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  1. Kelia-Lily Jedi Youngling

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    Gizzi1213: shakes head in disgust Anakin! Anakin! I give up, I really do. Someone just take a blaster to the boy to take ME out of my misery of waiting for him to wise up!!

    [face_laugh] Who knows maybe he'll improve...someday. one hope is that Obi-Wan's words had some effect on the Great Dense One and he'll come to his senses!!

    Yes, hopefully they will.

    Glad to know the story is written, looking forward to the rest!

    More in a few days.

    VaderLVR64: Yikes! I"m almost afraid to read the next post. But I know I will.

    We're glad to hear it.

    Listen to Obi-Wan!!!!!


    Okay, I feel better now that I've got that out of my system.


    randomangel22: Anakin needs to get it together geez *slaps Anakin upside the head* !

    Yes he does.

    Just read the stupid datapad and all your questions and doubts will be answered.

    Great post!

    Thank you so much!

    DarthVaderette: Please PM me with updates, I'm anxious to see how this all plays out.

    We would be happy to.


    You're welcome!

    Lea-El: Another evil cliffy, this is getting scarry. I hope the next one is coming soon.

    Don't worry it will be.

    I'm not as mad at Anakin after this post. Just a few minor kicks in the shin for not reading the datapad.

    Yeah, reading it would definitely make things much simpler.

    Thanks for the PM

    You're welcome!

    VA_Parky: Oh man, Padme is one tough cookie. I like to think that I'd be able to face Palps with my head held high, but let's face it - I'd be a quivering mess of Jello. I do admire her fortitude though.

    Yeah, she's much tougher than she looks.

    And Anakin. *shakes head* What in the world are we going to do with him? Obi-Wan, thankfully, was there to bring up some very valid points. Let's hope that the 'thing' Anakin decided to do involves visiting Padme's holding cell. Just maybe he'll overhear some of Palpatine's true nature.

    Hopefully he'll figure it out. [face_worried]

    I've got my fingers crossed - can't wait for the next update!!! Woohoo! This is so exciting and nerve wracking - all at the same time!!!!

    We're so happy you think so. :D

    ROTSFan: Well, you can lead a horse to water.....

    So true. [face_laugh]

    Maybe Anakin should consider a career change; something to suit his...emo tendencies.

    So true.

    At least his departure (to Padme's cell I assume) will neatly coincide with the Chancellor's visit. At least the Force is doing it's job even if he isn't.


    FitJedi: Ugh.. that was cruel, once again an evil cliffie. I'm glad that Obi-Wan has been able to take a little bit of sense into Anakin. I hope he gets to Padme before it's too late. Great update, I love it how he just felt so used and broken- very well done.

    Thank you, sorry about the evil cliffie once more. We're so happy you enjoyed the update.

    ObiWans_Gurl86: ANAKIN!!!! Look at the data pad......geez. WAKE UP lol OMG whats gonan hapen next Im scared......good job need to read more soon.

    Thank you, hopefully he will discover the secret of the datapad...Before it's too late.

    Kitten: I can't believe I just barely discovered your story. It is amazing, though I have to say I am a bit annoyed with Anakin. I mean, he didn't even give Padme a chance to explain. Maybe, he just doesn't deserve her.

    We're so happy you found and are enjoying this story. Anakin definitely needs to get over his impulsive attitude.

    AnakinLuver: :eek:


    Jedi_Liz: *eyes fall out of head*

    Crazy, huh?

    I just read the entire 33 pages of posts. I am following with Active Topic Notification, but you can send me a PM because it might be easier for me.

    We would be happy to.

    *goes back to lurking, popping eyes back in*
  2. piratedreamer Jedi Youngling

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    Great Post!! I just wish Anakin wasn't so hang-it-all dense sometimes. Maybe I ask for too much; maybe it's too hard for certain people to be enlightened to their stupidness....Oh I'll *enlighten* him
    the cliffies are absolutely evil, but I cannot WAIT for the next chapter!

