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    Now, fellow members of the NSWRPF, it comes time for...

    Ace Attorney Saga: The Quest for Justice

    Many of you have played the delightful Nintendo DS video game series, "Ace Attorney", or more popularly known as the "Phoenix Wright" series. Regardless of what you call it, they originated in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban and have since started to come to North America and enchanted video game players everywhere. With witty lines, memorable characters, amazing plotlines, wild twists, and dramatic courtroom battles, it has earned its place in the hearts of many gamers for now and for always. But, if it has a fault, it is this: once you beat it, it's finished. Once you turn it off, it's gone. But what if you could go beyond that? What if you could enter into a world of law where sometimes the truth to a huge mystery is within your grasp, behind a huge carefully tangled web of lies? It would be your job, then, to destroy these lies and uncover the truth, in the never-ending quest for justice.

    Welcome, then, to Ace Attorney Saga, where YOU are the attorney, whether a prosecutor or a defence lawyer. In an age of criminal masterminds, it is for these heroes of law to find out who is guilty, who is innocent, and why it happened. It's not always easy, however. Everyone has a motive...and that can sometimes be fatal.

    Even if you don?t like the games, fans of law just might find this interesting, or maybe just random people like the concept. If you do, then I encourage you to read below?if you like what you see, join. No Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney knowledge required!

    --How This Game Works--
    As a game about lawyers, it is only common sense that it will revolve around such. There will be two lawyers: a prosecutor and a defendant. Each will have an assistant, such as a Maya Fey character, who will aid you in the case. Out of the courtroom, they act as an extension of the attorney. Each client will either be guilty or innocent, and it is up to you decide. After the game finishes, I?ll post what really happened?you guys can see how close you came. We should have about 3-5 cases before this thread is over, not just because of inactivity but, seriously, how much more do you need?

    What will happen is at the start of each case, such as this intro post, I will add the characters I need, and people will fill that spot. If you are a key witness or somehow related to the crime, you will receive a PM saying a basic personality (you?re very much free to expand on this), their prior motivations, and how they are involved in the case. YOU ARE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY PERSON, EITHER FELLOW PLAYERS OR YOUR BROTHER OR WHOMEVER. IT IS PRIVATE. If you would like more knowledge on the character, you?re more than welcome to PM me for such. You will keep this information to yourself and not express it in-game. Instead, focus on their emotions in the current era, possibly referring to? ?and that time?? or something to that effect. If you?re the murderer, I don?t want you saying, ?James walked down the hallway, thinking, ?I can?t believe I just killed that guy!? That ruins the entire game. It?s a secret, a spoiler. Keep it to yourself.

    --Phase I: Intro?
    This is the start of a case. I?ll initiate the opening scene, which will be mostly like the opening sequences in the Ace Attorney games, either featuring an important event or the actual murder itself. Once that occurs, you will post your introductions, mainly the lawyers and their assistants getting the case. The suspects are welcome to post during this time, but you are not to post anything even remotely spoilerish.

    --Phase II: Investigation?
    This phase will repeat in cycles with the courtroom phase until we reach the conclusion. During this time, I will have a list of locations (will reveal new ones as we go along) that one can go to. Everyone, including the suspects, are welcome to move about at will, interact, and all the such. Attorneys and assistants can interview these people, and an eager-for-knowledge suspect
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