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Beyond - Legends Admiral Ackbar's Adventures

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth_Bog, Apr 4, 2003.

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  1. Darth_Bog

    Darth_Bog Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 6, 2002


    Another long day finally comes to an end for Admiral Ackbar. Completely exhausted, he enters his spacious Coruscant residence and immediately collapses into his favorite chair in the living room. Mrs. Ackbar, who has been busy preparing the family dinner, enters the room to greet her husband.

    ?Hi honey. Tough day at the academy??

    ?Yes. It was horrible. Four of the seven cadets I was training completely failed their Strategic Battle Simulation test today. I?ve never seen anything like it.? Ackbar noticeably slumps in his chair with the grief that is evident on his gigantic, bulbous face.

    Mrs. Ackbar takes Mr. Ackbar?s hand and gently guides him to the dinner table. ?Tell me all about it, dear.?

    ?You wouldn?t believe how stupid they were!? Ackbar exclaimed as he sat down and took a swig of his favorite beverage, Tatooine blue milk. ?Three of the four couldn?t even tell me what the scenario was about. I literally had to tell them that IT?S A TRAP!!!?

    ?I?m so sorry honey?I guess it?s going to be hard from now on ever since you defeated the Empire and blew up the second Death Star.? Mrs. Ackbar said, finishing up her cooking on the stove. ?KIDS! DINNER TIME!!!?

    Ackbar, covering his ?ears? to muffle the noise, ?Must you always yell when calling the kids? I?ve heard exploding capital ships that were quieter than you!?

    ?Oh hush. You know Ackbar Jr., Ackbarette, and Acky never come unless we yell for them.? Three kids come running into the dining area and jump into their seats around the dinner table.

    ?What did I tell you kids about running in the house?!? Admiral Ackbar complained.

    ?What are you going to do about it dad, send an invasion force to get us?? Ackbar Jr. joked. Being the oldest in his mid-teens and bearing an exact likeness of his father, Ackbar Jr. was able to get away with things only the younger twins could even dream of.

    ?Ha ha, very funny son.? Ackbar begins rubbing one of his eyes. ?Has anyone seen my eye drops? My left eye is killing me for some reason.?

    Ackbarette, the 12 year old twin daughter, confesses to her father, ?Sorry dad. I sort of used your eye drops to water my pet nerf collection. I hope you?re not mad at me.?

    Ackbar sighs, ?Never mind?? and turns his attention to his youngest son. ?And how are you Acky??

    ?What up, dawg?!?

    ?Excuse me?! Were you watching the Earth channel again?? Ackbar demanded.

    ?Um, yup. There?s this really cool show on ESPN called PTI and one of the broadcasters uses that to say hello to the ugly-looking, half bald loudmouth on the show.?

    ?Great to hear that, son.? Ackbar looks noticeably irritated. ?Are we going to eat dinner or what?!?

    ?Hold your flippers, I?m coming already!? Mrs. Ackbar yelled to calm the angry father down. ?Here?s your dinner.? Mrs. Ackbar places a large plate with several ring-shaped fried delicacies on it in front of Ackbar. He picks one up and closely examines it. ?What are these??

    ?I?m not sure, it?s a new recipe. Let me check.? Mrs. Ackbar retrieves the box they came in as the rest of the family begins digging into them.

    ?Hey, these are really good!? Ackbar Jr. exclaimed as the rest of the family nods their head in agreement. ?I could eat these all night long!? Suddenly, Mrs. Ackbar screams in horror at the top of her lungs.

    ?What IS it?!? Ackbar demands.

    A noticeably shaken Mrs. Ackbar manages to stutter, ?The dinner?it?s fried calamari!?

    The next few moments at the Ackbar home entail certain events that probably are not fit for print. Let?s just say after a lot of screaming, regurgitating, and accusations the family finally calmed down long enough to order out for pizza.

    Later that evening?

    With the kids already asleep, Mr. and Mrs. Ackbar try to enjoy the rest of their evening together in the family room. A relaxing fire is burning in their custom built ?Endor Shield Generator? replica fireplace and the two of them are enjo
  2. scuiggefest

    scuiggefest Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2002
    Wow what is this about? Are you going to post more? Are you going to make it funny?

    You know I like your M. R T one but this one has me lost.
  3. Da_Joker

    Da_Joker Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2003
    Hello, Everyone! [face_laugh]





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