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    Thanks for the positive feedback

    Here's the next chapter
    Brice gently ran his hand over Kerry?s jaw line as she looked at him with a smile. She was just so beautiful to him, inside and out. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. He felt her return the kiss deepening it even more. He gently pulled back looking into her sea green eyes. ?I love you.?

    ?I love you,? Kerry spoke as she hugged him tightly. ?I?ll miss you when you?re gone.?

    ?I?ll miss you too,? Brice sighed in contentment as Fress handed him Breha as he took his daughter and gently kissed her on the forehead. ?You?ll behave for mommy right, my little angel??

    Breha looked at him with a little grin as she opened her mouth. ?Dada,? she whispered causing him to grin.

    ?She?ll gain more words in the next month or two,? Brice said as he handed Breha back to Fress.

    ?Be careful and stick close to Anakin, you?re in a different profession now,? Fress warned with a frown as she handed a hilt over to him. ?Take this in case you run into any trouble. As a Jedi, we don?t find trouble. Trouble finds us.?

    ?Way to be subtle, Mom,? Anakin teased as Shawn, Arwen, and Arianna joined them. ?Don?t worry, I?ll look after him.?

    ?I trust you will, Anakin,? Fress said with a smile.

    Brice looked down at the hilt in his hand and pointed what he suspected was the business end away from him and hit an activation switch. A green blade shot out as he quickly shut it down and attached it to his belt. ?Shall we get going??

    ?If you get tired, let us know,? Anakin said as we headed towards the ramp. ?You?re still recovering.?

    ?I will,? Brice promised as the ramp closed.
    Kerry sat down with Fress and Jess. Truth be told she was slightly nervous. Considering everything that happened with Brice since they arrived here and learned the truth, she didn?t have a chance to sit down with her newly discovered in-laws. She smiled wearily.

    ?Don?t be nervous,? Fress gently spoke as she held Breha in her arms. ?Tell us about yourself, maybe your surname for starters??

    Kerry relaxed as Jess pushed a piece of pastry in front of her with a hot drink. ?I was born on Chandrilla, my surname is Dicen. I met Brice shortly after he left his adoptive parents home. We met while enroute to Coruscant, he had a job interview and planned on staying there for a while. He asked me out on a date and one thing led towards another and before we knew, we were tying the knot in the moonlight on Naboo. I don?t know why we choose the planet, it seemed right. I?m not Force sensitive. I don?t know if that makes any difference?? She questioned nervously.

    ?Neither is Han Solo and he?s married to Anakin Skywalker?s daughter,? Fress pointed out with a smile. ?It doesn?t make any difference. As long as you and Brice are happy, that?s all that matters.?

    Kerry relaxed a little as she nodded her head. ?We?re very happy.?

    ?We can tell,? Jess said with a warm smile putting Kerry right at ease. ?It?s kind of funny in a way. Fress and I both tied the knot on Naboo at sunrise.?

    ?Really?? Kerry questioned with a smile. Maybe there was a reason why Brice felt the need to get married there. Jess nodded as he glanced at Fress. ?I heard you?re from Alderaan??

    Fress nodded as a far away look came into her eyes as if remembering something then focused again. ?I was. I moved away after my parents were killed in front of me at the age of six. I was brought into the Jedi temple for training.?

    ?I?m sorry to hear that,? Kerry said with a sincere frown. ?I didn?t know.?

    ?It?s okay,? Fress said as she reached a hand across the table. ?It wasn?t all that bad. I met Jess and I became Anakin Skywalker?s apprentice.?

    ?You mean you were deliberately set up by Kenobi,? Jess reminded Fress.

    ?That?s what Anakin?s calls it,? Fress answered with a smug grin. ?It?s the truth, Obi-Wan thought it would be good for Anakin.?

    ?Ahsoka and I both agree, Anakin shouldn?t train anymore?? Jess said as Fress jabbed him in the ribs.

    ?Now now, Jess. We need all the teachers we
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    Am wondering how long the evil-doers with the as-yet undiscovered eeeeevil plan will last... especially given the result of the tainted wine. Grrrr...

