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  1. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

    A Universe In Dispute (2000 years after the new Dark Times)

    The time of the New Republic and the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong has long since passed into ancient history and has become the fabric of myth and legend. The ways of old, that the galaxy has clung to for thousands upon thousands of years, have all been laid to rest with the formation of the Intergalactic Empire. Everything has changed forever.

    For two thousand years, the Intergalactic Empire has reigned over the people of the galaxy and an era of peace and happiness has existed. The Empire is not without its faults however. Since the death of the galaxy?s first Emperor, Anakin Donovan the re-incarnated spirit of Anakin Skywalker, the galaxy has slowly begun to stagnate. Crime, that was a long forgotten thing, has slowly crept back into the galaxy and for the last thousand years, the Emperors have not been able to fully maintain the utopia that Anakin Donovan had founded.

    The successors of the now extinct Jedi and Sith orders are the serene and mysterious Fodai Order. Despite their role as trusted impartial arbitrators, the Fodai have maintained their reputation as enigmatic philosophers and deadly warriors among the people of the four colonized galaxies, in their quest to maintain Balance within the One Force. Servants of the cause of peace, yet slaves to their own interpretation of the Force's will, and frequent supporters of the Emperor, the Fodai council of one hundred has forbidden the Fodai Order to actively take part in the coming conflict. Anger and conflict exist in an order that has never known it over the issue as images of carnage that haunt the dreams of many.

    Turmoil has reached an apex with the Emperor of the known Universe's call for universal disarmament, an issue that threatens to tear apart the Empire as warriors refuse to give up their arms whether in defiance or out of loyalty to their Emperor. With the known universe divided on the issue, there is nothing that can stand in the way of civil war when a universe is in dispute?


    Forword and Rules:


    This RPG is a sequel of sorts, based on "[link=]The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)[/link]". It takes place approximatly 2000 years after the events of the NJO series and is 2003 years after ANH. The known Star Wars galaxy has been almost entirely explored and mapped as well as four additional galaxies that are all governed by the New Intergalactic Empire. It is a time of peace and prosperity and unlike the Empires of the past, the Intergalactic Empire is a benevolent one, dedicated to the happiness of its citizens.

    The Jedi and Sith have both been extinct for nearly two millenia when turmoil in the Force forced them to abandon their old ways and unite as the guardians of balance within the Force. For two thousand years they have been known as the Fodai Order, the successors of the Jedi, Sith and Grey Jedi Orders. The Fodai Order know the dark and light sides of the Force equally and as a single entity: the One Force. When called to action, they are renowned as the most fiersome and deadly warriors but in peace, they are the most trusted philosophers and arbitrators of peace. Though the Impirial government and the Fodai order have grown in seperate directions over the millenia, they still remain closely knit as the first Emperor, Anakin Donovan, was also the senior Fodai Master in his time.

    Positions and characters:

    New players are welcome and encouraged to think of original and exciting characters but every character must first be cleared by the GM (me) in PM beforehand. Nearly anything is allowed, but this RPG is geared towards certain aspects of Role Playing so certain character choices may have little oprotunity to participate.

    Primarily, this RPG will never have too many government and military characters as the body of the plot will involve t
  2. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: I thought it best that character biographies be posted as they're approved so here's mine. I have to remind everyone again, however, that the RPG will not be starting for a week or two as we wait for enough players...


    Name: Cret Horskit
    Title: Fodai Knight (Sixth Level)
    Race: Craetaer Vong
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1974 Post-ANH
    Age: 29
    Planet of birth: Endor
    Current planet: Endor
    Eye/Hair color: gray/black
    Height/Weight: 6'1"/168Lbs
    Description: Cret Horskit has a strong and muscular build due to his lifetime of Fodai training and discipline. His light skin is adorned with ritualistic tattoos and scaring that he endured for his Craetaer Vong heritage. Cret often wears simple Fodai robes like the ones worn for millennia by the Fodai order and the Jedi and Sith orders before it. When working, Cret wears lightweight armor over his robes for protection from the elements on the various worlds he visits.
    Masters: Master Morlan Gent, Master Rovi Wursau, Elite Colin Vinn, Elite Jaster Koliah, Master Ziul Zont, Elite Kiljaron, Master Kul-Dor Nats, Master Panjal Dorst, Master Borjas Horskit
    Apprentice(s): none
    Weapon: two Green-bladed lightsabers, dual repeater blasters with stun setting
    Force mastery/power: 15/120
    Talents: Cret Horskit is skilled in many forms of lethal and non-lethal combat, enhanced by his Force abilities. Cret is a master of the Fodai Form XII fighting style. His is especially talented at telekinesis and telepathy.
    Family: father: Master Demuan Horskit; mother: Master Gorlama Horskit; sister: Padawan Julann Horskit; uncle: Master Borjas Horskit
    Notes: Cret Horskit was born and raised in the Fodai City on Endor. He is a sociable and friendly person and is very dedicated to furthering his Fodai training and never wavering from his inner balance in the Force. He carries out his Fodai duties in the form of Bounty Hunting, a career he?s proven to be extremely talented at.
    Age 3 - First level Fodai Initiate
    Age 5 - Second level Fodai Initiate
    Age 6 - Third level Fodai Initiate
    Age 8 - First Level Fodai Padawan
    Age 10 - Second level Fodai Padawan
    Age 11 - Third level Fodai Padawan
    Age 14 - Fourth level Fodai Padawan
    Age 18 - First level Fodai Knight
    Age 19 - Second level Fodai Knight
    Age 21 - Third level Fodai Knight
    Age 21 - Begins Bounty hunting
    Age 22 - Fourth level Fodai Knight
    Age 25 - Fifth level Fodai Knight
    Age 27 - Sixth level Fodai Knight
  3. COSLeiaOrganaSolo

    COSLeiaOrganaSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 15, 2002
    Name: Kiara Felis
    Title: Senator
    Race: Human
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: 1981 years after ANH
    Age: 22
    Planet of birth: Alderaan
    Current planet: Coruscant
    Eye/Hair color: Blue/Wavy, Dark golden blonde hair down to navel
    Height/Weight: 5ft 7in/125lbs
    Description: She has 2 bengal striped tatoos on left arm/She normally wears long gowns usually colors of green or blue or both and thin gold circlet with a green or blue jewel in the center of her forehead.
    Weapon: Kiara always keeps a small blaster strapped to her leg underneath her gown
    Force mastery/power: 2/8
    Talents: {Small, hidden, and undevloped talent for the Force}, fencing, harp-playing
    Family: only living family members~Aurora-relation=sister & Pluton-relation=brother. Kiara, Aurora, and Pluton are triplets.
    Notes: The diminishing peace in the galaxy troubles her day and night/She is strong-willed, independent, has a wry sense of humor, hospitable and friendly to those who know her, calm, intelligent, sly, cunning, and stealthy
    History: At a young age of 13 her entire family except for her brother and sister perished in a plague. She then started working in politics. At 17, she joined the Senate and has been a member ever since.



