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    Title: Adrift
    Author: Durhelediel
    Rating: PG
    Disclaimer: George Lucas owns and profits from the Star Wars universe. I just play in it's sandbox from time to time?
    Dedication: To my Jedi Master, Layren, who has done so much for me lately. I have been going through a rough time with medical things and she has been wonderful on either distracting me or supporting me. Thanks Master Layren. Your aide has not gone unnoticed.

    Chapter One

    Seventeen year old Obi-Wan Kenobi wished that he could have been allowed to watch the sunset of Penne't II. The sky was a riot of colors ranging from palest pink to deepest purple, entangling and mixing together in a glorious riot of color.

    "Mind on the moment, padawan," came a soft murmur to his left.

    Obi-Wan grinned, blushing a little at his Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. Qui-Gon seemed stern, but Obi-Wan could see that a corner of his lip was twitching upward.

    Obediently, Obi-Wan turned his back on the beautiful sunset that was reflected in the body of water that the Pennetians called the Un'ocean, or "the one ocean". He focused on the being who was speaking. He was a half-human, half-fish mix and his hair?like most Pennetians'?was light green. Webs stretched between his fingers as he flexed his hands when he spoke.

    "?therefore the Penne nation wanted to request admittance to the Republic," the Penne't merman finished. He was lounging on the sand, the waves of the ocean crashing over him from time to time.

    Qui-Gon frowned, lines appearing on his face that had not been there when Obi-Wan first really met him.

    "If such is the case," Obi-Wan heard Qui-Gon saying, "then I wonder why you requested Jedi assistance?and my padawan and myself in particular. To join the Republic you would need a senator to travel to Coruscant and do the necessary requirements."

    The merman, Chieftain Zodek, scowled. "None of my people can survive out of the water that long, Master Jinn. How are we to represent ourselves if we die on the way to Coruscant?"

    Obi-Wan felt a flicker of irritation from his master before he calmly stated, his arms in the opposite sleeves of his robes, "That is regrettable, Chieftain Zodek, but as Jedi we cannot represent you. We can aide you, perhaps find someone that you would allow to represent you as a proxy, but we cannot."

    Zodek was obviously not pleased at the Jedi's refusal. His long, scaled tail thrashed in the sand for a few moments, though Qui-Gon calmly waited the merman out. Finally, Zodek sighed. "What do you suggest?"

    "Let us find a proxy for you on the mainland," Qui-Gon patiently repeated. "Not everyone there think of your people as 'strange' or 'unnatural'. I'm sure that if you give us a week we can set something up for you."

    Zodek idly scratched near his belt as he thought. The water people of Penne't II were very strong-willed and proud. For centuries they had remained aloof from the travelers that had arrived on the mainland of their world, preferring to remain in their large, underwater cities. It had come as a shock to receive a message from them requesting Jedi to visit?and even more of a surprise when they specified who they wanted to come.

    Obi-Wan found himself glancing at the sunset again as the merman thought and scratched. His mind started to wander again?

    "Ow!" He slapped a hand to his neck where something sharp had just hit him. Before he could do anything, he was yanked off of his feet and dragged by his neck into Zodek's arms. Blood ran down his neck and his back began to feel numb from some kind of salve that was spread on the line in his neck. "Master?" He gasped as Zodek's arms tightened around him.

    Qui-Gon had his lightsaber out. "Zodek! What are you doing? Release my apprentice!" He barked out.

    "No, Master Jinn," Zodek said, his breath passing along Obi-Wan's neck and stirring his hair slightly. Obi-Wan almost gagged at the smell of raw fish that came from the merman's mouth. "He will stay with us until you have achieved your task. You have no longer than a week.
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    Oooh he's unconscious already? but it's just the first post! Don't kill him now Padawan OE did that already once this week, can't he stay alive for at least a week?

    Excellent job!
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    Wow, a reply already!!

