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    Since the rebirth of the new EU, I have a vested interest in the Literature forum. I began reading the new comics since they are all considered canon with the story lines presented in the movies and TV shows.

    @Jedi Ben has been an excellent asset in providing an up to date list of comics for us in Lit forum every Sunday. It's the first thread I check before diving into anything else. In my opinion, an informed fandom is a better fandom. If we know what's coming out and when it's available, we can go buy the comics which will hopefully lead to more comics getting produced for our enjoyment.

    With all the work and detailed discussion that goes into the forum, and how fluid comic releases are on a weekly basis, it's unfortunate to see that the thread titles are not so fluid.

    For example: the Captain Phasma 4 part story leading into The Last Jedi - which just completed with yesterday's release - has a thread title that is incorrect in two places: (1) it's not 1-5 and (2) it was last updated saying 1 of 5 was released.

    I assume that mods are busy with matters that have higher priority when compared to accurate thread titles, but as you can surmise, the reason I raise this topic is that accurate thread titles are important to me and should be updated on a more consistent basis.

    As a possible solution, I am willing volunteer my time to update the thread titles every Wednesday. I won't volunteer Jedi Ben for the job, but if he wanted to do it as well, I can't think of a better person to trust with that responsibility. He appears to have the same attention to detail that I have.

    Thank you, mods, for taking this into consideration.
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    I've mentioned your thread in our mod forum to make the Lit mods aware of it.
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    In this respect, Triple T has gone from student to Jedi Knight of comics!

    It's gotten quite a bit more complex with IDW now in the frame so I do appreciate his help on this, between us we've managed to cover it well and hopefully save many posters lots of frustration - in that they don't go looking for a book that isn't yet out!
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    The comic issue thread titles are almost entirely on me- I'm usually the one keeping tabs on these or making sure they conform to the same naming system and track them in the comic thread index.

    Over the summer I fell behind on actually reading the comics, though, and as a result, I haven't been updating the thread titles as frequently, but have tried to get it done at least once a month. I last did an update around the beginning of September, and the information should be more or less accurate up to that point and Oct's update was on my to-do list (would have had it done by now if not for NYCC the other weekend).

    I'll hopefully be caught up in the near future, which should result in the thread title release numbering being updated more frequently, if not same day/week.
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    Time to update the Vader one Quest, as #7 came out and people are going to the stickied one that goes up to #6 only.

    OR, maybe you consider the experiment to have not worked and go for one ongoing thread per comic title, that's it.