    Well done. :)
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    Thanks for the positive feedback Daena [:D]

    Here's the next chapter
    Thrawn walked up to Daala as she leaned over some sacks of grain looking puzzled. He frowned wondering what was bothering her. He noticed she was wearing latex gloves. He knelt down beside Daala as she glanced sideways at him with a frown. ?Something is troubling you??

    ?Been taking lessons from Fress?? Daala questioned with a teasing smile then frowned again. ?These sacks showed up with our shipment, they are not on the supply list. After the wine incident I would hate to think the enemy fleet out there is deliberately trying to poison our troops.?

    Thrawn nodded in agreement as Daala glanced at him with a frown. He stood up to his full height and offered her his hand. He gently pulled Daala to her feet as she gave a grateful smile. She leaned back as the material stretched around her rounded tummy showing her true condition. Against warnings from the medics they still decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. There was a good chance she would need to have a C-section performed because she was human and he wasn?t. ?We?ll play it safe and have someone test the sacks for anything that may be harmful,? the thought of losing Daala now made him feel sick. He had too much to lose if he didn?t play it safe.

    ?Sounds like a plan to me,? Daala said as she leaned into Thrawn.

    ?I?ll take care of it, maybe you should go rest,? Thrawn said with a small smile as Daala glared. ?You?re a week away from your due date.?

    ?You?re acting over protective again,? Daala pointed out with frown. ?I would hate to think if this was a girl??

    ?I?m hoping it is a girl,? Thrawn said with a sigh. ?That way I have more then one reason to be over protective.?

    ?And taking lessons from Jess too, I see,? Daala accused lightly. ?I heard he practically chased off the first boy that took an interest in Arwen.?

    ?I remember that day,? Thrawn said with an inward smile. Jess had run over the finer points of chasing the boys away from a girl when he found out that Daala was pregnant. ?My communications officer took an interest in her, they started dating then Jess decided to pull a stunt to chase him off. I?m not entirely sure why though. He?s a good kid.?

    Daala nodded as Thrawn turned towards her and gently lifted her chin up. He moved his lips over her sweet lips causing her to groan in contentment. She deepened the kiss as someone cleared their throat causing him to groan in disbelief. He pulled back and looked at Pellaeon. ?Did you need something, Admiral??

    ?Sorry for interrupting the quality time session,? Pellaeon said with a small smile. ?What should we do with the unexpected sacks of grain??

    ?Put a team together and have them tested for bacteria, poison, anything that would be harmful,? Thrawn answered in a cool tone.

    ?Yes Admiral,? Pellaeon said with a smile as he pulled out his comlink and walked away.

    Thrawn gently nuzzled the back of Natasi?s neck as she glanced at him questioning.

    ?Are you in a romantic mood all of a sudden? Maybe we should go hide?? Natasi questioned with a mischief smile. ?Let Pellaeon take over the duties for the day. We won?t have much time to ourselves when the baby is born.?

    ?You make a good point.?
    Two hours later

    Thrawn looked at the report and frowned. A very lethal poison was found in five sacks of grain. The rest tested negative. He looked at Pellaeon who was watching him with a frown. ?Send a report out to the rest of the fleet and inform the New Republic fleet to be on the look out for sacks of grain that are not apart of the supply run. There was a lethal amount of poison discovered in five sacks of grain.?

    ?Poison?? Pellaeon questioned with a frown.

    ?Yes. It?s a good thing Natasi caught this. I could?ve lost her and the baby.?
    Anakin Shern glanced around the jungle and didn?t see anyone around but him and Kasha. He swept Kasha off her feet into his strong arms as she gave him a mischief smile. He bent his head down and kissed Kasha on the lips as she returned the kiss deepening it causin
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    So, so glad Natasi caught the poison before anyone could ingest it.

    And... baby! [face_dancing]

    Well done. :)
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    I really enjoyed the scenes where Kerry got to know Fress and Jess better. Poor thing, suffering such a loss but the family is being so incredibly loving @};-

    I really like her and Brice together; they make a great pair and how they got together is sweet. :D

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    Thanks for the positive feedback [:D]

    Here's the next chapter

    Arwen raised a hand to her mouth as shock rushed through her. She couldn?t believe it, Jared?s silence was his answer. He couldn?t meet her in the eyes anymore. Now she understood her Dad?s behavior towards him all of a sudden. ?Who was she??

