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Beyond - Legends A Gathering of Light (EU, Jedi, concurrent with JAT and I, Jedi) PG-13 (Double updated 3/19/2012)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediAlly, May 6, 2004.

  1. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Master Fay Fan, I hear you about DRL. Glad you like how I give Brakiss some more characterization.

    So sorry for the long delay. Combination of DRL and plain summer laziness. Anyway, here's we go with the next part - another tie-in with the novels.

    Unknown to the other occupants, Exar Kun had been observing the fruits of his actions a week earlier. The initial panic the minstrel felt began to change into despair, and that despair had begun to spread to the others. Unfortunately, Halcyon?s words snapped them out of that, so he was only able to gather a little strength from their despair.

    He began to share Brakiss? suspicions about Halcyon because of the air of authority he suddenly displayed. He acknowledged Halcyon?s sharp mind, since he recognized the Z-95 Headhunter left on the landing pad and immediately came to the right conclusion. He scoffed at Cilghal?s attempt to clear Durron?s name due to a lack of direct evidence. He had an opportunity to exacerbate the dispute, but the opportunity passed before he could capitalize on it. Regardless, it had been less than a day since he had defeated Skywalker, and already his students were starting to fall apart.

    During the past week, he watched with dark mirth as they wasted time and effort in trying to revive Skywalker. The physical wounds might have been healed, but so long as he existed, Skywalker would never return to his body.

    The students becoming aware of his private sanctuary might have been unavoidable, but they only considered that as one of several locations where his sanctuary might be located. Furthermore, they lacked the resolve to confront him there.

    The clone?s sudden assertiveness on not being a hindrance was a surprise. He was also somewhat pleased that some of the students were pursuing their own advancement, even though Solusar was seemingly reluctant to take the lead and teach them himself. They doubted his leadership and were practically defying his orders. To Exar Kun, it showed that Solusar was a weak leader, and those who were pursuing their own training might be susceptible to his persuasion. The entire week, he had been tormenting the old hermit in his sleep, eroding his will. Soon, he would break Streen and turn him into nothing more than a marionette.

    But he might need to change his plan because of the arrival of Skywalker?s sister and her family. Her husband had a suspicious mind, but he couldn?t touch the Force. He wasn?t worth his attention as a potential follower, but he might serve of some use to him. As for his sister, he was actually slightly disappointed with what he found. Her strength in the Force was greater than most of the students, with Katarn being the sole exception, but it was a faint glimmer compared to Skywalker?s.

    The twins, though? Now they were a surprise. Two years old and untrained, yet they possessed incredible potential. He could see the likes of Brakiss and other former servants of Palpatine trying to kidnap them in order to convert them to the dark side. The endeavor was possible, but very difficult to do. In any event, he had decided right then and there that no harm would befall them. After all, there was no point in destroying two future potential candidates.

    That night, he saw an unexpected result of leaving Skywalker alive ? some were willing to quit. Unexpected, yet not altogether unwelcomed. If those who wanted to quit were to depart, that would leave fewer students for him to convert, but he wouldn?t need to spend as much energy to do so. Yet once again, an opportunity to advance his agenda was closed before he could capitalize on it, thanks to Organa Solo?s speech. He was well aware of the power words had on others. He was able to sway twenty Jedi Knights to his side millennia ago. Organa Solo was able to bolster the students? flagging resolve with her speech.

    Just then, they all sensed a great disturbance in the Force. He knew what had happened ? Durron had used the Sun Crusher to destroy a star system.
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    Jun 12, 2010
    Nice chapter JediAlly. Keep up the great work!

    Master Fay Fan
  3. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Curses to myself. I made a promise to increase the pace at which I make these posts. Yet here we are, nearly a month after I made the last post. Once again, summer laziness impeded my writing drive.

    Master Fay Fan - Thanks for the praise.

    I'm hoping my regulars and my lurkers are holding up in this summer heat. Anyways, I decided to something different with this post. Here's hoping you enjoy it.

    The students at the Praxeum weren?t the only ones who sensed the disturbance caused by the destruction of Carida. Nearby, a small creature shuddered in its sleep.

    On Coruscant, two women suddenly fell unconscious ? Tyria Sarkin Tainer while preparing to go on another one of her Force-training journeys; Alex Winger while in a flight simulator.

    A Bothan diplomat, working on behalf of a team from the New Republic Diplomatic Corp, had made it his mission to meet with the leaders of former Imperial worlds and bring them into the New Republic. The team had just arrived on another world when he fell to his knees clasping his head in pain.

    On the planet Dathomir, every clan, whether they served the light or the dark side, sensed the disturbance and wondered what had happened. Only the Singing Mountain clan understood what it was that they had sensed. Clan Mother Augwynne Djo called for an emergency meeting, after which she planned to contact her granddaughter and the New Republic for information.

    On Hapes, Queen Mother Teneniel Djo woke up with a start, drenched in cold sweat. Her abrupt movements woke her husband Isolder. ?Teneniel, what is it??

    At first, she couldn?t answer because she was still in shock. But before she could answer, the nursemaid knocked at the door to their bedroom. ?Queen Mother, forgive me for waking you, but the princess woke up crying, and I have been unsuccessful in calming her.?

    Quickly donning their robes, Teneniel and Isolder ran to Tenel Ka?s room. Picking her up from her crib, Teneniel rocked her young daughter back and forth in an attempt to calm her. Looking at both of them with concern, Isolder placed his hands on Teneniel?s shoulders and asked, ?What is it? What?s wrong??

