A SW Toronto member has fallen.

Discussion in 'Ottawa, ON' started by TR0773, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I don't know if he was a Fan Force member here or not. But as a member of the SW community I though it appropriate for you to be informed.


    Nick Ring passed this morning.

    I will post all the info and arrangements when I get them.

    Anything you wish to do is appreciated but the family is still in London and should be heading home Sunday.

    I can't really say anything else right now.
    Roy Mitchell
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  2. TR0773 Jedi Knight

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    The local 501st members are trying to organize a get together in memory of Nick at the same time as members in Toronto this Friday July 11th. I will give location an time when it becomes available. If you are interested in attending please post here.

    Also the family has requested spare outof package action figures anyone is willing to donate "Red Shock Troopers, and Stormtrooper" figures (representing Nicks 2 outfits)they will be handed out to people at the funeral service.
    Please bring them to the meeting, I also have a few spare figures but am already donating 4 of them.
    I am willing to donate additional figures from my collection on your behalf and Fan Force for an $8 donation.

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    I will get a bunch of stormtroopers to you Roy.
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