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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Hero_Of_The_Force, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    ~ A Tale from the Fringe ~
    The Bounty Hunter Alliance


    [blockquote]A greeting, my name is Rayn Boralis. You do not know me, nor should you.

    On behalf of my constituents, I would to make you a job offer. My organization has heard much of your reputation in days passed and is intrigued by the potential you have reportedly shown. As such, we think you have the potential to join our ranks and are interested in hearing more about you. We are a small body, but greatly influential within the circles we operate. As such, you would be responsible for a great deal of sensitive operations, but the compensation for your successes will be innumerable. Your past will be wiped clean. Your criminal records will be cleared. You will be a new man, financially and physically secure for the remainder of your living days.

    What do we ask in return? Your complete and utter loyalty to the organization and the determination to make sure that any operations placed before you will be returned as a success. This, however, is a subject for discussion at a later date.

    In order to proceed, we need to make sure that you are indeed the being we have heard you are and that your reputation is not simply idle gossip. Attached to this message you will find a Holonet transponder code. This signal is only viable for a two hour period starting twelve hours after the time you received this message, so it would behoove you to attach and transmit any relevant documentation that will aide us in our review of you immediately. Also be aware that after the time expires, you will not longer be able to communicate with us via this channel, but that is not a problem. If we feel that you are indeed well-suited for the service of our organization, you will know soon enough.

    We will be in contact.

    ...End of Transmission


    I would like to personally welcome you to The Bounty Hunter Alliance (BHA). The Alliance has survived for over two millennia, now in 15 BBY the Alliance has taken jobs that made them noticed. The Republic had been catching on to the Alliance, until the Empire rose. That gave the Alliance a distraction, which lasted until now. Most of the time, if one did not analyze the details, it would look like a Stromtrooper raid. The BHA was soon swept up by a new criminal on the block. He was named Rayn Boralis. Not much is known about this mysterious figure, no one sees him, hears him, or catches a glimpse of him unless he allows it. Many conspiracy theories have flooded the Alliance, spreading rumors. Nonetheless, the members still work, and accept the pay.

    As a member the Bounty Hunter Alliance, your character is expected to follow certain rules. The Law of the Alliance is a code that has never been written, only spoken and passed down from new recruit to the next. It is reinvented and reshaped, but the meaning always remains. Anyone-or-thing who enters must swear their life to the Alliance. In return; a wholesome reward for every mission, and reputation within the BHA. The code is based on not betraying comrades, allies, or the Alliance. The Alliance has many divisions, packs, and squads. Luckily for you, your character will be placed in a Elite Circle, which is under the direct order of Rayn Boralis. This being unheard of, respect is already rewarded to those accepted in.


    1.) Private Message your Character Sheet to the GM.
    2.) No Godmoding, violators will be removed from the game.
    3.) PM all Character Sheets to me.
    4.) Follow the ToS.
    5.) No One-Sentencers.
    6.) I will accept six characters only.
    7.) PG-13 means no F-bombs or over-use of bad language.
    8.) Keep OOC posts to a minimum.
    9.) Have Fun!
    10.) And Enjoy!

  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM Approved and ready to hunt again . . .

    Name: Karn Key´lya

    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Equipment&Possessions: Datapad, Breathermask, Grenades (1 poisongas, 2 plasma, 2 blast), communit, holocam, cloaks, blast-vest, body-armor, nightbinoculars, two scout-droids, one translation unit, starmaps, basic Survival Pack : (Includes a Thermal Cape, a Water JugFilter, a Condenser Unit, 2 weeks worth of Ration cubes, a Survival Knife, a roll of medical tape, flint and steel, and 50 feet of rope) , food for 1 week, ammo, energy cells, recharger battery, burning fluids, repairequipment, Bounty Hunter Registration (Imperial and Huttese)
    Weapons: usually on man - DT 57 Heavy Blaster Pistol, BlasTech Bryar Pistol, Vibroknife, Vibrostileto (boots) owns: 3x SC14C Pistols, Blackscale "Hall Sweeper" Carabine, E5 Carabine, 2 Thermal Detonators

