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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    Deci walked to his shuttle and soon he was standing att the bridge in his ship The Undertaker . A modefied SD , 1 km longer than a usual one, loaded with weapons so ther was hardly room for the men to sleep.

    His fleet wasn´t the biggest in the galaxy, but. Still it was his fleet. Consisting of 35 SD and Fighters, bombers to that.
    The Galaxy had seen larger fleets than this, but.. as said. It was his fleet. And he was darn proud of it.
    Thousands of men under his command. The onyl thing they knew was how to be a soldier.

    Why did they decome a soldier in the first place?
    Often because they didn´t have anything else to do. Un-educated they couldn´t get a desent job.
    The army suplied with credits, food and a roof to sleep under.
    Now all of them would be fierd?
    This order wasn´t going to be just.. ordered.
    A rebellion would rise, and not by the common men on the planets.
    No, by all of those million men that are soldiers, that have nothing else to go to.
    Sure, they could be educated. But this.. no.

    Deci slammed his fist into the wall and screamed.
    He took a comm and sent out a message to all of the men in the fleet.

    I am sure that all of you have heard the emperors speech. Now I ask of you. To not follow orders. to not loose your lifes.
    We are all soldiers, we have all risked our lives for that man. And what do we get?
    A hug and a smile. A HUG AND A SMILE DONT PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE! . The rebellion against the emperor starts here. All men that are against it have one hour to leave the ships. If a entier SD decide to leave. Leave within the hour

    1 hour later

    Only a few shuttles left the fleet. no SD left.

    Good, I see that you have decided to live and fight for our right to live, than to live in missery. I don´t realy have any idea what to do next. But I will send a message to the Emperor that we have left the empire. And send out a message to all other Fleets.

    Deci sent a holo transmission to his.. former Emperor.

    My dear Emperor, it is my sad duty to inform you that Me, and my fleet are leaving the Empire and do not accept you as the highest command. We have started a rebellion here in outer space. You ask us to loose our jobs, titles, and or dignity. We cannot obay this. So. we are leaving. in search for another to roule

    Deci sat down in his office. He had never done anything like this before. Never questiond his orders. But this?
    No, he had worked hard to reach this possision and he wasn´t going to loose it just because someone got insane.

    He sent another message to all fleets in the galaxy.

    This is general Deci, my fleet has left the empire and started a revolution...or, what ever you may call it. Anyway. I would apreciate any aid in our cause. And our cause is your cause. You, the soldiers of the Empire, who had worked so hard to get where we are. We are all soldiers. Send me a message and let me know if you wil aid our cause.

    TAG All generals, Admirals and any Soldier.
  2. Marna_Veign

    Marna_Veign Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 31, 2002
    Ebony sat when others took up the cry. The direction the meeting was taking was not good. She didn't mean to open that can of worms. Or did she?

    She believed that she supported the Emperor in most things, but she, along with many, could not agree with the disarming decision.

    There was another thing she wanted to say, but the timing was not right anymore. So she sat and listened.
  3. COSLeiaOrganaSolo

    COSLeiaOrganaSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 15, 2002
    Kiara stood up, "But how can you put this into effect? There will be people who do not dissarm. To get these people to dissarm would take force, force that won't work without more weapons. Then, if you use weapons to dissarm, when these weapons are disposed of more civilians will find a way to get more weapons, thus causing a continuing cycle. This plan doesn't seem to be logical."
  4. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    The Emperor took a step back from the holoprojector a moment to deliberate and said to Cret softly, "This is bad."

    Cret nodded simply then replied. "It is indeed... Speak to them. Soothe their concerns...", Cret suggested. Through the Force, he felt the agitation and concern throughout the senate.
  5. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Emperor sighs as he returns to his speach

    "While the elimination of civilian weaponry is an eventual goal this plan is the disarment of the Galactic Imperial Military engine first. The Empire has an accurate census of the entire full stock and summary of its supplies along with the fact that it of course is where the least unless you want to be here all night Galactic wealthstones. I am not so foolish to believe that immediately civilain governments can adjust to the necessary new galactic situation without serious time being devoted first to preparing the way for such."

    The Emperor smiled, he knew this was not going to be easy.

    "But there are alternatives to the violent taking of other beings life as was demonstrated against the Morgukai battle cults. In Hapes they have used the gun of command to mentally disable foes for thousands of years, despite the enormous cost the developing of these devices they are just one of the many alternatives that will prove cheaper than slaying sentient beings with lethal force. The Nithron disabling gases functional against 98% percent of species in the galaxy with proper scanning and lethal or dangerous combinations only in the trilloneth. Thousands of years in the past our ancestors developed the ion gun and the stun setting for their weapons as alternatives to the fissonable material explosive or the flesh rending projectile. We are now taking the next logical steps toward total galactic peace." he says.

    The Emperor was quite sure that they were ready to hang him here but he had to continue.

    "As for you Duke Stratos in my father's time you would have sealed your own death warrant so either you hope to provoke me and are truly willing to die for a cause that is essentially foolishness for every citizen or you are being a fool that should thank me a great deal I am not as dangerous as my father. It should come as no surprise that despite your martial law on Coruscant the crime rate remains the highest in the galaxy with your activities there having done nothing to halt the rampant misery." Anakin decided to point out the man's flawed record.

    "When people in the galaxy behave as animals, they need to be treated as such." the Duke said silently.

    "And as for what power I have beyond threats I shall now demonstrate so. By Imperial Order to the Galactic computer systems and banking guild your codes are hereby removed and the Imperial granted title, holdings, and position in this Senate is now revoked. Do not forget this is a centralized autocracy that all systems eventually move back to me. I have left you your personal I suggest you find yourself a new position. Perhaps as a garbage scow manufacturer or used droid salesman." Anakin was not an entirely patient man and knew the value of an example even if it had to be a gentle example.

