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Beyond - Legends A Gathering of Light (EU, Jedi, concurrent with JAT and I, Jedi) PG-13 (Double updated 3/19/2012)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediAlly, May 6, 2004.

  1. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    DRL is rather annoying, isn't it? Sorry to hear bout you two. Hope everything works out for everyone. With the story, I LOVE it! Keep up the good work JediAlly! Just a question, will you add some other EU Jedi? For example, K'khruhk and his group of survivors, Tra'a Saa, or Quinlan Vos and his family? And what about Aginos and the Iron Knights or Ikrit or even Vima? Just interesting in knowing is all. Sorry for asking so many questions. Again, keep up the good work! :D And good luck IRL.

  2. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Master_Fay_Fan, thanks for your concern. However, that's not very likely, as my father had decided to stop seeing any more doctors and stop taking medications about a week after he got back home. He has made his peace, basically, and it's now a waiting game. Personally, I believe that with the combination of atrial fibrilation, anemia, and diabetes, he'll be very lucky to see 2011.

    Your question about other EU Jedi actually reminded me that I forgot to say something last time, so I'll address both of them right now. I made a cameo reference to Ikrit earlier in the story - when Kirana Ti, the Arrandas, and Tionne went to the Palace of the Woolamanders. We know K'Kruhk and T'ra Saa will join the Order during the Legacy era. But right now, I believe T'ra Saa is a tree on Anzat at the site of Tholme's grave. K'Kruhk, Chase Piru, the children who accompanied the two, Noirah Na, and Kai Hudorra are currently in EU limbo. So are Quinlan Vos and his family, as well as Vima-Da-Boda and Dass Jennir; however, based on the Legacy comic, I believe the Vos family might be on Kiffu at the moment. I don't know if Vima-Da-Boda is still alive or has died. As for Dass Jennir, he's in the same spot as Galen Marek, aka Starkiller, and Rahm Kota. Their stories are still ongoing and haven't come to a definite end. Until they do, I can't bring them in, since I want to be EU compliant. I made a reference to Quinlan Vos earlier, and Kam might know about K'Kruhk and T'ra Saa. So while I can't bring them into the story, I can refer to them either in terms of a history lesson or as a reference. Same thing goes with Starkiller and Kota, because Leia and Mon Mothma knew them. Leia will be arriving at Yavin Four soon, and I do plan to bring Mon Mothma in towards the end of the story. I have yet to decide if I'll refer to Starkiller and Kota. Now as for Aqinos and the Iron Knights, I actually made references to the latter and brought in the former in my other fanfic - Tionne's Yavin System Tour, which is complete. So go read that fanfic and post your comment.

    Well, let's get back to the story with another short post. I made it based on a reference in I, Jedi, and I think you'll like how it ends.

    Cilghal, Dorsk 81, and Tionne were standing off to the side watching the med team examine Master Skywalker. When she saw Tionne and Dorsk 81 bring them into the chamber and learned who they were, she stopped her treatment on the Jedi Master. They were all hoping that the medics might find something in their examinations that could point to a cure or treatment for Master Skywalker.

    The team soon finished their examination and turned to face the assembled Jedi.

    ?Have you found anything?? Dorsk 81 asked with a tinge of hope in his voice.

    ?His life signs are steady and strong,? the chief medic said. ?There are no obvious signs of physical trauma.?

    ?But I have already informed you of that,? Cilghal responded. ?There?s nothing wrong with his body. His presence, his self is not there.?

    ?Our analysis suggests he has fallen into a coma, though we haven?t found a cause for it,? a med-tech explained.

    ?You examined him with science,? Cilghal explained. ?The Force transcends science. You don?t need to see or sense it to know it?s there. Just as you don?t need to see the molecules of your medicines to know they?re there.? The medics and droids looked at each other in confusion. In an attempt to make her point, Cilghal touched the Force and levitated any loose instruments they had on their person. She sensed Tionne and Dorsk 81 join her in doing the same. They then placed the instruments back onto the crates.

