doubted Skywalker?s competence. She was right in that Skywalker felt certain he could handle whatever was behind the troubles at his Praxeum. His certainty has blinded him, Exar Kun thought. I have to wonder if Palpatine had these thoughts as well. He sensed what she believed to be the forthcoming outcome, and he agreed with her. Her decision to leave was an act of self-preservation, and he could approve of that motivation, so long as one used it to call upon the dark side. In Mara Jade?s case, he thought of her as a coward. She?s no longer worthy of my attention. For her sake, she?s fortunate she?s leaving tomorrow.

    It?s just as well that she?s leaving tomorrow, he thought. Last night, Kyp Durron had found Dr. Qwi Xux on Ithor and confronted her. He succeeded in learning everything he need to know about the Sun Crusher and wiped her mind of that knowledge. Unfortunately, he lacked control and precision. He didn?t just wipe the knowledge of the Sun Crusher from Dr. Qwi Xux?s mind ? he wiped most of her mind. That was a product of his lack of practice and applicable experience.

    Well, no matter, he thought. Qwi Xux had been removed as a potential threat to the New Republic. As an added bonus, he sensed the confusion and despair from both her. As for her bodyguard Wedge Antilles, he sensed more than mere attraction for the scientist from him. Had their relationship become something more? If so, that made the concern he sensed from Antilles all the more satisfying. He had regained most of the strength he had expended from destroying the Tedryn Holocron.

    Now Durron was on his way here, and he would arrive by tomorrow night. He had no time to ponder how to make use of what he had sensed from the Arranda woman and Solusar. He would continue tormenting Streen in his dreams, but nothing more. He needed to prepare for the inevitable encounter between Skywalker
  3. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Auugh! Almost halfway through college term and already I fall behind in several things. DRL, I curse you!

    The last two posts were fantastically dark. I have a sneaking suspicion that when Kyp returns, all of the students will seem lost.
  4. Lady_Halcyon

    Lady_Halcyon Jedi Knight

    May 18, 2009
    I apologize for not replying sooner. Life has been getting in the way.

    Love the window into Kun's dark thoughts. And now Kyp is coming back and Kun is ready to help Kyp cause all kinds of trouble.
  5. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to give my readers time to acknowledge my PM's and catch up. Unfortunately, I can see that plenty of my PM's remain unread. Most likely they're suffering from a huge dose of DRL. So I can only send very few messages to my readers. If any of my regular or semi-regular readers are reading this, can you please check your PM box and read my messages?

    GrandMasterKatarn - If you recall from Dark Apprentice, the other students were asleep, courtesy of Exar Kun.

    LadyHalcyon - I understand why you haven't been posting. You got it, and that'll be coming soon. BTW, what I said about people with unread messages, you're one of them. I sent a notification back on 12/18, and I inadvertently sent it twice. Could you clear them? Thank you.

    Well, we're back to tie-ins with this post. And GMK, you can say goodbye to one of your favorites for now. However, when she leaves, she does so providing you with a lot of laughs.

    The next morning, Mara was in her quarters making certain everything was done. She had packed her belongings into her satchel. Her bed was made, and the Jedi robe she had bought was neatly folded at the foot of the bed. She no longer had any need for it. She managed to get in touch with the New Republic yesterday to arrange for transportation. However, she was still debating if she was fortunate or unfortunate that of all people Lando Calrissian volunteered to pick her up. She?s not going to deny that he?s a good businessman and gambler for the most part. But every time he decided to gamble with his businesses, he fell on his face. That she could tolerate.

    What she couldn?t tolerate from him was his ?ladies-man? attitude. And she was certain he was going to use them to impress and charm her. She also wasn?t going to deny that he was handsome. Unfortunately, it seemed obvious that he didn?t get the message the last time she saw him on Coruscant ? she wasn?t interested. Getting into that kind of relationship would mean she would have to lower her guard and give up her freedom, and she didn?t intend to do that.

    Her reverie ended when she heard knocking on her door. She didn?t need the Force to know who it was. She had been waiting for the chance to talk to him alone ever since she decided to leave. However, she realized that it would be easier for him to come to her rather than for her to go to him. And since they had established a routine, she just stuck with the routine and waited. ?Come in.?

    As she expected, Corran was standing on the other side of the door. ?Ready to go??

    ?Yeah, but not running.?

    She saw Corran notice she was wearing her flightsuit and the status of her bed, Jedi robes, and satchel. He then leaned against the door jamb. ?I thought you told me you weren?t a quitter.?