    Thanks Master! And I don't know...I'm actually thinking of being evil. I'm in an evil mood...but then ... I don't know. lol
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    Ooh... This looks interesting! You people are just churning out the stories this week! I'll be around!
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    oooh Another reply!

    Thank you, PadawanEstel. And, wow, two replies within twenty minutes of posting the first chapter...what do you people do--hang on the boards all day? lol

    Not that I'm complaining ..heehee
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    I wish I did have time to hang on the boards all day. If I did, I would have replied to this earlier. Any story that has Obi-Wan unconscious in the first post has to be good. Excellent job--can't wait to see where this goes.
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    Why, thanks ever so much JediMommie !! I flatter myself to think that this will be something you haven't seen before. Or at least, I truly hope so. :}

    Chapter Two
    Qui-Gon wasted no time trying to swim after the merman and his captured apprentice. Fins were ten times faster than legs and not even the Force could make Qui-Gon fast enough to save his padawan. As he raced up the beach toward the Mainland City, his thoughts raced.

    Zodek would not harm Obi-Wan if he hoped to gain any cooperation from Qui-Gon, so no matter how much his heart constricted in fear for his padawan he knew that, logically, Obi-Wan was safe.

    But that still left the question of Zodek's actions. If all the Pennetians wanted was to be represented in the Republic Senate then this risky move would destroy all of that. Zodek was no fool. His capture of Obi-Wan just did not fit with what he claimed his demands were. The Force prodded Qui-Gon into thinking that perhaps there was something more going on here that was beneath the surface, either literally or figuratively?or both.

    "Master Jedi?"

    Qui-Gon ran right past the Tourist Representative, sand flying up from his boots. "Follow me," he barked over his shoulder. The woman noted the absence of his student and came silently, running quickly for a woman whose width was twice her height.

    Qui-Gon did not slow down until he was in the Tourist Contact building. Kiosks filled with holonet capable devices lined the walls while a large booth in the middle held a bored-looking woman with "Happy Helper" pinned on her tunic. Pausing only long enough to find a free kiosk, Qui-Gon slid into it and closed the small door behind him for privacy. It was a tight fit with his build, but he managed to get mostly comfortable as he keyed in the code for the Jedi Council.

    Mace Windu's face popped on the screen. "Qui-Gon!" His friend greeted, surprised. "I just happened to be at the receptionist area?"

    "Obi-Wan's been taken," Qui-Gon broke in impatiently.


    "Obi-Wan has been taken by Chieftain Zodek of the Pennetians," Qui-Gon said very slowly through clenched teeth.

    "I?m assuming he said why?" Mace said as he bent down, writing something down.

    Qui-Gon nodded curtly. "His reason was for me to find someone to represent them to the Republic and he gave me a week."

    Mace glanced back up at him, his eyes searching his friend's face. "But you aren't convinced of?what, exactly?"

    Qui-Gon sighed and brushed his long hair from his face. "His actions just don't seem to fit with what he wants. This is counterproductive to what he claims the Pennetians want for themselves. Why take Obi-Wan at all? I had already told him that I would search for someone on the mainland to represent them. Something about this just doesn't fit right, Mace. There's something more to it; there has to be." He felt frustrated that he didn't know what Zodek was really after. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that Zodek wanted Obi-Wan for another reason.

    "What are their laws concerning hostages?"

    Qui-Gon glanced sharply at his friend. "What are you getting at?"

    Mace returned his gaze evenly, though his voice was soft with his reply. "We must face reality, Qui-Gon. What are their laws concerning hostages? What kind of danger is Obi-Wan in?"

    Qui-Gon forced himself to think past the paralyzing fear for Obi-Wan that he felt. He scanned his memory for what he had read about what little is known about the Pennetians in preparation for this mission. "Pennetians are fair, but aggressive," he said slowly as he thought out loud. "They are a proud people that take their beliefs very seriously; some even say that they are fanatics. None know exactly what those beliefs are. And that's about what anyone knows about them. I have no idea how they would treat Obi-Wan."

