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Beyond - Legends A long winding road Updated Saturday May 29th 2010 OCs A/P L/L/H

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Falcon, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    squee for the l/m :D

    glad anakin's balancing giving her a second chance but not being naive and gullible either -- and I loved his talk with mara -- especially her saying that if he stays in a toxic nontrusting relationship, it'll be hurtful to himself and to the kids as well :(

    :( -- it's hard to know how seriously Sherry is going to try the whole honesty, changing bit that comes with counseling [face_thinking]

    Forgive me for being a devil's advocate :p but i am feeling she's more sorry she was outed about ganner than about the whole thing happening -- and that if she could've had her cake and ate it too -- that would've been fine -- o_O

    I'm really into the story can't you tell?

    You're doing superbly at writing a Danielle Steel-esque drama =D=
  2. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback

    Here's more
    Anakin Shern approached the secretary?s desk as the woman looked up with a gentle smile. Sherry was standing beside him looking nervous which irritated him more. She shouldn?t be nervous about this. This was to salvage their marriage not get an operation done. He looked at the secretary as her eyes widened in surprise. ?Last name is Sherland.?

    The secretary nodded with a disappointed frown as Anakin felt some relief that they dodged the laser bolt but felt a sharp jab in his ribs from his other half. ?You used your old girlfriend?s last name?? Sherry challenged with an angry glare.

    ?It?s not a well known name and would you rather have this leak out further and have the holo journalists air out the dirty laundry for the entire galaxy to see?? Anakin challenged back as Sherry fell silent and didn?t argue further. ?I didn?t think so.?

    ?Please have a seat Mr. Sherland and Darcy will be right with you,? the secretary said as Anakin walked over to a chair and sat down keeping his hood up over his face as he prepared to wait.

    ?Besides the spelling is fairly close to my last name,? Anakin pointed out. ?It was the obvious choice and Kasha agreed to let me use it.?

    Sherry thought about it for a second then nodded. ?I see your point.?

    Anakin waited silently as another couple walked in causing him to frown as the male looked pale and the female had an angry expression. The woman looked in their direction and hardened her expression as she made eye contact with Anakin. ?Let me guess, your husband cheated on you as my wife cheated on me??

    The woman nodded in surprise as she glanced at Sherry with a frown. ?You two look awfully familiar.?

    ?So much for not drawing attentions to ourselves,? Sherry pointed out with a growl. ?Why don?t you announce what I did from the Skywalker Resort rooftop while you?re at it? And stop reading every patient that comes in here, it?s annoying.?

    ?We wouldn?t be in here if you weren?t playing nursemaid behind my back,? Anakin reminded Sherry with a painful smile. ?So wonder boy thinks he can keep up with a youngling, there?s a laughable thought.?

    ?Youngling?? Sherry nearly snapped back at Anakin. ?And don?t call him wonder boy, he has a name.?

    ?That?s right, you prefer lover boy instead,? Anakin growled as Sherry glared. ?And here I thought I married a good girl. Do you have a tattoo that you?re hiding from me perhaps??

    ?Don?t be naïve,? Sherry hissed. ?I don?t hurt my body that way and you know it.?

    ?You gave it away instead,? Anakin deadpanned. ?How can you live with yourself knowing you?re about to get married than go to bed with another man the night before the wedding? You honestly didn?t think I was going to find out about that? We don?t keep secrets from each other in my family. It?s almost impossible so why even try??

    ?I kept it from you for four years,? Sherry pointed out.

    ?Only because I wanted you to keep your privacy as I kept mine,? Anakin pointed out. ?Am I supposed to read your mind every night? That would be the step in the right direction to giving yourself to the dark side. If I had known giving you this type of space would lead to this, I would?ve ripped your mental shields down so fast you wouldn?t even know what hit you.?

    ?Anakin you wouldn?t dare,? Sherry hissed angrily. ?If you did then you would break the promise you made to the family about watching your step.?

    ?It seems it wouldn?t take much now, would it?? Anakin questioned with a serious expression. ?It would only hurt Mike and Kei if I did. That?s something I couldn?t do to them.?

    Sherry remained silent as the door opened and a man stepped out and looked around the room. He called for the Sherlands as Anakin and Sherry stood up in unison. Darcy gestured for them to follow him. ?If we?re only going to fight like this all the time, then maybe we should consider hiring a divorce lawyer instead.?

