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Beyond - Legends A Star Too Far - Pilot Fic [OC, Rogues, Wraiths - action, adventure, drama] - Part 8; March 7

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jade_Max, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    So, way back when, a friend of mine and I decided to try our hand at writing a squadron of our own in a manner that we could put into print. As a way to get to know those characters, we decided to throw them into the Star Wars universe along with the Rogues...

    What happened? Hilarity ensues...

    So, after many, many years and revisions and edits - which I'm sure there are still errors - here is "A Star Too Far"... updates a couple of times a week until posted (the story is already finished *grin*) or as I get them edited for final release... posting this gives me motivation.

    Without further Ado; Part 1 of our little fic; enjoy!

    Dec 2002-June 2011

    [b]Disclaimer:[/b] Star Wars and all its related aliens, characters and settings are property of Lucasfilm and George Lucas. Used without permission, no money is being made off this story; we're simply destroying the sandcastles.

    [b]Author's note:[/b] ?The Angels? ©, their equipment and designations are fictional characters created by Angel_9 and Jade_Max and as such are their intellectual property ? copyrighted. Use of these characters, their likenesses, names and equipment, beyond this story without expressed written permission from both authors is prohibited.

    [b]Story Roster:[/b]


    Angel Leader - Colonel Jason "Mantis" St.Paul
    Angel 2 - Major Sean "Axeman" Bemthen
    Angel 3 - Corporal Tyler "Shadow" Autumn
    Angel 4 - Captain Brianne "Exorcist" Lancaster
    Angel 5 - Sergeant Lance
    Angel 6 - Corporal Alan "Bain" Thenalth
    Angel 7 - Corporal Keith "Jumper" Robertson
    Angel 8 - Corporal Jake "Obsidian" Dunlevy
    Angel 9 - Captain Billy "The Kid" Price
    Angel 10 - Sergeant Michael "Doc" Hothan
    Angel 11 - 1st Lieutenant Qualivon "Boa" Lufwfta
    Angel 12 - Corporal Daniel (Dan) "Sundance" Slater


    Rogue Leader: General Wedge Antilles
    Rogue 2: Colonel Tycho Celchu
    Rogue 3: Lieutenant Lyyr Zatoq (Quarren)
    Rogue 4: Major Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian
    Rogue 5: Major Wes Janson
    Rogue 6: Captain Gavin Darklighter
    Rogue 7: Captain Myn Donos
    Rogue 8: Lieutenant Khe-Jeen Slee (Issori)
    Rogue 9: Captain Corran Horn
    Rogue 10: Captain Ooryl Qyrgg (Gand)
    Rogue 11: Captain Asyr Sei'lar (Bothan)
    Rogue 12: Lieutenant Inyri Forge



    Mikes - Minutes
    EZ - Evacuation Zone
    ASAP - As soon as possible
    Honcho - Team Leader
    Five by Five - A'Okay, Fine, Good, Clear


    [u][b]A Star Too Far[/b][/u]
    [b]By Jade_Max & Angel_9[/b]

    [u]Part 1[/u]

    A blanket of blackness littered with twinkling stars filled the view port as his ship emerged into real space. The darkness was disconcerting and all encompassing with none of the ambient light he'd been expecting. No light, no planets and no familiar star formations.

    "What the - !"

    The comm. crackled to life with chatter, telling him that his squadron had emerged with him as the frequency was suddenly filled with startled exclamations, colorful expletives and questions. And Colonel Jason 'Mantis' St. Paul had no answers.

    He keyed his comm. "Cut the chatter," he snapped, his tone leaving no room for argument. They had to figure this out quickly. The frequency cleared as he checked his star charts. Nothing. Not a familiar formation or planet in sight. Where were they? He hit the comm. again. "Kid, is your little friend able to match those stars?"

    Billy 'The Kid' Price's voice came back almost immediately. "Negative on that, Sir. Wherever we are it's not on any known star chart. Official or otherwise."

    "Lost... In Space."

    "Keep the line clear Obsidian." Jason bit out.

    "But, boss!" Jake ?Obsidian? Dunlevy protested. "It's an old Earth movie that fits our situation!"

