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    * This is a compilation of information circa the War of Many Kings. This includes House information, studies on the war, summation of the minor events, and facts on some of the major and minor power players of the war. If you are interested in entering an article of your own to this library, please make sure to contact me first.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS (incomplete)

    - Houses of the Desert
    - Houses of the Mountains
    - Houses of the Capital
    - Houses of the Isles

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    "What Has Been Said in the Darkness Shall Be Heard in the Light"

    History of House Kildare
    No land of Mirwyth is more misunderstood than the Desert. It is not simply a vast expanse of dunes of sand, devoid of vegetation. There is great beauty there...and great wealth for those with patience and foresight. When House Kildare claimed what would become known as the Fair Groves, they exercised both. Then the bleak lands had yielded little. Given time the Fair Groves bore fruit—literally. Season by season, the citrus trees that House Kildare oversaw took root in the arid soil and bloomed. Seeds from these forebears were planted and tended with care. Now the oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruits of the Fair Groves are traded throughout Mirwyth. They are not a great house, but House Kildare has been schooled by the Desert to be well pleased with well enough.
    Why exactly House Kildare practices female primogeniture is disputed. Some say isolation forced on them by the Desert and the resulting infrequent contact with other noble houses meant that eventually there were only women left to lead. Others stories claim that Covina Kildare so captured the heart of her husband that he handed her his right as a wedding gift—but then again other accounts say that when he was in his dotage she stole it. Whatever the reason, today women lord over House Kildare.
    The political and economic center of the Fair Groves is Kalkheim, an alcazar built by Lord Marshall Kildare in the days prior to the institution of female primogeniture. It is the family seat of the Kildares.

    Recent Generations of the Kildare Family Tree
    (The following accounts of members of House Kildare contemporary to the War of the Four Kings were collected via oral history. Accordingly, in some cases they do not conform to the scholarly standards for confirmation of veracity as outlined by the maesters.)
    Morgaine Kildare: A calm, inscrutable woman who was more interested in attending to governance of the Fair Groves than she was with being a good mother. Morgaine was distant to her children and sparing in her praise. After giving birth to Emilie and Aron in quick succession, she lost a few pregnancies in early stages. Eventually, she conceived Regina and died giving birth to her.
    Henrik North: Hailing from a minor house of the Dragonwood, Henrik was a farmer by trade and spent most of his days supervising agriculture in the Fair Groves. He came to love the citrus trees and established strong bonds with the tenants who cultivated the land. Though he was never greatly in love with Morgaine, her death inexplicably hit him hard. He was barely able to go through the motions of fatherhood. He died three years after Morgaine.
    Emilie Kildare: Rule of the Fair Groves were thrust upon Emilie at age 12. Her mother’s distance and the sudden burden of responsibility made Lady Emilie into a hard woman. The death of her father, left her feeling alone in the world. At age 15 she found herself in the peculiar position of being able to choose her own husband. After a few years of careful consideration and surveying eligible suitors, she chose Martyn Forsythe to cement relations with his family. Emilie was a demanding mother concerned with producing daughters who would be prepared to assume the mantle of leadership upon her death. She expected much from her children—and never told them it was because of how much she loved them. Emilie’s sudden death shocked the Fair Groves.
    Martyn Forsythe: Martyn never asked to be married to Emilie Kildare. The second son of a moderately prestigious Desert family, Martyn was never going to get a better offer. Emilie dominated their relationship and Martyn very quickly assumed a subservient position. He rarely ventured opinions and only rarely made observations of fact. The death of Emilie has not changed his demeanor—but the truth is that in silence Martyn has long been watchful, gathering thoughts in his mind. Only the very observant themselves could discover that Martyn’s silence does not equal ignorance or disinterest. Of all his children, Martyn holds a special place for Landon, another man who was underestimated.
    Ser Lawrence Kildare: See his full profile later in this chapter. Now dead by the hand of King Desmond Rolmar.
    Ginnifer Kildare: See her full profile later in this chapter
    Zooey Kildare: As the second daughter to Emilie, Zooey was trained to assume the mantle of leadership in the event of misfortune. However, her training was nowhere near as complete as Ginnifer’s once her elder sister survived the sometimes perilous childhood years. Zooey saw the world in terms of stark choices between right and wrong, but sometimes without seeing the whole picture. It was said of Zooey that "she likes to cast stones at a house she does not have to live in." Even so, Zooey was fiercely devoted to Ginnifer, beyond the already strong allegiance all of the children of Emilie and Martyn shared for each other. It was a devotion born out of love. At the time of the War of the Four Kings, Zooey was approaching her middle 20s and pressures were mounting for a suitable husband to be found for her.
    Chelsee “Dagger” Kildare: It was said that Chelsee would have been better off born a man. Strong willed, direct, and inclined to action, Chelsee slipped into the ribald jokes with men of Kalkheim without batting an eyelash. It is unsurprising that finding even one suitor for her was been incredibly tough. She looked up to her Uncle Aron, who has tempered her fiery behavior and taught her prudence. Additionally, Chelsee was close with her father, Martyn, who noted his wifes distinct lack of interest in their youngest daughter. Chelsee would love nothing more than to join the patrols and defend the Fair Groves, but Ginnifer forbade such to keep from provoking neighboring families who already uneasily tolerated a woman leading House Kildare. Despite this, Chelsee quietly sought instruction in combat and developed an aptitude for short blades, such as daggers. It is said she keeps one on her, resulting in a curious nickname around Kalkheim. Chelsee inclined more towards chubbiness than her sisters, but if anything her curves hid the force she possessed.
    Landon Kildare: As a second son, Lady Emilie paid scant attention to Landon. As a result, he became the favorite of his father. Landon knew his father better than anyone else in Kalkheim, but even so there was much he did not know about Martyn. Landon was schooled in the ways of court and the peculiar language of diplomacy. As a result, Lady Ginnifer entrusted him to act as her envoy from time to time—a duty and privilege that Emilie never would have given to Landon. Landon admired the moral convictions of Zooey, but in return she still patronizingly thought of him as her little brother.
    Aron Kildare: With a craggy face, one would be surprised to learn that Aron hails from the Desert and not the Mountains. Aron had the same experiences as Emilie as a child of Morgaine. He, however, never expected to rule. He turned his attention to matters of battle, but as a man of human passions he never considered being a knight. Instead, he married Spectra Tann shortly after being introduced to her. Aron had a propensity to brood coupled with a tendency to interject comments laced with wit, sometimes laceratingly so. His primary occupation was attending to the defense of the Fair Groves. Lady Emilie bestowed upon him the title of Warden of the Fair Groves, but he was subject to the authority of the Knight Commander.
    Spectra Tann: Daughter of the Regent of Arqada, Spectra Tann met Aron Kildare at a banquet in that city. A brief courtship was thus begun and shortly thereafter the two were pledged in marriage. Spectra’s marriage was reportedly a friendship more than anything else by the time of the War of the Four Kings. Though her husband stayed out of the politics of the Fair Groves, from time to time Spectra amused herself by dabbling in them. Accounts suggest she was quite good at it.
    Tilly Maquet (nee Kildare): Despite possessing the hallmark sandy hair of the Kildare family, Tilly is so far out of the line of succession (sixth and ahead only of her own daughters) that she has only ever sought to lead a relatively normal life. Thus she married for love even if outside the ranks of nobility. She is first and foremost a mother to Kathryn ("Katy") and Abra...but her role as a loving wife is a close second.
    Camden Maquet: The eldest son of the Maquet family, renowned for breeding horses that can withstand the harsh travels across the Desert, Camden's marriage to Tilly was quite the coup for a non-noble family. For merchants to possess even distant heirs to the Fair Groves is remarkable. Camden is passionately in love with his wife, as she is with him, and is consequently fiercely protective of her as a result of his devotion. Camden resents the way that the affairs of House Kildare threaten to entangle Tilly and draw her away from him.
    Willis Kildare: Rather than follow in his father's footsteps and dedicate himself to the defense of the Fair Groves, Willis entered into the economic side of the family business. Willis began accompanying shipments of the Groves' citrus crops to market and soon became a regular fixture on the caravan routes and a competent merchant. While visiting the city of Caraba on one commercial visit, Willis was taken captive by pirates.
    Ser Caliban Kildare: Caliban followed the example of his cousin Lawrence and dedicated himself to knighthood, a step his father never took. Caliban is officially third in the hierarchy of the command of the Fair Groves behind Ser Lawrence and his father Aron.
    Regina Kildare: The trauma of having killed her mother weighed heavily on Regina. The fact that she was not borne with sandy hair further marked her as one apart—something that Emilie taunted her sister over, often suggesting they shared separate paternity. Regina resented Emilie’s ascendancy, know-best attitude, and surrogate mothering. The truth is that Regina was raised more by servants and handmaidens who did their best to smooth their little lady when she would fume in her private chambers. Regina is less than enamored of Emilie’s daughters, especially Zooey and her “moralistic chirping” as she calls it. Regina is only eight years older than Ginnifer and covets the Ladyship for herself and her daughter Tamzin. When Emilie was preoccupied with her own brood, Regina was able to choose her own husband in Widmer, in whom she recognized something of a kindred spirit. So strong is her desire to be Lady of the Fair Groves that Regina insisted that all her daughters carry the name Kildare. Widmer, knowing when to indulge his wife, agreed…especially since when they married they’d have to change their names anyways and marrying off a Kildare daughter was easier than marrying off a Halleth. Regina didn’t care about the boys, so Halleths they were.
    Widmer Halleth: Widmer lived a wild life before Regina. He lost an eye in a duel just days before he was betrothed to Regina. He hails from a middling house that had neither reputation nor wealth to recommend it making his marriage to the then-second in line to the Fair Groves shocking. However, Widmer’s fiery affair with Regina resulted in their marriage—and their passion still flames up from time to time. Widmer is a man prone to bawdy jokes with men and large laughs with all. Though he enjoys the fine life, he will set his hand on the hilt of his rapier whenever a fitting adventure comes his way.
    Tamzin Kildare: As eldest daughter to Regina, she is the pride and joy of her mother. She has been indulged most of her life and is a flighty girl as only beautiful girls can be. She taunts her cousins needlessly, but always one-on-one. Tamzin is smart enough to never engage Ginnifer—especially about her burned hand.
    Evander Halleth: Evander inherited his mother’s dark looks and the temperament to match. Though Regina paid attention to her son, he always felt second place to Tamzin, a stupid girl not worthy of their mother’s attention in his eyes. He chafes under being born into a family where men take second place to women and refuses to believe himself mediocre as a result. Evander was an eager pupil in lessons of combat given by his father and turned into a skilled warrior. Further increasing his distaste for Regina was his arranged marriage to Callista Sand who he would resent for being thrust upon him were she not so comely and willing to please him.
    Callista Halleth (nee Sand): The ward of the Sultan of Caraba, it is an unconfirmed but widely accepted rumor that she was an illegitimate daughter of the Sultan himself, thus resulting in why a Sand would be brought into the Sultan’s household. As a result, she received a decent education for a girl of no wealth. In truth, learning was the one thing Callista loved most. When Regina Kildare approached the Sultan seeking a match for her eldest son that would enhance her own standing in the Desert, the Sultan thoughtfully relieved himself of a girl who was becoming just beautiful enough to perhaps begin causing trouble among his sons. Callista’s kindness is oddly matched with Evander’s resentment. She has come to love Evander despite his faults and strives to be dutiful to him and to calm his angers. Even so, he will cut her with his words sometimes, which she takes very hard.

