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Saga A Get Well Round Robin for Kynstar

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by LLL, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    Hi, everyone. Hopefully those who know Kynstar have seen the thread regarding her medical condition on the Resource board.

    Since it looks like she's facing a long and probably boring wait for the baby, being stuck in a hospital on bed rest and all, I KNOW there's plenty of creativity on these boards who can come up with something interesting for her to read.

    It's a nonsense scenario, I know, but what can we make happen? Hmm ...

    I started out like this:

    Count Dooku paces back and forth outside a room on the maternity floor of a certain hospital in Arkansas, brow furrowed in anxiety, his thoughts on the condition of his favorite apprentice. If Sidious could see him do this, he would be most displeased ...

    He begins to understand, now, the deep and obvious concern evinced by the Chosen One in his similar situation.

    If only he and Sidious had been able to discover the Secret!

    He rubs his large hands together and paces. Then, determined to send his considerable strength to help, he touches the Force.

    All will be well, young one. Rest.


    Somebody put their thinking cap on, introduce a new character or situation perhaps, and add on.
  2. VaderLVR64

    VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2004
    Oh, I'm going to see if I can bribe my muse for this one!

    What a great idea! [:D] And a wonderful start!
  3. MotionWright

    MotionWright Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 15, 2007
    That's a very intriguing start. :) Unfortunately, my muse is still on vacation.
  4. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    Hmm, mine is too ...

    Actually, the problem is ... TOO BUSY.

    *sits and thinks*
  5. The Musical Jedi

    The Musical Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 13, 1999
    I've been trying to come up with something too. :(
  6. AnakinsFavorite

    AnakinsFavorite Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 10, 2006
    Somewhere in that same hospital, a woman stirred from her sleep as a familiar voice brushed against her mind. Immediately, an impish grin broke across her face. How kind? my old master coming to make sure that I?ll still be able to fight. Looking down at her stomach, the woman had a feeling that there would be no sparring sessions for her for? quite a while.

    Sighing, she instead contented her with looking at the flowers her many friends had sent her.

    One gift in particular made her grin- a friend, upon having learned that she absolutely disliked Barbie Dolls, had taken great pains to find the most? pink one and had given it to her as a joke. For the baby the card said or for a stress reliever during labor. Get well soon! ~AnakinsFavorite

    Just as the woman was about to look at the rest of her gifts, a nurse bustled in looking rather agitated. ?There is a gentleman out there who is being quite? vocal in his needs to see you.? As if to hide her nervousness, she took the doll out of Kynstar?s hands and proceeded to rearrange it and the dozens of flower arrangements.

    ?What did he look like?? she asked with a supposed air of disinterest.

    ?Distinguished fellow?? the nurse smirked. ?His hair and eyebrows were two different colors.?

    Thought distinctly ruffled at the joke about her dear old master, Kynstar nevertheless said, ?I?m feeling better- can I go??

    The nurse laughed. ?I?m afraid that I can?t let you do that??

    Oddly resigned, the woman decided to not argue and decided to try another tactic. ?Fine? let him in,? she grumbled.

    ?Is he family??

    ?No? not really??

    ?The father of your child?? The woman was flipping through the files as she spoke.

    Kynstar?s face lit up. ?Well, actually? I?ve always said that the Count-?

    ?I?m sorry,? the other woman said with a frown, ?but the father you listed here isn?t a count. I?m afraid that I won?t be able to allow him in.? Giving her a firm look that clearly said that any discussion on the matter was over, the nurse took the file and put it in the rack outside the door before walking off.

    Now alone, Kynstar had time to think- and plan- of how she was going to get to see the Count?
  7. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    One black eyebrow rose skyward. "What do you mean, I'm not allowed?" The Count crossed his arms imperiously, his russet cape fluttering at his elbows. He stepped closer, towering over the nurse, and drew himself to his full height. "These are visiting hours, are they not?"

    "You're not next of kin," said the nurse, staring him down, "and frankly, you appear to be up to no good. What kind of costume is that, anyway? Aren't you a little old to dress Gothic?"

