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Before - Legends "A refusal to mourn the dead" (a one-shoot from 19 BBY involving Krennic, Tekka, Draven & Old Jho)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by AzureAngel2, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Story: “A refusal to mourn the dead”

    Author: AzureAngel2

    Co-Author and editor: @DarthUncle

    Second and main editor: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Summary: Nagina Samye has been found dead on Lothal’s soil. Now it is the sole responsibility of Commander Orson Krennic to arrange her funeral service on far away Naboo. He has to consider a lot, even though the Emperor gave him a carte blanche. Deep down in his withered heart he wants to do justice to the woman, who was like an older sister to him. Anger management is not his best skill though. Ruthlessness is.

    Time frame:
    The story takes place a day after the failed coup of Headmaster Gentis on Coruscant (19 BBY).

    Continuity: Before the Saga - Legends mix-up

    Length: One-shot

    Genre: Drama with a bit of humour

    Planet of choice: Lothal

    Disclaimer: SW is owned by George Lucas, Lucas Ltd. and now The Walt Disney Company

    Is it a kind of dream
    Floating out on the tide
    Following the river of death downstream?
    Oh, is it a dream?

    There's a fog along the horizon
    A strange glow in the sky
    And nobody seems to know where you go
    And what does it mean?
    Oh, is it a dream?

    Bright eyes
    Burning like fire.
    Bright eyes
    How can you close and fail?
    How can the light that burned so brightly
    Suddenly burn so pale?
    Bright eyes.

    Is it a kind of shadow
    Reaching into the night
    Wandering over the hills unseen
    Or is it a dream?

    There's a high wind in the trees
    A cold sound in the air
    And nobody ever knows when you go
    And where do you start
    Oh, into the dark.

    Bright eyes
    burning like fire.
    Bright eyes
    how can you close and fail?
    How can the light that burned so brightly
    Suddenly burn so pale?
    bright eyes.

    Bright eyes
    burning like fire.
    Bright eyes
    how can you close and fail?
    How can the light that burned so brightly
    Suddenly burn so pale?
    Bright eyes

    “Your tea, sir,” said a polite voice, filtered by an electronic device.”Will that be all, sir?”

    Absent-mindedly, Commander Orson Krennic mumbled his thanks to his twin mouthed host, the cantina owner Old Jho. “Yeah nah.”

    “Very good, sir,” replied the Ithorian and vanished out of view again, walking backwards. While he did he was eyeing his hunting blaster that was hidden right under the bar. Normally, he used it on troublesome customers. He had not decided about the commander yet.

    Orson Krennic wrapped his long fingers around the tea mug, taking time to observe it.

    High quality pressed metal, nothing overstated. It fitted smoothly into this establishment. Many of Old Jho’s furnishing were actually made from re-purposed mine goods. Others were relics from that dire war, that had afflicted the galaxy for three years.

    Brooding, the commander sat right at the bar on a high stool. His head was aching and dull, his heart even heavier. The aromatic beverage in front of him only added to his melancholy.

    Root tea, gained from the local spine trees, had been one of Ina’s favourite tea varieties. She had never been a coffee drinker. The smell and taste of the coffee bean had appalled her.

    Orson Krennic though was a caffeine addict. Normally, he depended on coffee to be productive. It helped him to focus his thoughts. But right now he preferred tea, especially after the autopsy he had witnessed, coffee was the last thing he needed. He drank it in silence, until the words basically bubbled up in him and exploded out of his mouth.

    “That is not fair!” His fist came down on the bar, startling Old Jho, who just had returned from the storage facility beneath the taproom. “You survived the blasted Clone Wars just to die in the middle of nowhere.”

    “Nagina is… dead?” inquired the Ithorian carefully, the iris of his telescope eyes wide in shock. “Is that why the kindergarten terrain is completely closed off? It is not vandalism?”

    “The bush telegraph around here seems to be working very slowly,” the commander huffed, his gaze fixed on the tea. “I would be very concerned, Jho. Less than a hundred people live around here.”

    The alien hung his head in sorrow. “How… how did Nagina die?”

    “Somebody cut her throat after paunching her Loth-cat.”

    Old Jho’s skin turned from brown to an unhealthy grey tone, but the commander was not finished yet.

    “The kindergarten building is a mess. All the furniture and toys are broken. Anti-government protests are written all over the walls.”