    Family Song: The Vixen and the Hound
    There was a hound of strength they say
    Who roamed the land in search of prey
    And one day heard of groves so fair
    Where a lithe vixen did keep her lair.
    Her den it was, and hers alone,
    For not a male did grace this home.
    Such easy prey the hound could not resist
    So off he went in search of grist
    With which to slake his appetite
    And leave him satisfied that night.
    He spied his mark with coat of tangerine
    And cried, “I have you now, my fair colleen!”
    The vixen bolted with feet quite fleet
    Seeking sanctuary among blossoms sweet.
    The hound gave chase, the fox he did pursue
    And brayed the charge, “Halloo! Halloo!
    You cannot best me at this game
    I’ll get you yet all the same!”
    But the vixen never slacked her pace
    And the hound could not his steps retrace.
    Lost in the myriad trees himself he found
    And then the skulk of foxes took the hound.
    Her trap now sprung on every side
    The vixen with these words replied,
    “Halloo! Halloo! Indeed my kits!
    The strong ones rarely use their wits.
    Strength and speed fall short combined
    When confronted with a sharper mind.
    One final thought, for you quite bitter:
    A mother always defends her litter.”

    Lady Ginnifer “Iron Fist” Kildare
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [IMG]
    Additionally, Lady Ginnifer’s left hand is badly burned as a result of a childhood accident, reducing it to little use. She does not show her hand in public, preferring to wear a plate steel gauntlet on it at most times and a glove on other occasions. This has earned her the moniker “Iron Fist.” Though commonly used, it rarely is to her face.
    Homeland: The Desert
    King: The King of the Desert
    Occupation: Lady of House Kildare, Protectrix of the Fair Groves, and (formerly) sworn Bannerwoman to the King of the Desert (specifically, the deceased Mors Santagar)
    Family Banner (if applicable, just describe): An orange fox on a lime field
    House Words: What Has Been Said in the Darkness Shall Be Heard in the Light
    Biography: No land of Mirwyth is more misunderstood than the Desert. It is not simply a vast expanse of dunes of sand, devoid of vegetation. There is great beauty there...and great wealth for those with patience and foresight. When House Kildare claimed what would become known as the Fair Groves, they exercised both. Then the bleak lands had yielded little. Given time the Fair Groves bore fruit—literally. Season by season, the citrus trees that House Kildare oversaw took root in the arid soil and bloomed. Seeds from these forebears were planted and tended with care. Now the oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruits of the Fair Groves are traded throughout Mirwyth. They are not a great house, but House Kildare has been schooled by the Desert to be well pleased with well enough.

    Why exactly House Kildare practices female primogeniture is disputed. Some say isolation forced on them by the Desert and the resulting infrequent contact with other noble houses meant that eventually there were only women left to lead. Others stories claim that Covina Kildare so captured the heart of her husband that he handed her his right as a wedding gift. Other accounts say that she stole it from him when he was in his dotage. Whatever the reason, women have lorded (ironically) over House Kildare for generations.

    Upon the untimely and surprising death of her mother Lady Emilie, the mantle of leadership descended upon the shoulders of Ginnifer Kildare. As her antecedents did, shortly after Ginnifer became Lady she presented herself before the Lord of the Desert and curtseyed before him (for it would not do for a lady to bend the knee) and pledged the banner of the Fair Groves to him. That being done, she returned to Kalkheim, the seat of the Fair Groves, and resumed her daily affairs.

    Though time has not shortened the distance between the Fair Groves and the other cities of the Desert, word of the rebellion against King Fenton reached the halls of Kalkheim. So too have the summons of the newly proclaimed King of the Desert, who now calls his bannermen to his cause—including his sole bannerwoman. From the seclusion of the Fair Groves, Lady Ginnifer is skeptical of why the Desert should meddle in the affairs of greater Mirwyth, especially given how the Desert has thus far remained untarnished by recent strife (aside from recent troubles with the pirates). But as a pledged bannerwoman, to resist the call would sully the name Kildare—not to mention providing more fodder for those who think less of a house that allows itself to be ruled by skirts.

    Finding herself torn between caution and honor, prudence and opportunity, and security and ambition, Lady Ginnifer brokered a deal to withhold the armed might of the Fair Groves from the inevitable fight by arranging a marriage between her brother and the new princess of the Mountains to make some tie to the rebel cause. This satisfied King Mors and allowed Ginnifer to keep her might of weapons in her own lands.

    Ginnifer hopes that the fact she has not entered into armed conflict with Valona will cause Fenton to pass the Fair Groves over when considering military action—as would the numbers of her garrison. However, she also knows a broken vow of marriage can sometimes produce more strife than a thousand swords. Lady Ginnifer waits to see how the dice fall in her gamble.

    Ser Lawrence Kildare
    Age: 28 (now deceased)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [IMG]
    Homeland: The Desert
    King: The King of the Desert
    Occupation: Knight Commander of the Fair Groves
    Biography:Though other firstborn sons would chafe at being passed over, Lawrence Kildare never expected to rule over the Fair Groves. Though he was the eldest child of Emilie Kildare, Lawrence knew that it would be his younger sister, Ginnifer, who would assume the mantle of leading House Kildare. Accordingly, Lawrence set himself to the study of warfare and tactics, a useful occupation at any time in Mirwyth. When the coastal cities of the Desert came under the attack from pirates, Lawrence reported for duty to defend the cities with Kildare troops called for by the Lord of the Desert. Lawrence was initially assigned to the defense of the prominent coastal city Caraba. However, the knight requested a more junior position at Aqarda—which he privately deemed more likely to be attacked than the well guarded Caraba. The request was granted.
    Lawrence's analysis was prescient. The pirates came en masse against Aqarda, and Lawrence, who assumed command mid-battle after the death of more senior knights, routed the pirates. This was in large part due to his relations with the local merchants, fishermen, and townspeople. Their rapport resulted in mobilizing and training a civil defense of the city. The Lord of the Desert praised his victory saying, "Truly this one is fitted to his sigil, for he is a desert fox." For his efforts, Lawrence Kildare was named Knight Commander of the Fair Groves by his mother Emilie. As such, he is one of the foremost advisers to the Lady of the Fair Groves, now his sister Ginnifer, and often leads patrols through the Kildare lands to only ensure the peace and provide protection to their vassals—and to project Kildare power.
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    House Rolmar
    “Having Power is Not As Important As What You Choose to Do With It.”

    Sigil: (circa War of Many Kings):


    PRE-War of Kings:



    House Rolmar is one of the few families in Mirwyth that can still trace its lineage all the way back to the First Men. Although the Mountain regions were the first areas of Mirwyth to be explored by the First Men when they crossed into the lands from the Great Continent, few elected to stay there. The freezing winds and heavy snows made for hard living, and most did not care for this harsh climate. The early villages that did crop up were sparse and scattered, and many did not last.

    Among those few that did survive was a small settlement that became known as Shodaire. Led by a man named Daevon Rolmar, the villagers learned to utilize anything and everything the mountains provided, in a way that other settlements had not. As the settlement continued to grow under his leadership, Daevon Rolmar’s popularity continued to increase, and when traders came through from other villages looking for anything to help their own people, Rolmar was happy to offer helpful advice where he could. These traders took this advice back to their home villages, and soon enough, other village leaders were travelling to the Shodaire settlement to thank Daevon, saying that their settlements might have failed but for his help, and in return these leaders promised their loyalty to Rolmar and their aid, if he should ever need it in the future.

    Rolmar’s own settlement still thrived, and after several years a formal government in the city was established, and, at the people’s insistence, Daevon Rolmar was installed at the top position, Lord of Shodaire. To better survey his city, a massive castle was built on the mountain overlooking the settlement, the Tower of Stone. Those village leaders who had previously sworn their friendship to him, now lords of their own Houses, renewed their pledges of fealty, and eventually, Daevon Rolmar had secured alliances to every major House in the mountains, and when the region united with the rest of the newly formed Kingdom of Mirwyth, he came to be called Lord of the Mountains. His descendants held this title right up until the War of Many Kings, when Desmond Rolmar declared himself King of the Mountains, and still reside in their ancestral home in Shodaire, in the Tower of Stone.

    The Tower of Stone:

    The Tower Of Snow:


    The Tower of Snow is home to the lesser branch of House Rolmar, currently headed by Marcus Rolmar, cousin to King Desmond. The castle was built by Marcus’s father, Stefan Rolmar, after he was given a patch of land at the southern end of the Shodaire territory.

    Click here.

    Notable Persons:

    Desmond Rolmar (deceased): A few years after the death of his long-time friend King Hanrey, dissatisfied with the rule of Fenton Reynard, Desmond, then patriarch of House Rolmar, declared himself King of the Mountains, and with Mors Santagar and Nathanial Delmari, set in motion the events leading into the War of Many Kings. Desmond was slain by Ser Lawrence Kildare's squire Miche, after Desmond himself murdered Lawrence at the Wedding of Fire.

    Lady Corrine Rolmar (deceased):Late wife of Desmond Rolmar. Mother of Karridan, Ectarion, and Safia. Corrine was reputed as a gentle woman, calm and reserved, and her untimely death in childbirth, some twenty years before the War of Many Kings, was deeply felt by everyone around her, but especially her husband.

    Karridan Rolmar: Eldest son of Desmond and Corrine Rolmar, current leader of House Rolmar and the new King of the Mountains, following the death of his father. Though he most resembles his father in appearance, in temperament he is more like his mother—calm, reserved, but with a mirthful and humorous side. He grudgingly lives with his brother’s hostile attitude, but he is devoted to his sister. During his years as a squire, he taught Safia how to defend herself with a sword, and though he will still occasionally indulge her with a friendly sparring session, he knows what is expected of her as a young lady and when such boyish behavior should be avoided. At the start of the War of Many Kings, Karridan was serving his father as a Knight of House Rolmar, charged with protecting his sister, but rose to the position of King when Desmond was killed.

    Ectarion Rolmar: Second-born son of Desmond and Corrine Rolmar. With his mother’s fair hair and his father’s eyes, he is an attractive young man, but unfortunately, he is of a cold, hostile nature, and rarely shows any sort of kindness to anyone. He is envious of his elder brother and is resentful towards his sister, whom he blames for the death of their mother.

    Safia (Rolmar) Kildare: The only daughter of Desmond and Corrine Rolmar. In the earliest stages of the War of Many Kings, Safia was married to Ser Lawrence Kildare, a Knight from the desert kingdom. See below for more details.

    Synthia Rolmar: The daughter of Desmond’s cousin Marcus Rolmar, and younger sister to Samule Rolmar. Though her brother is Safia’s favorite cousin, Synthia is a flighty, selfish girl and is jealous of Safia. The two young women are civil to one another in public settings, but in truth neither is overly fond of the other. Synthia is also attracted to Safia’s brother Karridan, though they could never marry due to their relationship as cousins and Karridan’s vows as a Knight. Furthermore, like his sister, Karridan has little liking for Synthia.

    Samule Rolmar: Elder brother of Synthia Rolmar. Though they have not seen each other but sparsely over the last few years, Samule remains close to his cousin Safia, and while they were growing up, Samule, with his cousin Karridan, educated Safia in proper sword-fighting technique. Around the same time of his cousin’s betrothal to Lawrence Kildare, Samule entered into an arranged engagement to Brynna Maegorian.