    Anakin nodded in silent agreement as they stepped inside the room. He noticed a couch and couple of chairs. He walked over and
  3. dancing_star

    dancing_star Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2007

    Kasha didn?t say a word as she wrapped her arms around Anakin. She didn?t think he had any tears left to shed. Anakin surprised her as he fell apart in her arms. She held him in her arms as they slowly made their way to the couch. She cursed Sherry for being deceptive and lied to Anakin numerous times.


    Great updates! =D= Looking forward to more.
  4. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    The thing I don't get about Sherry: if divorce was what she wanted to begin with, why did she lie? Other than that... I hate to say I understood her actions, because it's distasteful (disgustingly so) to do what she did to her husband, but I do understand it. Agree with it? No. (The sticking point with me was her lying about the circumstances of the situation to her former boyfriend's wife, and then being all offended because Anakin called her on it.)

    And now it's up to Kasha to put the man back together again...

    Well done. :)
  5. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback [:D]

    Here's the next post
    Anakin Solo climbed down the ladder on his fighter as he stretched out with the Force looking for Nom Anor?s signature. He smiled grimly to himself knowing this would give him an advantage over the Executioner. Zonama appeared to him and walked towards a cave gesturing to follow her. He followed the spirit as he reached for his lightsaber hanging on his belt. He just hoped the War Master didn?t put him up to this.

    Anakin cautiously entered the cave as he felt Nom Anor tense. He knew he would have to fight. There was no easy way out of this. ?Nom Anor, I know you?re in here, come on out so we can discuss this peacefully.?

    ?I like fighting,? Nom Anor cried out as he rushed Anakin.

    Anakin hit the activation blade on his lightsaber as a violet blade appeared with a familiar snap hiss. He intercepted Nom Anor easily and forced the Yuuzhan Vong back with lightning reflexes causing the alien to hiss in anger. ?There is an easier way to do this but since you want to play hard ball? It?s your constant bickering that made Sekot leave.?

    ?War makes us powerful and respected among my piers and you want me to give that life up?? Nom Anor questioned angrily as he rubbed the staff causing Anakin to back away as the staff lashed out. ?I don?t think so.?

    Anakin stepped forward again and sliced the snake?s head causing Nom Anor to look shocked. ?Evil never wins.?

    Nom Anor tossed the staff to the side as he rushed towards Anakin as he pointed his lightsaber at the alien?s chest. Nom Anor stopped and glared at Anakin as he fell to his knees. ?I am your slave.?

    ?I have no use for slaves,? Anakin said as he kept his lightsaber covering Nom Anor. ?But I do take war prisoners.?

    Nom Anor surged to his feet and rushed Anakin and reached for the lightsaber hilt as Anakin ran his lightsaber through the Executioner. ?Don?t say I didn?t warn you.?

    Nom Anor gasped for breath as Anakin retracted his blade as the Yuuzhan Vong looked up in shock then anger as he got to his feet. ?Pain is nothing to me.?

    ?Not even if you?re internally bleeding by now?? Anakin challenged not surprised by Nom Anor?s reaction. ?It won?t be long.?

    ?Better to die with my final breath then to give up easily, infidel,? Nom growled as he rushed Anakin again.

    ?Typical,? Anakin commented as he stepped back with a frown. Blood was running down Nom Anor?s legs as he continued to rush him leaving a bloody trail behind. ?War is filled with anger, hatred, and you?re blind to what life can offer you. There is more to life then constant bickering. You?ll never experience true love or friendship. I prefer peace over fighting. I?m born to a name and a history of natural born warriors and politicians. I prefer not to fight and would rather live in peace. You always have a choice,? he continued to speak as he side stepped Nom Anors stumbling rush. He has to be close to dying now, he observed with a frown. He?s barely able to stand on his feet. ?I?m prepared to help you if you give up your violent ways.?

    ?Never,? Nom Anor yelled as he toppled over into a bloody heap. He stopped breathing as Zonama appeared to Anakin.

    ?I held up my part of the bargain,? Anakin commented with a frown.

    ?Arrange a meeting and make sure Tasavong Lah comes with peaceful intentions.?
    Jaina Solo walked into the cockpit where her father was sitting staring at the white lines as they rushed through space. He seemed kind of spacey which is unusual for her dad. She sat down in the vacant co-pilot seat. ?What?s on your mind??

    Han blinked as he glanced at her with a frown. ?Just can?t figure some things out,? he turned his full attention to Jaina. ?Who was the kid? He looked really familiar.?

    ?Only parents can spot their offspring,? Jaina answered with a frown. ?We didn?t want to say anything because it wasn?t pretty in the alternate.?

    Han raised an eyebrow as understanding crossed his eyes. ?That was Anakin Solo??

