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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Nar Shaddaa

    As they ran through narrow streets and corridors, Raze finally asked Zora a question.

    "Where are we going?...I don't know this city."

    "Where going to our ship, the "Wild Ride", a YT-2400 piloted by no other than Wraith." She said climbing up a ledge and then onto a rooftop.

    "That would be me." answered Zora's male companion almost sarcastically.

    "..and the wookie?" Raze asked Zora as he simply jumped onto the rooftop without aid of the ledge.

    "..uhm, that's Grrowarkha, our co-pilot and navigator." Zora said while looking at Raze with some astonishment.


    " said it Gro"

    The Corellian pilot snickered at the Wookies comment. Zora just shook her head as she looked around for something.

    "I don't think I like that term. I much prefer Raze. do not call me that again."
    Raze warned evenly at the pilot and co-pilot.

    "What term...!?"demanded Wraith innocently.

    "Amnesia-boy. Amnesia:partial or total loss of memory due to injury or shock. Raze: to tear down completely;level to the ground; demolish. I prefer this as a temporary name, since the cause of my memory loss is undetermined and it's clearly not from any injury."

    All three looked at Raze in surprise...but just for a moment.

    "How about we just call you proffessor since that's what you sound like.."


    "You're welcome to try your luck any day 'Wookie'". Raze countered the wookie challenge and ignored the corellian pilot.

    "Enough!!" yelled Zora and release a small wisp of her Falleen pheromones, her greenish tone turning slightly orange.
    "we don't have time for this!"

    Wraith relaxed at once and gave a lucid smile with eyes half closed.

    " know it drives me wild when you do that." he said and moved purpousfully towards Zora grabbing her by the waist. The wookie seemed to relax as well but not to the degree it had affected the Corellian pilot.

    Zora looked at Raze and waited.

    "Falleen pheromones, they are documented to be irresistible, bending the will of whoever is exposed to them....curious, I seem to be unaffected."

    "Darn it!!but how.." Zora's dissapointment and puzzlement were clear, but she quickly recovered.

    "There's our speeder, lets go!!" she said pointing and untanggling her self from Wraith.

    "Later." She whispered sweetly in his ear before bolting towards the hidden speeder.

    The rest followed immediately, and stealthfully boarded the speeder. They were now on their way to a rented hangar where their ship awaited.
  2. The_Chim

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    Jul 16, 2001
    IC: High Grand Admiral

    Onboard the Seirra Ring
    *In Reply to General Deci's Transmisssion*

    Good General. I have pleaded with the Emperor to wait and not attack you and your loyal forces,but I have not received word back. I still stand loyal to Emperor Donovan,though my troops and crew are loyal to me.They are willing to die for me and any cause I see fit,and the commands I give are followed without second though.I see your reason for leaving this changeing Empire. I agree with your reasons,partly. Thought I am still loyal fo the Emperor.
    I will recontact you as soon I as hear word from the Emperor.Try not to cause anything that might cause the Emperor to declare War on you,I woudl ahte to fight my own men.

    TAG: The_Dark_Overlord
  3. Marna_Veign

    Marna_Veign Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 31, 2002
    I'm going to drop out of this RP. I guess a senator is just not quite me. Especially since I approach the Emperor, and he never acknowledges my presence. I'm in too many right now as it is. Bye.
  4. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Ilina Proud, a Ancient-Class Dragon Courier Ship, Common Room, as Quillnox?Farlan

    ?But what you fail to realize, is that these mortals are finicky, and their emperor even more so. Their whims change faster than even the most insane of our kin, and their desires drive them faster and farther than it should drive any race. A product of having so short a lifespan I suppose, but that still doesn?t explain the High humans. You know, those that are enhanced by magick from the day they are born? Well, they follow the same trends as their shorter lived kin, even though they live 3 times longer, and have a deeper connection to the weave than most. Yet still they scurry about, mad as a rat, busily doing things to fill their short lives with as much activity as possible. It?s enough to make a dragon want to throw his wings into the air and just tell them to calm down.? said Quill, as they had begun to call him.

    ?But yet Ilass, God of all dragons, acted just as quickly as they during the war with the Shadow weave, and still managed to maintain his wisdom. Wisdom is not necessarily gained by deliberating things for a long time, and looking at every possibility, but by looking at your choices, and choosing the right one, no matter how long that takes, weather that be minutes, or Decades.? said Ruby, as they called her. Her full name was Rubikal?a?faran, and she was a red Diamond soul. She was one of the few chromatic dragons within the order, and a social outcast from her clan, for her ideals she upheld. She did not act though folly or evil, but though balance, and seeking it though any means necessary. She was ruthless yes, but not needlessly so, and not with reckless cruelty like her brethren.