    The Count frowned and opened his mouth, then decided that any serious response to this old crone would be a waste of time. Remembering his Jedi mind tricks, he raised one hand. "I should be allowed through," he intoned.

    The woman blinked at him through glasses a mile thick, and stood there like a tank.

    "I should be allowed through."

    Her pale eyes followed his hand. "What is that, some sort of magic trick? Get out of here, before I call security."

    That the woman was as deficient in midichlorians as a Toydarian was annoying enough, but the derisive tone really got to Dooku. Spying an open linen closet, he reached out a hand, and the Force pushed a stunned and struggling nurse across the floor to the door.

    Eyes rolling wildly, shoes squeaking, arms paddling the air, the old crone stammered and spluttered. "What the -- What are you doing? Wha -- !" The rubber sole of her nursing shoe gripped the polished floor and she turned her ankle and fell out broadside in an ungraceful roll.

    The Count rolled his eyes and put both hands out, picking her up bodily with the dark side. "Out of my way, old woman!" She opened her mouth again, and he clamped one of his large hands over it before she could make another sound.

    "Into the storage room -- " Dooku deposited her there on her rounded rump and swiftly closed the door. A chair braced the doorknob in no time with the help of the Force, and the Count made his way unobstructed up the corridor.

    "Now, to find her room ... " Dooku peered into room after room, muttering a hasty "Excuse me," to several occupants.

    He had made his way up one leg of the U-shaped ward and was working his way down the other, when a triumphant "Hah!" pulled him up short.

    Standing at the end of the corridor was his nemesis, arms crossed, a no-nonsense look on her face. Behind her, four burly men glowered, at least as tall as Dooku himself. One held a most peculiar-looking white canvas blanket with buckles and straps dangling from the sides, and another held the sort of primitive injection device Dooku had last seen on an interrogator droid.

    "You're in big trouble, buddy!" shouted the nurse. "My last assignment was on the psych floor!"
  8. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004
    "Well, this does look serious."

    Dooku whirled away from the hospital staff. His old Padawan, Qui-Gon Jinn, had appeared next to him as a shadowy blue apparition.

    "Not again," Dooku complained under his breath. He did not know how it had happened, but his former student had been appearing to him in the Force. Usually at bad times. At key points in battles, during prisoner interrogations, in the fresher. It did not help that Dooku seemed to be the only one who could see him, making it impossible for him to say anything about it to his Master, Darth Sidious. What could he say? That the light side of the Force was haunting him? That Jedi properly killed by the Sith wouldn't stay dead? He would not have been surprised if Sidious killed him on the spot.

    "Go away," he snarled. Qui-Gon smiled back pleasantly. The woman and her burly henchmen advanced.

    "I don't think they like you," his old apprentice commented, strolling forward. Through his big, transparent body, Dooku could see that the nurse obviously couldn't see Qui-Gon either.

    Dooku threw out his hand toward the hostile nurse, the force thrusting out to send her hurtling back down the hall.

    But this time nothing happened. The Force seemed to fade and dissipate around Qui-Gon.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I get in your way?" Qui-Gon asked innocently, not sounding sorry at all.

    Muscular men seized him on both sides. Horrified and struggling, Dooku was overpowered. The woman's meaty arm clamped over his about the elbow and the sleeve of his tunic was pushed back. Next there was the jab of the needle.

    Furious and pinned to the floor, Dooku kept conscious for a few minutes, but darkness closed over him. The last thing he saw was that annoying, ghostly smirk......

  9. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    In another part of the hospitals were three Jedi-healers discussing Kynstar?s condition.

    Master Aaqu Maerhin said ?she is a great friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi.?

    ?Yep? master Enga Mariss added ?and she can be as fussy as he when she is under my care. Always complaining about my cold hands and wanting to leave the healer?s ward as soon as possible.?

