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  1. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    145 ABY ? Acolytes of Darkness - The Shadow War

    A hundred and thirty-two years ago...

    The sands of Korriban ran red with blood. A great and terrible legion combed the land for Sith, be they loyal or of the heretic Red Sith sect, and an armada threatened to bombard the world into ash if victory was not brought. Wedge-shaped destroyers, round-nosed cruisers and ax-shaped frigates trained their weapons on the surface, an army of monstrosities from ancient times ? Kerestians, tu?kata hounds, even a few terentateks ? storming Dreshdae and the Valley of the Dark Lords.

    They were led by the Kiasyd.

    Monstrous darksiders, determined to usher their own version of darkness upon the galaxy, the Kiasyd have struck at Korriban in a first strike ? much as Admiral Daala attacked Yavin 4 as the beginning of her campaign against the New Republic a year prior. And just like that, the forces of the New Sith Order, the Star Destroyers of the Empire Reborn, trapped them, even as armies of wraid and hssiss all roared from the tombs of the Valley at the Dark Lords command to crush the invaders.

    The Kiasyd retreated, taking their dead with them, so defeated they would never make such an attempt again. But it was not long before the Jedi came ? pursuing the Disciples of Ragnos, and the Order was forced to flee, weakened at the key moment when they could have triumphed over the New Republic once and for all. The Red Sith took their own path, but the survivors of those treacherous days grew anew.

    The Acolytes of Darkness were born.


    Forty five years ago...


    The ships fell out of hyperspace one after the other. Some were large enough to swallow whole shuttles, and others small enough to be fighter craft. But they were all the same angular, black design. The rulers of the Acolytes of Darkness strode from the tombs of Ziost, the Warriors and apprentices emerging, a tide of black cloaks dozens in number.

    And then they emerged from their ships, similarly attired in dark robes, hundreds of Sith led by a man in Yuuzhan Vong armour and flanked by a female Chagrian and a tall and imposing Weequay. ?I am Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the One Sith, Dragon of the Order.?

    Our leaders said nothing. They did not bow. They did not kneel.

    But an understanding was made, and the Acolytes joined the tide of darkness.


    Seventeen years ago...

    The strike came without warning. The massive Sith Academy burned, and crumbled, and the bombs did not stop. Black robed Sith died, and the order fled into the stars. Some left for Korriban, as tools of the Dragon, but the rest launched for the Unknown Regions ? anticipating, expecting, and planning.

    She came, the Dark Lady Darth Ardeur, and they understood her, and she, them. The Dark Lord was gone, the ancient master that had served in the Sith of old, though it was undoubted he would return. Delving into the research of the Silver Jedi, they discover the truth. For now, they have a new enemy ? an enemy they quickly recognised was behind the old threat ? the old dangers, the hand behind their ancient foe.

    They are the Tzmisce.


    Not that it mattered who they really were.

    Old rivalries could wait.

    The Jedi could die without them.


    Two days ago...


    The Acolytes-class cruiser Deliverance soared through the stars. Three kilometres long, and half a kilometre high, and equipped in secret at shipyards concealed in the Unknown Regions, the vessel angled towards a planet, and this was a mottled green world, with seas and landmasses and even a few orange-red islands that suffered from volcanic damage. It was a lonely world in a solar system with no other planets, with many moons surrounding the planet. Those moons housed weapons, which fired at the Deliverance. It did no
  2. Kakkay

    Kakkay Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 11, 2005
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Sith Name: Darth Acheron
    Name: Dru-Kak Kaardan
    Age: 104
    Gender: Male
    Species: Falleen
    Homeworld: Falleen

    Physical Description: Dru is as tall as a Wookiee Warrior [7.2 Feet], yet carries himself with grace. His spinal ridge is lined with bony protrusions, and his facial features have been accented due to his Falleen heritage. His long black hair is tied back with an elegant clasp. His tunic has been dyed black since his leaving of the Order, replacing what was once light with darkness.


    Dru-Kak built his custom set of armour. After building several sets, his fifth edition became his final approach. He'd perfected its design, allowing the armour to almost meld with his physical self - heightening senses, and enabling supernatural movement and agility; allowing him to use the Force to focus on other aspects of combat.


    Personality: Dru-Kak is well versed in etiquette, and doesn't react kindly to ignorance. The penalty? A swift introduction to his lightsaber. Dru's personality changed once he was entitled with a 'Darth' honorific. His mannerisms remained the same, but he became driven with a new goal to defeat the Jedi Knights and reclaim the Galaxy.

