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Saga A Resolution Between Shadows and Light--RotS AU, Updated 6/28!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SakuraTsukikage, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. SakuraTsukikage

    SakuraTsukikage Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 24, 2005
    Um, well, I am planning to update this again, soon, actually. I've been working on the next update over the last couple of days, believe it or not. Imagine my shock when I found it on the first page of the boards again! And I am so incredibly thrilled to see new interest! Thanks so much. [face_blush]
  2. TorontoJediMaster

    TorontoJediMaster Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 14, 2001

    I'll have to reread this from the start again.
  3. Qui-Dawn

    Qui-Dawn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 8, 2000
    Woo-hoo-*hoo*, most excellent, for sure and certain!! I *so* eagerly await, but then, I strongly suspect you may have known that already. ;) *tackles our most talented authoress in adoring and gleeful warm huggles* Oh, *oh*, and here I was just today thinking some more about this fabuloso ficage - I'd had it rather on the ol' brain, then, I guess you could say, and certainly I do make a consistent habit of it to always browse back through it, get a fine fix of it every so often at the very read back, to delve deep into it, immerse myself in it seems only fair and *certainly* so-well merited, after all. :D But, ye-es, in any case, most *definitely* am I loving it all the more now, to hear talk of....whee, an update! the sweetest and most sublime music to my eager ears that is, to be sure, and you absolutely *know* also as you've definitely got a seriously frenzied and keenly anticipatory audience here, and we're rather on tenterhooks at that. ;) Wheeeeee!

    Dawn. (appropriately bouncing around like Tigger in sprightly fashion)
  4. SakuraTsukikage

    SakuraTsukikage Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 24, 2005
    Hey, wow. Thanks for the interest, everyone! I'm kind of . . . awed that people still remember this story, let alone care. I apologize profusely for the long hiatus. Anyway, here's the first section of the next bit, because this whole part of the story is taking me a long time and I want to get what I have up. And I promise the mystery of what's going on with Padme will be resolved fairly soon.

    Twenty-Three, Interlude

    Anakin took a deep breath and held the ship steady, struggling to bury the impulse to glance uselessly out the viewport for the escape pod Obi-Wan was using to reach the Victory Star Destroyer. It was on the other side of the ship and looking would do nothing but distract him when he needed to stay focused, but that didn?t change how much he needed to be certain they?d managed to make the connection, to know they had succeeded in that much at least. He blew his breath out slowly. Come on, Skywalker, he told himself firmly. Obi-Wan can take care of himself. You know that. Get a grip on yourself and do what he?s counting on you to do. You can?t let Palpatine?Sidious?get his hands on you again. Because?because I?I?m not ready, I don?t know what I?ll do, I?ll fall again, I know I will, I?ll let everyone down, and everything, all of this, will be for nothing? He pushed the panicking thoughts from his mind with an effort and concentrated on holding the ship steady for just one moment more, steadfastly ignoring the green splashes of light as lasers impacted the ship?s shields. They were still above half strength. They?d hold.

    The thought snuck in unbidden anyway
    ?At least Padmé will be safe, no matter what happens.

    Anakin gritted his teeth, fired at the lower half of the VSD, once, twice, three times, and then swung the ship away in a wide arc that would take him around over the VSD?s central control tower. He couldn?t think about Padmé now. He needed to focus on what he was doing. This was going to be tricky enough already, and he still wasn?t entirely accustomed to the controls of Onasi?s ship. He fired twice more at the tower and peeled off again before their turbolasers could get a good lock on him.

    Obi-Wan would be all right. He had to be. They?d been through a thousand situations that had been worse than this. Hadn?t they? Obi-Wan was the Negotiator, hero of a thousand battles and a thousand more missions. It was absolutely impossible for him to die here. He was being stupid, worrying about nothing.

    But?he could feel . . . feel him. There on the edges of his consciousness, just waiting, like a gigantic shell spider who knew his prey would fall into his web sooner or later, his darkness simmering around the edges of Anakin?s mind.

    No. He wasn?t going to think about that. He didn?t have to think about him, what he wanted or demanded from him, anymore. Anakin rolled the ship on its side to escape a barrage of laser fire, then rolled it over and under again to come out on the far side of the smaller cruiser on the VSD?s wing.

    Space them, anyway. Space Sidious, and his clone army, and their manipulations and the lies and the truths and all of it. Palpatine had set a trap for him and baited it with the one lure he would never, could never, resist, and he had walked into it like a stupid nerf and done exactly what the Sith had wanted him to do.

