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A Pirate's Legacy.... my first fanfic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by jedi jaffacake, May 30, 2000.

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  1. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    This is my first fanfic, so be kind! It's set sometime before TPM, but the timescale doesn't really matter all that much. I know this is kind of a long first post, but it was split into smaller ones until I decided to change the title of the thread to see if it attracted more people, and also because I decided on a name for the story. So, I'll shut up now, please post and tell me what you think (please!)


    Fourthmonth, 220
    Yesyann Agamme
    Jedi Temple,

    You might wonder why I?m writing to you, and why I am doing so from my present location at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I was rather hoping that you would be able to put two and two together, however, considering it?s you, I suppose I will have to spell it out. Kesha is here with me. I know that you?ve been looking for us. She has been accepted to become a Jedi initiate, and her training begins tomorrow when I leave for Narrabool. There is no point in you trying to capture her; the Jedi Council will not allow it. I have asked that she be given special protection, and warned her carers that a criminal claiming to be her father might be putting in appearance. I?ve thought of everything, Gorban. There is no chance of you getting the girl back, if I have to lay down my life to stop you.
    I will miss her, as I doubt that I will be seeing her much in the future. However, it is worth it to stop you laying your dirty hands on her. You do not deserve her, Gorban. You are a filthy, outlaw scumbag, and I can only pray that Kesha has not inherited any of your foul characteristics.
    I would sell my soul to see your face as you read this letter. Unfortunately, as you do, I will be half way back to Narrabool and Kesha will be tucked up safely in her cot at the Temple.


    Fourthmonth, 220
    Gorban Agamme
    Tevra Dwelling,

    You think you?re so smart, don?t you? I can almost see the smug smile on your face as you penned that letter, and as you handed our own daughter over to be cared for by complete strangers. The only reason you took her to the Temple was to get revenge on me. What sort of mother are you?
    You also might wonder why I?m writing to you from my present location. I?m not as brainless as you seem to think, Yesyann. You forget that I know where your mother lives on Narrabool, which is where you are, isn?t it? Have I wiped the smile off your face yet? Do you think I?m going to let something like what you?ve done to me, and to our child, go easily?
    Unfortunately, you will probably not get to read this letter. If you do, rest assured that I will arrive at your mother?s soon after it does.
    Unlike you, I do miss Kessie. I love that child, and I intend to get her back, one way or another.
    You have not won, Yesyann. Sleep soundly knowing that your memory will be spat upon by your daughter.


    Five Years Later

    ?Oh, Jai, for goodness? sake,? Crèche Mother Canya took a tissue from the pocket of her apron and held it up to the five year olds nose. ?It?s the middle of summer and your nose is still running. Blow.? The boy made a huffing sound into the tissue, which the ever-hygienic crèche mother wrapped up carefully in a paper bag, ready to be thrown away. The boy made as if to turn away, but the woman grabbed his wrist before he could run off. ?Pull up your shorts Jai, your crotch is hanging around your ankles.? The little boy rolled his green-brown eyes and sighed loudly, but did as he was told.

    ?Can I go now?? He whined.

    ?What?s the magic word??

    ?Mother Canya, I want to go! Please!?

    The woman smiled. ?On you go, Jai. And if your nose runs, don?t you dare try licking it again!? He grinned and ran off to join the other children, who were kicking a ball around in the sunshine.

    Canya lay back on the cloth she had spread on the grass. She loved her job, but it could really be tiring at times. She rolled onto her side to face her assistant Denn, who was sitting with one of the older girls beside her, making chains out of the little pink flowers which grew all around. ?It?s nice to get the chi
  2. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Hey, I like this! Good writing! What's going to happen next? Will it be sheer adventure, or do I sense a hint of romance that might just happen between Jai and Kesha?
  3. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    You'll just have to keep reading to find that out, won't you? Thanks for taking notice of me, not many people seem to be doing that!
    The next post'll be up later today, so, for now, up it goes......
  4. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    I'm just going to keep posting even though I only know of one reader.... *lol* Anyway, here's the next part, if there's anybody lurking, please post! I'm getting desperate!