    Kaagi Adin said ?when I treated her for a sprain she wasn?t muttering about my massages at all. The only thing she said when I wiped my greasy hands on my trousers was ?men, always getting their clothes dirty. And no wonder they call you the hooligan Jedi.?

    Master Enga said ?but you are.?

    Kaagi said ?yep and when she asked about my age and I told her, she didn?t believe me until I began that story of initiate Mace Windu pestering young Knight Rohi Kann with that plastiform syringe he got from you master Aaqu."

    Master Aaqu said ?talking about Mace and Obi-Wan gives me an idea to cheer Kynstar up. Kaagi where are those squeezeballs??

    Kaagi started to grin and he walked to a locker and got three of them, bright yellow and a black marker.

    The three healers each wrote a message on them ?for Kynstar, remember all your friends and time flies.?:)[:D] :)
    They walked to her room and placed the three squeezeballs together wit a picture of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on her nightstand.


  10. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    =D= =D= =D=

    And Davenport, I just about died laughing at your post. (Except I am on hold, and the person would answer any minute). I just knew you guys wouldn't let me down.

    And now, to business ...


    Count Dooku cracked an eye open, he knew not how many hours later. He found himself on a surprisingly soft, but tough, rubber surface. He could not move his arms. Glancing down, he found himself wrapped in canvas. Thick padded walls surrounded him; a person's face peered in at him through a tiny window in the door.

    At length the door opened a crack and a small, slender man slid in. At first Dooku thought it was Sidious. He blinked. Oh, dear. Behind the thick glasses, Sidious it was indeed. He had gone to some length for his disguise, dyeing his silver hair back to its former wheat-blond.

    "Good afternoon. I'm Doctor Palitopolis. Would you mind telling me your name, please?"

    Dooku scowled and tried to shrug out of his restraints. Sweat beaded his brow at the thought of "Palitopolis" finding him like this; what might he do to punish him? But the sarcasm of his master infuriated him. "Unbind me immediately!"

    "When we're confident you won't hit or hurt anyone, then we'll unbind you. Now, my name's Dr. Palitopolis; what's yours?"

    Confound Qui-Gon. And confound Sidious! Oh, Dooku would pay for this now, he was quite sure. Sidious's deliberate toying with him only increased the dread.

    "A few questions first. The head nurse on the OB floor tells me you assaulted her and you appeared to be hallucinating. What was going on up there ... apprentice?"

    "Doctor?" The nurse behind Palpatine circled around in front of him, giving him a puzzled look. With a wave of the Master's hand her eyes glazed over.

    He leaned over Dooku with a toothy smile and a wave of putrid breath. "And now I am done with games, Count." He raised his hands, tiny sparks of blue lightning jumping between his fingers.
  11. The Musical Jedi

    The Musical Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 13, 1999
    The vaguely blue Qui-Gon rubbed his hands together in delight. "Now that they're care of," he said with a smile, trailing off as he floating back down the hallway to the stairwell entrance. He drifted through the door, finding Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Mace Windu standing, trying to look nonchalant as they stood crowded on the landing.

    "Well?" Yoda asked, his ears flattened back in irritation.

    "All clear. My Master has been," he paused, barely managing not to look gleeful, "otherwise detained."

    "Finally," Obi-Wan muttered. He was holding a bundle of balloons attached to what looked like a gift bag colored in a dizzying array of browns and tans. "Try walking around with this and pretending your part of the hospital staff."

    Mace grunted. "We couldn't come empty-handed to visit one of our favorite Jedi. Besides, you're not a Master. Therefore, you get to carry it."

    "Perhaps you could continue this argument elsewhere," Qui-Gon interject, motioning to the hallway. "While the Count was putting up an impressive struggle, I can't imagine it will take long for those orderlies to subdue him. The Force was strong with them, despite a complete lack of sensitivity to it," he added, sounding almost awed.

    "Leave it to you to get distracted," Obi-Wan grinned, as he pushed open the door to the stairwell. The hall beyond was quiet without a sentient in view. The Knight moved on into the hall, stealthily followed by the two Council members and brazenly by one blue apparition, his balloons trailing along behind.