    Mace was quiet a moment as he thought. Finally, he said, "I'll have to run this by the Council. I can already tell you that this has changed everything about your mission. Yo
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    This is really good. Poor Obi-Wan--I hope Qui-Gon discovers the true reason behind his kidnapping. Anxiously waiting for more! Great job.
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    Oh dear -- Poor Obi-Wan seems to be in a bit of a bind doesn't he? Very well done, my padawan ;)
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    So pleased that you are liking it, Jedi Mommie! And, yes, Obi-Wan is indeed in a large bit of trouble.

    Thank you Master! I see you are able to sneak on from time to time. lol

    I must say that even though I wrote it, the Mother Planet kindof freaks me out a little. lol I read that part outloud to a friend of mine whom I am corrupting....I mean, introducing to Star Wars fanfiction ::clears throat and goes on:: and we both got chills. haha! Seriously!

    Wow has this story taken on a life of its own!!
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    Chapter Three

    "Tell me everything you know about the Pennetians," Qui-Gon said wearily for what felt like the hundredth time. He rubbed his aching temples. It had been a full day since Obi-Wan's disappearance by Zodek and neither Obi-Wan, nor any of the merpeople, had been seen since. He had been asking every known 'expert' on Penne't II for any kind of informational background on the Pennetians. So far all he had learned was what he already knew: they were proud, they kept to themselves, and they were fanatics.

    Fanatics of what, no one seemed to be sure.

    Now Qui-Gon sat in front of a very old woman who claimed to be one of the direct descendants of the original group of tourists that had crash landed here hundreds of years ago, discovering the beautiful world with its one land mass and extremely large ocean. He had not slept since Obi-Wan had been taken from him on the shore of the Un'ocean, and only adrenaline kept him going at full steam now.

    The woman, gray hair neatly piled on top of her head, smiled and nodded at him, as if to impart a large secret to him. With the way the Pennetians kept knowledge of themselves away from the main populace, Qui-Gon was sure that anything beyond what he already knew would be a type of secret.

    "My granddaddy, he was a fisherman," the old woman, who called herself Iriena, began in a soft voice that shook with age. Qui-Gon had no idea how old she was, but she seemed at least in her eighties, perhaps more. For her ease, they were sitting on the porch of her retirement home near the ocean in large comfortable chairs made of a substance that Qui-Gon had never seen before. It was dark green and resembled seaweed, though it was very strong and sturdy.

    "He didn't ever fish here," Iriena was saying. Qui-Gon forced his tired mind back to the woman in front of him and listened more attentively as she went on. "First night we was here for vacation, he fell off our skip into Un'ocean. Anyone in the water beyond the Safe Point was a goner?we all knew that. We mourned the loss and went on." She gave a small chuckle and gestured to his glass of pale yellow liquid. "More limonaid, Mister Jedi?"

    Qui-Gon shook his head politely; he had hardly touched what she had given him of the tart liquid. He took a sip when it seemed as if her need to continue rested on if he drank. He knew that the liquid was safe; he had seen her drinking out of the same pitcher.

    "Well, we was at home on Coruscant when granddaddy just up and walked through the door one day, like he never had left. Caused grandmomma to about have a stroke right then and there, it did." Iriena chuckled again as she thought of it, her face wrinkling with many laugh lines as she did so. "He'd been gone over a year, you see."

    "And where had he been?" Qui-Gon prompted her gently when she had been silent for a while, lost in memories.

    Iriena leaned forward a little bit and Qui-Gon found himself leaning in closer to her as well. His heart began to leap?perhaps this woman would finally help him to shed light on his missing padawan's whereabouts and condition.

    "With them," Iriena whispered. She pointed out at the ocean. "The merfolk. They caught him, you see, when he fell from the boat. Was gonna kill him, too, they were, but he made motions with his hands so that they could see he meant no harm. Curious little things, they are. They saved him because they were curious. Took him to a deep place where he said you couldn see nothin. They put him in this bubble thing they had already set up where he found someone else. They was left to themselves a while so they talked, though granddaddy said the other man never had enough strength to do much talkin."