    Kalera Rolmar Delmari (deceased): Sister of Desmond Rolmar. Wife of Nathaniel Delmari, the former King of the Isles. Mother of Raven Delmari. Kalera was killed, at her own insistence, by Rebecca Dragon in the early stages of the War of Many Kings.

    Raven Delmari: Daughter of Kalera and Nathaniel Delmari. Niece of Desmond Rolmar. Cousin of Karridan, Ectarion and Safia. At the start of the War of Many Kings, Raven was promised to Korianton Rynquist, the son of Alexander Rynquist, a friend of Nathaniel Delmari. When the ship carrying Raven and her mother to the Mountains wrecked along the coast of the Prairies, Raven, Kalera and the knight Ser Amery were the only survivors. Raven subsequently became seriously ill and though a healer was able to save her, she was left permanently blind.

    House Sword:
    Valyrian Steel Blade called “Despair.”

    Desmond Rolmar:
    Title: King of the Mountains
    Age: 48
    Biography: Being born in the mountains has had something of an effect on him, making him cold and hard to all but his family. Since his wife’s death while giving birth to his daughter Safia he has been seen to make an effort to be more... human, but inside things are not going quite so well. He has hidden this fact from all, even his sons and daughter.

    He took the family words to heart, possibly too far. He sees power as a means of how it will further him and his family, and as such he doesn’t care who he hurts or who he raises up. All that matters is that his family gain more power so they have more choice. As such the new king’s behavior has given him the perfect excuse to try to gain even more for himself. He is slightly sorry to have broken off the intended wedding between Matheus, King Reynard’s eldest, and his daughter Safia, but given the way things have gone it simply cannot be. He is sorry to have hurt his daughter, but in some ways he is glad that maybe Safia understands what she did by killing his wife. It has always bothered him how much Safia took after his now departed wife, and in a sense it’s almost as if Safia has replaced her, which is extremely disturbing for any number of reasons. Not the least which is his attraction towards her that he has done his damnedest to hide from the world.

    Overall he is viewed as a reasonably fair, if somewhat extreme, man.

    Safia (Rolmar) Kildare:
    Title: Princess of the Mountains
    Age: 20
    Biography:Safia is the youngest child of Desmond Rolmar, the King of the Mountains, and the only girl. Her mother died when she was born, and though her father appointed a governess to teach her proper etiquette for a young lady of high birth, Safia preferred to practice sword-fighting and archery with her brothers, Karridan and Ectarion. She retains something of a tomboy streak, but will be ‘lady-like’ for official occasions.

    Prior to the splintering of the kingdoms, Safia was betrothed to Matheus, Fenton Reynard’s eldest son and heir—though the match was arranged by their parents, Safia and her intended husband did develop feelings for each other over the span of their courtship. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when Safia’s father, dissatisfied with Reynard’s way of doing things, broke away from the Kingdom of Mirwyth and declared himself King of the Mountains. Usually a devoted and adoring daughter and a loving, playful sister, Safia has been distant and cold towards her father and brothers. Though she loves her father and understands his disdain for Reynard’s methods, she is torn between her loyalty to her father and her feelings for her former love, who, because of her father’s actions, is now her enemy.


    King Desmond recently received and accepted a proposal of alliance to the Desert kingdom, to be sealed by the imminent marriage of Safia to Ser Lawrence Kildare, the Knight Commander of House Kildare and said to be one of the finest warriors in the desert kingdom. While waiting for the arrival of her betrothed, Safia battled with conflicting emotions brought on by her lingering feelings for Prince Matheus, the vicious opinions of her brother Ectarion (vocally opposed to the marriage), disturbing rumors she has heard from her spoiled and jealous cousin Synthia regarding Ser Lawrence and his family, and an unnerving encounter with Ser Malcolm Granville, a Knight in her father's service. Her eldest brother Karridan has been her constant protector, confidant and one of her few sources of comfort and reassurance. Twelve days before the wedding, Safia and Ser Lawrence at last met face-to-face.

    Desmond, meanwhile, was recently informed of an attack by Reynard men on House Harrowmont, one of the Mountain Houses allied to House Rolmar and one that had pledged itself to follow Desmond as King, rather than Fenton Reynard. He has announced his intentions to assemble some of his forces to meet Reynard’s men in battle before any other castles fall victim to the rampage. Eleven days before the wedding, Mountain forces vanquished the invading Capitalmen in the Battle of the Bloodsoaked Wood.

    Safia and Lawrence were married according to plan, but immediately after the ceremony, Desmond betrayed his new son-in-law and killed him. On the king’s orders, many of the Desertmen were killed, as well as the Desert priestess Illiza. Despite being wounded, one of the Desertmen, Ser Rickard Dondare, attempted to escape to safety with Safia, but when he succumbed to his injury, Safia was overpowered and raped by the vicious Ser Malcolm Granville. Desmond was killed by Lawrence's squire Miche.
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    SIGIL: Light brown otter on grey field.


    House Tarvick traces its roots to Ser Simon Tarvick, a Knight born into a common Captital family several centuries after the First Men came into Mirwyth. Simon had an adventurous heart and could not be contented with a hedge knight’s life in the Capital. After the death of his mother—his last living relative—he left Valona to explore the rest of Mirwyth. The Deserts, the Isles, the Prairies…he saw it all. But while travelling through the Mountains, Simon fell in love with a lesser lord’s only daughter. Despite misgivings about the marriage, the lord, having recently re-married himself and still hoping for a male heir, allowed the pair to be wed.

    However, no male heir was ever born to Simon’s father-in-law, and with no brothers or uncles, his name died with him, and Simon became the first Lord Tarvick.

    His father-in-law’s castle, Snowy Ford, sat upon the banks of the Brooke, the main waterway in the Mountains, and the House had always employed a ferryman to carry travelers back and forth across the river, for a modest fee. Simon, however, saw that having a proper crossing might be a way to gain attention and status for his new House, and so he set to building one at Snowy Ford. Although there were many ferries along the Brooke, up until this time, there were no bridges, so if a larger party of travelers wished to cross, they either had to go a few at a time on the ferry, or they simply had to ride along the banks of the Brooke until they reached its source and go around. The building of a bridge would of course eliminate this inconvenience, and indeed would also be easier on those travelers who would not trust their lives to a boat.

    Construction took several years, but once completed, the bridge at Snowy Ford brought all the attention Simon had expected it would. As with the ferry, there was of course a price to pay for crossing, and with the more influential, distinguished travelers coming through, House Tarvick gained a reputation in the Mountains and eventually throughout the rest of Mirwyth. But despite the growing connections, other Houses did not forget Simon’s humble origins, and even centuries after his death, House Tarvick maintained a lower place on Mountains’ social ladder. A few decades prior to the War of Many Kings, however, Lord Victor Tarvick attempted to elevate his House’s status by marrying off his youngest daughter, Corrine, to Desmond Rolmar, the Lord of the Mountains.


    Click here.


    Lord Victor Tarvick (deceased):Previous Lord of House Tarvick. Late husband of Irene Tarvick and father to Fredrik, Giselle, Helena, Nicholai, and Corrine.

    Lady Irene Tarvick: Dowager Lady of House Tarvick. Widow of Lord Victor and mother of Fredrik, Giselle, Helena, Nicholai, and Corrine.

    Lord Fredrik Tarvick: Current Lord of House Tarvick. Fredrik hunted down a pack of wolves responsible for the death of his brother Nicholai, earning a savage-looking scar across the left side of his face, and the nickname, “the Alpha Wolf.”

    Lady Sybella Tarvick: Wife of Fredrik, and mother of Celia, Dora, and Logan.

    Celia Tarvick Kemlin: Eldest child of Fredrik and Sybella. Celia is married to Willhem Kemlin, and they have a young daughter, Laurel.

    Dora Tarvick: Second child of Fredrik and Sybella. Unlike her sister, Dora has a rather plain look, having inherited neither her mother’s beauty nor the dignified appearance of her father, and is currently betrothed to a common man.

    Logan Tarvick: Only son of Fredrik and Sybella, and heir to Lordship of House Tarvick. He is not yet married, but his parents are urging him to start looking.

    Rowan Stone (deceased): Fredrik’s illegitimate son by a fisherwoman he bedded prior to his marriage to Sybella. Rowan was raised at Snowy Ford with his father, step-mother and half-siblings, as well as his own wife, Betha, and their daughter Anya. In one of the first battles of the War of Many Kings, he fought an invading troop of Capitalmen alongside his father, half-brother and a small army of Mountainmen in the Bloodsoaked Wood. Although the Mountainmen defeated the Capitalmen, Rowan was killed in the fighting.

    Giselle Tarvick Herrondar: The second child and eldest daughter of Victor and Irene, Giselle married a Capital Lord, Garrold Herrondar. Six sons were born to them, but one, Nickon, died in childhood.

    Victor Herrondar: Giselle and Garrold’s firstborn son, named for his maternal grandfather. He lives in the Capital with his parents, and has a wife, Cassia, and two children, Portia and Josiah.

    Terrant Herrondar: Second son of Giselle and Garrold. Also living in the Capital lands, Terrant serves as a Knight in King Reynard’s army.

    Jacken Herrondar: Third of Giselle and Garrold’s sons. When his twin brother, Nickon, died of illness at the age of four, Jacken’s uncle, Lord Fredrik, offered to take the boy into his own household as a companion for his own son Logan, who had no brothers. Jacken still lives at Snowy Ford, though he occasionally visits his family in the Capital.

    Hamish Herrondar: Fifth son of Giselle and Garrold. Hamish is a priest in the Capital.

    Noah Herrondar: Youngest son of Giselle and Garrold. Like his brother Terrant, Noah is a Knight in the Reynard garrison.

    Helena Tarvick Daltree: Third child and second daughter of Victor and Irene. Helena fell in love with and married a Knight in her family’s service, Hestor Daltree, but despite numerous attempts, they have no biological children. However, when Helena’s brother Nicholai and his wife were killed by wolves, she and her husband raised Nicholai’s two daughters as their own.

    Nicholai Tarvick (deceased):Fourth child and second son of Victor and Irene. Nicholai married a common woman, Francine, and had two daughters, Lydia and Rebekah. Nicholai, his wife, and their small squad of guards were attacked and killed by wolves while traveling.

    Lydia Tarvick Seebrid: The eldest daughter of Nicholai and Francine, Lydia married Walton Seebrid, a son of a lesser Mountain lord. They have a son, Nicholas.

    Rebekah Tarvick: The younger daughter of Nicholai and Francine, Rebekah grew up idolizing her adoptive father, Hestor Daltree, who taught her swordplay and archery. She is currently unmarried.

    Corrine Tarvick Rolmar (deceased):The youngest child of Victor and Irene, Corrine was married to Desmond Rolmar. Though the two did not meet until their wedding day, their marriage proved to be a happy one. Corrine and Desmond’s first two children, their sons Karridan and Ectarion, were born without anything beyond normal difficulties, but complications arose during the birth of their daughter, Safia, and Corrine died as a result. For more information on Corrine’s family, see the article on House Rolmar.
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    A Timeline of Recent Events in the Mountains and Prairies of Mirwyth,
    Circa the WAR OF MANY KINGS
    Written by: JediMasterAnne

    6 Years Before the War of Many Kings (BWoMK):
    The Tanderly Rebellion—the younger brother of Lord Lendan Tanderly rallies a small army in protest of his brother’s rule and successfully captures the Tanderly castle, exiling Lendan and taking Lady Tanderly as a hostage.
    Lendan retreated to Shodaire, where Lord Desmond Rolmar sheltered him and provided him with additional troops. Together, the two Lords are able to overwhelm the younger brother’s meager forces and re-capture the castle. The younger Tanderly brother was killed in the fighting, and Lendan was re-established as Lord of House Tanderly.