    Note to everyone else: Make sure you get your character approved by GreyJediAntarFodoh before you post it. ;)
  4. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    Name: Anakin Dovanan-Skywalker the Fifth
    Title: Emperor of the known universe
    Race: High Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1979 Post-ANH
    Age: 25
    Planet of birth: Celestia (formerly known as Byss)
    Current Planet: Celestia
    Eye/Hair color: Brown/Blonde
    Height/Weight: 6'"/160Lbs

    Masters: Emperor Luke Dovanan Skywalker the Fourth (deceased), Xiloth the Passive (Camasai), Rendos Dharma (Sajinn), Antar Fodai Tierran the Seventeenth (human), Adora Skywalker-Lighthope (human), Master Borjas Horskit, Cret Horskit

    Apprentice(s): none

    Weapon: None, Pacifist

    Force mastery/power: 12/105

    Talents: The Emperor of the known universe carries no lightsaber but is especially proficent in three areas of Force use including Mental acceleration and retention, the nonlethal form of Teras Kasi self defense, and mental manipulation. It is because of his profiency in these skills he overestimates his own belief in his Force Skills and believes the Council of One Hundred foolish in their choice to forego his promotion to Fodai Master.

    Family: father: Emperor Luke Dovanan Skywalker the Fourth; mother: Amalia Lighthope (deceased); Brothers: Vulkar the Black (Illegitamate-deceased), High Admiral Ramman the Conquerer (deceased), Duke Stratos Thunder-sky (illegitamate)

    Notes: As a high human the Emperor is expected to live from anywhere from three hundred years to five hundred though most have perished in battle, by assaisination, accident or voluntarily abdicated in normal human lives. He like most of this group which compromises 20% of the galaxy's human population on average is smarter, stronger, and healthier with resistance to most disease and a much higher pre-disposition to force sensetivity.


    Birth til Age 3: Routinely probed by father for Force skill and the Force used to develop his natural talents and expand his consciousness while its still developing. Considered less invasive than genetic tampering, he nevertheless is traumatized by the sight of his birth mother being slain by the Emperor in the beginnings of his madness.

    Age 3: Sent to Fodai Temples on Planet Endor

    Age 5 - Second level Fodai Initiate
    Age 6 - Third level Fodai Initiate
    Age 8 - First Level Fodai Padawan
    Age 10 - Second level Fodai Padawan
    Age 11 - Third level Fodai Padawan
    Age 14 - Fourth level Fodai Padawan

    Age 18 - In a move that stuns his mentors the Council of One Hundred denies the young Prince the Rank of Fodai Knight. Incensed about this decision he gives what has unfortunately become an embarrasing holo entered into the archives of famous rhetoric that lists the percieved moral and political failings of the order before he departs Endor though curiously the Hundred continues to recognize him as a member of the order.

    Age 19 - Travels with cret Horsik as a mechanic to see the Empire and get his 'head straight'. His experiences are somewhat nightmarish as he continues his training from holo-tapes and the Jedi Knight where he can.

    Age 21 - Luke the Fourth perishes battling cloned Sith Leviathan, elder brother perishes mysteriously later (believed at the hands of Fodai knights). Rushed to be crowned Emperor he is sickened by the war actions he is involved in and through negioation brings an end to the remaining conflicts of the Great Expansion War (a conflict which hardly touched Galaxy prime save by carefully controlled holo reports) and vows never again to be involved in taking sentient life.

    Age-22 - Reduces the Intergalatic Empire's military by 70% outlawing all planet destroying weapons and indiscrimanate devices of destruction. Though the ban is widely ignored in many places the change is a welcome one with the money instead spent on public works to repair the damage done in the Expansion war.

    Age 23- Writes the work "Model for an Ideal society" which is based on Old Alderaan and Camasai models. Hundreds of worlds adopt the model which outlaws lethal weapons save for diplomats and takes enlightened stances on a variety of issues. The move towards this model is
  5. Marna_Veign

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    Jan 31, 2002
    Name: Ebony Blackstar
    Title: senator
    Race: Human
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: 1976 years after ANH
    Age: 26
    Planet of birth: Unknown
    Current planet: Coruscant?
    Eye/Hair color: hazel/brown
    Height/Weight: 5 ft 6 in/ 145
    Description: Average human female, some consider her to be beutiful. She commonly wears a navy blue form-fitting gown with a flowing skirt when acting as a senator, but when she is out and about, she wears comfortable black pants, a loose tan shirt, and knee-high black boots. Often wears a black cloak that goes to her knees.
    Weapon: hold-out blaster, poison darts and a blow pipe, vibroblade.
    Talents: she has a talent of breaking into places she doesn't belong in. She also sings occasionally, and is a great shot. She is good at unarmed combat.
    Family: She has no known family.
    Notes: Ebony wants to keep peace in the Galaxy, but is ready to defend herself at any moment.
    Age 2 - found abandoned on a planet called Neuterian. Taken in by Lady Blackstar and taken to Coruscant
    Age 10 - began senatorial training
    Age 15 - allowed in the senate sessions to get a feel for how it works. Starts being trained in self-defence.
    Age 16 - the Blackstar family was killed in a terrible accident and Ebony takes a year off from her duties for mourning. Durring this time, Ebony lives on the streets, depriving herself from her wealth and becoming street-wise. It is durring this time that she learns how to get in places she doesn't belong.
    Age 17 - Ebony returns to her duties and becomes a full member of the Senate
    Age 18 - Males begin to see her beauty and she learns how to defend herself in unarmed combat
    Age 26 - Now, Ebony continues in her duties, but goes out of her way to find evidence of any wrong doing that affects her or any of her causes. Beings know her as one to not decieve.
  6. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Apr 16, 2002
    Name: Deci
    Title: GE General
    Race: Human
    Gender: male
    Year of birth: 1950 years after ANH
    Planet of birth: Coruscant
    Current planet: Coruscant
    Eye/Hair color: Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair
    Height/Weight: height 6.23 Feet. weight 165 lbs.
    Description: Deci´s has a massive body, the kind of body that inserts respect just as you see it. His cheek line is well makred out and seems to be a natural leeder. His clothing is well ironed suits (SW-Army-Suits that is) and black boots. He has only work-clothes.
    Weapon: Blaster

    Talents: He is a master of talking himselfe out of the most situations, playing with people´s minds.