    Jason was in no mood to be reminded about Earth; it had been their departure point and where he'd left his wife and son. Another voice, this one deep and rumbling, reminding him of a mountain, crackled over the comm.

    "Mantis, we're picking up some pretty messed up comm. traffic. I think you should hear this."


    "735b4." Sean ?Axeman? Bemthen's words were almost clipped as he delivered the informatio>
  2. Ceillean

    Ceillean Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 13, 2001
    Marines in space! :D

    What a great idea having Earth pilots meet the Rogues. Of course, I'm wondering how the Angels got there in the first place. [face_thinking]

    Great start!

    Looking forward to more. :)
  3. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    Marines in Space *grin* I know, fun, right?!

    How they got there will be explained as they discover it ;) it's an integral part of the story..

    I'm going to try and update this a couple of times a week, daily if I can, as I finishing the editing for them.

    Thanks, Ceillean

    [u]Part 2[/u]

    Brianne maneuvered her Griffin into the position designated by the team on the flight deck.

    Carefully, one of the last to land, she dropped her fighter down with barely a thump. A quick double check of the atmosphere outside showed no toxins and the cockpit hissed open as she looked around. Most of the squad was already down, Angel Nine the last still with his skids off the deck, and he was setting his ship down beside hers as she watched. She could see that most of the squadron had gathered in small groups of twos and threes near Jason's ship.

    Across the hangar bay were several groups of people, humans from the look of them - though they were shorter than the average Marine. At least, they seemed shorter. It was hard to tell sitting a body length above the deck with meters between them.

    Unsnapping her harness, she pushed herself to her feet and undid the straps on her helmet. Pulling it off and placing it on her seat, Brianne shook out her short black-brown curls before going over the side and dropping to the deck. Her eyes widened in surprise as she landed hard and almost went down on one knee.


    The gravity on the ship was more than she was used to.

    Lifting her head she straightened, shifting her weight and getting accustomed to the strange gravity. Ok, so it wasn't [i]that[/i] different, but it was enough to throw off her balance. As someone trained to use her body as a lethal weapon, balance was just about everything.

    Billy shut down the engines to his Griffin and popped the hatch, pulling his helmet off. "Yee haw!" He cried, pumping his fist as he dropped his helmet and jumped over the side. "What a fight!"

    Brianne grinned, walking towards him. "Only you, Price." She called. "Would get a kick out of fighting fighters without shields!"

    Landing hard, Billy stumbled before he caught his balance on the deck before her. "Someone should dial down the grav compensators," he cracked. "Before I break my neck."

    "But we had them turned up just for you."

    "Heartless woman." His retort drew an arched eyebrow. "Where's our welcoming committee?"

    "Whoever they are, they haven't shown themselves yet." Without warning, she punched him none too gently in the arm. "You should really stop volunteering yourself for recon."

    "What," he caught her hand as much to prevent her from striking him again as from moving away, "you'd miss me?"

    "A hot shot pilot like you?" A smirk crossed her lips. "Not in this lifetime."

    Billy caught her, tugging her closer. "Care to prove that?"

    She made a pretense of resistance but was smiling, moving towards him instead of away with her pantomimed struggles. "Maybe later, cowboy. I feel like we're being watched."

    "Oh, we are," he agreed. "By the squad and just about every other person on the flight deck."


    Without confirming it, she grabbed and tugged his head down, planting a lingering kiss on his lips. It was long enough for him to react and begin kissing her back, but she pulled away before it could develop into anything further. Anything deeper. When she released him, Billy looked as if she'd polarexed him, his hands having just curled around her waist.

    "Wow, Bri, I..."

    "Now," she laughed softly, smiling at him, "they know you're mine. Come on - it looks like the boss is starting to get restless."

    He didn't argue, simply slung an arm around her shoulders and tucked her close to his side as they moved to join their squad mates.


    Jake looked up at the Griffin in front of him. "Oh come on - jump you chicken!" He grinned. "I'll catch you.>
  4. Nymue

    Nymue Jedi Master

    Jun 28, 2007
    I don't have time to give this story the review it deserves, so I'll just say this:

    Pilot!fic = [face_love][face_love]

    Looking forward to more!
  5. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    *grin* and more there is ;) I'm glad you're enjoying it; Angel_9 will be just thrilled to have this up - and people reading it - at long last!