    ?But even Ilass had the blood of a mortal in him. Surely you remember about the Voice? Surely you remember why Io became Ilass? The blood of mortals burned within him too, that he acted hastily was perhaps necessary for the times, but now, look at where they have landed us. I much prefer how he acts now, if he acts at all. Yes, he led to great things, the re-forging of the Council, the brining of our full powers and forms back to us, even setting up the Diamond order, but he also led us to be known to the mortals, to force us into galactic politics and to deal with creatures that were largely our inferiors as if they were equals. He caused us to follow this mortal emperor, with all the folly of his mortal blood, as our leader, even if we pay but lip service to it.?

    ?But what if we had not? Do you not think that the dragon wars would have continued? All that stopped the new Chromatic Clans, fully renewed and believing themselves superior than the rest, which was true, they were preparing to launch war again. Only Ilass? brining in the remnants of the galactic fleet, as well as his own presence stopped war from blowing again. If it had, we would not be nothing more than savages, still locked in our eternal conflict without end. We also got the added bonus of having the chance to influence these headstrong children, and to teach them the ways life should be approached. With our fleets they were able to recover much, although now, with this act he has proposed, we may see him dismantling it. Such foolishness I have not heard in many a year.? said Almelexia, a Sapphire Dragon, known for his knowledge of law and history. His physical form was weak, with stunted growth and sapped strength, but he had a mastery over magick unrivaled. Even most of the instructors at the academy were unable to match him then, now? Who knew?

    ?I think we can all agree with that, not even members of the foolish Copper clans have tried such things. It will never happen, and all this emperor is doing is splitting the galaxy apart. His own general?s rebel, his subjects scorn his edict, and even our own council is just delaying, though they cannot hold out for long against his political might. Our duty is not just to defend the emperor, though that is Ilass? will, but to also spy upon him, and see in what way we can convince him this is
  5. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    The Emperor didn't come down and the trip alone took a day and a half. Jack Smith looked at his watch. It read 49 hours had passed.

    "It has begun." Jack Smith said. His message was powerful enough that it was heard by The Council of One Hundred through the Force. And with those words, peace was a dream now, nothing more.

    Jack Smith turned and left. As he shuttle blasted away, he set course to find Jedi's Hope.

    Two Days later

    General Deci had since rebelled. His first military actions were taken. The Emperor was angry and although military action against the General was not his choice of action, other Admirals and Generals had rebelled and now some had formed groups while others ragged war against each other. The first military actions were nothing, mostly just the Emperor getting letters of defecting fleets and in some cases whole Planets.

    With the government no willing to take military action, many smaller government had taken military actions to defend themselves. Although no government had defected or rebelled, they used military force against military force. With the Empire's military forces retreating and powerless to do anything, civil war had broken out on many worlds. The local Law Enforcement forces were easily corrupted or destroyed. With many planets and systems giving into the choas of no military force from the Empire, many planets set out to crave their own future without the Empire's forces in control.

    The Emperor couldn't send military or Law Enforcement to take care of the problems, that would be open conflict. The Fodai Order was the only force that could stop anything, but they couldn't defeat five galaxies of armed conflict alone. The military had to be brought into action, but the Emperor refused.

    Jack Smith sent his first report to the Council of One Hundred. His message was clouded with static and the sounds of battle were not far off. Artillery fire and flashes of light could be seen in the background as the battle in the city ragged at night.

    "There is armed conflict on Okseela," Jack Smith said. "Two major forces have engaged. They are in rage. Many former military personal have joined either side. We must have military action...wait..." Jack Smith ignited his green bladed lightsaber and deflected a few blaster bolts, a desenagater (sp?) went off close to him, missing by a few inches. Then the message singal was lost to static.

    "We must send a rescue mission." Master Zolar Renn said. "We have already lost two Fodai Knights, we must not lose a third."

    "Leave him." Said Master Explorer Dan Gandseen.

    "Why?" Master Zolar Renn asked out of shock.

    "He will make it out alive. The Force tells us so, uncloud your mind and you shall see. Do not let emotions (sp?) cloud your judgement."

    After searching the Force, Master Zolar Renn found that the Force was correct, Fodai Kinght Jack Smith would make it out alive. Still, the debate went on, what was the Fodai order suppost to do?

    One Hour Later

    "The questions remains," Said Master Vack Falowlee, "What are we suppost to do if the Emperor refuses to use the military we have disbanned? We are not warriors, we are guardians (sp?) of the peace."

    Tag: Anyone

  6. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Kobrian Zaan, Sha'la's Pride, above Tah'ti'la, Tah'ti'la system

    Kobrian smiled. the latest assault alerted no one, and it was a total victory. He was in his room, studing the data of their latest assault, when Hersiaan walked in, carring a couple of datacards with her.

    [Admiral, may i have a word with you?]

    [Yes, Leutennant. How can i help you?]

    [Sir, Reports from the taps in the Empire's networks. Seems like the Empire has been thrown into total military disarray. Fleets are turning against each other, galaxys and planets in tow. Major factions are forming. The galaxy could be thrown into total disillusion.]