    Kesha-kesha could feel a huge knot forming in her stomach. She always felt like this before a raid, even though her father had never given her any reason to worry. Most of his ?missions? went without mishap, and he took great care over each. He liked to keep fuss and bother to a minimum. But still, it was dangerous, and she didn?t know what she?d do if anything happened to him.

    Dressed, she came out of her bedroom and walked into the control room. Woggler was sitting in his customary place by the control panel to her left, and Belmore and Bunshin were sitting in the pilots? seats in front of her, bickering in their strange, clicking language. There was an air of excitement in the room, but Kesha wasn?t part of it. She didn?t understand how they could get so excited over something so frightening.

    She moved over to the two pilots, greeting Woggler on the way. She stood behind them, tousling their messy black shocks of hair fondly, and they turned to look up at her, grinning. ?Morning Missie Kessie,? the pair said of one accord, in the odd accent they shared.

    ?Morning, boys,? she smiled back. ?Can someone tell me what exactly is going on??

    ?Boss and Scuddle taking the Squib onto cruiser,? Belmore replied, his eyes glittering. The ?Squib? was the name given to the smaller transport ship that they used when they were moving from ship to ship. It was big enough for three people, four if one squeezed into the back. This time it seemed as if it was only going to be carrying two. ?Is it only my dad and Scuddle who are going?? Kessie asked, the knot in her stomach growing by the moment. Only two of them? Surely it would be a good idea to take Woggler as well.

    ?Mmmhmmm,? Bunshin said distractedly. He was maneuvering their own ship closer to the cruiser, in such a way that their ion cannons would be in full view. Kesha was silent for a moment, before asking where she could find her father and Scuddle before they left.

    ?Out back, putting on armour.? It was Belmore who spoke. Kesha raced out of the room, and along to the corridor to what they liked to call ?the armoury?. She found her father and Scuddle there, almost completely kitted up.

    ?I don?t want you to go!? she cried, unable to keep her feelings inside any longer. Gorban looked up at her sympathetically. ?Kessie, we go through this every time. We?re going to be fine.? There was a snapping noise as he clicked his utility belt into place around his waist. ?This whole mission shouldn?t take more than a couple of hours.?

    Kesha knew there was no stopping him. She had tried so many times before. She just hated sitting around, twiddling her thumbs while at the same time knowing that her father could be injured, or worse. She knew that even just a couple of hours could feel like a lifetime under such circumstances. Her father made for the door, and she called out in desperation, ?Let me come with you!?

    Gorban stopped and turned around so that he was standing face to face with his daughter. He sighed loudly and put a finger on her chin. ?Kesha, sweetie,? he said, stroking her cheek. ?You know we can?t do that.?

    ?But I hate it! I hate it when you go, and I don?t know if you?re going to be coming back or not!?

    ?And you think you could make a difference to that?? he smiled. Her blue eyes looked up into his pleadingly. He knew how she felt. It had been the same for him when he was young, but his father was in a different line of work completely. ?You?d just distract me, pet. You?d only be putting us in more danger.?

    She sniffled quietly and wiped away a tear before it had time to roll down her cheek, nodding sadly. Gorban took one last look at her pretty face, before returning to the control room for a last minute check.

    She caught another tear as it left her eye and wiped away any evidence of it on her sleeve. She couldn't bear to just let them go. If her
  5. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

    JediKnight-Obi-Wan Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 13, 2000
    Ohh this is a cool story. Can't wait for more
  6. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    What? No more until to-morrow? Grrr. I can't wait to see what happens when Gorban finds out his daughter is missing. I liked the idea that Jai and Kal-Tai don't get along very well on a personal level, and Jai sometimes feels lonely. It makes his character more endearing somehow. Good writing!
  7. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    Thanks for reading, you guys!