    She bristled slightly at that remark, but she composed herself. I?m not quitting. I?m just leaving before disaster strikes. As she thought that, she also came up with a way of explaining one of her reasons for leaving. ?I?m not. I?ve learned a lot here, but what I needed to learn isn?t exactly what you need, or what others here need to learn.?

    ?Want to run that by me again, with the help files enabled this time??

    Glad to see he was accepting her explanation, she shifted her weight to her back foot and elaborated. ?When the Empire trained me, I learned a lot of the things all of you are learning. I practiced them and perfected them. You and I have trained together with lightsabers. Do you think I picked all that up in an afternoon or two of quick study??

    She saw Corran shrug, but she thought she caught a glint of humor in his eyes. ?Well, with Kam and me as examples, it?s possible.?

    She twitched her mouth in annoyance as she said, ?Cute, Corran, but you know it?s not true.?

    She saw Corran had the grace to look abashed. ?Okay, score one for Mara Jade.?

    She dredged up some private concerns as she continued. ?My Imperial training directed me to
  6. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Stang, I'm gonna miss Mara. At lest, until she comes back to save Corran's butt. And yeah... thanks JediAlly, I did forget that, probably cos I just didn't like the series as a whole and just preferred I, Jedi.

    All I can say is Lando sure has it coming to him for being so nice and polite and shrugging off her insults.
  7. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    GrandMasterKatarn - Don't worry. I'll be bringing Mara back sooner than that, but it'll be a while yet. Say what you will about Lando, but he's always a gentlemen towards ladies. He acts like that towards Jaina and Anja in the YJK, though he obviously didn't flirt or seek a romance with either of them. And this was before we learned he married Tendra in the interim between the Hand of Thrawn and YJK. A pity we never got to see him try that with Tenel Ka or how she reacted the first time she experienced his charms.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this. First I needed to pry myself away from Final Fantasy XIII. Then there was a small delay as the computer techs put in a new video card to replace the one that burned out on me. Finally, this is another tie-in with I, Jedi, but it's told from a different perspective. So I had to work on shifting the perspective, so as to speak. I also wanted to make certain I mix in enough of Luke from the Thrawn Trilogy, JAT, I, Jedi, Hand of Thrawn, and NJO. You'll see what I mean as you read.

    For the rest of the morning, Luke took the others through their lessons, but his mind and heart weren?t in it. Kyp?s and Mara?s almost back-to-back departures had driven a hole into his being. Years ago, during the Thrawn campaign, he had voiced his concern to Mara over whether or not he would be able to train Jacen and Jaina. He remembered what Obi-Wan had told him on Dagobah about his training his father ? I thought that I could instruct him just as well as Yoda. I was wrong. That admission had a role in his father?s fall to the dark side and had galaxy-spanning consequences. Now it would seem that history was repeating itself. Gantoris was dead, and Kyp was running loose in the galaxy, seething in anger and with great power. As for Mara, she said she learned a lot and that she was worried about the Smuggler?s Alliance, but he was certain something else went wrong with her. He couldn?t keep himself from wondering what he could have done differently in all three cases.

    But his musings came to an abrupt end when Corran confronted him and challenged him to a duel. He sensed no anger in Corran, like he had in Gantoris, so he was glad about that. Kam also explained that there were things Corran could only learn by dueling against a living foe. Since lightasbers would be involved, rather than training sabers or padded wooden swords, Kam said that he felt he lacked sufficient control with his own abilities to duel against Corran safely.

    While he couldn?t argue with Kam?s reasoning, Luke nevertheless felt this was a prelude to further disappointment. Once they entered the hangar bay, Luke tossed his cloak to Kam and took his lightsaber from his belt. ?Thank you, Kam. If you would see to the others for a while.?

    ?As you wish, Master Skywalker.? With that, Kam made his departure. Knowing that Kam was still within earshot, Luke looked up to see Corran also had his lightsaber in his hand. ?We don?t have to do this, Keiran.?

    He saw Corran give him a wry grin as he answered, ?I think we do, Master. And I think you have a question you want to ask.?

    Nodding slowly, Luke asked, ?Is our duel a prelude to your leaving too??

    Igniting his lightsaber, Corran answered, ?Fair question to ask, if I?m leaving or not. You?ve got ample reason to ask it. No, I?m not going anywhere unless, of course, this fight goes badly for one or the other of us.?

    Sensing Kam had left the hangar, Luke ignited his own blade and said, ?Let me see what you have learned.?