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    Oh now what could Anakin but up to? He didn't even read the data pad! Whatever he does I hope he stops Palpatine before something bad happens to Padme.
  4. Kelia-Lily Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 5, 2006
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    Chapter 43

    Padme focused her gaze over Palpatine?s shoulder to the door he?d just come through. A wave of peace washed over her as she pictured her favorite garden on Naboo, refusing to allow Palpatine?s face to be the last thing she saw in this lifetime. She knew it wouldn?t be long now and she waited for the moment of nothingness when her life would be drained away.

    Palpatine frowned as he felt the wave of peace wash over Padme. This was not how she was supposed to be reacting. ?I hope you don?t believe calming your emotions will rob me of the pleasure of killing you,? he said as he stepped forward and lowered his face inches in front of hers.

    ?On the contrary, I shall enjoy this immensely.? He sneered with satisfaction as he moved backwards, raising his hands.

    Palpatine jerked in annoyance as the cell door slid open. Beady eyes glared towards the cell door. He was like a wild animal caught in a head light.

    ?Chancellor?? Anakin stepped inside the cell, his eyes darting from Palpatine to Padme.

    Padme blinked in confusion. ?Anakin?? she gasped. Had he come to help her?

    ?Anakin.? Palpatine bit back the surge of rage at the interruption. ?I was just about to demonstrate the penalty for treason to Miss Naberrie.?

    ?Penalty?? Anakin repeated, frowning. He could scarcely believe this was the same kindly old man who had always supported him in the past. ?What penalty? She has to have a trial and be convicted before any penalty can be decided.?

    Palpatine sighed impatiently. ?As supreme chancellor I have the right to dispense with the frivolity of a trial,? he explained, slowly turning to face Anakin. ?And I have. We both know Miss Naberrie is guilty of treason. She?s even admitted it to us.?

    ?I beg to differ,? Anakin replied, his heart beginning to race. What was Palpatine doing? ?The laws are quite clear. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a fair trial.?

    ?There is no need,? Palpatine insisted, his eyes glowing with malice. ?Miss Naberrie has admitted her guilt and the sentence for treason is death.?

    ?Wait a minute!? Anakin exclaimed. ?You can?t just execute a prisoner at your convenience. You have to -,?

    ?I have to nothing!? Palpatine hissed. ?I am the law on Coruscant and I have decided Miss Naberrie shall be put to death. Immediately.?

    ?I can?t let you do that.? Anakin pulled his lightsaber from his belt. With grim determination, he faced down the other man.

    ?You don?t have the authority to stop me,? Palpatine glowered.

    ?On the contrary,? Anakin began, igniting his blade. ?I am a Jedi. I have the utmost obligation to uphold justice and I will not allow you to disregard the laws for any reason.?

    Palpatine studied him silently for a few moments. Anakin?s feelings for Padme were proving stronger than he thought they were. He needed to find a way to break her hold on him.

    ?I?m sorry Anakin,? he sighed, shoulders sagging in mock repentance. ?Perhaps I?ve over reacted. Since Miss Naberrie?s crime was against me personally, I?m sure you can understand my temporary lack of good judgment.?

    Padme?s heart sank as Anakin nodded, shutting his lightsaber off, and returning it to his belt clip. She couldn?t believe how easily Palpatine manipulated Anakin into believing whatever he wanted him to. She had to do something?

    ?Ani, did you get my data pad??

    Palpatine?s eyes narrowed in concern. What was she blathering about now?

    ?Yes,? Anakin replied, a look of confusion washing over him. ?I meant to ask you about that. What -,?

    Padme?s pulse began to race. ?It has the proof Palpatine is the Sith lord on it,? she gushed. ?Take it to?,? her words trailed off as she suddenly realized how much danger she would be putting Bail and his supporters through by naming them.

    ?Proof?? Palpatine?s blood turned to ice. ?What possible proof could you have?? he breathed.