    5 Years BWoMK:
    Lord Desmond Rolmar and Crown Prince of Mirwyth, Fenton Reynard, agree to the betrothal of Desmond’s only daughter, Safia, to Fenton’s eldest son, Matheus.

    4 Years BWoMK:
    Fenton Reynard assumes the throne of Mirwyth following the sudden death of his father. Though King Hanrey had been very popular with his subjects and his reign saw some of the best times for Mirwyth’s people, it is believed amongst the highborn that he was murdered, but by whom is unknown. Over the next few years, Fenton’s acts as king reverse much of the progress made by the his father.

    0 Years BWoMK/Approx 2-3 Months Before the Wedding of Ser Lawrence Kildare and Princess Safia Rolmar:
    Three of King Hanrey Reynard’s former friends, Lords Desmond Rolmar of the Mountains, Mors Santagar of the Desert, and Nathaniel Delmari of the Isles, have grown increasingly concerned about the path down which Fenton Reynard is taking the kingdom, and agree amongst themselves to pull their respective lands out from under Fenton’s control and that each of them will declare himself “King” of his own region. In their formal declaration to Fenton Reynard, they demand that he resign his throne, or they will remove him by force. In addition, Desmond terminates his daughter Safia’s betrothal to Prince Matheus Reynard, despite the fact that the two have fallen in love with each other during their engagement.

    21 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Desmond Rolmar forms a pact with King Mors Santagar and Lady Ginnifer Kildare, agreeing to marry Safia to Lady Ginnifer’s older brother, Ser Lawrence Kildare, in an attempt to unify the Mountains and the Desert. Safia, still getting over the end of her betrothal to Matheus, is not happy with this new development, but she does not fight it. After informing his daughter of this new engagement, Desmond places Ser Malcolm Granville, a mysterious and slightly frightening Knight in his service, in charge of guard detail for Safia and Lawrence’s wedding.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Harrowmont
    Since infancy, Malik Stone has been raised in the castle of Harrowmont as Lord Jowan’s bastard son, but when discussing a prospective bride for Malik, Jowan reveals that Malik is actually the trueborn son of Adria Reynard Tillyworth, the eldest child of the late King Hanrey, and that Malik has a legitimate claim to the throne of Mirwyth.
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, the Dragonwood
    In a small farming village, bandit leader Beldak Darkeyes and his men engage a rival band of outlaws that have invaded their raiding territory. The villagers are caught in the middle, but, en route to Shodaire for his wedding, Ser Lawrence Kildare and his party of knights arrive and move in to fight the bandits off. When the battle is over, the only survivor the Desertmen are able to find is a small boy, and they take him with them. Later on, when they make camp for the night, Illiza, the priestess travelling with them, experiences a powerful vision of the coming war.
    Unnoticed by the Desertmen, the boy’s unconscious sister, Anyanka, is found by Beldak Darkeyes and his men, and when she realizes that her younger brother is missing, she convinces Beldak to help her find him.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, the Monastry of the Order of Avos
    After the death of her guardian Artemis, Leiliana Caine, an orphaned young woman raised within the monastry of the all-male Order of Avos, receives a strange vision of a castle in the Mountains—the Tower of Stone.

    20 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, the Dragonwood
    After an uneventful day of riding, the Desertmen tell stories around the campfire, and Illiza gets Lawrence to share his own tale of his famous defense of the Desert city of Aqarda. Despite his betrothal to Princess Safia, whom he has never met, Lawrence is attracted to the priestess, and following his tale, breaks his knightly vow of chastity with her.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, the Monastry of the Order of Avos
    After researching the strange omen she saw the day before, Leiliana sets out for the castle she saw in her vision.

    19 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Harrowmont
    Malik is awakened in the night by little Rosa Sand, a servant girl in the castle and one of his few friends, to find the castle is on fire and under attack by Reynard troops. The pair manage to escape the castle, but are pursued on the grounds by Capitalmen. As they are chased, Malik and Rosa encounter Ser Andras Maegorion and Keine Stone. The Knight and his squire had been sent to Harrowmont to warn against these same marauding Capitalmen, but suffered a delay due to the weather, and are just arriving. Ser Andras and Keine cut down Malik and Rosa’s pursuers and after sending off messages to other Mountain Houses, the four leave the decimated castle.
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, the Dragonwood
    Continuing their journey to the Mountains, the Desertmen pass a cottage where they find a woman in labor, and though Illiza tries to assist, the child is stillborn. That night, when Lawrence notes the priestess’s distress, she expresses a fear that their god, V’hallar, has forsaken her and then attempts to bed the Knight again. But, realizing his duty to his family and his betrothed, Lawrence refuses her.
    Still searching for Anyanka’s brother, Beldak and his men travel through a small village where they encounter Anyanka’s aunt, who attempts to dissuade her neice going any further with the bandits, but when another woman in the village, a sort of witch, attacks Anyanka, Beldak rescues the girl and he and his men kill the villagers, including the aunt, and resume their search for Anyanka’s brother.

    18 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Cyrell of House Gideon
    Word of the slaughter at Harrowmont has reached Baron Hlaine Gideon, and he immediately sets off for Shodaire to inform King Desmond.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Near the Ruins of Harrowmont
    Having spent the night in the woods near the burned castle, Ser Andras and Keine decide to take Malik and Rosa to Snowy Ford, the home of Lord Fredrik Tarvick.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Fort Vane
    Lady Helena Vane, advisor to King Desmond Rolmar, departs her home for Shodaire to attend the wedding of Safia and Lawrence.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Village
    Leiliana Caine stops to stay in a small village, where she draws the attention of the village chief’s daughter, Sierida, who after learning that Leiliana came from the monk Order of Avos, displays an interest in alchemy.

    17 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Snowy Ford
    Ser Andras and Keine arrive at Snowy Ford with Malik and Rosa and are immediately brought before Lord Fredrik Tarvick to give their eyewitness account of the assault on Harrowmont. Lord Fredrik dispatches a messenger to Shodaire, and also sends his bastard son Rowan to the neighboring castles, starting with Cyrell of House Cyrell, and begins planning to engage the advancing Capitalmen in the Mountains’ Bloodsoaked Wood.

    16 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Cyrell of House Cyrell
    Lady Helena Cyrell tells her husband, Lord Gordon Cyrell, of the Capitalmen’s raid on Harrowmont, and informs him of a possible motive: that Fenton Reynard has sent the men into the Mountains to prevent the marriage of Safia Rolmar and Ser Lawrence Kildare. It is believed that the Capitalmen will continue their attacks against the Mountain Houses between Harrowmont and the Tower of Stone, and upon reaching Shodaire, intend to capture King Desmond, his sons Karridan and Ectarion, Safia, and Ser Lawrence. Gordon immediately sets his own men to sending out messages to other Houses, rallying his own knights, and discovering any additional information about the attacking Reynard troops. He also addresses the citizens of Cyrell, warning them of the attack and calling on them to come together against the assailants.

    15 Days Before the Wedding:
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Cyrell of House Cyrell
    Rowan Stone, Lord Fredrik Tarvick’s legitimized bastard son, arrives at Cyrell and fills Lord Gordon in on some of the details given to Lord Fredrik by Ser Andras Maegorian and Keine Stone regarding the attack on Harrowmont, and tells Gordon of the plan to stop the Capitalmen in the Bloodsoaked Wood.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Preparations have begun for Safia and Ser Lawrence’s wedding, and some of the Rolmar relatives have begun to arrive. Among them is Safia’s jealous and conceited cousin Synthia, who convinces a reluctant Safia to have tea with her and a few of her cousins. Though Safia has little reason to trust anything the other girls say, she nonetheless finds herself slightly disturbed by some of the gossip she hears from the others in regards to Ser Lawrence and his family. Her eldest brother Karridan later reassures her, but her other brother Ectarion almost immediately shakes her confidence again. When she seeks out Karridan for comfort once more, she has an unexpected and unnerving run-in with Ser Malcolm Granville. The encounter is mercifully brief, and Safia soon finds her brother in his own chambers, where he tells her of the attack on Harrowmont. Baron Hlaine Gideon arrived at the Tower of Stone a short while ago and informed the King, who later tells the rest of his guests over dinner, and in addition states his intentions of rallying part of his army to stop the Capitalmen.
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, Open Plains
    Beldak Darkeyes and his horde have been steadily catching up to the men they believe has taken Anyanka’s little brother, and are now within sight of the camp. Expecting a fight, Beldak takes a moment to give Anyanka a few lessons in sword-fighting before they move in.
    Within the camp, Ser Lawrence and his men have noticed that they have been followed, and are likewise preparing for battle. Illiza—still depressed by Lawrence’s rejection of her—is told to hide with the boy in one of the tents.
    Once the bandits are ready, Beldak initially sends Anyanka as an envoy to the knights, but when she tries to use the opportunity to escape from Beldak, the bandits kill her and attack the camp. Lawrence faces Beldak himself in one-on-one combat, and kills the outlaw. The rest of the bandits are killed or forced to retreat, and the Desertmen, after burning the bodies, resume their trek to the Mountains.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, the Road to Shodaire
    En route to the Tower of Stone, Helena Vane and her contingent are caught in an avalanche, and only Helena and her maid survive.

    Approx. 2 Weeks Before the Wedding (exact timing unknown)
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Harrowmont
    Two commoners stumble across the ruins of the castle, and as they cautiously investigate, they find that the House of Harrowmont may not be as dead as it seems…

    12 Days Before the Wedding
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Lawrence and his men arrive at the Rolmars’ castle, and finally meets his bride-to-be face-to-face. Safia is at first nervous and uneasy with him, but when they go outside to tour the grounds on horseback, she begins to relax. Lawrence proposes a friendly race around the grounds, to which Safia agrees. Lawrence wins the race, then surprises the princess with a ‘consolation prize’—a kiss. Additional guests arrive at the castle for the coming wedding—Lord Lendan Tanderly, with his wife and two of their sons, and Caethrene Gideon, second cousin of Baron Hlaine Gideon.
    After their race around the grounds, Safia and Lawrence venture out into the woods outside the Tower of Stone. When they narrowly escape an avalanche, Safia twists her ankle after being thrown from her horse, and Lawrence comes to rescue her and takes her back to the Tower.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, the Wolfswood
    After two days of wandering in an attempt to find shelter and food, Helena and Isabella are awakened by the appearance of mercenary/hunter/tracker Dayvid Sol and his wolf-dog Sage. Helena offers to pay Dayvid in return for his service if he will guide her and her maid to the nearest town, to which Dayvid agrees.

    11 Days Before the Wedding
    Mountainmen led by Lord Fredrik Tarvick and Lord Gordon Cyrell meet the invading Capital forces in an area known as the Bloodsoaked Wood. Though the Capitalmen are vanquished, many Mountainmen are also killed, among them Lord Cyrell and Lord Tarvick’s bastard son Rowan Stone.

    9 Days Before the Wedding
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Lawrence tells Safia of how he broke his vows during his journey to the Mountains. Lady Cyrell, wife of Lord Gordon Cyrell, arrives at the Tower for the wedding.
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Misty Top Keep
    Lord Darridan Meade departs for the wedding of Safia Rolmar and Lawrence Kildare. He is seen off by his nine children, and his eldest son and heir, Mairar, is left in charge of the family in the Lord’s absence.

