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    Here?s an idea I?ve been kicking around for a while: an alternate history for Star Wars. Unlike the Alternate ANH, this is a serious thread. Basically the premise is how would things have been different in the SW universe if one event had another outcome-- in this case what if the plans for the Death Star never made it to Tatooine? What would happen to Leia? Would Alderaan still be in one piece and how would that affect the Rebellion? If Luke and Leia meet, but Han isn?t there, would SW turn into a Greek tragedy? Etc, etc. Here?s a possible beginning: (sorry if I?ve gotten the Imperial officers? names wrong- I don?t have a copy of the script.)

    Lt. Hija watched as an escape pod streaked past the viewport of the Devestator. ?There goes another one, sir,? the deck officer said. ?Scanners are showing no life forms aboard.?
    Hija frowned at the officer. ?I don?t care, bring it back anyway.?
    ?But, sir...?
    ?Do you think technical readouts show up as lifeforms?!?? he snapped. ?Vader wants those plans as much as he wants the passengers. Get a tractor beam locked on the pod and get it back here NOW!?
    ?Yes, sir.?

    Vader?s black, mechanical form was intimidating, his presence was menacing. Hija hoped that the news he was bringing was sufficiently good that the Dark Lord would not turn his legendary anger on him. ?My lord Vader,? he began, trying his best to seem confident and unafraid. ?My men recovered this droid from one of the escape pods that was jettisoned from the Tantive V.? Hija pointed a droid caller, and a blue and white R2 unit to rolled into the room. ?The officers who opened the pod reported that the droid tried to evade them, using an arc welding attachment to hold them off until they managed to subdue it and fasten a restraining bolt on it. Its companion, a protocol droid, surrendered without a fight. My technicians found this message on the astromech droid.? Hija pressed a button on the droid, and a holographic projection of a young women dressed in flowing white robes appeared. ?Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you?re my only hope,? she said. Reaching forward, she bent down, one hand outstretched. The message repeated.
    ?Interesting.? Vader rasped. ?Most interesting. Apparently the Princess knows more than she was telling.?
    ?Yes, my Lord,? Hija replied, relieved that Vader was pleased. ?What would you like us to do with her??
    ?For the time being, nothing. She and I will speak later. Right now, I want you to prepare my shuttle to go to the surface of Tatooine.?
    ?Yes, my Lord? Hija saluted smartly as he left.
    After the lieutenant was gone, Vader gazed out towards the arid planet far below. ?So, my master,? he said meditatively. ?It seems we shall soon meet again.?

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    Luke Skywalker drove his landspeeder down an Anchorhead street. "Watch it, you crazy kid!" exclaimed a woman as she scurried by. Luke glanced in the woman's direction, then looked back to the road. Soon he reached the favorite hang-out of the teens in town. He stopped his speeder and ran inside.

    "Hey guys!" said Luke. "I saw a real space battle a few minutes ago! There were big ships, and laser blasts, and . . . c'mon, come and see!"

    "Oh, Luke, you're just imagining things again," said one of his friends.

    "Yeah, Wormie," said another. "Nothing like that ever happens around here."


    Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi sat in his Tatooine abode, deep in thought. He sensed a presence, one from his past. The man who had been his friend, and then his greatest enemy. The man he had once fought before and left for dead. Now he might have to face this man again . . .
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    Owen Lars pried open the access hatch on the decrepit R5 droid. He doubted it was going to last much longer, but he hoped that he could at least patch together until the next Jawa caravan came through. "Owen?" the voice of his wife Beru interrupted his thoughts. He looked up to see her silhouetted in the brilliant Tatooine sunlight.

    Behind her was a man in a long flowing robe. His face was hidden by the hood of his cloak, but Owen knew who he was, all too well. "Ben," Owen greeted him flatly. "what brings you here?"

    Ben Kenobi stepped forward. "Hello, Owen" he answered. "The time we have long feared has come. Vader is on Tatooine."

    Owen's heart sank. "Then you're leaving?"

    Ben nodded. "And taking Luke with me. Tatooine won't be safe for him any longer."

    "But he's never shown any sign of being... like his father," Owen protested.

    "Owen," Beru said gently. "We all knew this time was coming. We've had Luke almost eighteen years now. It's time for him to learn the truth."

    Owen sighed. Beru and Ben were right. If Vader found his son, the galaxy wouldn't be safe, not just for Luke, but for anyone. He nodded slowly. "Alright Ben. Just tell Luke... good-bye... for us."
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    A tear rolled down Luke's cheek. "Biggs, I . . . well, maybe I'll see you again someday."

    "Yeah, maybe. Well, goodbye, Luke. You've been a great friend."

    "Goodbye, Biggs, and good luck with, with . . ." Luke's voice faltered. For a moment the two friends just stood there. Finally, Luke was able to speak again. "Good luck with the Rebellion."

