San A, TX a special day

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by robkun, Feb 14, 2003.

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  1. robkun Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 7, 2002
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    just like to wish everybody a happy valentines day and a special shout to cassie. happy birthday cassie. i,m glad you enjoyed your gifts. sorry marcellous i couldn't get you a huge poster of vader.j/k
  2. Vaderman247 Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 4, 2002
    How come I didn't know it was Cassie's birthday today? No one tells me these things!


    To be born on the day of St. Valentine

    Is a magical thing so divine

    You can claim gifts, love, and affection

    From virtually every direction

    I hope you are totally whisked away

    To the special places that in your heart stay

    Cause to be born on Valentine's Day

    Is indeed magically delicious in every way

    Thank you.
    Happy Birthday Cassie
    From Marselles
  3. Amidala Starkiller Jedi Master

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  4. ObiJuan70 Jedi Master

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    I called her on her cellphone and sang Happy Birthday to her today :)


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