    Next chapter up now!


    [u]Part 3[/u]

    Hooking Mac into the system of his Griffin, Billy looking up at Boa. "I can pull this and get it back to you later, you know."

    The Indrii shook his head. "I have quicker access to the data this way. It is better for me to stay here."

    Billy shrugged, about to reply when a strange looking alien approached them. He blinked, doing a double take. The thing was knobby all over, a strange mixture of angles. Kind of horse like despite his coloring. "Uh, hello. Can I help you?"

    The knobby creature looked from the unfamiliar human to Boa. "Ooryl has been asked to show Boa around."

    Unable to take his gaze off the other alien, Billy did a quick deduction based on the way it was looking at his wingman. "Ooryl - you?"

    Ooryl inclined his head in acknowledgement. "That is correct. It is what others call Ooryl."

    Opening his mouth to ask why the alien was talking about itself in the third person, Billy thought better of it at the last moment. He really didn't need to know and it was a strange place, bound to have some strange aliens and customs, right?

    There werer more important issues to deal with anyway; like figuring out what had gone wrong with the flux to land them here and how to reverse it. Or finding himself a hot meal and a hot shower, preferably with Brianne somewhere in the latter part of the equation if she was game. Or maybe reprogramming Mac... again.

    Why Ooryl spoke about himself in the third person really wasn't high on his priority list.

    "Nice to meet you Ooryl." He said instead. "I'm Billy; this is Boa."

    "Ooryl is honored to meet you. He has been asked to acquaint Boa with the system's workings."

    "Well." Billy looked pointedly at his wingman. "Go on. I'll catch up with you later."

    Beyond Ooryl there was a human, who Boa judged to be in his twenties, approaching them. The pilot stopped beside Ooryl, smiling a smile that didn't look quite genuine. "I see you've made yourself comfortable, Ooryl. Care to introduce me to your new friends?"

    Billy's head came up at the casual, yet not, tone in the other man's voice. He had the distinct feeling he was being sized up without yet having said a word. Their gazes locked and in a split second Billy knew [i]exactly[/i] what he was dealing with; a hot shot. Billy knew the type well; hell - he [i]was[/i] the type!

    "Billy Price." He offered, extending his hand. "Most people call me Kid."

    "Corran Horn." Corran replied, shaking his hand. "Most people call me Corran." There was a momentary pause. "Kid, huh?"

    Nodding, Billy, turned back to Mac. "Yeah. It's my callsign."

    If Corran was offended by Billy tinkering with the miniature computer while he spoke, he didn't show it. He turned to Boa instead. "And you?" He asked, extending his hand.

    The serpent tentatively accepted the handshake. "I am Boa."

    "Just Boa? You don't have a callsign too?"

    "That [i]is[/i] his callsign."

    [i]Strange people[/i], Corran thought with a shake of his head. "Nice to meet you Boa. Ooryl and I are supposed to show you two around, though it doesn't have to be together. Why don't you take Boa and show him to the mess hall, Ooryl? After a battle like the one they just fought, they're bound to be hungry."

    "Ooryl agrees. Would you like to join him for something to eat?"

    Knowing Boa was beginning to form a protest, Billy leaned over and stamped on his foot to stem it. The Indrii didn't get out enough and there really wasn't anything the snake could do to help at this juncture. Thus encouraged, Boa reluctantly agreed. The two aliens wandered off, pausing only so Boa could collect his personals.

    "Damn stubborn Indrii." Billy observed with a shake of his head as he checked Mac again. "I swear, sometimes I think I'll have to put a gun to his head >
  6. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    It's great to see this story back! :D

    Wedge stood there watching the interaction between the other pilots and the box, one that looked kind of like what Han Solo had once described to during a night of stories and lum.

    Blue Max? Love that detail. :cool:

    I really like how the Angels and Rogues have to work at communicating with each other and have a hard time understanding at first. And seeing the groups not recognize the other group's common names and phrases is great. Heh heh, I love it that Wes wants to learn the Angels' swear words. :p

    The introductions are fascinating, and seeing how each pilot pair does or does not get along with who they're matched with is fun. Gonna be some fireworks between a few of them, LOL. The grav-ball game between Exer and Hobbie will be one for the books. I'm also enjoying the various reactions of the Angels to their new predicament.