    Family: Mother and father, sister. He loves them all and have no special problem with his family. His parrents are proud of what he has become. His sister also work in the army, as an spy.

    Deci was born in a most common way, his childhood wasn´t that dramatic. He joind the army at 18 and at the age of 30 he was promoted to captain. His skill with word made him a respected and feared person.
    More than one assasination attemps has been made on him. But his loyal body guards has allways managed to defend him.
    Then at 40 he was promoted to general.
    He has no family at all since the army takes upp all his time.
    His goals in life is now to keep his possision and continue to work in the army untill he dies.
    He also has some thoughts of setteling down, and having a family. But since he has no thoughts at all to quit being a general, this might be a problem.
  7. The_Chim

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    Jul 16, 2001
    Christopher Lucus Snipes
    Title: High Grand Admiral of the 4 Star Fleets

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Year of birth: 1945 after ANH.
    Age: 58

    Planet of birth: Coruscant
    Current planet: Coruscant

    Eye/Hair color: Tiger-Eye Color.Brown Hair with grey steaks running through it.

    Height/Weight: 6 feet even 189 lbs.

    Description: Snipes wears a white Imperial uniform with his Insignia on his chest(Like Thrawn had). Has Campaing Victory Stars and other medals on his chest under his ranking.Has a small cape over his left shoulder.Has a stern Face with a small patch of greying hair on his chin

    Weapon: Body Gaurds/Flag Ship The Sierra Ring

    Talents: Excellent Leader, and strategest.
    Family: Has most of his family on Coruscant.Brother Fasa Snipes lives On Coruscant, not far frm his and Christophers very old Mother and Father. His sister,Tania has taken to helping their old and still active mother and father. Also living close to them. Christopher ofteh visits home.Seeing how he runs most of the millitary he can take as much time off for his family and leisure as he needs. Though doesn't over exercise that right.

    Notes: Snipes set out to become an excellent millitary strategest,and Leader.Was sparked early on,and was shown the way to go if he wanted to accomplish his goals.Shown early signs of a great Leader.Everything seemed to go his way in life. Might even have a touch of the Ancient Jedi Arts in his family. Some of their old powers may still be in his veins.

    Snipes had a special childhood. Showing Advnced levels of intelegence early on in his life.Always wanted to fly ships out in space. He treasures the time he had wiht his father, out in the cold of space.Christopher was "shown the ropes"of space travel,warfare, and love by his fater.All the other things his mother his other
    Age 21 - joined military
    Age 24 - After outstanding performances Snipes was accepted into Accelerated Military Leader Program. (AMLP for short.)
    Age 29 - Published 2 novels about Wars and how to win them.
    Age 34 - Received own Flag ship
    Age 36 - joined Board Of Millitary Anaylists, and Became a teacher for the AMLP.
    Age 39 - Was awarded 4 Brand New battle ships
    Age 42 - Received commandations for his Heroic Actions and Major victories in Hemmingway Invasion(42),Operation Moonshot(45), Operation Proteuis(45),Operation HALO(48), and Campaign in Cedco Dalty
    Age 49 - Was awarded Campaing Victory Stars for his desisive Victories in the
    Age 49 - received 4 additional warships to his Armada,promoted to High General
    Age 50 - Played pivitol role in The Exxodus of major allied systems after they were brutally attcked
    Age 51 - Played relief flank Leader for Operation Oddesey.
    Age 52 - Returned to teaching at the Major Center for the AMLP on Coruscant.Took on multiple apprentices.
    Age 56 - Dabled in ship designs and new weapon technology.
    Age 58 - High Admiral Snipes sits on the largest Millitary Force ever constructed,wich is ever expanding. Continuing on.