    “I… I...” stuttered the Ithorian, not sure what to reply to all those horrible revelations.

    With a bloodshot gaze the commander glared at the cantina owner. “Did you not see something odd at dawn?” He pushed away the mug so forcefully, that it fell on the floor. “Any strange visitors here in Jhothal of late?”

    The bar owner could not answer, was still frozen in shock.

    “Did nothing… frecking nothing untoward happen?”

    After a while Old Jho scratched his hairless head, that faintly resembled a hammer. “If you must know,” it sounded from his devices that translated Ithorese straight into understandable Basic, “There is a rumour.”

    “Enlighten me!” Orson Krennic spoke sardonically.

    “A frequent costumer of mine proclaims to have seen Saw Gerrera and his cut-throats in this area.”

    “When was that?”

    “A day ago. Around the time when the holonet showed the first clips of terrorist bombings on Coruscant.”

    The commander ran a finger over the counter. “I would like to talk to that customer if you don’t mind.”

    “I am not sure if...”

    “It is alright, Jho,” spoke a pleasant male voice, having a mild Outer Rim accent. “The commander has every right to speak to me.”

    Orson Krennic turned around to gaze at a bearded human in his mid-thirties. The stranger wore a wool coat along with a tunic. A bandage was wrapped around his head and his face looked as if he had been in a fist fight very recently.

    “Nagina has become one with the Force,” the blond man stated slowly, tears glittering in his blue eyes.

    “Who is asking?” the commander probed, rising from his seat.

    The stranger did not reply him, just looked sad and forlorn.

    Only now the commander noticed the scabby backpack that was hanging from the man’s shoulders. Something pinkish peaked out of it.

    Driven by instinct, Orson Krennic jerked up from his chair and reached for the soft fabric.

    Glittering Kyber crystals fell out of Nagina’s morning robe and rained down on the floor.

    “You,” the commander snarled. “It’s you. Her secret lover.”

    Just a heaved sigh answered Orson Krennic.

    “During the coroner’s inquest I was told that there is an unwritten law during a murder investigation. When the victim on the table is a female, then the deed is usually committed by the male with whom she had a naughty with.”

    “My wife was dear to me, Orson,” the other man said annoyingly friendly.

    “Wife?” the commander spat out. “Barin meant the universe to her. She never would have re-married.”

    An unwelcome hand supported Orson Krennic’s right shoulder all of a sudden, squeezing it lightly.

    “I never meant to replace the Corellian. But a heart can heal and fall in love again. Nagina’s did.”

    “Liar!” the commander roared like a rancor in attack modus.

    “If you do not want to take it from me, then ask Crix, Dravits and...”

    The fist did not hit its target, because it made an effective jump backwards.

    “Nagina would not want us to quarrel,” the man panted, holding up a hand.

    “Are you some kind of Jedi knight?” Orson Krennic asked, his voice acid.

    “No, simply an admirer of their lost religion. Besides, I have grown up in the street canyons of Jedha.”

    “I hate Jedha. Dull place full of religious freaks and bitter cold.”

    A thrown chair sailed by without hitting the man who claimed to be Nagina’s second husband.

    “It’s the place that I call home anyway,” the stranger insisted. “Warmth can be found among family and friends. Among those who you can trust most.”

    “Trust. Yeah, coming from you this is rich. Remind me, mate, were you not the one hiding all those forbidden Jedi junk in her cottage?” the commander asked.

    “I had Nagina’s permission.”

    “Are you aware, best husband of the year, that your doing almost got her into trouble with Lord Vader nine months ago?”

    “In the end the Sith did not mind. Why should you?” A weak smile, tainted by regret showed up on the man’s lips. “She was never yours, Orson. Nor was she Sheev’s, or even wholly mine. None of us have the right to claim Nagina but the Force.”

    “Gah!” Orson Krennic’s face became a mask of contempt. “You are in that sect, too. The one that my parents fell for ages ago on Lexrul.”

    “Then you are aware that we prefer to call it the Church of the Force and that everybody is welcome to it, even you. We are all children of the Force.”

    The commander grinned joylessly. “We all come from the Force and to it we shall return. Like a drop of water, flowing to the ocean.”

    “Nagina never mentioned that you are the son of fellow members.”

    “I was never… asked... if I really wanted to be a member of that illustrious club,” riled Orson Krennic and kicked a chair aside. “They just assumed that I would share their enthusiasm, their beliefs.”