    Jared took a deep breath and slowly released it as Arwen let go of his hands and stood up. He shook his head as if fighting back the answer. She suddenly had a sinking feeling. ?It was Sherry??

    Arwen stumbled back a few feet as she glared at Jared. She couldn?t believe what she was hearing. ?Did Dad know it was my... You slept with my brother?s wife??

    Jared gave a short nod as he looked at Arwen pleading. ?It was a mistake?? Tears rushed down his cheeks but Arwen felt no sympathy for him anymore.

    ?There?s more, isn?t there?? Arwen questioned with a growl.

    ?She had the child aborted because Anakin would?ve found out. You and him were not on Yavin and?. It was a mistake, I shouldn?t have done it,? Jared pleaded sounding desperate to Arwen?s ears.

    ?You should?ve thought of that before you slept with her,? Arwen hissed as she walked towards the door. ?You?re not worth my time. If you did it once, you?ll do it again. Good-bye Jared. Don?t follow me.?

    Arwen rushed out of the room as she felt tears slip down her eyes. It hurt to hear the truth, but she knew now. If she found out she would?ve dropped the block of carbonite in space somewhere instead of begging her Dad to release him. She rushed into the nearest fresher and locked the door behind her. She sunk to the floor holding her arms across her stomach feeling cold and empty inside. How could Jared lie to me? She thought as tears ran down her cheeks. How could he do that to me? He betrayed me in the worst possible way.

    ?Arwen, please talk with me,? Jared pleaded through the door.

    ?Go away Hutt Slime. I have nothing more to say to you!? Arwen yelled through the door. ?Leave me alone!?

    ?Arwen?? Jared began but sighed heavily. ?I love you.?

    ?If you did, you wouldn?t have slept with miss slut,? Arwen growled angrily. ?If you love someone, you don?t mess around with anyone else. Just go.?

    ?I?ll leave you alone,? Jared reluctantly agreed.

    Arwen heard his footsteps echo down the hallway as she stood up and went to the sink.
    Arwen leaned her head into her hands as Gressy watched her with concern. She couldn?t wait to be off the Chimera but felt guilty for leaving so soon. She told Thrawn that she had duties to her squadron. She didn?t tell him about Jared?s affair behind her back. She glanced up at Gressy with a frown and shook her head. ?Jared slept with Sherry. Dad must?ve found out he slept with someone and put him into carbonite.?

    Gressy?s mouth dropped open as she stood up and kneeled down beside Arwen?s chair. ?I?m sorry. I can?t believe he did that to you.?

    Arwen nodded as she glanced at her long time friend. First time they met was at a pod race, and then next thing she knew Anakin freed her and gave her the education she needed. Gressy reached for her hand as she grasped the fin that was the equivalent to a Mon Calamari hand. ?He got her pregnant over a year ago and Sherry had it aborted because neither Anakin nor I were on the planet when this went on. I want nothing to do with him now.?

    ?You?re better off without him, Arwen. Especially after he slept with your brothers wife and worse yet, got her pregnant? I wouldn?t be able to stay with him either,? Gressy soothed in a gentle tone. ?I?m sure you?ll find someone who is just as honorable as your father.?

    Arwen nodded with a frown. She felt the truth behind her friend?s words. Sooner or later she would find someone that loved her and would never do the unthinkable. She remembered hearing that her dad hit on Ahsoka but it was a one time thing and mom really dug into him. It wasn?t as bad as sleeping with someone. That was crossing a major line. ?The worst part is he lied to me at first about why dad did what he did. He told me the truth after I called him out on th
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    great continued family bonding with the sherns & super news for brice and kerry :D

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    ?Did Dad know it was my... You slept with my brother?s wife??

    Jared gave a short nod as he looked at Arwen pleading. ?It was a mistake??

    I wonder if it was the carbon freezing that made him realize that?