    With a disinterested expression on his face, he swung his lightsaber high and to the left to block Corran?s arcing a cut towards his left shoulder. Corran came down and around in a sweeping blow at his left leg, but Luke easily brought his blade down and batted Corran?s aside. Corran then came in quickly as he swung down in an overhead cut. When Luke blocked, Corran pushed in with his right hand and slid his blade down Luke?s until his hilt
  8. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    What happened here? No responses? Did everyone get too hopped up about Easter? Sorry I didn't get back sooner. First was a slight case of writer's block. Then Final Fantasy XIII drew my attention again. Man that game's addicting. Finally there was the release of the final WOTC RPG Sourcebook - The Unknown Regions. Having gone through that, I can now say that my concerns over stopping this and starting over with a "Saga" version have come to an end for the most part. There's still a chance, but that's highly unlikely.

    Well, it's been a long time coming, but here's the last installment of this part, and it's another direct tie-in. It's not the end of the story. There's still one last part and then an epilogue. But for now, let's see the main conflict of Dark Apprentice from a different perspective.

    Exar Kun hovered above the Great Temple, waiting for the inevitable. His disciple had entered the system a short while ago and was on his way to this moon. Even at this distance, he could sense Durron was both determined and eager to carry out his mission tonight. He approved of Durron?s determination; as for his eagerness ? in Exar Kun?s experience, eager individuals were prone to making foolish and hasty choices and actions. He at least approved of Durron?s attempts to contain his eagerness.

    Soon, he saw Durron land Jade?s stolen starfighter on the landing pad in front of the Great Temple. He could sense Durron had no interest in reacquainting with the other students or Skywalker. That was fine, and Exar Kun had taken steps to guarantee this. He subtly nudged the inhabitants into a deep slumber from which they wouldn?t awake until the next morning. He wouldn?t have done this under other circumstances, as it would have tasked him. However, he couldn?t pass up the opportunity to draw upon the outpouring of doubt and despair from Skywalker earlier in the day. As far as Exar Kun was concerned, that display proved Skywalker was unfit to train others in the ways of the Force ? be it dark or light.

    Durron remained in the cockpit for a few moments. He sensed Durron use the Force to twist and melt some of the circuitry within the control panels. He was pleased with what Durron had done. He had taught Durron the same power Jedi Master Arca Jeth had used millennia ago during the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant to short-circuit the internal mechanisms of the Juggernaut droids. Though the mechanisms within the controls were very different from those in the droids, they were just as vulnerable. He was also pleased Durron take precautionary measures. The starfighter had served its purpose, and Durron had no more need for it. By disabling the controls, he ensured no one else would be able to pursue him once he left this moon in the Sun Crusher.

    As he watched Durron ascend the steps, the jungle went deathly quiet. Exar Kun felt dark mirth course through him at this ? it was as if the jungle and its inhabitants were frozen in fear by Durron?s presence. At least the creatures know their place, he thought. He sensed Durron?s anticipation as he ascended, as well as saw glimpses of Durron?s imagination as it conceived glimpses of what transpired on this moon in the distant past. He saw such musings of the past as unnecessary indulgences, but he would allow Durron to have them. It would help keep his mind on what needed to be done.

    The gas giant was rising above the moon?s horizon as Durron neared the apex of the Great Temple. He sensed Durron?s need for vengeance against the Empire and his choice to deliver poetic justice to that which destroyed his life by using one of its greatest weapons against it. By the time Durron reached the apex, the gas giant had risen over the horizon. He raised his arms towards the gas giant.

    ?Exar Kun, help me.?

    He wasn?t surprised by Durron?s request. Full of potential, he was, but he lacked the honed abilities brought on by training and experience. It would take Durron time to search the gas
  9. Lady_Halcyon

    Lady_Halcyon Jedi Knight

    May 18, 2009
    That was deliciously evil. [face_devil]
  10. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    God, what a couple of months. I got a job at KFC (I know, not the best place in the world to work at, but still), college has been hell, and I almost forgot about this fic :(

    Great update. It really gave me the creeps cos it was Exar Kun scheming.
  11. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Ai-yah. DRL held me in a Force grip for a good portion of the past month. First was a slight case of writer's block in that I had trouble with the next post for my other story. Then I managed to get MCP certified in Microsoft Outlook and Access. I come home that night, and wham, my computer says the registry file was lost or corrupted. I get it fixed, and it happened again. I get it fixed again, and it happened again. I managed to transfer all my files to a flash drive as a precaution, as it proved to be a good idea because it happened again. I'm having the drive completely wiped and having Windows 7 put on. I reached the point with my computer where I wasn't going to put up with any more nonsense.