    If there are any other readers, post!
    Seriously. It keeps me sane. tongue.gif
  8. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    This post is a bit late.... my computer decided that it was going to be able to open every page on the internet except the Jedi Council. Grrrr mad.gif

    The pirate ship had moved away quickly after the raid. The poor senator had returned to the control room a gibbering wreck after his ordeal, unable to string two syllables together. Jai and his fellow senator had taken him into his cabin, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed now, sweating profusely and shaking like a leaf. As far as Jai could tell, the pirates hadn?t found anything worth taking except from a smaller transport ship, and had been kind enough to replace it with their own one. It looked like he would be back to cleaning his boots for the remainder of the journey.

    He stood in silence as the senator?s companion tried to comfort his friend by wrapping an arm around his shoulders. ?It was just so- so awful,? he was sniveling. The padawan felt rather useless as he looked on, trying to keep a concerned look on his face. He was glad when his master entered the room and asked him to come outside.

    ?I think it would be a good idea to search the ship, to ascertain the extent of any damage that might have been caused by the intrusion,? he said when they were alone in the corridor.

    The boy nodded. ?The senator says that nothing was taken apart from a small transport ship, master. Other than that I couldn?t get much out of him.?

    ?Very well then,? Kal-tai replied. ?I suggest we begin in the hangar~?

    ?Excuse me,? Another voice interrupted the conversation. ?I was just wondering if you knew where I could find my father??

    Immediately the two Jedi turned around to face the person. A girl, who must have been around Jai?s age, was standing at the far end of the corridor, with a puzzled look on her face. She seemed nervous. Her hair was pulled back into low bunches, which had been split into sections using brightly coloured bands. One of the bunches was almost completely red, but the rest of her hair was dark- it seemed black in some parts and plummy in others, almost purple. She wore clumpy black boots which reached to her knees, with silver buckles at the top, and a sleeveless top made from a sort of black animal hide, with fluffy white fur around the edges. Her shorts were the same. Her eyes were faded blue, and Jai thought her face seemed familiar somehow. She had her arms wrapped around herself, which wasn?t surprising, as Jai was cold even with his thick Jedi cloak on.

    //Close your mouth, Padawan.//

    Kal-tai?s thoughts interrupted his, and he was embarrassed to find that he had been gawping. Blushing, he turned his gaze to look at his gleaming brown boots while his master spoke to the girl.

    ?Your father??

    ?Yes, we came down here a while ago.?

    ?So you?re one of the pirates??
    ?I?m the captain?s daughter, yes.? The girl?s voice was shaking slightly. ?He doesn?t know I?m here.?

    ?It would seem that way.? Jai could hear the surprise as his master spoke. ?He?s gone. He took one of our vehicles, and left his own here.?

    The girl paled. ?Oh-oh,? she whispered, almost to herself. Kesha felt her stomach plummet into her boots. If only she?d stayed on the ship- she was in so much trouble now. She had put herself into unbelievable danger.

    As she looked at the pair standing in front of her, something clicked in her mind. ?Are you Jedi?? she asked cautiously. She sincerely hoped they were. At least that way she would be safe. The taller of the two, presumably the master, nodded and the girl breathed a sigh of relief. However, though she wasn?t in any immediate danger, the situation was still complicated. They would probably use her to try and arrest her father. And they certainly weren?t going to be sending her back to him. The initial relief she had felt was replaced by a cold fear as the consequences of what she had done sank in.

    ?Padawan, accompany this young woman back to the control room. I?m going to continue on to the hangar and inform the senators of her presence.? It was rare for Kal-tai to add
  9. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Poor Jai! His master prefers to call him Padawan instead of by his name, and now that he meets up with an old "friend", she only remembers the awful things he did as a child. And not only that, but now that the excitement is over, he'll be back to cleaning his boots for entertainment! Oh, dear!