    Teneniel turned her eyes away from her daughter, and Isolder saw the fear in his wife?s eyes. ?I sensed something in the Force. Something terrible just happened. I?ve felt something like it once years ago. When Alderaan?? Teneniel didn?t need to finish her statement, since she saw that Isolder understood exactly what must have happened.

    Isolder looked at the nursemaid. ?Wake up Captain Astarta, and bring her here. Don?t tell her anything. If she asks any questions, tell her I will answer them when she arrives. Now go!? He would have her put the military on alter, and then contact their spies and informants to learn what had happened.

    That wasn?t the only warning that was given. On the bridge of the Invidious, the ones whom Leonia Tavira had forced into her service had sensed the disturbance and had alerted her of something terrible happening somewhere in the galaxy. Considering how she had managed to keep the Invidious safe from any traps set by the New Republic, she contacted her spies and other sources for any information they might explain what they had sensed. The ones who warned her knew that their brethren and their leader had sensed the same thing and were worried as well.

    An Imperial starfighter ace was leading his squadron against a band of raiders when he too sensed the disturbance. It was enough to distract him and make him momentarily lose control of his TIE Defender. But his years of combat experience allowed him to regain control fast enough to deny any enemy fighters an opportunity to strike.

    Several of Palpatine?s servants who had survived the passing of their master had chosen to bide their time and plan for their own attempt to gain control of the Empire and then the galaxy. One chose seclusion as punishment for failing his master, while another assumed control of an In
  4. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Feb 8, 2008
    Great posts. DRL is harrowing in on me.

    Cameos: Tyria Sarkin-Tainer, Alex Winger, the Bothan diplomat... Tresk Im'nel?, Teneniel Djo, Tenel Ka Djo, no idea who the Imp Star Ace is, Tremaine or however you spell his name, Next one's I can't identify, then K'Kruhk and Tra Saa, and possibly Kenth Hamner, Eelysa, Jaden Korr, Rosh Penin, Raltharan, Octa Ramis and that's about all I remember.
  5. JediAlly

    JediAlly Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2000
    GrandMasterKatarn - I hear you about DRL. Tyria Sarkin-Tainer, Alex Winger, Teneniel Djo, and Tenel Ka were all given. You were right about Tresk Im'nel, K'Kruhk, and T'ra Saa. Antinnis Tremayne - I have to admit I've never even gave him a thought. Don't know what happened to him post-Rebellion era, so he's in EU limbo AFAIK. As for the others you named - nope. To my knowledge, just because one has the potential to become a Jedi, it doesn't usually mean the individual would be able to sense Force disturbances right off the bat. Look at Luke in ANH. When Alderaan was destroyed, he neither sensed it nor reacted to it like Obi-Wan did.

    Well, here's a surprise. Another post within a wekk of the previous one. Got three good reasons for that. First, today's my birthday, so this is my way of celebrating it on these boards. Second, I got nominated for the Best Epic category in the 2011 Fanfic Awards. So I need to find an appropriately good post to submit. And third, this is a short tie-in to I, Jedi.

    He tried to get more answers from Leia, but she couldn?t answer him. Furthermore, she shifted her attention to calming the twins. As for the others, he had seen this reaction before, and he knew that there was very little he could do to help them. But he still wanted to do something. And he still needed to know what exactly had happened. He had seen one of the students, Keiran Halcyon, rush out of the room, so he grabbed a cup of water and rushed after him. He soon caught up with him on top of the Great Temple. He was on his hands and knees and had thrown up most of his dinner. I suppose under the circumstances that should be expected. Han made his way over and kneeled in time to place his hands on his shoulders to steady him before he fell to his side. ?I didn?t think the food was that bad.? After setting the cup down, he added, ?Wash your mouth out.?

    After watching Halcyon wash his mouth out and hearing what might have been a thanks, Han dragged him away. He couldn?t help but think that there was something familiar about him. ?Leia said it was something horrible. Sun Crusher killed a system??

    A moment later, he heard Keiran answer, ?Unless you know of another superweaon sitting around that could explode a star.?

    For a moment, he considered giving one of his flippant remarks that he knew would give most people irritating fits, including a much younger former princess of Alderaan. Even today, he could still cause her fits, and he enjoyed it every time. And he was certain as much as she would deny it, she enjoyed it as well. But he knew when to be flippant and when to be serious. This was a time to be serious. ?It has to be the Sun Crusher ? that or there is another superweapon out there.? He sincerely hoped it wasn?t the latter.

    He watched as Halcyon?s face went blank for a moment. Halcyon then turned to him and asked, ?Kyp had a brother??

    Please don?t tell me, Han thought as he answered, ?Imps took him to the Academy at Carida.?

    ?He?s gone. So?s Carida.?

    Damn. Wanting to find his brother was perhaps the only thing that matched his desire to get back at the Empire. No way would he knowingly kill his brother. At least I have a chance to find out what happened. ?I guess they won?t be inviting me back for a class reunion, then.? He then looked down at Halcyon. ?New Republic Intelligence will confirm that, but now I know where to start looking.?

    He saw Halcyon look up at him with a hard expression. ?You?re going after Kyp??

    ?Have to. He?ll listen to me.? I?m perhaps the only one left he?ll listen to.

    ?You hope.?

    That sounds too familiar. ?Hmmm, your lips move, but I hear my wife?s voice.? Sighing, he added, ?I have a history with the kid. He?s angry, and he needs someone to trust. I?m it.?

    Seeing Halcyon nod in apparent understanding, he was a little surprised when he said, ?Take me with you.?