    ?It?s a recorder,? Padme explained. ?It recorded everything that happened in the Chancellor?s office just before I was arrested,? she turned her triumphant gaze to Palpati
  5. Gizzi1213 Jedi Youngling

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    cackles gleefully!!!! YEAH!!! The Evil Sith is Dead!!!

    'Bout time that boy came to his senses. I do like the fact Anakin realized the truth of what Padme was saying without needing to resort to the datapad. Even if it DID take him far to long to wise up to it!!

    Also enjoyed the fact that Anakin was true to the Jedi Code by upholding the course of justice in the galaxy.

    Now...after Padme recovers from the events of this chapter, I hope she blisters his stubborn, thick-headed hide for taken so long to come to his senses and, if you'll pardon the awful pun, seeing the light!

  6. Jedi_Liz Jedi Grand Master

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    Ding Dong, the Sith is Dead. Which old Sith? The wicked Sith. Ding Dong the wicked Sith is dead!

  7. VA_Parky Jedi Padawan

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    Palpatine is dead! Woohoo!! And the best thing of all is that Anakin hasn't even heard the data recorder yet - Sidious pretty much dug his own grave. Serves him right!

    What a great post! Oh my gosh - my heart is still racing. I can't wait to see how you tie this all up. Could we even be in for a romantic, mushy ending? [face_love] [face_praying]

    Wonderful work, you two! What a jaw-dropping chapter in what has been such an awesome story! Love it!
  8. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    ?You won?t defeat me, Anakin,? Palpatine hissed.

    Anakin adjusted his grip on his lightsaber and pressed his height advantage. Palpatine stumbled back and barely managed to block Anakin?s attack. His blue blade twirled and danced through the air, laying one powerful strike after another against the Sith Lord.

    Within moments, Palpatine was backed into a corner, breathing hard and exhausted. Anakin?s saber rested very close to his neck. The heat was searing Palpatine?s skin.

    ?This ends now, Lord Sidious,? Anakin declared.

    ?You?will?not?win,? Palpatine gasped as he gathered the last of his strength to him. Raising his hand, electric bolts shot from his fingertips, catching Padme squarely in the chest.

    Padme screamed in agony as Anakin quickly severed Palpatine?s head from his shoulders. Dropping his lightsaber, he rushed to Padme gathering her limp form into his arms.

    Ding Dong, the Chancellor's dead! [face_dancing]

    I can't wait for the next update! [face_praying]

  9. ObiWans_Gurl86 Jedi Youngling

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    [face_dancing] YAY Anakin DOES have a brain!!! YES!! that stupid uggy old sith is dead!!! I hope Padme is ok OMG!!! I need to read more soon!!! excellent job!!
  10. randomangel22 Jedi Padawan

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    Thank goodness Anakin finally killed Palps I mean he was starting to get on my nerves [face_skull].

    And Padme got hit by Sith lightening :eek:...that's not good [face_worried].

    Great post!
  11. FitJedi Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 14, 2006
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    Wow.. that happened so fast that I actually had to read it again. I do hope old Palpy is gone for good and that Padme is alright after that horrific bout of lightning. Well done.
  12. Jedi_Kassandra Jedi Knight

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    Finally! I was just about to suggest that someone use Ani as a punching bag to knock some sense into his thick skull, but he shaped up pretty well.

  13. Lea-El Jedi Master

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    Well that will put an end to him. Hope Padme makes it.

    Good post thanks for the PM@};-
  14. WANNA-BE-JEDI-KNIGHT Jedi Knight

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    I am curious to know how much electricity those bolts of lightening contain. I hope it wasn't too severe.
  15. Star_Angel Jedi Padawan

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    Chapter 42:

    Come on Anakin, this makes me so frustrated. I honestly hope that Obi-Wan will watch the datapad if Anakin won?t, and I hope that he at least will go to Padmé.

    Chapter 43:

    Oh, I was so happy that Anakin finally realised the truth, but I hope that Padmé will be alright. And yay, the Sith is dead.