  12. obsessedwithSW

    obsessedwithSW Jedi Master star 4

    May 24, 2005
    Disclaimer: Please be patient I am working without a word processor on my new computer, *Gasp *I know I was horrified to when I found out! and it is late but I think you get the general idea. I'll be back after work to fix anything that I missed!
    Kynstar looked around the empty room, clearly irritated by her lack of freedom.

    There has to be a way I can get to my old Master. But, how?

    Reaching down, she unsucessfully tried to adjust the fetal monitor that dug uncomfortably into the flesh of her taut abdomen.
    She glared at the wiring that attached her to the various monitors blinking at her bedside.

    Infuriating. It might as well be a prison, she thought pevishly.

    Patience, she reminded herself. She could hear the gentle but firm admonition as if the Count himself were whispering in her ear.

    She knew that she needed to remain in bed to insure the health of her unborn child but, she never had felt so helpless. Always before, there was a way out, a way around the problem. Not this time. She reached down and rubbed her belly.

    Not even born and aready in control. She sighed and rolled over onto her side staring at the reoccuring heart symbol on the screen.

    Blink. Blink.

    So much equipment protecting her and the child. What happened to women that didnt have this technology available to them, technology that was able to notify the doctors of the slightest change in their condition?

    That was something she didn't want to think about.

    Blink. Blink.

    Suddenly, the lights in the room flickered and the equipment went blank, but only for one fraction of a second.

    A power surge?

    She shook her head no. Surely hospitals made provisions to prevent those types of occurences.

    It had to be her imagination. However, lying next to her, a small fm radio/clock that she brought from home to listen to when she got tired of the television flashed 12:00, over and over again.

    It was a power surge.

    A smile slowly spread across her face as a delicious plan took form in her head.

    What if the equipment continued to fail, eventually they would have to move me to another room.... and that would mean being taken out into the hallway where He is...

    With a far away look, she lifted her hand before her as if to lovingly touch his silvered hair.

    Oh, now this plan had merit. She let out a little giggle as her excitment grew.

    It could work.

    Her eyes narrowed in wicked glee as she clapped her hands together.

    It would work!

  13. AnakinsFavorite

    AnakinsFavorite Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 10, 2006
    After a few minutes of thinking, Dooku realized that there was nothing he could say that wouldn?t make the nurse think him even crazier. Was he really to tell her that he was from a galaxy far, far away, and that he?d come to see his pregnant padawan- whose child, on that note, wasn?t his. These Earth people seemed rather paranoid- after all, their nation seemed to be in a state of high alert every other day since his arrival- and would most likely not take kindly to his tale.

    In his musings, he was suprised to find that a rather plump nurse had entered the room and was currently looking at him like he were some naughty crecheling about to be punnished.

    ?I think we ought to work on your temper, young man,? the nurse said in an overly kind sort of way, talking to the Sith as if he were a small child.

    Dooku hated it when people treated him like he was stupid. Then, he became aware of the fact that they were no longer alone- a few assistants had entered into the room and were strapping things to his chest?

    ?Now, this won?t hurt a bit? if you behave,? the nurse said with what he guessed was false cheeriness. Already, she was looking more menacing than any other Sith Lord he?d ever met.

    ?Get this off of me!?

    There was a slight buzzing sound as the Count twitched.

    ?What the-? he muttered, stinging a little bit.

    ?You aren?t controlling your temper- do I need to turn it higher??
  14. Lea-El

    Lea-El Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2005
    AN: This is my first attempt at a round robin so excuse my errors I think this will stand-alone so it shouldn?t interfere with other writers work.

    Get Well Soon Kyn


    At a previously mentioned undisclosed hospital in Arkansas two figures in brown hooded bathrobes crept from doorframe to imitation hospital plant sneaking closer to the maternity ward.