    The Duke frowned and his hover chair was dissolved into the shadows, the largest fortune into the galaxy reduced to less than a fraction of its size and the computer system often central to maintaining ties across vast distances.

    "I am asking a firm commitment to peace not simply because it is an order from your Emperor but for the future of your constituties. This is not something I expect causally carried out and very much I would like the Senates you represent to issue reports and recommendations and yes even tell me to my face your arguements. I extend an open invitation to all here to come speak with me, sorted through my Grand Vizier, and express your concerns."

    Anakin said

    "Each of you along with the prefects and lesser senators under you, not to mention the rest of the bureaucracy down to the individual citizen will be required to acquiring proper methdos for this Push towards Peace which I start with the dismantling of the Imperial forces themselves. To show furthermore my respect for your opinions I call for a vote from the senate for your opinions to whether or not take the main dismantling up."

  6. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Endor, Fodai Council chamber

    Jack Smith stood there and then a soft voice came from the gathered Fodai leaders.

    "Report, Fodai Knight Jack Smith." Master Vack Falowlee said. Master Vack Falowlee was an older man, an almost bald head with white hair circling the edges of the back of his top of his head and part of the back of his head. He had green eyes and white skin and wore a tan colored Jedi Robe. He was one of the most respected of the Fodai Masters mostly for his interlligence, knoweldge, wisdom, and calm even during the most choas filled moments.

    "Fodai Masters, I ahve come with grave news from the world named Coruscant. The world is in disarray (sp?), with urban combat ruling both day time and night time. Species of all kinds gun down others in the middle of streets and just walk away calmly. Some are killed just for a look someone does not like or even if they got in the other person's way by accident. The local law enforcemnet is corrupt to the bone and the few law enforcement officers who are not corrupt are overwhlemed by crime and corruption.

    "Homeless of all species live on the streets and abonded (sp?) buildings litter the land scape. The weathly are able to escape the horrors of the lower levels and they have bought law enforcement personal for protection. But even the weathly can not escape the vilonce (sp?) of the city planet. Gangs, warlords, and pirates and even small armies rule the city and they do affect the weathly. Even the weathly are corrupt with many weathly species of all kinds supporting and funding gangs, pirates, smugglers, warlords, and the small armies while at the same time giving a cover for the smugglers and pirates for dealing drugs and at the same time, as further cover, supporting law enforcement efforts.

    "The lower levels are plaged (sp?) with vilonce (sp?), it is as if the lower levels of Coruscant City are a whole different world. Law enforcement rarely tarvels to the lower levels and when they do, the out come is not good for law enforcement personal. Although the city is clean and looks powerful from the sky and on the upper levels, the lower levels and even the mid levels are plaged with crime and urban combat. Without a military pressence on the planet, Coruscant is a lawless city without a government. The weathly control what ever govermental system there is and the weathly often corrupt the governmental system.

    "Coruscant is a large combat zone with civilians and refuges dying every minute of the day. Any type of disarment of weapons on Coruscant would lead to civil war on Coruscant and Fodai involvement, even with our numbers, would only create further problems and would not disarm the people of Coruscant." Jack Smith cleared his throat as he annylis (sp?) of Coruscant came to an end.

    Fodai Master Zerenna Star spoke next. "Fodai Knight Kack Smith, from your annylis (sp?) of Coruscant, what is your idea for action?"

    Jack Smith was asked to make a choice that involved billions upon billions of lives. He waited a moment, picking his words carefully. "My suggestion is that we do not disarm the galaxy. We can take steps to replace blasters with stun weapons and othe rnon lethal weapons, but any disarment of Coruscant would have to be through military action." Jack Smith doubted that stun weapons and other non-lethal weapons would ever replace blasters, but he gave it a shot anyways.

    "The Emperor has made his decision (sp?) and the affects of that decision (sp?) have casued one Imperial Naval Fleet to defect already and start a rebellion against the Empire." Said Master Historian Mara Long, an older woman who was human and who had blue eyes, white hair that was tied up right now and who had white skin. She was the Master Historian of the Fodai Order. "We can not do much now, but hopefully our efforts, although not large right away, will bring a peaceful aggrement to this disarment act.

    "Fodai Knight Jack Smith," She contuined on, "The Council of One Hundred ha
  7. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    Deci recieved Anakins message, and he replyed.

    Beutifull words my dear emperor, unfortunally those words dosen´t affect me.
    You say that I am a tratour. Well. Thousands of men accept my command in MY fleet. And not yours. Why? THey feel betrayed. What will they do? Will you educate them?
    Let them spend the rest of their lives in a school? . We have sacreficed our lives so that YOU can keep your throne. Don´t reply to this message. Your fine words dosn´t count in this fleet. I HAVE WORKED MY ASS OF! and your thanks is to fire me?. Well, I say no.
    I do not engage war with you so that I can roule the Empire one day. Im not qualefied, bot nore are you.
    You say that My actions will not be tollerated. Well, send an armed force to meet mine, and you have just betrayed what you just said.
    I fight for a future emperor that understand that the Empire´s war machine cannot just be turned off without consequenses. Now face them.

    Deci turned of his holo-transmittor and leaned back.

    "Imperial Fleet, this is Fodai Knight Jack Smith on a mission of peaceful negitions (sp?) from the The Council of One Hundred. Can I board and speak with General Deci?"

    A tracktor beam pulled the Fodai Knights ship onto The Undertaker.
    And Jack was lead to Decis office.