    Lady_Halcyon - Why thank you, m'lady. I live to serve.

    GrandMasterKatarn - Ouch! Looks like you're having as rough a time as I have. And I bet you're crying foul over being forced to work at KFC. Or should I say crying fowl? [face_laugh]

    Well, it's been a long time coming, but here's the beginning of the fourth part of this fanfic. And for the record, I already know there's going to be an epilogue, and I believe both this part and the epilogue shouldn't be as long as the third part. Let's start with another direct tie-in with I, Jedi and the last one for Dark Apprentice.

    The First Test

    Brakiss woke up feeling slightly dazed and wondering why he felt like that. He didn?t recall eating or drinking anything that would have sickened or incapacitated him. He shifted his body so he was sitting upright in his bed. As his mind cleared, he saw a datapad on the floor. Reaching down to pick it up, he saw it was still active. He rubbed his eyes before he began reading what was on the screen.

    Mara Jade
    Update: Subject had left the Jedi Praxeum earlier this morning. Reason for departure ? concern over the coalition of smugglers Talon Karrde created and placed in subject?s control. Agent believes reason to be cover. Actual reason for departure: Unknown.
    Speculation ? Could subject have knowledge of mystery currently present on this moon? Agent is unable to determine certainty of suspicion. If subject did have knowledge, why did subject leave Praxeum? Did subject convey her knowledge to Skywalker? No definite answer to the first question. Agent believes answer to second question is no. Agent must wait for further developments before drawing any new conclusions.

    Realization coursed through him. He remembered adding to his dossiers when he felt a sudden wave of fatigue and fell asleep. He couldn?t believe he had made such a foolish error. He had left an item that would have exposed his cover as a spy out in the open where anyone could have seen it. His superiors would have severely disciplined him for his transgression. He was fortunate that no one had come to check on him.

    He quickly turned off the datapad, removed the datacard, and hid it with his ?library?, as he called the collection of intelligence datacard that he planned to amass, in a hidden alcove he made in his quarters. Once he was certain no one who entered his room would notice, he made his way to the mess hall. Along the way, he began feeling very uneasy. At first, he thought he was silently berating himself for his near-blunder. In the past, he made a habit of reminding himself of his mistakes as a means of drilling himself not to repeat them in the future. He soon came to realize that it wasn?t just that; something else was bothering him, and he couldn?t identify the source.

    When he got to mess hall, he went to get his morning meal. He saw the Arranda siblings were also getting their meals and gave them a nod. Zak returned his nod, but Tash didn?t. That was unusual ? Tash was usually more perceptive.

    ?Hey, Tash,? he heard Zak ask. ?Are you feeling alright this morning??

    Tash gave a moan of negation.

    ?Something you ate last night not agreeing with you??

    ?No, Zak,? Tash snapped in frustration.

    Brakiss caugh
  12. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Well, it was both really. And DRL has hit me with another blow. I am once again unemployed cos my manager said I was too slow at packing and taking orders. Instead of retraining me as a real manager would do, they fired me after three and a half weeks working there.

    As for the post. Brilliant. Love Brakiss trying to rationalize everything in his head. Can't wait to find out what happens next from another/different POV.
  13. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Just found this story and I LOVE it! Keep up the good work!
  14. -DDR-

    -DDR- Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 2007
    Sorry, I fell behind took control again. Great posts. Relly enjoying the way you write all the characters in this story, and it's good to see people like Kam getting more screen time. Ah the good old days....
  15. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Aye, carramba! An entire month had passed by my eyes. Computer issues still plagued me until the middle of the month. Then the other usual real-life hindrances, including a storm that knocked out power for over a day. Anyway, I'm back.

    GrandMasterKatarn - it would seem your manager is demonstrating the level of competence that all underlings expect, leaving you wondering how he got the job in the first place. And no offense, but it's good you got out of KFC. My dad and I used to get takeouts from there, but we stopped. The food was great, but the customer service was poor because they kept making mistakes.

    Master_Fay_Fan - glad to see another noob. If you like this, I invite you to read my other stories. The links are in my signature or on earlier pages of this thread.

    -DDR- - looks like we're all victims of DRL. I have several scenes where Kam is a central character in mind. One will be coming soon, but others will be towards the end.