    Looking forward to more!
  7. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    Thumper09 - *grin* Thanks! I?ve been looking forward to reposting this for ages? now that it?s done, I?m relieved it?s that time :)

    Blue Max? Love that detail.

    Indeed! I never know just how many people actually understand that reference and will catch it *laughs*

    I really like how the Angels and Rogues have to work at communicating with each other and have a hard time understanding at first. And seeing the groups not recognize the other group's common names and phrases is great.

    When the idea first struck that was what was most amusing to both of us. The idea of trying to get to vastly different sets of lingo to work together.

    The ?Chicken? comment is one that jumps to mind immediately as I think every author in the SW universe has been tempted to use it as an insult. One that, if used, jars the reader because it?s so out of place. This was a way to get a chance to use it *chuckle* devious of us, no?

    Heh heh, I love it that Wes wants to learn the Angels' swear words.

    *snicker* I blame Angel 9 for that idea; but it?s in character, isn?t it? Totally something he?d want to do ? at least, I think so!

    The introductions are fascinating, and seeing how each pilot pair does or does not get along with who they're matched with is fun. Gonna be some fireworks between a few of them, LOL.

    Some more than others. We discussed adding a few more but there are certain Angels we wanted to focus on more than others so they kind of got the brunt of it. The Lance/Wes storyline, which is introduced next, is one that gets a lot more screen time than others.

    The grav-ball game between Exer and Hobbie will be one for the books.

    Hehe; just a little. Brianne?s not one to go easy on anyone *grin*

    I'm also enjoying the various reactions of the Angels to their new predicament.

    Yay! I loved writing these with Angel_9. The various reactions just showcase the kind of people the Angels are; that they?re not cookie cutter drones, they?re individuals who have their own thoughts and feelings about this circumstance.

    It?s tons of fun to explore that :D

    Glad you're reading again; I hope things are just as fun this time around when we actually finish it!

    [u]Part 4[/u]

    Lance stood back as she watched the different pairs get acquainted. She saw Billy head out with Corran and Michael's confrontation with Asyr over his hat - and wanted to groan at the alien's rash move. As far as she knew nobody but her had ever taken that hat and remained his friend. Even the other Angels wouldn't take it since the thing was practically a sacred relic. She shook her head, moving on and grinned when she saw Daniel tripping all over himself while talking to Inyri.

    The poor guy would probably get his heart broken by the time they returned home if he succeeded in setting his tongue straight in his mouth.

    Jake seemed to be getting along with Khe-Jeen, the Issori, but his eyes were beginning to redden. Lance knew allergy signs when she saw them and figured it was only a matter of time before he brought it to her, or Jason's, attention. Something in the Issori's body chemistry must be reacting badly with Jake's - and, from the look of them, it was going to be a shame. Jake and Khe-Jeen appeared to have formed a fast friendship.

    Brianne was walking away with Hobbie, her whole posture screaming [i]confrontational[/i].

    To Lance's trained eye, her friend appeared to have challenged her guide to some kind of 'friendly' game and was off to kick his butt. Typical Brianne. Meet someone, kick the crap out of them whether you like them or not and make a friend for life - if the other person was willing. Fortunately, from the look of Hobbie, her guide, the guy would simply take it in stride.

    Alan 'Bain' Thenalth, Brianne's wingman, seemed to be getting along with a young looking pilot - which wasn't saying much since the Irishman could get along with anyone. He was simply that kind of guy; intelligent and world-wise.

    As a whole, most of the Angels seemed to have found something to talk to their guides about, e>
  8. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Love this:) Marines meeting Rogues
  9. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    *grin* thanks!

    [u]Part 5[/u]

    Sean 'Axeman' Bemthen rubbed his hands together with almost gleeful anticipation as the hands on his watch clicked the last seconds away.

    Fifty seven.

    Fifty eight.

    Fifty nine.

    Zero six hundred hours; time to wake everyone up.

    Standing in the centre of the hallway he began to bellow at the top of his lungs. "Okay you sorry excuses of Marines it is time to git outta bed and start running. [i]Its time for morning PT![/i]"

    He kept yelling as he walked up and down the hallway with a stiff, drill instructor gait. Stopping before Brianne and Lances' door, he pounded hard on the bulkhead. "Com'on Ladies lets move! I don't care what you look like, less makeup and more runnin'."

