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NSWRPF Archive A Journey through Persuanna

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthCemeroX, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. DarthCemeroX

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    Mar 28, 2007
    A Journey in Persuanna

    You?re out cold, your friends and family watch your lifeless eyes, begging they?ll open.

    You arrive at the gates. You look up at the towering walls, looking around and nothing can be seen for miles but the sandy desert. You are without clothing, as naked as your mind in this place. You look at your hands, they are the same but yet you feel so much more, your senses of touch are heightened, you feel almost every atom moving in the air.

    Suddenly a thunderous creek echoes through the gates as they slowly begin to drag open. As they do a great light emerges from the air and you feel it?s weight. The first time light exerted force on your body. You?re still unclothed by yet you feel swaddled in the light?s warmth.

    The light doesn?t speak, but you hear it?s words projected into your mind, ?You?ve finally come,?. You ask the voice in your head ?Where am I??

    ?You?re in the place where you dream, where you hallucinate, where your mind wanders, you?re in your head, you?re in the land of Persuanna,? the voice says. The voice has no gender but your mind is hinting towards a certain tone, it is calming. You begin to hear music that has no source.

    ?What now? you ask the voice as you gaze into the light, you?re drawn towards it and you step forward.

    As you do , you pass through the light and once you do, you are again clothed in whatever you mind decided. You can hear voices, you walk further through the light and you begin to see streets, merchants on the road. Children at play, Camels, women, the whores, the sound of coins. All these things are revealed to your eyes as you pass through the light, the voice gives you it?s final few words as you feel the light fade, ?Clothed you are, in your own thoughts. This is the land in which you must journey??

    You gaze at the city streets in front of you, and you ask the voice, ? Where am I going??

    ? Back.?

    His last word echoes a thousand times in your mind as the voice is fading. Almost as though the thought was hurled at the wall of your mind, the thought that now sticks to the wall is that you must find the Oracle.

    You take your steps past the gates and enter Persuanna at last, and your journey has now begun?


    Characters can be of any age, any occupation. Characters are normal people.

    There are three classes of character

    Challor: Spirits and keepers of the world of Persuanna (GM controlled for the most part)
    Residents: People who?ve spent longer than a year in Persuanna ( not playable in beginning)
    Arrivals: Obvious somebody who has just begun (where you?ll start)

    How did you get into Persuanna?
    Any state of being unconscious can open up the gates for you.
    However you?ve entered the gates this time and can not wake up yet.
    Comas are most likely but I?ll accept others if you have them.

    Info about the realm

    Persuanna is at the beginning similar to Agrabar in it?s appearance however as you progress there will be many worlds for you to venture through

    This isn?t the matrix, you are in your mind but you can?t run on walls

    Rules and guidelines
    1. GM?s word is law,
    2. I?m your GM, not your babysitter so be mature and don?t disrespect other players
    3. Issues with the Game, posts, users or anything else must be addressed in PM
    4. Not that it?s likely to happen, but you can not kill other characters unless it?s okayed with boy myself and the user
    5. PM me all character sheets
    6. Only one character per user
    7. no auto hitting
    8. Try to not go too long without posting, inform me if you will be away or have a problem that prohibits your posting
    9. Relationships may develop, but keep it PG 13 (since you have to be at least 13 to register)
    10. Have fun, and enjoy the world


    Condition of entrance to Persuanna:

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