    The chief medic, looking slightly intimidated, turned to face a Too-One Bee droid. ?Was there any sign of brain trauma??

    ?Negative. My analysis found no signs of such trauma. My analysis did find a slight deposition of minerals on the bones from his bloodstream. That?s a sign he suffered calcification, brought on by exposure to a high-strength
  3. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Sorry I've been away so long. Great posts. I loved them.

    EDIT: took me a while to get back, but...i hope when the time comes for your dad, that it is peaceful.
  4. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Good to know JediAlly. And great stuff! Keep it up! :D And good luck with your personal life as well.
  5. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    To my readers and lurkers, this post is to inform you that I will be putting this fanfic on hold. My father died tonight at 10:12. Fortunately, he died peacefully. While I might be jotting down notes and thoughts, I don't see myself getting back to this until next year. I ask that the administrators not lock this, but if you do, please PM me so I know that I need to contact you to unlock this when the time is right. Thank you for your patience and support.
  6. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    I'm sorry for your loss. Good to know he went peacefully and not screaming...sorry. I get carried away sometimes. I wish you luck during your year to take solace and time away for your fathers funeral. I wish you the best of luck. See you in a year or there abouts.
  7. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Sorry to hear that JediAlly. My thoughts go out with you and your family. Take all the time you need.

  8. EGKenobi

    EGKenobi Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 27, 2005
    Just read this in one go.

    Love it, please PM me when you update this.

  9. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    First off, I'd like to thank my readers for their condolences. Thankfully, most of the work involved in setting the affairs in order is now complete. I've done everything I can. Now it's in the lawyer's hands. The house, though, still feels empty.

    EGKenobi, welcome aboard. So you read this in one go on Christmas. Glad you enjoyed it.

    So here's the first post of the New Year. I should point out that there's a slight tie-in with I, Jedi at the end.

    By late afternoon, the shuttle had returned from its survey. Everyone had gathered at the shuttle to greet Tash and Streen as they disembarked. Both of them were staggering down the ramp.

    Zak quickly made his way to Tash and supported her weight. ?Wow, Tash. The last time I saw you like this, it was after you did a late-night cram and had an exam.?

    ?I actually wish I felt that good right now.? She turned to see Kirana Ti had gone to support Streen.

    ?So how did the survey go?? Kam asked.

    ?There?s no one else on the moon,? Streen answered. ?Aside from everyone here, all I could sense is the native wildlife.?

    ?Unless someone is here and is somehow shielding themselves from detection,? Brakiss commented.

    ?That?s not particularly encouraging,? Keyan commented.

    ?Encouraging or not, it?s a valid concern,? Corran answered.

    Keyan had to admit he was right.

    ?What about the other part of your survey,? Kyle asked Tash.

    ?The dark side presence seems to be spread out across the moon. In most cases, it?s enough to be considered ?background radiation?, if you get my meaning. We did find a good number of places where it?s ?concentrated? or ?focused?.? Tash placed her hand on her left breast pocket. ?I got the coordinates on a datachip. From what we could see on the sensors, there are temples at each of the locations.?

    ?Which means we would have to go and search each of those temples,? Kyle suggested.

    ?Well we can cross the Great Temple, the Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster, and the Palace of the Woolamander off the list,? Tionne said encouragingly.

    ?But that still leaves a good number of possibilities,? Dorsk 81 added.

    ?And unfortunately Colonel Celchu needs to get the med team back to Coruscant,? Kyle said.

    ?Actually, I don?t think our search will be that extensive,? Corran said.

    ?What makes you say that?? Kirana Ti asked.

    ?Think about it. Kyp spent most of his time alone here at or near the Temple. Only once was he away from the Temple, and Dorsk 81 was with him. They stayed out overnight, but returned the next morning. There was definitely not enough time for him to reach a temple some distance away. The other side of the moon, for instance.?