    Biggs walked to his landspeeder and, after one last wave goodbye, drove away. Luke stared after the receding speeder for a moment, then walked to his. He really didn't feel like going back inside.

    As Luke drove his speeder through the endless Tatooine desert, he saw a strange sight. A man was standing in his path. His hands were facing outward. As Luke stopped the speeder, he recognized the man. "Ben Kenobi. What are you doing here?"

    "I have a lot to tell you, Luke, but right now we need to get going. I'll explain on the way."

    "What's going on? Do my aunt and uncle know?"

    "Yes, they know. And Luke, I . . . I'm sorry, but there's a good chance that you'll never see them again. We're leaving the planet."

    "What?!?" exclaimed Luke. "Don't I at least get to say goodbye?"

    "There's no time!" Ben said harshly. "But they . . . they send their love. Now take us to Mos Eisley."


    Darth Vader stared out the window of the shuttle, thinking about his past. The planet where he had spent his boyhood grew larger below him. Soon, the shuttle would be landing in Mos Eisley spaceport.

    Vader's thoughts shifted to his former friend and master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's been a long time, Kenobi, he thought. But now, at last, I will have my revenge.

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    Han Solo lounged in his favorite seat of the Mos Eisley Cantina. A few hours ago the place had been packed so tight you couldn't see the floor, That was alright with Han because he couldn't stand to look at the floor anyway, always covered with alien puke and blood, and besides, the more clients to choose from, the faster he could give Jabba the money to get off his back. But now as Han looked across the room his prospects did not look good, and neither did the floor. 'The only thing that causes this place to empty so quickly is Pod-Races or Imperial "visits". Han bet on the latter, since he knew Sebulba was out of town. 'No, with the tension in this room it must be the Imperials', Han thought, 'Especially with the way the Tonnika Sisters were acting'. He had never seen Brea act that way before, 'she's actually looking around at people as if she needs something from them, and Senni seems involved with some sort of data-pad, Senni hates computers!' A bead of sweat gathered and rolled down Han's brow, he wiped it away, and when he looked back to the Tonnika Sisters, he noticed that Brea was staring right back at him! There eyes locked and he was certain that he had never seen this woman before, whoever she was.
    "Senni!" Shada said to Karoly, her Mistryl Honor Guard partner who was with her posing as the Tonnika Sisters, "Han Solo is over there." "So what 'Brea', He hangs here alot, he works for Jabba occassionally doesn't he? Oh, wait," Karoly said, refering to her data-pad, "He owns a correllian freighter called the Millenium Falcon, that is about the size of ship we need to get this 'HAMMERTONG' thing off of tattoine. Have you heard of that ship?" Karoly asked. "No, why, should I have?" Shada Dukal/Brea Tonnika answered. "No, of couirse not." Karoly/Senni Tonnika answered. "Hey, I have an idea, why don't we use Han Solo's connection to Jabba to see if we could sell this "Hammertong' weapon-part-thing to the HUTTS!" Kaaroly said. "That is the dumbest idea i have ever heard fo Karo-err-Senni, why would the Hutts want a super-weapon or whatever this thing is part of?" Shada retorted. "Lets just go over there and see if we can hire him, besides," Shada said, eyeing Han up and down, "He's cute!" "Fine 'Brea', just let me finish this drink, this gin and tonic Wurher mixed up is really good!" said Karoly as she squeezed lyhm into her drink.
    Over in the corner of the cantina, Chewbacca leaned against the wall and flexed his pad-claws to the beat of the Bith Jizz tunes, extending the claws in and out of his pads, which also happened to cause them to go in and out of the synth-plast walls, but to that he paid no mind. He had to scout out potential business. Nobody seemed to be in any noticeable need of a courier, except maybe those women posing as the Tonnika Sisters, chewie thought, He knew right away they were imposters. The Tonnika Sisters always wore a very pleasant sage-flower scent that chewie absolutely adored, for the simple fact that it blocked out the usual stench of baked garbage that hovered like a cloud over Mos Eisley. Chewie was about to head over to Han to tell him of the potential clients they may have in the Tonnika Sisters when he noticed two figures enter the cantina with an immediate presence. The older man in robes had a calm tranquil glow to him, and if Chewie didn't know better he would say he had seen him somewhere before, decades past, but he wasn't sure. The young boy with him was as green as they come, but had an outline of glow to him perceptible to Chewbacca's eyes. -'These too, may be potential clients!'- he thought, and began his walk toward the bar, past the Modal Nodes, who were wailing away in a musical world all there own.
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    As Luke Skywalker followed Ben Kenobi into the cantina, he thought about everything that had happened to him the previous day. First saying goodbye to Biggs, then to his aunt and uncle, and then after that . . . The truth about his father had been quite a revelation to the boy. He had never imagined that Anakin Skywalker had actually been a Jedi.

    Luke sat down at the bar. He ordered a drink, and then tried to relax. But a strange alien shoved him and said something that didn't sound very nice.