    Kobrian smiled. [It is time to make our move. Make the preparations for the fleet. we will leave in 12 hours. Have them ready then.]

    [Yes sir.] And with that, Hersiaan left the officer's quarters.
  7. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Okseela, Gamma Galaxy

    Jack Smith hung upsides down in what looked like a prison. It had walls of rough rock and it was damp in here, but also hot, very hot. As he looked around in the dark, he could see that he was in a cave. Other vicuims, some military, others civilians, were also hanging upside down.

    OOC: I'll finish this post tomorrow.
  8. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    OOC: My deepest apologies for my absense which is inexcusable given my important role entrusted to me during this particular conflict and which I truly hope everyone will find it in their hearts to forgive me as I work to advance the plot here tonight and try and make up for all of my concerns earlier.

    Please accept my posts here even if I understand why and how your posts have moved on without me. I must simply attribute the extended absense to family visitation and college mid terms.



    The Emperor looked at Senator Ebony and lowered his head, he had unfortunately been deeply lost in thought as he said "Forgive me Milady, I have been extremely troubled lately. I apologize for my tardiness and will gladly address your concerns...."

    He was expecting the arrival of the woman he had been arranged to marry today and it was something that was sadly overshadowed by the deep and troubling conflicts that were suddenly springing across the galaxy like a wildfire. He considered briefly that he was simply in the wrong profession for a man who was supposed to be a leader in the military as well as a spiritual guide but he quickly dismissed that since he had long associated the Imperial bureaucracy with more higher mystical pursuits as well.

    He was not infalliable but he was certainly a genius and that was something that he intended to hold dear to his heart a great deal.



    A transmission to Jack's ship the Jedi's Hope after 49 hours have passed

    The Emperor appeared in a hologram form as the warrior looked at the Fodai Knight with a careworn look upon his face which was a marked contrast to the previously optimsitic look that he had shown to the Senate but earlier this day.

    "My deepest apologies Agent Jack Smith. Unfortunately I myself was stood up today at the cafe when a certain personage I was awaiting did not arrive and frankly does not seem to have under any shape, circumstances, or regard appeared which worries me a great deal. I already know personally of General Deci's ultimatum and frankly I am somewhat worried that this might have been something of his doing though I do not believe kidnapping is one of his particular attributes. I furthermore know that he has begun the war that I personally was hoping to avoid under any and all circumstances. However I will not give into demands that I retaliate with military force nor will I certainly not bow towards Terrorism against me or my Empire."

    Anakin Dovanan the Fifth looked at the warrior and said "I will use passive means such as disabling the ships and taking them in with nonlethal means as per my guidelines but I will not be the one to spill blood during this conflict. I'm still keeping a Sector Police under control after all.....unfortunately disarming the military was precisely done so because I was afraid of a situation like THIS to occur."

    It was obvious at this particular point that the Emperor was choosing to vent.



    Transmission to Christopher Lucas Snipes

    What I find General so disarming (no pun intended) and alarming is the seeming insanity of the reactions of the individuals I am trying to help. It was my hope that the military forces would be happy to discover that it would no longer be necessary to be call upon them to suffer and die on the so-called fields of honor for the Empire. It was my hope to be generous to them as well as honor their particular dedication even as I recognized that the time had come for a new era which we had to look for new methods of thinking for dealing with problems of a conflicted nature.

    Your father and his father served the Empire well as has many of the admirality and senior officers lines. I cannot heap enough accolades upon thee but when I announce the intention that no longer will a stomach full of only turbolaser and ash be the diet....and there is rebellion.

    It is incomprehensible to me. I do however depend on you Christopher for you have knowledge of the mili
  9. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    A stalled ship in the middle of nowhere

    "You SLIMEY DISGUSTING PIECE OF NERF HERDING TRASH!" Zellune slapped Akkanas across the face as she sent him spiralling backwards about ten feet. Were he not a high human and a toughened warrior, he imagined that his jaw would be broken thanks to the warrior woman's exceptional strength. Instead onboard their personal White-Dove cruiser....he was merely knocked senseless for a few minutes.

    "Zellune the answer was agreed upon by a near unanimous decision by the Council of the Dove. The Emperor by marrying you could be forced into a secondary position within the heirarchy which would allow the military actions by the full sum of the Emperor's authority to be taken while not reducing his symbollic efforts to move to peace. In a single instance a far greater war can be adverted...." Akkanas managed to bark out the words though they sounded hollow, forced, and frankly more than a little loathesome to him.

    "Oh that's right the wonderful Council of the Dove which apparently CLONED me with the Fodoh, raised me in a not so loving environment save for a few close personal friends who have mostly since DIED, and now apparently are selling me off like Cattle to a man I didn't even know I was engaged to!" Zellune said righteously angry. Akkanas had to agree, he had been left out of the discussions and arrangements for everything after the intiial proposal which he'd argued against. He had assumed he had plenty of time to shoot down the silly idea before it had been passed like lightning by the frightened rangers seeking to avoid a prophecized conflict.