    Jaina nodded with a small smile. ?He knows where Zo
  6. dancing_star

    dancing_star Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2007
    Anakin glanced at Fress and Jess as they watched their daughter with pride.

    ?That?s my girl,? Jess said with pride in his voice.

    Fress punched in her codes and Arwen?s voice could be heard over the speaker. ?Good job, Arwen. You?re father and I are both proud of you.?

    ?Thanks mom.?

    Aww. :) Wow, amazing update!! =D= @};- Looking forward to more! [face_dancing]
  7. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    ?And the X-wing?? Terry questioned as Anakin felt his heart plummet. What would Sherry want with his X-wing? The engines weren?t even legal and he was damned if Ganner was going to get it.

    ?The X-wing is in my name. I fly with Shadow Squadron from time to time,? Anakin answered without hesitation.

    ?Ganner could use?? Sherry began to say but stopped at the angry growl escaping from Anakin?s throat.

    o_O First, who cares what Ganner was going to use it for? And second: right here is evidence that she was planning to betray (and was, in fact, from the start) her husband. Quite frankly, I'm stunned that the Lawyers didn't stop the proceedings and simply stare at her in astonishment. And third: Anakin's behavoir in this moment is exactly right. He just found out that his wife has eyes bigger than her stomach (but apparently doesn't want the silverware)... and there are things one does not do during a meeting like this. One of those things being: giving law enforcement and/or anyone else cause to give you even more grief. So... is good thing he didn't blow his top, though he would have been within his rights to do so. Part of being a grown up? Venting in private rather than where the whole world can see or hear it. That? Hard lesson to learn.

    And as for the other part of this update... you know what I thought about the press lacking common sense, and the Vong.

    Han and Leia took suddenly having another kid around that's theirs rather well...

    Good update. :)
  8. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback [:D]

    Here's the next chapter
    Anakin Solo stood beside Anakin Shern as they watched Tsavong Lah sign the peace treaty. He felt relief wash through him knowing this crisis was diverted easier. He was thrilled his mother was still the Chief of State. If Fey?lya had been Chief of State, hell would?ve broken loose throughout the entire galaxy.

    Applause broke out echoing around the large room. He smiled as Leia and Tsavong Lah walked out of the room. He turned around as Anakin Shern wiped tears from his eyes. ?Are you sentimental or something?? He questioned with a frown.

    Anakin shook his head no as he followed the kids gaze and noticed Sherry and Ganner kissing. He suddenly understood why the other was crying now. Ganner moved his hands down to Sherry?s bosom causing anger to rise in him. He turned his attention back to Shern. ?Did you want to leave??

    Anakin nodded as he turned his head away and walked out of the chambers. He followed Shern and ran into his father outside the chambers. Han eyed Shern with concern and brought him into a hug. ?I just want to go,? Anakin Shern muttered under his breath as Kasha ran up to them engulfing her former lover in her arms.

    Anakin Shern relaxed into her arms as Kasha tightened her grip. ?Come on, let?s go talk about the session you had with the lawyers.?
    Anakin Shern paced back and forth inside the Solo?s apartment. Kasha was sitting on the couch with Anakin and Jaina Solo. Han and Leia were sitting in comfort chairs holding each other?s hand. Threepio was in the kitchen fusing over the evening meal.

    ?Want to talk about it, kid?? Han questioned as he continued to pace. ?You seem agitated.?

    ?What?s giving you that impression?? Anakin questioned as he stopped pacing for a few seconds.

    ?You get the pacing from your mother,? Han pointed out easily. ?Every time she?s apprehensive about something, she starts wearing a hole through the floor.?

    Anakin smiled wearily at the humor and started pacing again. ?Sherry tried to take the X-wing, she promised it to Ganner for only Force knows what,? he finally blurted out.

    ?What?? Kasha questioned in shock. ?You said no, right??

    ?Ganner gave me the impression he wasn?t interested in having a fighter. We offered him one already,? Leia commented with a serious expression. ?Is that why he said no??

    ?Most likely, Sherry backed off as soon as I told her it was over my dead body that Ganner gets the X-wing. Even if I did die, I would rather see it go to one of my children,? Anakin explained with a serious expression. ?She got Rising Sun.?

    ?Oh Anakin,? Leia said with a saddened expression. ?How did she manage to get the ship out of this? I?m under the impression that you bought the ship??

    ?I did buy the bloody thing and modified the shields, weapons, and speed. Red is looking into it,? Anakin answered. ?And honestly I have no clue. It was almost like she was planning this from the beginning. I let her have the apartment and we decided on shared custody over Kei. Ganner and Sherry plan on moving here soon so I won?t see my daughter as much as I would like. The only thing that will keep me from going insane is being close to Mike and my granddaughter. I?m going to have to find a new place to stay.?