    The others had to admit that what Keiran had said made sense and was true.

    ?So the first thing we need to do is to look at the map and identify the nearest temple besides the ones we?ve searched already,? Keyan said.

    ?We can do that, but nothing else,? Kam said. ?It?s too risky to send someone out to one of those temples without sufficient backup, and we can?t risk leaving Master Skywalker alone.?

    ?Unfortunately, Kam is correct,? Cilghal said. She saw varying degrees of agreement in the others.

    ?Actually, the first thing we?re going to do is take Tash and Streen inside so they can rest,? Kirana Ti said.

    ?Streen can get some rest, but I can?t,? Tash said. ?I need to get back to the data disks.?

    ?No, Tash,? Zak said. ?You?re taking a break.?

    ?Not while Master Skywalker is in his current condition,? Tash insisted.

    ?You may have greater control of the Force than I do, but you don?t have the reserves to stave off sleep and fatigue for days. You can keep them away for a little while, but it?ll eventually catch up to you. And you?ll be no good to our search if you?re fatigued,? Zak said.


    ?Tash, for once, do what I say,? Zak insisted in a firm voice. ?Get something to eat, get cleane
  10. EGKenobi

    EGKenobi Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 27, 2005
    Great update.

    I like how you're weaving this in with the Jedi Academy series, and I Jedi. I must confess to not having read I Jedi, so I probably won't get a lot of the references. I know it involves Corran Horn, but that's about it. But excellent writing as ever.

    And happy new year :)

  11. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Great post JediAlly! And welcome back.
  12. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Welcome back JediAlly. Loved the new post. Can't wait for more.
  13. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    First off, thank you all for your greetings.

    EGKenobi - maybe you should go and read I, Jedi in order to get the references down. It'll be helpful because I can see more tie-ins with that novel before this fanfic is over.

    Next, I like to make an acknowledgment. I credit this next part to an idea proposed over five years ago by Grand Admiral Wettengel, one of the early readers. Unfortunately, he disappeared completely from the boards. In fact, he might no longer be a member of these forums. If any of you have any means of contacting him, please do so he would know about this post - the fruit of his idea.

    In a remote area of the Outer Rim Territories, a lone Star Destroyer was drifting in the void between the stars. Normally, this ship would provoke an almost literal stab of fear upon the enemies of the Empire. However, the fearsome visage of this ship had been scarred and scorched. Portions of the outer armor had boiled away, leaving the ship vulnerable. The commanding officer, however, refused to accept this reality, and had ordered the crew to work nonstop until the Gorgon was repaired.

    Currently, the commanding officer was in her private office, looking over the damage reports. Her name was Admiral Natasi Daala. During her time at the Imperial Academy on Carida, she proved to be a talented student. However, because she was a woman in a male-dominated military, she was repeatedly passed over for promotion. To vent her frustrations, she created a false computer identity, and through this persona was able to defeat many high-ranking officers, including some of her instructors, in simulated battles. The tactics she came up with were integrated into the Imperial military, yet none was aware of her true identity.

    That all changed when then Moff Wilhuff Tarkin came to Carida to meet with the gifted tactician. In the course of his investigation, he discerned her true identity. Her superiors had wanted to punish her for the deception, but she had gained Tarkin?s interests. He took her as his personal protégé and expanded on her education. Soon, the two became lovers.

    As the years passed, Tarkin became Grand Moff and used his influence create the Maw Installation, his personal think-tank. He promoted her to Admiral, assigned four Imperial I-class Star Destroyers ? Basilisk, Gorgon, Hydra, and Manticore, to her command, and charged her with protecting the hidden facility in the Maw Cluster. She was ordered never to abandon her post or break communication silence except under his orders. He last left her ten years earlier, and she had no contact with him or the Empire since.