    ?Look, kid, I work best alone.?

  6. GrandMasterKatarn

    GrandMasterKatarn Jedi Knight star 4

    Feb 8, 2008
    Next scene: Han tries to convince Leia.

    As for a submission... how about the one scene in the cantina back in the early days of this fic that had some of the Jedi trainees (Tash, Zak, Tionne, Kam) and, I think, Wes and Hobbie, discussing something. It's been a while since I read that scene. I think that would do nicely for a submission.
  7. Master_Fay_Fan

    Master_Fay_Fan Jedi Knight

    Jun 12, 2010
    Nice chapter JediAlly! DRL got me again. Drat!

    I actually thought of something. Are you going to add a Ysanna from Ossus anytime soon? I find it odd that Ossus appeared for a while, but never contributed Jedi after Palpatines clones until later on in the EU.

    Master Fay Fan
  8. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    So sorry for taking so long to get back to this. Got distracted by recreational activities. I decided to time this just in case I won the Best Epic award. That didn't happen. I'm surprised I wasn't nominated for Best Portrayal of a Canon Character. Specifically, for my portaryal of Tionne in Tionne's Yavin System Tour.

    GrandMasterKatarn - I submitted the scene you suggested. And you're partly right.

    Master_Fay_Fan - As for your idea about the Ysanna, I have something in mind, but that won't be until the very end of this fanfic.

    Well, here's another short one, but I felt I needed to give some backstory to a scene in I, Jedi.

    The next morning, Leia was sitting in the communication center holding Jacen while he slept. She was waiting for a response to an inquiry she had posted a while ago. While she waited, she thought back to the conversation she had with Han last night after they had managed to calm down Jacen and Jaina enough to get them to sleep. She had suspected the nature of their conversation would have been the disturbance she and the others had sensed, and her suspicions proved to be true.

    She knew that Han wanted to talk to her about what happened and about what could be done about it. She had intended to contact the New Republic and inform them about what had happened. She knew that had she not sensed the disturbance, General Cracken would have learned what had happened before she would have. But then he told her that he intended to leave in the morning to head to Coruscant, confirm what Kyp had done, and then try and find him.

    She had long accepted Han?s penchant for crazy schemes, though she couldn?t say she?d gotten completely used to them. So part of her wasn?t completely surprised by what Han had said; however another part of her couldn?t believe what she had heard.

    ?You can?t be serious, Han!?

    She knew that surprise and fear were on her face, but she didn?t care.

    ?Listen, sweetheart. This is something I have to do. You?ve heard Cilghal and the medics ? whatever?s wrong with Luke can?t be treated with traditional medicine. If there?s a way to treat him, you and others are the only ones who have a chance of doing so because you can use the Force. I can?t use the Force, so there?s nothing I can really do by staying here. What I can do is go after Kyp.?

    ?But Han, he?s turned to the dark side. And if the others are right, he?s already destroyed an entire star system.?

    ?I know that,? he said solemnly. He turned to face Leia and give her a tender, reassuring hug.

    She couldn?t help but feel a sense of déjà vu, since this reminded her of when she talked to Luke back on Endor before he left to confront their father. She looked Han straight in the eye and asked, ?But why must you confront him??

    ?Why did Luke leave us on Endor to confront Vader? Why did you confront Luke on the
    Eclipse? Because you both knew that they were things you had to do. And both of you believed you were the only ones who could get through to the other. Right now, I?m the only one in the galaxy who might still be able to get through to Kyp and make him see reason. I have to try.?

    Much as she hated to admit it, she could understand Han?s point of view. However, she didn?t feel there was much hope that Han could get through to Kyp. She managed to get through to Luke because she loved him, believed in him, and had faith in him. But she wasn?t certain if there were even those avenues of possibility available for Han. Kyp had already destroyed one star system, and there?s no telling how many more he?ll destroy. She couldn?t see how Kyp could be brought back after doing what he had done.

    It was what Han said next that really got her attention. She remembered during Thrawn?s campaign, the Grand Admiral had been able to get intelligence about New Republic movements. He had also made a number of attempts to kidnap her. When the established security measured proved inadequate, Han decid
  9. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Feb 8, 2008
    In her mind, however, she had a rather devious grin on her face, which was a very rare thing for her. So, Han, a former smuggler, is entrusting my safety in the hands of a former Corsec officer. I?m going to enjoy needling Han over this!

    Too bad we never get to see her do this at all in any of the three Jedi Academy books (Jedi Search doesn't count. No actual Jedi training :p)
  10. Master_Fay_Fan

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Interesting chapter. Didn't notice it was updated until today. Sry.

    Good to hear Ossus won't just be forgotten ITTL. :D

    Master Fay Fan
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    Oct 31, 2000
    I'm so sorry for the long delay. Not only did DRL interfere, but I found to my pleasure that while there's very little on TV that's good these days, there are some good fanfic stories on some websites.

    GrandMasterKatarn - I don't understand what you mean by your comment about the Jedi training. You made it sound as if Leia used the Force in the last post. However, I'm certain she held that over him for years to come.

    Master_Fay_Fan - Yeah, the Ysanna will be brought in eventually.

    Though the delay was unfortunate and unintended, it might actually prove to be of some benefit to me. Halloween is coming up, and after reading this next post, you'll figure out what the next few posts will be like.