    I couldn't tell that you couldn't concentrate. The post looked fine to me, and I'm looking forward to more!
  10. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    Thanks Jane Jinn! Here's the next part.. it's very short, but I'm going to be posting some more tonight. So here it is...


    Gorban and Scuddle walked into the control room of their ship, downcast. As they entered, Bunshin turned to look at them questioningly. ?So..?? he asked. ?How did it go??

    ?Hardly at all.? Gorban flopped down in what was usually Scuddle?s seat, massaging his temples with the tips of his fingers. ?We got a new transport ship, that?s it.? The crew member grunted, and began to turn the ship away. Gorban felt guilty for upsetting Kessie over a mission that turned out to be so pointless. He?d have to make it up to her somehow.

    He had been having feelings of guilt like this ever since he had taken Kesha from the Temple as a five year old. She had been scared and cried a lot then, although she said now she was glad of what had happened, that she would rather have her father with her than pursue a life as a Jedi. She seemed happy enough, but still? Living here, on a ship in space, there was so much she was going to miss out on, so much she already had. The only friends she had were the crew. She didn?t even know anyone her own age, they didn?t stop on any planet long enough for her to get to know people. And he had noticed, when they did have stopovers, she had difficulty socialising. She was extremely shy around people she didn?t know.

    He worried about her future, too. He might have chosen this line of work, but it wasn?t the life he wanted for his daughter. She deserved more than that. He had to admit to himself that Kesha would have made a wonderful Jedi; she was even more Force-sensitive than he was, smart, and she really cared about people. She accepted her lot cheerfully, without complaint, but whenever they left a planet he could sense a drop of sadness in her. Often Gorban found himself regretting taking her away from Coruscant, and for that reason he had been trying to teach her some of what he had been taught by his Master, years ago. It dredged up a lot of painful memories for him, but in a way he was glad. In the years since he had left the Order, he had found himself forgetting all that was good about it, and focussing on the bad things that had happened to him before his departure. Watching Kessie concentrating on the small exercises he encouraged her to do, reminded him of himself at that age, when he was just an excitable padawan. Before he knew what it felt like to kill another person, someone close to you, and when all he wanted in the universe was to be a Jedi Knight, to help others. The greying space pirate grinned at the thought of his past ambitions compared to what he found himself doing now, before awakening himself from his daydream.

    ?Woggler,? he said, turning to face the Wookiee. ?Do you know where Kessie is??

    The huge hairy thing shrugged. Something was wrong. Kessie always waited in the control room for them to come back from missions. Gorban leapt to his feet. ?Scuddle, take over for a minute, would you? I?m going to find Kesha.?
  11. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Well, that was a bit of a surprise, that Gorban was once a Padawan, and hadn't been a rogue from birth, so to speak. Good character background here! And in just a moment, he's going to discover that his pride and joy is missing...

    Uh oh!
  12. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

    JediKnight-Obi-Wan Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 13, 2000
    Ohh good post. I figured her dad had been a Jedi at some time or another. Awaiting more post
  13. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    Thanks, Jane Jinn and Jedi Knight ObiWan, nice to know someone's reading! lol The next post is quite short too...


    The girl who was sitting on the floor of the control room beside Jai was shivering. Her teeth chattered, but whether it was through fear or cold he couldn?t tell. She was definitely afraid, but was doing her best not to show it.

    ?Would you like my cloak?? he asked, politely. The girl nodded and he took it off, watching as she wrapped it tightly around herself and leaned back against the wall. He wondered if her father had noticed she was missing. He had to realise at some point.

    The boy looked up as his master came back into the room, wearing his usual staid expression. ?What the Senator said is correct, Padawan,? he said. ?The worst of the damage is the mess that has been caused by their rummaging around.? Jai groaned inwardly. He knew what was coming next. ?You can see to that later.?

    The boy frowned. ?Yes, Master.?