    ?Anakin, we do have room. Jacen isn?t here, so you can stay in his room until you get things straightened out,? Leia offered with a smile.

    ?I appreciate the thought, Aunt Leia. I?m currently staying in my parent?s apartment. They turned Arwen?s room into a guest room,? Anakin declined politely. ?Thanks for the offer. I?ll talk to Brent and see if there are any available rooms here,? he said as the door opened and Brent stepped through.

    ?Forgive the intrusion, Leia. Your father asked me into finding Anakin an apartment he can move into. We do have one that is available on this floor. Anytime you?re ready to look at it, let me know,? Brent said as he looked at Anakin with a frown. ?I?m sorry to hear about you and Sherry.?

    Anakin nodded as he sh
  9. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    What made her think she'd get away with any of it? (This is a rhetorical question.) *proceeds to root for Anakin Shern*
  10. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback [:D]

    Here's more
    Anakin Shern stood out on the balcony as he watched the sun rise above the buildings on Coruscant. He frowned to himself as he wondered if he was doing the right thing by fighting for full custody or not. He didn?t want to keep Kei away from her mother completely. On the other hand Sherry?s actions towards everything left it questionable.

    Anakin also knew that his behavior towards Kasha in the past couple of days wasn?t acceptable and she was putting up with it due to the situation at hand. She had no trouble putting him in his place if he was going to a place that made her feel uncomfortable. It was one of the many qualities about Kasha that he absolutely adored. He needed sometime away from everything before the court date where Kei?s fate would be decided.

    Anakin sensed Kasha step out onto the roof but he didn?t bother to turn and look at her. He had this urge just to get away from it all and he hoped Kasha understood he was doing this for himself and no one else. He had to find himself again. He was a broken man. Sherry?s vicious ways had seen to that.

    Anakin heard Kasha stop walking just behind him and he knew she was giving him his personal space. He didn?t need to say anything to her, she just knew him that well. ?I need to get away before the custody court date,? he spoke in a non-emotional tone. ?Everything happened so fast I haven?t given much time to think about what this is doing to me.?

    ?I was hoping you would say that, Anakin,? Kasha was quick to agree. ?Some time away would do you some good. You need some time to yourself to clear your mind and figure out what you will be doing now. I understand.?

    Anakin smiled as he remembered that was another thing he loved about Kasha. She was always understanding and willing to allow him his space when it required. He always allowed Kasha her space when she needed time away from him and the others. They trusted each other. ?I?m still in love with you,? he turned around and faced her. ?I need my space right now.?

    ?I know, you haven?t been yourself in the past couple of days,? Kasha commented as she made eye contact with him. ?Be safe and keep in touch if you run into any trouble. I talked to Leia and she?s agreed to get a fighter signed in my name,? she hesitated for a second then smiled. ?I?m still in love with you too.?

    ?I had a feeling it wouldn?t take you too long before you asked,? Anakin shared a comfortable smile with Kasha as he stepped towards her and ran his hand along her cheek. ?I promise to keep in touch. I?ll be gone for the better part of two months. When I reach where I ever end up, I?ll give you a call. Goodbye Kash.?

    ?Goodbye Bounder,? Kasha said as she gave him a quick hug fighting back tears. ?Be safe.?

    ?I will,? Anakin returned the hug then took a step away from her and walked towards the turbo lift and stepped on. He quickly waved before the doors closed.
    Kasha walked into the living room where Anakin?s family had decided to gather in his new apartment. She took a deep breath as Mike looked up questioning as she glanced at Fress and shook her head. ?He?s decided to get away for a few months. He left from the roof right away.?

    ?Did he say where he was going?? Fress questioned with a relieved expression.

    ?He didn?t say but promised to keep in touch when he reached there,? Kasha answered with a frown. ?He needs to do this.?

    ?I couldn?t agree more,? Fress said as Jess nodded in agreement. ?He?s been in too many heated arguments with Sherry when everything hit the fan. He needs time to find himself again.?

    Kasha nodded in agreement as she glanced at Anakin Skywalker with a frown. ?I?m going to need a place to stay until I get my finances sorted.?

    ?You?re more then welcome to teach at the academy and I?ll have Brent check the records. I?m sure I can find you a place here,? Anakin answered with a reassuring. ?Until then you can stay at my place.?

    ?Thanks Anakin, I greatly appreciate it,? Kasha said with a smile.