    Sean grinned even more as he continued with his march up and down the hallway, shouting loudly at his fellow Marines as he banged on their doors. "Move it Kid, com'on princess, you've already had your beauty sleep.."

    A muffled curse came from within Billy and Boa's room, and Sean just laughed, as they emerged into the hallway. Boa looking bright and ready, as always, and Billy slumped against the wall rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His hair was sticking out in several directions and shone with the glazed half-awareness of one who'd slept far too little.

    One by one all the Marines came stumbling out of their rooms, more or less awake. Too much partying the night before as they?d gotten to know the new squadron and acquainted themselves with this Galaxy had translated into a mistaken, Sean knew, belief that today?s PT would be skipped. He and Jason had done nothing to disabuse them of the notion and, as a result, the whole squadron was in worse-for-wear shape.

    He grinned. That just made it more fun!

    A few moments after the Angels were assembled in the hallway Jason came out of his room looking like he'd been awake for hours rather than minutes.

    "Alright Axe, sound'em off." Jason barked at his second in command.

    "Fall in! On the line Marines!" Sean gave the command and they hit an imaginary line on the floor. Each Marine stepped into place, equal distance from the other with the practiced ease of having done it many times before. So seamlessly did they follow the command that well before it stopped echoing through the hall, they were ready.

    "Atten[i]tion![/i] Sound off."

    The executive officer of the Angels sounded the order, clearly and crisply, but without shouting. Sean had what was known as the Marine Corps 'Command Voice'; a voice that could be heard over the crack of gun fire and the boom of thunder alike. And, like gun fire, the sound off commenced in rapid fire.

    "St. Paul!"












    "Okay ladies, by the ranks, let?s run. I took a look at the floor plans to this hunk of junk, and if we lap this level twice, that's our 10 miles." Sean almost laughed at the series of groans from the assembled Marines. [i]As much as they grumble[/i], he thought, [i]they don't mind it. Hell, I'm nicer than most DI's.[/i]

    Taking up the start of the run, Sean sounded off the cadence they?d be starting with to keep time. "Left, right, heavy on the left foot!"

    [i]"Left, right, heavy on the left foot!"[/i] Everyone answered back.

    "Here we go, a little run!"

    [i]"Here we go, a little run!"[/i]

    ?Gimme some!?

    [i]Gimme some![/i]



    ?Good for you!?

    [i]Good for you![/i]

    ?Good for me!?

    [i]Good for me![/i]

    ?This Corps is good for me!?

    [i]This Corps is good for me![/i]

    ?Put me in a barber's chair!?

    [i]Put me in a barber's chair![/i]

    ?Snip, snap, I have no hair!?

    [i]Snip, snap, I have no hair![/i]

    ?And if I die in a combat zone!?

    [i]And if I die in a combat zone![/i]

    ?Box me up and ship me home!?

    [i]Box me up and ship me home![/i]

    ?Put me in a set of dress blues!?

    [i]Put me in a set of dress blues![/i]

    ?Comb my hair and shine my shoes!?

    [i]Comb my hair and shine my s>
  10. Thumper09

    Thumper09 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Jake's allergic reaction to the body chemistry of an alien is a nice touch. :) If he and Khe-Jeen are getting along well then hopefully someone with medical expertise can figure out a way to relieve his symptoms.

    "This is the medical lab." Wes told her, grinning. "Hobbie spends a lot of time in here; I'd know the way blindfolded."

    LOL! And Hobbie might be in there again soon if Brianne doesn't take it easy on him. :p It was fun "watching" their grav-ball games.

    You've got a really good handle on Wes-- I could totally see him saying all those things to Lance. I feel bad for Lance that she has to put up with him though. :p

    PT on top of a hangover... *shudder*

    Mental note: do not touch the hat. [face_cowboy]

    It was also fun hearing Corran's and Billy's opinions on the Griffins. It was a good way to introduce us to the Griffins' capabilities while keeping it very natural and in-character. Certainly each will think his own type of ship is the best. :)

    Great post!
  11. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    Thumper09 - The details in this are still being minimally hashed out, but the detail is what we wanted when we started this so we're g;ad you're enjoying!