    Rank: Sith Warrior

    Lightsaber: Dru's lightsaber is, in a word, chic. His polished chrome hilt reflects his personality, and its golden features add character to his hilt. Dru wields a single, red blade.


    Additional weapons: Dru keeps a one-handed Vibrosword locked inside a footlocker within the Sith Temple at all times. The sword is elegant in design, and strikes fear into the hearts of the weak. The designs on the sword reflect an ancient Sith language, and have become untranslatable over the passing of time.


    Favouring ballistics, Dru-Kak also keeps a 'Bullpup Assault Rifle' with him at all times. An MA5C, to be exact. The weapon fires 7.62x51mm Full Metal Jacket rounds, firing at ten rounds per second; capable of tearing through all but the toughest armour, provided sustained fire is maintained.


    Personal starfighter: Dru flies a Sigil-class Shuttle dubbed, Reach. Dru acquired the vessel during his time spent serving on the High Council of the Jedi Order.



    Early Life: 41 ABY - 45 ABY 'Tragedy'

    The Falleen Dru-Kak Kaardan was born in 41 ABY shortly after the death of the evil Darth Caedus at the hands of his twin sister, Jaina Solo.

    Dru was raised on his native planet Falleen by his loving father, Xad-Kak Kaardan. Unfortunately, his mother died in childbirth. His father reluctantly worked in a heated manufacturing facility, preparing droids for Galactic distribution. Xad had always suspected Dru was Force sensitive, as the young boy seemed to see things before they happened. The lone parent hoped to travel to the Jedi Academy to get his son tested by the Knights. Any life was better than this. It was for the best.

    By the time of 44 ABY, Xad had finally saved up what little funding he could afford and hired a local mercenary to take the pair to the Academy. Xad's wish of giving his son a perfect future was at hand. Boarding the mercenary vessel, dubbed Onyx, the pair left Falleen forever. But it wasn't to be...

    Xad had been deceived. Almost immediately after departing Falleen, the mercenaries murdered Xad, and went on the hunt for Dru. The boy, seeing the event play out in his mind mere moments before it happened, climbed inside an air vent and
  3. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    Character's Name: Helinith Vader.
    Also known as: Lady Vader, Lady Helinith, The Dark Lord?s Daughter.

    Former Alias: Helinith Jufuast.

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Home Planet: Considers Bast Castle on Vjun as her home, although she was born on Naboo in 15BBY.

    Age: 27 in 145ABY (not including the years she was in stasis)


    Character Traits

    ?So headstrong, that one.?
    -Darth Acheron.

    Personality: Cheeky. Fiercely loyal, and hates to miss action. Enjoys a joke. Likes to Meditate on things before acting on them, but becomes impulsive and unpredictable when passionate.

    Habits/Mannerisms: Fiddles with lightsaber hilt, usually flicking the D-ring. Will also bite her lip or chew the inside of her cheek when nervous. She tends to gnash teeth when under stress.

    She is disgusted by people who suck up to gain power and status. Loathes Bantha Milk with a passion. She enjoys gazing across the stars when in space, as well as music and dancing. She is proud of her Naboo heritage, but does not agree with the Planet?s actions in recent years.

    Height: 5?11

    Appearance: Tall, thin and pale. High Cheek bones. Walks with large strides, similar to Darth Vader. Wears a black jumpsuit covered by long black flowing robes. She wears a long black tunic with her belt fastened over the top, like her father. Wears similar Chest armour and cape fastened with a chain. Carries her lightsaber on her left side, and a tribal hunting knife on her right. Wears black gloves.

    Eye Colour: Brown flecked with dark yellow.

    Hair: cropped short brown hair

    Skin Colour: Pale skin, darker on the shoulders and fore arms.

    Scars/Tattoos: 3 vertical scars down her left cheek to her jaw (right side when looking at her). The first one goes from the side of her lip to her jaw, the second from the center of her cheek, and the third from behind her left eye.

    Personal History:

    Immediate Family: Suihn Tonate, mother. I?kin Jufuast, father. (Both deceased)

    Spouse/Children: None.

    Helinith was found by Darth Vader at the age of 4, in 11BBY during The Battle of Mustafar.

    I?kin Jufuast, an ex Jedi turned businessman, had been one of the Jedi sheltered by Queen Apailana of Naboo although he had been off planet at the time of the Second Battle of Naboo in 18BBY. He had subsequently returned to the planet and married Suihiin Tonate, a wealthy upper class citizen of Theed in order to blend into society.
    Helinith was born to the couple around 15BBY.
    Jufuast never told his wife or his daughter of his Jedi past, hoping this ignorance would protect them if troops ever came looking for him.