    Heavy Modified BTLB Y-Wing, The Raptor equipped with a x1.5 Hyperdrive and stronger sublight drives, it also has no flak-battery, but instead extra storage space and a high-end security system with attached with two retractable mini-turrets to defend the ship. The Astromechdroid has become integrated. Called Raptor by Key´lya [image=]
    Organization: Former Benelex Bounty Hunter Guild
    Speciality: Hunt&Kill operations, cruel killing
    Bio: It isn´t much known about Karn Key´lya inside the House Benelex. Nor can the spies of his people say they know him or his past. He showed up one day, at hteir door and put a bounty on a mans head. Then he asked fpr a job, so he could pay it, if somebody foud the man. The bounty hunter in place mocked him and ended up dead. After explaining he had been insulted and threatened by the hunter, the guild decided he might be more worth alive. They demanded 20.000 credits compensation for the death of the hunter and gave him the opportunity to earn them. Karn turned out to be good at it. A pragmatist to the bone, he made his kill. Occasionally also "his catch", though he preferred the bounties, where he brought them back in a bag.
    Soon his debt was payed and he began to rise within´the guilds ranks. Even though too brutal in many assignments, he never said no to any "hit", as he called bounties. He worked together with other hunters, used the Bothan Spynetwork and Huttese Connections. But even his colleagues considered him cold. His money he spend on two things. Two things only. Weapons and information. Especially regarding a man called Cern. A man he seems to have a personal problem with. And Karn Fey´lya is cruel enough, when it isn´t personal.
  3. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    GM OoC
    As stated above, I will be accepting only Six Characters. There are only Five avaliable now. Do not worry and rush to finish your Characters. I am going to wait ONE WEEK from today: Tuesday, June 30th 2009 - Tuesday, July 7th 2009.

    This will give you plenty of time. But, if your Character Sheet is not in my Inbox by Tuesday, July 7th 2009, I will start picking and you may have a lower chance of getting in. The 7th, on my calender, is "Pick Character Day". Which means I will spend as long as it takes, reading and selecting the Five character for my game on that day.

    On Wednesday I will post giving the list of Characters. I'll also Private Message those accepting.

    Sorry for forgetting to put this in the First Post, it would've been much shorter.


  4. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    Okay, the Day I've been waiting for has finally arrived. I'd like to thank everyone who signed up. The cast really turned out great. Players, post your Character sheets. Sorry, to the two, who did not make it in.

    Once a week I will update, maybe more if I find the time. Hopefully, my first update will be tomorrow. There will be grouped a solo missions, if you are wondering. I?ve gotten a couple of questions concerning that. Anyways, let us get this show on the road.

    Welcome to the Bounty Hunter Alliance~

    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [blockquote]Bareer Cazar; Thief/Assassin (Farghul Male); Galactic Empire - Blubeast1237

    Jarel Vandraik; Bounty Hunter/Assassin (Arkanian Male); Bounty Hunter Alliance - Seremela

    Karn Key´lya; Bounty Hunter (Bothan Male); Bounty Hunter Alliance - DarkLordoftheFins

    Kor'la; Ex-Imperial Elite Commando/Mercenary (Nagai Male); Bounty Hunter Alliance - Lord_Raziel

    Migailiah; Ex-Soldier/Ex-Special Ops Scout Sniper/Mercenary (Epicanthix Male); Bounty Hunter Alliance - Radiance[/blockquote]
  5. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Name: Migailiah (Me-gale-ee-ah)
    Alias: Lock-On
    Race: Epicanthix
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Comfortably loose cargo pants, tactical t-shirt underneath a loose nerf hide jacket. Handsome facial features and loose brown hair. Wears padded gloves that add extra shock absorbing power for his knuckles, as well as allowing for a better grip on weapons. Underneath of his jacket he carries a double under arm pistol holster where he stores his slug throwers. Under normal circumstances Migailah will carry only one blaster pistol in a quick draw rigged holster on his thigh, but will adjust for combat situations and may add the second holster on the opposite leg.


    Occupation: Former Soldier on his home planet of Panatha. served as a Special Ops Scout Sniper and Close Ranged Combat instructor at the end of his Military career. Moved on to small time bounty hunting in his home system. Now partnered with a new ally, a Nagai named Kor'la.

    Specialized Skills: Marksmanship (dead eye),Close quarters hand to hand combat, Hacking, Concealment, Tracking.