    All that changed weeks ago when an Imperial shuttle entered the Maw. Believing it to be an emissary from Tarkin, she and the rest of the crew were surprised to find Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Kyp Durron aboard. Interrogating Han Solo, she learned what had transpired over the past decade ? the death of Tarkin and the Emperor, the collapse of the Empire, and the rise of the New Republic. In a desire for revenge, she ordered Solo and Chewbacca kept prisoner, Durron?s execution, and her forces ready to leave the Maw to engage the New Republic.

    But her plans fell apart. One of her top scientists, Qwi Xux, the creator of the Sun Crusher, freed them, and together they stole the Sun Crusher. During their escape, they flew the Sun Crusher through the command tower of the Hydra, destroying the bridge and causing the ship to fall out of control into a black hole. The ensuing pursuit led her ships into an ambush arranged by what she had presumed to have been a Rebellion task force. It was actually a band of smugglers, and though they routed the smugglers, the Basilisk suffered major damage. Worse yet, Durron made an escape during the conflict, taking the Sun Crusher to the Rebel leaders.

    When the Basilisk had been repaired, she led her ships on raids against New Republic shipping which culminated in the destructio
  14. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    No responses? Guess everyone's hiding out at their homes, keeping out of the cold and snow. Anyway, here's the next part, and it's a short filler of sorts. I think there will be one more filler before I start tying in with the novels again.

    Walking at a brisk pace, Tycho made his way into General Cracken?s office. ?Is General Cracken here??

    The aide looked up and said, ?Yes, he is.?

    Tycho started to make his way into the other room when the aide said, ?I?m sorry, sir. The general is currently meeting with someone.?

    ?I have information he would want to know.?

    ?That may be, but the general is currently meeting with someone.?

    Tycho spent the next few moments arguing with the aide before the comlink on the aide?s desk pinged. The aide went to answer it. ?Sir??

    ?What?s going on out there?? Craken asked.

    ?I?m sorry, sir, but Colonel Celchu is here, and he?s insisting on seeing you. I told him that you were??

    ?It?s alright. He can come in.?

    The aide looked at Tycho and said, ?You may proceed.?

    Tycho went in and was surprised at who else was in the office. ?Wedge? What are you doing here? I thought you were traveling about with Dr. Xux.? Remembering who else was in the room, he looked at General Cracken. ?I?m sorry, General. I was caught off guard by??

    Cracken waved his hand in dismissal. ?It?s alright, Colonel. It?s just as well that you?re here. General Antilles, would you please answer the colonel?s question??

    Glancing at Cracken for a second, Wedge turned his attention towards Tycho. ?Well, as you said, Tycho, I was traveling the galaxy with Dr. Xux. After we stopped at Vortex to see how the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Winds was proceeding, I took her to Ithor. The first few days we were there, we enjoyed out stay. I escorted her to her room the night before last, and things were fine.? Wedge chose to leave out how he had fallen for the scientist and kissed her before saying goodnight. ?The next morning, I went to her room to see if she was up. When she didn?t answer, I went in, thinking there might be something wrong. I found her huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth with her hands on her head.?

    Tycho became alarmed at that. ?Was she alright? What happened??

    ?I don?t know what happened exactly, but she wasn?t alright. It took her a few moments to remember who I was, but not because she had to break through her shock. She had lost her memory. Except for a few fragments, she had forgotten her entire life.?

    ?What?? Tycho said as he took a seat. ?Did she suffer some injury or emotional shock??

    Wedge shook his head. ?After I calmed her down, I took her to the nearest medcenter. The docs found no evidence of internal injuries, poisons, or drugs. No ordinary signs of trauma to the head that could induce amnesia. No evidence that she suffered some sort of psychological trauma resulting in amnesia.?

    ?Wait,? Tycho interrupted, ?you said no ordinary signs of trauma.?

    ?The scans found bruising on her scalp and skull, suggesting that someone with the strength of a Wookie placed their hand on her head and put it in a vice grip with their fingers.? He reached over to Tycho and demonstrated what the intruder might have done to Qwi.