  8. _Jaelen_

    _Jaelen_ Jedi Youngling

    Jan 30, 2003
    Name: Jaelen
    Title: Assassin
    Race: Nilachem
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1957 Post-ANH
    Age: 46
    Planet of birth: Nilauch
    Current planet: abroad
    Eye/Hair color: green/dark brown
    Height/Weight: 6'3"/180Lbs
    Race Notes: Nilachem are humanoid beings. Their body sizes range generally from about 5? to 7? and, like humans, can be as strong or weak as they choose. The race?s real strength lies in their mind. At a fairly early age, Nilachem?s start to sense things with their minds, they develop highly acute telepathic and telekinetic powers, which they use however they see fit. The only drawback is that they cannot use these powers against one another (i.e. Nilachem can move a chair, read someone else?s mind, lift someone else, but they cannot focus any of these powers towards anyone from their own race (though they can throw something at someone from their own race, should they need to).). These mind powers are not the Force, as we know it, but merely the focused mental projections of the powerful minds that the Nilachem have within their heads.
    Description: Jaelen is very well built. Having spent most of his life training in mystical fighting styles, including several from which the awesome Fodai use, Jaelen has become the most lethal force in the galaxy without having to use the force at all. For protection he uses a personal force field, which surrounds his entire body (including the force field projector itself). This force field can stop almost any manner of laser blast and can even repel a light saber, making him impervious to all but the most skilled of opponents.
    Weapons: Carries two lightsabers, one green and one blue from two Fodai Knights he was hired to kill. Also has a repeater blaster just in case he needs a repeater blaster.
    Talents: Jaelen is skilled in many forms of lethal combat. He is a master of the Fodai Forms I, II, IV, and VI fighting styles. Having perfected telekinesis and telepathy Jaelen is deadly to any who would oppose him.
    Family: father: Bohka Dale; mother: Rel Dale;
    Notes: Jaelen, used to be Jaelen Dale, got rid of his last name when his parents, Bohka (father) and Rel (mother) Dale, were killed by a Fodai Bounty Hunter when he was 35 years old. Jaelen recognized how the bodies were mangled as the Fodai Form XII fighting style, which Jaelen was a master of. Jaelen never knew the hunter?s name. He returned home to find his parents both dead with a ship just leaving his house and he caught a glimpse of the pilot. That picture of his face stayed burned in his memory forever.
    Age 5 ? Was given volumes of text from his parents about the renowned Fodai order, including their unbeatable fighting styles.
    Age 6 - Began training of Fodai Fighting style I with his father.
    Age 9 ? Mastered Fodai Fighting style I and began studying II
    Age 10 ? Discovered he had telepathic powers and began sharpening them
    Age 14 ? Mastered Fodai Fighting style II
    Age 16 ? Began studying Fodai Fighting style IV, jumping over many other styles because he saw that he could put his finely tuned telekinetic and telepathic abilities to use here.
    Age 17 ? Was given a personal force field by his parents as a birthday gift. It was a one-of-a-kind device his father had been working on for the last two years.
    Age 20 ? Left home to continue his learning alone.
    Age 22 ? After showing his fighting skills to a select group of mercenaries, Jaelen was hired as a bounty hunter to apprehend a diplomat who was on Yavin 4 on a special assignment. Jaelen completed his goals faster than anyone else could have and brought the diplomat to his agent. The diplomat was never seen again.
    This is when Jaelen?s career as a bounty hunter began.
    Age 25 ? Mastered Fodai Fighting style XII and realized how strong he was becoming. Bounty hunting had become too easy so he only took missions where the object was to kill the intended target. This began his
  9. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: The start of the RPG is nearing and with that in mind, Charlemagne19 has been kind enough to create a write up of the more obvious changes that have occured in the world of Star Wars in the 2000 years between the Original Trilogy and the time period of AUID.

    So I present you with Charlemagne19's description...


    1. Personal Technology: In general technology is better, sleeker and faster. Blasters are now disintegrators but personal energy shields are extremely common and vary in strength. Armor is still worn that increases someone's combat prowess and while drugs and machinery may enhance personal performance, these methods are widespread and commonly available to anyone who can afford them. Starfighters are more maneuverable and faster than ever and turbolasers have the potential to do as much damage as Death Stars (safeguards against this sort of thing, like nuclear weapons, require presidential codes etc.) but shields and hulls have also improved.

    2. Terraforming and System Forming exist with the Yuuzhan Vong bio-technology having merged with standard Star Wars technology to the point that they are inseparable for many now. Worlds and Stars can be created by the Empire or snuffed out relatively easily (with people having safeguards against this kind of abuse as well see above) though these are still massive projects. Such projects are more like a new highway being built than godlike power being exercised.

    3. Droids: Droids are now in general divided into two categories; the sentient variety who are accorded full legal rights as legally recognized sapients, as several species have emerged that are mechanical and self aware. The second category is comprised of those that exist merely to perform tasks with no self-awareness. Droid warfare is one of the most feared things in existence as on several worlds they have been designed to levels that match Fodai knights in physical prowess. Few droid armies have ever been created that could threaten more than one or two systems at any given time.

    The designers of said things are among the galaxy's most hunted criminals.

    4. Hyperdrive: Hyperdrive has advanced to the point that it is the best way to cross the galaxy in the space of a few hours though these advanced hyperdrive models are reserved for the wealthy and the powerful. The average hyperdrive systems can traverse a galaxy in a few days. Intergalactic travel depends on Otherspace portals, which may take a ship across the vast intergalactic distances in the space of a few hours or across a galaxy instantaneously. The power expenditure for Otherspace portals is enormous, however and restricted by sheer requirements to super corporations, military government, and gigantic mass armadas that can pool their resources for a single trip.

    5. The Galaxies of the Empire: The Galaxies are named Skyvarr (Beta Galaxy), Sunrarr (Gamma Galaxy), Dovana (The Reach), and Galaxy Prime. The Skyvarr Galaxy is the most settled of the Imperial expansion galaxies and is very similar to Galaxy Prime. The Skyvarr Galaxy (Beta Galaxy) is considered by many to be akin to a ?suburb? of Galaxy Prime, since the planets were mostly uninhabited when Imperial colonization first began. The Sunrarr Galaxy (Gamma Galaxy) is a once great Republic and series of ancient cultures that were defeated and subsumed by the Empire during one of its expansion periods. The natives of the Sunrarr Galaxy still maintain a strong sense of racial pride but have become economically dependant on the Empire with a fourth of the worlds settled by Galaxy Prime races, corporations and factories. Resentment is generations past but makes up some of the loudest voices in the Senate and loyal opposition to virtually everything under the suns. The Reach is largely unexplored with it filling the role of the Outer Rim Territories in the known universe. Due to Imperial support, there is a ?gold rush? of sorts to map, chart, elevate cultures and exploit the resources of the Dovana Galaxy (The Reach). C
  10. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Ok Folks, to let people know, from the old RP this is Based of of TNDT, a Race existed Called Dragon's. I'll get a write up to Antar to check over on them, or you can skim over a few things about them in DTNT, if your interested in being one, that said, here's My profile. (If interested and have questions, you may also PM me or IM me at Admiral Tharan)