    He ordered the fleet to moove out of the sector and set course at the outer rimm of the current galaxy. From there, he would plan his next moove.

    "Now. Speak".

    TAG Bravo.
    TAG Anyone.
  8. Marna_Veign

    Marna_Veign Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 31, 2002
    Senator Ebony Blackstar approached the Emperor in the Gardens. She warily walked past the man with the moonglow the Emperor refused. She spotted the Emperor with Cret.

    "Your Excellency, May I speak with you?"

  9. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    Ferun System, Ferun Planet, Ilass City, Council of Wyrms Chambers, Main Hall

    "You fool." hissed out Noxios, a Green Wyrm hailing from Clan Foulgrove. The council had sat, watching the speech of the emperor, and now a heated debate was going on, on which Quillnox was very interested to observe.

    "We cannot possibly follow this mortal emperor and his foolish thoughts on peace. Look, already we have reports of dissident from his own loyal men, and you would have us agree with him? He is a mortal, one of the creations of Falazure, not worthy of our time."

    ?We all know about your isolationist policies among your clan, Noxios, but those cannot and never could apply on an extra-system basis. We are now bound to these mortals, whether we like it or not.? Said Wyrm Harin, a crystal, ?and I can assure you I like it less than most. I must agree on one point, this emperor is a fool, and we should have taken the chance to replace him when we could.?

    ?I will not condone the assassination of this human, we are not savages, nor are we stupid. We looked at the probably results of that coup, and thing would be worse off for us now if we had. That is not our primary concern here; our primary concern is what to do about this disarmament act.? Jakanal, Qillnox?s father and a Silver Wyrm, said.

    ?It?s poppycock, and cannot possibly apply to us. How can he disarm us when we are ourselves living weapons? How can he thing his plan of no civilian weapons can affect us when, with just our natural abilities, we can level cities and torch worlds? It is obvious that he has not thought these things though, and for that reason alone I say we ignore it, and until he himself comes to force us to, we continue to ignore him. There are other reasons I might mention, but they are best left to me and my Dominates.? said Fireblaze, a Red from Clan Fira.

    ?You would have us engage in yet another war with these humans? Not to forget that now they have other, alien allies. Surely you can remember your history lessons Fireblaze, every time we have fought the humans we have lost countless numbers, and it has, in the end, dissolved to fighting between us. We cannot just ignore this edict, but perhaps there are ways of avoiding it.? Said Gahana the Copper, a dominate from Clan Fastwing.

    ?I must agree with Gahana. We cannot openly fight this edict; if we do we risk a war that will be fruitless. I also agree, however, that this plan is foolhardy and could only come from a mind of a mortal.? said Galbriel, a gold Wyrm of Clan Sunblaze. ?While we cannot withdraw completely from the humans, nor can we defy them openly, we can isolate ourselves somewhat, as we have done in the past. Only rarely is anyone but a diplomat allowed within our space, and perhaps we should take that a step further. I say we deny access to our systems and sovereign space to any but diplomatic personnel, and of course, the Fodai.?

    ?Yes, and what of the Fodai Master Killrandor?? said Jakanal.

    ?I have yet to hear from The Council of One Hundred on this, and have sent a request for guidance. Their stance will do much to influence mine. However, I imagine they will have no stance, and so we will have to seek the whims of Ilass ourselves.? Said master Killrandor, the only Fodai Wyrm and Master of all their educational facilities.

    ?Well, it is put to a vote then.? said the Agendaess of the meeting. She was to make sure that everything was on-topic, that all points of the agenda were covered, and to collect the votes or other tasks.

    The dominates sat back, many silently sending their views to their respective Clan Wyrms. Quillnox watched with eagerness. It had been some time since a matter of such importance had been put before the council; then again, it had been some time since anything the Mortal races did had affected them. His father turned his great head an looked at him. He nodded his head, knowing how his son would feel, as well as his clan, and put in his vote.

    When all the votes were accounted for only 3 Clans had wanted direct opposition,
  10. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    The Undertaker

    Jack Smith bowed, his hands cuffed together in front, the sleves of his Jedi Robes hiding his hands for a second.

    "I come in peace from the..."

    "The Emperor." General Deci broke in.

    "No." Jack Smith said. "From The Council of One Hundred. The Emperor does not know of this meeting."

    "I thought you Fodai Knights obey the Emperor's command." The General said in a mocking tone.

    "We do, but when the Emperor's judgement is clouded, our job is to protect people and bring peace. The Emperor's actions, although meant to be peaceful, are not peaceful right now. And, from the reports I read on my way here, he said a few words to you that were rather un called for and thus any peace negotions (sp?) through the Emperor would be clouded with revenge (sp?)."

    "Strong words." The General replied. "What does all of this talk mean, Fodai Knight?"

    Jack Smith knew he wasn't getting anywhere with this type of talk. He needed to be forward and right now, Jack Smith didn't care about rank or orders. His mission was a peace mission, not to further orders from an Emperor billions upon billions of light years away.

    "Let me put it simply, General. You are a Rebel..."

    "That is how this government was formed over to thousand years ago through..."

    "Through the Rebel Alliance. I know, General. I am a historian." The General was taken aback from the Fodai Knight's sharp reply, and Jack Smith, now with an edge, didn't allow the General to reply and kept on going. "Your mission, at least when you were with the Galactic Empire, was to protect people. How are you going to protect people if you rebel against the very government that protects those people? What is you message by rebeling? How will you beat the Galactic Empire? Through peaceful negitions (sp?). I think not. You have a fleet of one of the oldest desgins of ships, a newer version and not over tweo thousand years old, but a version that's main purpose was destruction and the surpression of people who disobeyed the laws of a corrupt and evil government ran through a Sith Master.