    I decided to make this post short for two reasons. First, I wanted to get something in after a month-long delay and before someone decided to lock this thread as being no longer worked on. Second, it a tie-in with I, Jedi, but in light of the scene in I, Jedi, I decided to split it up into two parts.

    In his office at Rogue Squadron Headquarters, Tycho Celchu was at his desk looking over the reports that had been compiled on Leonia Tavira and her pirate group ? the Invids. He knew Leonia Tavira, for Rogue Squadron had faced her in the past. Born into poverty on Eiattu Six, she became the mistress of the Grand Moff in charge of that world. When Moff Tavira?s wife died, she married the Moff. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Moff suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and mute. Allergy to bacta hampered the Moff?s recovery, but he regained enough use of his arms and hands to handle a blaster and commit suicide. Leonia Tavira assumed the title of Moff and took over until Rogue Squadron came to Eiattu Six and helped install Plourr Ilo, the rightful heir, back to the throne.

    She later tried to kidnap then Leia Organa during a diplomatic visit to Eiattu Six in an attempt to curry favor with Ysanne Isard, but that backfired spectacularly. Her agents had mistakenly captured Winter, who was disguised as Leia, and he was kidnapped along with her. The two then engineered their own escape from the Kavil?s Corsairs? base on Axxila and reunited with the rest of the Rogues.

    He knew that she was willing to do whatever it took to gain and maintain power. Despite reports that the Moff committed suicide, there were strong suspicions that Leonia Tavira had a role in the Moff?s demise; just as there were rumors she was responsible for the Moff?s first wife. She benefitted from her time with the Kavil?s Corsair, since she?s now leading a group of pirates, and they?re making strikes against New Republic space. There?s nothing in the reports to suggest she has the support of any of the Imperial factions. Nor is there anything to suggest she?s supporting any of them; however, considering she acquired her flagship ? the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invidious ? when she briefly served under High Admiral Treuten Teradoc after Axxila, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

    She started to gain the New Republic?s attention again. In recent months, a number of traps had been set in order to capture her, and while some of her forces had been captured or destroyed, her main force, and Tavira in particular, have eluded capture. And those who had been captured were deemed expendable and were set up. Corran?s former CorSec partner Iella Wessiri led the effort to locate any spies on Coruscant who were working for her, but the endeavor yielded nothing. General Airen Cracken reluctantly agreed with Corran when he said, ?If Iella can?t find a spy, there isn?t a spy.?

    Cracken was forced to turn to more unorthodox methods in order to locate Tavira, and one of those methods included Mirax. She had volunteered her
  16. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Happy Fourth. Wow, things have happened fast, or has it been that long? I loved seeing this scene from I, Jedi from Tycho's pov. I always wondered what he thought when he heard Corran say that. Great post, can't wait for more

    Still no new job, still looking. Everyplace is full for the summer.
  17. Lady_Halcyon

    Lady_Halcyon Jedi Knight

    May 18, 2009
    Sorry I haven't replied in a while. Real life can really get in the way of anything fun. Nice to see that scene from Tycho's POV. He doesn't get enough attention in profic. I can't wait for the next installment. I wondered why no one was suspicious that "Kieran" contacted the miltary and Cracken or why Rogue leader offered to let him blow up a temple or two.
  18. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Ouch! Once again DRL kept me at bay. A thunderstorm knocked out power and damaged my motherboard, so I had to get a whole new computer. Then other things kept getting in the way. I wanted to post this two days ago on my birthday, but I got sidetracked.

    GrandMasterKatarn - glad you liked that scene. The next one shouldn't disappoint you either.

    Lady_Halcyon - I hear you about real life. As for your questions, remember that only Artoo was with Corran when he contacted Rogue Squadron, but he sent Artoo away. So no one knew that he contacted them. As for Tycho offering Corran a chance to strafe Exar Kun's temple, I'll address that in a later post.

    Let's get back to the story and pick it up from where we left of in I, Jedi with another tie-in with that novel.