  11. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    Getting some time to himself is a good thing....
  12. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the feedback [:D]

    Here's the next chapter
    Kasha stood beside Anakin Skywalker as they waited for Anakin Shern?s class to settle down. Mike was standing beside her as they waited a few more minutes to wait for the stragglers. She glanced at Mike with a worried expression. ?I?m nervous about this.?

    ?You?ll be fine, Mom,? Mike reassured with a grin. ?Besides, they accepted a lot of strange things over the years, they?ll accept you too.?

    ?Mike is right. They?ll have no trouble with you,? Anakin Skywalker said with a reassuring smile. He patted her on the back as the last two students filed in. ?Mike would you like to introduce her or did you want me too??

    ?I?ll do it,? Mike answered with an uncontained grin as he stepped forward clearing his throat. ?All right everyone, settle down. We have a visitor,? the students stopped chatting and focused on Mike. ?I?m not sure how many are aware of the situation between my Dad and Sherry,? he paused for a second as confusion rippled through the Force. ?I didn?t think so. My father will not be teaching for the next three months or more due to personal reasons. My mother Kasha Sherland will be teaching you in my father?s absence.?

    Surprised ripples caused Kasha?s nervousness to skyrocket as all eyes turned in her direction. Anakin patted her on the back as she stepped forward. ?Thanks Mike.?

    ?Master Skywalker has caught me up on what you know so far so I know what lesson Master Shern was planning on teaching you next. Let?s go out for a jog in the woods.?

    Groans could be heard everyone stood up and followed Kasha out of the room. She smiled to herself. She led the students into the jungle and they stopped after five minutes of running. She turned her attention to the students. This place felt cold to her despite the heat. She shivered knowing she was in the presence of a dark side presence or cave. ?What does everyone feel??

    ?Cold,? Zekk answered with a shiver. ?The dark side feels strongly here.?

    ?That?s right,? Kasha answered as she glanced at Zekk. ?And can you remember why it?s important to watch your feelings??

    ?We can end up hurting the ones we love by accident. The dark side dominates our destiny,? Zekk answered with a frown.

    ?You sound like you have experience,? Kasha pointed out with a frown as Zekk lowered his head. ?We can talk about it later,? Zekk nodded in appreciation. We?ll sit down underneath that tree and meditate.?

    Everyone broke from the group and found comfortable spots on the ground as Kasha kept her senses over the group monitoring their progress. After ten minutes of meditating she spoke. ?Did everyone remember to bring their lightsabers??

    Kasha heard murmers as she silently stood and walked to the one tree Anakin Skywalker indicated earlier. She picked up the bag and grabbed the pipes and tossed them at everyone. As one lightsaber blades were heard being activated as the pipes were dissected into several sections before hitting the ground. She smiled as everyone looked at her with frowns. ?It was a test, congratulations. Class is dismissed.?
    Kasha caught up with Anakin Skywalker as he was about to step inside his office. She tapped him on the shoulder. ?Anakin, can I have a word??

    ?Sure Kasha,? Anakin answered with a small smile. ?What?s up??

    ?Those students I gave the test too, they?re ready to be apprenticed aren?t they?? Kasha questioned as Anakin gestured inside his office. She followed him in and sat down in the chair in front of his desk.

    ?Yes they are,? Anakin answered as he placed his hands down onto his desk. ?There will be new students to teach, we have five new students coming within the next couple of weeks. We are looking to apprentice the more advanced class at the moment. Did you have someone in mind??

    Kasha nodded with a frown. ?If no one has spoken for Zekk, I would like to take him. I do remember he has some sort of dark history.?

    ?That he does,? Anakin answered with a frown. ?I?m not sure if you?re really fit to take on
  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    great action & cliffie with ghent, mekaila and kasha.
  14. dancing_star

    dancing_star Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2007
    Ooh, great updates, and nice cliffie at the end. =D= Looking forward to the next chapter!
  15. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    Now that I'm not looking at this as a beta... can I say that I love how quickly and how much at ease Kasha is at slipping into the role of a teacher here? Because I did love that. :)
  16. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the positive feedback [:D]

    Here's the next chapter
    Famous last words, Kasha thought to herself as she raised her hands and slowly turned around to stare at Luke Skywalker. ?That?s not funny.?

    ?I thought it was,? Luke answered with a frown. ?What are you doing here??

    ?Your darling father sent us,? Kasha answered as she indicated Mekaila beside her. ?I took Mekaila as my padawan learner,? she frowned and shook her head. ?You?re lucky it?s you and not someone else. I was prepared to take your blaster and stun you with it,? she paused for a second as she lowered her hands. ?I was under the impression that it was just me investigating.?