    "Would it make you feel better if I was horrofied and disgusted by this whole proceeding?" Akkanas said.

    "Yes I think that would help a great deal!" Zellune shouted.

    "Then feel better!" Akkanas spat as he fell backwards, the old ranger disgusted at what they had degenerated into. The Order of the Dove hoped to resolve everything with a quick and easy non-violent solution to the horror that was simmering underneath the surface of the galaxy. Akkanas Lighthope knew however that no matter what mankind tried to do about it, there was a dark side to every species in the galaxy. No one evolved or lived without some trace of villainy that had allowed the ancestors of the all species to kill and devour the rest to become the dominate lifeforms they were.

    Married to a person who believed otherwise? No wonder she had shattered the hyperdrive nearly beyond repair.

    "I'm not doing it," Zellune said softly but irrecoverably.

    "Then you don't have to." Akkanas said in reply.

    "Eh?" Zellune said blinking. "No I'm REALLY not doing it."

    "I know your not doing it and I frankly don't want you to do it and I'm not going to try and play on your sense of duty either. I think this is an amazingly stupid idea and I love you," Akkanas threw that last one in there just to see what her reaction was.

    "Uhhhhh...." The woman blinked.

    Stunned Pitten in the Spotlight look was apparently it.

    She said "Wow...."

    Akkanas had hoped she would have suspected it before now.

    It was then that Zellune felt her head painfully "THE EMPERORS IN DANGER!" she shouted.



    Romulus Stratos was Duke no more and his fortune was eradicated but for all intents and purposes on the Hellish world it might as well have been as if the situation at the Senate Hall had never occured. The computer technicians were already working on a virus that would infect the Imperial Galactic Bank and retrieve all of his deleted funds and then some. Gathered befroe him were a consortium of individuals he had been 'buttering up' for the past four years of Emperor Anakin Dovanan's reign...

    Zondolar Krewl, the head of the Munitions Guild of the Empire who was a Kisshar and whom personal hygeine was not a strong suit of

    Vosh Thull, a war profiteer from the Great Expansion Wars he was now a consulant to a number of careers he had made w
  10. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    2 Days ago, Justice's Sword

    Jack Smith saw the message and replied as he neared his second hyperspace jump point.

    "I see your points, Anakin Dovanan the Fifth, but war is coming. I am not one to speak for the Fodai Order, but I know we don't have enough Fodai personal to protect the peace. I know you and The Council of One Hundred have their differences, but I suggest you talk with them about the course of action. You can not win a war in five galaxies with just ion cannons. You would lose more then you would gain. And, what is the cost (sp?) of freedom? Freedom is not free and sometimes we must realize that to keep that freedom, we must destroy in the process. Please, contact The Council of One Hundred. May the Force be with you."

    Jack Smith ended the transmission and entered hyperspace.

    Tag:Anakin Dovanan the Fifth


    Okseela, Gamma Galaxy

    Jack Smith looked around for a second. He saw that his lightsaber was gone and that his legs were binded to the ceiling of the cave.

    Using the Force, he gathered his strength and with amzing ability, he flipped upwards and he snapped the restrains off. This was not a rare event, most Fodai Knights were able to do this any time. But for someone without the Force, it was amazing to see. He went about freeing the other capitives next, being as quiet as he could.

    OOC: I ran out of time again today, I'll try to finish this post again on Friday. I have to go to the Fire House, have fun everybody. :)

  11. Marna_Veign

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    Jan 31, 2002
    OOC: After discussing some things, I have decided to give this one more chance. My emotions have been crazy lately, and they may have made me act rashly.

    IC: Ebony took a deep breath before proceeding.

    "Your Excelency, I do support you in having galactic peace, but for you to disarm the military, I think that is a big mistake. There are thousands of beings who make their living in the military. What are they supposed to do if you take that away from them? I can tell you are preoccupied with other matters at this time, but please, think things through. How do you think the public would react if you use mind control to get their weapons? It will wear off, and when it does, there will be many who will not be happy."
  12. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Emperor looks at Senator Ebony and says

    "This is one of my most major problems I must admit. I had hoped the generous pension and honors afforded to them would helped compensate and the military leadership would be pleased with this alone but their reaction has been one of outrage instead of welcome or resignment. It is precisely that which makes me want to disarm them though....far too much firepower exists in the galaxy to be be juggled without incident."

    Anakin offers her a seat

    "You'll excuse me, I've been stood up for my lunch date. As for people being unhappy I understand this and I'm apparently going to make some feel such no matter which way I do so."

    Anakin looks at her and then slides her over a card.

    "In our world Senator we must also be aware that sometimes the price of our ideals can be an extremely grave one and there are those which must be aware in the ever changing world we inhabit that knowledge is power.....and life is the only true victory."

