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Address From The Supreme Chancellor

Discussion in 'Ft. Lauderdale, FL' started by AxtonTredway, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. AxtonTredway

    AxtonTredway Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 2001
    Welcome to The New and Improved Fandom Menace!
    First, allow me to clarify a potential bit of confusion regarding recent "changes".
    (1) There were no elections held! The consensus was to determine whether or not elections would be held or would a "vote of confidence" in the current administration suffice.....
    (2) A SUFFICIENT majority of enough votes were obtained to maintain the present administration-therfore...
    (3) I obtained the office of current President of Fanforce Ft. Lauderdale and "Acting" status was negated as obsolete.
    (4) We determine the organizational leaders (and therefore the structure) of the group every year between the months of July and September each and every year since the inception of The Fandom Menace in 1999!(adoption of by-laws will more "permanently" set the structure)....This is NOT a "Bannana Republic" with "Presidents for Life" and we serve at the pleasure of our constituents....and the constituents have spoken!

    With that being said, allow me to introduce myself to newcomers who may not know who I am. I don't normally "toot my own horn", but since nobody else will, here it is anyway!
    My name is Sean Sanders and my Fanforce handle is AxtonTredway. I have been with Fanforce Ft. Lauderdale-The Fandom Menace since before it became an official chapter in the summer of 2001. In fact I, personally, am responsible for us becoming an official chapter.
    The Fandom Menace traces its roots back to when a good majority of us were part of a different fan club of a different property franchise. I was a chapter President then, and I was eager even then for the Star Wars format.
    I later translated my leadership experience into what would become The Fandom Menace. I was really anxious after Episode I: The Phantom Menace to get started with Star Wars (Fandom Menace as you see is a pun derived from the film title-if you didn't know! lol!) I had a vision of a group that would have a "gaming base" that would eliminate much of the arbitrary nature of "roleplay" that I had previously witnessed. Before we knew it a rich universe was unfolding before our very eyes and characters with as much depth as the epic films were emerging from our very imaginations!....Characters like C'Osk D'OSine of Durakis (an entire planet was imagined!), Riachia Windsight-A Dothomir of a distinct Force Tradition from the Jedi....And Beenca Spunpatch-from a race only casually mentioned before but with full stats in the new edition! The list goes on....
    Anyway, I envisioned this group as one that would not require rigid "hierarchy" because of all the imaginative temperments involved who just wouldn't be into it anyway. I was to be Club Gamemaster and I thought that would tie up enough time. So, I had in mind people who supposedly "missed out" on leadership roles for whatever reason and I helped elect them the leaders!
    But it was a noble yet naive pygmalion project that would leave our progression as a club a little bit inert-for whatever reasons.....So, we brought on "professional management types" who were skilled at organization and getting things done. This worked for a time, but the active 20% got tired of doing the work of the other 80%-especially with little to no recognition and at their own expense. We also needed a person who could lead by example-not just someone good at delegation. We did not even have a codified By-Laws structure yet or even a video history of the club. Managers are good managers because they surround themselves with good people. Leaders are leaders because they are the best at what they do....And soon the group would need a leader(And they don't have a fit when they lose a game-Sorry guys...the box did say for ages 10 AND UP! LOL!) .
    So, at this point we have come full circle, it would seem...My duties as GM are not a full-time job anymore since the release of Star Wars Miniatures: Rebel Storm! I am translating all of our characters into miniatures stats (they directly translate because it's all still d20 based!) I am looking forward to serving you all in the coming year. We have a lot to b
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