    Anakin fired two missiles into the communications blister on the side of the smaller cruiser, where the shields would be weaker since right now they were still angled toward the battle and away from him. He followed them with a quick but intense burst of laser fire and felt a rush of satisfaction as the shields flickered in the wake of the missiles and the lasers raked across the blister, leaving explosions and melted slag in their wake. That at least would cut down on coordination between the two ships and decrease the likelihood that reinforcements would arrive before Obi-Wan finished and they could escape. He was readying the ship for another volley when a crackle fro
  5. VA_Parky

    VA_Parky Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 10, 2005
    SAKURA!! Yay! [face_dancing]

    Needless to say, I'm beyond thrilled to see an update to this wonderful tale. And it was like you'd never been away - I melted right back into the story, assumed my standard position (edge of my seat) and within seconds, my knuckles were as white as ever.

    Brilliant post! =D= I absolutely LOVE the way you write action. It's so easy to follow that I can paint a picture in my mind, as easily as if I were watching it unfold on the big screen. So cool! You always manage to completely sweep your readers away and this post was no exception.

    Padme's message was a nice touch too. It ratcheted up the tension even more and definitely piqued my curiosity. I hope everything is okay with her - so much hinges on her safety and well being. Her presence seemed to calm Anakin though - let's hope it's enough to keep him focused.

    Can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the PM! Please, please don't take me off the list. [face_praying] :D
  6. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Sakura, my friend, you're back! Its so great to see you around again[:D]

    I'm SO happy to see this updated!
    You're Anakin characterization is SO perfect. I'm absolutely still loving this =D=

    I hope we'll get to see another update in the near future[face_praying]
  7. ZebulaNebula

    ZebulaNebula Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2005
    Glad this is back up and running. Good to see Anakin back in a cockpit, kicking butt again. I wonder if he could hit the Vicstar's shield generators ... sorry, I've been on an Empire at War bender. Polis Massa ... strange that fate is leading them there.
  8. FitJedi

    FitJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 14, 2006
    First off can I say how absolutely excited I am about this fantastic fic being back up!!! And to come back with an update such as this... Amazing! Great Job! I love the interlude that Padme's message gave Anakin. I'm ready for the next section, I'm glad to see this story back up.
  9. Darth_Kripp

    Darth_Kripp Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 12, 2005
    All right, that's some challenge!
  10. BrightFeather

    BrightFeather Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 13, 2005
    Sooo glad to see this back. Update again soon!

  11. bi0nic

    bi0nic Jedi Master star 3

    Feb 15, 2006
    Hey! It's great to see an update to this story, Master!

    The ship shuddered, and Anakin was thrown to the side. His hand swept through the holo as he flailed for a handhold and he slammed up against the side of the console.

    I liked the idea of Anakin's hand swishing through the holographic Padme, it was a nice little representation of how physically removed they are from each other, and even how when one tries to touch the other, all he does is destroy the image.

    Or something. Possibly I'm reading too much into it. :p

    In any case, great job, and update soon! =D=
  12. Jedi_Padawan_Buanne

    Jedi_Padawan_Buanne Jedi Youngling

    Jun 15, 2007
    I can't believe that this is actually updated!!! [face_dancing] I really didn't expect it to be updated for a LONG time! So glad you've decided to continue this story! [:D]

    Well, another great update! I liked how you showed Anakin's thoughts so vividly. I could picture him perfectly. Can't wait to read more!

    Also, another update without such a long hiatus would be really appreciated! :) PM me when you update, please!
  13. jedi_princess18

    jedi_princess18 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 7, 2005
    [face_dancing] I was so glad to see this updated! [face_dancing]

    Padme's message was just the boost Anakin needed. Let's hope it's enough to get him through the battle....
  14. atomic_89

    atomic_89 Jedi Youngling

    Dec 6, 2006
    I'm so pleased to see an update - I was beginning to think you had abandend the story! [face_dancing] [face_dancing]

    But?he could feel . . . feel him. There on the edges of his consciousness, just waiting, like a gigantic shell spider who knew his prey would fall into his web sooner or later, his darkness simmering around the edges of Anakin?s mind.

    Love that description of Sidious =D=

    It was nearly impossible to discern anything about how she was doing from the small, grainy holo, but it looked like she was wearing one of her flowing robes and had her hair up in an elaborate style that Anakin?s eyes couldn?t even attempt to follow in miniature as it was, so he figured she had to be feeling better, at least.