    The card is a simple looking datacard, abet one of the newer ones with the highest data-storage capacity yet

    "Please join me in dining today."

    There is a look in the Emperor's eyes which is more than slightly afraid but defiant.

    OOC: The card is a Master Control key, something which simply put should not exist and contains all the Emperor's controls and passes on every aspect of the machinery made by the Empire with the quadruple reduncancies that maintain his power. This includes also a seal for carte blanche for acting in his name later on


    "What price have we paid by not seeking something better Jack? The number of people who have died because someone believed that the price was worth paying for the good of the many? I want to patch things up with the Fodai but I also am afraid that the Fodai themselves are lost. What remains of an order which has no ideals that they stubbornly cling to? Balance is what they seek but for what purpose? If anything is justified for it so long as it disbalances...can they even say that it is something worth fighting for? I have to question that."

    He stares forward

    "Furthermore if I am wrong and I am worried indeed that I am....there lack of association with me can only benefit them in the long run. I will make time to speak for their council but I worry their answer will be spoken of pragmatism and not from the heart."

    He places his hands over his

    "And that is where my words come from."
  13. _Jaelen_

    _Jaelen_ Jedi Youngling

    Jan 30, 2003
    OOC: as greyjediantarfodoh did point out, Jaelen is male lol no worries though.

    The Undertaker

    Jaelen stood silent and stared at General in amusement.
    ?You DO know that I was already on my way there to kill him anyway don?t you? Why did you think I was going to Tattoine??
    ?Of course I knew, who do you think hired you in the first place? I just wanted to meet you face to face before you undertook your mission. Should you fail you?ll know where you stand with me. You knowing you?ll have a full fleet looking for you?.?
    Jaelen interrupts: ??won?t change my mind one bit. I?ll get the job done. The ambassador will not live. Don?t try to be a bully, General, it doesn?t suit you.?
    ?Well how about we give you a lift to Tatooine then? We?re twice as fast as that stinking transport, and as you can see, much better protected here. Plus we have better food than that stinking transport ship.?
    ?Thanks but I like the food. Now if you?d be so kind as to let the nice people finish their trip in piece, I?ll be leaving now. It was nice to finally meet an employer of mine. I didn?t know Tom* knew anyone besides me and his bosses.?
    ?Who do you think is one of Tom?s bosses?? General
    And with they give each other a handshake, Jaelen boards the transport and they head out on their way peacefully.

    The Transport

    The pilot eyes Jaelen as he boards as if to say ?I?ve got my on you Mister.? Jaelen takes his seat next to the old man again who instantly and obviously asks, ?What was that all about??
    Jaelen looks outside and sees the SD slip into hyperspace then he closes his eyes and falls back to sleep, there?s still a couple of hours before they will arrive.

    OOC: * Tom is the guy Jaelen met at the bar to acquire the mission from.
  14. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    "I am Quillnox'Farlan, messanger of the Couincil of Wyrms, and these are my companions, Rubikal?a?faran and Almelexia." he said gesturing to the Red and Sapphire Dragons.

    "I have come to personally delive this message to you from the Council, and to also escort these two members of the Diamond Souls order here. they are the best that order has to offer, and they have come to be your Bodygaurds, untill such a time as this turbulance passes. Let us not talk out here however, surely you have some sort of more cofortable hall the would be suited for us?"

    TAG: Charle
  15. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Okseela, Gamma Galaxy

    Once Jack Smith got everyone lose, he told them to stay there. At least this jail was a bunker somewhat that gave them protection against the artillery flying overhead.

    As Jack Smith made his way from the jail area through the rock corridors, dust filled the air as the artillery rounds exploding shook the ground. The noise of the battle could be heard clearly, although somewhat moflled (sp?), underground.

    "Move it you guys! We need to reniforce Charile Company, lets go!" Jack Smith heard as he neared an exit leading outside into trenches that then led into what is known as a battle field.

    Jack Smith thought back, as he rounded a corner and saw the shadows of soldiers running by with flashes of light also being reflected off of the stone and sand walls, that he hated war and he was a historian and an explorer, not a soldier.

    "I hate war." Jack Smith said under his breath as he came out into the trenches. The noise of battle exploded with angry as he came from the underground bunkers. Flashes of light, some so bright that it was blinding, fires, blaster, laser, and projectile fire, and the screams and smells of battle filled Jack Smith's senses.

    As he made his way quickly through the enemy's base, he came across a young soldier who's guts were hanging out. The young soldier tried to hold his guts in and when he spoke, he words were clodued with blood noises.

    "" The soldier pleeded. These soldiers wore simple combat clothes, camouflaged clothes, a desert camouflage, and an equipment vest over their blast vest along with a helmet. It was a simple combat uniform for the not so high-tech and armies with no money. From his look around before, the other soldiers woore the jungle camouflaged Stormtrooper suits of the Imperial Army.