    "To defeat this government you will have to take military action. To make a statement as seen billions of years ago, millions of years ago, thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, and now, yopu must take action. And a government, even a disarmed government won't fall down without a fight. A fight means armed conflict, war. I respect youa nd your men. I disagree with the Emperor's orders, if we disarm, we defeat the purpose to protect our people from invasion and or from other armed aggressiors. Other species and people don't care if we lead by example by disarming, they will see that as a chance to overthrow the government through military action.

    "By going rebel, you will need to raid supply convoys for supplies and a armed convoy just won't give up, they will fight back. You will ahve to destroy the military escort. When planetary governments and or system government, away from the Empire's control, take military action against you, you will have to fight back. You will have to destroy. Civilians, woman and children, will die. What happenes when your mother, father, or sister are caught in the cross fire of your battle, your urge to rebel? What if it was your forces who killed them, what if it was your order to fire on a city or ship, that had afamily member on ita nd you killed him. Will you be able to live with that? What is the point of armed conflict?

    "Rebel, fine. I can not stop you. My mission is peaceful, not destruction. Please, don't rebel. I will talk with the Emperor personally, you and your men will be allowed back. Maybe this disarment act won't go through and if you don't rebel, you can come back peacefully and serve for the Galactic Empire protecting the people you said you would. If you do rebel, I suggest you take another course of action. Instead of military action, run away, form your own little Empire in another galaxy where the Empire's control is not as strong as it is here
  11. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    "look, Jack. Im sure you believe in all those words you just said. But as long as the emperor continue to say that his orders stand. We will rebell. As I said to the emperor. Im not fighting for the civilians, nor for my own power.
    Im fighting for the millions of men that serve the Imperial army and that will have no lives once he has dissarmed the army.
    Yes, there will be civilian casulties. But these are times of war. And as loong as the emperor still is the emperor.
    Yes, this is a fleet designed to crush and destroy. It is time that it does it what it was made to do. Untill the emperor resign and a new, better emperor. And not me".

    Deci leaned back in his chair.

    "Is there anything else Fodai?"

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  12. _Jaelen_

    _Jaelen_ Jedi Youngling

    Jan 30, 2003
    The explosion knocked Jaelen onto his back giving his mark the chance to get his focus and use the force to lift Jaelen off the ground and toss him off the nearby ledge.
    Jaelen, too quick for this paltry tactic, grabs onto the Fodai?s arm with his grappling hook distracting the Fodai and halting his throw. Instantly the Fodai pulled Jaelen in with the grappling hook swinging him into a wall behind him. Jaelen?s shoulder, housing his personal shield generator smashes against the wall, shorting out his main defence against anything the Fodai could throw towards him. The Fodai pulls the cable again flinging Jaelen straight towards him while the Fodai pulls a Lightsaber from Jaelens own sheath, Light?s up the weapon, start?s his swinging motion towards Jaelen?

    ?AHHHHHH? screamed Jaelen as he jumped up from his deep sleep; his eyes burst open, sweat pouring from his harshly awakened face.
    ?What?s the matter baby?? asked the prostitute who was also abruptly awakened from her nice sleep.
    ?Never mind. It?s time for you to leave now.?
    She gets dressed, gathers her things and just before she walks out the door she turns and asks: ? Same time tomorrow, love??
    ?No? Jaelen responds.

    After the prostitue closes the door Jaelen gets out of bed, cleans up and goes to the nearest diner where he?s meeting someone for a job.

    He walks into the diner, looks around not seeing whom he?s supposed to meet so he sits at the bar and orders a drink. Not long after he takes his first sip a character walks in and sits next to Jaelen, on his left. He orders a plate of food, leans toward Jaelen and says to him ?Look in your right hand vest pocket.? Right then Jaelen opens his left hand and says ?Is this what you wanted me to find?? showing him a small unmarked envelope
    ?You?re good. Your senses seem perfectly attuned.? Says the figure.
    ?Actually I think it?s your senses that are losing their edge, Draelith. How are you my old friend??
    ?Not bad Jaelen, I?ve uh been sick? Drealith jokes, knowing that the Nilachem knows he?s lying. ?Won?t you join me for some food??
    ?No thanks, I hate the food on this planet.?
    ?Something seems wrong with you though, are you okay??
    ?Yeah I will be, I had that dream again last night.?
    ?Ouch, you?ll figure it out eventually, you?ve always been the best detective, so to speak.? Drealith snickers.
    Drealiths plate of food arrives and Jaelen knows this is his cue to leave so he gulps his drink, glances at his friend goodbye and walks out the door, note stowed away in his pocket.

    He arrives back at his hotel room, sits on his bed and opens the envelope. Inside are simply a photograph and a name.
    Jaelen memorizes both, pulls out one of his lightsabers and drops the picture, paper and envelope onto the bright green light. He straps on his shield generator, packs his bag of toys and sets out on a new day of work.
  13. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    The Undertaker

    "Let me say this one last thing, General Deci. I agree with you that what the Emperor did was wrong. His actions will do more harm then good, we both know that. I know I can't change your mind, but I am gonna try. Please don't rebel with military action." Jack Smith tried one last time to change the General's mind and he knew that the General would rebel, there would be no changing that now, but he had to try. "If you must rebel, please for you family, for civilians, for woman and children, only hit military targets. Try to avoid civilian deaths as much as you can. I respect you as a man and I admire (sp?) you for stepping up for your men and all military personal." Jack Smith paused and then took out a data card. "If you ever have to reach me for any reason. If you ever change your mind, if you ever need help with keeping the peace, contact me. There is my comm link number on that data card." Jack Smith paused again. "I leave you in peace."