    Two wonderful update and thanks for the pm?s.
  16. Kelia-Lily Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 5, 2006
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    A/N - The end is finally here!! We would like to thank everyone who's stuck with this story over the last year. It's been a lot of fun to write and we hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have writing it. :) :)

    Chapter 44

    Anakin paced nervously outside Padme?s room in the Jedi Temple while the Healers attended to her wounds. He?d decided to bring her here instead of the MedCenter knowing the Jedi would be better equipped to treat her unique injury, at least he prayed they would be.

    He had never known anyone who was attacked with Force lightning and to the best of his knowledge, the only one in the entire Order with any experience with it was Master Yoda, who thankfully was in the room with the Padme, offering his assistance to the Healers.

    Sinking wearily onto a bench, Anakin dropped his head into his hands, shoulders sagging. The fact that he?d just killed the Sith Lord, bringing balance to the Force was completely irrelevant to him. His life would be forever empty without Padme. He needed her to make his life complete.

    ?Anakin.? Obi-Wan?s calm voice pulled him from his thoughts.

    He looked up expectantly. ?Any word??

    ?No.? Obi-Wan shook his head sadly as he sat next to Anakin. ?I?m sure they?re doing everything they can,? he offered, squeezing Anakin?s shoulder.

    ?I just wish they?d tell me something!? Anakin cried, pounding his fists on his thighs.

    ?They will as soon as they can,? Obi-Wan sent a soothing wave of comfort to him, hoping it would relax him a bit. ?I wanted to let you know Padme?s data pad has been examined.?

    Anakin looked up at him curiously.

    ?It recorded far more than Padme realized,? Obi-Wan continued grimly. ?Not only did it expose Palpatine as the Sith Lord and Sly Moore?s involvement with his agenda, but it also caught him giving orders to the Separatists directing the war.?

    Anakin?s eyes widened in shock. ?Palpatine?was responsible for the war??

    ?Yes,? Obi-Wan nodded. ?We?ll never know what his ultimate goal for doing to was, but now that he?s dead and we know where to find Grievous, we?ll finally be able to end war and restore peace to the Galaxy.?

    Anakin squeezed his eyes shut, his heart pounding with worry. ?Thanks to Padme,? he added, running his fingers through his hair. ?She has to hold on,? he murmured. ?She deserves to know she is responsible for saving the Galaxy from Palpatine.?

    ?You played a role in that as well,? Obi-Wan reminded him. ?Don?t? forget that.?

    ?Because of Padme, Master,? Anakin replied. ?I was blind to his true nature but Padme knew,? he rose from the bench and began to pace. ?She didn?t fall for his manipulations -,?

    ?She wasn?t under his influence for all these years,? Obi-Wan pointed out. ?We were all blinded to Palpatine?s character,? he paused rubbing his beard thoughtfully. ?Something the Order will have to address.?

    ?I can?t live without her,? Anakin cried, wearily dropping back down on the bench.

    ?So you?ve forgiven her, then??

    Anakin froze as he recalled his behavior when Padme was taken into custody. Shame flooded him. ?I shouldn?t have doubted her,? he moaned.

    ?Anakin, your reaction was perfectly understandable -.?

    The door to Padme?s room slid open, revealing an exhausted Barriss Offee.

    Anakin jumped to his feet, rushing to her. ?How is she?? he demanded.

    ?The burns were extensive and there was damage to Padme?s nervous system,? Barriss began, taking his shaking hand into hers. ?But we were able to stabilize her in time to treat her.?

    Anakin starred at her uncertainly.

    ?She?ll be fine,? Barriss finally added with a smile.

    Anakin let out a whoop of joy, sweeping Barriss into his arms and twirling her around. ?When can I see her??

    ?In a few hours.?

    ?What?? Anakin froze.

    ?She?s in the bacta tank right now,? Barriss explained. ?As soon as she?s done with the treatment, you can see her.?