    Jack Smith kneeled down and spoke calmly to the young soldier. Through the Force, Jack Smith used the Force to heal and or ease the soldier's pain. Like all Fodia Knights, Jack Smith was taught basics in healing a person or easing their pain through the Force.

    "It's okay. You'll be okay." Jack Smith said, as he rubbed the soldier's hair back and forth softly. The soldier had lost his blast helmet somewhere. Then, Jack Smith saw how horriable war was.

    "Mommy...I want my mommy...mommy, mommy, mommy..." The soldier said over and over again as somehow, some way, he saw his mother while he was breathing fast also. "Mama..." The soldier said in a soft tone that hinted that he was looking at his mom some how, some way and not in fast breaths. Then, the soldier stopped breathing. His eyes slowly looked down and the soldier was dead. Jack Smith lowered his head, allowing the sarrow to get to him. He gently ran his hand from the top of the soldier's head down to his face and past his eyes. When he lifted his hand up, the soldier's eyes were closed.

    Standing up, Jack Smith was still shocked. A part of him wanted to cry and weap for the young soldier, another part wanted to get the prisioners out of there and get as many civilians out of this battle field as well, and another part of him wanted revenge, cold revenge on war, suffering, and hate. He felt the hate for war rise, the Dark Side coming, but he eased his thoughts and his training and discipline over came the hatered. He needed to get his lightsaber back, get the civilians and prisoners out of here, and find his ship, find a transport or something for the people he couldn't fit in his shuttle, and leave this planet.
  16. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: After this post, will be a list of major ships in the Imperial Navy. I will be working on the Imperial Army, troop numbers and maybe bases, later on. Feel free to add ships to this list. Remember, we have five galaxies worth of ships and alien species.

    Okseela, Gamma Galaxy

    Jack Smith moved silently along the trench line in the rear of the base. The fighting was still heavy and security, although tight, was mainly geared towards the enemy, not a Fodai Knight. As Jack Smith got to his shuttle, which was on a landing pad, he saw a squad of 12 soldier guarding it. He had already got his Jedi Robes back, his lightsaber back, and his blasters. He had killed no one. He had used the Force and put each one asleep. Jack Smith hated war and his mission was not to choose sides, but to be a historian and an explorer.

    Jack Smith jumped up from the trench behind the bunkers, artillery flashes still going off all around. He quickly used the Force Push to throw the first two soldiers backwards, then used Force Lighting to shock another two to the ground. All four soldiers would live.

    He then ignited his green bladed lightsaber and deflected the blasters bolts that now came at him. Move towards the enemy with spins and flips, he forced the enemy back. Once he got close to an enemy, a simple attack that would hurt but not kill, would take the enemy soldier down.

    After he cramped the 20 some refugees on his ship, Jack Smith blasted away. As he lifted off, he saw two huge masses of troops, armored vehicles, and artillery shells impacted in between the two huge forces. This was not modern day war. The armies had gone from quick battles to long battles that used tactics that simply went like this: Have more then the enemy and you'll win. Tactics in some parts of the five galaxies were forgotten and forces just went head on with each other, hoping to defeat the enemy with power and force and with some tactics.



    NOTE: I am creating this list of ships to give us an idea of what we have in the SW Galaxy and in the other galaxies. If you wish to add any more ships and or classes, feel free to do so. Also, since we are so advanced with weapons, shields, hull, etc., for shields, I just going to put down four of the following: Excellent, Good, Medium, Poor. These shield ratings will tell you how much damage a ship can take. If your ship is going up against someone else?s ship that has poor shield and hull ratings and your ship has massive fire power compared to their smaller ship which has half of that firepower, the other player?s ship will be destroyed easily or if the player has some good tactical moves, he might beat your ship. And once you get past an opponent?s shields, their hull can?t take that much damage as their shields can. The shield and hull thing does depend on the class of ship and it?s design also.

    When it says Troop or Troops, it is referring (sp?) to divisions, regiments, etc that are alien. The word Stormtrooper is not a special branch of the military. Stormtroopers now a days are not as well trained as the Stormtroopers back in the Galactic Civil War, they are regular infantry soldiers just wearing Stormtrooper armor. Alien soldiers, depending on their bodies, can wear Stormtrooper gear or not, or have a modified Stormtrooper suit. And now a days, Stormtroopers have camouflaged Stormtrooper suits, instead of white ones.

    Galaxy Defender Class

    Introduction: The Galaxy Defender was first thought up and designed by Jason Bravo. The first ship of this class was called Jedi?s Hope. It was designed to give the Jedi a home, a mobile command center, a place to train more Jedi. Its mission was peace and with retractable weapon emplacements and schools among other things, the ship was a symbol of peace. Jedi?s Hope disappeared in what is now called the Final Battle. It has not been seen since.