    [face_laugh] I wonder who did the hairstyle? I don't think Padme could of done it by herself and I don't see Shian or Khaleen knwing how to do those complicated 'dos.

    She brought her closed fist to her lips and kissed her knuckles, then stretched the hand out in his direction. Blowing him a kiss, Anakin thought, and pressed his gloved fingers to his lips to kiss it back. ?Be safe, my love,? she said again, and the image went still.

    So sweet! [:D]
  15. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    Welcome back!

    I loved the image of Anakin hearing from Padme over a holo. Him finding motivation to carry on after talking to her was great... but Polis Massa is most certainly not the most comforting of places to be visiting.

    Much =D=, Sakura--I'm so excited to see you back in these parts!
  16. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007
    Ok, i am SO late coming to this. Will catch up as time allows. For now, let me say I jumped back to check out "Fire". OMG that was so powerful. As is this, your Resolution.

    I could feel the miniscule shifting in my opponent's stance that meant he was going to leap backwards, and I swung my weapon in a clean low arc that should have cut him in two, and [hl=white]something hidden deep within my soul screamed in protest--[/hl]


    I was furious. How dare he jump away from me like that? How dare he put such distance between us? He was playing with me, like he always did, like he always had. He wouldn't face me straight on, wouldn't answer me with his lightsaber--instead he would taunt and torment and kriffing play with me...

    You capture his still barely out of adolescence spirit so well! Doesn't realize that Obi-Wan is trying to spare him....

    My leg shimmered with agony.


    Little sparks of flame burned into my back as I lay there, writhing, twisting in panic, digging my fingers in deeper, as I slipped down further and faster with nothing to stop the fall.


    Surges of pain, rage, hate, loss so great I thought it would eviscerate me swirled in the Force.

    Wow again.

    The flame ate into me. My mechanical arm was melting, liquid fire against my vulnerable flesh. I was sobbing for air and gulping down fire.

    I am in awe of your imagination, and your ability to put it into words!

    Blackness settled over me. I saw myself, a charred husk, lying smoking and burnt on this bank of fire, a tortured moan wheezing from my lips, a sound no human should ever have produced. A figure of shadow knelt over me, touching fingers to my forehead, wrapping me in darkness so deep I could never escape. Movement and agony, and I was strapped into something, restrained, a prisoner in my own body, for I could not breathe, could not feel, only the fire and the pain and I was lost there forever in pain that would not end. Something was tearing at me, ripping at my flesh, strapping me down, driving metal into me, binding me to a cage of durasteel forever, and I could not beg for death, only scream my torment and my agony to ears that either did not hear or did not care. And then the black tomb descended upon me, and I was trapped, forever unable to breathe or to touch or to feel...

    This is EXACTLY how the final scene of RotS felt to me as I watched. OMKG!

    Something touched me--pain, spiking through my shoulders, my back, pressure against raw wounds. I moaned, twisting helplessly, weakly, trying to fight. Why couldn't I be left to fade in peace? Why couldn't I even die without a battle for it?

    This is so poignant, and so in keeping with Anakin's character and fate. Wow, yet again.

    Well, sorry to put this comment on an earlier story here, but that thread is locked. Hope I haven't broken a rule somehow.

    As for Resolution, I'm coming back with comments, I promise, but have quite a bit of reading to catch up on. Will probably do it in installments.

    Until then.
  17. Valairy Scot

    Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 16, 2005
    Oh, wow, oh, wow - she's back with a great chapter (but all of Anakin's worry over Obi-Wan has ME worrying, too).

    Update often, please....please... this is one of my fav stories.
  18. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007
    I am just loving this. Here are some random thoughts on what I've read so far...


    This opening salvo is powerful, riveting: every single paragraph I was saying "oh my God!"

    Here are a few that affected me the most:

    But as he fell on Mustafar I felt him fling all his remaining strength recklessly--always so reckless--

    Yes, that's Anakin.


    I should have known he would find a way to do the impossible even as he sank into fire.

    So is that.

    The lava popped and exploded beneath us, as if reaching out to him, trying to suck him back down into its depths, to claim him as its own and make Sidious's victory over the good man who had been Anakin Skywalker complete.

    So awesome to read put into words the horror that I felt when watching that last scene.