    They were interrupted by one of the pilots, who was fiddling around with some buttons above his head. ?I think we?re receiving a transmission, sir.? The screen fizzled into life and although the picture that formed there crackled and jumped, the face of the bearded pirate could be easily made out. He looked both angry and worried at the same time. Kal-tai turned to Jai. ?I think that you should take our visitor outside, and let me handle this,? he said seriously. Jai nodded and took Kesha by the arm.

    ?What do you think you?re doing?? she cried. ?That?s my father!?

    ?I know, but I think we really should let my master deal with this~?

    ?Let me go! I need to talk to him!?

    ?It?s okay, if you?d just come outside we?ll find you somewhere to stay??

    The girl jerked her arm away suddenly. ?No, it?s not okay! Do you realise what?s happening to me?!? Jai was about to reply, but as he reached out to take her arm again he found himself falling against the wall with the taste of blood in his mouth. Kesha had punched him. He could only watch as she raced across the room towards the screen, pushing past Kal-tai as she did so.

    ?Dad! I?m so sorry, I didn?t mean for this to happen!? She was starting to cry. ?I just didn?t want to have to sit and wait for you to come home! I know it was stupid~?

    ?Damned right it was stupid!? Her father yelled back. ?How am I meant to get you back now??

    ?I?m sorry dad??she sobbed. ?I didn?t mean for this to happen??

    ?Where?s that Jedi gone?! Get him over here!? The man obviously couldn?t see Kal-tai. He stepped forward into view of the screen. ?Your daughter is safe with us.?

    ?I want her back, Jedi!?

    //Padawan, what is the girl?s name?// Jai?s master?s thoughts entered his head, and he answered.

    //Kesha-kesha Agamme, Master. I trained with her at the Temple as an initiate.//

    //I thought as much, Padawan.//

    ?Like I said, your daughter is safe with us, Mr Agamme.? The man?s eyes flashed, and he looked at Kesha. ?You told them your name?? he hissed. She shook her head dumbly.

    The jedi master continued. ?We also know that she is the child who was snatched from the Temple as an initiate eleven years ago.? He smiled in satisfaction. ?Kidnapping is a criminal offence, Mr Agamme. Almost as bad as pirating, I would say.?

    The colour drained from Gorban?s face. Jai noticed that the boyish look had disappeared from his eyes, and instead he looked old and worn. There was a pause, and when he spoke again his voice was hoarse. ?What are you going to do with her??

    ?She will be accompanying us back to Coruscant. The Council will decide what is to be done with her.?

    The face on the screen swallowed. ?Kesha, pet,? he whispered.

    She looked up, her lip trembling. ?Yes, dad??

    ?I love you, Kessie. You know that.?

    ?Me too, dad.?

    ?I will come back for you Kesha. I promise. I?ll find you again.?

    Kesha breathed in deeply. ?Yes, dad.?


    I'm just after finding TheForce.Net in the Guiness Book of Records! I know that has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but I t
  14. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    This is going up... I need more readers!!
  15. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    Oh, boy, there's more! Now the Jedi are separating father and daughter, and Dad's going to be coming after them with a vengeance, no doubt! Hmmm, will the Council be wanting to find her mother and send her there? Or will they keep her at the Temple instead? Can't wait to find out!
  16. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    Here's the next part, which turned out longer than I expected! I suppose that's a good thing...


    Jai had no idea how to handle the situation. He found it hard to believe that after all his years of training, after all that he had learned, he still didn?t know what to do to help the girl who was lying in a heap on his bed, crying her eyes out. She had been doing the same for an hour now, although her outright cries had now quieted to sobs. Eventually he mustered up the courage to place a hand on her shoulder- he hadn?t quite recovered from the punch she had given him earlier.

    ?Are you okay?? he asked, rather uselessly. Instead of the sarcastic comment he had been expecting, the girl sat up and nodded, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand. He felt awful when he saw her blotchy face, as if he was somehow responsible. ?Are you sure?? he asked again, concerned. Kesha smiled, and as she spoke her voice wobbled. ?Yes, I?m okay.?