    3 Days Before the Wedding
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, Homeling Village
    Wandering healer Shalavon Distantdreamer is brought to the village to help a young woman dying of fever after some kind of attack—the girl has apparent injuries to her face and eyes. Though he is able to stave off the fever, Shalavon is unable to restore the girl’s sight. After he has treated his patient, the girl’s mother asks Shalavon for directions to Shodaire.

    The Day of the Wedding
    The Mountains of Mirwyth, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Desmond informs his children that the King of the Desert, Mors Santagar, and his mentally challenged son have both been killed, and that Martyn Forsythe, Lawrence’s father, has claimed the throne. Though he is now the heir to the Desert throne, Lawrence is not told of this new development. Some time later, while Safia is dining with her father and a selection of the wedding’s male guests, messengers from the Isles arrive, with the news that Nathaniel Delmari, the King of the Isles, is dead, and his wife Kalera, also Desmond’s sister, has been lost at sea.
    To try to cope with the distressing news, Safia takes a short ride through the woods before going to prepare for her wedding. After she is dressed, Karridan invades her chambers, clearly disturbed, and insists that Safia not go through with the wedding to Lawrence, urging her to flee the Mountains instead, but will not tell her why, and Safia refuses.
    Lawrence, while having tea with a number of the Mountain ladies, is visited by Illiza, the priestess with whom he broke his vows. Though a vibrant young woman upon their arrival at Shodaire, she has now been inexplicably transformed into an elderly crone. Illiza claims that her unnatural aging is punishment from their god, V’hallar, for breaking her own vows, and tries to warn the knight that he, too, will face the god’s judgment, but Lawrence only fires off an angry retort and returns to the groom’s tea.
    The Prairies of Mirwyth, Roads
    After defending a Homeling youth from a group of short-tempered travelers, Shalavon is injured and knocked unconscious when one of the travelers’ horses kicks him in the chest.
    Ser Lawrence Kildare and Princess Safia Rolmar are joined in matrimony, but immediately after the ceremony, Illiza stabs Lawrence in the back with a shard of glass, and, on King Desmond’s orders, Mountainmen turn on the Desertmen. Desmond also orders that Illiza be burned alive, before he himself kills the wounded Lawrence, beheading the Desert knight. Despite his own injuries, Ser Rickard Dondare, one of the Desert knights, attempts to escape the chaos with Safia, but they are stopped by Ser Malcolm Granville, and after Rickard passes out from his wound, Granville incapacitates Safia and rapes her.
    Back in the main hall, Desmond and his allies have disposed of the rest of the Desertmen, and the king dispatches Ser Emory Cupiditas to deliver Ser Lawrence’s head back to the Fair Groves. His eldest son Karridan protests, but Desmond ignores him, and Karridan leaves to search for Safia. Desmond’s other son Ectarion leaves with their cousin Synthia, who has been molested by Slade Moorecroft, leaving Desmond alone in the hall. In that moment, Ser Lawrence’s squire Miche, who had faked his death to avoid injury, kills Desmond with Lawrence’s scimitar.

    The Morning After the Wedding
    Safia wakes up and realizes that she has been raped, but cannot remember the identity of her attacker. When Karridan discovers her, he finds Ser Rickard in the chamber with her, naked and bloody, and the Desert knight is arrested for Safia’s rape.
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    Current Events of the Isles, Desert, and Capital of Mirwyth,
    Circa the WAR OF MANY KINGS

    Approx. 2-3 Months Before the Wedding of Ser Lawrence Kildare and Princess Safia Rolmar
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth
    King Fenton Reynard informs his court of the splintering of his kingdom, condemning the three independent kings as traitors and declaring war on the Mountains, the Desert, and the Isles.

    21 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    After disposing of a boatful of Reynard knights attempting to infiltrate Delmaristead, Diana Cupiditas, an assassin in service to King Nathaniel Delmari, is summoned by Queen Kalera Delmari, who makes a surprising request of her: she wants Diana to kill her. Actually, Kalera wants Diana to help her fake her own death after the wedding of her niece, Safia Rolmar, so that she may escape her troubled and unhappy marriage to Nathaniel. Diana, however, feels that Kalera’s emotional instability makes her a liability to her King’s rule over the Isles, and privately plots to truly kill the Queen.
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Breezecroft
    While touring Breezecroft with his future son-in-law, Korianton Rynquist, King Nathaniel Delmari encounters a young bastard woman, Gwenn Cliffe, and a peddler, Abott Tuckman, in a local tavern, and asks that they both meet with him the next day.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Oasis of Dawnsgrace
    King Mors Santagar, a widower with only one mentally handicapped son, discusses potential future brides with his father-in-law and advisor, Ghazzan Gerhund. Though a few possibilities are quickly dismissed, Mors takes Ginnifer Kildare, Lady of the Fair Groves and younger sister to Ser Lawrence Kildare, into serious consideration.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, Caraba
    Pirates attack the prominent port city, killing women and children and capturing men to serve on their crew. Among the captives is Willas Kildare, son of Aron Kildare and cousin to Ser Lawrence and Lady Ginnifer. Lorain Ashkey, an impressively muscular woman, is also captured after taking out several of the pirates in revenge for her father, who was killed moments earlier. The pirates soon retreat from the city and back to the sea.

    20 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Breezecroft
    Gwenn Cliffe is awakened by her friend and fellow servant Lukas for her audience with King Nathaniel. Speculation is that the king intends to take her to Delmaristead to work for him, and Lukas is at first reluctant to let her go, expressing his feelings for her with a single kiss. Abott Tuckman arrives to escort her to the King. When they get to Nathaniel’s chambers, the King briefly talks with Abott, enlisting his help in getting much-needed supplies to the Isles, before dismissing him. Talking with Gwenn, Nathaniel shares with her his memory of a brief affair with Gwenn’s mother Harriet many years earlier, revealing that he is her father, and offers to take her back to Delmaristead to live with him and his family. Gwenn is shocked and emotionally conflicted, asking for time to think the matter over. She leaves and is soon found by Lukas, with whom she shares the news.
    Abott meets with Korianton Rynquist, who is at first quite rude to the merchant, but after the king intervenes, Rynquist’s manner changes drastically. Nathaniel assigns Abott to one of his ships, the Naked Broad, and Abott leaves for the docks.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Oasis of Dawnsgrace
    A raven arrives from the Sultan of Caraba, informing King Mors of the pirates’ attack on the port and imploring for aide from the king.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Word of the attack has also reached Willas’s family. Landon Kildare, youngest brother to Ser Lawrence and Lady Ginnifer, tells his father, Martyn Forsythe the news. Shortly afterward, Landon’s older sister Zooey joins them with a letter to King Mors from Ginnifer, which Martyn is to deliver. To discover precisely what the letter entails, Ginnifer’s aunt, Regina Kildare, plans to send her daughter-in-law Callista Halleth with Martyn to Dawnsgrace.

    19 Days Before the Wedding
    Somewhere at Sea, off the Coast of the Desert of Mirwyth
    With the aid of Willas Kildare, Lorain Ashkey escapes from the pirates who captured her and promises to head to the Fair Groves to tell Willas’s family what has happened to him. Lorain jumps ship and swims to shore, landing somewhere near the city of Aqarda. When she comes ashore, she is found by three men, who offer to take her to a nearby town. Upon reaching the town, however, the place appears abandoned. Before long, they stumble across a young boy, Fleet, and a wounded woman, his friend Kaili. It soon comes out that the men who ‘rescued’ Lorain in fact sold the town’s citizens into slavery and wounded Kaili, blaming her for an attack on Queen Emelia Reynard. Lorain helps Fleet and Kaili escape the men and take shelter in an abandoned blacksmith’s shop.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Martyn Forsythe and Callista Halleth leave the Fair Groves and head to Dawnsgrace to deliver Ginnifer’s letter to King Mors.

    18 Days Before the Wedding
    The Deserts of Mirwyth, Abandoned Town, Blacksmith’s shop
    After spending the night in the smithy, Lorain and Fleet scour the empty town for supplies for their journey to the Fair Groves. When the wounded Kaili dies of her injuries later that day, Lorain and Fleet bury her, then, under cover of night, they begin the trek to the Fair Groves. Lorain entertains Fleet with stories about the constellations, until they are interrupted by the approach of a caravan bound for the abandoned town. When Lorain informs the travelers, an uncle and nephew from the Fair Groves, that their destination has been reduced to a ghost town, and that she and Fleet are bound for the Fair Groves, the two men agree to accompany Lorain and Fleet back to Kalkheim.

    17 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Breezecroft
    After speaking briefly with Abott Tuckman, Nathaniel Delmari departs for Delmaristead, taking his illegitimate daughter Gwenn Cliffe with him.

    16 Days Before the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Oasis of Dawnsgrace, Bedchamber
    An assassin, known only as the Sand Fury, slips into King Mors's private chambers while the King sleeps and kills Mors and his son.

    15 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    While Queen Kalera is preparing to leave for the mountains to attend her niece’s wedding, Diana Cupiditas tracks and captures a trio of female vigilantes, killing two of them and taking the third, a woman named Earyn, prisoner.
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth
    Queen Emelia Reynard hosts a tea with some of the Capital’s high-born ladies, one of whom brings up the attack on Harrowmont. Another, Giselle Herrondar, sister to Lord Fredrik Tarvick, expresses her fears for her brother, given his castle’s position near the ruined Harrowmont. They are interrupted by Emelia’s sister, Lucia Brendel, who reveals to the Queen the news of Safia Rolmar’s coming marriage to Ser Lawrence Kildare.
    Later, at dinner, Fenton Reynard coldly gives the news to their son, Matheus. Visibly upset, Matheus leaves, and Emelia follows him to try to comfort him. In a rare moment of anger, Matheus vows vengeance against the Kildares.
    Assassin Gavin Hunter is called before King Fenton and on his way into the castle, encounters Fenton and Emelia’s daughter Maela.

    14 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    Diana interrogates Earyn and is able to learn of a possible attack against Delmaristead by King Reynard. When she reports this to Queen Kalera, the Queen asks her to stay in Delmaristead until the threat is passed, then to make her own way to Shodaire, still intent on going through with her plan to fake her own death. Diana then follows the Queen to the harbor, where Kalera and her daughter Raven will leave for the Mountains. As they are boarding their ship, the citizens revolt, and Kalera is wounded by an arrow. Diana is able to escape the attackers, and once Raven is able to get on board safely, the ship immediately casts off.

    13 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Seas, Aboard the Golden Anchor
    Word of the revolt in Delmaristead and the attack on Queen Kalera and Princess Raven reaches King Nathaniel and Gwenn. Korianton Rynquist takes ships ahead to attempt to reclaim Delmaristead from the revolters. As a precaution, Nathaniel tells Gwenn that if Raven is not found, that she will be his heir.
    Traversing the Desert, en route to Dawnsgrace
    As they make their way to King Mors’s castle, Martyn and Callista discover a disturbing string of corpses, among them one of their guards, sent ahead of them to alert the king of their coming. Another is Ghazzan Gerhund, father-in-law to King Mors. Upon arriving at Dawnsgrace, they find that the citizens have revolted against the king, who has taken refuge within his castle. Martyn and Callista disguise themselves and manage to safely enter the city. Finding the gates of King Mors’s castle chained and locked, Martyn decides to take a path less traveled to enter the fortress-the sewers. Guards catch them as they reach the other end, but when Martyn identifies himself, the guards decide to take them to the throne room. Upon arriving, Martyn and Callista find the lifeless bodies of King Mors and his son.
    The Deserts of Mirwth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Lorain and Fleet, with their companions, arrive at the Fair Groves and are brought before Zooey Kildare—Lady Ginnifer is away, and her younger sister is running the Fair Groves in her absence. Upon hearing that Lorain has news of her cousin Willis, Zooey summons Willis’s parents, her uncle Aron, the Warden of the Fair Groves, and his wife Lady Spectra. After listening to Lorain’s tale of the pirate attack on Caraba and her capture and escape, Zooey, Aron and Spectra decide that Willis’s brother Ser Caliban will be sent to find the pirates and rescue Willis. Lorain is asked to go with them, which she agrees to consider. Later, after Lorain also breaks the news of Willis’s capture to his wife, Aimee, Lorain and Fleet are taken to a local smith to purchase weapons and armor, courtesy of the grateful Kildares.