    Exar Kun had been biding his time, waiting until the coming evening before he made his next move. Solo?s departure was unexpected, but was really of no concern to him. He considered using Solo in some manner to drive Skywalker?s sister to the dark side, but that was a fleeting thought. There were other matters that demanded his attention at the moment. However, after Solo departed, he gave it further consideration and acknowledged that this might open new avenues. Solo intended to find Durron and ?convince? him of the error of his ways. But Exar Kun knew how determined Durron was in seeking revenge against the Empire. He knew words wouldn?t sway Durron, so he wasn?t concerned about Solo?s effort. However, should Solo interfere too much, Durron might choose to destroy Solo. In fact, Exar Kun was hoping that would happen, and the shock of her husband dying at Durron?s hands might turn Skywalker?s sister to the dark side.

    However, his focus was on another matter. Last night, after the occupants in the Temple had gone to sleep, he sensed something in the Force. A powerful mind was active and was trying to reach out in the Force. But what he sensed was something he would expect from a trainee just beginning to learn the ways of the Force. The mind was fumbling about like a blind man. He then sensed who it was and was surprised. Skywalker! But he should be in stasis.

    He made a brief probe and sensed that Skywalker?s body was still in state. And he knew that when he pulled Skywalker?s spirit from his body, the effect also put the spirit in a form of stasis. So how could Skywalker?s spirit be conscious? The answer came almost immediately ? the disturbance caused by Durron destroying the Carida system. It must have been strong enough to shock his spirit back to awareness. Unexpected, but hardly any cause for concern.

    He watched as Skywalker?s spirit took stock of his surroundings and realized what he was and what had most likely happened. Or at least what he thought had happened. Sensing Skywalker entertain the thought that he was dead, then be puzzled as to why his body was still there filled Exar Kun with mirth. He felt even more mirth when he watched Skywalker try to talk to that astromech droid of his. Only those who could sense the Force could be able to hear his voice. However, he was surprised that when Skywalker tried to use the Force to give the droid a proverbial ?tap on the shoulder?, Skywalker actually succeeded in creating a barely audible thump. Exar Kun knew that it was possible for a Force spirit to use the Force to affect the material world physically, but it?s extremely taxing and it took him years before he learned to do this.

    Now, he watched as Skywalker tried to talk with his sister ? an effort he knew would end in failure. While Skywalker knew it could be done, since Kenobi managed to speak to him when he was a spirit, he didn?t have the required strength to do so. Once Skywalker realized his endeavor was fruitless, he tried to contact his former masters and his father. Fool. Once a Jedi completely becomes one with the Force, there?s no way anyone, no matter how powerful, can summon them back. However, I have to admit he provided me with an ideal opening. ?They can?t hear you, Skywalker ? but I can.?

    He oozed ou
  12. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Ah, another post within two weeks. Then again, I had good reason to. It's Halloween, and it's time for evil to shine and for villains to take the stage. And with that, here's another tie-in with Champions of the Force and I, Jedi.

    Exar Kun couldn?t believe the circumstance before him. Skywalker?s students decided to place a guard on his body, and tonight it is him of all people ? the one I intended to use. This made things easier for him. Now he wouldn?t need to expend additional energy to get him to the Grand Audience Chamber. He could take control of Streen as if he was a puppet, but he would expend too much energy. So he chose a more subtle approach ? making Streen think he should go to sleep while putting Streen to sleep. Asleep, his mental shields, meager as they were, would be nonexistent, and he wouldn?t need to expend energy unnecessarily.

    Once Streen was asleep, Exar Kun invaded his mind and began to torment him with a nightmare. He made Streen relive the memories of his friendship with Gantoris before showing him his final fate. He could feel Streen?s anger building like a flame. Good. Good. As much as he relished feeding on the anger, for the moment, Streen?s anger served a much different purpose. It meant that Streen would be more likely to lash out at him.

    He then projected an image of himself into his mind. ?I killed your friend. I made him suffer. You want me to pay for killing your friend, don?t you?? he taunted.

    He could feel Streen?s answer ? yes. He could also feel Streen?s uncertainty of how he might be able to do that. Fortunately, Exar Kun had thought ahead and addressed that issue. Once, he wouldn?t have thought it was possible, but Katarn?s story of how he gained knowledge of many Force secrets and techniques assured him of that possibility.

    He subtly implanted the idea of using the Force to move the air, allowing him to create a vortex. As he watched Streen stand up and turn to face him in his mind, Streen stood up and began using the Force while he was asleep. It was a few minutes before he saw Streen?s efforts yield results. The air in the chamber began to move in a spiral pattern. As he saw the vortex form with Streen in the eye, he projected the image into Streen?s mind, making Streen think that his efforts were beginning to work and that he was becoming trapped in a vortex. Exar Kun then noticed that the air was becoming colder and ice was beginning to form around the skylight. Exar Kun wasn?t planning on the drop in temperature or the formation of icicles on the ceiling, but he wasn?t going to complain. In fact, it presented him with another idea. He intended to have Streen create a vortex to blow Skywalker?s body out of the skylight, after which it would plummet to the jungle floor, resulting in a fatal impact. Now he had the option of impaling Skywalker?s body on the icicles.

    He sensed the arrival of Skywalker?s sister, but he wasn?t concerned. He chose not to prevent Skywalker?s students from sensing the disturbance in the Force created by Streen?s actions for two reasons. First, doing that in addition to influencing Streen?s mind would be too taxing. Second, there was no way anyone else could resist the force of the vortex. He watched as Skywalker?s sister tried to reach her brother?s body, and wasn?t surprised that the winds knocked her around just as it was beginning to lift Skywalker?s body. He was surprised to sense her use the Force to guide her body and prevent herself from being crashed onto the floor.