    Jack Smith bowed and left the General. He boarded his shuttle and after leaving the hanger bay, he jumped into hyperspace.


    The Council of One Hundred, Endor

    Jack Smith's shuttle landed. The silver plating sparkerled (sp?) in the afternoon sun. The twin engine craft landed and waiting was Master Explorer Dan Gandseen.

    "Welcome back Fodai Knight Jack Smith." He said. Master Explorer Dan Gandseen's tan colored robes flowed with the light wind on Endor at the moment. His brown eyes and bald head shwon brightly in the afternoon sun and his dark skin was most hidden under his robes. Master Explorer Dan Gandseen was the Master Explorer of the Fodai Order and his age was unknown. He was a human and he had to be old, anyone could see that in his face and eyes, but his age was unknown to everyone except for The Council of One Hundred. Master Explorer Dan Gandseen was respected very through out the The Council of One Hundred for his knoweldge, wisdom, and his ability to discover history and long lost objects.

    Jack Smith bowed. "Thank you, master."

    "How did it go?"

    "The General will rebel. I asked him not to and if he did rebel to limit civilian deaths. I did what I could coming under peace."

    "That is all we asked. You have a new assisgnment (sp?)." Master Explorer Dan Gandseen said.

    "What does The Council of One Hundred request of me?" Jack Smith asked.

    "You must find the legedary (sp?) New Sith Empire, once controlled by a Darth Maximums. It has been lost for over two thousand years and only one person has ever found it, a legendary (sp?) Jedi Knight called Jason Bravo. In order to find the New Sith Empire, you must find the ship called Jedi's Hope. It has also been lost for over two thousand years. It has not been seen since Jason Bravo left on his last mission, on his destiny."

    "Why does The Council of One Hundred command this?" Jack Smith asked. This was out of the current gaalctic issues and really didn't have anything to do with the Emperor's new disarment (sp?) act.

    "We fear that if this new rebellion finds the New Sith Empire first, a power hungry person will use the millions of ships rumored to be there against the Galactic Empire." Master Explorer Dan Gandseen paused and his voice became dark. "The Council of One Hundred has sensed an acient evil that is coming back."

    OOC: The New Sith Empire is impossabile to find, thus why it has been hidden for two thousand years. For now, lets say that The Council of One Hundred are the only ones who it even exists. If Antar has a problem with that, he'll PM me and let me know. Have a great weekend everybody! :)
  14. The_Dark_Overlord

    The_Dark_Overlord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2002
    Deci sat behind his desk and after an hour. He looked at the data card and sen´t a message to Jack.

    "You have 48 hours to get rid of the Emperor. If he still sits on the throne. well.. then we have a problem"

    He ordered the fleet to stand by and wait for an answer.
    While he waited he started to looked over star-charts for important targets.
    To hit the millitary would do no good, the emperor would dissarm the army, and he could turn those in the army who apposed him on his side. After all, he was fighting for the millitary.

    He could not realy destroy any civilian targets. But, he could board them and... borrow the suplys.

    A suply of food to the Imperial HQ was on the way and would make a stop not far away from their possision. They would stop there about 49 hours from now.

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  15. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Moon of Selune

    The Order of the Dove also known as the Travellers was a relic of a less civilized age. Created by Master Antar Fodoh two thousand years ago to aid in the preservation of the balance, and if legend is true to also gather for him information on the ways of the Force when he was banished from the Jedi, they had been a motley lot when the First Emperor had taken them over. Thieves, Spies, Sector Rangers, Smugglers, Assaisins, and remanents of the Rebellion who had been betrayed by their government during the The Great Cataclysm after the Yuuzhan Vong Conflict.

    The organization had often endeavored to work with the Fodai but troubled had begun from the start since they were non-force sensetives who for the most part believed they were doing their job even better than the Force sensetives themselves. Such foolishness in the Fodai's view came from their reliance on a large tome of 1000 prophecies left over from the Great Cataclysm known as the Codex Archonium. Created by their own totemic figure every bit as grand as Antar Fodai in their opinion the group believed the mysteries of the universe laid within the tome.

    Unfortunately politics, the roguish nature of their group, and their mission success ratio no matter how well trained they were was always lower than the Fodai had left them gradually reduced to the level of serving as agents for the The Draconic Hegiomony who unfortunately because of their giant girth and size were hardly ones to be able to conduct anything in secret.

    The acting Master Traveller was Akkanas Lighthope who was a descendant of the high humans who had married outside the bloodline and thus appeared neither unearthly nor entirely normal. Like most high humans he had been force sensetive but his father had refused Fodai training for him, only to be murdered by the Fodai and kidnapped. While Akkanas foresaw now why exactly they had done it he had rebelled against their training and eventually made his way here to be traned by dragons to the finishing of his training, he still had not entirely forgiven them.

    "Dejarak." Akkanas said as his mammoth herbivore smashed the Beast King with his tail.

    "Oh...right." the woman across from him was probably genetically the pen-ultimate yet in human evolution if Akkanas were the one to being the tale but then again he was slightly bias being in love with her. Zellune Skywalker-Dovanan was the result of what he believed to be his greatest mistake as well as his greatest action. Many Fodai had joined together with the Travellers under his reign and the organization was, he was very afraid, turning into yet another arm of the Council of 100's "Web of Power" stretching across all lines of society. No small part of that came from the Council's approval of the organization when they had given them Zellune to raise away from Endor.