    Name: Quillnox'Farlan
    Title: Potential Dominate
    Race: Dragon, Silver
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1950
    Age: 53 Human Years or 5 Cycles, 3 Demi's
    Planet of birth: Ferun
    Current planet: Ferun
    Eye/Hair color: Silver/ No Hair
    Height/Weight: Body Length(Without Tail): 55 Feet/ Tail length: 27 Feet
    Weight: Immesureable
    Description: Known for his short, fat Body and long Tail(Relitive to Most Silvers), Scales just reaching the point where they become less blue and more Silver-like, Pupils Begining to Expand, they are the color of Silver.
    Weapon: Claw, Tooth, breath Weapon.
    Force mastery/power: Stage 11/Power Level 100
    Talents: Debate, Politics.
    Family: Sire: Now Wyrm Jakanal'Firan Dam: Marinfala'garan
    Notes: Aspires to be a memeber of the Council of Wyrms, also aspires to explore space among the mortals and shorter lived races.
    History: Born to the influential Jakanal'Firan, a then Dominate of high power among the council, he grew up with Breakfasts made up of Debate and with Dinners of political Intrigue. When his father acended to Wyrm and was approved to be on the council Quill began to watch the Coucil activities and meetings, as was now his Right to do so. He quickly learned the politics of all Dragonkind, such as the Wise golds or the Cunning Greens. He is soon approaching the date in which he must go off into the galaxy at large anbd do something to prove his worth to be accepted as a Dominate, and he can start his political career.
  11. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Name: Razael Darkmoon
    Title: none
    Race: Appears human
    Gender: Male
    Year of Birth: 1988 post ANH
    Age: Appears 21
    Planet of Birth: Unknown / secret
    Current Planet: Undisclosed at this time
    Eyes/ Hair colour: Turquoise / black
    Height/ weight: 6' / 165lbs.

    Description: Razael is a Handsome and youthfull young man and has a lean and athletic frame. He prefers to dress in sleek dark clothing, but wears whatever is required at the time.
    Weapon: Razael is adept at using almost any type of military weapon known in the Empire with the exception of a lightsaber.
    Talents: Razael is a Master Acrobat and Martial Artist, including Striking, Grappling and Submission Techniques. His skills with Vibro weapons is unmatched.
    Razael has an extensive working knowledge of electronics, mechanics and computers.
    His background training grants him the ability to pilot nearly any and every type of ship and vehicle known in the Empire. His innate skills allow him to flawlessly mimic the behavior and manerisms of anyone he encounters.
    Note: At this point, not much is known about Razael since he is not a public figure.

  12. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Name: Jack Smith
    Title: Fodai Explorer/Historian
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of Birth: 1986 years after ANH
    Age: 23
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Current Planet: Coruscant
    Eye/Hair Color: blue/brown
    Height/Weight: 6?0?/180 lbs
    Description: Jack Smith has a strongly built and very athletic body. Smith has a clean shaven face and keeps a hair cut like Han Solo?s. Jack Smith wears civilian clothes that look like what Han Solo wore when he is not in his tan colored Jedi Robes.
    Master: Master Vack Falowlee, Master Historian Mara Long, Master Explorer Dan Gandseen
    Apprentice(s): None
    Weapon: Green Bladed Lightsaber, BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Double Repeating Assault Blaster Rifle with stun setting
    Other Weapons: Single Repeating Blaster Rifle with stun setting, E-11 Blaster Rifle
    Force Level/Power: 11/98
    Family: Jack?s family has a rich history of explorers and historians.
    Notes: Jack comes from a long line of explorers. His family has been the most involved in exploring the events of The Dark Times along with the Fodai Order. Jack was sent to the Fodai Order to study and become a Explorer/Historian for the Fodai Order. Jack is currently working on to find some of the most important and unsolved events and mysterious of The New Dark Times. The events of the New Dark Times has been largely lost over the years and the history was never completed, thus Smith?s family has dedicated their life towards uncovering the events and the history of the New Dark Times along with the historians in the Fodai Order. Smith?s family owned business is the largest exploration unit in the galaxy and is one of the only exploration business that has ever looked into The New Dark Times.

    age 2 ? Goes on first exploring mission with his father and mother
    -Joins the Fodai Order

    age 10 ? Starts to go with his family more on exploring missions
    -Finds his future career in exploring and history

    -Begins studying the known history of The Dark Times and The New Dark Times in training with Master Historian Mara Long

    age 18 - Completes Fourth Level Fodai Padawan

    -Stars at University of History and Exploration on Coruscant

    Age 22 - Graduates from the University of History and Exploration on Coruscant

    -Completes First Level Fodai Knight

    -Starts on Second Level Fodai Knight

    -Starts research on such historic figures as Antar Fodoh, Scholar Zu Dharma, Jason Bravo, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, Wedge Antilles, Emperor Palpatine (sp?), and Darth Maximums via the order from the Fodai Order
  13. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: Well, ladies and gents, this is the first post of A Universe In Dispute (AUID). It?s just a little early but as of right now, this RPG is active so you?re all welcome to start posting and introduce your characters. Please take the time to read this lengthy post; Charlemagne19 and I spent a great deal of time and thought on putting this together to set the stage for the game. Enjoy!


    Two thousand years ago Endor had been a forested world inhabited by the primitive and often war like Ewok People with its once great sister world destroyed by a comet and unlikely by Republic Law to be affected much by the passage of time as they developed their culture to a level that could be safely contacted. The Great Cataclysm had changed that though as the Fodai had used this place as a university and training center from the start and inevitably the Ewoks and their six foot tall brother race the Yuzzun had come to learn from the tall pale outlanders and the Fodai had not refused. Though several brief wars had ensued the Endorians as they were now known had been spared the majority of racial history that marked many with their culture based around the ideas of Balance and the wielding of the Force.

    The Endorian cities now dotted the landscape of Endor which had been cultivated into a beautiful harmonious place of nature and harmony with civilization and its claim to fame was not an obscure battle but the tens of thousands of missionaries each year and settlers who went to other worlds to spread the way of the Fodai and variants on their philosophy. The Fodai themselves remain however isolated in their main metropolis which serves the same function it always has as a place of learning, teaching, and most of all introspection of the Force.

    It was to the shining metropolis that Cret Horskit had been summoned by the decree of the One Hundred who could contact any Fodai Knight in the universe instantly.

    Cret disembarked from his starship and stepped onto one of the many landing pads of the Fodai city and he thought back to the last time he?d set foot on his native planet of Endor. The smells, sights and sounds of the forests flooded his senses and immediately, he knew he was home. He crossed the pad and made his way to a waiting transport, his scars glistening in the sunlight and his tattoos strangely shadowing his scars.

    ?Welcome home Cret. The council is waiting for you.? The words were warm and the voice familiar to Cret. They were the words of his uncle and his former master, Borjas Horskit.

    ?Thank you Uncle Borjas.?, Cret said then shared in a warm embrace with his uncle. After sharing their warm greeting, the pair boarded the transport and made their way to the center of the Fodai city to the Fodai Temple.