    The man pulled the chair up again. “I am sad that you shun the Force, Orson, because it does not shun you.”

    Old Jho made a sound that was almost like a cough. “Would the two of you like to have more root tea before you continue to damage my cantina?”


    Lor San Tekka had a friendly and helpful persona. It was hard to dislike him. He gave his best to steer Orson Krennic through the tricky list of funeral guests. It consisted of bounty hunters, pedagogues, assassins, politicians, criminals and farmers.

    “You must be aware that you cannot attend the service,” the commander told the historian after a glass of Corellian whisky. “Right now the Emperor has no idea of your existence. You better keep it that way.”

    “Orson, there is no need for me to go to Naboo. Believe me! I can say good-bye to my wife here in Jhothal.”

    There was heartfelt regret in the commander’s face. “Her corpse is not on this planet any longer. Master Tahn already took it with him.”

    The news did not bother Lor San Tekka overly much. With a benign smile he said, “Her spirit will always be around me.”

    “Oh, yeah?”

    “She is finally free, Orson. Her entire life was overshadowed by House Palpatine, initially by her grandfather, but most especially by the Sith politics of her uncle.” The light of love shone in the historian’s eyes. “I will remember Nagina as the woman she used to be. It matters not how she died. How she lived is important.”

    The commander scowled at him. “Yeah, right. Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force.

    “If you would be able to embrace that truth that your parents, Nagina and I believe in, it would...”

    A laser beam did hit the wall behind the two men. “Don’t move!” a voice distorted by a modulator yelled.

    “Bob'ika!” Orson Krennic said jovially. “No drama! I am glad you can finally join the party.”

    Another shot almost tore off the commander’s left ear.

    “Nagina is dead,” Boba Fett hissed. “There is no reason for happy party business.”

    “Then listen to Mister San Tekka here. It is quite liberating what he has to say about the reality of death. The Church of the Force has mantras for all occasions.”

    The infamous bounty hunter placed his weapon on a nearby table and jerked his Mandalorian helmet off. “Religion means nothing to me. I want to know who did this to her and seek revenge.”

    “Be my guest!” smirked Orson Krennic. “But I warn you. The list of suspects is long. The blunt instrument used seems to be no other than Saw Gerrera. But our beloved government claims that he was on Coruscant and responsible for the bombings during Graduate Night. The cover up seems to be done by the most influential men of this galaxy. We have no proof whatsoever!”

    Lor San Tekka got up and slowly walked towards the bounty hunter, who still radiated anger. “Nagina never believed in revenge.”

    “I want this for myself, not for her,” the young man roared.

    “Boba,” the historian said slowly. “If you want to honour her, let go of the darkness that is eating at your soul.”

    “My soul, my darkness.” The bounty hunter had his weapon back within seconds and pointed it straight at Lor San Tekka’s chest. “Not your business, bookworm.”

    Old Jho, who had held himself discreetly in the background, stepped up to Boba Fett with a tray. There was a large metal container with a drinking straw.

    “Why would I want some bubble tea right now, Jho?” the young man moaned.

    “Because Nagina claimed it to be your favourite drink. And I do not wish for a third blaster hole in here.”

    For several heartbeats Boba Fett resembled a Kamionian thunder cloud, but then his features softened again. “She was always so attentive.”

    “You can have some sushi, too. Fresh import from Naboo, because there is an embargo placed on Kamino again.”

    The bounty hunter frowned. “Why would the Emperor seek to punish the cloners right now? Should he not be busy with fixing Coruscant after the bombings that killed so many of his best men?”

    “Drop that subject!” advised Orson Krennic. “He does not like anybody to look deeper into his intrigues. If he feels that Tipoca City needs to be plagued, then don’t be in the way.”

    Brooding, Boba Fett sat down in a booth. Taking their whiskey glasses, the commander and Lor San Tekka joined him.

    “To Nagina!” suggested her widower and raised his glass in salute.

    “Me’suum’ika, Mando’ad draar digu, ” muttered the bounty hunter. Little planet/ moon, a Mandalorian never forgets.


    Soon, the three men did the planning for the funeral service together. They complemented each other with their ideas, their insight into Nagina’s social connections weaving a complete tapestry.

    Suddenly, Orson Krennic stared at the entrance in alarm.