    Tycho brushed Wedge?s hand away once he got the idea. ?Is there anything the doctors can do for her??

    ?I checked her in to Fleet Medical when we got here this morning. Aside from the bruising, they can?t tell what happened to her. They?re still examining her and exploring possibilities, but their initial prognosis is poor. The chances of her recovery??

    ?Wedge, I?m sorry,? Tycho offered.

    ?I?ll have agents investigate the hotel where General Antilles and Dr. Xux were staying,? General Cracken said. ?However, I find it highly unlikely that an Imperial agent was behind this assault. They would attempt to kidnap the doctor, and would only resort to killing her as an absolute last
  15. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Great updates. I like'd em both. DRL is a pain in my backside. College is worse. Can't wait for more.
  16. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    GrandMasterKatarn - Glad to see you liked them, and sorry about college. Freshman year, right? Depending on where you are and what major/minor you're pursuing, that'll tell you how much of a ringer the first year will be.

    Got caught up in some games, but I got this together. I wanted it to be longer, but I also wanted to keep in continuity with the JAT and I, Jedi. It'll be the last filler before we get back to the main story.

    It had been several days since Han learned what happened to Luke, and he had been eager to get to his side. Yet he knew that Leia needed to get herself free from the tangled webs and tapes of politics. He wouldn?t deny that she was a skilled politician, but there were many times he wished he could if not get her away from politics completely, then at least somehow shift some of her attention away from it. While he understood the need for politics, he was never a fan of it like his wife was. He recalled the numerous missions he and Leia went on to recruit members into the Rebel Alliance, or to smooth relations between several groups. That one mission to the Shelsha sector stood out prominently. After evacuating the Rebel listening post in that sector on Teardrop, Mon Mothma and General Carlist Rieekan wanted him, Luke, and Leia to go back to that sector and meet with the main Rebel cells because of rising tensions between them. Fortunately, Han luckily got pulled from that task and was assigned to investigate the pirate activity which was hampering their and Imperial supply lines in that sector. His search brought them in contact with a squad of stormtroopers who had deserted and decided to function as a group of independent soldiers wishing to help people. Unfortunately, all of them soon found themselves at the sector capital of Shelkonwa, which was where Leia had gone.

    There were three main Rebel cells in the Shelsha sector: the Republic Redux, the smallest group, which consisting primarily of second-tier Adarians like its leader Yeeru Chivkyrie; the Shining Hope, who had an Ishi Tib named Thillis Slanni as its director of planning; and the Freedonna Kaisu, led by the Mungra Ydor Vokkoli. Chivkyrie had talked with Vilim Disra, the chief administrator of the sector, and was convinced that the sector governor Barshnis Choard wanted to secede from the Empire. Freedonna Kaisu believed that the Empire would send in a fleet to subjugate Shelkonwa and Choard should he secede unless the Rebel Alliance could meet the supposed fleet. Shining Hope, on the other hand, wasn?t certain if Disra or Choard could be trusted or that the Rebel Alliance had the resources to aid Shelkonwa should the secession occur. She agreed to accompany Chivkyrie to meet with Disra on the condition that the other representatives accompany them.

    It was a brief meeting, but it was enough to convince her that Disra was loyal to the Empire. Though Chivkyrie didn?t believe it at first, once they learned that Disra had the city on lockdown, the truth became apparent. Slanni and Vokkoli managed to escape, while Chivkyrie made arrangements to hide Leia in plain sight lone enough for Han and Luke to come to her rescue, despite the complications that arose when Vader arrived in the Executor.