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    OCC: where are those stats taken from? is there a link to em´ ?
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    OOC: There are no stats. Well, correction, I went from stats from the Galactic Civil War and then updated them for 2,000 years later. But, if you want to know stats for ships from the Galactic Civil War, go to [link=]Galactic Empire Data Bank[/link]
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    OCC: I thought it was there it came from :p well. thx. whey! after this post its only 3 left to 1000
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    OOC: You can do it!

    *Crowd starts to yell: 1,000, 1,000!*

    Deep Space, Galaxy Prime

    Justice's Sword went through space, trying to find any tips that would lead Jack Smith to his mission goal.

    As he went through space, he was finishing up a report with the Council of One Hundred.

    "Correct," Jack Smith said as he addressed the Fodai, "There is no more santy (sp?) left on Okseela. Gamma Galaxy itself is rather peaceful, but a few worlds and systems are in fullfledged (sp?) war."

    "As soon as the Emperor contacts us on these matters, we shall see what to do." One of the members of The Council of One Hundred replied.

    Jack Smith let his thoughts escape him and The Council of One Hundred could see his thoughts. "Explain on your thoughts," The same female member said, "We can see your feelings on this matter."

    Jack Smith knewm that the Emperor was either stuck up with his own power or was stupid. It was probably both, Jack Smith thought. "The Emperor is..."

    "Is..." The same female member said, promting (sp?) for the rest.

    Jack Smith chose a different word rather then stupid. "Is Misguided." He said.

    "How so?" An alien member said, his voice filled with questions.

    "He wants too much in too little time. He doesn't trust the Fodai Order. We are powerless, in a sense. He thinks he knows what is best for the galaxy, yet if that was true, then why have billions died in 3 days? He wants peace, but his clouded judgement is preventing peace."

    "Well spoken words." An older member said, his voice wise beyond his years, "Your thoughts are truthful," The member went on a moment later.

    "There is not much we can do," A middle agged member went on, speaking for the whole council, "For now, gather the facts we need for history, for learning. This war is for ploitics, not for education."

    "As the council commands." Jack Smith said, the imagine clicking off from The Council of One Hundred.

    All the refuges were loaded off a few hours ago at a netural planet. Jack Smith was alone, save for the AI computer system in his shuttle.

    His sensor board went off, alarming him to a capital sized starship exiting hyperspace to his starboard side. It was an Assault Class Star Destroyer, made for one thing: running down the fastest of pirate, smuggler, and other craft.

    "This is the Imperial Starship Runner. State your business in this sector." The voice demanded over the intercomm. The Assault Class Star Destroyer was moving in fast, being the fastest capital starship in the Imperial Fleet.

    "This is Fodai Knight Jack Smith. I am on a mission of peace from The Council of One Hundred." Jack Smith replied, his voice a little shakey after the shock of ebing jumped on.

    A moment of silence then a reply came. "Fodai Knight Jack Smith, cut power to your main engines. You will be tractor beamed in."

    Jack Smith knew better then to agure with orders from a ship that had enough firepower to turn his ship into floating debirs. He couldn't run either, he would be caught in no time. "Roger." Came his reply.


    Runner, Assault Class Star Destroyer

    Jack Smith stepped off his landing ramp when a Stormtrooper shouted an order at him. The blaster was raised right at his head. Another Stormtrooper was on the other side, watching Jack Smith closely. In front of him, an honor guard of mixed species stood in perfect silence. A man in a green uniform walked slowly, but with power, between the two lines of soldiers. "Move it!" The Stormtrooper shouted, his order muffled by his helmet. Jack Smith stood in front of the officer, who stopped with a smile on his face, to Jack Smith's shock. The officer gave a little hand gesture and the two soldiers flanking Jack Smith relaxed and stood at attention behind Jack Smith, flanking him to either side.

    "Welcome aboard the Runner, Fodai Knight Jack Smith." The man said with a smile. "I am Captain Neoseelockacraft." The Captain pasue
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    Ebony looks at the card briefly, then places it in a hidden pocket in her gown. She picked up on the fear and defiance in the Emperor's voice when he invited her to dine with him. She realized that it could possibly be more than just a meal, and she felt she had one choice.

    "Your Excellency, I would be honored to join you later for a meal." she told him.
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    The Palace of Anakin Dovanan the first Emperor of the Known Universe was one of the few buildings that was shaped for Dragon size to begin with. It was thus not a popular place for the human sized amongst the world because it was so incredibly vast it made most humanoid races feel completely insignificant. Anakin personally rather liked the humility that it tended to induce in the people that travelled through it.

    "I unfortunately must say that I fear the galaxy's protectors that you embody the will of may be needed sooner than you thought. Everyone seems to be advising me that my course of action is foolhardly yet personally speaking I don't see how really there is any other area that has been tried to bring about peace." the irony was not lost upon him that because the direct galaxy was not affected by war until this point then he would be blamed for bringing about this coming conflict.