    12 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    Having hidden from the revolting citizens since the attack on Queen Kalera and Princess Raven, Diana Cupiditas re-emerges to try to gather information and to make contact with anyone who might help her re-take Delmaristead. She meets with Treyvor Dondare, a trader returning from across the sea, where in addition to goods, he has picked up a few wandering warriors from Otosan, among them Sanjuro Kenji.
    The Capital Lands of Mirwyth, Seas, WinterBridge, Aboard the Naked Broad
    Abott Tuckman and new crew arrive at WinterBridge, home of the Embers, who has secretly prepared two ships of supplies to be sailed to the Isles.

    11 Days Before the Wedding
    The Deserts of Mirwyth, Kalkheim
    Lorain and Fleet, with Ser Caliban Kildare, set off on their journey to rescue Caliban’s brother Willis from the slavers. On their way out, they are met by Lady Ginnifer, returning to the city after visiting tenants. Though there is an underlying tension between the Kildare cousins, Ginnifer allows Caliban and his party to embark on their quest with her blessing.

    10 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    Korianton Rynquist and Delmari knights subdue the rebellious population of Delmaristead and reclaim the city for King Nathaniel.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, The Oasis of Dawnsgrace, Palace
    Following the strange deaths of Mors Santagar and his heir, Martyn Forsythe publicly declares himself the new King of the Desert.

    9 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead
    After successfully navigating the treacherous Teeth formation near Delmaristead, Nathaniel arrives home with Gwenn. There is still no news on Kalera and Raven’s whereabouts. After being bathed and dressed in a manner befitting a king’s daughter, Gwenn is brought to dine with Nathaniel. Korianton arrives during the meal and, to celebrate Nathaniel’s return home, he has had a special dish prepared for the king. Later, after retiring for the night, Gwenn is summoned to Nathaniel’s chambers. The King of the Isles is dying, and Nathaniel legitimizes Gwenn on his deathbed, re-christening her Guinevere Delmari, and declaring her his heir and the next Queen of the Isles.

    8 Days Before the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth, Castle Reyneer, Throne Room
    King Fenton announces to his courtiers his plans for the rebellious kings. Matheus will lead an attack against the Fair Groves and Dawnsgrace, while Fenton’s brother will deal with the Isles and Nathaniel Delmari. Fenton has something especially sinister in mind for Desmond Rolmar, but does not share his plans in detail.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, Outskirts of Evenfall
    Ser Caliban’s rescue party makes camp for the night. Though his has shown nothing but disdain for Lorain and Fleet during the journey thus far, Caliban pulls Lorain into his tent to get information about the pirate ship that captured his brother. After hearing that the pirates seemed to be travelling south, Caliban fears that his task will take them into Capital territory.

    7 Days Before the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth, Streets
    While the Royal Family is parading through the streets of the city, a riot breaks out and in the confusion, King Fenton is seen to fall from the chariot he is riding in with Emilia and Matheus. Emilia is also thrown out, but she is caught and taken to safety by Ser Aran, a knight in service to the Royal Family. In the chaos, no one sees what has happened to the King.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    A messenger from Dawnsgrace arrives in the middle of the night, informing Ginnifer of the Santagar deaths and her father’s new position as King. The following morning, Ginnifer sends the messenger back, assuring Martyn of his family’s support and loyalty.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, Outskirts of Evenfall, Camp
    Ser Caliban is met by the Lord of Evenfall, Olincer Dondare, and tells him of his brother’s capture by pirates. Lord Dondare reveals that his own heir, Hedric, is being held by the Reynards, and gives Caliban an additional fifty men to supplement the knight’s small group.
    The Isles of Mirwyth, the Iron Crag
    Lord Rollant Horn and his bastard son Elric discuss the disappearance of Queen Kalera and Princess Raven Delmari, and the coming war.

    6 Days Before the Wedding
    The Isles of Mirwyth, Delmaristead, Docks
    Though one ship was lost during the return journey, Abbott Tuckman arrives to the Isles with the supplies from the Capital. Upon arriving, he is met by Lord Tymothi Moorecroft, who has brought Tuckman’s payment for the food. He also has a new task for Tuckman, if he decides to take it: ferrying slaves to the Iron Crag, a prison in the Isles controlled by Lord Rollant Horn.

    5 Days Before the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Displeased upon hearing of Lord Dondare’s ‘contribution,’ Ginnifer expresses fear that the additional men may spur Caliban to forget his task and engage Reynard’s men if he meets them.

    4 Days Before the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth, Castle Reyneer, Guard Tower
    King Fenton still has not been found. Ser Aran interrogates a witness from the riot three days earlier, an acrobat who seems to insinuate that Emilia had something to do with Fenton’s fall from the chariot. In a fit of anger and denial, Ser Aran brutally kills the acrobat.
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    An informant in the Capital writes to Ginnifer, telling her of the riot during the parade, the apparent death of Fenton Reynard, and the coming ascension of Matheus to the throne.
    The Capital of Mirwyth, the Ravenford
    Having crossed into the Capital lands, Ser Caliban and his party are spotted by a scout and soon brought to the Ravenford, where they are met first by the very suspicious and distrusting castellan, who doubts their intentions. The true ruler of the Ravenford, however, twelve-year-old Claryssa Bristal, the castellan’s niece, is more welcoming of her guests, and allows the Desertmen food and board for the night.
    During the night, Caliban’s squire, Olyvar, wakens Lorain and Fleet with the news that the pirates have returned, and the Desertmen are preparing to fight them back. As they gather in the throne room, Caliban is ready to head to the battle, but Olyvar protests that someone should stay to protect Lady Claryssa, or to help her escape the castle, and Caliban tells Olyvar to do it himself. Lorain must stay with the Desertmen so that she can tell them whether these are the pirates who captured his brother Willas, but she encourages Olyvar to do as Caliban has instructed.

    3 Days Before the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth, Castle Reyneer
    Emilia informs Ser Aran of Mors Santagar’s death and Martyn Forsythe’s ascension.

    1 Day Before the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Miwyth, Castle Reyneer
    Word reaches Emilia that a party of Desertmen has attacked and razed the Ravenford, and that pirates have also been spotted massing at the shores of Shatterstone Bay. In answer to this threat, Emilia dispatches Ser Aran to meet the Desertmen and drive them back from the Capital. Before dismissing him on this task, however, she makes one other special request—that he track down and kill her sister Lucia.

    The Day of the Wedding
    Valona, the Capital of Mirwyth, Castle Reyneer
    Matheus Reynard is crowned King of Mirwyth. During the festivities following the ceremony, Ser Aran slips into the chambers of Lucia Brendel and kills her, before setting off with with a party of knights to deal with the Desertmen and pirates that destroyed the Ravenford.

    6 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Ginnifer’s court is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Ser Caliban’s squire Olyvar, with Lady Claryssa Bristal of the Ravenford. Olyvar tells Ginnifer that the Ravenford was attacked again by pirates, and in the confusion, the Ravenford’s castellan mistakenly reported to other Capital lords that the Desertmen were behind the attack. Ser Caliban, caught between the pirates and an army of Capitalmen, ordered Olyvar to return to the Fair Groves with Claryssa and the other survivors from the Ravenford. Ginnifer comforts Claryssa and has her stewards see to the young Lady’s needs. That night, Ginnifer asks her aunt Regina to take Claryssa as a surrogate daughter, to which Regina reluctantly agrees.

    7 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    With Regina’s help, Claryssa pens letters to other prominent lords of Mirwyth, correcting her uncle’s erroneous report about the Desertmen and urging the lords to rally against the pirates.

    8 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    A messenger arrives informing Ginnifer that her brother Ser Lawrence will be arriving that evening, with his new wife Safia. Expecting to receive her returning brother and new sister-in-law, Ginnifer gathers her family in the hall. Instead of Ser Lawrence and Safia, however, Ser Emory Cupiditas arrives with a fellow Mountainman, and present Ginnifer with her brother’s severed head. Later that night, the Kildare family gathers at a brief funeral for Lawrence. Ginnifer appoints her uncle Aron temporary Knight Commander.

    9 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, Caraba
    As the city attempt to recover from the pirate attack, the wife of Caraba’s dying Sultan is urged by his council to journey to Dawnsgrace to appeal to the new King for aid. Because Callista Sand Halleth was the rumored bastard of the Sultan, his wife is reluctant to go, but in the end agrees.

    10 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Oasis of Dawnsgrace, Palace
    Word of Lawrence’s death has reached Martyn, who immediately sends a letter to the Fair Groves, summoning his remaining children to Dawnsgrace.

    11 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves, Kalkheim
    Ginnifer receives her father’s summons, and makes plans with her siblings to depart. She appoints her aunt Regina to govern the Fair Groves until she returns.

    12 Days After the Wedding
    The Desert of Mirwyth, the Fair Groves
    Ginnifer and her siblings set out for Dawnsgrace.

    14 Days After the Wedding
    The Great Continent, Daversport, Castle Daverston
    Evaleene Davers, Princess of Daversport, is informed by her father, Isen Davers, that he intends to marry her off to King Matheus Reynard of Mirwyth, and to lend Davers support to the Capital’s fight to subdue Mirwyth’s rebelling lands.

    17 Days After the Wedding
    The Great Continent, Daversport, Harbor
    Evaleene departs Daversport for Mirwyth, with Mirwythian tutor Philippe Wood, as well as three thousand men to supplement Valona’s army, if the Reynards accept the Davers’ proposal. As he bids his daughter farewell, Isen tells Evaleene that if they do not accept the deal, the Reynards may find themselves with another enemy in the coming war.
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    House Delmari


    "As the sea, loyalty is constantly ebbing and flowing. As a sailor, a leader must learn to ride the waves and harness their power.”


    The Delmari family, while not the first settlers of the Isles, have long occupied the largest island, ancestrally known as Nyeliem. None recall the origin of the island's name, nor why the Delmari kept it in their histories. Shortly after landing, the island was renamed to Loriada, after the captain's mother.

    The Delmari lineage can be traced back to a man named Dek Mariea, a successful and ruthless pirate of the time. Aside from this dark reputation, little was known of him aside from his status as an outsider. Where he came from, none know, though he was recorded to have sailed from land "...long distant and lost to him..." Many think he was, perhaps, insane, though it cannot be denied that he was a fine captain who inspired loyalty within his men.

    It was shortly after a string of successful pillages that Mariea's ship, The Crimson Queen, was driven by a fierce storm and shattered against the large island of Nyeliem, as it was marked upon their maps. The treasure on board was salvaged, and the captain, along with the remaining crew, dragged it up the steep cliffs on the coast and buried it.