    She tried twice to jump and ride the wind currents to reach her brother, and succeeded on the second try. Her added weight began to lower Skywalker?s body back to the ground. Exar Kun knew how to remedy that. In Streen?s mind, he lowered his image back to the floor, despite being caught in the vortex. ?Is that all you can do?? he taunted. ?Is this the extent of your power?? In response, the winds picked up even further, and both of the Skywalk
  13. Master_Fay_Fan

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Welcome back JediAlly!

    Great chapters!

    DRL caught me until just now. Can we make it go away?

    Keep up the phenomenal work JediAlly!

    Master Fay Fan
  14. JediAlly

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Master_Fay_Fan - thanks. And how I wish we could make DRL go and stay away.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back. Got caught up reading a whole bunch of fanfics on another site. I had wanted to make a Thanksgiving post, but that slipped by before I could get a chance. And considering how my father passed away a year ago right after on Black Friday, I don't think I'll be making Thanksgiving posts anymore. Anyways, to compensate for my tardiness, I decided to return with two posts. And both of them are direct tie-ins with I, Jedi.

    Fatigued as he was, he waited for Halcyon to enter his room. He had caught Halcyon?s chain of thought on how they could kill him. Amused as he was by Halcyon?s musings, he focused on the purpose of this meeting. As he formed himself before Halcyon, he saw Halcyon was lying on his bed. He was slightly surprised that Halcyon wasn?t surprised to see him. It?s as if he had been expecting me. Interesting. ?Your mind trick was quite good, Keiran Halcyon.?

    ?High praise from a Dark Lord of the Sith. Did it really fool you, Exar Kun, or were you just too trusting in using Streen?s senses??

    As much as he couldn?t help himself, he chuckled at Halcyon?s remark. ?Fire and spirit, good. I had misjudged you because Gantoris and Kyp held you in such contempt.?

    ?And here I thought a man should be known by his enemies.?

    ?A truism I once lived by,? he acknowledged as he made his way to Halcyon?s bed. ?I was once like you, a mere man filled with ambition,? he said, taking a stab at Halcyon in an attempt to understand him.

    With a snort, Halcyon said, ?If you?re the ?after? holograph, I?m not interested.?

    He didn?t find that remark particularly amusing. ?Quite droll, Keiran, not as full of anger or fear as the others.? Let?s see what kind of person you are, Keiran Halcyon. He could sense Halcyon?s mental defenses were among the strongest of Skywalker?s students, but it wasn?t enough to block his probe.

    What he found, however, shocked him. He realized now that Keiran Halcyon had been a puzzle to him. One he had shelved aside as he focused on Gantoris, Durron, or Streen. But now he had all the pieces for Keiran Halcyon. No, Corran Horn, he reminded himself. Horn was a man of duty and principle ? not too much unlike the Mandalore who joined forces with him and Qwl-Droma. He had a sharp and disciplined mind, a trait he could respect, though in Horn?s place it was a proverbial double-edged sword since it also hindered his connection to the Force. He was an accomplished detective and military veteran. It amused him to know that Horn had figured out long ago that he was responsible for the misfortunes that had struck Skywalker?s students since he started, and had tried to convince Skywalker that he needed to be more active. And we know how that turned out, he thought with dark mirth. ?You have more experience and more maturity. You are a riper fruit.?

    ?But not to be plucked by you. You continue to misjudge me if you think there is anything I want from you.?

    He was eager to show Horn how wrong he was. Now he knew why Horn reacted to that one location when he and the others were doing that mental sojourn through the galaxy. While he was talking to Horn, he took what he learned and located what he wanted. ?Oh, there is, you just don?t realize it.? He created an illusion of the Invidious as it currently was, then zoomed in on the rogue Leonia Tavira. He was counting on Horn?s sense of justice, duty, and even loyalty towards his fellow Rogues in dealing with a past enemy of the Rogues. He also caught a sense of sexual attraction towards Tavira. Definitely a surprise, but one he?d be foolish to capitalize on. ?I can give you the power to destroy the Invids. Wipe them out. Or?? He highlighted Tavira slightly. ?I can give you the power to possess her and rule besides her. I will use the tow of you as a focal point for a new Empire that I will spread throughout the galaxy
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    Oct 31, 2000
    Now for the second post.

    Luke would scold me for not my lack of control right now, but this isn?t the time for me to be a Jedi, Leia thought. Now, I must be a mother.

    After what nearly happened last night, she didn?t have a good night sleep. She woke up earlier than she would have wanted to, having been convinced by some of the students to join them at the top of the temple to see the rainbow storm. She had hoped the peaceful scenery would seep into her body, filling her with peace.

    But that was not to be. A B-wing rocketed through the storm and landed on the landing pad. She rushed down to learn what was going on, and what she learned was a mixed package.

    She now knew the truth behind what happened on Vortex. Furgan had captured Terpfen, Ackbar?s personal mechanic, years ago. He had tortured and brainwashed him, turning him into his personal slave. He had Terpfen sabotage Ackbar?s personal B-wing, hoping the crash would kill Ackbar and herself. That failed, but the political fallout was perhaps more than Furgan had hoped. Lando was close to the mark on his suspicions; however, Furgan took one step back to avoid detection.

    And now he?s after Anakin
    . Terpfen had planted a homing device on Ackbar?s ship, and it tracked him as he went to Anoth to visit Winter and Anakin before heading to Mon Calamari. Terpfen transmitted that information to Furgan, and now Furgan was after him. Unfortunately, she didn?t know the coordinates for Anoth. Only Luke, Winter, and Ackbar knew. Winter was still on Anoth under communications blackout, and Luke was in a coma. Ackbar was the only one who could help her, but she needed to convince him to help her. Now she had the means to do so.

