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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rebel_Ravenclaw, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Rebel_Ravenclaw

    Rebel_Ravenclaw Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 30, 2004
    A Rose By Any Other Name
    ---an R_R creation


    ?It all happened so strangely. I don?t even know where it began. I can tell you this, my family have hated all Gambinos probably since they landed on Elis Island together. For ya see, what may have started as a minor argument has led to an all out street war. My pa has a corner on the drug market in Brooklyn Mr. Gambino has been trying to take over for years. Most of the violence in upstate New York is because of this rivalry. So many cousins and brothers have perished by a Gambino bullet that bloodlust is the only thing that drives us Ferrari?s now. We really should be protectin? one another from the cops but whenever I mention this to my old man, he says I am just a girl and will never understand. I?m afraid things have gone too far?maybe I just wasn?t meant for peace in my life.?
    --Julia Ferrari

    Hey ladies and gents, think Romeo and Juliet Italian mofia style. There are openings for all the traditional Shakespeare characters on both sides of the family and feel free to add cousins or family friends if these main roles are filled.

    Gambino Family needs equilvents for:
    Father (experienced player as these players will lead their families)

    Ferrari Family needs equilvents for:
    Father (experienced player as these players will lead their families)
    Juliet---Julia (Me! Rebel Ravenclaw)

    Prince (Shertff) (experienced player)

    Friar John

    Narrator: Also me Rebel Ravenclaw as needed


    1. No God Moding
    2. New York accent would be amusing but is not required
    3. Mr. Ferrari or Mr. Gambino control their families mob operations, but cannot be caught by the Sherrif (who may through them in jail)
    4. No Deaths or arrests that aren?t GM approved (I can?t have Mercutio die within 5 posts let?s say)
    5. Original characters encouraged
    6. Setting is Brooklyn turn of the century
    7. As narrator, GM will control general plot with Shakespeare's vision in mind. HOWEVER characters have their own free will.....Romeo and Juliet are not predestined to fall in love for example
    8. Peace treaties can be made and broken, but have to be agreed upon by the family heads.
    9. GM is law and can change any aspect of the game at will.

    Character Sheet:


    General Apperance:

    Shakespeare Equivilent (if any):

    Family Connection (if any):



    PM Character sheets to me for approval
    ?..Mine will follow of course........

    I know the first post seems simple, but this is not meant to be a complicated game. It is meant to be classic, accessable game with lots of room for player origniality/growth. I am not a particularly domineering GM because I create games that would suite my playing style

    @};- Always R_R
  2. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    Rebel_Ravenclaw approved! [face_peace]

    Name: Roman Gambino (aka the ?Demon of the Lower East Side?)

    General Appearance: 26 years old, 6'0" tall, 159 lbs with a slight muscular build, greyish-skin, black hair cut short and left unkempt, and hazel-colored eyes

    Shakespeare Equivalent (if any): Romeo

    Family Connection (if any): Gambino

    Job: Hit-man

    Personality: Roman is depicted as a character who is hard nosed, stubborn, and ambitious, so ambitious in fact that he had tried to kill Mr. Ferrari and attempted a coup d'état on the rival Ferrari family, but failed and intended to finance another one by working as an assassin under his father, Mr. Gambino.
  3. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004

    Name: Sheriff Thaddeus Monroe & The NYPD circa 1900

    General Apperance: [link=]Center[/link]

    Shakespeare Equivilent (if any): Prince and Army

    Family Connection (if any): Nope

    Job: Keeping the Peace!

    Personality: Monroe is a traditional, old fashioned lawman that believes in the goodness of the system and the power of the police. He is aware of the current drug war between the parties and is desperately searching for solutions to the fighting, his favorite being having all the family members locked up. Though Monroe loves the prestige of his position, at his heart, he enjoys the action, getting down into the heart of the case. Although a Sheriff, he is not above accompanying his men out on missions. Monroe is aware he is under pressure from higher powers to get the situation in his city cleared up, and is anxious to do so.
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