    A previously mentioned head nurse with an unflattering nose flew over to the two figures and demanded, ?Who are you and where are you going? As if I didn?t know, we haven?t had this many people come here in costume since the Klingot Captain went in labor during a Star Trek convention.?

    As the two figures, one a blonde middle-aged female about five five and the other about two foot nothing in a troll costume, snapped to attention the taller waved her hand vigorously whispering, ?You don?t see us.? Repeatedly.

    The irate nurse fluttered about, ?What is it with you people and your hand waves? Your Jedi mind tricks don?t work on me. I?m from New York City.?

    Then she continued, ?Lady have you ever heard the words Children?s Services? It?s over a hundred degrees out there and you have your child dressed in a latex lizard costume, a jumpsuit and a head to toe hooded bathrobe. Don?t you people have a life or a brain??

    ?My name is Lea El and this isn?t my child.? She looked down at the fuming master at her feet.

    ?El isn?t that a Superman name? How did you end up in a Star Wars costume?? The nurse flitted about as she spoke.

    ?That?s a long story about searching for my daughter, trips through a Stargate and getting Lost in Space. You really don?t want to go there.?

    ?I should have known better than to ask. So if this isn?t your child then whose is it and why are you sneaking around my ward with him or her? Be aware if I don?t like your answer I shall put you in the room next to that vampire looking guy.?

    ?Ah! You met the Count. No! No! No! I?m not with him. Okay, I?ll get to the point. You see Kynstar??

    ?You mean Denise.?

    ?Yes, You see I know Ky? Denise and she has been looking for one of the new Star Wars action robots, really she wanted the Dooku model but they wanted to much for him. It?s all those real jewels he insisted his model come with. Well anyway, I could only afford to get her the Yoda version. It?s smaller and economically dressed. Don?t tell her but I hear they used the dancing Elmo base to save money on production.? She nervously rattled.

    ?Could you get to the point sometimes today??

    ?Sorry, I brought her this action robot to keep her company while she waits on her little Countess.?

    ?No! No! No! The Count is not the father we are not going through that again.? The nurse insisted.

    ?Really, Hum! Sidious? Nah, her friend Bacon is sweet on him. Must be some new guy or maybe an old one recycled. Maybe one of those popcicle things? Nah! She?s to pretty for that. Are you sure it isn?t the Count?s?? Lea rambled.

    ?The robot??

    ?Sure, I just came to deliver this to her and I am out of here. I won?t be a bother at all.?

    ?To late!?

    ?To her!?

    ?No, you won?t because you aren?t getting in there. Besides you aren?t fooling me I saw that thing walking by it?s self.? She smugly insisted.

    ?It has a sensor to register its owner and follows them. See here?s the controller.? She cringed at her own inability to lie.

    ?That is your cell phone. If he?s a robot show me his battery pack.? She flitted down to Yoda.

    ?I can?t, its very sensitive if you get a power surge messing with it he will go into his Dancing Elmo mode and that?s just weird.?

    ?I must be from China. Is it safe to be around her baby??

    ?As long as she doesn?t let her chew on it.? Lea cringed at the expression on Yoda?s face.

    ?Make it do something.? She insisted.

    ?There is a button here in the back that makes him say one of about five hundred lines from the movies or books. Here it is.? She said as she dug around in the collar of Yoda?s robe looking for the imaginary button.

    ?I must warn you, you never kno
  15. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004
    LLL Thanks! I guess for me and fics, Qui-Gon is like ketchup. You can put him into anything. [face_mischief]


    A petite young woman in yellow spotted scrubs returned to the nurse's station.

    "Oh!" she exclaimed. "Where did that ugly green doll go?" she peered under the desk, but was immediately distracted by a patient buzzer call. She hurried off down the hall.

    Around a corner, the 'ugly green doll' scowled and waved a clawed hand at a metal closure above him. The fire door popped open. The alarm did not go off. Two men in brown robes came through, the second one carrying a gift bag and a bouquet of jostling balloons above his head.