    "He doesn't like you," said a man.

    "I'm sorry," replied Luke.

    "I don't like you either." Luke was beginning to get frightened now. "You just watch yourself. We're wanted man. I have the death sentence in twelve systems."

    "I'll be careful," replied a nervous Luke.

    "You'll be dead!"

    Ben stepped in to calm the trouble-makers, but it was no use. Luke was shoved across the room, and the alien drew a blaster. But to Luke's astonishment, Ben drew his lightsaber and, in seconds, the fight was over. As Luke got up Ben pointed to a hairy giant standing nearby. "This is Chewbacca. He's first-mate on a ship that might suit our needs," said Ben.


    Han Solo looked at the old man and young boy sitting across the table from him. "Dagobah? Where's that?"

    "I'll be able to locate it in a star chart," said the bearded man. "It's not too far, on a galactic scale, anyway."

    "Okay. Well, this is going to cost you eight thousand credits."

    "Eight thousand?" exclaimed the astonished boy.

    "Yes, isn't that a bit much?" said the man. "I can only go up to five thousand."

    For some reason he couldn't quite put his finger on, Han agreed to five thousand. "We'll leave as soon as you're ready. Docking bay 94."

    After the two had left, Han turned to Chewie. "There's something strange about those two," he said. "Oh, well. Get back to the ship and get her ready."

    Chewie left the cantina, and Han was about to follow when a Rodian stepped into his path.

    "Going somewhere, Solo?" asked Greedo in the Rodian tongue.

    Han was about to reply when four stormtroopers walked in through the front entrance. They were followed by a menacing, black-armored figure. This man - or machine, Han couldn't tell - looked around the room, then looked straight at Han. "You there," he said in a deep voice, which Han found vaguely familiar. "I believe that you know something about an old man and a boy who came through here. Would you care to divulge the information?"

    "Uh, sir, I . . . " said Han nervously.

    He was about to continue when Greedo exclaimed, "Back off, buddy. Solo's mine!" Han was astonished by the green alien's audacity, and Han's questioner seemed to be as well.

    "What did you say?" He turned to a stormtrooper. "Get me an interpretor."

    As this was going on Han quietly edged toward the exit. He was almost there when Greedo suddenly drew his blaster. Han didn't stick around for the outcome, but he was pretty sure that Greedo had made a terrible mistake. Han dashed out the door and didn't stop running until he had gone a block and turned the corner. Panting, he started to walk toward the docking bay. That was too close, he thought. He had been very lucky to escape.

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    Greedo lay twitching on the floor as the cantina's patrons watched silently. The dark figure had never touched the poor Rodian, merely closed a fist around the empty air. However, Greedo went down as if his neck had been in that grip. Vader turned to where the smuggler had been standing. He was gone. Cold rage seized him. If he hadn't already killed the Rodian for his audacity, the bounty hunter would have surely died for letting the smuggler get away.

    "Find that man," Vader snapped to the commander of his stormtroopers. "Bring him back to me. I want him alive!" The stormtrooper snapped to attention, and exiteed the cantina along with half the squad. Vader surveyed the Cantina disdainfully, assessing the potential worth of it's patrons. None of them seemed to be worth his trouble. As he was about to leave, he felt a tug at his cape. Vader turned to see an ugly human with a disfigured face there. Next to him was an equally ugly Aqualish with only one arm. "You want the old man and the boy?" the ugly man asked "he hired Solo. They'll be with Solo at docking bay 94. Go there and you'l find them."

    "And what do you want in exchange for this information?" Vader asked. No one gave something for nothing in this wretched town.

    The man gave him a twisted, nasty grin. "Just that you kill the old man. He did that to my partner." The man gestured to the Aqualish. Vader noticed that the stumpp of his arm was still bleeding. He smiled coldly beneath his helmet. "Consider your request granted."
    Docking bay 94 was empty when Vader arrived. He stood there angrily, wondering how Kenobi had managed to escape him yet again. Suddenly , a low voice boomed through the bay. "Solo! Solo!" A foul stench pervaded the room, as Jabba the Hutt wriggled though the entrance. "Hoo hoo hoo," he laughed. "Solo has been making many powerful enemies lately."

    "I don't care about this Han Solo, " Vader told Jabba. "I only want his passengers."

    The Hutt looked thoughtful for a moment. "I want Solo; you want his cargo. Perhaps it is best if we work together."
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    Jade and everyone in here....I think you are all creative and I would like for ya to join my Jedi Council Fan Club......please......check it out and write something for it....a critizim....what am i doin wrong.....join up please....you would be perfect.....espcially you Jade
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    "Perhaps," replied Vader. "Do you know what Solo's destination might be?"

    "No," said Jabba. He spoke in Huttese, but this was a language Vader understood. He had known Jabba for a very long time, although the Hutt was not aware of it. "But the ship left just before I arrived. They seemed to be in quite a hurry."