    Qui-Gon was now very interested, even though this was a tale obviously embellished throughout the years with the retellings. "And who was this other person? Another Mainlander?"

    Iriena shook her head, her bun swaying dangerously as she did so. "Nope, not a Mainlander. Young fellow though. I was young with granddaddy died and no
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    Poor Obi! Gonna become fishfood for the 'planet' Hrmmm interesting concept there ;) His light saving the planet! Great one!

    Poor Qui... He'll do his best to find him.

    Sorry that I didn't catch this story earlier! ;) Great work.
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    Awww poor Qui Qui ... nobody likes to get news like that. *hugs him* It'll be ok .. hehe.

    Yes I did manage to sneak on ;) Had to see how you were doing after all ;)
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    Kynstar , good to see you back with me again! And thank you! You know I'm always blabbering on about originality. Hope this one is different. lol More to come.... ;)

    Master it's so good to have you back! And I thought that you'd like that post. lol Write it on your calender...a post without Obi-Wan in it. lol Of course, you know what this means....heehee
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    Chapter Four

    Obi-Wan felt something gently nudging him awake. It wasn't exactly a voice, the voice, but it was Her. He knew it was Her.

    After She had told him that he could not escape, She had forced him?he still had to try to figure out how?into a deep sleep. The Mother Planet was very used to having Her way, that much he knew without question.

    Slowly, prolonging it to show to Her that he would not be forced into things, Obi-Wan gradually opened his eyes. He expected to see Triandeena, but he was caught off-guard to see Pennetians all around his bubble, staring in at him. Their webbed hands pressed in on the bubble so that they were all just a few inches from him.

    "Ack!" He cried, startled at seeing them so close. "What do you want?"

    Zodek swam toward him, the crowd of Pennetians parting to let him through. He stopped close to Obi-Wan and opened his mouth. Again, there was a delay before the sound came to Obi-Wan's ears. "Jedi, you have been accepted by the Mother Planet. Now you must be cleansed, inside and out."

    There was a sound like sucking water and Obi-Wan was momentarily distracted from the large audience he seemed to have to turn his head to the left where the vent was. The vent had enlarged to an incredible size and a boy hurried in, carrying a bowl of some kind of food. Obi-Wan hadn't eaten in a day now and his stomach woke up loudly at the smell of something, anything, to eat, though he was surprised to see another human this deep in the water.

    The boy smiled at him and sat down, cross-legged, beside his head. He was eight at the most, and dressed in an odd mix of tunics and some kind of mesh. His green eyes sparkled as he held a spoon out toward Obi-Wan's mouth. "Eat," he said eagerly.

    Obi-Wan's stomach might not care about what it was, but Obi-Wan noticed that it was a thick, green concoction that smelled horrible up-close. "What is it?" He asked, trying to ignore the fact that dozens of merpeople were silently watching his movements and listening to his words.

    "Gilliaweed stew. For your cleansing," the boy answered, smiling. The spoon was still held out toward his mouth. "Eat."

    He felt no deception in the boy so he was certain that the boy thought it was gilliaweed stew, though Obi-Wan was not entirely convinced. What if they were trying to poison him, no matter what She said about needing him to be 'absorbed' into Herself?

    'Tis well to eat, Obi-Wan. Have no fear, child.

    Obi-Wan stiffened. So She was still closely monitoring his thoughts and what he did, was She?

    "I won't eat with an audience," Obi-Wan said firmly, staring at the hundreds of Pennetians crowding around his bubble. "I am not some kind of entertainment!"

    And thou wilt eat if they remove themselves?

    Obi-Wan sighed. No matter how bad it tasted, he supposed he would. His stomach would never forgive him if he passed up food. "Yes."