    The boy found that hard to believe. If he was in her situation, he knew he most certainly wouldn?t be feeling okay. Nevertheless, he felt he had to cheer her up somehow. He tried to start a conversation.

    ?So, what have you been up to since you left the Temple?? As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted them. Kesha gave a wail, and collapsed once more into a shaking bundle. Maybe that wasn?t the most tactful thing he could have said. However, Jai couldn?t think of anything to say that wouldn?t remind the girl of her father one way or another. He continued to speak, and gradually Kesha?s sobbing subsided and she joined in.

    ?You?ve changed a lot since last time I saw you.?

    Kessie smiled half-heartedly. ?The last time you saw me I was five. Of course I?ve changed a lot.?

    ?I don?t feel like I?ve changed all that much.?

    The girl grunted. ?Well, you don?t look like you have anyway. Maybe you?re a bit taller~? she inspected Jai where he sat beside her. ?~only a bit though. You always were quite small.?

    ?I?m not that small!? Jai was offended. ?I?m taller than you!?

    Kesha shrugged. ?I?m a girl though. You?re meant to be taller than me.? Jai looked at her in shocked silence. He hadn?t bothered about his height since he hit his teens and began to grow quite quickly. Now that he thought about it though, he was smaller than most of the human padawans he knew? Not wanting to linger on it, he tried to divert the conversation away from his size, or rather lack of it.

    ?How come if I haven?t changed, you didn?t recognise me??

    Again, the girl shrugged. ?I?ve not been thinking about you. For goodness? sake, you?ve got the same haircut you used to have and everything!?

    ?It?s a regulation haircut!? The boy shot back. ?Yours would be like this too, if you were a padawan.?

    ?They could just try and cut my hair like that. They?d have to hold me down to do it.? Absent-mindedly, she fingered a section of Jai?s spiky crop. ?I quite like it, though. But not on me.?

    ?You don?t look like you?re too fussy when it comes to hairdos.? It was his turn to be offensive.

    ?I change my mind a lot,? came the girl?s sharp reply. ?And I happen to like it this way. It?s unique, unlike yours. There must be hundreds of padawans, all with that regulation cut.? She thought for a moment, before adding to that comment. ?I doubt there are many with your colouring, though. I didn?t think you got humans whose natural hair colour was plum.? She smiled. ?I like it.?

    Jai grinned, before changing the subject. ?It?ll be nice to have some company on the trip back to Coruscant. I don?t get much company, now that I?m a padawan.?

    Kesha raised her eyebrows. ?Hmm. I got the impression that your master isn?t much of a conversationalist.? She ran the seam of his cloak between her fingers. He hadn?t asked for it back yet, but he wasn?t feeling the cold as much any more and felt that her need was greater than his. ?He?s? he?s not that bad.? He said, without conviction.

    ?I didn?t say he was bad. I said he didn?t seem like a talking sort of person.? Her blue eyes loo
  17. Calamity Jinn

    Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 23, 2000

    Keep going!!!! The audience is there, it just takes us a while trying to read as much as possible!

    I'll be looking out for this one now.....

  18. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    Yay! I have another reader! And a fellow Scotsperson too (to be politically correct!)Woo hoo! Thank you, Calamity Jinn!

    [This message has been edited by jedi jaffacake (edited 06-03-2000).]
  19. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

    JediKnight-Obi-Wan Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 13, 2000
    Awww poor Jai. I feel so sorry for him. Somebody needs to kick his Master up side the head.

    I suppose Kesha could do the job well
  20. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    Sorry I haven't posted til now, jedi jaffacake.

    Your story is marvelous and the fact that you post so often is wonderful.