    General Airen Cracken was currently looking over the latest intelligence reports concerning Imperial fleet movements when he received a signal from his holocomm. He saw that it was coming from Rogue Squadron Headquarters, and understood why this wasn?t going to his aide first. Shortly after the final death of Palpatine, Mon Mothma had placed Admiral Hiram Drayson in charge of a clandestine agency known as Alpha Blue. Their task was to perform secret intelligence and special operations missions without being mired by committees and ministries within the government. In doing this, agents would be able to insure that vital intelligence would be delivered directly to the right people so they would be able to have all the information before making a decision without worrying that the intelligence would be lost in bureaucratic mire. He was aware of Alpha Blue?s existence, and though he didn?t know the specifics of their operation, he knew he could rely on Drayson?s judgment. One of the first actions Drayson performed was the creation of a series of special communication channels. By accessing this channel, one would be able to get in direct contact with someone without going through time-costing bureaucratic formalities. Drayson gave him one, and he gave this channel to both Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu.

    Since Antilles was away with Dr. Qwi Xux, he knew that Celchu was contacting him. ?Yes, Colonel??

    ?General, I have Captain Horn on the line. He said he has something vital he needs to talk to you about.?

    ?Did he say what he needs to talk to me about??

    ?No sir, but you know Corran would never sound an alarm unless it was absolutely necessary.?

    True, he thought. Corran was one of the few individuals whose judgment he trusted implicitly. ?Very well, Colonel. Patch him through.? As he waited, he wondered what was so urgent that Horn needed to tell him. Having seen Skywalker and Venlyss Pnorr in action, he knew it was possible that one who could use the Force could see into the future. Could Horn have seen something that could let us outmaneuver Tavira, or at the very least a lead to his wife that could lead us to Tavira? He pushed those thoughts aside when Horn?s face appeared. ?Colonel Celchu suggested you had something urgent for me.?

    He saw Horn give a quick nod before speaking. ?You remember that Sun Crusher you thought you?d taken care of by dumping it in the Yavin gas giant.?

    His intent expression deepened as it turned grave. ?I don?t like the sound of that question, Captain.? That?s a mild understatement, he thought.

    ?Then you?re really going to hate the reason I?m asking it. Some time past midnight local time, person or persons unknown arrived on Yavin Four. They confronted Master Skywalker, defeated him, and departed again. They left behind a Z-95 Headhunter with the controls destroyed. Kyp Durron, one of the few, if only, people who knows how to pilot that Sun Crusher, was last seen in possession of the Headhunter in question. I don?t have tissue samples and fingerprints to prove he was in it when it arrived here yet, but, trust me, he was.?

    Cracken felt his face sag and his mouth open as he considered what he had jus
  19. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Feb 8, 2008
    Finally able to reply. Sorry it took so long.

    And now we have Cracken's POV :D I love it!
  20. JediAlly

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    GrandMasterKatarn - Looks like DRL struck you harder with this story than with TYST.

    So sorry for the delay again. DRL struck again, or rather continued. But the DRL took the form of me serving as caretaker for my father. Right now, he's in the hospital and will begin physical therapy soon. I have a short reprieve, so I'm taking it.

    And now we get to something that Corran mentioned in I, Jedi. If you enjoyed Cracken's POV, GrandMasterKatarn, you should enjoy this one.

    Cilghal stood in the communications center, waiting for an answer to her signal. As much as she knew the forthcoming conversation was necessary, she also didn?t want to be the one to deliver the news. Unfortunately, Keiran was correct ? she would be able to deliver the news in a proper manner, and she did know the individual she was trying to contact.

    As she waited, she reflected on how the day transpired since they had discovered Master Skywalker?s body. While Keiran went to contact Coruscant, Kam, Kyle, Keyan, and Zak carried Master Skywalker?s body down the steps while using the Force to make certain their pace was steady. The others went ahead to clear the way by opening any doors. After they got him into the chamber, Keiran arrived after making arrangements for a medical team to arrive in the morning. Tash wanted to retrieve several data disks containing information that would help me use the Force to care for Master Skywalker, and then return to conduct further research on the data disks for any case similar to Master Skywalker?s.

    However, Keyan suggested that they should make certain that the Temple was secure first. It was a suggestion everyone agreed on. Using their eyes and the Force, the search lasted for fifteen minutes, and they found nothing. Kam and Tash then suggested they search the other nearby temples. Tash volunteered to go, given her special sensitivity, and for similar reasons, Streen went as well. The others volunteered except for Cilghal, since she was needed to look after Luke. In the end, it was decided that Keiran, Kyle, Kirana Ti, and Brakiss would accompany them. They would head for the Palace of the Woolamander first. After that area was secured, Keiran would escort Streen and Tash to the Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster, while the other three remained at the Palace of the Woolamander to make certain anyone who might be hiding at the Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster wouldn?t find shelter at the Palace of the Woolamander. While they did that, Kam and Keyan remained at the Temple as guards while she looked after Master Skywalker and Tionne, Zak, and Dorsk 81 began searching through the data disks.