    The island was heavily wooded, and in the next few days the crew set about felling trees in hopes of fashioning a vessel of sorts to depart the island and return to their base of operations on the mainland. However, the weather delayed their plans. As they sat out storm after storm, they began to use the felled logs to build shelters. Shortly thereafter, rival pirates stumbled upon them and attempted to steal their treasure. The rag tag group of Mariea pirates defended their shore and, now convinced they would never leave this island, turned their shelters into a mighty log fortress set up on the cliff.

    The first several years were extremely hard. Much of their food was foraged and hunted, and a fair number of men died from exposure, disease, and hunger. It became apparent that the pirates must either sail on or adapt. They chose the latter. Digging into their treasure, they lured several merchant vessels to their island, where they sacked the ships and took the goods they carried. Some of the passengers and crew joined with the pirates, though many were killed. The ships--save for one, re-purposed as a short range pirating vessel--were sunk or scavenged for material, such was the conviction of the crew to leave their seafaring days behind.

    Despite those who joined with them, their numbers steadily dwindled. Few were the women on the island, and fewer still were the children born. That changed, however, when a passenger vessel was captured off their coast. It carried many women, including seven daughters of prominent lords from the mainland. There are no records of their reason for being out on the ocean.

    The women were taken and incorporated into the fort. Most were used for less than savory purposes. Captain Mariea took for himself the most beautiful daughter of the nobility as his wife, and history tells that it was she who was responsible for the preservation of the Delmari line. Her name, Elizabeth Raven Holdfast, has been honored by the Delmari family even through to the time of the War of Kings.

    Dek and Elizabeth--or Raven, as she chose to be called from that point forward--fell madly in love, quite unexpectedly. So much so that when, upon hearing of the capture of their beloved daughters, and the lords sent soldiers to rescue them, Raven herself aided the pirates in the fighting. Though it was a hard fought string of battles, the Mariea pirates held out.

    In the aftermath, Raven met with her husband and together they decided that a change must be made. The two set out to make the fortress into an honest community. It was a hard-fought idea, and for months mutinies and power plays dominated. Dek and Raven, however, were well prepared. They retained command of the settlement and control to the sizable treasury. At last, the fighting was finished, and all remaining committed to building a community to be proud of. A small number, still in disagreement, was cast out, where they became bandits who prowled the forests for years to come.

    The first step was to settle accounts with the Lords. Firstly, Raven suggested that Dek take upon himself a new name. The name Mariea was too prominently known with negative connotation to convince others that their intentions were noble. And so, at her suggestion, Dek took upon himself the surname Delmari, contrived from his first and last names put together. His wife was always fond of the name Joshua, and so Dek Mariea, the dreaded pirate, became Joshua Delmari, Lord of Delmaristead and Loriada.

    Raven and Joshua called a meeting with the three involved Lords. Though they came for war, they were met by the ruling couple as well as the other six women. Together, they convinced the lords that the daughters and other women found, inexplicably, happiness within the young Delmaristead. The meetings ran several days, but finally the lords departed, newly formed trade agreements left in their wake. From those trade negotiations came lasting relationships between the House Delmari and the three noble houses from the mainland, relationships that greatly aided the fledgling noble line to become the most powerful in the Isles.

    The fort of Delmaristead grew steadily. Fields were planted, animals raised. Despite the constant raids from the forests, the town grew and grew. Many looking to rid themselves of the mainland, yet not brave enough to settle islands on their own, flocked to Delmaristead. Soon, wooden fortifications were replaced by stronger stone walls. An official harbor was created on the coast. The path became a common target by the bandits in the woods, and Joshua responded by employing the first guards and soldiers on the island in order to rid themselves of these bandits for good.

    The city grew and grew, and Joshua and Raven aged. Rule passed to their children, who were taught well what it meant to be a Delmari and how to continue on without the aid of their parents. The old pirate, long since reformed, eventually died, his beloved wife of forty-seven years holding his hand, children and grandchildren at his bedside. Raven passed two days after. In the Isles, theirs is regarded as one of the grandest love stories of all time.

    In the memory of their parents and grandparents, the Delmari family continued to build their trading company. The city grew so quickly, the walls could not contain it, and so houses and shops spread down the cliffside towards the harbor. Outer walls were built, the forest was pushed back as more farmland and space became required. Delmaristead grew into the largest city of the Isles, as well as the major hub for trade. Throughout all of this, a Delmari has always, without fail, sat upon the throne of Delmaristead.

    King Nathaniel Delmari
    Age: 53

    As a young man, Nathaniel was a wild and rambunctious individual. Though he was nobility, he was the second son, and therefore would not inherit the title of Lord, but this didn't bother him. He loved the sea, as did his ancestors long past, and went off to become a sailor in his family's fleet.

    Times were as rough as the seas, and he soon became battle-hardened and a masterful sailor. He had a fierce temper, and refused to succumb to the sea. As he gained positions of responsibility aboard the ships of the fleet, he became known for daring to take on the sea in any condition, be it clear or stormy. He almost sunk many a ship, pushing on through storms that lesser men would have avoided or attempted to wait out. His crews, while at first hesitant or outright antagonistic towards him, soon grew to think of him as a force of nature himself, and would follow him wherever he commanded.

    It was also this fierce and daring approach to sailing that made him one of the best captains at seizing pirate vessels, which had plagued the shores of the Isles for years. He proved as daring with a sword as he did with a ship, and soon the pirates set sail to find safer waters to plunder. Nathaniel was heralded as a hero, known for his daring deeds. He was also, as it were, known for being a rather lustful young man. He bedded many women and left many bastard children in his wake.

    His sailing days came to an end when he was at his prime, however, as his elder brother passed away due to illness. Nathaniel, whose father was in failing health himself, was forced to retire from his oceanic lifestyle to return home and take over for his deceased brother. Nathaniel proved to be ferocious in his political dealings as well, though he settled much as he aged. His father passed shortly after, and he inherited the Lordship of his lands. Together, with the help of Alexander Rynquistanother prominent Lord-to-be that Nathaniel had met and befriended while serving with the fleetNathaniel made his lands prosperous, ruling with a fair hand.

    It was some time after he ascended to Lordship that a political alliance was made with a Lord of the mountains, Desmond Rolmar. Nathaniel took the mountain man's sister to wed, though the marriage turned out to be an unhappy one. She is still his wife, but the years have been stressful on them both. Neither grew to love the other. In time, his good friend Alexander passed away, passing the rule of the family to his son, Korianton, a skilled warrior and politician both. Word was sent to Alexander's daughter, Diana, who at the time was off in the Desert Kingdom. Nathaniel not only attended the funeral, but spoke fond words of his long-time friend. As things settled slightly, Korianton, now head of the Rynquist family, stepped fluidly into his father's role as adviser to the king, proving to be a valuable asset with a keen mind and fierce spirit, much like Nathaniel in his younger years.

    Several years after Alexander's passing, Fenton Reynard took the rule of Mirwyth over from his deceased father. Unimpressed with the new king, Nathaniel called in friends and alliesincluding Alexander's daughter Diana, who had her own skills to add to the causeand together they declared the Isles an independent kingdom, with Nathaniel Delmari as King.

    Raven Delmari
    Age: 17
    Biography: Raven was no ordinary princess. In fact, the word 'princess' makes her sick to her stomach. She was never really lady like to begin with. She was always swinging a sword or practicing archery skills. She loved the sea, and sometimes was able to sail with her father, whom she loved very much.

    Raven for the most part was left behind during her father’s adventures. Her father was gone for long periods of time. The separation was unbearable for her. Her mother was there, but they weren’t that close. They were opposite as can be. She was always forced to do princess things like dress up, learn to sew, have tea with other nobles. It bored her to tears. If only her father had come back, she would be happy again. Now that she has grown up, she feels she no longer knows the father that she adored when she was younger. There were rumors that she was to be married off to another noble, but Raven threw a tantrum, as always when she didn’t get her way. The father of the groom to be had a change of heart after witnessing Raven’s tantrum.

    Raven admired Diana, who is a lady of the court. She knew her way with weapons, which always fascinated Raven. She knew that Diana was more than just a lady of the court, but her father’s personal assassin. Raven knew this because she had spies in special places in the castle. If she learned one thing from her mother it was how to manipulate the court to her own needs.

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    House Davers developed out of the pilgrims who left the Great Continent in search of new lands, known in Mirwyth as the First Men. Some, however, didn’t stray far from their homeland. Perhaps they disagreed with their fellow explorers about the direction of their journey, or perhaps they suffered some misfortune that allowed them to go no further. Perhaps they became homesick, or maybe they simply grew weary of the trip. Whatever the reason, a few ships stopped at what became known as the island of Daversport, and there they stayed.

    The island was not uninhabited at the time of their arrival; a few warrior tribes lived along the coast and in the forests, and though they initially had a few clashes with the new colonists, eventually they settled into a peaceful co-existence, and over the years, the warrior clans became integrated into the colonists’ growing society. In the following centuries, the warrior lifestyle became the norm on the island, and though the population slowly spread onto the neighboring isles, they never attempted to extend any further.

    How exactly the Davers family came to be the ruling House on the island is not entirely clear. There are many rumors and wild tales as to how this happened, but the accepted version is not so terribly far-fetched. Most likely they simply started off as a well-to-do family that, through political advancement and wealth, expanded their influence to encompass the entire chain of islands, until they became the accepted leaders of the region. The fortress in which they live is Castle Daverston, and the island, its original name lost to history, eventually came to be called Daversport.



    ISEN DAVERS: Current ruler of Daversport. In his youth, Isen led a raid against a city on the mainland, and after a successful sacking, he took for his bride the daughter of the city’s emperor. Though he and Cressida grew fond of one another over time, their relationship never truly blossomed into love.


    CRESSIDA DAVERS: Cressida came from a very different culture than her husband, where ladies were expected to take care of the home, not involve themselves in battle, and though the people of Daversport respect her as the wife of their ruler, she has never quite fit in. Furthermore, she does not approve of how the islanders’ warrior mentality has affected her eldest daughter’s behavior.


    EVALEENE DAVERS: Firstborn child of Isen and Cressida. See below for details.

    ALFRED DAVERS (26): Eldest son of Isen and Cressida, and heir to his father’s throne. He is very much his father’s son, and enjoys battles and leading raids. He also rather handsome, and is known for having numerous female companions. Envious of the attention Evaleene receives from their father, he is not particularly close to her.


    ROSS DAVERS (23): Though still as much a warrior as his older siblings, Ross is quieter, more of a thoughtful, broody sort. Like his brother, he dislikes his elder sister; he knows that she is a capable fighter, but Evaleene commands more ships than he does, and Ross feels that he deserves to have a larger fleet.


    BRIGITTA DAVERS (16): After Ross was born, Cressida seemed unable to conceive another child, except for one pregnancy that she lost early on. After that, she had not expected that she would ever have any additional children. Thus Brigitta came as a surprise to her parents, born seven years after Ross, and she is the apple of her mother’s eye. Brigitta was much more receptive to Cressida’s teachings in etiquette, and is very proper and ladylike. Because Cressida very obviously favors Brigitta over her, Evaleene might have been jealous of her sister, if it weren’t for the fact that Brigitta still looks up to her and loves her dearly. Indeed, the only time Brigitta would question or defy her mother is when Cressida speaks ill of Evaleene.