    Then there was that time with the Hapans, and the proposed arranged marriage between Leia and Isolder. He didn?t know what galled him more ? that Leia seriously considered doing that for the sake of gaining the Hapans as allies to the New Republic, or that Mon Mothma and the other leaders wanted her to do it. Even though the whole affair got resolved to everyone?s benefit, he harbored a grudge towards Mon Mothma for months afterwards. They had asked a lot from him and Leia. For them to more or less ask Leia to agree to the terms of the alliance with Hapes was too much for him. He considered leaving the New Republic at times, but stayed only because of Luke, Leia, and Chewie ? his family. He dropped the grudge after their mission on Tatooine, shortly before she got pregnant.

  17. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Great updates! And why does DRL always have to get in the way of the fun things in life???

    Anyways, keep up the great work JediAlly!
  18. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Because DRL has no soul, just a blackhole :p

    I enjoyed the filler. More soon, please
  19. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Master_Fay_Fan - Unfortunately, if we can't deal with DRL, we never get time to enjoy the fun things in life.

    GrandMasterKatarn - [face_laugh]

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this. My writing muse fizzled out briefly, and I had a little difficulty trying to come up with a decent tie-in for this part, but there were too many viewpoints already covered. Anyway, here's the next part, and it fills a gap in time between the Solos arriving at Yavin IV and the dinner during which they sensed the destruction of Carida.

    Several hours had passed since the Solo family had arrived on Yavin Four, and Han and Leia had finally convened a meeting in the old war room with the other students. Leia had wanted to convene the meeting earlier, but she wanted to wait until the twins were taking their naps. She didn?t want them listening to this meeting.

    She looked at the students, belatedly recognizing Kyle, Tash, and Zak. She knew they had all gathered to greet her, Han, and the twins earlier, but her mind was too focused on Luke and certain developments she learned of shortly before leaving Coruscant. However, one person she was expecting to see was missing. ?Where?s Gantoris??

    The students looked at each other for a minute before Kam said, ?I?m sorry, Minister Solo, but I thought your brother told you. Gantoris is dead.?

    ?Dead?!? Leia exclaimed in shock. She looked at Han and saw a similarly shocked look on his face.

    ?Don?t look at me, sweetheart. Luke told me he was having trouble with Kyp the last time I was here, but he never said anything about Gantoris.?

    Seeing that Han was telling the truth, she directed her attention back towards the students. ?I think we better start from the beginning.?

    Kyle started off. ?Everything started off okay. About the only problem seemed to be between Gantoris and Keiran.?

    ?Keiran?? Leia asked.

    ?Right here,? Corran said while raising a hand. ?Keiran Halcyon. I?d say it?s a pleasure to meet you, but considering the circumstances?? He had seen Leia from a distance and on the holovids, but he had never seen her face to face before now.

    ?You?re from Corellia?? Han asked. Corran nodded, and Han gave a small smile.

    ?Gantoris seemed to want to establish himself as the top-ranked student here, and saw me as a chief rival. I could care less about becoming number one here. All I cared about was doing the best I can. Granted I didn?t like his attitude. He reminded me of someone I once worked with. Had the same attitude, and we didn?t get along well at first, but we managed to smooth things out. I was hoping the same thing could happen between me and Gantoris.?

    ?I can vouch for him,? Kam said. ?During a training session with lightsabers, I asked if he was envious of the treatment Master Skywalker was giving Kyp. He acknowledged he was competitive, but he was more interested in doing his best than in beating someone else?s best.?

    ?That all changed a week before Kyp arrived,? Streen said. ?We were doing morning training exercises when Gantoris appeared with a lightsaber and challenged Master Skywalker.?

    ?A lightsaber?? Han asked. ?Where and how did he get one of those??

    ?He apparently built it,? Keyan said. ?Not only that, but it wasn?t an ordinary lightsaber. He customized it so that with a flick of a switch, the energy blade doubled in length. Despite this surprise advantage, Master Skywalker managed to knock the lightsaber away.?

    ?I still like to know where he learned to build one. I take it Luke didn?t show him,? Han inquired.

    ?No, he didn?t. Master Kenobi?s journal is still intact, so he didn?t ?borrow? it and looked through it,? Kam said. ?And I didn?t teach him how to build one.?