    "Problem there is." Yoda told Obi-Wan and Mace. "Moved she has been."

    "Moved?" Mace asked. "Do you know where?"

    Yoda nodded. "The next floor up, they have taken her. But more difficult it is to enter. More people it has."

    Mace scowled. "Can we get help?"

    "Problem that would be. In the waiting room, Lea El still is." Yoda looked thoughtful and then asked. "Where is Master Qui-Gon?"

    "Oh, he popped out for something," Obi-Wan explained. "He sensed a disturbance in the Force."

    "He IS a disturbance in the Force," Mace grumbled.

    "Well, I guess we have to try." Obi-Wan said. "She needs our help. And I think these balloons might be losing their helium."

    The three Jedi retreated back into the stairwell, to continue their quest.

  16. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    ?Humiliating, this is.? Yoda said on cue.

    "He IS a disturbance in the Force," Mace grumbled.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    *waves to Obsessed* Long time, no see!! How are ya??

    A merry set of mayhem we've created here. Perhaps we should have a story conference before it goes too far out of control. [link=]Thread in Resource[/link], perhaps??

  17. The Musical Jedi

    The Musical Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 13, 1999
    I love it!! [face_laugh]
  18. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    In another corridor Kaagi, Aaqu and Enga were going back towards their room. They had descended the stairs because the elevator didn?t respond to their call.

    Aaqu said ?must be some firefighters-drill or exercise?

    Kaagi began to smile when he saw a little green well known master excite a fire-door. He said ?no look other masters who want to go to Kynstar with presents.?

    Enga said ?hey. they are going back. Come let?s join them. We know where Kynstar is.?

    The three masters took a spurt and joined Mace, Obi-Wan and Yoda in a now a little cramped elevator.

    Aaqu said ?she is one floor up.?

    Yoda said ?know we do, problem is to go and enter unseen.?

    Enga said ?we can use one of us as a distraction? and she cast a knowing smile at the two healers.

    Obi-Wan muttered ?why is it always me. I have got a bad feeling about this.?

    Enga said "don't be such a fuss. We want to help Kynstar with her baby."
  19. Lea-El

    Lea-El Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 13, 2005


    Lea-El was sitting quietly in the lobby of the hospital waiting for her passenger to slip past the ob head nurse, growing paler as the night got darker, when the sound system erupted in emergency warning.

    ?Security to third floor west wing code red.? The two-armed security guards standing near the door turned to each other and said in unison, ?Armed intruders in the ob ward??

    The security guards immediately locked the doors and started ushering everyone into a nearby office to clear the halls for the local police that raced up the drive and slid to a stop sideways in the drive. Some set up a command post outside while others rushed in to get the latest details from the head of security that met then at the door.

    A man carrying a hug teddy-bear peaked out from behind it and whispered, ?Lea if I were you I would get out of that robe; the guard mentioned robed intruders invading Ob. I assume Kynstar is the object of this intrusion.?

    Lea shed her robe and hid it behind an imitation plant just as the guard turned and shooed her into the office. ?Henry if I ever get sucked into another one of Yoda?s adventures just shoot me.?

    ?I didn?t think you were into costuming.?

    ?I?m not, I think the little troll?s been waving his hand and yes, I know what that means about me.?


    AN: Henry is a Arkansith into costuming for Make-a-Wish and other good causes; he's a clone.
  20. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004
    Meanwhile, somewhere in another wing of the hospital......

    "Doctor Palotopolis! I didn't realize you were here. I thought you were at a conference," Nurse Ratchety exclaimed. Her henchmen straightened. Count Dooku sighed and closed his eyes. While he easily suppressed the pain, which was hardly more than a mild discomforted to his Jedi AND Sith training, he felt some gratitude for the break. Ratchety was over-dramatic, but she did have a distinctive style. He planned to demonstrate to her ways to improve her technique later. On her.

    "It was dull. I came back early."

    Dooku's eyes snapped open. Break was over.