    His thoughts wandered at that particular moment to Senator Ebony and he tried to keep them professional but she was one of the Senators who was handling this matter in a logical manner...even if she seemed quite insistant on his wrongdoing. It was certainly a more pleasant thought also than his own personal opinions on the constant stream of reports that flooded into the Empire.

    Rebellion....murder...outbreak of ethnic and cultural violence not seen in thousands of years that could now resume because the stick of the Empire's military was no longer over the head....weapon's stockpiling and worse.

    Anakin struggled with his own feelings which he knew were unfair but couldn't help but drift to the side of contempt for the people of the galaxy? He was offering them a future which was free from conflict and more enlightened than anything that had been known before yet this paradise they threw back in his face or went for his throat because it lacked the terror induced by his father's fleet....he had shown in their eyes weakness.

    "What do you think of this?" he finally asked one of the two dragon monks. "What can I do to cease the violence?"

    "You shall not stop the violence of mankind by removing their method of doing it easier. Hatred has kept man strong in their eyes as their anger feeds their attacks on those who are less predatory. The other races have often died out who are not equally or more so as dangerous as your fast breeding people. I think you are important to the Force because of the vision sent us but you shall not undo your people's bloodthirst across a billion generations with a few pat words and magic tricks." Rubikal?a?faran the Red said as she addressed the lesser being honestly.

    "I believe that you will not do much either with such but I am not so pessimistic that this is not the start of something better for your race. I am not a pacifist but removing the gun away from the heads of mortals to have peace is the first step in the voluntary choosing of it. It shall perhaps divide mankind rather than unite it but it will much more clearly show the enemies of your civilization as a scanner shows the cancer from the body..." Almelexia the Amethyst deliberately did not say disease which was a part of nature but the condition that was a human byproduct. "Then it may be cleasned with fire and claw."

    Not exactly a resounding endorsement Anakin had to admit.

    "My problem is unfortunately I live in a sheltered fortress here. I cannot possibly convey my desire you are right and especially not from my present position of authority which was won through much bloodshed." Anakin had a few ideas how to handle this personal moment though none of them were good. It seemed that government was disentagrating as a whole thanks to his decision.

    He'd like to think out there some wanted his plan to suceed and many would weather as part of the Empire beyond its miliatry no matter what its decision.

    It was at that moment that the decision was made for him by a method that was far more direct than anything that had been tried previously. A
  23. The_Dark_Overlord

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    Deepspace, The Undertaker

    While all this going on General Deci had waited for any news, from anywhere.
    But all he heard was of chaos and war that raged thruw the galaxy.

    "This cannot last!"

    He ordered the fleet to make a final and crusial jump to Celestia.
    There, he would force the Emperor to either withdraw or call back the order and restore order in the galaxy.

    After a few hours the fleet layed outise Celestia

    He sen´t a message to his former emperor.

    "My lord, it is time for order to return to the galaxy. Withdraw yourselfe or call back the order. Or I´l have to do it by force".

    TAG Charlemagne19

    OCC: 1001 posts :D
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    Ebony stood a moment after the Emperor left, thinking about the events that had happened. She never thought that she would be invited to dine with the Emperor. She thought about the card he had given her, and the words he had said as he gave it to her.

    "In our world Senator we must also be aware that sometimes the price of our ideals can be an extremely grave one and there are those which must be aware in the ever changing world we inhabit that knowledge is power.....and life is the only true victory."

    Did those words tie in to the purpose of the card?

    She walked out of the Gardens and to her room. She had to find out what the card was about...and get ready to meet with the Emperor. That would be a task in and of itself. When she arrived at her room, she was met by her assistant droid.

    "Welcome back, Senator Blackstar." the droid greeted. "How did the meeting go?"

    "Not so good, 4C. He wants to disarm, and I know the military personnel will fight that, among others. Has there been any intrusions in security?" Ebony asked.

    "No, Senator. The room is still secure."

    "Good." Ebony pulled the card from her pocket and handed it to 4C. "I need to find out what this is."

    "It appears to be one of the newer datacards with the highest data-storage capacity available at this time."

    "I know that. I need you to find out what's on it while I get ready to meet with the Emperor on a more one-on-one basis."

    Ebony went into the sleeping area and went through the closet, trying to decide what she should wear, while 4C followed her orders.
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    The home of Senator Ebony Blackstar

    It takes only about twenty minutes of scanning to recieve a complete detail of the full effects of the strange data-card which is in her possession. It is quite literally the Master Key to the Empire with access to singularly every data-facility, codes hard wired into virtually every weapon which has been constructed for the Empire, the Imperial Bank, and a letter of Proxy.....a data-dot which would effectively when the proper code was used would convince any computer or system that she itself was the Emperor.

    With his signet topping it off it was staggering the authority.

    It was about twenty minutes later that a knock was wrapped on her door.

    [Tag Ebony]
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