    Please know that there are always more then you think reading and I will reply more often myself.
  21. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    No, Jai doesn't sound like the most tactful padawan in the galaxy, but it looks as though his heart's in the right place, anyway. I wonder how Kal-Tai will react to Kesha's meddling. Keep writing!
  22. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    This next bit turned out longer than I meant it to as well


    ?Master Gremmon, we understand that your current mission has taken an unexpected turn.? Mace Windu leaned back in his seat. ?Would you care to tell us about it??

    The aging Jedi Master stepped forward into the centre of the circle formed by the Council members who were seated around him. Jai stood back, as was appropriate for a padawan. Kal-tai had been anxious to resolve the matter once they returned to Coruscant, and as soon as the senators had been seen off safely he had requested a meeting with the Council. Jai always felt uncomfortable in front of them, as if he was being examined by the many pairs of eyes around the room. However, he loved the view from the tall windows and would focus on that, rather than on the grave-faced Masters who surrounded him. He did that now, half-listening as Kal-tai related the past few days? events to the assembled council members.

    When he was finished explaining the situation, Master Yoda was the first to speak. ?Remember this girl, I do. Expected to hear of her again, we did not.? He was thoughtful for a moment, before adding, ?Another Jedi we will dispatch to complete this mission. Return to Dantooine by a different route, they will.? Jai could sense that his master wasn?t too happy with the idea of abandoning their mission. He hoped he wouldn?t say anything- he didn?t think he could take a repeat of the trip to Coruscant. Luckily, before Kal-tai had the chance, Mace Windu began to speak again.

    ?I think a search should be launched to find the girl?s remaining family, to inform them of her safety. The girl will also have to be brought before us, in case she knows anything of their whereabouts which could be of use. If they so wish, she shall return to them. If not, we will have to find an alternative. Until then, however, I think that she should remain in your care, Master Gremmon.?

    Jai noticed his master?s face reddening. He certainly wasn?t happy with this idea. Out of view behind him, Jai grinned. On the way to Coruscant he and Kessie had become quite friendly, and he was cheered by the prospect of spending the next few days at least with her. He was looking forward to telling her the news- she had been convinced that she was going to be in a lot of trouble, despite his efforts to convince her otherwise. He had been dreading being separated from her again, to go back to his usual lonely lifestyle.

    His master?s knuckles were clenched tightly by his sides. ?I do not think that would be best, Masters. I have my own Padawan~?

    Master Yoda silenced him. ?Care for the girl, you will. Argue further, you will not.? For a split second, he seemed to look at Jai and smile. ?You may go.?

    Kal-tai gave a brief bow and backed out of the room quickly, his padawan forced to jog to keep up with him once they were in the corridor. ?Master?? he asked.


    ?Can I go and tell Kesha??

    His master stopped and turned to face him. ?That girl will be gone soon, Padawan. I do not want you getting too attached.?

    Jai persisted. ?But can I tell her? Please??

    ?If you must,? Kal-tai replied abruptly. With that, he turned on his heel and headed off down the corridor in the opposite direction. The boy wasn?t going to let his master?s negative attitude detract from the good news. He ran along to their chamber, where Kesha was waiting patiently for them to return.

    He burst in through the door, and saw Kessie standing at the window, looking out over the pinking Coruscant skyline. She was wearing his robes over her own clothes. He still hadn?t asked for them back, and she hadn?t offered to give him them. Jai didn?t mind.

    ?Kessie, we?re finished!? he cried triumphantly. She turned to look at him. She was slightly pale, but he supposed that was only to be expected when her fate was being decided just along the corridor. ?And? What did they say??