    The Fodai Council chamber was a simple yet elegant room. It had a high sloping ceiling of polished marble supported by tall marble pillars. The room was rounded with one hundred chairs of various designs placed side-by-side all around the large circular room to accommodate the various species that made up the Fodai Council. The walls of the chamber were adorned with large windows that allowed the Endorian air to flow through the room with ease and inconspicuous force fields could be activated should the weather become a problem.

    As Cret approached the council room the large double doors opened as if of their own volition though Cret knew that it was the council that opened the doors. Just as easily and silently as the massive doors had opened, they closed behind Cret without a sound once he?d entered the room. As was tradition for one summoned by the Council, Cret walked to the center of the room and spoke.

    ?I was summoned and so I have come. What is your bidding, my masters??, he asked, his voice free of echo in a room from which one would have been expected.

    The Council of One Hundred gathered always in the bottom most floor of the Grand Temple of Lanna, which had a huge one hundred pointed star hand painted on the floor where e
  14. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: It just occured to me that the opening post may have been a little intimidating. It was meant to set the stage for the RPG, not sent the example. Posts aren't supposed to be that long (though everyone's welcome to if they want). I just thought I'd make it clear that you're not required to post more than a few lines at a time, though a paragraph or two is ideal.

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    Apr 16, 2002
    OCC: sorry for the short post, but im posting in the middle of the night.


    Deci attended the meeting and heard the Emperors speach.. and orders.
    This only meant one thing for Deci.
    Him? He had served for the emperor all his life. He had layed his life in The Emperors hands. And what did he get for this? Nothing!

    Deci was mad and angry when he walked out from the meeting.
    What would he do? He could take his fleet and go somewhere else.
    But.. where to, he had always followed the emperor and done everything that he had ordered. Without questioning.
    His head was in chaos.
    What would he do?
    He should be a Admiral by now..but no.. he was only a General.. well.. a General is good that to.. but..
    What would he do?
    Deci stood there silent in the corridor waiting for an answer so rush thruw his head.

    TAG Anyone .
  16. RockDragon

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    May 2, 2002
    Name: Shane Vendesta
    Title: Admiral
    Race: Shi'ido
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1973 post-ANH
    Age: 30
    Planet of birth: Lao-Mon
    Current planet: Coruscant
    Eye/Hair color: kalidescope of dark blues and silvers/ mulitcolored, brown, silver, black
    Height/Weight: 5'11''/145lbs
    Description:Shane has a muscular build, and is quite powerful. His strength comes from his continued training throughout his whole life. He wears a silver chain with a pendant of his family's crest on it. He also has a tatoo on his left arm with his family crest.
    Master: N/A
    Aprentice(s): N/A
    Weapon: blaster, disruptor, force pike
    Force level/power: N/A
    Talents: Shane excells in his family's secret fighting form called Sholoc. The secret form is a techniqe to sneak up on and disable rather than kill an opponent. It also can involve shape-shifting as to keep victims unknowing. So therefore he masters at keeping out of sight until he is ready to attack.
    Family: Unknown, Shane has not known his family since they sent him off to Chandrila at a young age.
    Notes: Born on Lao-Mon, but sent to Chandrilla to become a military leader at only 12. He has not had contact with his family since.
    age 3-begins training in Sholoc
    age 10-is honored by his large family for excelling in Sholoc
    age 12-sent off to Coruscant to join the military
    age 17-is promoted to lieutenant
    age 20-is promoted to general
    age 27-is promoted to admiral
    age 30-is fired


    The massive starship, an ancient looking war vessel, reminiscent of the Star Destroyers, orbited around Chandrila. It was much like an Eclipse-class SSD, but bigger, and much more armed. It was an Atlantis-class Galaxy Defender called the Starry Knight. Shane sat aboard it, on the bridge, watching a holo of his beloved Emperor announcing his unemployment, and the disbanding of the entire military. Shane slammed his fist on the arm of his chair and cursed. "How can he do this!" He said furiously. "I have worked my whole life, sacrificed my family, relationships, everything, for what?" He was ranting to himself, just as some of the other officers in the bridge, and most likely all over the entire ship were. Shane rose out of his chair and began pacing along the giant transparisteel window that overlooked the planet. He was concentrating deeply, using breathing exercises to calm himself down. He finally stood still, hands clasped behind his back, and head hung low. He slowly raised his head, and turned around. He walked back to his chair and sat down. "Quiet down officers, get back to your posts!" He commanded. Some of the younger, less experienced officers obeyed, but a handfull of the older officers looked at Shane with questioning faces. "If the Emperor is disbanding us, then we will find as many people as we can, and reinstate an Empire that can truly rule the Universe. So set the coordinates for Corellia, if you're not with me, get off my ship!". And before they knew it, the Starry Knight was on it's way to Corellia.
  17. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: This is going to be a short post to just get a few military ship ranks down etc.


    The Galactic Empire's military was massive. It's Infantry Ranks were made up of the famous Stormtrooper armor. This armor, however, was camouflaged. It was based off of the military precision and military forces of a long forgotten man called Darth Maximums.

    The navy had cahnged much over the years, although the main class of ship was the Galaxy Defender. The first Galaxy Defender, first being built over 2,000 years ago, was called Jedi's Hope. This class of ship just called the Galaxy Defender, was in the shape of a Mon Calamari MC80B Star Cruiser. The latest class of the Galaxy Defenders were the Atlantis-class Galaxy Defenders. There were many other Galaxy Defender class ships in use. Most common were the Conquer-class Galaxy Defenders. They were in the famous shape of a Mon Calamari MC80B Star Cruiser and was a little smaller then the new Atlantis-class Galaxy Defender.
  18. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: I will try to get the stats up for the Galaxy Defender ASAP. The floppy drive in this computer at school is messed up. And if anyone is woundering, I created the Galaxy Defender back in The New Dark Times.


    The city of Coruscant had degraded over the years and what remained of the city planet that was not in ruins or decaying, was controled by local gangs and powerful Warlords. Some were controled by very weathly Smugglering Leaders and some by Pirates. Either way, Urban Combat ruled the planet and the Galactic Empire had since removed all military forces from the planet. Only a local law enforcement division remianed and only a few officers and personal were not corrupt.