    She was the product of the prior Emperor Luke Skywalker-Dovanan's genetics having been combined with selected strains of some of the most powerful of Fodai masters stretching back to the original bloodline, making her the child of Mara Jade and the original Luke as surely as the Emperor along with who knows how many others. She had all the beauty of her ancestors and frankly a great deal of their stubborness as well.

    "You're distracted." Akkanas said, it was a statement.

    "Its about this stupid pacifist law! What the hell are we going to do about it?" Zellune said.

    "The same thing we always do. Try and promote the side of good, understanding, and just enough chaos and evil that humanity remains interesting." Akkanas said.

    "There's going to be a war." Zellune says.

    "Of course there is and I suspect that despite his desire to avoid so, the Emperor knows there's going to be one. The problem is of course is that he's not going to order the forces of the galaxy to engage in lethal battle and that has the potential to paralyze the government. However this is an excellent stage for humanity's next growth
  16. The_Chim

    The_Chim Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 16, 2001
    OOC: I hope this isn't too little too late. :)

    IC Christopher Lucus Snipes

    Today the New Emperor set up and announced a new law to be voted on. This new law is truly an Outrage to all in the Imperial Navy Fleet. He proposes that we do away with weapons altogether. I found this highly improbable if not impossible. How can you force other to give up their arms if you have no arms to enforce them to do it with? How can you ban the Galaxies weapon supply and weapon usage? Not to mention an outside invasion! He is flirting with danger. There is a distinct line between luck and crazy. We would be lucky if we actually got the entire Galaxy to disarm anyway. And it would be amazingly crazy if no outside forces came to exploit our weakness! And to what cost? To rid our Galaxy of all fighting? Well a Galactic ban on arms would create more trouble than it is worth. Too many risks to take. Too little benefits to follow this law anyway.

    This is blasphemous! I know it would seem as though I am partial to the militaristic view but, I have to be! I am the leader of our Galaxies defense! I may answer to many, but I have enough followers to keep myGalaxies Military Defenses going.

    I do think that the New Emperor should reconsider this choice, even though It hasn?t been deemed a Law yet. With all my years of knowledge I see that this will not work, not with any logic it wont. People are too different, too disagreeing. On everything, little thing they even squabble about. It's a wonder the Galaxy hasn't ripped itself to shreds over itself. Oh that's right, It was the Military who saved the galaxy from ruin, so very many times in the past. Now it looks to be different in the future. But I intend to add another Victory for the Military on this episode. The Galaxy will start to fall, government fail, and doom to all. Then like in the galaxies great past, this "Republic" will look upon it's once great Navy and Military Leaders for the answer and a rescue. But we will not be here to help this time. We will have been disarmed like the rest of them.
    So what about the people who rely on these weapons? Even I, the High Grand Admiral of the 4 Star Fleets need to have armaments. The Navy is basically all weapons except for the loyal crew of men and women running her. Now without cause to be anymore, the Navy will be abolished.

    I only pray for the republic to see the error in her ways, before it is too late. Before the mistake isn?t able to be undone. The time is nearing I hope that everyone is prepared. For if we do disarm...I fear for my Government...then there will be great loss of life. A holocaust to end all of our existences. I stand firm with my decision, unless certain benefits are unveiled then I remain.

  17. RockDragon

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    May 2, 2002
    The Starry Knight had been in orbit around Corellia for about a day, and Shane had spent most of that time meditating on his life. Once he felt settled, he returned to the bridge. "Officers of the Imperial Navy, I am ashamed of my actions yesterday, and come before you to apologize. I am no tyrant, and if the [/b]Emperor[/b] disbands the Navy, I will not try and cause an uprising. For now, I think the best thing for us to do is wait until the Senate votes on the disarming of the Galaxy." When Shane had finished his speech, most of the officers were content again, to be back under the Emperor, if even for a short time.
  18. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Jack Smith had taken a detour from his assigment.

    "I must speak with the Emperor." Jack Smith pleaded again with the aid, flanked by two armed guards.

    So much for disarming the military. Jack Smith thought as he looked at the two armed guards.

    "Sir," The male aid went on, "Only those with appointment can see the Emperor."

    Jack Smith was getting tired of this game he had been playing for 10 minutes already. So, Jack Smith contacted the Emperor via the Force.

    Emperor, I have news for you. You must come now. This is between peace and war.

    Although no one could tak through the Force, they could send imagines (sp?). Jack Smith sent an imagine of the Emperor, a news reporter talking about important news, and imagines (sp?) of peace and war. That was enough to get the Emperor's attention, Jack Smith was sure.

    (TAG: Emperor)

    OOC: Just talked with Antar, no evil is coming back. When I typed up that last part of the most, I was rather rushed and I didn't go through the causes and effects of the things I posted towards the end of that post.
  19. The_Chim

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    Jul 16, 2001
    IC: Christopher Lucas Snipes.

    *Snipes thinking to himself*This isnt possible!How could this be? I must sort this out as best I can.I know what I must do*Snipes thinking to himself*

    Transmission to The Emperor
    Good Emperor,this is High Grand Admial Christopher Snipes in regard to the recent desertion of part of your Imperial Force. General Deci is or was one of your more loyal Generals.I do not mean to undmine your authority and reaction to General Deci and his forces, but you cannot Declare War on him.This decree you have laid down,about disarming the Galaxy,this has caused him to leave your Empire. I had command of him,maybe he will still listen to reason. I will try everything in my power to keep him from rebelling,but he is one of my finest.He will be hard to persuade afterall.
    If it is your will I can go and try to talk to him, comming from the same understanding as him,as a soldier,he might listen to me.If not,I can do whatever is needed tobe done.I am at your hand.[/b]

    Though disappointed by his Commander and Cheifs decision about Disarming the Galaxy,what He himself had to sacrifice,and his father too,was all going to be forgoten with one little action.Snipes was still confused and worried what might come about Deneral Deci's rebellion.Time would tell.he only hopes he is around to see its conclusion.