    ?You?re getting to stay with us!? He could hardly hold the words in long enough for them to form properly. ?They?re going to try and f
  23. Jane Jinn

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    Jan 12, 2000
    Hmmm, Yoda seems to be keeping an eye out for young Jai. Kal-tai is awfully negative for a Jedi. I like the way he looks in on them suspiciously, and then accusingly at Kesha, as though he suspects her of trying to lure his Padawan to the dark side or something equally sinister. I also like the way that Jai is able to imagine himself in Kesha's place. This characteristic makes him all the more endearing, somehow. But I hope that Kesha can give Kal-tai a piece of her mind soon! Maybe it will make a change for the better in the Master-Padawan relationship!
  24. jedi jaffacake

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    May 12, 2000
    Thanks Jane Jinn, and all my other readers!
    I wasn't all that pleased with the last post. I've got a lot on just now though, so hopefully the next one will be better. I know Kal-tai seems very negative for a Jedi, but we haven't seen anything from his POV yet. That last post was a bit harsh on him, I think, but maybe that was my bad mood being reflected! Exam stress is getting to my head
  25. jedi jaffacake

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    At last, the next section! Phew... only one exam to go! This part also turned out to be longer than I'd anticipated. Much longer. I was going to put this post in later on in the story, but since Jane Jinn mentioned that about Kal-tai being negative I thought it'd be a good idea to put it in now. When it comes in doesn't really affect the storyline all that much. This one explains a lot of stuff (I hope) but it's a bit weird and it doesn't explain everything. The rest of the plot comes in later in the story.
    Okay, I'll shut up now. Here's the story.


    Kal-tai sat on the wall which bordered the fountain, dangling his hand idly in the water, causing tiny ripples to form which lapped gently at the sides of the pool. This was one of his favourite parts of the Temple; beautiful and almost completely silent, apart from the rushing of the water which sprung from the fountain. Few people visited this one small room. It was a good place to meditate.

    Taking his hand out of the water, the Jedi master pulled himself up onto the wide wall and crossed his legs. He gazed into the pool, trying to focus on the rainbow colours which had formed around the fountain?s base. They were only faintly discernible, but they were noticeable enough to be a feature. He diverted his gaze to look at his reflection, and the face that looked back surprised him. Although it was wavering due to the movement of the water, Kal-tai could still see how much he had aged and it concerned him that so many years could pass by without his noticing. Here he was, training his third padawan, and it felt like only last week he was preparing to sit the trials himself. His experience of the trials had been slightly different from that of his own apprentices, however. Thankfully, he thought to himself. He wouldn?t wish that on anyone.

    As if trying to push the thought to the back of his mind, the man leaned forward and splashed his hand in the water, corrupting his reflection. When it settled again, instead of seeing his own face, he saw that of a padawan, twelve years old, his eyes wide and his short hair spiked and damp with sweat. He recognised the face. It was himself.

    As he stared at the image his own surroundings seemed to melt away and were replaced by a large, echoing hall, spread with mats. The young boy he had seen in the reflection entered through a door, followed closely by his master. Master Helben! He wanted to cry out, but instead he sat still in shocked silence.

    The boy took off his boots and unclipped his lightsaber from his belt. His master did the same, and barefooted, they stepped onto one of the mats. The boy radiated excitement, every muscle of his body tensed.

    Master Helben laughed. ?Calm down, Kal-tai,? he grinned kindly. ?Focus your energy.?

    The boy nodded, but continued his prancing. The second his master gave the signal, the boy ran forward, clashing his weapon against the older man?s with all his strength. He wrinkled his nose and bit his lip with concentration, although Kal-tai could see that the master was going extremely easy on his padawan. Nevertheless, the lad was quite skilful for his age. The aged Jedi remembered how proud he had been to keep up an attack against a man with as much experience as Master Helben; now, when he saw the truth, it made him smile.

    As the man looked on, the scene around him melted and a new one began to take shape. He was on one of the balconies near the top of the Temple. It was windy and cold, and the young boy he had seen earlier was there now also, along with three other boys he recognised, only too well. Their faces brought back painful memories, ones which he would rather forget. He didn?t want to watch, he wanted to turn away and return to the beautiful fountain, but stared on, transfixed.

    One of the boys, a small red-headed padawan whose face was covered with freckles, was standing to the side, next to Kal-tai who had grown a lot in the two years there was between the two scenes. The other two were play fighting quite roughly in the centre of the large balcon
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