    He came to know Gizor Dellso though business contacts, and invested in the Droid force that Dellso was building, in a hope that it could help restore the fallen Republic.

    Helinith had accompanied her Father on his visit to Mustafar to view the new battle droids, but was too young to understand what was going on. She could only watch in horror as her Father was cut down by Clones, when he tried to fight them off with his lightsaber which had been concealed on his person all this time.
    Helinith?s complete anguish at her Father?s death began an immense Force rage that pushed the surrounding troops into the lava nearby. Vader felt the force presence and quickly knocked the child out using the force. She was trained in the force by him, after being presented to the Emperor. The Emperor decided to leave Helinith with his apprentice, determining that the growth of their partnership could be instrumental in turning the girl against Vader at a later date.

    Vader was actually using Helinith as a distraction for the Emperor whilst he trained Starkiller in secret. He found the girl immensely strong however, and gradually became more enthusiastic about her tuition.
    After an extensive training program in the force lasting a
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    I was trying a closed task, than an open one, but of course my apprentice can conclude a different way, of course. I'll wait for my apprentice to respond before I invite other responses, Trim.

    And my CS...

    Sith Name: Darth Insipid
    Name: Aden Kya (originally Aden Lin)
    Age: Indeterminate ? chronologically 138
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Tallaan/Fondor

    Physical Description: Pale skinned, turquoise eyed, dark brown haired, tall (but small for his Null heritage), but not especially muscularly bound, nor especially lean, and dark robed, often, but not always
    Personality: A manipulative individual, constantly seeking a way out of a situation. His objectives are shadowed, and he often seems as if he has no intentions beyond reaping destruction for the sake of it; at the core of his personality is his namesake ? the view that everything is weak, and pathetic, and deserves to be his pawn.
    Rank: Master

    Lightsaber: Lightwhip, dual-phase green-silver saber, and single crimson saber
    Additional weapons: Holdout blaster
    Personal starfighter: Ancient Seinar [link=]Blur[/link]


    Force Focus: Telekinesis Mastery and a rudimentary knowledge of Nightsister skills and light knowledge of psychometry. He has mastered the ability to surpass death as a spirit, and to create anchors in many objects, be it objects or unsuspecting people.
    Dueling Capabilities: Soresu, Makashi knowledge, and a light understanding of Djem So.
    Additional Information: Had a fancy of Yuuzhan Vong technology and thus can make use of Yuuzhan Vong weapons

    Bio: Darth Insipid was born as Aden Lin in 7 ABY. His mother abandoned him to rejoin the Empire, and his father abandoned him for a political career designed to spite the Remnant. In 24 ABY, when a teenage act of rebellion cost his father politically, his father dumped him in the slave ranks of Fondor ? where Aden took his mothers surname. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion saw Fondor hit hard, and he was captured ? his nascent Force sensitivity attracting them to him.

    A One Sith task force led by his grandmother, Lomi Plo, saved him from the Yuuzhan Vong at end of 25 ABY, the One Sith collecting new acolytes from the chaos, and Aden eventually became Darth Insipid at the end 26 ABY due to a conceit of Darth Krayt, becoming a spy within a Galactic Alliance squadron as a Jensaarai Force user, his faith in Darth Krayt complete ? until, following the Battle of Gilatter in 41 ABY, Insipid was recalled from the Alliance and instructed to simply wait. Finally acknowledging that his master intended for his current acolytes to die of old age, Insipid began carefully gathering allies within the court, managing to wrangle enough clout to be freed from Korriban to ascertain the strength of other dark side cults following the emergence of the Lost Tribe of the Sith in 43 ABY.



    Insipid gathered knowledge from Sith groups such as the Dominion of Darkness and the Maleficarum, and fought off occasional pawns of Darth Krayt that sought to kill him, gaining numerous titles within various groups as part of his ?mission?. Insipid was openly loyal, and thus Krayt could not strike him down publicly, but when a debate in 65 ABY over a Sith amulet grew violent, Insipid was forced to push his Sith to act, stealing many Holocrons and vanishing into the galaxy, Insipid placing his followers, the Vapid, into stasis.