    TAG Emperor,General Deci.
  20. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Took a long time to get this approved... :p

    Name: Kobrian Zaan
    Title: Admiral (aboard the Sha'la Pride, the flag ship of the armada)
    Race: Sha'la
    Gender: male
    Year of birth: Year 1923 Post Empire
    Age: 80
    Planet of birth: Tah'ti'la
    Current planet: Tah'ti'la
    Eye/Hair color: Red/no hair, scales, which are black
    Height/Weight: 6'8 / 275 lbs.
    Description: Perfect specimen of the Sha'la, a tall lizard like creature, red eyes with black scales, including a muscular tail equal to half his hieght. His arms end in three finger claws, and toes in three claws also. this species has a hidden claw near thier ankle, that extends in fight or in warning. Wears traditional battle regalia of the Navy, which consists of a scarlet loin-cloth and a sash that covers the right sholder to left hip.
    Masters: n/a
    Apprentice(s): n/a
    Weapon: Typical weapon of the Sha'la, a ceremonial dagger fastioned to his hip, secret claw near ankle. Will carry a standard issue blaster when he feels the situation calls for it.
    Force mastery/power: n/a
    Talents: Tactial genius, sees he best possible tactic for the best possible moment.
    Family: Parents abandoned him when his egg was layed, Has 6 hatchmates, but his family and all but two of his hatchmates were killed in a Crime Syndicate raid;his brother Ianin Zaan, a starfighter pilot on the Sha'la Pride, and his sister, Hersiaan Zaan, who is the intelligence officer aboard the ship.
    Notes: Ten Years ago, While on a mission in the Reach for his people, Kobrian lead his main armada agaisnt a group of aliens in a territorial dispute between the Sha'la and the Jau'li, the enemies of the Sha'la. They were easily defeated against the armada, but when he returened home, he found on his home planet of Tah'ti'la that the two major cities, Nat'si'kan and Hri'wu'van, were uterly destroyed by the major crime syndicate Black Sun (These people renewed the values that were founded by the original Black Sun on Corscant 2000 years ago.) His parents died in the assult of Nat'si'kan, along with all but two of his hatchmates, the only two that remained with him on the territorial dispute on his ship. After investigation of the assault, Kobrian later learned that the Black Sun put the Jau'li up to the assault so they could lure the armada away.

    Now the Sha'la hate any and all crime syndicates, and any large controlling force in the galaxy. They also compare the Empire to a crime syndicate; they control a large amount of people to do thier biddings. They vow to rid the world of large syndicates and Empires; they feel that the people should choose for themselves.

    The one major difference is that the Sha'la's ships are majorly different from the normal. They designed their own ships.

    Description: They are a large, slender conicly shaped ship. It angles from the engines in the back to a firing point at the end. These ships are black with reflective plating, and blend into the stars.

    Weapons:(varies from ship to ship)
    Super Capital: One such of these, and is Kobrian's ship. Equipped with 60 quad-turbolaser cannons, 60 ion cannons, and 30 anti-starfighter cannons. One of the benefits of the design is that they can focus all weapons forward, and can rotate on any target if on the side, bringing all weapons to bear with it at one time. The main weapon of this ship, however, is the 1/4 scale Death star weapon in the center. Perfectly designed to accommodate it, it can fire the death star's weapon, although 1/4 the power, into any ship or planet. They have only had to use it twice, and never on a planet...but will use it if the need arises.

    Medium to small capital: 1/2 to 1/3 the size of capital, it possesses 1/2 the amount of firepower (30 quad-turbolaser, 30 ions and 15 anti-starfighter) and are the same design as the capital, but do not possess the Superlaser.

    Fighters: same design, but have four stabilizing wings containing the lasers that can fold up for assault and down for space travel. The lasers are repeating style, and the fighters also include proton torpedo launchers
  21. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Apr 16, 2002
    Deci waited.. and waited.. and waited, soon the 48 hours had passed by and the beginning of the 49´th (sp?).

    The supply ships enterd the system and where soon surrounded by the 40 SD´s.

    "Don´t try anything and prepare to be boarded (sp?)."

    The convoy was now in Deci´s hands, with no food. the emperor should soon see that it was hard to rule with an empty stummich.

    Deci sent a message to his former Admiral.

    Grand Admiral Christopher Snipes, I ask you. Where do you stand in this conflict?

    TAG The Chim
  22. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Nar Shaddaa

    It was very late at night and most people had retired, but as usual, the night was always teeming with surprises.
    Located in an out of the way underpass,The Lucky Shot Cantina was still 'open' and there were those who for reasons known only to them, remained there even after 'closing'.
    The Holovid was playing a mix of entertainment vids alternating with some uninvited holonewscaster's extrapolation of the Emperor's Dissarmament Senate Address.
    It was amazing what passed for news these days.
    Several patrons were passionetly discussing the issue of dissarmament when a stanger walked in. He wore a sleek black bodysuit and hooded black jacket that immediately marked him as an outsider. His handsome dark features were those of the type found in vanity pictorials.
    What struck the patrons as odd, was the expression on his face. He looked absolutely lost.

    "Hey you! We're closed, so you'd better go elsewhere!" the human barkeep yelled at the newcomer in basic.
    At the bar, two Weequays,a Devaronian and one Aqualish laughed at the newcomer as they regarded him with mischief in their eyes.
    On a table at the far corner, a falleen female, a Wookie and a human male looked on with increasing interest.
    The newcomer still looked lost and ignored the barkeep, he seemed to be concentraiting, as if trying to remember something.