    Weapons of choice: x2 KD-30 ?Dissuader? slug thrower pistols. Modified DS-17 blaster rifle with extended barrel. x2 WESTAR-34 blaster pistols. Padded gloves.

    Additional Items: Commando pack containing extra magazines and blaster packs for his various weapons, extremely expensive modified shaded glasses with an advanced nano fiber technology. Ear bud comlink with a direct wave connect to a wrist mounted receiver. Gilli suit. Weapons maintenance kit. Targeting equipment, Various high powered scopes, ration cubes. Winter gear, and an audio recording of his favorite novel ?Art of War.?

    History: Migailiah started his life as a military brat on his home planet of Panatha. His father was a soldier in the military, as was his grandfather. Having combat practically bred into him, Migailiah was destined to follow in the footsteps of his bloodline. He joined the Army when he was old enough and went through initial training.

    It was soon discovered that Migailiah had an innate talent for high standard marksmanship. It seemed that he could out perform even his instructors with just about any kind of ranged weapon they placed in his capable hands. Due to his skills, he was immediately recruited into the Panathan Special Forces to be trained as a Scout Sniper. He was assigned to a high profile unit of equally skilled individuals specializing in various fields. He grew into an adult that knew almost only combat and the ways of honor.

    Mig went on many missions in his career and very rarely did his unit ever fail an assignment. Most of the success was initially due to his scouting abilities and the reliable intel that he brought back to his comrades. His skills as a sniper and his unwavering determination to eliminate a target once they were determined, earned him the name ?Lock-On? from his peers. Near the end of his Military career, Migailiah was pulled from the Special Operations battalion and placed in garrison on the neighboring planet of Bunduki. It was here that he was taught the ways of Teras Kasi. Though he was far from a Master, he once again proved to be extremely skilled in the art, and he resigned to finish out the remainder of his Military career as a close quarters combat instructor back on Panatha.
    After he retired from the Military at age 40, (this being still rather young for an Epicanthix male) Lock-On decided to branch off into a bit of Bounty Hunting. He knew that there were many criminals trying to hide in his home system and elected to clean up. He put his combat and tracking skills to good use as he eliminated small time crooks and crime bosses.

    On his last contract, Lock-On had just finished hunting the individual down and was taking some R&R at a local cantina, counting his newly acquired credits. He had had that entire paycheck planned out for a special bit of gear he had planned on picking up before his next bounty turned up. A pair of advanced nano fiber shaded glasses that acted as both a heads up d
  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: usually I don´t do ooc´s but I wanted to point out to the late joiners that I slipped in early. My sheet is above. Second post. And welcome everybody. I got a good feeling about this. :)
  7. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    Name: Jarel Vandraik
    Species: [link=]Arkanian[/link]
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Arkanian, Basic, Bocce, Durese, Hutt, Binary
    Home Planet: Arkania
    Age: 37
    Appearance: 6?2?? tall, slender, tanned skin, white hair, white eyes


    Occupation: Bounty hunter and assassin; operating as a free lancer, which by now has gotten him into trouble with the Assassin?s Guild
    Specialized Skills: Sniping, stealth, hand to hand combat, melee, poison
    Specialties of his species: Arkanians are capable of seeing in infra-red light, and their eyes are sensitive to sources of extreme heat. This is helpful on their dark and frigid homeworld, but they need to protect their eyes on planets with hotter, younger suns. And like most Arkanians Jarel is extremely intelligent.

    Weapons of choice:
    He always has on him: two commando pistols, worn in a black holsters on his hips; Q2-holdout blaster in his sleeve, in a special holder that with one flick of the wrist will release it very fast in his hand; knives in his remaining sleeve and one boot; vibrocutter in his other boot; a small, very thin and very long needle with sharp point hidden underneath the skin of his thigh that can kill many beings when it?s driven in that soft spot at the base of the skull upwards, or through an eye (also very handy for lock-picking).
    Other weapons, used for specific jobs: dart shooter, to shoot poisoned darts with; a disruptor rifle for his sniper work which he keeps hidden on his ship at all other times; a blaster carbine; several thermo detonators; a case with various poisons; cortosis sword

    Additional Items: eye protecting goggles; Hush-98 comlink; portable cloaking device (worn as a belt); 3 DRK-1 probe droids; F-187 fusion cutter; extensive med kit; Duelist Elite training robot and Marksman-H combat remote, both deactived and stowed away in his ship when on a mission.