    A lone visitor had come in, looking like a pile of bantha poodoo. His ISB uniform was not as neat as protocol demanded. Dried vomit stuck to his collar. It was obvious that Dravits Draven had not slept for at least forty-eight hours. There were dark circles around his eyes. He moved like a zombie.

    “What happened, Krennic?” he croaked. “Why is my sister dead?”

    “Who told you?”

    “I bumped into Gregory, who was using her toilet. Her home toilet, mind you. And you know why? The good doctor had to clean his instruments that he used for the autopsy in her place. The kindergarten toilet was broken.”

    The commander’s face fell. “Dang, I wish somebody else would have told you. This man is a walking disaster.”

    “You are a disaster.” His pale face was suddenly scarlet. “Nagina was yours to protect. You failed her!”

    Orson Krennic rose to his feet, throwing his chair through the room. “High Command ordered me to come straight to Coruscant. Terrorist activity they said and that they would need every able high ranking officer on location.”

    “It was a trap, nothing but a trap,” echoed Dravits Draven darkly. “All points to Headmaster Gentis. He wanted to kill the Emperor and rule the galaxy for himself.”

    “When High Command calls, you go. No questions asked!” snarled the commander. “You are a soldier yourself. Insubordination only leads to capital punishment.”

    “You answer to Sheev only,” argued the ISB agent.

    “They didn’t know it, did they? Because her enemies made sure my true mission was classified. It was all carefully planned from the moment the old man was supposed to be dead. My hold up at command centre was long enough to give her murderer a chance. Drav, I got framed as much as Ina for freck’s sake!”

    The lean man began to shake as if having a seizure. It was Lor San Tekka, his brother-in-law, who hurried towards him and dragged him towards the booth. “Jho, we need a mug of lapsang souchong tea here,” he called through the bar. “No milk, no sugar!”

    “Coming!” the bartender answered back immediately.

    Dravits Draven was sobbing inconsolably. “They… killed… her!”

    “It appears so,” answered Boba Fett grimly.

    “She… must… be… avenged,” hiked the ISB agent.

    Boba was the only one pleased with that utterance.

    “Drav,” spoke his brother-in-law. “This is not what Nagina would have wanted Especially not from you. Leave it be!”

    “Leave it?” yelled Dravits Draven.

    “Yes,” repeated Lor San Tekka calmly. “It would be more helpful if you would be able to pick out some of her favourite songs with us. Later we need you to get in contact with the Anil family.”

    The blond giant gulped. Then he hit his face behind his hands and whimpered. “Mom will take a freak and dad, he...”

    “I cannot tell them, Drav.” Lor San Tekka announced. “Sheev will have every holonet call, every incoming message checked. Orson and I already agreed that he must not know about me.”

    “Coward,” complained Boba Fett.

    The historian remained friendly, but firm. “Nagina wanted me to save the memory of the Jedi order. They were not perfect, I know. Mace Windu beheaded your father personally. But there is so much knowledge that is worth saving. As a Mandalorian you must be aware of the past of your people, of what the Sith did.”

    The young man rolled his eyes. “I am a single child and have nothing to do with my father’s heritage.”

    “Keep telling that to yourself if it helps against the pain,” Lor San Tekka said non-nonchalantly. “But deep inside you, young Fett, you know Nagina is right.”

    “If Sheev truly is a Sith master mind, we have a snowball’s chance on Jakku against him.”

    “The Jedi order is no more and the Guardians of the Whills face danger to share their fate of extinction. But hope can not be destroyed that easily. It lives in the hearts of people.”

    Orson Krennic set his empty Whiskey glass down very loudly. “Can we go on with the planning and leave the Force philosophy for another day?”


    Not much later the script for Nagina’s funeral service was ready, planned by four human men who had all loved her very much. It was to be a celebration of love and life, not of death.

    Orson Krennic and Dravits Draven walked Lor San Tekka to the 'Slave One'. Boba Fett was to give the historian a lift to a secret location. All of them shook hands before the commander and the ISB officer walked through the nightly Jhothal.

    “What of the house?” asked Nagina’s foster-brother.

    “The Emperor wants it gone. Like the garden.”

    “A pity, if you asked me.”

    “No one did. Besides, as a former child soldier from Pendarr III you should know all about the policy of burned earth,” answered Orson Krennic. “If the Emperor is not happy, why should everybody else be?”

