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    About FanForce Tasmania
    Like the other chapters around the world, FanForce Tasmania is literally a ?force of fans?, we?re not a fan club but more of a social club unified in celebration of Star Wars.
    FanForce Tasmania is based in Launceston and most of the members are students of the University of Tasmania, this is where our meetings are held and where our events will be based. We are also affiliated with TazForce Jedi in Hobart and hope to have joint events with them.
    At the moment we are quite small, about ten members or even less than that, but we hope to grow in numbers from out somewhat small beginnings.
    Our website it located
    You can contact us via e-mail

    I?ve posted several questions below, if there?s anything either contact me Katana_Geldar or Viceroy_NuteGunray.

    FanForce Tasmania FAQ

    How do I become a member?

    The first step is to register as a user of the Jedi Council Forums on Once there either find the FanForce Tasmania Forum under the Oceania section or e-mail us at

    You will need to e-mail us so you can be contacted if you are not online.

    What do I do next?

    There are two levels of membership for FanForce Tasmania which are designed to suit the particular needs of members.

    Official Membership

    Fee: $5.00

    Official membership is designed for the member who wishes to be active, this is typically a uni student as to become a university club we must have a membership fee, but this is not always the case.
    As an official member you are automatically entitled to participate in events without cost that would be requested for non-members or affiliated members. However, you are expected to attend meetings and be somewhat involved in the organisation of events.

    Affiliated Membership

    Fee: None

    Affiliated membership is meant for the occasional member, those who for some reason or another cannot attend meetings and events as much as they would like. They typically keep in contact with members via our message board and are still considered a part of the online community.
    If they wish to attend events there may be a fee involved which would otherwise be covered for official members.

    I?m not a uni student, can I join?

    Of course! Most of our members are uni students and the reason meetings are held on campus, in the middle of the day is because this is the best way to get people together. If you can get out to one of our meetings, by all means do but most events will be held outside uni hours.
    We are still talking about affiliating as a uni club, but they don?t mind if you?re not a student either.

    How do I know when/where the next meeting is?

    Meeting times and places are set at the end of every meeting, chances are once a meeting has taken place details of the next will be on the end of the minutes when they are posted on the message board.
    Towards the date a reminder for the meeting will be e-mailed out to all members, as well as an advert on and in the message board.
    If there is any confusion as to where it is, just ask. We?ve had a bad time of members not finding us for meetings!

    I can?t come to meetings, how do I know what?s going on?

    Keep an eye on this message board, it?s the next best thing to going to a meeting. After a meeting the minutes are usually posted on here, and anything arising from the meeting will usually be discussed on here.
    We also send out e-mails regularly, so be sure to be on the mailing list if you are not already.
    For the guys in Hobart, we hope to have a joint meeting with you one day once we can organise the best time for both groups.

    Can I just turn up to an event?

    Um?no. The main reason is that some events depend greatly on numbers, and if too many show up it can be a bit hard. Also, if the cost is paid as a group it?s a bit unfair on the ones who have already pai
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