    Jake's allergic reaction to the body chemistry of an alien is a nice touch.

    I take no credit but, I admit it, Angel_9 did have an ulterior motive when he wanted ideas for how to split them up; he wanted to see Jake paired with a different Rogue *laughs* one that was more mainstream. Which, in of itself, becomes entertaining *grin*I should not that Jake can get along with just about anyone ? except Wes *snicker*

    If he and Khe-Jeen are getting along well then hopefully someone with medical expertise can figure out a way to relieve his symptoms.

    Unless he reacts badly to whatever alien pharmaceuticals are presented. That?s a whole other host of problems just waiting to happen right there *laughs*Jake isn?t the easiest patient either ;)

    And Hobbie might be in there again soon if Brianne doesn't take it easy on him.

    Bah, he?s Hobbie; he can take it. What are a few bruises when compared to the lasting friendship they?ll develop? *bats eyelashes*

    I had fun with the grav ball scene ? I admit it. It was a way to show Bri as the army brat she is *laughs*

    You've got a really good handle on Wes-- I could totally see him saying all those things to Lance. I feel bad for Lance that she has to put up with him though.

    I should feel bad for Lance too; except I don?t. Isn?t that horrible of me? I adore Wes and the dynamic that Angel_9 and I ended up with them in this story was just too funny to resist. They?ll be lots of snark and entertainment coming from them yet!

    PT on top of a hangover... *shudder*

    I know ? Axe is evil, ain?t he?

    It was also fun hearing Corran's and Billy's opinions on the Griffins. It was a good way to introduce us to the Griffins' capabilities while keeping it very natural and in-character.

    I blame Angel_9 for that. It was his idea to do the discussion and since the Griffin is his baby, I?m glad he did. It was a good way to introduce me to the Griffin?s capabilities too. It?s funny, when we first started writing about them, I just figured it was another ship; I have a hell of a lot of respect for his imagination. All of the Angels equipment that?s ?made up? are his ideas? as is Boa and his race, caste system, honor system ? hell, all of it!

    Boa?s totally his creation and, I admit, I love that snake!

    We?ll see more of it to come later; this was a great way for us to explore him and his honor system too. ;)

    The hat, oh the hat! Poor Doc.. *grin*

    Thanks for reading :D

    [u]Part 6[/u]

    [i]A couple of weeks later[/i]

    Wedge examined the information package that had been transmitted by Admiral Ackbar, and then back at the real time holo communication. ?Is this for real Admiral??

    ?Very much so.? The fish-like head of the Admiral dipped slightly. ?It seems as if the remnant, led by Grand Admiral Thrawn, has been looking at a way to just hop from point to point in the galaxy without more than a few seconds of transit time.?

    Wedge scratched his chin and nodded slowly and muttered under his breath. ?Well [i]that[/i] explains a lot.? He gave himself a shake and turned back to the transmission. ?Admiral with your permission I'd like to use some non-New Republic resources in this mission you've laid out.?

    ?General.? Admiral Ackbar laughed. ?And I do stress [i]General[/i]; use whatever and whomever you need to. Call in the rest of Wraith Squadron if you feel it's necessary, but we must have confirmation regarding this device.?

    ?I would rather Wraith Squadron stay in a system far, [i]far[/i] away from me right now, sir; my life is too weird as it is. Antilles out.?

    The signal terminated as the aquatic General inclined his head.

    Wedge put his face in his hands and took a deep breath before looking back up at his second in command. The decision was made before he consciously thought about it; with the description the Admiral had given him, he needed to make use of his un>
  12. Jade_Max

    Jade_Max Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 28, 2002
    Part 7

    With a groan as the cockpit canopy opened slowly, Jason blinked into the bright light. He heard laughter and the sound of backs being slapped as a hand reached down to help him out of the simulator cockpit.

    ?Well!" The voice behind the hand laughed. "That was a good work out.?

    ?Yup, it sure was, Wedge.? Jason, agreed reluctantly. ?To bad it got us all killed. I hope it doesn?t ruin moral.?