    Insipid had matured into a manipulator, and placed himself on Coruscant, hooking himself to the fountain of the Force there. When the Jedi weakened in 95 ABY, he was awoken, and became active for another five years, manipulating the Dominion of Darkness to engage the weakened Jedi and the new Imperial Knights in a Force Cold War, making an attempt to cr
  5. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    GM approved!

    Name: Darth Ardeur
    Age: 52
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tall, brown long hair normally worn back in a ponytail. Blue eyes, slim, muscular build.
    Allegiance: Sith
    Weapons: Red lightsaber

    Unknown home planet, Ardeur was found by the Sith at a young age. She was raised on Korriban at the Sith academy and thus Ardeur knows only how to fight and be a Sith. She trained next to Darth Insipid as they were growing up frequently sparring against him and conspiring their takeover of the Sith together. A bond formed between the two and he could not resist her beauty and ability to draw men to her. The two were lovers until after Insipid?s plan to put them in stasis and appear later in time when the Sith were more powerful. Ardeur was put in stasis against her will, resenting Insipid?s selfishness to keep her at his side.

    Upon returning to the galaxy, Ardeur fled from Insipid?s grasp when the two rejoined Darth Krayt?s Sith. Darth Krayt quickly utilized Ardeur?s skills at stealth and treachery in the fight against the Jedi and Imperial Knights in 128 ABY. During the Battle of Bastion, Ardeur struck down the mighty Lowbacca, causing the tide of the battle to change in favor of the Sith. Darth Insipid soon failed Darth Krayt, leading to his death and the defection of Ardeur to another side of the fight. She joined a cunning Verpine known as Xaare, who intended to use the war to implement and cover up his own ideas for taking over areas of the galaxy.

    Unbeknownst to Ardeur, Insipid had anchored part of himself to her, causing him to continue to ?survive? even after being killed. The betrayal of this infuriated Ardeur who refused to listen to Insipid?s suggestions. Ardeur fought against another of Insipid?s pawns, Darth Idoneus, while on the Steadfast, leading to the ship?s destruction, but escaping in an evacuation pod as she ordered the ship to ram the enemy. Idoneus followed her pod but fought Xaare - Idoneus believing he succeeded. The destruction of the two was reported galaxy-wide, but at the last minute Ardeur had activated the pod?s defenses and micro-jumped away from the area, saving herself and the Verpine.

    From there, Ardeur spent several years with Xaare continuing to help him build up his army against the Sith and the Empire. When news of Darth Krayt?s death reached Ardeur, she decided it was time to return to the Sith to reclaim what was hers. A council was formed for the Sith, who referred to themselves as the Dominion of Darkness. Ardeur?s knowledge and prowess shown during 128 ABY garnered her stature befitting her years. Ardeur was appointed to the council and for now, is content to stay there. She was off-world when Krayt discovered the base of the Dominion, and she continued her own campaign against Krayt with the few Dominion scouts that were free to do so.

    In 137 ABY when Insipid returned physically to the galaxy, he hunted down Ardeur. Through an unpleasant confrontation that almost resulted in both their deaths, Insipid revealed a useful skill which he promised to give to Ardeur if she would stop her tirade and not kill him. Ardeur consented and there learned the ability to transfer her conscious between bodies. Thus Ardeur is able to be the Dark Lady of the Acolytes of Darkness and also be on the council of the Dominion of Darkness. One day she hopes to utilize her loyal Sith forces to take over and unite all the Sith in the galaxy.

    Being used as a killing machine for most of her life has hardened Ardeur?s heart into an ice cold ball. She would sooner strike you down if you step out of line than to deal with your mistakes. Her fury and ability to back it up has made her revered and feared as the years pass.
  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Kias, Temple Command Center

    [blockquote]Years earlier...
    Deep in the Outer Rim

    The hand of Darth Insipid snaked out, and Darth Ardeur deftly raised her own from the block, but the angle of her hand meant that Insipid's Force push was not entirely caught, and it pushed her the other way. Sliding his own blade up hers so his base was closer to her tip, he lashed out, a cut which Ardeur spun away from with the Force push, flicking out a foot and kicking Insipid in the stomach to push her further away. Insipid caught the boot on the palm of his hand, pushing with the Force again, and she dutifully followed through, controlling her center of mass and cartwheeling away, planting her free hand firmly on the ground as she slashed around her, protecting her for that moment of danger.

    Insipid didn't follow, letting her return to her foot a moment after and smiling. "Much better."

    "I am not your apprentice anymore," bit Ardeur. "Even if you're back in a new body - that does not change that I escaped your hold at Roche."