    There was one major concern for her, though ? Jacen and Jaina. She knew that the situation here on Yavin Four was too dangerous for her children, and they should be removed. But it would take time to take them to Coruscant, or anywhere else for that matter. And that?s not considering the currently questionable loyalty of Terpfen. She could arrange for a transport to come to the Jedi Praxeum, but that would take time, and she couldn?t guarantee their safety. Either option would require time, which was something she couldn?t afford to waste now.

    The only option she had was to leave Jacen and Jaina here at the Praxeum. Fortunately, she had a reassurance that their safety would be guaranteed. I?d entrust Cilghal, Kirana Ti and even Tash and Zak to look after them, but thanks to Han, there?s someone I can trust even more than them.

    ?Councilor Organa Solo, I need to speak with you.?

    And here he comes now, she thought as Corran caught up with her. ?Make it brief. I?m heading out as soon as I can get my stuff together.?

    ?You can?t go with Terpfen. He?s a known traitor.?

    ?I can handle myself on that count,? she said as they entered the turbolift.

    ?Despite the assurances that Ambassador Cilghal gave you that we can protect your twins, you can?t leave them here.?

    She gave Corran a dangerous glare. ?So, what, I load them into a fighter with a known traitor and take them off to a world where Imperial assassins are going to be trying to kill them??

    ?No, but leaving them here, where a four-thousand-year-old Dark Lord of the Sith is turning apprentices into puppets isn?t much of a choice, either.? That much is true, she thought. She couldn?t be angry with Corran for stating the obvious, and obviously dangerous, alternative. She saw him shake his head. ?You don?t know any of us. How can you trust all of us with your kids??

    ?I can?t trust all of you.? She then poked him square in his chest. ?I?m trusting you.?


    The doors opened, and she made her way to her room with Corran following. ?When my husband left here, he said I could trust you. Not an easy man to earn trust from, my husband. That got me wondering and you?d be surprised what the president of
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    Liked the last three posts. All caught up now that the term is over.

    EDIT: Horn was a man of duty and principle ? not too much unlike the Mandalore who joined forces with him and Durron.

    Instead of Durron, did you mean Ulic Qel Droma?
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    Welcome back!

    Great posts!

    Keep up the astounding work JediAlly!

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    GrandMasterKatarn - thanks for catching the slip-up.

    Thanks for your comments as always, GMK, Master_Fay_Fan.

    I was kinda hoping for some suggestions or ideas from my readers and lurkers, but nobody said anything. So I drew upon the previous scenes with the children in Jedi Search and Dark Apprentice, and mixed in a little bit of Three Men and a Baby for this one. It might be short, and I hope I don't make the characters seem out-of-character, but hopefully it'll be funny.

    By the end of the evening meal, nearly all of the students were in the meal room. The only exceptions were Keyan, who was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, and Kirana Ti and Cilghal, who were currently bathing the children. The rest of the students, however, were slumped forward with their heads either on the table or on their arms, or leaning back against the chamber walls. Very few of them had the chance to train today. Or rather, train the way they had been since they arrived on this moon.

    Today, however, everything was discarded as they each took turns looking after the twins.

    ?I must say, the young clones on my homeworld have never been disruptive,? Dorsk 81 commented.

    ?Children, wait,? the clone said as he ran after the children. He and Cilghal had volunteered to give the twins a tour of the temple while the others got some training. Unfortunately, the twins decided to run away from them. By the time they turned around the corner, they saw the twins at the other end of the hall, splitting up.

    ?I?ll go after Jacen. You go after Jaina,? Cilghal said before heading down the corridor.

    ?Wait for me.?

    ?And even if they were, I doubt they would have as much energy as those two have,? Corran added. He silently added, if this is a glimpse of what Mirax and I are going to go through when we have children, I?d almost say it would be too much trouble to have children. But I already went through too much trouble arguing with Mirax about waiting for the right time to have children in the first place.

    ?I think I?d rather face an Imperial base alone than deal with those two again,? Kyle commented.

    Brakiss remained silent, but he had to admit the twins were more than a handful.

    Brakiss, Corran, and Kyle had just entered a room they and the others decided to make a playroom of sorts for the twins. Cilghal and Dorsk 81 had left the room a few minutes earlier to tell the three it was their turn. When they entered the room, all they could see was a scene of absolute chaos. Consoles were working when they should be deactivated. Various items were up on shelves that were out of reach of the children. All they could think when they saw the scene was, ?WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?!?

    ?Let?s hope that Princess Leia saves Anakin and gets back here as soon as possible,? Zak muttered, his face facing the table and his forehead resting on his hands.

    He recalled a few weeks ago when Luke was teaching them how to use the Force to shut off sensory input, Brakiss joked that it would be useful in shutting off one?s hearing to gain sleep if one?s roommate snored all the time. He was using that skill to shut off a different sensory input for a good reason.

    ?I don?t see why you?re not doing this,? Zak said to Tash while dealing with his current charge ? tending to Jacen?s diaper.

    ?Well I got my hands full with Jaina, trying to keep her calm so she doesn?t cry again.? Tash didn?t know if Jaina was scared that her parents weren?t here with them, or if she might be sensing the dark presence in the background of the Force. She watched as Zak used the Force to dispose of the used diaper before shifting his attention back to the toddler.