    It happened all at once. Triandeena jerked, then barked something in the musical language of the Pennetians that he could not understand. The merpeople darted away, swallowed up by the darkness, though Triandeena and Zodek stayed.

    Better, my young one?

    Obi-Wan sighed. "Thank you," he said, more out of politeness than wanting to thank his reason for being captured and held here until his death.

    Thou mayest speak to me in thy mind, Obi-Wan. 'Twould be less tiring for thee.

    "No," Obi-Wan said stubbornly. "You don't belong in my head. I don't belong here! I won't do anything that makes it easier on you."

    The voice said nothing, but he could feel a disappointment fill him.


    Obi-Wan glanced up, startled. He had momentarily forgotten about the boy sitting right next to him. Obediently, he opened his mouth and the spoon shoved its way into his throat. The stew wasn't as bad as he was expecting, but it wasn't good, either. It was a cross between slimy plant and the spiced mynock that his master had forced him to try a few years ago. Not a pleasant taste, but his stom
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    Yipes. Obi-Wan's in trouble --as usual. Good job my padawan.. the mother planet is kind of .. creepy. *shivers*
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    Chapter Five

    Qui-Gon jerked his head up in the darkness of his?and Obi-Wan's?room. He had been sound asleep, finally dozing off as he read over historical pieces about the Penne't people.

    Had he heard something?

    His eyes scanned the dark cloak of his borrowed room as his ears strained for a sound?any sound.

    He heard nothing, but the drip of water in the refresher from his earlier shower some hours ago.

    So what had startled him out of a deep sleep?

    He drew the Force to him, exploring his surroundings with eyes that were not physical. Even in the Force, he felt no one near him. He quested out farther?and felt the echoes of a disturbance. The echoes had no specific source, yet he was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Obi-Wan. He couldn't feel his padawan, but he knew Obi-Wan wasn't dead?he'd feel Obi-Wan's death. It was more as if Obi-Wan had tried to contact him?and was blocked. But who could block his strong and talented padawan? Another Force user? Yet he had felt no one else, no other Jedi light or dark, on planet.

    He tried to contact Obi-Wan through their bond, but it was if whatever was blocking his padawan from getting to him through the Force was also hindering Qui-Gon from reassuring Obi-Wan. All he could sense was something humongous and sentient and he thought he heard a single word that was whispered to him:


    Then he was blinking, breathing heavily as if he'd run too far, and sweating in the dark of the room. It had been years since someone, or something, else had forced him to break contact with another Force user when he did not wish to.

    Something wanted Obi-Wan, but for what?

    It was clear that whatever wanted Obi-Wan did not want his master to interfere in any way, and it was powerful enough to keep Qui-Gon from his padawan.

    For the first time in the two days since Obi-Wan had been taken by Zodek, Qui-Gon began to wonder if he'd ever get him back.




    Do you enjoy pain, Obi-Wan?

    The word this time was said in exhaustion.

    Then waken.

    I will do nothing that you want,
    Obi-Wan determined in his mind. He would have spoken out loud to prove his point, but he was still swimming of the unconsciousness of his mind and could not find his way to consciousness again.

    The Mother Planet did not seem deterred. Thou wilt in time. The other did as well. Though, now She sounded amused, thou art more stubborn than he. After two days with me he was willing to do anything I wished.

    I am not he.

    There was a chuckle in his mind. Thou art correct in that, Obi-Wan. Thou art stronger. I will enjoy breaking thee. Thou wilt see, in the end, that there is no pain with me and thou won't fear it so.

    Obi-Wan was so very tired, but he felt that he must make it perfectly clear that he had no intentions of ever giving in. Kill me now to save yourself the time of breaking me. I will not break.

    There was a pause of which he could feel Her contemplating his words.

    Finally, She responded, No. I do not need thee to break to be absorbed into my power to balance. Know this, Obi-Wan: breaking or not, willing or not, thou wilt be with me for eternity.