    Vader turned to a stormtrooper who had come in after him. "Signal the Star Destroyers," he said. "Tell them to stop that ship. And I want them alive. Then call my shuttle, and tell them to prepare to take off." He turned back to Jabba. "Perhaps we can work out a deal," he said. "If, of course, they manage to escape Tatooine. I will contact you later." With that the Dark Lord strode out of the docking bay, followed by his stormtroopers.


    The Millenium Falcon raced away from the desert planet of Tatooine. Inside the ship, Han Solo was talking to Ben Kenobi. "So where's this Dagobah?" asked the smuggler.

    "It's on the Outer Rim, farther out than Tatooine," said Kenobi as he surveyed a map. "I think it's . . ."

    Just then Chewbacca roared something from the cockpit. Han raced into the cockpit and said, "What is it, Chewie?"

    [We are being pursued by Imperial Star Destroyers] was the Wookie's reply.

    "I have a bad feeling about this," muttered Han. He quickly took the controls, then yelled, "Get in here, you two! I need the coordinates for Dagobah!"

    Kenobi and Luke Skywalker ran into the cockpit. "Show Chewie where Dagobah is," said Han as he maneuvered the ship. "Then calculate a course, and do it quickly."

    Han turned the ship away from the Star Destroyers, but two more were coming in from the other direction. "They're coming in too fast!" exclaimed Luke. "Can't you get out of here?"

    The ship was now being hit by laser blasts. "The navicomputer has to calculate a course. In a few moments, we'll be able to get out of here."

    "Why can't it go faster?" asked the kid. The ship was rocked by another blast.

    "Traveling through hyperspace isn't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?"

    Chewie growled that the computer was almost completed with the calculations. "Go strap yourselves in, we're about to make the jump to lightspeed," said Han. The old man and the boy left the cockpit. The ship was hit again, and Han begin to worry. Those Star Destroyers are getting awfully close.

    Just then the computer began beeping. "Ready for hyperspace in 5, 4, 3 . . ."

    The ship was rocked violently. "That was no laser blast," said Han. Chewie moaned as a red light flashed on the control panel. "We're caught in a tractor beam."
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    Leia Organa had been waiting in the tiny detainment cell for what seemed like an eternity when the door finally slid open. She sat up on the narrow ledge and steeled herself for the interogation that was surely coming. However, she was unprepared to see Darth Vader himself in the doorway. "You lied to me Princess," he rasped. "We found your message hidden in the astromech droid." Leia's heart sank. If Vader found her message , then the Alliance would never receive the plans for the Empire's superweapon, the Death Star. Still, she said nothing to Vader and carefully controlled her features so that they wouldn't betray her dismay. "We will now discuss what you know about Obi-Wan Kenobi," Vader continued. He stepped aside to reveal the spherical torture droid behind him.

    The interogation lasted several hours, but the Princess revealed nothing. "Her resistance to the mind probe is considerable," Vader murmurred to himself as he left the detention bay. "She has a strength I would not have guessed. It's almost as if..." Vader stopped in the middle of the hall way. Almost as if Leia Organa was drawing on the Force. How very interesting, he thought. "perhaps this can work to my advantage."
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    The Millenium Falcon came out of hyperspace in the Dagobah system.

    "This is it?" asked Han.

    "Yes," replied Ben. "It may not look like much, but believe me, this planet is of great importance to the fate of the galaxy."

    "I'm sure it is," said Han. "Now where am I supposed to land?"

    "I'll be contacting someone on the planet. He will lead us to a landing area."

    "Do you need to use the com-laser?" asked Han.

    "No, that won't be necessary."

    Han was puzzled by this remark, but he didn't comment. He was learning to expect the unexpected when dealing with this old man.

    Just then Luke entered the cockpit. "We've entered the Dagobah system," said Han.

    "That's good," replied Luke. "By the way, where did you learn how to get out of the tractor beam like that?"

    "Oh, it's just one of the tricks I've picked up over the years. In my profession, I have to be ready for anything."


    "Prepare my shuttle for a trip to Imperial Center," said Darth Vader. "I will be taking the Princess with me."

    "Yes, m'lord," replied an Imperial officer.
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    Han set the Falcon down in a clearing on the swampy planet of Dagobah. "Nice," he commented drily to Kenobi as they disembarked. "And I thought it looked impressive from above. You sure there's something worthwhile on this mudball?"

    "Indeed," Obi-Wan answered. A sudden rustling in the snarl of undergrowth caught Han's attention, and his hand went immediately to the blaster at his side. A small, stooped figure emerged. Han trained his blaster on the green skinned alien, who looked up at him. "Away put your weapon. No need there is for it."