    Ship: hyperdrive equipped Z-95 headhunter, with an ion canon besides the missile launcher, and with a highly sophisticated subspace transceiver. Jarel could afford something flashier, but the fact that the headhunter is widely used makes it a fairly anonymous ship, which suits him just fine. The last thing he wants is draw attention to himself.

    Jarel Vandraik was part of a group of Arkanians caught up in one of the genetic experiments of Arkanian Microtechnologies to better the superior Arkanian race even more. The experiment was meant to create a group of telepathic Arkanians, but it soon turned out that there is more to being a telepath than merely being able to sense the thoughts of others. With the ability forced on the group unnaturally, they had no defense against the bombardment of those thoughts on their minds. Jarel was one of only three who did manage a type of control after a while. The others went insane. These three escaped the laboratories, but the Company wanted their investment back and the Arkanian government wanted them back as well, since having telepaths could be a great asset. They used the families of their escaped test subjects as bait, which resulted in the death of Jared?s family before he managed to escape the trap and flee Arkania. As far as he knows they still want him back. He has no idea what happened to the other two.

    Jarel has the arrogance of all Arkanians, but is mostly very withdrawn, since he is waging an ongoing battle against the voices that try to penetrate his head. His main goal in life is to get rid of his unwanted and barely controllable telepathic abilities. He has tried drugs of all kind to silence the voices, but except for those that were more sedatives than anything else and put him under completely, they only make things worse. He did find out that a sufficient amount of alcohol can dull the voices for a while, but the complete openness to them that he experiences during the h
  8. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    MR. Approved

    Name: Bareer Cazar
    Alias: MoonStealer
    Race: Farghul
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Golden brown fur, black leather pants, blue cloth tied around his waste, his head wrapped in a blue bandana, gold bracelet on right arm, and goggles. Very tall and a physically intimidating masterpiece.
    Occupation: Thief/Assassin
    Specialized Skills: Sniping, Melee, Expert Technician

    Weapons of choice: Dual vibro-shivs, vibrosword, blaster pistol, thermal detonators, and sniper blaster rifle.
    Additional Items: Datapad, comlink
    History: Bareer was born on Coruscant in the lower levels. His mother gave him up for adoption and at the age of 6 he ran away from home and joined a group of kids who stole for a living. He grew up with the gang and while some of them prospered and some of them died, Bareer left the gang and moved into the professional thief business. He was jailed many times before he became as good as he is now. Hutts and Black Sun have hired him before and sometimes his job called for killing and he took them too.

    Now, with all the experience he has accumulated, Bareer works mainly for the Hutts, while sometimes being hired by the private sector and even the Empire to kill Kings and Queens. He is an established criminal, but the thing about being a great criminal is that nobody can recognize you and you never get caught.
  9. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    GM Approved:

    Name: Kor'la AKA "Shadow"

    Race: Nagai
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kor'la was taller than most, lean and toned, a fighters body. His white face and jet black hair have always been his defining marks among the other Hunters. Usually Kor'la is encased in either his full black assassin body suit or his prized possession, his Katarn class commando armour.

    Occupation: Kor'la had long served the Empire, his skills in stealth and sabotage honed to the highest degree, he once served the Empire as one of its elite commandos. Since then he fell away, partnered with an Epicanthix named Migailiah.
    Specialized Skills: Close quarter fighting, stealth, sabotage, dueling
    Weapons of choice: Twin Tehk'la swords, twin commando pistols.
    Additional Items: Vibro knucklers, explosive tape, thermal detonator charges, high powered scope, Katarn class armour, throwing vibro knives and belt, grappling hook and rope, multiple passports for both alliance and imperial sectors. Cloak, winter gear, padded stealth gear. Survival gear, complete with rations and navigation equipment.