    "No?" Insipid said, his smile widening. "But, evidently, I can still teach you..."

    Silence followed.

    [To Be Continued]


    Three days earlier

    Black Thirteen was one of the five shipyards that went missing following the Battle of Nzoth, reportedly destroyed during the Imperial retreat to Cal-Seti from Nzoth, but later used to create a burgeoning Yevethan Fleet. Despite New Republic efforts during the Yevethan War, five yards had vanished, and it became evident, with the surrender of much of the Black Fleet to the New Republic, that the shipyards hadn't been accounted for by the Empire, either.

    They had been withdrew into the Empire of the Hand, and had formed the heart of the shadowy realm; many of them lost in the devastating Chiss Civil War and Swarm War. With the diffusion of the Imperial alliance, most of the yards had been destroyed, but this one, and one other, had been recovered by other factions; one, the One Sith had taken, but the other the strange Sorcerers of Rhand had taken for their own, foreseeing the fall of the Empire of the Hand. Keeping it where they knew Darth Insipid would eventually require it, for their Force visions were terrifyingly accurate, they began the long process of retooling the yards for his requirements. When Insipid returned to them, with Yevethan allies seeking revenge against the Alliance, Yuuzhan Vong and Empire, towards the end of 100 ABY, they turned the system over to him, and aligned themselves with him; because they foresaw it would happen anyway.

    They recognised Insipid as a stubborn one, who would eventually achieve what he wanted even if they opposed him. He had time, and they certainly recognised he would use it. With Darth Avarice as Regent in his absence, they reworked the yards to be the heart of a Sith Imperium, a shadowy network of alliances resurrecting the old Empire of the Hand not as an treaty pointed outward at the Yuuzhan Vong to protect the Known Galaxy, but as an alliance purely to defend the Unknown Regions from the GA, Chiss and Empire; which had launched debilitating wars against various Unknown Terrors but had eventually simply sought territorial advance; the hope that Csilla would prove a bulwark to the Known Galaxy was a foolish one, as the Ssi-Ruuk, Kaleesh and other powers were drew into the GA and Empire or destroyed, and the Chiss became Darth Krayt's proxy in the Unknown Regions.

    But there were still Terrors left to fight, and even as the Sith-Imperial War ravaged Companion Besh, for the years prior and after, the satellite galaxy, the Unknown Regions watched as the Remsi Republic and other allies bowed to this shadow alliance; a complete secret, and anyone who revealed its identity would be annihilated. But one race the Imperium knew would not be spurned; the Kiasyd.

    And so Insipid found the Acolytes of Darkness, and Darth Ardeur, brought them all to Black Thirteen, and gave them the weapons to exact a revenge
  7. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Darth Helinith
    Bay 4, The Acolytes of Darkness Temple.

    Darth Helinith leant forward on the handlebars of her speeder bike, resting her head on her arms, deep in thought.
    All sorts of flutterings were pulsing through her veins; the excitement before battle and the anticipation, the thirst for blood, adrenaline?
    Her hand reached for the lightsaber on her hip, making sure it was there. Yes, its cool metal she could feel even through her gloves. Its presence soothed.
    Vader was with her.

    She could feel Darth Acheron beside her, and she wondered; wondered what went on inside such a mind. What did one such as himself think about, other than how fast he could get his speeder to go? Was he possibly thinking about her?
    She quickly pushed such thoughts from her mind.
    She should save them for the night.
    When she was alone.
    In dreams.
    Where such thoughts belonged.

    "Darth Acheron, Darth Helinith - go."

    Helinith jumped as the Comm call came through, shaking her head quickly to clear it and revving up the engine of her personalised bike, hearing the satisfying change in tone of the humming that had reverberated throughout her head for the past 15 minutes.
    Waiting for the door of the temple to open, she quickly scrolled through the information being downloaded to her data pad.

    ?Due south. Approx 3 miles, looks like an outpost of some sort. Nothing we can?t handle. I mean come on, this is a piece of cake compared to some of the other stuff we?ve done.?

    Helinith slipped the pad back into an inside pocket of her inner robe and grinned suddenly, eyes glinting as she turned to catch the Falleen?s gaze.

    ?Hey Muscles! Last one there buys next time we?re in a bar.?

    Helinith revved up her bike?s engine once more, impatient as the heavy door of Bay 4 began to lift very slowly, the growing gap not yet wide enough to accommodate a womp rat, let alone a speeder bike.

    TAG: Kak
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