    His master stepped around his chair into full view. He wore the same white over-jacket of the staff of this strange place. His face was contorted with displeasure. Dooku sensed the power of it. His master was not happy and this was a great and terrible thing.

    "A new case?" his master inquired, appearing to be only mildly interested.

    "Oh yes, very disobedient," the woman answered, finally taking her hand away from a dial on her machine.

    "Hmmmmmmmm, and careless, too."

    "Excuse me, Doctor?"

    "Oh nothing. But while he is here, I think I should interview him. A private interview, I think." Palpatine narrowed his eyes. Count Dooku kept his expression blank. Showing weakness would be, of course, completely unacceptable.

    "But Doctor, I haven't had time to write up his case. There isn't a file--"

    "A PRIVATE interview, Nurse," Dooku's master said with deadly seriousness. The woman, who seemed to think Palpatine was her superior, hastily agreed and after a moment she and her muscular subordinates had left.

    "Sentimentally? It is most unbecoming, my apprentice. For what else could have brought you here?" Palpatine folded his arms before him.

    Dooku said nothing and stared straight ahead. Whatever punishment he was due would come when his master was ready. Anticipating it would do no good.

    Dooku's cheek twitched.

    "And captured? By these primitives? I expected better from you, Dooku."

    Twitch, twitch.

    " have proved capable otherwise," Palpatine seemed to reconsider whatever decision he was hinting at.

    Dooku twitched. He had earned his master's wrath for his current failure. But it was difficult to concentrate on that with two of Qui-Gon's bluish, transparent fingers sticking up above Palpatine's head.

    Palpatine seemed to notice his distraction without realizing the source.

    "I don't think I have your attention in this, my apprentice." Palpatine reached for the machine dial. "Shall we discuss this?" he asked with menacing pleasantness.


    Meanwhile, in another hallway, the door to a utility closet cracked open. Eyes, brown, blue-gray and green peer out.

    "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Yoda said from about knee-level and sniffing the air as if something was burning. "The dark side I sense nearby."

  21. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    Dooku twitched. He had earned his master's wrath for his current failure. But it was difficult to concentrate on that with two of Qui-Gon's bluish, transparent fingers sticking up above Palpatine's head.

    OMG that is SO FUNNY!!!

    [face_laugh] [face_dancing] =D=

    *goes back up to change name of doctor in previous post*

  22. LLL

    LLL Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 16, 2000
    Meanwhile, a floor above, Kynstar lay her hand over her belly as a nurse's aide wrapped the blood pressure cuff around her wrist a second time. The baby inside her had been awfully still for several hours now.

    Usually they only took a BP reading once.

    The nurse's aide looked up at Kyn but avoided her eyes. "I'll be right back, Ma'am," she said, and flitted out the door post-haste.

    Fear stood the hair on the back of Kyn's neck on end. Master, where are you?!

    Her new nurse walked in with a syringe of clear yellow medication. She inserted the needle into the plastic bubble on her IV and injected it slowly into the IV tubing. "Well, it looks like your blood pressure's gone up a few more points. I paged your doctor and he's ordered some medication for it. We're going to check it again in about twenty minutes and see what effect this has had."

    Kynstar's voice shook. "What if -- what if it doesn't go down?"

    Already her head was beginning to hurt. It's just stress, she told herself. Worry, and stress.
  23. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    In the utility-closet Master Enga was dressing Obi-Wan in a hospitalgown.

    Obi-Wan squirmed and moaned ?why has it always to be me.?

    Yoda said ?greatest distraction you are. Pestering Enga fun for you it is.?

    Aaqu was holding one of the balloons and Kaagi was painting some smileys on it.

    Mace muttered ?another smileys war is starting.?

    Obi-Wan said ?yep and we are again in the middle of it.?

    Aaqu had found two white doctor?s robes and he and Kaagi donned them.

    Enga had found a green surgical robe and came with a gurney and said ?Obi-Wan hop aboard for the ride.?

    Obi-Wan did as told and Yoda nestled himself atop of the blankets holding the balloons.