    ?I have my grandfather?s lightsaber, but since it?s a family heirloom of sorts, I?m not tinkering with it without supervision,? Corran added.

    ?I?ve never taken apart the ones I had, so I don?t know how to build one,? Kyle said.

  20. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    Ooh, no responses. Guess people are experiencing spring fever after the winter we had.

    I remember one of my favorite posters Tahi say that she really couldn't find sympathy for Qwi Xux. Tahi, if you're reading this, I decided to take that as a challenge and see if there's a way I could do that. This post is the result. I wanted to make this post sooner, but I got caught up doing various fix-up projects around the house that my Dad wanted done. Furthermore, in light of Easter and of something in this post, I decided to delay it. One last note - there's a reference in this post which is the last reason why I decided to give this fanfic a PG-13 rating.

    She stood alone, trying to find peace with her feelings. Hearing about Dr. Xux again was something she could have done without, but hearing what happened to her had unknowingly struck a chord within her for some reason. She was drawn from her musings when she heard Zak?s voice.

    ?Hey, sis?. Are you okay??

    She turned to see Kam and Tionne had accompanied Zak. ?Nothing.?

    ?That?s not what we were sensing, Tash,? Tionne rebuked gently.

    Zak looked at her with disbelief. He made his way to her right side and moved her so she was facing him. ?What?s bothering you, Tash? Is it hearing about Dr. Xux again??

    ?No. Yes. In part,? Tash answered.

    ?You?re not making sense,? Kam commented.

    Tash took a moment to compose her thoughts before speaking. ?You?re right, Zak. It?s about hearing what Leia said what happened to her.?

    ?Tash, I know you don?t like her, and that?s putting it mildly,? Zak said. ?But??

    ?If you?re thinking I?m happy about what happened to her, you?re wrong. A part of me probably felt that I should be happy if I hear she?s been hurt. But when I heard what happened??

    ?You?re thinking Kyp?s responsible as well,? Tionne inquired.

    ?Yes, but that?s not it.? She took a moment to compose herself. ?The identity of the attacker isn?t important for the moment. The fact is? she was raped! Not in the usual, traditional way, so as to speak, but someone forced himself upon her and violated her.?

    Hearing her comment shocked the others while giving them an inkling of what was bothering her. Tionne understood better than Zak and Kam could, since it had been a concern of hers when she was traveling around the galaxy.

    ?That?s something I wouldn?t wish upon any woman, or anyone else for that matter. And it got me thinking about what I want from her. I know she seemed guilt-ridden, but I wanted more from her. I wanted her to hurt. I wanted her to feel the same pain you and I have felt, Zak. The same pain Leia felt. Even if her guilt was real, I wanted more from her. I wanted??

    Kam picked up where she had left off. ?You wanted revenge.?

    Before Kam could continue, Zak interrupted. ?Kam, if you?re going to quote some kind of Jedi precept about revenge, save it for later.?

    Kam was about to proceed, but Tionne was looking at him and shaking her head in negation.

    ?You?re right, Kam. I wanted revenge, even if I didn?t know the form of that revenge. But not what happened to her. And I can?t take any pleasure in what happened without feeling sick in my stomach.?

    Zak hugged and held her as they waited for Tash to compose herself again.

    Tionne chose to ask the question before Kam did. In a gentle voice, she asked, ?So, the question is: what do you want now, Tash??

    They waited for a few minutes before Tash answered. ?As far as she goes, I don?t really know. I know I don?t want her apology or her asking for forgiveness. I can?t do that.? She turned to look at Kam. ?I know it?s part of the Jedi code to forgive, but I can?t. I can neither forgive nor forget her role in the destruction of my home.? She then looked at Zak. ?But I can honestly say that I don?t want to seek any form of retribution or revenge if it?s going to make me feel sick to my stomach.?