    Age: 28
    Gender: Female


    Evaleene has various scars from battles and fights, but most are either small enough or faded enough to escape notice, or hidden by clothing.
    Biography: The daughter of Isen and Cressida Davers, Evaleene is the eldest of four children. Her younger brothers are Alfred and Ross, and her sister is named Brigitta.
    Though she’s pretty enough, Evaleene is a brash, rough young woman. Not one to stand back and let others do the fighting for her, she likes to be in the thick of things, and when the battle is over, she’s just one of the guys, drinking and sharing battle-tales with the men under her command. She leads a small fleet of her father’s vessels, charged with the protection of the waters around Daversport, and has taken on pirates, smugglers and other sea-going ne’er-do-wells on a handful of occasions.
    However, despite her active, rough-and-ready nature, Evaleene has more conventional ambitions for her future. She wants to marry well and have children, but at the same time is uncertain of her ability to adjust to such a docile lifestyle.
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    Honor to those who fall, and Victory to those who don’t.
    Misty Top Keep
    • An old fort controlled by a former family that was taken by the Meade's and transformed into a keep. It has never been captured in all the years of House Meade having it.
    The Lord of Misty Top
    • Darridan Meade – 51 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”11; Facial scars; Keeps well shaved; Grey hair, though has begun to bald; Dresses in formal attire
    The Meade Siblings

    • Mairar – Heir to the Misty Top; 23 years of age at start of aWoMK; Young, charismatic man; Stands tallest of his siblings at 6”; Light beard; Bright green eyes common to House Meade; Commonly spotted wearing traditional gold-tinted Meade armor with house cloak
    • Darros – 20 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”10; Somewhat immature secondborn son; Same green eyes of House Meade; Light brown hair that he wears slightly long; Wears Meade armor with slight variations & a Lieutenant’s cloak
    • Sara – 19 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”7; Commonly known as “The Most Beautiful Meade” and the “Shining Star” of her family because of her flush cheeks, green eyes, thick brown hair, and slim physique; Likes to wear long, blue dresses; Very kind-hearted; Close with Darros; Many suitors have asked for her hand in marriage, but every offer has been declined.
    • Arjen – 18 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”8; Black hair; A darker shade of skin; Brown eyes, notably not the Meade eyes; Wears very comfortable/practical armor; Distant, a bit odd; Excelled in battlefield tactics
    • Justile – 18 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”6; Average looks; Blonde hair/brown eyes; Very jealous of sister, yet tries to look/do as she does
    • Garron – 15 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”5; Thick, dark hair that he wears long; Very dull Meade eyes; Looks up to Mairar; Wishes to join the Meade Army soon; Still in training
    • Cecillia – 11 years of age at start of aWoMK; 5”2; Long, curly locks of blonde hair; Small build; Very close to Darros
    • Sierra – 9 years of age at start of aWoMK; 4”10; eldest twin; very bossy towards Dammon
    • Dammon – 9 years of age at start of aWoMK; 4”11; youngest twin; very quiet; usually spends time being bossed by Sierra
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    A War of Kings: Dramatis Personae
    A Record of the Key Players Through the Events of the War of Many Kings
    Active Players and Their Characters
    • galactic-vagabond422
      • Rebecca Dragon (Sell-sword, Prairies/Mountains)
    • greyjedi125
      • Fleet Ashkey (Orphan, Desert)

    • HanSolo29
      • Emilia Reynard (Dowager Queen, Capitol)

    David Sol (Mercenary, Mountains)

      • Hyram (Sage/Priest, Isles)
    • Heavy Isotope
      • Sand Fury (Assassin, Desert)

    Leiliana Caine (Alchemist, Mountains)

    • Jedi Gunny
      • Gareth the Wanderer (Hermit/Wanderer, Mountains)

    • JediMasterAnne
      • Safia (Rolmar) Kildare (Princess, Mountains)

    Evaleene Davers (Princess/Captain, Great Continent, Daversport)

    • Jedi_padawan_leigh
      • Gwenn Cliffe (Servant, Isles)
    • Ktala
      • Lorain “Lorel, Lor” Ashkey (Blacksmith, Desert)

    • Mitth_Fisto
      • Abbot Tuckman (Peddler, Isles)

    • Stryker01
      • King Martyn Forsythe (King of the Desert)
      • Callista Sand Halleth
    • Trieste
      • Lady Ginnifer “Iron Fist” Kildare (Noblewoman, Desert)

    Inactive/Abandoned Characters
    *Indicates that although the player is no longer active in-game, the character still remains relevant to the storyline.
    • Akahli Forestwalker (Player: dreven_Aarkanin; Mage, ???)
    • Ser Alistair Bryce (Player: witchdoctor07; Hunter, Mountains)
    • Ser Andras Maegorion (Player: Rilwen_Shadowflame; Knight, Mountains)
    • Ser Aran* (Player: Jabba-wocky; Knight, Capital)
    • Arlington “The Phantom” Bailey (Player: Jedi General Gelderd; Nobleman/Bailiff, Isles)
    • The Black Knight (Player: Imperial_Hammer; Knight, Capitol)
    • Cort Leon (Player: KGA91; Traveler/Merchant, Mountains)
    • Diana Cupiditas (Player: afellowjedi; Courtier/Assassin, Isles)
    • Edward Plaga (Player: Iron_Jedi; Pirate, Isles)
    • Elric Cliffe (Player: BartSimpson-SithLord; Spy/Murderer, Isles)
    • Lord Fredrik Tarvick* (Player: Winged_Jedi; Nobleman, Mountains)
    • Lady Helena Vane* (Player: Master Selkath; Noblewoman/King’s Advisor, Mountains)
    • Gavin Hunter (Player: Nick of Time; Assassin/Woodsman, Capitol)
    • Henrik Bille (Player: Jan607; Hunter/Outlaw, Mountains)
    • Baron Hlaine Gideon* (Player: Penguinator; Nobleman, Mountains)
    • Keine Stone (Player: Rilwen_Shadowflame; Squire, Mountains)
    • Mairar Meade (Player: BoomBachen; Nobleman, Mountains)
    • Ser Malcolm Granville* (Player: trimaj; Knight, Mountains)
    • Malik Stone (Player: Livi-Wan; Clerk, Mountains)
    • Rathborn (Player: WINKWINK; Underworld boss, Mountains)
    • Raven Delmari* (Player: Teegirl00; Princess, Isles)
    • Robin Lorrell (Player: deathlyxburgers; Nobleman, Mountains)
    • Sanjuro Kenji (Player: Splinterthemindseye_; Bodyguard-for-hire, Isles)
    • Shalavon Distantdreamer (Player: Cushing’s Admirer; Healer, Mountains)
    • Shima Kojiro (Player: Saintheart; Drunkard, Isles)
    • Tytos Ashemark (Player: PointGiven; Pirate, ???)
    Deceased Characters
    **Indicates character was abandoned and became a GM-controlled NPC prior to death in-game
    • Anyanka** (Player: Obi-Anne; Farmgirl, Mountains/Prairies)
    • Beldak Darkeyes (Player: HanSolo29; Assassin, Prairies)
    • Desmond Rolmar** (Player: trimaj; King of the Mountains)
    • Lord Gordon “the Wise” Cyrell (Players: Lukes_Apprentice, Jabba-wocky; Nobleman, Mountains)
    • Ser Lawrence Kildare (Player: Trieste; Knight, Desert)
    • Mors Santagar** (Player: PointGiven; King of the Desert)
    • Nathanial Delmari** (Player: Chukles38; King of the Isles)
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    (created by Rilwen_Shadowflame)









    Name: Ser Andras Maegorion
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall and broad-shouldered, with level grey eyes, Andras has almost shoulder-length black hair and a neat beard. His looks are, however, marred by lines of scarring running vertically down his cheeks on each side, too neat to have been done in the chaos of battle.
    Homeland: The Mountains
    King: He goes where he's paid and follows who'll have him, but when doing his family's business his king of the King of the Mountains.
    Occupation: Wandering knight, messenger.
    Family Banner: A raven on a field of white, clutching a sky-blue scarf.
    House Words: Vengeance Soars.
    Biography: There are facts to be had about Ser Andras of House Maegorion, and then there are stories.
    First, the facts: it is known that he was born the fifth child of his family, and the third son. It is known that he grew strong, and clever, and skilled, swiftly attaining his knighthood. And it is known that, through some disagreement, he set out to make his own path, though he returns to his kin when called.
    There are, however, the stories... yet they are not told by Andras himself, for Andras does not speak. It is said that his family, in conflicts, opposed another family, and yet there was one amongst these rivals for whom Andras felt no emnity. Here, the tales differ. Some say it was a beautiful maid, his true love sadly divided from him by politics. Others speak of a great warrior, as close as a brother in friendship. Still others speak of a mentor, one for whom he held great admiration. The most cynical suggest any esteem was only on his side, that the one he prized never knew or cared what he did.
    It is said that he was questioned by his kin, to give up some secret of their rivals - perhaps the location of this lodestone to his life, or perhaps a weak point discovered while meeting his companion. It is said that the scars on his face come from this questioning: punishment, perhaps, or simply a side effect of harshness.
    He does not speak, now, and there are many versions that tell why. Some say he bit out his own tongue rather than give up his secret. Others say that he did submit to the questioning, and has ever after remained silent in shame and guilt for the one he was forced to betray. Still others say that he witnessed the death of the one he admired, and horror drove from him all ability to speak thereafter.
    Whatever the truth may be, he is a silent man, and often grim. He still serves as a knight, but chooses from the pages and squires not the strongest or most martially inclined, but those who pass his one test; they must have wits quick enough to learn the hand-signs with which he speaks, and be ready to convey his words to others.
    Ser Andras is formidable in battle, and does not lightly falter. He readily carries messages between the lands controlled by different factions; he is known to complete a task once set to it, and can be trusted to convey letters and the like between powerful folk. It is rumoured that not all of his messages are political; some smile to think of this silent man bearing notes and love-tokens between unlucky sweethearts, bridging the gulf carved by conflict. This may be no more than a rumour... or may be truth indeed.

    Name: Keine Stone
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: With deep blue eyes and black hair, Keine's good-looking in a youthful way; beardless, he does look his young age, which has its charm yet also means he may have to wait a few years before people routinely take him seriously on first sight.
    Homeland: The Mountains
    King: None - he goes where Ser Andras does.
    Occupation: Squire.
    Family Banner: None.
    House Words: None.
    Biography: Even a bastard may become a hedge knight. And hedge knights may rise in prominence if they are skilled. This has long been the motivation of Keine Stone, son of a fletcher's daughter. He does not know who his father was, though his mother used to hint he was an important man.
    Truth be told, Keine doesn't much care, or tells himself he doesn't, at least. A father who won't even acknowledge him isn't much use except as a fantasy. He was raised by his mother, and by his grandparents, who cared for him after his mother took ill and died.
    His wits have served him well, and his determination to better his lot in life was rewarded when Ser Andras accepted him; Keine was quick to pick up Andras's hand signs, and earned his new position quickly as a result.
    He bears the hardships of their travelling life with wry acceptance, knowing the harder times are the price he's paying to change his life. Keine has grown accustomed to speaking for Ser Andras, and has developed an impressive voice and style of delivery, the better to convey the knight's words with the seriousness they deserve.
    Grateful to Ser Andras for giving him this chance at a better future, Keine is more loyal to his master than to any other - what have lords and kings ever done for him, anyway? Certainly not as much as Ser Andras has.
    Secretly, barely admitting it even to himself, Keine wonders if someone will ever step forward and acknowledge him, if he becomes a promising knight a father could be proud of. If not? He'll still have his sword, his wits, and his own path to walk.


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