    Aaqu guided the gurney outside and the little procession followed him.
  24. ardavenport

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    Dec 16, 2004
    "Doctor Palotopolis!" Nurse Rachety broke off her scolding of the subordinate nurses at the psych ward desk to bustle over to the two men heading toward the double doors of the exit.

    "Um, I don't think we were finished with this patient," she said, eying Count Dooku with distaste and disappointment. Her former 'patient' coldly returned her look but said nothing.

    "Oh, I don't think that there will be any more discipline problems with this one," he reassured her in a pleasant tone. His voice descended an octave. "Will there?"

    "No, M--Doctor," Dooku responded, breaking eye contact with Ratchety and inclining his head toward Palpatine.

    The officious and only slightly evil woman seemed to sense the no-nonsense thread in that voice and she backed down somewhat. "Very well, but we still need to sign him out --"

    "Have you filled out any paperwork on his so far?" Palpatine asked.

    "Well, no--"

    "Then I think we can dispense with those formalities. Don't you?" Again, his voice descended. Ratchey's eyes shifted, like a woman who had just heard a noise behind her in a darkened parking lot.


    They didn't wait for her to finish. Sith master and apprentice turned away from her and strolled out of the ward. The institutional white and grays turned into institutional pastel yellow and green of a different section of the hospital.

    "I shall return to my business, my apprentice," the senior Sith said without looking toward Dooku, who carefully walked half a step behind. "And I shall allow you to.....indulge this.....whim of yours." His voice rose to its higher and more generous tones. Only a brief flick of Dooku's eyes toward the smaller and deceptively harmless-looking man beside him showed his relief. Otherwise he continued to match his master's steps, his back stiff. And continued to ignore the pains in some now tender parts of his body.

    "I will expect your return from this dismal world soon, Count Dooku." They faced each other now, Palpatine with his back to a particular door in the hallway. There was no one lese around.

    "Of course, my Master," Dooku inclined his head. Palpatine, still dressed as a local physician, pushed through the door behind him. It slowed swung closed, but just before it snapped shut there was a blue flash. Dooku now felt the new absence of his master's considerable presence.

    Turning away from the door, Dooku closed his eyes and lifted his head, opening his mind to the Force. Too much time had been wasted. He would find his favorite apprentice now (not the annoying Force-apparition who had gotten bored during his 'discussion' with Palpatiine and wandered off). Minutes passed....

    Dooku's eyes snapped open with surprise. Running, he headed toward the stairwell at the end of the hall.


    "There's more security here," Mace said, his voice low, his expression wary as he walked alongside Obi-Wan. Aaqu and Kaagi pushed and guided the gurney

    "Much to protect, there is, here," Yoda said without moving, tucked under Obi-Wan's arm. When a hospital staff member had volunteered to get someone to carry Obi-Wan's 'toy' and balloons for him they had been forced to make excuses, that Obi-Wan could not be parted with his 'treasure'. Fortunately, the woman had been convinced by this argument......and the impressive tantrum that Obi-Wan had thrown. He now lay stiffly clutching his 'treasure', his cheeks still pink with embarrassment.

    They turned a corridor.

    Everyone reached for their lightsaber.

    The balloons got away and jostled into a crowd on the low ceiling and light coverings.

    The Sith Lord at the other end of the hall turned toward them, his face quite drained of any expression at all. Apparently only mildly interested in them, he turned back toward the large glass window where other people clustered, but Dooku was tall enough to see over their heads.

    They approached warily, cautious of the innocent bystanders nearby. But with each s
  25. LLL

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    Jul 16, 2000
    Yoda's green eyes opened wide. "Arrived already, Kynstar's baby has?" He looked around. "If deliver this baby the healers did not, who did?"

    The blue ghost of Qui-Gon raised his head and winked.


    Count Dooku felt the sadness and bewilderment coming from down the corridor. There was the happiness of the baby, too, but he realized that he had been missed.

    He turned and strode into Kynstar's room.
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