    By the time he was finished, they sensed someone approaching. They turned to see Keyan standing at the doorway. ?Hi, you two. Just thought I?d swing by to see how things are going.?

    ?Well,? Tash said, ?we?re holding our own.?

    ?I?ll say,? Zak said wh
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    Good chapter JediAlly! Keep up the good work!

    DRL caught me until just now. Such a nuisance!

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    Master_Fay_Fan - I hear you about DRL.

    Like I said, DRL in the form of job searching hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, with the Super Bowl occurring today, I managed to get enough time to make this post. It's just as well I get this up now. First, we got the admins planning to upgrade the forums to a new system. Which means the boards here will become temporarily unavailable, and I have no interest in making any story posts on the temporary boards. Next, the Book of Sith will be released later this week, and while I doubt there's anything in there that will affect my story, I can't rule it out completely. And finally, there's Final Fantasy XIII-2. Anyway, let's get back to the story, and we'll be getting a different POV this time. It's one I've been planning for quite a long time.

    Later that night, R2-D2 was in the Grand Audience Chamber watching over Luke. After what happened last night, the others unanimously agreed that it would be best that he would keep watch over Luke during the night. Whoever this Dark Man was, he wouldn?t be able to gain control over him, and should the Dark Man gain control over Streen again or anyone else for that matter, he would be able to raise the alarm.

    At least that was they thought, he thought. Having lived a long time and not having received a mind-wipe, he knew otherwise. Just because a Jedi mind trick wouldn?t work on a droid didn?t mean a Jedi had other alternatives. That thought caused Artoo to reflect on the past several decades. He recalled how it all started on that perilous escape attempt from Naboo after the Trade Federation invaded. Only after they escaped did he finally meet the Jedi ? Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to be exact. He also met Padmé at the same time. Once they reached Tatooine, they met that young boy who was a slave of the junk dealer. Ever since then, their lives had never been the same.

    Ah, Anakin. You always did have a penchant for getting into trouble. It was one of the few things that could match your strength in the Force. Another thing was his piloting skills, and that was proven by his performance in the Boonta Eve Classic race and his little joyride in that Naboo starfighter during the final battle.

    After the victory celebration, he didn?t see Anakin for ten years. While he was eager to meet up with Anakin again, it was unfortunate that they did so when Padmé?s life was in danger and the threat of war was looming over the horizon. And things only got worse from then on ? another assassination attempt on Padmé, Anakin?s failed attempt to save his mother, and the onset of the Clone Wars. Though he was able to save Padmé when they were in that droid factory on Geonosis, he wished he could have done more for both of them, especially Anakin.

    They crossed paths a few times before Padmé gave him to Anakin as a congratulation gift for becoming a Jedi Knight. Since then, he did everything he could to help Anakin whenever he got in trouble, and during the Clone Wars, that was quite often. He did the same with Padmé whenever he was reunited with her. And whenever all three of them were together, he felt he was doing double duty. Force knows how many times I?ve heard people say they weren?t getting paid enough for their jobs. Given what I had to go through while trying to keep an eye out on those two, I deserve to make that complaint more than most.

    Things really got interesting after Christophsis, when Ahsoka Tano became Anakin?s Padawan. He?d been on so many missions with those two, as well as Obi-Wan, Rex, Cody, and the other troopers of the 501st. Despite the hell of war during those times, he could see the bonds of friendship that existed amongst them.

    Furthermore, he had met a good number of other prominent Jedi ? Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Mace Windu. Speaking of Mace Windu, he let forth a low-volume twitter in amusement when it came to that Jedi. One of the most powerful Jedi
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    Stunning posts. Just stunning. Especially this last one. Keep going Jedi Ally. Loved the scene with Artoo reminiscing, really powerful.
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    Interesting chapter JediAlly! Definitely did not expect Artoo's POV! Good job surprising us!

    Still shuddering from DRL...Now at university and its like I barrely have anytime! Hope DRL gives you a break a bit more.

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    GrandMasterKatarn - glad you liked the last two posts.

    Master_Fay_Fan - I'm happy you were surprised by the last post. To be honest, I had that post planned out for some time. The one problem I had was that haven't not read the DNT yet (I know - seven years later and I still haven't gotten around to it), I didn't know if Luke and Leia asked R2 why did he tell them he knew everything all along, and what R2's response might have been. Fortunately, I asked the question in the Lit forum, and I got an answer I could work with.

    I'm surprised no one made any comment on the post where the Jedi trainees tried to take care of the twins. No comments, especially with the humor that was in it?

    Fortunately, I had a small break in DRL, though I think it'll pick up again this week. Secondly, having gone through Book of the Sith, I'm happy to say that since Luke doesn't get his hands on it until right before the NJO, I don't need to worry about making any major revisions or even starting over. I have to say I'm getting tired of this story dragging out like it is. I have three ideas I want to explore, but I want to get this story finished before I start anything new.

    I want to say that the previous post is going to remain morphable. As I continue watching TCW, I might add some more tidbits into the previuos post.

    With that out of the way, here's the next post, and it's another tie-in with both Champions of the Force and I, Jedi, but from a different perspective.

    Once the students were asleep, Exar Kun was ready to make his next move. But first, he reflected on his encounter with Skywalker earlier in the day. He could sense Skywalker was watching as his students and his nephew and niece visited his body, and he could sense Skywalker?s uncertainty over what he could do to extricate himself from his current situation. He watched in dark humor as he called out to his foolish students, only to reel in surprise as the toddlers not only heard him, but turned to face where Skywalker?s spirit was at the moment.