    Your portrayal of Obi-Wan's anguish at Anakin's fall, and determination not to abandon him to that fate, is stunning. The little moments that echo the old bond are so poignant.

    Stars, he was a mess, on fire with heat, burning in my arms--and it was I who had done this to him.

    ... ...

    I was completely unprepared for his quiet whimper, his turning of his head into the hollow of my shoulder, his good hand, his real hand, clenching in the rough cloth of my tunic.

    ... ...

    I was even more unprepared for his soft moan of "Master," as he turned his face into my shoulder, or for the sound of his voice, hoarse, raw, deepened by the searing of his throat and lungs by the lava-heated air. It cracked and broke as he struggled to speak. "Help me, Master--please--"

    These moments, in the context of that hell. are unbelievably heart-piercing. The way you have written them is also profoundly telling of both Anakin's and Obi-Wan's character.


    Obi and Bail on the vid-phone? Hope it's a secure line!!!!

    I love the way that you captured the interaction between Obi-Wan and Padme -- using gestures and dialogue from the movie, but weaving it into your own story.

    Still, I couldn't keep myself from laying one hand against her swollen belly, reaching out to the Force to touch the presence of the new lives within her. Padme's children ... Anakin's children ... There was hope and light in the tiny lives growing beneath my hands, and that was something I sorely needed at the moment.

    This is very touching.

    Obi-Wan ministering to Anakin's wounds was equally powerful

    He flinched, murmuring something in Huttese into the pillow.

    A tiny detail, but beautifully used!

    "Padme," he said in a tone hoarse with pain and desperation. His voice faded and broke, and it was almost physically painful to watch his cracked lips form the words. "Where ... where's Padme? Is she ... all right ...?"

    Oh, God I am so glad he's asking this of Obi-Wan, and not that damn Palpatine!

    Each of them asked about the other first, even now. Something in me ached.

    So true!

    Then Anakin goes postal. Not stable yet, it would seem. Obi-Wan has his work cut out for him.


    Sidious is drawn by the "might have been" / "almost was" / the imprint of Anakin's vision that you so masterfully recounted in "Fire". But the universe has diverged.

    Sidious thinks of Vader as a "boy". And Kenobi as a tenacious pest, and fool. And he doesn't understand love.

    Sidious's mouth twisted in disgust as Kenobi levitated Skywalker's limp body into his arms, cradling the unresponsive form against him as gently as if the boy was actually his brother instead of just a former apprentice he had nearly killed a moment ago.

    You show his character very well.


    Obviously they hadn't gotten the news from Coruscant yet that Jedi were traitors and to be disposed of immediately. I wondered what I would do if--when--they did, as that slow, dull pain from my heart spread all through me again at the thought, and then dismissed those thoughts as useless. Keep your attention here and now where it belongs ...

    as that slow, dull pain from
  19. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007
    Hi, I didn't give up reading this. Here's some more responses.


    Turning your back on me, my young apprentice? Sidious taunted. So easy, isn't it? Easy to turn your back, easy to turn on the Jedi, to ignore the screams of the children as you slaughter them one by one... easy to turn on Kenobi, easy to choke the breath out of the woman you "can't live without" as soon as she betrays you. Is there anything you won't abandon?

    Wooo, god that's sinister and powerful!


    The ENTIRE soul battle with Palpatine, is AWESOME!!!! My mouth is hanging open. I read it, and then read it again. And again. Jee-zus!!!

    Bright light broke over them, pulling Anakin away, cradling him in acceptance and gentleness, and Sidious shied away, the uncertain contact shattering into a thousand pieces. He threw out a probe again, searching for Anakin's presence, but he was met by fierce resistance, protective light. Leave the boy alone, came the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn. Stay in the shadows where you belong, Sith! He is not your plaything, for you to twist his mind as you will.

    It was impossible, but Sidious could no longer reach his apprentice through the Force.

    YES!!! Qui-Gon! My hero, sigh!


    the loss of the Jedi like an aching hole inside me

    What a heartfelt phrase.

    the shock of my blade severing flesh

    This one, too. Completely visceral

    I LOVE the way you interwove the dream sequence from Obi-Wan's and Anakin's memories. Rings so true for how dreams are. And given the bond, entirely right.

    Kissing Padme? What the Force? I had never felt like that about her. Had I?

    That was great. Just the right frisson! (And of course, little flashes like this are the will of the Force, helping to open his psyche enough to be receptive to a certain lovely Healer on board....)

