Horror A Tale of Demons-Always Accepting New Players

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    We Watch from the Pits...
    We Prowl In the Depths...
    We seek for the Baron...
    Who will rise once again...
    -Words of the Baron
    A Tale Of Demons- First Installment of Satan's Eye RPG
    It was in the first age, when the baron came to earth...
    He shattered the land, and showed man true bloodshed...
    He fell to the Hero of Old...
    Who is long dead and gone...
    And when the Baron is to rise again
    There will be no prophecy of hope...
    There will be no chosen one...
    There will only be those who dare to stand against the shadows and fire that will swallow the world...
    There will only be those who show no fear...
    And when the Baron stirs...
    Fear. Will. Reign.

    Welcome to A Tale of Demons!
    In this game, A feared and Legendary being from an age long forgotten, Lost in the pits of Hell, Is stirring from his slumber...​
    The Baron of Hell awakens, and he has a hunger to devour the World as we know it...​
    Only some will be brave enough to stand against him... Or worship him...​
    There will be no heroes, but some with the willpower to stand against such evil...​
    It is the 21st century, 2019 to be exact, and Humanity lives in ignorance of the true evils, squabbling with each other and building weapons intended for only the demise of their own kin.​
    Perhaps they will learn to use these weapons for their own protection.​
    Against the army of Hell itself...​
    Of the Baron and his King...​
    The Sun will turn black, and the moon red...​
    And Humanity will have only one chance to live...​

    1. PM your CS to the GM (Master Vo'Un'Var) for approval! do not post your Character Sheet without GM's permission.
    2. Obey the TOS
    3. No Godmodding or Auto-hitting
    4. Character death can happen, this will be due to rash decisions or inactivity in the game (If you are inactive for 3 months in the game without notifying the GM, your character will die)
    5. Have fun!

    ---Allegiance Rank:

    The Guardians-
    The Guardians are fighting for the survival of Mankind, Earth and Their families, They have acess to more weapons and gear than most, from pistols to miniguns, The Guardians are the best hope of Mankind's survival
    Guardian Ranks
    -Master Guardian: Samuel Roden
    -Captain (3 positions open)
    The Followers-
    The Followers worship the Baron and his Master. They live all around us, Disguising themselves as ordinary humans or killing Guardians, the Followers have no fear of death, for they only believe they will be of more use to their masters dead and in the afterlife than alive.
    Followers Ranks
    -Hell Priest: Koven Grainlark
    The Slayers-
    The Slayers are wanderers or living in small communities, protecting themselves from the horrors of this world, they will do anything to stay alive, and they don't care for anything or anyone except themselves and perhaps a few others.

    The Game will start before the Calamity of Demons, which will be inevitable, so keep this in mind during Character Creation.
    Always Accepting New Players
    This game is greatly inspired by DOOM 2016 and will have a few references to the game