    Han didn't respond immediately. "Put it away," Obi-Wan said. "This is the Jedi Master Yoda, the reason we are here." He turned to the alien. "Well met, old friend. This is Han Solo, our pilot and his first mate Chewbacca. And this is Luke Skywalker."

    "Aaah," Yoda sighed. "Long have I waited to meet you young Skywalker."

    Luke goggled at the tiny alien. "Are you really a Jedi?"

    Yoda grinned. "Know what you are thinking, I do. Size matters not to a Jedi."

    "Well, this is really touching," Han said. "But I've got better things to do than hang around here. Thanks for the job, old man. See you around the galaxy."

    "Wait!" Yoda exclaimed, shuffling after Han as he strode up the Falcon gangplank. "Stay you must. Important you will be in the future. A vision of the future I had, through the Force. Necessary you are!"

    "The Force?!?" Han snorted derisively. "I've been all around the galaxy. I've seen a lot of things, but nothing that would make me believe in one all powerful force controlling everything. C'mon, Chewie, let's get out of here." Suddenly, the Falcon tipped at an odd angle as the ground beneath it gave way. It sank into a mucky mire, that only moments before had seemed like solid ground. Han gave an accusing glance to Yoda, though he knew there was no way the little runt could have caused the freighter to sink. Yoda looked back at him imperturbably. "Stay you will."
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    Obi-wan Kenobi sat in the shelter of a makeshift tent that Luke and Han had put together out of a tarp from the Falcon. The humans and especially the Wookiee were too large to fit in Yoda's hut and Han told them they couldn't stay in the Falcon in case their weight mad it tip farther into the swamp. Kenobi watched Han and Chewbacca assess the situation. Though there was a steady drizzle, the two worked tirelessly. Han had taken his enforced stay on Dagobah with very poor grace.

    Obi-Wan sensed rather than heard the approach of his old master. "So," Yoda said "the time comes at last to train young Skywalker. And what of the other, his sister?"

    Obi-wan smiled. "I was just thinking about Leia. I think it would be wise to train them both. They can encourage and learn from each other, and" he added glancing at Luke, who was trying unsuccessfully to covince Han to let him help, "the two together may help each other over the strangeness of their new situation."

    "Mmm. Wise you are beyond your years," Yoda answered.

    It took a bit of convincing to get Han to let him use the holonet transponder on the Falcon. In the end it was only the thought that they could get a message to civilization that persuaded him. Obi-Wan transmitted his signal to Alderaan, on a very private channel. Bail Organa answered, looking distraught. "General Kenobi!! Ah, finally the Force is with us. But how did you know to contact me? You couldn't have received Leia's message"

    "Message?" Obi-Wan asked."No I received no word from Leia. What's wrong Bail."

    "You haven't heard? The Empire captured the Tantive IV. Leia is being held by Vader."
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    The sleek Lambda-class shuttle touched down on a landing pad in the Imperial City. Princess Leia watched as two white-armored stormtroopers walked down the ramp and stopped at the bottom. She felt another stomtrooper nudge her in the back with his blaster rifle, and she departed the shuttle as well. Behind her two more stormtroopers left the shuttle, followed by the menacing figure of Darth Vader.

    "Take her to a holding cell," said the Dark Lord. With that, Leia was led away.


    As Darth Vader entered the cavernous throne room, he saw that the back of the Emperor's throne was turned toward him. His master was looking out the strangely-patterned circular window, surveying the vast cityscape that stretched uninterrupted to the horizon. Vader approached the throne and kneeled before it. After remaining in this position for a minute, he finally got a response.

    The Emperor's throne slowly turned to face the kneeling Sith Lord. "You may rise." After a short pause, the Emperor said, "Have you dealt with Kenobi?"

    "No, master, he managed to escape. He left Tatooine on a Corellian freighter with a small-time smuggler named Han Solo, Solo's Wookiee copilot, and an unidentified boy. Imperial Intelligence agents are scouring the galaxy in search of them, and I also have agents on Tatooine who should have the boy's identity soon. I have also made a deal with Jabba the Hutt, who is interested in the smuggler, to share information regarding the pursuit."

    "Very well. And what of the Princess?"

    "That is why I came here so soon. I believe that she may have some ability with the Force."

    "The Princess Organa, a Force-sensitive?" said the Emperor, a hint of surprise appearing on his wrinkled face.

    "I am not certain, but it is a possibility," replied Vader.

    "If it is true, she could be quite useful to us." The Emperor pondered for a moment, then said, "Bring her to me."

    "As you wish."

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    Across the galaxy, on the moon of Yavin IV, Biggs Darklighter climbed out of his military cot. He was scheduled to launch for flying practice in about an hour.

    First, he picked up the small datapad at the side of his bed and turned its power on. He entered the passcode that would show him a copy of the news from back home on Tatooine. Biggs sighed. He missed all his friends, especially Luke.

    "Hey Darklighter, let's go get a caf!" Wedge Antilles called. Wedge was about as old as Biggs, and the two were becoming friends.