    Impossible, he thought. This is not possible. I know that some Jedi Masters could become one with the Force and maintain their presence in the physical world. In time, they would be able to speak with those who could sense the Force. But Skywalker?s not dead. And those children are far too young. Unless?

    He shuddered as he recalled the revelation he had at that moment ? the two children have far more potential than even he had realized. The fact that they could see and hear Skywalker meant that they were a threat to his plan. He could have eliminated them, but that would mean he would lose two of the most promising subjects in the place. Fortunately, the fools who accompanied them didn?t believe them. Once again, his anonymity was secured, yet he had a feeling that wouldn?t be the case for much longer.

    Sensing Streen?s guilt over his actions the previous night was quite pleasing, so he took the opportunity to feed on it and gain some strength. Deciding to make use of that small burst, he appeared before Skywalker and taunted him.

    ?How touching. Your clumsy students still imagine they can save you ? but I know more than they do. My training wasn?t limited by cowardice, as yours was.

    ?Gantoris was mine, and he is destroyed. Kyp Durron remains under my tutelage. Streen is already mine. The others will also begin to hear my voice. It is all falling into place.

    ?I shall resurrect the Brotherhood of the Sith, and with your Jedi trainees I shall form the core of an invincible Force-wielding army.?

    He laughed as Skywalker moved to fight, but he didn?t move. He lacked the knowledge of how to fight as a spirit against another spirit. When he taunted that he would appear to his students in their dreams disguised as him, just as he appeared in Skywalker?s dream disguised as Anakin Skywalker, Skywalker lunged at him and went through his ethereal form. The experience was disconcerting for both of th
  24. GrandMasterKatarn

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    Awesome post. Love Kun's reaction to the kids and Corran distracting him and foiling his plans. Don't worry, Exar Kun. You won't be alive for much longer.
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    GrandMasterKatarn - with any luck, Exar Kun will meet his fate in about a half dozen posts or so. You want to begin a countdown, be my guest.

    I took advantage of the slow pace I seem to be in at this time and decided to post this original filler.

    Nearly everyone in the chamber were standing in complete silence, either in shock, in amazement, or in their own musings over the events that had transpired over the past few minutes. Cilghal, Dorsk 81, and Tionne had stood by and watched as Jacen, a toddler, took up his uncle?s lightsaber and fought against the winged predators with the ease of a Jedi Master. When the others arrived, Dorsk 81 informed them of what he had witnessed, and his words shattered any preconceptions they might have had towards Jacen.

    I never thought I would live to see two individuals so gifted in the ways of the Force, Kam thought. First, it was Anakin Skywalker, and now it?s his grandson Jacen. He looked at Jaina. From what Dorsk 81 said, she didn?t do anything, but the chance that she might be as gifted as Jacen cannot be denied.

    He?s just a child, yet he was able to do that, Streen thought. As he gets older and gains training and experience, he?ll become so powerful; I?m actually shuddering at the possibility.

    Zak wanted to say something, but he held his tongue because what he wanted to say couldn?t be expressed in front of the children.

    The children?s announcement that Exar Kun was the one responsible for everything that had been plaguing the Jedi praxeum caused Tash to fall to her knees in disbelief. I don?t believe it. I just don?t believe it. I was near the mark, yet completely wrong.

    ?Tash!? Kirana Ti exclaimed as she saw Tash collapse. ?Tash, what is it??

    She, along with Keyan and Zak, rushed over to be by her side. ?Tash, are you feeling sick?? Zak asked.

    ?I didn?t even think it would be? I never considered the possibility that??

    ?Tash, what are you saying?? Keyan asked.

    ?Wait a minute,? Zak added. ?Tash, you?re not saying that you had suspicions that Exar Kun was behind all this??

    Zak?s question caught everyone?s attention. ?Tash, is Zak right??

    ?Yes, and no,? Tash said in a low voice.

    ?What do you mean by that?? Brakiss asked. He definitely didn?t peg Tash as one who would keep this kind of information from the rest of them.

    ?I thought Palpatine was the one behind all of this!? Tash exclaimed.

    ?The Emperor?? Cilghal asked.

    ?Why would you think that?? Dorsk 81 added.

    ?Because he?s perhaps the only individual in the galaxy who could match Master Skywalker?s power,? Tash explained.

    ?But Tash, Palpatine is dead,? Kam commented. ?Master Skywalker was there when Empatojayos Brand took his spirit within his body, and when he became one with the Force, he took Palpatine?s spirit with him.?

    ?I know that, and I don?t want to disrespect Brand?s sacrifice. But we thought Palpatine died at Endor, yet Master Skywalker saw him on Byss six years later. The Rebel Alliance thought he died when the Eclipse was destroyed, yet he survived. He might not have a clone body to possess anymore, but that doesn?t mean he couldn?t have become a Force spirit like Master Kenobi, Master Yoda, and Aidan Bok had.?

    ?You speak of certainties where there are many unknowns,? Tionne said.

    ?What?? Tash asked.

    ?Something Master Vodo Siosk-Baas once said to me and Keiran. That?s a stretch in your thinking, Tash, but given the precedents you?ve mentioned, it wasn?t unreasonable.?

    ?Unreasonable or not, didn?t you inform Master Skywalker of your suspicions?? Cilghal asked.

    ?I expressed my concerns about the lingering presence of the dark side that I?ve felt on this moon since I arrived to both him and Kam. He assured me that he knew the cause of the presence and that it was something I shouldn?t be concerned about.?

    Kam sighed. ?She?s right. Master Skyw