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    Title: a Most Happy Day
    Author: Darth Mu
    Timeframe: Circa 30 ABY
    Characters: Tahiri, and Ben Solo
    Genre: Fluff
    Keywords:picnic, Wedding, Family.
    Summary: What might have been. TFA AU

    “Who wants another nerf dog?” Ben Solo asked as he stabbed the meat with the plasteel longfork.

    “Keep them coming, Master.” Lusa said.

    “I told you not to call me that!” Ben smiled, using the Force to move the medium rare meat toward the Chironian.

    “It’s not Lusa’s fault, dummy,” Tahiri reached for the dishes of Corellian fish Ben just finished grilling. “Some of us still remember your Master of Knights of Ren phase.”

    “I’m never going to hear the end of it, am I?”

    “Not in your life.” Tahiri smiled at her fiance.

    “Za right!” Tahiri’s best friend, and now bride of honor, slurred, “the ad’ika don get off tha eee zy. Ge him to tell you... tell you Snoke guy...”

    “Honor, sweetie, you had too much.” Jedi Master, Scout, who happened to be Honor’s grandaunt, took her hand and sat her down on a table.

    “No,” Honor struggled with Scout, Nah, I ‘usn’ye a shoto, shabiir... shabiir....”

    The auburn haired girl snored, a drool was threatening to develop.

    “I’m so sorry, she had too much of the brandy.” Scout said apologetically.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Tahiri said, smiling, “If I know her, she’ll be her perky self in no time.”

    “KISS! KISS! KISS!” The group around the clearing chanted.

    So Tahiri and Ben did.

    It was later. Tahiri was feeding Honor’s and hers joint owned goldfishes. Someone knock on her door.

    Her door, and Ben’s. Their door.

    “Chewie! What a surprise! Come in.” Tahiri greeted her friend. “I thought you and Leia weren’t able to come, the issue on Kuat. Han’s checking out the sabaac games downstairs, and Ben’s in the refr--”

    The Wookiee hugged her. Tahiri hugged him back. She felt warm, safe, and loved.
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    Just. One. Word. SQUEEEEEEE! Thank you. LOL [:D]
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    Hey @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    As I was writing it the end had a complete different ending where the real TFA Chewie (dimension hopping again) is supposed to be coming out for revenge against Kylo Ren. Then I just couldn't write it like that because it would meant hurting Tahiri again.

    Well, everyone, thanks for reading.
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    Now that is seriously an alternate universe that you described. I was thinking, "O.K., Ben's been redeemed, but everybody's too happy." Then I saw that he didn't kill his father. Then I was like, "Ah! That explains the happiness overload in this story."

    I liked it. Nice to see some stuff that isn't tragic.
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    Awww... that was really cute! I like seeing happy Tahiri! I always enjoyed her character before things got a little weird.
    This was a fun read! Thanks for sharing!
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    "For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been.'" Though this isn't a sad story at all, of course—it's happiness all the way through. :) Yes, what if Ben's "Knights of Ren" phase had only been a phase, something that passed quickly and had no lasting implications? Then his dad would still be around to play sabacc in his son and daughter-in-law's living room, and pleasant surprise visits from his mom and the faithful Wookiee family friend would be a thing. It is indeed nice to see a universe of happy endings rather than sad ones—and the way you've mashed up NuCanon and Legends characters here is very cool too. :cool:
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    Thanks. I was writing some deep angsty stuff and decided to switch gears. I am glad you liked it. This is what happens when a guy named Snoke asked around, and Ben Solo said no way. No attack on the Jedi Academy.


    I am very glad that you enjoyed this. If I couldn't save Tahiri, I'll do my best to save Tahiri 2.0 :)


    Yep, that phase lasted for like a week or so, and Ben was recruiting, but then thought better. So I'm glad I was able to bring some lighthearted stuff for you to enjoy.


    Thanks for reading.
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    Pleasant enough piece.

    A bit of segue between the after-wedding evening, and whichever day Chewie turned up would have been nice.

    I particularly liked the lickle bit of sozzled Mando'a, from Tahiri's best friend.
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    You write Chewie in a very heart warming way. Thank you! @};-
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