    ?I got captured and they made the mistake of turning their backs at the facility,? Luke answered with a smug grin. ?They don?t know how to properly contain a Jedi. I just caught up with them and freed the others.?

    ?Anakin could?ve explained he sent you already,? Kasha said with a frustrated sigh. ?What is that alien called??

    ?He doesn?t know yet. I was on a supply run when I ran across them taking the smuggling group. I don?t know what alien species they are, they haven?t said. I do know they want to take over the galaxy, there?s a fleet of them in the Unknown Regions,? Luke explained with a frown. ?We need to contact Leia and let her know.?

    ?Karrdes top splicer is with us,? Kasha explained with a frown.

    ?I know, he?s at the ship you three came in on. I already sent him back telling him that Karrdes crew is safe,? Luke explained as they turned in the direction of some noise.

    ?We?re not alone,? Kasha breathed as she reached for her lightsaber. Luke touched her shoulder and nodded to the side hall. She nodded in agreement as they slipped in waiting for the alien to walk down the hall. A shadow moved against the wall causing her to frown as the alien poked his head in and grinned at her causing her to shudder. The smile was toothy like a predator eyeing its prey. She switched on her blade, a silver violet color lit up the corridor.

    ?We?re willing to take you peacefully,? the alien commented with a glare. ?But if you prefer the hard way.?

    ?I won?t go quietly,? Kasha ground out between her teeth as the alien pulled a blaster out and took aim. ?Mekaila, remember those lessons about deflecting blasts with your lightsaber? This is when those skills come in handy.?

    A third lightsaber was heard being ignited with a snap hiss as she glanced behind her. Mekaila choose a yellow color. Luke stepped forward and brought his green blade half way through the aliens? blaster. ?You?ll have to do better then that.?

    Kasha frowned, this felt way too easy to her as Luke placed stun cuffs on the alien?s wrists. ?Where is your partner and what is your species name??

    The alien didn?t say a word as her danger sensed flared in the back of her mind. She turned on her heel and intercepted the blaster bolt aimed at her back at the owner. Mekaila deflected two more as they covered Luke and the alien. ?Which way do we need to go to get back to the docking bay? We?ll take trigger happy here with us.?

    ?This way,? Luke answered as he backed into the hall Ghent disappeared in earlier.

    ?Mekaila, go with Luke, I?ll hold them off,? Mekaila nodded as she quickly slipped past Kasha and followed Luke as she supplied cover for them. She slowly backed down the hallway as the alien rushed her with a warrior cry. She tensed her muscles as the blaster bolts stopped coming and the alien appeared as she took a deep breath and ran her lightsaber right thought his arm. The alien howled in pain as he collapsed to the floor and looked up at her with a venomous glare as his hand turned red with blood. ?You?re my prisoner and we?ll get your arm looked at. Stand up. Is it just the two of you??

    The alien nodded as she stepped forward with a pair of stun cuffs. ?I?m not going to run on you with a bleeding arm.?

    ?What?s your name and what is your species called?? Kasha questioned as she took his good arm directing him back to the docking bay.

    The alien didn?t say a word
  17. dancing_star

    dancing_star Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2007
    The medic didn?t say much as he handed a flimsy over to Kasha. She noticed for the next two hundred years everyone was unknown until she saw Ben Skywalker?s name followed by Luke and Mara. ?Wow,? she handed the flimsy to Luke who raised an eyebrow.

    ?This means?? Luke questioned as the medic shrugged his shoulders.

    ?It means she?s a descendant of you but how is puzzling,? the medic explained with a frown. ?That?s the best we could make out of it.?

    Kasha shook her head as she glanced at Luke. ?Does this mean I won?t be born in the future??

    ?It means you die in this one and are reborn in your proper time frame, I think,? Luke answered as he handed the flimsy back to Kasha.

    whoa, interesting! :confused:
    Great update!! =D=
  18. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    Was a little itty bit confused by the sudden, future relative thing. Still am, really. *shrug*

    And... I seem to remember another story where Luke got mind-numbingly drunk and started quoting Yoda... he has not the room to judge! [face_laugh]

    ?I heard you got trashed last night,? Mike commented with a frown. ?And that I was conceived on the beach??

    Kasha froze as she opened her eyes and blocked the pain with the force as she eyed him with a frown. ?Where did you hear that??

    Kasha, dear? Thou didst become inebriated. Thusly evidenced by the hangover. And Mike's report of this little fact. Hee!