    "Got it, Wedge." Biggs got up and exited his quarters to find Wedge waiting outside. He left the datapad on, not noticing the notice on the bottom: Imperial Bounty placed on Luke Skywalker.


    In yet another section of the galaxy, Boba Fett was checking his datapad for news of new Imperial bounties. He spotted a new bounty on his list. He frowned, and then realized that Luke Skywalker, someone he'd never heard of, was going to be his next bounty.

    (Jade, I really like this story. I think this is my all-time favorite in Fan Fiction. )

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    Luke Skywalker looked on as Ben Kenobi and the strange-looking alien known as Yoda discussed their current situation.

    "There is nothing we can do for Leia right now. Bail is trying to get some information on her whereabouts, but even if we did have her location, a rescue could prove suicidal," said Ben.

    "Hmm. A dangerous time this is," replied Yoda. "If discovered are Leia's powers, a tool of evil could she become. Very powerful is the Emperor, and untrained is Leia."

    "Yes. So what can we do?"

    "Train Luke I must. Our only hope he is."

    A chill ran up Luke's spine. He had never done anything important before, and now he had been plunged into this situation. If it's really up to me to save the galaxy, the galaxy could be in big trouble.


    "It looks like we'll be staying here for a while," said Ben. "You'll have to stay with us, as your ship is our only way off the planet."

    "Okay, if you say so," replied Han. As the old man left, he muttered a curse. Then he turned to Chewie. "Great! Looks like we're stuck on this slimy mud-hole. I've got more important things to do!"

    Chewie growled a sympathetic reply. The Wookiee obviously didn't like the swamp that they were living in.

    "Maybe I should call someone for help. I don't know who, though. I haven't exactly made a whole lot of friends in the galaxy."

    Chewie growled a suggestion. "Lando? I don't know." After his copilot asked what his other options were, Han said, "Okay. I'll give it a try."
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    <<OK now that Lando is involved i'm persuaded to join in>>
    "Administrator " called one of the blue clad Bespin city guards as he chased Lando Calrissian down a corridor. "Someone wishes to speak to you over the HoloNet. Someone named Solo."
    "Solo?" Lando said "Han Solo? Put him through to my office."
    Lando opened the door to his office and stepped in to be greated by the lopsided smile of Han Solo on the huge monitor on his wall.
    "Lando!" Han said nervously "Your looking great. Hows the business going?"
    "Why, you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler!" Lando growled,"You got a lot of guts showing your face, after what you pulled."
    "Listen Lando" Han seemed desperate "That was a long time ago, and i understand how you feel. But, if you were in the crazy situation i am, believe me i would do whatever i could to help."
    "What kind of trouble are you in now?"
    "The trapped on a mud-hole planet with two crazy old jedi and a cocky kid kind."
    "Jedi?" lando said "Is Chewie with you?"
    "He's right here. Look i need your help. Or you need to do is come here and pick me up. I'll pay you i swear. Your the first person i thought of."
    "Why don't you use the Falcon?" Lando asked suspiciously
    "Shes kinda immobilised at the moment" Han said.
    "What!?" Lando shrieked "What have you done to my ship?"
    "Your ship? Hey, remember, you lost her to me fair and square. Shes fine anyhow, just need some extra hands to fix her up."
    "Okay" said Lando thoughtfully "heres the deal, i come and help you out. You give me the Falcon. Deal?"
    "What?!" Han panicked "Come on Lando you know what she means to me. I'll pay you more than shes worth."
    "Its the Falcon or i leave you there to rot. Your decision, i know what my first choice would be"
    "Okay" Han sighed "Okay, We're on a planet named Dagobah, i'll send you the coordinates."
    "Sure thing, i'll see you and my ship in a few hours. Take care of yourself you old pirate."
    "You too Lando."
    Hans image disapeared, and Lando rubbed his hands with glee. he was going to get the Falcon back! And all he had to do was pick up a couple of mercenarys. This was going to be sweet.
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    Princess Leia Organa slowly walked up the forbidding steps with Darth Vader. She had entered the Emperor's chamber.

    "Princess...we have been expecting you," Palpatine stated. "Lord Vader believes you have talent in the Force and that could prove most...useful...for me."

    "What are you talking about?" Leia asked. "I am no Jedi. And I will never tell you anything about the Rebel Alliance."

    "Oh, in time you will. In time, you will bow down to me...and your father." Palpatine gestured towards Vader.

    "What? This man is not my father. My father is an honorable man from the planet of Alderaan, Bail Organa!"

    "No, search your feelings, daughter of Skywalker. You know it to be true."

    "You will never convert me to evil like you did to him," Leia defiantly asserted. "I will never embrace the dark side."

    Palpatine smiled malevolently. "Oh, but you will. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny."
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    Leia angrily struck the durasteel wall of her cell. How had she done that? How could she have betrayed the Rebellion? Palpatine's eyes had just bored into her soul and frightened her more than anything else she'd ever experienced in her life.