    Wedge looked over his shoulder and laughed again, grinning. ?I don?t think it did.? He pointed to the two squadrons mingling freely with each other for the first time since the Angels had arrived. The atmosphere was more relaxed and open; more trusting. There was nothing like noting someone's metal in a fight to the death - simulated though it was - to foster respect.

    They should have done this sooner.

    Looking around, Jason conceded that his squadron looked no worse for wear and, in fact, seemed buoyed by their loss. True, it wasn't every day that the Angels lost, and certainly not to a group of pilots as good as themselves. Still, to be so accepting, even jubilant was just... just...


    Glancing at Wedge, Jason's lips kicked up into a smile. "You took the word right out of my mouth. It's not every day we get our backsides handed to us so thoroughly."

    "Maybe it was just what everyone needed," Wedge slapped him on the shoulder.

    ?Maybe. Whatever the reason, it seems to have helped; everyone except Doc, that is.? Jason nodded off to the corner, where the large tanned man leaned against the wall, a cigar clenched in his teeth.

    Michael had always been something of a loner, somewhat more aloof than any of Jason's other pilots, and - as a result - had difficulty accepting new circumstances. Of all of them, Michael was having the hardest time adjusting to their new circumstances; that they?d been stuck here for so long when he had responsibilities back home was tough.

    Jason understood intimately where he came from but was still trying to make the best of it; he hadn?t given up hope of getting home yet.

    ?At least he stayed in the room this time.?

    ?That?s one way to look at it.? Jason shook his head, his eyes twinkling. ?Personally, I'd rather look at a nice cold one right now.?

    ?Sound like a plan.? Wedge laughed softly and turned to the crowd. ?Okay folks, let?s retire to the pilots lounge for a debriefing-?

    ?I volunteer to debrief Lance!" Wes stated loudly from somewhere off in the corner, followed by the dull thud of a flesh hitting flesh none to gently.

    When Wedge looked over Lance was red faced being held back by Jake, and Wes was rubbing his chest. Arching his eyebrows, Wedge waited for a heartbeat, but Wes didn't even have the grace to look contrite as he winked at Lance, his tone almost cheerful.


    ?-and a cold one.? Wedge finished with a sigh, shaking his head at Wes?s antics.

    The pilots all sat together in the lounge as they watched a replay of the simulator combat. Some were laughing, others were studying the holographic image intensely.

    Few noticed that Daniel was looking a little distraught, trying so very hard not to notice the woman sitting close to him. She was close enough he could hear her breathing, could feel her thigh rub against his; inhaled her scent with every breath he took.

    But then, he knew that once this debriefing was done, she would laugh at him. Just like all the girls - the women - at flight school. He?d been the butt of many jokes, borne the brunt of an awful stigma in SIM combat. He had been the first one killed.


    And the Angels would never let him live it down.

    Unlike back home, here he wasn?t just a young kid that was still wet behind the ears. He was a pilot. Hell, even the Rogue?s leader had been flying from the time he was sixteen! Here he was more than just the FNG; here he was a member of an elite group of people that lived and died fighting for freedom and happiness of others.

    Did he want to go back?

    He looked at the smiling face of the woman beside him and shook his head. No matter what happened when the debri>
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    Part 8

    Jason looked up from the alien data pad and over at Wedge giving only the slightest of nods. It was the signal Wedge had been waiting for, and the Rogue wasted no time in starting the mission briefing.

    ?Okay folks, listen up.? The chatter in the room faded and died as the pilots turned their full attention his way. ?This is going to be a hard mission. We?re going to try and infiltrate the Imperial base on Rashundo Prime, also known as Ekos. There are many reasons for this but primarily this is an Intel gathering assignment.?

    ?Intel, Sir??

    Wedge smiled faintly. ?I know, it?s not our usual thing, but really need to find out if Intelligence has done their job right. If they have, this might be the most important mission we ever undertake. Mantis??

    ?The primary players in this operation will be Shadow, Kid, Boa, Obsidian, Lance, Exorcist and their counterpart Rogues.?

    A voice piped up from the back of the room. ?You know that?s going to send both Wes and Hobbie on the mission right??

    ?Yes, Corran, we know. That?s why you are going along as well; to keep them on a short leash.?

    ?Babysitting, oh goody.?

    ?I resent that.?

    That was Wes.