    Jack Smith looked out ove rthe city scape from his view point. He stood in what was once a huge officer building but now nothing more then a abonded (sp?) building that was the site of many battles between local clans.

    "Once the capital of the galaxy. Now nothing more then a city in ruin." Jack Smith said to himself as his tan colored Jedi Robes were controled by the wind. The sun was setting behind the Fodai Knight.

    Next Day, Coruscant

    Jack Smith was now cladded in his civilian clothes; nothing more then a vest, pants, boots, and a shirt. He carried a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol for protection and so he would fit in with the locals.

    He sat at a crowed bar on the side of the street. Since the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion over 2,000 years ago, Coruscant was pulled closer to the sun and thus, unlike in years past, Coruscant had natural rain and natural snow. It was rainy out and the night was full of activty. Bright lights filled the darkness of the city and fires in barrels littered the corners of streets. A few scattered blaster shots could be heard in the distance and species of all races filled the crowed streets.

    As Jack Smith took a sip of his drink, he saw the Emperor's address to the Senate.

    "I offer this question as my highest argument for I believe the answer is a resounding yes." The Emperor said.

    "Great!" A loud mouthed human barked, slamming his acholic (sp?) drink down on the table. "Now the Emperor wants to take away our weapons! It aint going to happen. That fool of an Emperor knows he can't do that to a whole galaxy. If it failed thousands of years ago, it is gonna fail again!"

    Can't blame the fellow,Jack Smith thought as he watch the bald headed and largely built man speak with a vest on. He does have a point, even if he is drunk. The Emperor is playing a game that will result in more harm then good. The problem is that the Emperor can't see that.

    The bald headed white male with a blue vest, black pants and black boots and a white shirt got up. An alien looked at him in a way that displeased the larger bald human and the human pulled out a blaster and blasted the alien out of the way. A few people stared for a few seconds and then returned to their business. This type of thing was pretty normal and after 3 months of being on Coruscant, Jack Smith just stared like everybody else for a few seconds and then returned to his drink.

    His mission, ordered by The Council of One Hundred, was to bring abck information on what was going on in Coruscant. He would have a grim report for The Council of One Hundred.

    Leaving the bar a few hours later, Jack Smith boarded his personal shuttle and blasted away for Endor. He would arrive in a few minutes with an advanced hyperdrive system.
  19. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Due to changes in the nature of Dragons, mostley for game uses, this is the new profile for my Character.

    Name: Quillnox'Farlan
    Title: Potential Dominate
    Race: Dragon: Stage 4, Silver
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 500 years after TNDT
    Age: 1500 Human Years or 150 Cycles
    Planet of Birth: Ferun
    Current planet: Ferun
    Eye/Hair color: Silver/ No Hair
    Height/Weight: Body Length(Without Tail): 55 Feet/ Tail length: 27 Feet
    Weight: Immesureable
    Description: Known for his short, fat Body and long Tail(Relitive to Most Silvers), eyes amre molten pools of silver and his scales are fully silver so that htey refelct light like a mirror.
    Weapon: Claw, Tooth, Breath Weapon, Magick
    Force mastery/power: Stage 11/Power Level 100
    Talents: Debate, Politics.
    Family: Sire: Now Wyrm Jakanal'Firan Dam: Marinfala'garan
    Notes: Aspires to be a memeber of the Council of Wyrms, also aspires to explore space among the mortals and shorter lived races.
    History: Born to the influential Jakanal'Firan, a then Dominate of high power among the council, he grew up with Breakfasts made up of Debate and with Dinners of political Intrigue. When his father acended to Wyrm and was approved to be on the council Quill began to watch the Coucil activities and meetings, as was now his Right to do so. He quickly learned the politics of all Dragonkind, such as the Wise golds or the Cunning Greens. He is soon approaching the date in which he must go off into the galaxy at large anbd do something to prove his worth to be accepted as a Dominate, and he can start his political career.

    Antar, See a recent PM about other Certian Things.
  20. RockDragon

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    May 2, 2002

    I'm so sorry, I wasn't aware anyone had came up with the name Galaxy Defender! [face_blush] I'm really sorry about that and don't mean to take any of the credit, I can actually think up a new name for my ship if you want. :)


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    After listening to the Emperor's speach, Senator Kiara Felis had gone to practice her fencing skills with her brother Pluton. Fencing was an old sword fighting skill that been forgotten by most but it had remained as a tradition in her family for thousands of years. Pluton taught Kiara this skill and always made her practice. It was a good way to relive stress.

    `Strike and parry,` Kiara thought to herself. `The Emperor is a very bold man, I wonder if this change of his in the weapons situation will fall through.`

    Thinking about the Emperor's speech had made her loose concentration, allowing Pluton to get her in the right thigh.

    "Kiara! You're loosing your focus!" Pluton repremanded. (sp?)

    "Sorry. I can't seem to think straight."

    "That's enough for today anyway. We'll continue tomorrow. And next time, don't loose your focus."

    It was getting late, so Kiara decided to head up to her apartment.

    (OCC: TAG: Anyone. ;) )
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    Ebony Blackstar listened to the Emporor's speach, and as she did, her heart sank. Disarm the whole Galaxy? She was not so sure about this. She stood, taking the floor.

    "Your Excellency, can we forget the invasion of the Yuzzam Vong so many years ago? If we disarm, how can we protect ourselves from any outside invasion? Can we have peace of mind in the galaxy if we have no means to protect ourselves? There are many beings in the galaxy that would fight to keep their weapons. How would these be removed from those beings? Disarming the galaxy at this time, I fear would be a dreadful mistake, Your Excellency."

    Ebony remained standing, waiting for the Emperor's responce, and that of the other senators. She stood tall, the light shimmering on her flowing silver gown.

    OOC: I don't want to just skip over the speach. I'm a senator, for the first time. I want to have fun in session. :)
  23. Charlemagne19

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    The Emperor nodded to the Senator as he said "Long have I deliberated on this particular course of action and the ancient invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong is in fact fresh in my mind. They however it should be noted were an abberation in the galaxy, a hostile race that somehow survived due to the abomination of the Force wielders who ruled it. It is destiny that we shall encounter races that view our commitment to peace and prosperity for all sentient beings as a weakness rather than as a strength. I am not also saying that there will not be causalties in initial meetings but if this is a matter of simple mathmatics, and it is not, then let us think of how many conflicts have existed throughout our history and even in recent memory over the spilling of blood that will spill through the centuries in endlessly repeating cycles. Our Empire is vast enough that we may bring more passive and more civilized resistance to such beings and transform them from their own violent ways to something better befitting we a space fairing culture."

