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Lit A problem like Arkania

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Sinrebirth, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    Arkania has been a member world of the Republic since 17000 BBY.

    It was the site of a Sith library from 7000 to 5000 BBY.

    The Sith had lost the way back to the Republic.

    The Republic knew nothing of the Sith.

    Oh, and Arkania is in the Colonies.

    See the issue?

    The Wookieepedia states that the Arkanians adopted it, but I cannot find a source for that.

    So, we have a cartographic issue, none too dissimilar to how Darada and Krayiss II are 'near' to each other.. Despite one being in the Core and one in the very depths of Sth Space.

    The easiest idea is that the Arkanians adopted Arkania after 5000 BBY, which is possible, but the source issue prevails and it seems a little unlikely as many of the other sources say they are indigenous.

    I've been working on a Sith game set a century after the Hundred Years Darkness, and it's bugged me for a while now (much like Tulak Hord did previously). Similarly though, it bugs me how we have Sith strongholds in the Inner Rim which the Republic and Jedi do not notice. Equally, when the Sith flee the Jedi, it is odd that the Sith would flee into the Republic.

    Unless, of course, they weren't.

    The old TotJ sourcebook posits that the Republic, within the Slice, went not much further than the Inner Rim, and from there onwards Hutts and pirates plied the trade routes and raided outlier worlds such as Ambria. We also know that, prior to that, the Republic under Constispex was in the Mid Rim attacking the Hutts in several crusades.

    More inconsistencies, more issues.

    So, I'd like to posit that the Hundred Years Darkness was so bad, that the Republic seriously contracted, back to the Inner Rim in the Slice, and back to the Colonies in the northern quadrant, for the next three millennia, which helps us in that we have evidence of the focus of the Republic on the southern quadrant during these years; the Rimma Trade Route is founded in 5500 BBY and the Corellian Trade Spine within that time frame also. It also allows for Kashyyyk to lose membership and then to be purchased by Czerka, if the Republic abandoned the Mid Rim within the Slice. It also explains how a powerful pirate organisation - the Lorell Raiders - can exist within the Inner Rim.

    Or the Arkanians didn't live on Arkania.

    Which then doesn't help with Onderon, Ambria, Hapes and Kashyyyk.

    And when does the Republic expand again? Right after the Great Sith War, when the Krath have ravaged the galaxy regardless of membership, and when the Republic have struck hard at the Hutts and driven them back. Which also fits with the source material.

  2. blackmyron

    blackmyron Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 29, 2005
    Source for the Arkanians adopting the current Arkania as their homeworld after the Sith left was Essential Guide to Alien Species - which also stated the library was built in 7000 BY, which to me would indicate the "Sith" library was really the a library used by the Dark Jedi in the Hundred Years Darkness.
  3. Zorrixor

    Zorrixor Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 8, 2004
    I was just going to suggest that Arkania had simply ceased to be a Republic world for some reason or another.

    Which is basically what you're proposing, Sinre, with the Republic contracting, so that seems pretty easily fixed.

    Buuut, I also really like myron's idea that "Sith" really was a misnomer and just means the Exiles who later went on to become the Sith, so that explanation would appeal to me just as much.
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Dark Jedi theoretically would have had territory; they could have started building the library and finished it as Sith... though I do entertain the idea that the Dark Jedi had territory in the Rishi Maze and held out like the Imperials did in the Deep Core. The Atlas does make mention of how the Republic expanded into the Rishi Maze and over-stretched, after all...

    ... but then again the idea of a Tionese revolt coupled with an Alsakan Conflict kicking off the era also appeals to me. Would Corellia side with Coruscant against the Tionese? Would Alsakan? Would all four stare each other down, laying waste to everything between them, while the Hutts gobbled up territory? Derriphan-class ships look vaguely Alsakanian or Tionese in design to me...
  5. blackmyron

    blackmyron Force Ghost star 6

    Oct 29, 2005
    Actually, that's growing on me, too - a time period where Coruscant would be viewed as failing to govern the Republic would've been perfect for another of the Alsakan Conflicts...
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  6. Cronal

    Cronal Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 17, 2009
    A couple of theories from me:
    1) The Sith library being retconned into an Exiles library and that the world was a Republic planet but taken over by the Exiles and it was later settled by the Arkanians after the Dark Jedis defeat.
    2) Alternatively, Arkania was a planet in the Republic but not developed and rarely visited which was how the Sith took it over and built their library without being challenged. Maybe the Republic had problems or maybe Arkania was so ignored that they didn't notice the Sith presence (yeah I know, its a silly thought). And the Sith remained there until they were defeated whereupon all trace of them were wiped out... and the Arkanians settled the planet afterwards

    First theory might perhaps be the simplest course. The second tries to keep closer to the source material but is a bit... tricky. But either way, I think the best course is that the Arkanians settled afterwards which goes in line with the Essential Guide to Aliens.