    ?Snap it up.? Jason growled in his command voice, silencing the chatter immediately. ?This is not a Rogue operation; the Angels are in command. Exer you're honcho with Shadow as your XO. You?ll be departing in five hours. You'll board a Corellian Star Hauler Transport, for this mission its IFF will be Zero Point. Once you're on planet, the NRI will have people there to meet you. The data pads you'll be issued will have the sign and the counter sign, as well as your on planet cover identities. We can?t divulge any information right now, but we will do a smaller briefing in twenty for those going on the mission. The rest of you will be doing a fly-by recon of an Imperial installation in fourteen hours.?

    Sean took the silent cue from his commander and stood. ?Squadrons! Dismissed!?

    The pilots not going on the mission slowly filed slowly from the room, with the Rogues speaking amongst themselves as to that could possibly be required for this mission. The Angels, each with a specialty field that overlapped another?s, had their own ideas as to what would be required based on those chosen, but kept their ideas to themselves.

    A popular Earth idiom, loose lips sink ships, from their history had been applied to all intel missions back home as a way of warning against careless talk and Marines on intel knew their tasks well. The less the right hand knew what the left hand was doing, the safer they?d be.

    The rest remained in the conference room, murmuring to each other as to what they could possibly be doing. Jason went to each of those remaining with a small folder and a data pad. ?Folks, these are your on planet identities. Memorize them. Become them. For the next ten days after a landing you are them.?

    ?Sir.? Brianne raised a hand. ?Who are we meeting on planet??


    ?The New Republic Intelligence representative on board told me that they have their best people on the ground.?

    Myn Donos, who?d replaced Khe-Jeen Slee as Jake?s counterpart due to his allergic reaction to both the alien and the medications they?d tried, stood up. ?Sir, permission to be left off this assignment; I?m sure another Rogue would be better suited.?

    ?That?s a negative; you were asked for specifically by NRI.?

    ?In that case I would like to take my leave for the next two weeks.?

    ?Negative Donos! What has you so spooked??

    ?Sir, respectfully - you put them together; you would be scared too if you were going down there.?

    ?You don?t think they mean the...?

    ?That?s exactly it, sir.?

    ?Your request is still denied. Sit down Donos.?

    ?Yes, sir.?

    After Donos had gotten settled back down, Jason looked around and nodded seeing that no one else was going to voice any complaints.


    By the time the complaints had been aired, everyone given a chance to peruse their files briefly, the twenty minutes was up and Jason glanced about one last time. Satisfied he continued the
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    Sorry for the delay. [face_blush] Things got a little busy for me.

    You've got some great posts here! I'll touch on some highlights.

    And since his mama hadn't raised a fool, Daniel took the invitation and ran with it.

    Heh, that was a fun line. :)

    I liked reading about Dan's thoughts regarding going back home and the conflict he's facing with wanting to stay with Inyri. His desire to go back and make a difference says a lot about him when it means he'd likely have to give up Inyri to do so. Giving her his squadron jacket was touching and a Pretty Big Deal.

    The dour faced pilot stood up and approached the image floating in the air with an air of wounded dignity and pride. ?Well this is what I call, ?Running away from immediate danger?; which worked well until I crashed into the side of a Star Destroyer.?

    LOL, Hobbie rocks!

    The scene with Sean getting the E-web was fun. I can't wait to see what modifications he's got in store for it.

    The dynamic between Asyr and Doc is fascinating. Looks like the sim did them some good, and hopefully the tension between them will dissipate a bit now that Asyr respects and understands Doc more.

    I loved Myn's reaction to being assigned to the mission with the Wraiths. I admit I'm biased in this regard because I adore Myn. :cool: Just the thought of the Wraiths specifically asking for him to come makes me laugh and wonder what they're cooking up.

    I really liked the insight into Billy's relationship with Brianne and how it was influenced so much by Kat. It's an interesting thing to explore: does he love Brianne or the reminder of Kat? And I can see how some of Billy's traits, especially the ones Dan admires, could have been influenced by his background with his father and wanting revenge.

    And finally... ah, Wes. Jake's pretty serious here. You might want to give his "friendly suggestions" a bit more consideration before you start worrying too much about getting a new shirt, LOL. :p

    Great updates! Sorry again for the delay.