    The Emperor sighs "We are a wealthy people and while it will never occur in my tenure of Emperor, I will also assure those hearts that do not believe peace is possible that in future Emperor's terms such could be rebuilt remarkably swiftky to deal with any in my mind imaginable foe. It is my hope however that the generations that grow up in what I hope to be a very long reign will grow past the long difficult early years and eventually the loss of their destructive tools will seem an abberation as it has been with other species."

    Anakin clasps his hands together and speaks softly "It is a terrifying prospect, the End to all War in the universe with what we may lay the groundwork for and from there on down to perhaps even murder itself in all forms though I take only a small step to that just as all my ancestors have taken steps to this day. The Fodai Knighthood and the many brave servitors of the Imperial Armed forces have their place in aiding in this great achievement that will take many years but the time to act is now and by every second of delay...many more will die."

    Anakin looked "As for those who will not give up their weapons, this is a dangerous prospect but I believe through negioation and peaceful intentions we may defuse most....we are a civilized people in such ways....and those that refuse can be confiscated through nonlethal but firm means. I will believe a situation that requires elsewise when it emerges."

    "Bang." the voice of the hologram of Coruscant Prefect Duke Stratos said, the Emperor's own illegitamate brother. He was a handsome man but a cold quality that came from being within the worst fighting of the Expansion Wars. "That Emperor Dovanan-Skywalker was the sound of all it would take to end this little initiative of yours. Gentlebeings of the galactic senate I would like for once to rise above the wonderful statements of his majesty Emperor Anakin the Meek and say what I have been wanting to say for four years now."

    "Bantha Fodder." The Prefect, Senator, and Nobleman said as he let that sink in, the theatrics of this moment had been very carefully and deliberately plnned for maximum effect. "History as mankind defines it is literally a series of preparations for war between actual conflict. By most scientiffic definations of things, sentience begins when another race decides the benefits of destroying another. We are sitting on the largest military force the galaxy has ever seen and you are currently asking to abandon it because you don't have the stones to use it."

    Duke Stratos sneered and said "By accident of genetic destiny we have you as the heir of Anakin Dovanan who was a descendant of the Warlord of the Galactic Empire and before then the Ancient Galactic Republic fell because it had come to rely on the wonderful magical powers of the Fodai's predecessors....probably as many in this building have started to. We have a new galaxy discovered in the reach. I suggest we make moves t
  24. Bravo

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    OOC: Don't worry RockDragon. :) I just made your ship into a class of ships. Feel free to make any type of ship you want. We do have a whole four galaxies worth of ships to make you know. [face_mischief]

    Endor, Fodai Council chamber

    Jack Smith walked into the large council chamber of The Council of One Hundred. He now woe his Jedi Robes, getting back from Coruscant about 30 minutes ago.

    Jack Smith took his place at the speaking area. He bowed before he began to speak.

    "I am here to report on Coruscant." Jack Smith said.

    (TAG: Anyone)

  25. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: I thought I was long overdue for posting a write up on my original species so here it is...

    Race: Craetaer Vong

    Type: Humanoid

    Planet: Endor, native planet is unknown

    Size: 5'7"-6'6" average height, 160 lbs-200 lbs average weight

    Hair: white, blonde, brown, gray, black, blue

    Eyes: blue, green, gray, brown, purple, black

    Skin color: white, brown, black, blue

    Features: The Craetaer Vong appear Human for the most part with subtle variations in skin, hair and eye pigments. They are easily distinguishable from Humans by their ritualized tattoos and scars that are used in meditation and as a part of their cultural heritage. Craetaer Vong tattoos and scars are typically aesthetically pleasing to Humans.

    Strength, speed, reflexes, agility, intelligence: The Craetaer Vong are virtually identical to Humans in their physical and mental attributes.

    Technological level: The Craetaer Vong are fully integrated into the Empire and use most standard forms of Imperial technology.

    Other info: Roughly 6000 years pre-ANH, a small group of Force sensitive Yuuzhan Vong emerged that followed the Yuuzhan Vong God of magic, Yun-Craetaer. For centuries, they lived in secret from the whole of Yuuzhan Vong society who would see them as abominations and an affront to the Gods. Around 5000 years pre-ANH, the Craetaer Vong were discovered by mainstream Yuuzhan Vong society, centered out, persecuted and systematically executed in a prolonged series of public sacrifices to the Yuuzhan Vong Gods. Though the eradication of the Craetaer Vong and their ways was widely successful, the Yuuzhan Vong were unprepared for the Force skills of a small group of Craetaer Vong who managed to evade persecution and live on in secret for thousands of years.

    For millennia the Craetaer Vong grew in numbers and after several generations, all offspring were born Force sensitive. Their understanding of the Force evolved into a central religion that honored and protected all life. They came to call the Force Life and they called themselves the Order of Life. For thousands of years, they lived as a secret shadow of the Yuuzhan Vong, living off of Yuuzhan Vong resources and bio-technology.

    Roughly 30 years Post-ANH, the Craetaer Vong made themselves known to the people that defeated their warrior brothers, the Yuuzhan Vong? The Jedi. The alliance between the Order of Life and the Jedi came just in time to defeat a great evil that threatened to destroy the Force and with it, the entire Multiverse. Once this great evil was destroyed, the Craetaer Vong and the Order of Life settled in the war-torn galaxy of the New Republic and with their new friends and allies, they became a founding member of the Fodai Order and what would become the Intergalactic Empire.

    In present times, Force sensitivity is a genetic trait to the Craetaer Vong due to thousands of generations of reproduction among a Force sensitive community. The Craetaer Vong are inseparable from the Fodai Order and are a species ever-present within the reaches of the Fodai City on Endor. The Craetaer Vong are dedicated servants to the cause of balance within the Force and are a long-standing pillar in the Fodai Order.
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