    "Hey you Man-boy! Did you not hear Barkeep!?
    Cantina closed, you go elsewhere or big trouble you find, yes?"

    The Devaronian teased and then nudged the aqualish forward. The two Weequays shifted in their seats to get a better view.

    "Aww...C'mon you guys, don't start any..."

    The Barkeep's sentence was cut short when the devaronian reached out and silenced him by grabbing the Barkeeps face at the mouth. He smiled a toothy grin that displayed his predatory sharp teeth.

    "No spoil our fun." was all the devaronian said to the barkeep who silently noded, and then was released.

    The newcomer seemed oblivious to all of this, and the aqualish needed no encouragement from his corner. He immediately ran forth to tackle the newcomer.

    The newcomer still trying to remember, looked up suddenly and saw the rushing aqualish.
    at the last possible instant, he pivoted out of the way and backhanded the aqualish on the head as he flew by.
    The aqualish crashed thunderously with full force and face first on several tables as glasses and bottles shattered upon impact.
    The two weequays and the devaronion looked to see if their friend would get up to attack again, but the aqualish was not moving.
    A female chuckle came from the far table.

    "Man-boy in big trouble now!" said the devaronian as he nudged the two weequays at the newcomer.
    The two weequays swiftly drew their vibro blades and attempted to flank their quarry.
    They moved in unison and seemed well coordinated. The devaronian chuckled in amusement and the barkeep shook his head with sympathy for the newcomer. no sound came from the back table.
    The newcomer did not seem at all worried. He was hoping in place and waited for the two weequay to draw near.

    "If Man-boy offer much credits to Zakkard-fen maybe we let you live, yes?"

    The devaronian's attempt at distraction were in vain.
    The Weequay struck in unison; their simultaneous attack usually meant certain death to most of their victims, since defending against one would leave one vulnerable to the other.
    However, the newcomer had timed his move masterfully. when the two weequay attacked with their vibro blades, each seeking to slice open something vital in his mid section, he leapt staright up and immediately executed a powerful split-kick that knocked both weequay out cold.

    The devaronian and all the others were clearly astonished. Three down and one to go.
    The devaronian Zakkard-fen found his anger and his courage.

    "I'll kill you myself you filthy..."

    He had drawn a weapon quite quickly and opened fire. The newcomer had ducked and rolled in time to avoid the lethal beam.

    "No Blasters! No Blasters!" yelled
  23. _Jaelen_

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    Jan 30, 2003
    OOC:Sorry i haven't posted more often, i hope this makes up for my slacking. I will be posting more from now on.


    Jaelen stepped aboard a passenger transport going to Tatooine where his newest mark was residing, a Senator who has been dealing in corruption throughout his first term in the Senate. Fohfa Tebb, an Androsian ambassador, has signed a deal with the emperor to be put in charge of destruction of the thousands of unneeded weaponry that the empire will no longer have any use for if and when this new law gets passed. Jaelen?s employer was crippled beyond belief when he heard the news and had to get his revenge one way or another.
    Jaelen always traveled as a refugee so as to not attract attention to him. He doesn?t even own his own ship, though he is a perfectly capable pilot.
    He sat next to an old man who greeted him with a sad face.
    ?Terrible, just terrible what?s going to come in this empire isn?t it?? pondered the old man.
    ?What are you talking about? This empire has always been terrible. What?s so special about today?? Jaelen asked.
    ?You?re joking right?? the old man quipped ?You didn?t hear the news earlier today? From the mouth of the Emperor himself!?
    ?Old Man I have no idea what you?re talking about?I only woke up a short while ago.?
    ?Oh so you haven?t heard that the Emperor has put forth that he wants to disband this empire?s first, second, third?well pretty much all of our lines of defense.?
    ?Umm.? Is all Jaelen could muster.
    ?The Military! He wants to disband the Military in hopes of propelling forth some new mumbo jumbo.?
    ?Whoa. That is serious. How does he think he?s going to get away with putting all those soldiers out to pasture??
    ?Who knows? Only time will tell now. Oh the flight is about to start. God I hate tatooine. I?m only going because my granddaughter is getting married there tomorrow.?
    ?That?s nice Old Man.? And with that Jaelen fell asleep for a good part of the trip.

  24. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Apr 16, 2002
    In the morning Jaelen sat in the passanger transport.
    Waiting to reach Tatooine, but suddenly. The ship stoped going forward and started to go.. backwards?

    She looked out thruw the window and saw a SD pulling them in.

    "Uhm, we have a slight problem here. Wait a few minnu.."

    The pilots vioce faded away and another voice came instead.

    "You will be boarded. Lower your weapons and this will go smoothly."

    After a while she was boarded and storm troopers entered the ship.

    The Undertaker

    General Deci slowly walked in to the ship and looked at all the people and then at Jaelen.

    "Come here with me"
    Deci started to walk and Jaelen followed him, out of the ship.
    Soon the ship flew away from the SD.

    "But, what.. why? no. thats my.."
    Jaelen closed her mouth as Deci looked at her.

    "There is a Senator at Tatooine, I want him dead. why? well. To many weapons are to be destroyed there. And I want them. So, it is your mission to end his life...

    You will be escorted to the planet. But once there, you are on your own.
    What do you get of this? well, for one. You get to live. seccond. A couple of credits, a couple of thousand credits."

    Deci stood silent and waited for Jaelen to reply.

    TAG _Jaelen_
  25. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: I just noticed something in the last post. Jaelen was refered to as "she" when Jaelen is male. I just thought I'd set the records straight there.
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