    ?It?s not your fault, sis. The guy turned out to be a jerk,? Anakin explained with a frown. ?I?m sorry he did that to you. I want nothing to do with her now. I can?t be angry with you over this. You didn?t even know. It?s okay,? he soothed. ?I wonder who else she slept with? And she?s Gannor?s problem now.?

    Beta: Ganner's (...and 'she is')

    And... [face_dancing] for family! (And baby!!!!)
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    Sorry for the long wait,

    Thanks for the positive feedback [:D]


    Brice ran up to Kerry as his best friend gave him a shy smile as he wrapped his arms lovingly around her waist. ?I missed you,? he whispered into her ear. Something felt different about her but he wasn?t sure what. ?Why the shy smile all of a sudden, my sweet darling wife?? He whispered into her ear causing her to giggle. He gently blew on her ear as she slipped out of his arms. ?Kerry, you know that drives me wild when you do that.?

    Kerry stopped as she turned back towards him nuzzling her head against his chest. ?I have something to tell you and Cighal wants to speak with you.?

    ?About what?? Brice questioned feeling everything down below tighten. ?I?m thinking you and me alone tonight with a bottle of wine. Fress said she would watch Breha for us. I think it?s safe to try again.?

    ?No wine and we?ll see,? Kerry said with a smile. ?Not for another eight months and three weeks.?

    ?Kerry?? Brice questioned slowly to make sure he was hearing this correctly. ?Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting??

    Kerry nodded as her eyes sparkled with only a love he could identify was for him. ?Brice, the blood work came back and the infection and antibiotics are cleared from my system. I?m also a week pregnant.?

    Brice felt joy wash through him as he swept Kerry gently into his arms. ?I love you. We?ll be cautious on what you eat until the baby is safely born.?

    ?I don?t want any repeats,? Kerry said with a saddened smile. ?We?ll be fine, Brice. I can feel it.?

    Brice nodded in agreement. Since they knew a head of time, they would take every precaution. He gently laid his head against Kerry?s hair as his parents walked up to them then preceded to head into the temple. He couldn?t be any happier then how his life has been going.
    Ahsoka walked into the room where Anakin Shern and his son were practicing or so she thought as she caught sight of Anakin and Kasha making out in the sparring room. She watched with a frown as Micas walked up beside her with a serious expression on his face.

    ?I was under the impression we weren?t allowed to make out in the open anymore,? Micas commented with a frown.

    ?We?re not,? Ahsoka agreed with a frown. ?On the other hand, the two have been through a lot together,? she reached into her pocket and produced a holo recorder. ?This would be good for black mail.?

    Ahsoka waited until Anakin and Kasha were well into being oblivious to their surroundings before saying anything. She grinned. ?Oh my word, what are you two doing??

    Anakin tore apart from Kasha as they both looked at each other with reddened cheeks before turning their attention back to Ahsoka. ?You don?t sound that surprised,? he accused with a raised brow as he put his shirt back on.

    ?I was watching for the past minute or two,? Ahsoka answered with a smirk. ?I was under the impression that you and Mike planned on practicing this afternoon. I was expecting hand to hand combat or lightsaber practice, not sex. You sure had everyone fooled.?

    ?I?m sure we could come to an agreement where you destroy the evidence,? Anakin said as he walked over to Ahsoka with a smile. ?What do you say??

    ?No,? Ahsoka answered with a grin. ?Never know when something like evidence would come in handy.?

    ?As long as you don?t use it against me in court where Kei is concerned?? Anakin questioned as worry crossed his eyes. ?I don?t want to lose my daughter.?

    ?I don?t plan on using it that way,? Ahsoka said with a frown. ?Anakin I could never do that to you. On the other hand if I need a favor and you refuse??

    Relief crossed Anakin?s expression causing her to realize she didn?t choose a good time to tease him. ?I?m sorry, Anakin. I didn?t mean to worry you like that.?

    ?Don?t worry about it,? Anakin said as Kasha joined his side. ?I miss Kei right now. I wish she was here.?

    ?I know,? Kasha gently took his hands into hers. ?You will be holding her soon. Sherry is on her way here and we need a favor to ask of yo
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    So... babies! [face_dancing]

    And... they left?!? Ack.

    Wondering where you're taking us... [face_thinking]
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