    Leia had been on the Senate for a brief time, but hadn't really talked to Palpatine before the Senate was disbanded. "If only they would have used mind probes, interrogation techniques, I would never have given in to those," she mumbled.

    But Palpatine had retrieved the information from her, somehow, and now he knew that the Rebel base was on Yavin IV. And somehow, Leia knew Palpatine and Vader weren't finished with her yet.


    "Well, Lord Vader, we now have much needed information," Palpatine gloated.

    "Yes, master." Vader paused. "How did you know Organa was the daughter of Skywalker?"

    Palpatine smiled wryly. "Lord Vader, I had a vision through the Dark Side. If you can't even come up with as simple an answer as that, maybe I don't need you."

    "I am sorry, master. But it appears that you can handle Organa without me. With your permission, I would like to try to hunt down Luke Skywalker, that boy that escaped Kenobi."

    "Yes, Lord Vader. Do as you wish. That boy...he could be a threat to us."
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    Han Solo sat in his ship's cockpit, bored out of his mind. He'd been on this planet for over a week now, and he'd spent most of the time sitting around doing nothing. Suddenly, a beeping sounded. Someone was trying to contact him! He pressed a button, and a holographic image of Lando Calrissian appeared before him. "I've come to get you, if you're ready," said the dark-skinned man. "Do you want me to land, or will you meet me in orbit?"

    "I think I'll meet you up there, Lando. There aren't many places to land around here."

    "Okay. I'm ready whenever you are. And remember, buddy, the Falcon's mine."

    "Yeah, I remember."


    Shortly afterwards, the Falcon was preparing to leave the system. Ben Kenobi had come up with Han, and then the old man had supervised as one of Lando's men brought a ship down to the surface. This ship had held a small fighter that the pilot had taken back up into orbit. After that, they were ready to go.


    "M'lord, we have a possible lead on Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi," said one of the many officers on the bridge of Darth Vader's Star Destroyer.

    "What is it?" inquired the Dark Lord.

    "One of our agents sighted Han Solo's ship landing at a spaceport. Kenobi and Skywalker were not there, but he was able to slice into the ship's log. The ship had last been on Dagobah."

    "Very well. Prepare a course for the Dagobah system. I will contact the Emperor, and then we should be on our way shortly."
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    "I've come for the droids," the young Imperial cadet told the officer sitting behind the desk. The officer looked up at him with a distinctly weary expression. "You'll have to be a little more specific, we have a lot of droids here."

    The cadet managed to look suitably abashed. "The ones from the Tantive IV. Lord Vader has decided there's nothing further to be learned from them, and that they're to have their memories wiped so they can be put to use." The officer nodded and flipped a switch on his desk com unit. "Grieg, bring the astromech and the protocol droid from the Tantive." In a moment another oficer appeared with the droids. He tossed a droid caller to the cadet. "Here, you'll need this, especially on that one" He jerked his thumb towards the R2 unit.

    The cadet led the to led them down the hall to a room full of droid maintenance equipment. He hooked them up to a computer station. "Oh my," C3P0 wailed. "We're doomed. They'll send us to the spice mines of Kessel for sure."

    "Shut up, Goldie," the cadet told him. "I'm not going to wipe your memory."

    "You're not? Oh, thank the Maker!"

    "No, I want to find out what really happened on the Tantive and you two are the only ones who can tell me."
    After listening to the droids tale, and finding the message and the technical readouts hidden in the R2 droid, Tycho Celchu was glad he'd followed his instincts. He couldn't believe the official explanation for the capture of the Tantive IV and the Princess from his home planet of Alderaan. He could never accept that she was a traitor bent on the assassination of the Emperor. Alderaan was peaceful, and no one there would resort to such means.

    He knew now that Leia did oppose the Empire, though for good reason. He only hoped he could get the droids back to Alderaan, as she obviously intended, in time for them to be of use.

    (Hey Rebel Jedi, thanks for the compliment!!!!! I'm glad you're enjoying it.)
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    Luke Skywalker concentrated hard on three rocks as they floated in the air. Not too long ago, he would have thought this impossible, but he had learned quite a lot since his arrival on Dagobah. He gestured with his right hand, and the rocks began to perform maneuvers in the air. Pleased with himself, he looked up at the nearby Ben Kenobi. Suddenly, Luke's concentration was broken when a look of shock appeared on Ben's face.

    "Vader! He's here," exclaimed Ben.

    "What?" asked Luke.

    "Come to Dagobah has the Dark Lord of the Sith," said Yoda.

    "He'll sense us here. What can we do?" said Ben.

    "Worry not. Safe we are, yes, safe," answered Yoda.

    "How so?" wondered Ben.

    "Strong dark side presence exists here. Negate our presence, it will. Sense us, Vader will not."