    Yup! segue into...

    Wake-up call from Risto ... great description of flustered Obi-Wan [face_whistling] !!

    But no, how would Onasi have known that Padmr would have provoked such a reaction in Anakin?

    How, indeed. Let's put our thinking caps on, shall we?

    It didn't make sense. And it was an unworthy thought anyway. Simply because I didn't like the man didn't mean he was responsible for everything that went wrong around us. His point of view was as valid as mine, much as I hated to admit it.

    Oh honestly, Obi-Wan you are too noble for you own (or anyone's) good!

    Had it been a mistake, to cover for him like that, to let him continue on a path I knew was self-destructive, knew was against the Jedi Code? But I hadn't been able to turn them in, because it made them so happy, and after every mission Anakin looked a little older and a little less alive, and every time I saw Senator Amidala she looked a little more worn and a little more tired, but when they were together they were the radiant queen and the exuberant youth I had first known all over again and their happiness, their love, lit up the world around them. I supposed I would never know now if I had been right or wrong.


    the radiant queen and the exuberant youth

    Love this image.

    I had had no idea that Shian had been working so hard. "I'm sorry," I said. "It's on our account that-�"

    She shook her head. "It has nothing to do with you, General. Well, not a whole lot, anyway."

    She gave a wry smile. "He just doesn't like me."

    "Why not?" I asked. "You seem . . . well, you don't seem particularly unlikable."

    She grinned. "You'd still say that even after I bullied you into letting me examine you?"

    I hesitated, feeling a smile start to play at the edges of my lips. It was almost a foreign sensation after the last few days. "Well," I hedged. "On second thought . . . ."

    She laughed, then sobered. "To be honest, it's because one, I'm younger, two, I'm female, and three, I was educated at the University of Aldera."

    "What does that have to do with anything?"Ã?Â? I asked blankly. One part of my mind added, So she is
  20. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007
    guess this amounts to a friendly 'up' ...

    Chapters 13-17

    Chapter 15

    When Obi-Wan cried in Padme's arms: beautiful, heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. Wow, can you ever write!

    Chapter 16

    I nodded and stepped back from the bed. "I'll take care of him for you," I told her, and she smiled.

    "I know you will," she replied. "That's how I got through the wars. Now go."

    Great line!!

    I stared down at him, my breath coming in rapid, uneven gasps, and felt sick. So this was what it had come to ... the Emperor had brought us all this low. Stress and worry and fear and pain and loss had turned both of us into uncivilized louts brawling on the floor of a medical room.

    And Force help me, I still wanted to kill him.

    Yeah, Obi!!

    Then I loved it how Risto broke up the bickering boys!!! LOL!

    Then comes the mush. OMKG.

    Seventeen, Part One

    I love obi-/ani angst and this chapter was a masterwork!! Holy [face_cow]

    "Anakin," I murmured, threading my fingers through his hair, damp where my own tears had soaked into it and clinging to my fingers, "Anakin, look at me."

    He shook his head desperately and buried his face deeper in the folds of my tunics. The childish gesture twisted my heart up in knots.

    The gestures! The details! Jee-zus!!

    His obedience was another miracle in the long string I'd experienced that day, but he sniffed and blinked and raised his head so that swollen, red-rimmed blue eyes met mine. "I'm sorry, Obi-Wan," he mumbled. "I ... I hurt you ..." His eyes filled again but he blinked the tears back. "I wanted to hurt you." And the horror in his voice was absolute.

    I repeat.

    "But I ... I never want to hurt you... ever again," he whispered into my shoulder, ".. and I-I will, I know I will ... I'll hurt you... and I'll hurt Padme and ... please, Obi-Wan, don't let me hurt her, don't let me ever hurt her..."

    "Anakin," I said through the lump tightening my throat, "stop this. This isn't helping you."

    But whether he was too lost in despair to hear me or just wasn't listening, he kept talking, almost babbling now, hysteria plain in his voice. "And he'll find me ... I know he will; he'll never let me leave him ... and I'll fall... I can never escape, Master, never--"

    Very likely reaction of one who has experienced slavery or any kind of abuse. Learned helplessness. Very well drawn character.

    The door swished open and Shian stepped inside, and relief sweep through me in a rush that left me weak and shaking. "Shian,"I gasped out. "Help me."

    Whoa, I LOVED that! Come to think of it, bet Shian did, too!

    OK Shian is, like, totally awesome!