    Their searches yielded the same results ? no sign of Kyp having ever been there, past or present. That would have been the last of the developments for the day, except for one thing. After they had returned, Kam went to check Master Skywalker?s lightsaber. But when he pressed the activation button, the lightsaber didn?t ignite. Having had the most experience with lightsabers, he carefully disassembled it in order to see if there was any damage. He found nothing but a drained power cell. After he reassembled the lightsaber and hooked it into the power system to recharge, he informed the others of his findings.

    ?The power cell was dead?? Keyan asked.

    ?I hooked it into the Temple?s power system so it?s recharging now,? Kam said. ?But yes, it was.?

    ?That doesn?t make any sense,? Zak commented. ?The few times Luke ?er I mean Master Skywalker turned on his lightsaber, it worked fine. And he used it ever since Endor, so it?s not like it was ever defective.?

    Kam nodded, and then looked at Keiran. ?Master Skywalker said that you two sparred with your lightsabers yesterday.?

    ?Yeah, and it was working fine.? Kam continued to look at Keiran. Keiran then held his hands up. ?Hey, wait a minute. You?re not thinking that our sparring session drained the power from his lightsaber? No way. The session didn?t last long enough for that
  21. GrandMasterKatarn

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    I am sorry for your father. I will keep him in my thoughts. Take your time. DRL is keeping havoc on my life at the moment. It was rather nice to read a fanfic from which i havent read in a while. I love having Cilghals POV. I hope your father recovers.
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    Ditto. Hope your father gets better. And keep up the good work here.
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    GrandMasterKatarn, Master_Fay_Fan, thank you both for your concerns. My dad did get into a rehab center, and was doing well at first, but then had a relapse in his recovery. They didn't do much about it. In addition, my dad lost about 20 pounds while he was in the hospital, so they put him on a diet that would help him regain the lost weight and his strength. I saw some of the meals, and frankly they had much to be desired. The result - he lost another twenty pounds. That was enough. We decided to get him out of there two days ago. We got registered to a home therapy program that will hopefully get some better results. There's another health issue that needs to be addressed, but we won't know what path to take until a follow-up meeting a week from this coming Tuesday.

    In any event, in light of the recent turmoil, I decided to post what I got done. It's not much, but I think you'll like it. It's a prelude of sorts to a scene in I, Jedi, and it also makes a reference to an issue that was brought up in Shield of Lies. See if you can figure out what that issue is.

    The next morning, Kam was at the landing pad with Cilghal, waiting for the medical ship to arrive. As they stood there, he thought about what he should do next. The only ones at the Academy who were in a position to teach were himself, Master Skywalker, and Kyle. Even though Kyle was struggling with his past, he did help Keiran with his energy absorption ability. However, he was certain Kyle wasn?t willing to go any further. With Master Skywalker incapacitated, he was now in charge of their training. He was willing to teach the others, but it was under Master Skywalker?s direction. He was willing to experiment with the training methods and lessons he had received in his youth to see if they could still be of use in this new Jedi order. But again, he would do so under Master Skywalker?s direction. This was Master Skywalker?s academy, and he was here more as a student than as a teacher. Considering everything that's happened, I?ll play safe. I won?t teach them anything new, but I will have them work on and perfect what they already know.

    He stopped any further musings when he heard Cilghal say, ?There it is.? He looked up and saw a ship coming in, but something seemed odd about it. Realization struck. ?Wait a minute. That?s not a supply ship.?

    ?It?s not?? he heard Cilghal ask.

    Shaking his head, he elaborated. ?It?s too small. Even if a handful of individuals made up the medical team, there?s also the equipment they would need. And it would require more cargo space than that ship would have.?

    He looked to see Cilghal had closed her eyes. ?You?re right. There are only a few individuals on that ship, but I sense they?re focused and somewhat secretive.?

    Kam wanted Cilghal to elaborate, but kept quiet while the ship began its landing procedures. A few minutes later, the crew departed, and one approached them. ?Are you Skywalker?s students??

    ?Yes. I am Kam Solusar.?

    ?And I am Cilghal, ambassador for Mon Calamari,? he heard her say in her gentle voice. ?And you are??

    ?NRI survey team. General Cracken ordered us to conduct a survey the gas giant.?

    ?General Airen Cracken? Does he know what?s going on here? How did he find out?? Kam asked. He mentally answered his last question ? one of Cracken?s agents must have detected Keiran?s signal and relayed it to him.