    Well done. :)
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    Feb 7, 2002
    Just to clear things up, In the Alternate, Kasha was born 200 years after ROTJ so that's where the Ancestor/Descendent line comes into play.

  20. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    Thanks for the positive feedback [:D]

    Heres the next chapter
    Anakin Shern stood beside his son as they watched Brice Shea?s ship land. He glanced at Mike with a smile as he placed a hand onto Mike?s shoulder. ?Ready to greet the new student??

    ?Fresh meat,? Mike commented rubbing his two hands together as if anticipating a succulent piece of meat. ?Can?t wait.?

    Anakin teasingly slapped him upside the head as Mike glared at him. ?Cut that out,? he said with a grin. ?Only I get to call him that.?

    Mike shook his head sadly as Anakin turned his attention back to the ship as the ramp lowered. He noted Brice walked down with what he assumed was his wife and daughter. Anakin frowned as he looked at the child in Brice?s arms causing him to suck in a sharp breath. ?By the Force.?

    ?What? Did I miss you running around naked somewhere?? Mike questioned with a raised brow. ?Or maybe it had to do with you and mom having sex on the beach.?

    ?That?s not it,? Anakin said as his eyes landed on Breha Shea. ?The child, she looks like mom.?

    Mike fell silent as he looked at Breha with a frown. ?Are you sure??

    Anakin nodded as he quickly scanned Brice with the Force and recognized Dad and Mom?s signature. He stepped forward with a smile as Brice glanced at him nervously. ?Welcome to the Academy, I?m Master Anakin Shern. This is my son, Mike, we will be showing you to your quarters where you may rest first if you wish or we could do the tour now.?

    Brice smiled as he glanced at his wife who nodded. ?I would like to take the tour now, if that?s okay??

    ?That?s fine,? Anakin said as he turned towards Mike with a warning smile. ?This way.?

    ?I have a question, Master Shern,? Brice said as they entered the temple. ?I was under the impression that Mike was your brother.?

    ?It?s a long complicated story,? Anakin answered with a small smile as he looked at his brother. ?We?ll explain it later, for now Mom and Dad thought it would be easier to pretend that Mike was the son they gave up. The last thing the holo journalists needed to know was a toddler was the boy?s father.?

    ?Sounds complicated,? Brice said with a small smile.

    ?It is,? Anakin quickly agreed as he looked for his parents through the Force to find their locations. He wanted to avoid them for the moment until he eased them into the shocking news about Brice. His brother has come home at last. ?How old are you??

    ?Thirty,? Brice answered with a frown.

    Anakin frowned, that would make Mom in her mid twenty?s when she had Brice. There was an eleven year difference between Brice and Arwen. Maybe closer to ten. ?Tell me about yourself.?

    ?I was adopted but my parents were never told who the biological parents were. They said it was for my safety. My daughter?s name is Breha and she just turned one not that long ago. I married Kerry six years ago and have never looked back.?

    Anakin smiled tightly knowing why the adopted parents were never told. Mom was still on the run from Empire and was on Vader?s top five list for alive capture only. He hoped and prayed that if Brice ever did find out he would understand why. ?I?m sure they had their reasons.?

    Brice shot Anakin a suspicious glance as Anakin raised an eyebrow. Maybe Brice suspects because Breha does look like the spitting image of their mother. ?Master Shern??

    ?Please call me Anakin,? Anakin invited with a warm smile.

    ?All right, Anakin tell me about you and Mike. How did you find out?? Brice questioned with a curious expression.

    ?It all started in an alternate universe, I retain memories from that time frame. Mike is my son reborn into this life. He showed up at the academy when he was sixteen and I was two. The first time we spoke as father and son wasn?t exactly a pleasant conversation,? Anakin said with a frown. ?I?ve grown rather fond of the boy over these past few years.?

    ?Wow, that is quite the story,? Brice said as they entered hallway.

    ?Most of these are rooms for single students. The family apartments are up on the next floor of the temple. You and Kerry will be residing upstairs,? Anakin expl
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    Whew! This family is getting hug [face_laugh] and very extended, ;) but so warm :D

    Great family moments.

  22. DaenaBenjen42

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    *very, very puzzled for a moment... ^^* Oh. Huge! (As I've been dropping letters AND misreading names, I'm now liable to spot 'em. Eeek.) And you're right, Jade_eyes. The fam is definitely growing. In leaps and bounds.

    That foster/adopted father had better pray Jess doesn't go back on his word and try to find him anyway...