    Her next words confirmed my guess. "Master Yoda would appreciate your help in dealing with one Commander Aerdin Onasi." She gave me a weary grin. "And you know that when a Jedi Master says they'd appreciate something it means 'get your behind down here, youngling.' "


    I couldn't help a smile in return, even if it was half-hearted. "Very well," I said. "Take care of Anakin for me, please."

    "Always, Obi-Wan," she said. "For you."

    I could feel my cheeks flush deep red, and I escaped from the room as fast as I could to prevent any further embarrassment.

    My heart had lurched oddly at those words.

    I pressed my hand against my too-hot face and hoped I wasn't coming down with something.

    Yeah, Obi, ur comin' down wid IT real bad!!!

    Seventeen, Part Two

    I keyed open the door, feeling unaccountably satisfied. Yoda's irritation made the room seem to buzz slightly with energy. Onasi stood in the middle of the room, his arms crossed belligerently across his chest and a sullen look on his face. Or was that his normal expression? I had ceased to care.

    I had ceased to care.

    Wow, quintessential Obi-Wan voice!! Awesome capture!

    The whole dialogue in the room with Yoda was great. This--

    Onasi was staring at us with a look
  21. sdhfs

    sdhfs Jedi Master star 4

    May 22, 2004
    great story, i was actually reading this along time ago until i lsot the link for it, please keep me updated with pm's
  22. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007

    Trust that the light isn't done with you yet.



    "Are you all right?" Anakin murmured, his voice soft and slurred but still hoarse with desperation. Thanks to Padme's revelation about his visions I knew now from whence that tormented urgency stemmed, and I winced. How I wished he had trusted me enough and come to me for aid rather than letting his nightmares drive him right into Palpatine's grasp.

    Ah, the tragedy of that!

    ... the tension ebbed out of him, and he smiled tentatively, as if he hardly dared believe that I wasn't repulsed by finding him in an embrace with his wife.

    What a sad comment on how distanced the Jedi Order had become, if he believed I would have been.


    The hesitant luminosity of his growing smile, however uncertain, made my heart wrench as warmth spread up from somewhere deep in my chest, easing through me slowly as if reviving me after too much time spent in the cold. His smile was still careful and slow, tinged and shadowed by embarrassment, terrible shame, overwhelming guilt, but I had never thought Anakin would look at me with a smile in his eyes ever again, after the Temple. The shadow was still there, but softened by the light.

    "O-Obi-Wan?" he said, then flushed and dropped his eyes. "I- I'm sorry. I-" I could tell the words 'broke down and cried all over you' were running through his head.

    I shook my head. "There is nothing more to apologize for, Anakin," I said carefully, uncertain with my words but wanting him to know that the last thing I did was reproach him for his earlier tears. "I am proud . . . so very proud . . . that you have- come back to us."


    Ah, but the mush was glorious! Love blushing Obi-Wan!!

    I flushed yet again at the juxtaposition of Healer Risto and kissing in the same thought and was suddenly very glad Anakin wasn't paying much attention.

    *music* Anticipation, an-ti-ci-pa-yay-shun is makin' me wait!! :p

    "Am I too heavy, M-Master?" he asked. His voice was still slurred and blurry, but a little stronger than it had been.

    "Not at all."

    "Good," he mumbled again. "Don' wanna be t'heavy."

    * more music * He ain't heavy, he's my brother! LOL!!

    He shook his head slightly. "No. Shouldn' have doubted you." He lifted his head a little, and his face was anxious now. "It's really 'kay, Obi-Wan?" he asked then. "Know I broke th' Code. Married. But I- I love her."Â?

    "But I - I love her." That's so poignant!

    I nodded. "It's fine, Anakin." I took a deep breath. "I knew already," I added in a whisper.

    Anakin smiled slightly and shook his head. "Should have known I couldn't . . . keep it from you, Master." He took a deep breath. "Thanks . . . for covering for me, then."

    Very important moment, right there -- he acknowledges that Obi-Wan was covering for him.

    "I thought so," she said, reaching forward to ruffle his hair. Anakin winced away at first, then grinned shakily.

    "Hey," he said.

    "Sorry," Shian replied. "Couldn't resist."

    ROTFLOL!!! What a classic displacement gesture!!! The person whose hair she WANTS to ruffle is Obi-Wan. Does it to Anakin, and Obi gets all hot and bothered!!! And BTW, she is SO not sorry!!!