    History: Kor'la was once a celebrated member of the Empires most elite team of commandos, his skill and reserve ended many uprisings before they even began. He was cold and calm, he did his job, nothing more. Over time he became squad leader of many teams, infiltrating many targets for the Emperor. He trained hundreds of soldiers to follow in his footsteps and it was on one of these missions that everything changed. Word had it that an important official had gone traitor and had hid on the fringe world of Panatha, it was night when they arrived at the targets location, a small bar outside of one of the major towns. As they entered the building all he could see were civilians and families, were these the resistance? The order came over the comms to kill everyone inside...Kor'la refused.
    As the other members of the team descended upon the residents Kor'la attacked, his blasters riddling holes in the nearest commandos, his blades sung next, two, three four of his own pupils fell before him. At last he was surrounded, four of his students had him at gunpoint.

    It was here that something unusual happened, two of the commandos dropped, neat smoking holes through their helmets, as the other two fired Kor'la hit the dirt, his combat roll bringing up right against one of the unit, he heard his last breath escape the helmet, his vibro knuckler retracting from his torso.

    The gunman was a local, a soldier by the looks, he introduced himself as Migailiah. Together they sold their trade, the art of death, to the highest bidder. They scoured the fringe for work, using their skills to bolster the other, sometimes they worked in pairs and others alone but together they made for a fearsome team. Now...a message...someone by the name of Rayn Boralis....this could prove interesting.
  10. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    [hl=black]~GM APPROVED~[/hl]

    Name: Cid Jerikko
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Cid is a 1.73 meter (5'8?)tall human with short black hair that reaches only to his brow. He is very physically fit. He has a metallic silver mechanical left arm (from elbow down) that was taken during his teen years. His armor is quite unique. It is a collection of different pieces (from helmet to boots) taken from his enemies/targets, all painted pitch black.

    Occupation: Assassin/common criminal
    Specialized Skills: Sniping, melee (two handed combat), computers, stealth, close-range

    Weapons of choice: Two black bladed vibroblades that retract into a customized hilt. Poison projectiles, mounted on his wrists. An assortment of knives located on thighs. Two custom, black WESTAR-34 Pistols. Customized, fold-up X-45 sniper rifle.
    Additional Items: Helmet mounted comm-link; small, portable weapons kit and medical kit; cloak; journal to record his experiences; vibroknife
    Cid Jerikko was born in the undercity of Coruscant. He grew up with nothing, learning to survive by the bare minimum. For the first decade of his life, his father, a former soldier for a private army, began teaching Cid how to properly use a weapon. By the time he was ten, he had trained with several different weapons, ranging from pistols to swords. Tragedy struck when he was 11 as his father was killed in a brutal bar brawl. On his own, Cid turned to a life of crime, stealing to get by. He was caught multiple times by Coruscant Security (CSF) and placed in juvenile centers.

    By the time he was 18, Jerikko had spent a total of five years in such centers. When he should have learned to behave himself and not break the law, Cid learned ways to become an even more successful criminal. At the time, he was due to spend the next 10 years of his life in jail. Within, he became close friends with two other criminals, and, together, they plotted a way to escape and get off planet to find refuge in a planet they had heard about while in the joint. Cid and his two new buddies, Aaran Senn, a fellow human, and Mahrirr, a wookiee, made their escape and fled off planet to the world of Nar Shadaa.

    Cid needed to find a way to survive on Nar Shadaa, so he went to a local crime lord, a Huttese male that decided to give Cid a shot. He gave him his first job, a test of sorts: take out a rival crime lord, a rodian male with quite the following. Cid did as he was told, using his knowledge of stealth that he learned while roaming the under-city of Coruscant. With the aid of Aaran and Mahrirr, he successfully assassinated the rodian gangster, thus starting his new career of assassination. It was here that he started his tradition of collecting his targets armor as trophies.

    Within the next several years, Cid and his crew made quite the reputation for themselves. They had performed several big hits, including governors and royal leaders. Eventually, they caught the attention of the Black Sun. Cid was contacted by an informant of the Black Sun, and was told their leader wanted a meeting. Cid was given a contract, one with a high earning; one that would tell the leader of Black Sun whether he could trust Cid ever again. His targets: Aaran and Mahrirr.

    Cid did not like this, but knew if he wanted to get ahead, he would have to do what he was told. So, Cid executed his long time friends and companions, taking their armor as souvenirs of his kills...and as mementos to remember them by. Since then, he has been working as a top level assassin for one of the biggest crime syndicates in the galaxy.
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