    Dravits Draven opened the gate, that led into Nagina’s garden. “And he won’t even come to the funeral service?”

    “That would mean that he would make public statement who she was to him. He cannot afford that.”

    The ISB officer knelt down to pluck a daisy. “At least most of the people that matter will get invited. Thanks, Orry.”

    “Do not thank me, Drav!” spoke the commander with a wry smile. “You are among those who made it possible for me to honour her.”

    Dravits Draven gave his old enemy a sharp glance. “You showed a lot of cooperation today. Plus social skills, I had not thought possible for you.”

    A soft breeze made the nearby balmgrass sea rustle.

    “You said so yourself, I am a fully functional sociopath.”

    Dravits Draven got up, shoving the daisy inside his uniform. “Tonight I see you as a human being.”

    “Don’t let it turn into a habit!”

    Together they walked towards the cottage and opened the door. There was still much sorting out to do.

    Lor San Tekka did not want anything from his wife, claiming that his memories of her would be enough to comfort him for the rest of his life. Somehow it too was a refusal to mourn the dead.

    Translation from the Chandrilan rural dialect into Basic:
    Yeah nah. = used when you are in a conversation and you kinda get what the other person is saying but don’t quite agree with what is being said, or don’t really give a damn.
    bush telegraph = rumour; the grapevine
    have a naughty = have sex with
    No drama! = same as same as 'no worries'

    The song “Bright eyes” by Mike Batt for Art Garfunkel (1979)
    The link:
    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Jedipedia, a free German Star Wars-Encyclopaedia
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Very much in character and wonderful attitude from Lor. Dravits and Orson and Boba Fett are broken up with the loss and show it in very characteristic ways.
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    Dang, wrong thread!

    I meant to send you a PM with my latest vignette ideas and posted the text in here by accident!

    The flue also has a bad effect on my brain, tsk.

    But thanks for stopping by and commenting, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha. It consoles me that at least one person discovered this thread and left a comment. @DarthUncle usually gets involuntary reading sessions by me and is not quick enough to flee from our flat.
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  4. DarthUncle

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    Didn't I already post a great comment about the comedic and literary value of this work? Maybe only orally after you read it to me.

    I am sure nagina would be happy with these men in her life coming together to mourn her loss in an atmosphere of congeniality.
  5. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    @DarthUncle: You are always the first who gets confronted with a text of mine. Either @Kahara or @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha are the next in lines. No worries!

    Thanks for some wonderful days with you in the mountains by the way and for your bravery learning cross-country skiing. You are doing well, husband!

    Orson and the boys are not so fine after Nagina´s death!
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    Love it, Wanna see more Krennic around and you've gave it to me.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Actually, @Mandalorian Riddler, I wrote a lot about Orson Krennic. Please check the following threads for him:

    Celtic challenge I (Krennic)

    Diary challenge 2018 (Krennic)

    Shanty challenge 2017 (Krennic)

    From Chapter 14 on he is part of this story:

    Main story of Palpatine´s niece (OC)

    And he pops up in those threads, too. In person or by name dropping:

    Vignettes on Palpatine´s niece (OC)

    Mini-vignettes on Nagina´s death (OC)

    My drabbles 2017

    Disney challenge 2017

    Thanks for reading and commenting!
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    Thank you very much, Passion for this dude is good to see :D
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    I simply love Ben Mendelsohn and hope that my Dutch husband will not chase me around the ski club house for this statement now. The snow is about 20 centimetre deep and it is about minus 12 degree Celsius outside. Plus we might upset the fox, the rascals, the deer and the senior forestry official next door.

    *looks over her shoulder

    Nope, @DarthUncle is busy with his mobile phone, watching some Transformer clip online. But I need to go soon. The data volume that my older brother gave me, my mom, my husband and himself is almost used up!

    See you all on Saturday evening again, if the Berlin air does not kill me when I am back after almost 2 weeks in the mountains!

    Expect another update then! @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha was quick to beta-edit before I went off on holidays.
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    I really liked that he was quite different to the usual admirals,moffs and the like. His admiration of the destructive power of 'his' baby above Jedda was a very interesting view into his character. @AzureAngel2 has captured him quite satisfactory!
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    @DarthUncle: I bet that I will not get chased through the snow for being a Krennic fan after all. @};-
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    No, sorry. Definitely not at minus 12 Celcius and cooling.[face_skull]
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    Jun 14, 2005