    Yes, I did notice that Palps is on his way to crash the party, but the mush was just so much more engaging. :p
  23. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007

    Couldn't agree more!

    As does everyone else! Yeah, what they said!


    Anakin has not the heart of a true Sith, and dark as he might have become over years as Darth Vader, it is not in him to be a Palpatine or a Maul or even a Dooku. And he was a failure at being the kind of Jedi the Order tried to make him into, you could see that yourself.

    The Chosen One is a Singularity

    ... ... ...

    The Kiss. [face_hypnotized]



    They're leaving Obi-Wan to take care of Anakin AND fight off Sidious, all by himself?? :eek: (Droids don't count)

    --no pressure [face_beatup]

    Oh, well, he will have Onasi on his side, who is somewhat Force sensitive. I guess it could work. If Anakin can receive absolution for killing children I think Onasi is eligible for forgiveness of his injuries to Anakin, also. Eyes on the prize, boys, unite against the real enemy, please.
  24. Qui-Dawn

    Qui-Dawn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 8, 2000
    Mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhh yes, how it surely does only bring like the most wonderfully and cozily, comfortably warm satisfied and utterly and, yes, truly and deeply content feelings to my heart, actually, how it *is* just such a fantastically welcome sight to my glad and eager and positively dee-*lighted* eyes and no mistake it really is *such* a mahvellous thing, then, clearly, and for sure and certaim I'm just happy all over and I daresay even that I actually can't quite stop smiling even just to think about it, then, I it really *is* such a joy, by my reckoning, and it just leaves me purring gladly and hratefully on the whole voraciously and ever more eagerly and desperately, too, checking out each and every latest installment of this, yes, *this* most fabuloso and wonderful and amazingly awesome, stupendously characterized and utterly, mesmerizingly involving ficage, because it *is*, after all, only absolutely *The* very best out there, then, period, that's it - the best! :D
    And, of course, for sure and certain I've just always thought so, because after all....the ongoing characterizations of this fine and fabuloso ficage, for instance, how our most wonderful and *absolutely* talented authoress delves so deeply and so intimately into the hearts and minds, the motivations and mentalities, of all these various and assorted characters....and really *speaks* so truly with their own distinctive and unique voices, as well, and really seems to have that especial and essential bead on them as people and, thus, can actually interpret them rightly and be *true* to them most of all....this, then, is very much a critical, necessary thing, to be able to speak truly in the character's voice, their own heart and soul, their own that when we read it, after all, we can fairly and easily, perfectly vividly *see* it all happening, we can envision it so precisely and clearly....the action, the drama, the pathos, the intimacy, the *heart* of it....the character, the motivation of it....
    This too, then, can perhaps sometimes seem rather a difficult thing to get right, to speak truly with the characters' voices, their hearts and souls, to be *truthful* to them, with them, if you know what I mean....and not everyone can manage it rightly, either, it *can* in fact take some serious doing....perhaps one either has the innate, inborn easy gift for it, then, to be truthful to character and to the idea, to the heart and the soul of the piece....or else one unfortunately hasn't got it, alack-and-alas. Aaaaahhhhhh, but of course, the thing of it there simply is that - we-ell, now, of *course* our most fabulous and wonderful and effortlessly, vividly talented and profoundly, lyrically evocative authoress 'ereabouts, *she* most definitely has that gift in a *big* way, it's obvious....because look, oh, just *look* at how she brings them to life, and I mean *literally* to full life at that, how she realizes them, and conveys them and thus what they're going through, inside and out....
    And all that, of course, is only just so that *we* in turn can effortlessly and readily envision what's happening, so that we can just - *see* it, then, simple as that it can still move us so deeply and involve us so intensely, too, just like it can touch us, so we can *feel* something from it, because of it, if you know what I mean....just, well - like that, then, clearly. :) And this, too, it seems to me is just the hallmark of great and wonderfully evocative, highly provocative and intimately, personally powerful, involving and tenderly moving, stirring and resounding writing, too....just, yes, like *this* ficage precisely!....and this too, after all, I think is also *so* very, verrrrrrrry much just how and why it is that, for starters, well....suffice it to say that - we simply can't *help* but....hang on 'er every word here, we're always fairly *desperate* to know more, to see what could possibly be coming we're kept on such tenterhooks besides-!....
    This, then, is indeed *
  25. ratna

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    Mar 1, 2007
    Dear Sakura-san, any chance of an update...?
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