    Anakin groaned softly wondering how he was going to make it through the next few minutes, l
  17. Gizzi1213 Jedi Youngling

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    Anakin let out a whoop of joy, sweeping Barriss into his arms and twirling her around.

    Ah, spontaneous and unrestrained Anakin, nice to see him again.

    Anakin pulled back, gazing deeply into her eyes. ?I love you, Padme,? he breathed huskily. ?My behavior was inexcusable. Can you ever forgive me??

    She shouldn't, you Lunkhead, but, sigh, why does it seem that lunkheads are always so damned lovable??

    ?And if you?ll allow me, I?ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.?

    Oh to be Padme...I think I'm jealous!!!

    WONDERFUL JOB...BRAVO =D= =D= . Loved every word, even thick headed Anakin!

    So, what's next from you two??? ;)
  18. VA_Parky Jedi Padawan

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    This ending was everything I had hoped for and more! We got some wonderful Obi-Wan / Anakin interaction, which I always adore. And then we had a bit of Anakin / Padme mush, which you know I full-out LOVE.

    Beautiful job! This story has been a blast from the very start and I'm so sorry to see it come to an end. My deepest thanks to both of you for all your hard work and for the hours of enjoyment I got from being one of your many readers.

    Bravo! *standing ovation*

    =D= =D= =D=
  19. Jedi_Liz Jedi Grand Master

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    Great Ending!

    *coughs* Sequel Please *coughs*
  20. G__Anakin Jedi Master

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    Great job![face_dancing] I'm happy to have stuck around for this. It's hard to believe it been a year!:eek:

    If there is a sequel, please add me to the PM list!:)
  21. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Okay, PERFECT ending! But I expected nothing less from you two! :p

    Anakin inhaled deeply as he knocked softly on the door to Padme?s room. His heart was pounding in anticipation.

    ?Come in.?

    He stepped tentatively inside, hoping she would be willing to let him plead for her forgiveness.

    Padme rested comfortably against several dozen pillows, a warm smile on her tired face. ?Anakin,? she held out her arms in a welcoming embrace.

    ?Padme.? Anakin gathered her gently into his arms, burying his face her hair. ?I?m so sorry I doubted you.?

    ?Shhh,? Padme rubbed his back soothingly. ?It doesn?t matter now,? she whispered placing a soft kiss on his head.

    Anakin pulled back, gazing deeply into her eyes. ?I love you, Padme,? he breathed huskily. ?My behavior was inexcusable. Can you ever forgive me??

    Padme blinked back tears of joy as she reached up to caress Anakin?s face. ?Ani, I couldn?t tell you the truth about why I was here but I never lied about loving you,? she began. ?And I?m just happy you realize it now.?

    ?I should have known it all along,? he sighed remorsefully. ?I may not have known the real reason why you were here but I did get to know and fall in love with the real you.? Tenderly, he lowered his lips to hers. ?And if you?ll allow me, I?ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.?

    He paused long enough to hear Padme?s enthusiastic ?yes? before covering her mouth in a loving kiss.

    BRAVO! =D=
  22. Star_Angel Jedi Padawan

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    Aww, and yay, Anakin/Padmé mush, love it.
    I?ve been on the edge of my seat through this whole story so I?m so happy to see that everything worked out in the end.
    It so sad that it?s over but it was an fantastic ending to an amazing story.
  23. randomangel22 Jedi Padawan

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    Thank goodness Padme was ok :eek:!

    And yeah Anakin and Padme will be together without Palps to ruin it [face_dancing].

    Excellent story!
  24. ObiWans_Gurl86 Jedi Youngling

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    WOW!! I loved it SO MUCH!!! It had the perfect ending and I loved how well u wrote the whole story. Excellent Job!! I loved it =D= Bravo Bravo =D=
  25. Darth_Drachonus Jedi Master

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    Bravo. This was an excellent story. I'm looking forward to others.
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