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W.VA A Little Controversy (Or, Why Does Ithorian's Name Look Different?)

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Ithorian, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Ithorian

    Ithorian Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 13, 2000
    *takes his place on the soapbox*

    OK, some of you may be wondering why my name looks different, and why I have no icon now. Well, I'll tell you. There's a situation on the boards right now that I felt you all should finally know about. You may have already seen some of the fallout from it around the boards.

    Here's the situation, as stated by the RSAs and GSAs involved:

    An element of site ownership has told the entire Mod Squad that we must provide him with our real names and addresses and such by registering at another message board and then passing on our user names there to him through G-S. If we do not, we get demoted. All future moderators will have to provide this information. This may be expanded to cover City Representatives as well.

    The Mod Squad and Old Folks Home have two major issues.
    1) The security of the information and the purpose behind the information gathering. As everyone is probably well aware, the Mod Squad is about as leaky as the Titanic. This has fostered worries about how secure this information would be, even though it?s being stored elsewhere. No system is perfect, and there is the worry that that information might come out and what might be done with that information. And we?ve yet to be told why we need to give it (though the guess that it is something along the lines of ?if LFL sues, it?s on the shoulders of the moderators?).
    2) The way that this has been handled by site ownership. More than anything else, I think that?s what?s at the heart of this. The feeling in the Mod Squad and Old Folks Home is that an element of the site ownership does not care about the message boards and the users and moderators here in any way at all. We as a group have not been provided with reasons why the information is needed; we feel that we?ve been threatened; we feel that we?ve been insulted; and finally we feel that we?ve been ignored.

    Now, here's the stance from Philip Wise (the majority owner of the site):

    The site and the forums are owned by me and Josh Griffin. We have a contract with IGN where they provide hosting in exchange for allowing them control of the advertising. Neither I, nor Josh, or the entity TF.N LLC earns any money from IGN for this. IGN does pay some expenses directly related to running the site and occasionally we are compensated for affiliate advertising, such as from All Posters.

    Last week I asked for each of the volunteer mods to provide me their name and mailing address. Many mods complied, some however did not. Concerns where raised about the reason for the request and some were concerned with privacy issues. Though I addressed these issues, some still did accept them.

    Those that were either fearful of my having the information or worried about the security of their name and address being in our files enough, refused to provide the information.

    (he then lists some mods who were forced to and voluntarily stepped down)

    Contrary to some opinions I've read, I value the work volunteers do very much. This is not my way of thanking them or casting their efforts aside as unimportant.

    Unfortunately, as much as I care about their work, I care more about the future of the forum, the tf.n staff, and our relationship with Lucasfilm, than I care about those who are fearful of my having their contact info. It's a fact that some people who participate in forums anonymously, including moderators, can and do feel more free to say and do things they would otherwise not do if they were known. In the end, I am confident the forum mods will be more comfortable with each other than they are now.

    Based on some hate mail I've received as a result of this, it looks as though there might have been mods among us you might not want around your family. People that say these kinds of things have no business pretending to be decent people and every reason to fear disclosing their name and address.

    Thanks for reading.... Philip

    For my part, I'm appalled. I'm a big believer in Internet privacy, and having to give out your personal information
  2. Darth_Raptor

    Darth_Raptor Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 21, 2002
    Me and Ithorian have discussed this issue on the phone a few times already. I feel very confident that Ithorian understands this situation and will be able to represent our concerns, feelings and issues.

    Personally it is my opion that all Fan Force chapters are a strong base of friends at their heart. Their love for the movies, and the universe that they opened up for great adventures and stories is the bond that keeps each chapter together. So while there is the possibility that the tools we use to communicate may not change, change a little or completly change all together, this will not effect any of us in any chapter. Because we have not changed, only the tools used.

    Also remember that the other board that Ithorian has pointed us to is a backup only. So please continue to post here normally. If for some reason you try to visit here and our board is no more, or something has occured where we cannot communicate here, then we can use the other backup board. Just never hurts to have a backup plan just incase :)

  3. -Fettish-

    -Fettish- Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2003
    *pushes Brad off soap box* My turn, my turn! Me, me, meeeeee.............

    You know, I hate it when things like this occur. Why can't people just leave well enough alone and let everyone enjoy themselves? It's ridiculous... They don't need anyone's personal contact info. There's simply no reason for it. Now we have a growing mess which may end up badly... It's just a shame...

  4. Dark-Wolf

    Dark-Wolf Jedi Youngling

    Jan 29, 2004
    I see things have been interesting in my absence.

    I am 100% for internet privacy. I dont enter my information on anywhere for anything that is not absolutely iron clad necesity. And I am afraid the boards wouldnt qualify. As Ithorian stated, there is no good reason to have our personal information stored at an unsecured server,at this point, or any other. There is an old adage you all might have heard before. "if it ain't broke, dont fix it." If we dont have anyone opsting any nastiness that would require these sort of restraints, and I've seen several boards that are no more inflamatory than our own, what is the purpose of creating a deterrant for them? I agree with Rap. We are like a family. Rasa. Ya know?

    My thanks to Ithorian for keeping us updated on goings on like this.
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