    He and Cilghal watched as the agent seemed to consider his response. ?I do not have that information.?

    ?If he sent you to survey the gas giant, he did that in order to determine if the Sun Crusher is still there. Is it?? he heard Cilghal ask.

    ?The survey team?s findings are on a need-to-know basis.?

    When the agent remained silent, it became apparent to Kam that the agent didn?t consider him or Cilghal as people who needed to know. Tossing any sense of tact aside, he said, ?You have your orders, but considering the situation, and the pot
  24. GrandMasterKatarn

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    I'm gonna go ahead and guess that it's the Jedi Soldiers issue. It's been a while since I read that particular novel, let alone that series.

    I will keep your father in my prayers as well as my own great grandma. She's losing :( She can no longer distinguish that great grandpa and auntie sharon are dead and have been so for years. I'm afraid we may lose her in the next 3 to 6 months.
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    GrandMasterKatarn - first off, let me convey my condolences on your great grandmother. From what you're saying, I guess she has Alzheimer's or is suffering from something that's making her amnesic. And you called it about the Jedi soldiers issue. I remembered that Senator, one of Leia's supporters, coming in and say, "Hey, why not let Luke solve the problem with the Yevethans. He does that, and the Senate will be behind you again." This issue came back to trouble Luke and the Jedi again during the first half of the NJO, nad then again in the Dark Next Crisis. At first, I'm seeing Luke's wish to have the Jedi independent of the NR in order to give the Jedi more flexibility. Jedi serve the gallaxy, not the NR. Now I have to wonder if Luke did that in order to make certain his students don't end up in the same position the Prequel Jedi did when Order 66 happened. Unfortunately, they nearly did during the Vong War, and they're facing it again the FOTJ series. And sadly, that happened yet again in the future during the Legacy comics.

    Well, my father's still here, and I'm now getting home hospice to come in and help. It makes things a little easier, but not much. I'll take advantage of the opening and make the next post. It's not a scary one, nor is the theme appropriate for Halloween, so that's one reason why I didn't make the post on Halloween. Next, I had to decide which kind of transport Tycho would use, and I needed one large enough to transport the cargo and be capable of firing proton torpedoes.

    It was towards noon that a Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport approached the landing field. As the craft shut down, several of the students and Artoo made their way out of the hangar to greet the crew.

    ?Could this be the ship carrying the medical team?? Dorsk 81 asked.

    ?Let?s hope so,? Tash said.

    ?At the very least, let it not be another of General Cracken?s intelligence teams,? Zak added. Glancing at Tionne, he mentally added, or should I say interrogation team.

    Tionne was still unsettled by the interview she had with the intelligence agent. The agent wasn?t satisfied with her answers, or in some cases lack of answers. It got to the point where the agent almost accused her of being in league with Master Skywalker?s attackers. Fortunately, Kam and Lieutenant Morrs arrived to inform the agent that Morrs had delivered his report to General Cracken. The agent seemed ready to continue with Tionne, but relented when he realized General Cracken would probably want him to return to Coruscant as soon as possible. That, and look on Kam?s face told him in no uncertain terms that the interview was over.

    When the cargo hatch opened, Corran kept his face neutral and his thoughts disciplined as Tycho Celchu made his way down the ramp. Zak recognized him immediately. ?Colonel Tycho Celchu? What are you doing here??

    Tycho gave him a measured look. ?I?m here to transport the medical team and some additional supplies.?

    Zak shook his head. ?I figured that. I meant I didn?t expect you to be here. I thought you?d be leading Rogue Squadron in Wedge?s absence against one of the Imperial warlords.?

    ?You?ll have to forgive him,? Tash said while giving Zak a disapproving look. ?He?s not very diplomatic and tends to speak without thinking.?

    ?Hey!? Zak said while looking at Tash with a wounded expression.

    ?When I received word of Master Skywalker being hurt, I did what I could to get this together.? He then gave Tash an appraising look. ?You?re from Alderaan, aren?t you??

    With a surprised expression, Tash answered. ?Why, yes.? She then gestured towards Zak. ?My brother and I both are.?

    ?There?s an air about you similar to what I?ve seen from Princess Leia and Winter.? Tycho then gave a small smile. ?And that look you gave your brother ? I?ve seen Leia do that to Han from time to time.?

    ?Well, Han will be Han,? Zak bantered.

    Chuckling in agreement, Tash went forward to greet T