    Darth Vader gazed out a viewport from his Imperial Star Destroyer's bridge. He could see the planet where Kenobi and Skywalker should have been, but he could not sense his former master's presence. Still, something told him that he had come to the right place.

    "Send out the recon TIEs," he ordered a bridge officer. "I want a full survey of this planet."
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    Grand Moff Tarkin sat in his quarters on the new weapon of terror, his Death Star. He gazed out at the viewport. No information from Darth Vader had been received. Tarkin scowled. How was he supposed to destroy the Rebel base if no one could tell him the location.

    "Governor Tarkin, this is General Tagge. We have an incoming message on a secure channel. I believe it's Lord Vader...or maybe even Emperor Palpatine."

    "Thank you, General," Tarkin replied as he switched off the comlink and activated his privacy screen.

    Emperor Palpatine's sunken face appeared before him. "Governor Tarkin, greetings."

    "Greetings, Your Excellency. Do you have any information for me?"

    Palpatine chuckled. "Oh, yes, I do. I was able to retrieve the location of the Rebel base from Leia Organa. She was resistant to torture sessions, but not to the Dark Side."

    Tarkin only nodded. He didn't really understand the "Force" that Vader and Palpatine controlled. He only knew that he had finally learned the location of the Rebel base.

    Palpatine continued, "The Rebel base is located on a moon known as Yavin IV. I am sending you encrypted coordinates as we speak. Take your Death Star there."

    "As you wish, Emperor. It will be my pleasure."

    "Oh, and Tarkin?"

    "Yes?" the Moff asked.

    "Wipe them out. All of them."
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    Leia had given up hoping that anyone was going to rescue her, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She She couldn't wait any longer. She had already betrayed the Rebels on Yavin, though she had tried her hardest to resist Palpatine, he seemed to be able to pry her mind open with the Dark side of the Force. There was no telling what horrible things he'd make her do next. Leia wasn't going to wait around to find out.

    The door to her cell slid open, as it did at that time every day, revealinga stormtrooper carrying a tray of rations. He set it down in the corner of the cell and turned to go. "Wait," Leia said. "Please." She lowered her eyes, trying to look shy and flirtatious as she'd seen other women do. She hated doing it but she didn't see any other way out. Amazingly, the trooper stopped. Either she was better at it than she thought, or the trooper was incredibly stupid or desperate. "I'm so lonely here," Leia whispered. "Stay with for a while. Talk to me." She took a step closer to him.

    He paused indecisively. "I'm not supposed to talk to prisoners." Leia fluttered her eyelashes. "Just a little while," she said, taking another step, and another.

    "No, I can't." He started to back out of the cell, but Leia was close enough now to reach out to him. "Please," she begged. "I need your help. Just get a message to my family." She threw her arms around the trooper, drew him close. "I'll get you any reward you want, money, power...anything." Leia slid one hand down to his waist. "Anything." she repeated.

    The stormtrooper hesitated, distracted by her offer. It was just for a moment, but long enough for Leia to pull his blaster from its holster at his side. She stepped back and shot him before he even realized what was happening.
    Leia donned the stormtrooper's helmet and gave a last glance around the cell. The stormtrooper lay, still unconscious in one corner. She'd used her belt to tie his hands and feet together and torn a piece of her dress to gag him. She then appropriated his armor, which was just a bit too large for her, but fit well enough to make her into another nameless, faceless trooper. The first part of her plan had come off without a hitch, but now came the tricky part-- stealing a ship.
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    Obi-Wan Kenobi was resting in a cot on the sparsely-furnished ship Lando had left when a buzzing disturbed him. He quickly sat up and saw that there was a holo-net transmission coming in. He touched a button and Bail Organa's image appeared before him.

    "What is it, Bail? Have you heard from Leia?"

    Bail looked down for a moment before replying. "No, nothing yet. I do, however, have some important news. A young Imperial cadet has come to Alderaan with two droids taken from the Tantive IV. One of them, an R2 unit, contains plans for the Empire's Death Star. This is a space station capable of destroying an entire planet."

    Obi-Wan was somewhat shocked by Bail's last statement. He knew how evil the Emperor was, but this . . . "What do you plan to do?"

    "Well, I'll have to get word to the Rebellion, of course. And if you could come to Alderaan, it would be a big help. I fear that the Empire will make a move soon."

    "I'm sorry, Bail, but I'm stuck where I am for the moment. Keep me informed, though."

    "Okay. Goodbye."

    "May the Force be with you," said Obi-Wan before he ended the transmission.


    "Lord Vader," said an officer.

    "Yes?" replied the Dark Lord.

    "We picked up a non-Imperial signal coming into this system. It was heavily encrypted, and we do not yet know what the message was."

    "Do you know where the signal originated?"

    "No, m'lord. We are working hard to decode it, though."

    "Work harder. That message could be extremely important."
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