    Good update. :)
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    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone [:D]

    Here's the next update
    Fress stood at the landing field as she watched Brice?s adopted mother?s ship settle down. She felt a little nervous about meeting the person who looked after her son all of these years. She didn?t want to impose on any relationship Brice had with her either. The sound of lowering of the ramp broke her train of thoughts as Helen walked down the ramp with concern etched on her face. Kerry contacted Helen and she decided to come immediately. She stepped forward with a smile. ?I?m Master Shern, Helen Gress I believe??

    ?Nice to meet you, Master Shern. Please take me to my son,? Helen said with a frown as Fress turned around.

    ?Thank you,? Fress suddenly blurted out without explaining which caused Helen confusion.

    ?For what?? Helen questioned as Fress stopped walking and turned towards her.

    ?For turning Brice into the man he is today,? Fress answered as Helen?s eyes widened in shock and understanding. ??I?m his biological mother and I have very good reasons why my husband and I gave Brice up. It was for his safety and protection. Bounty hunters hired by Lord Vader himself constantly hounded Jess and me. We feared for his safety.?

    ?I can understand,? Helen said with a smile. ?Have you told him yet? He?s always wanted to know.?

    ?We?ve told him,? Fress answered with a frown. ?Tell me about your ex-husband.?

    Helen fell silent as tears welled up in her eyes and she shook her head. ?I?m so sorry. You trusted us to raise Brice in a safe environment and yet?? She shook her head sadly. ?He bribed medical personnel to cover the fact that Brice was Force sensitive. We realized then that we had taken on a child from a Jedi couple. He loved Brice but feared too much. When Brice got sick a second time, he bribed the medical staff again and beat Brice for costing him more money. I?m so sorry, Fress. He had a temper and? You trusted us??

    Fress placed a hand onto Helen?s shoulder. ?I?m sure Brice would be happy to see you,? she gently spoke. ?Don?t mention the man?s name to my husband. Jess was pretty upset when the whelp marks were discovered. He would go after the man himself.?

    Helen nodded in agreement as they walked into the temple. ?I won?t say anything.?

    Fress remained silent as they walked down the hallway towards Brice?s recovery room. She silently pushed open the door. ?Brice, are you awake?? She whispered as she entered the room. If he was asleep she didn?t want to accidentally wake him.

    ?Fress?? Brice questioned as he sat up for the first time since he fell ill a day and a half ago. Fress felt relief wash through her. It was the first sign that Brice was finally on the mend.

    ?I?m relieved to see you?re moving under your own power again,? Fress spoke gently. ?You have a visitor.?

    Brice looked behind her and smiled broadly. ?Mom??

    Helen stepped towards the bed and hugged him tightly. ?I was so worried when Kerry called me. I?m glad you?re doing well now.?

    Brice broke away from Helen. ?I?m fine, Mom,? he turned his attention to Fress with a frown. ?Did you tell her yet??

    Fress nodded as she gave a reassuring smile. ?I?m sure you want to catch up with your mother. My comlink?s on in case you need anything.?

    ?Fress, please stay,? Brice requested causing Fress to stop walking in mid stride.

    Fress turned around and looked at her son. ?Are you sure??

    ?I?m sure,? Brice answered with a soft smile reminding her of Jess all of a sudden.

    Fress gave a short nod as she stepped back towards the bed and settled into the chair beside Helen. Brice reached for her hand. ?I just want you and Helen to know that Jess and I don?t ever plan to come between you. We just want Brice back into our lives but we want you to stay in his life too.?

    ?Thank you,? Helen said with a relieved smile. ?I appreciate it.?

    Fress smiled as Brice squeezed her hand lightly and she could see appreciation in his eyes. They sat around for the next hour sharing stories until Brice grew tired and fell asleep. ?Did you want to stay with him??

    ?It?s okay, he needs his rest.
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    ?For turning Brice into the man he is today,? Fress answered as Helen?s eyes widened in shock and understanding. ??I?m his biological mother and I have very good reasons why my husband and I gave Brice up. It was for his safety and protection. Bounty hunters hired by Lord Vader himself constantly hounded Jess and me. We feared for his safety.?

    You've got a double quote mark in there...

    Question: why would this man knowingly fly into the one system with more Jedi in it than flies... just to track down his adopted son? (And yes... I know I just tried to put logic to free will...)

    ?Do you know who I am?? Jess questioned as he switched on his lightsaber. ?I can give you a hint,? he continued as he pointed the blade towards the testicles.

    ?I?ll leave,? Jaden said as Jess looked disappointed.

    Too... late...

    Well done. :)
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    =D= Enjoyed all the teasing.