    Shaking her head, she added, ?I
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    Been a long time since i have read this story. Glad to have gotten back into it. Really good. Brilliant.
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    It's good to be reading this again. College life has slowed somewhat (my classes don't have mid terms [face_dancing] ). Great last two posts. I really felt emotion in the last one.
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    I am back as well, guys and gals. Master, you are so right that DRL is a blackhole. That is why I avoid it as long as possible before I am unfortunately forced into it. Still trying to figure out how I got away from it this time. :p

    Jedially, loved the last two posts! The last one brought tears to my eyes! Keep it up! :D

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    Phoenix5 - Sorry, Phoenix. I don't recall if you have ever posted before. If you were a lurker and have made your first post, then welcome aboard.

    GrandMasterKatarn - Glad to see that college life has slowed down enough for you to post. How was the first year? And now that summer's here, you'll be able to post without college life getting in the way. I'm glad you liked the emotion in the last one.

    Master_Fay_Fan - Good to see you're back too. I'm glad the last one choked you up with tears.

    First off, I'm glad that the last post got to my readers. I'll take that as a victory, even if I can't get Tahi to feel a little sympathy towards Qwi Xux. Then again, she has yet to come back. Second, I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to this, but I had to think about how I wanted to present this next post, or rather how far I wanted to go in this post. I found it. Let's return to the perspective of a minor villain.

    That night, Brakiss was eating his meal in silence as he considered the events of the past week. Their search of the area and the nearby temples revealed no clues as to what happened to Skywalker. There had been no change in his condition ? he wasn?t showing signs of recovery, but his condition wasn?t worsening, which was a very small source of comfort for him. Then that team from General Cracken arrived and conducted their investigation. They were secretive and not very trusting of him or the others. He was forced to agree with Halcyon?s suspicions that Durron had returned, somehow overpowered Skywalker, and recovered the Sun Crusher. Based on the file his superiors had on Cracken, Brakiss was certain that Cracken had the same suspicions and sent his team to confirm or refute them. He would have done the same thing. He didn?t know what the team did or didn?t find, but he knew that Cracken wouldn?t be satisfied unless the Sun Crusher was physically in front of him.

    Now, Minister of State Organa Solo, her husband, and their children arrived earlier that day to see if they could do anything for Skywalker. He couldn?t believe the opportunity that was before him ? two of the Rebellion?s most prominent leaders were within his grasp. He had no orders from his superiors about this situation, but he was certain that if he were able to eliminate at least one of them, they would be greatly pleased that he had dealt a critical blow to the Rebellion. However, he could sense Organa Solo?s power, and though nowhere near as powerful as Skywalker, he knew he was no match for her at this time. There was the possibility of doing to them what was done to Gantoris, and by doing that the others would suspect their unknown enemy rather than him as the culprit. But he didn?t know how to do that. He knew where, or rather from whom he could learn that power, but the source was too much of an unknown variable for him to seek out at this time. Any attempt to do so could end in success or failure, and the latter could mean his death. Moreover, given the tension and wariness that had blanketed the others, he wasn?t certain he could make a move against either of them without risking his cover.

    The same could be said about the children. Though they were only two years old, Brakiss could sense how strong they were in the Force. Granted, harming them would deal a moral blow to their parents, and in his mind, should any harm befall the children, their parents would be responsible because they weren?t strong enough to protect them. However, even he could see the possibility of them being captured by his masters and raised to become loyal servants of the Empire. The potential rewards of such an endeavor killed any plans he might have had in harming them.

    The news about Dr. Xux wasn?t encouraging either. Under other circumstances, he would have dismissed Organa Solo?s report of her attack, believing instead that Dr. Xux was in a secret Rebel facility somewhere. However, he knew how one can use the Force to influence the minds of others. He had sensed how powerful Durron was.
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    Anyways, loved this last chapter. I like how you are fleshing Brakiss out a bit more then they did originally!

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