    As he fought for consciousness, he thought he heard the echo of a man screaming?a man that was not he. It almost sounded like a warning, but he could not hear the words. Was it the other Jedi?

    A pressure was building inside his mind again, and he knew if it happened again he might very well not be able to resist what the Mother Planet wanted. He gathered the Force to him?he could touch its power again! He built a shield around his mind, forcing Her out of it. She shrieked, but could not break down his defenses this time.

    Satisfied, he finally was able to truly rest.


    "Our Mother says that the Jedi child is proving very difficult," Triandeena quietly told Chieftain Zodek in their musical language as they watched Obi-Wan's tense body relax onto the floor
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    Hah! That's what they think . I think they underestimate Qui's abilities ... poor obi.. yep he sure is stubborn. Good job my padawan ;)
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    Mother Planet? Nahh, this is a sith-mother of terror!
    [face-angry] Hope Obi can resist her. MINE! [face_love] :D
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    *snrk* this 'mine' business is bring Gollum to my mind! hehehehe 'Mine! My all! My Precioussss!' or Master Yoda saying 'Mine, mine or I'll help you not!' hehehehe

    Poor Obi... that pain had to be terrible indeed! But he wanted only to reach for Qui!

    And yes... she better not underestimate Qui! Cuz he be the Master and nobody stands in the way of a rampaging Master in search for his Paddy!! ;)

    Once more... "Beware! The Master is in the house!" ;) and he's gonna kick some boooody! ;) hehehe

    Great work!!! :D
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    Master, always so prompt with your replies!! Perhaps Qui will reach him in time...but I'm still feeling evil...

    Jeday- lol

    Kynstar - I hadn't even thought of Gollum, but yeah kindof lol

    And what is it with all these "Qui to the rescue" hopefuls? lol

    Well, to see if he makes in time, keep reading. [face_devil]
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    **Note: Lana Josel belongs jointly to Durhelediel and Layren. To use her, you must ask and have proper paperwork. Thank you.**

    Chapter Six

    When he woke again, he felt weak instead of rested, which confused him. The shield that he had used to keep Her out of his mind was still intact, but was much weakened.

    Thou hast forgotten something very important, Obi-Wan.

    Obi-Wan sighed. She was back in his mind?even with the protective shield in place?so he removed it to reserve his strength.

    "What?" he tried to say loudly, but only had enough strength to whisper it in his bubble of air.

    She definitely sounded amused now. I am with thy 'Force'. When thou usest it, I am there. Thou cannot escape me.

    Obi-Wan wanted to kick himself very hard and in a tender place. Of course. He didn't know which he hated more: Her for being able to intrude upon him using the very essence that he relied on, or himself for not thinking about it before now.

    'Tis a hard lesson, my Obi-Wan. Now that thou hast learned it, perhaps thou wilt stop resisting me?

    Obi-Wan used a Rodian curse that he had heard Qui-Gon's friend, Lana Josel, use. He scowled up at the top of the bubble and the ever-present, dark blue water. His arms ached dully from being held captive in one position for three days?or was it four? He was starting to lose count in this place without sunlight to indicate day. He marked time by the arrival of the boy with his gilliaweed stew. But even then he wasn't sure if the boy came at regular times since he himself spent most of his time sleeping or simply unconscious.

    Give thyself to me.

    "No!" Obi-Wan forced himself to yell, the sound echoing in the bubble. He sagged a little upon the softened floor in exhaustion. "No," he repeated quietly, firmly, for confirmation for himself.

    Thou hast no choice.

    The sucking noise came to his ears, and Obi-Wan turned his head to see the boy, smiling like always, enter with a bowl. The boy sat down near his head and held out the spoon. Sighing, Obi-Wan opened his mouth and let the boy feed him again, curling his hands into fists in the chains in frustration.

    The stew wasn't so bad the third time around?he must be getting used to it. When he was finished, he lay his head on the floor, suddenly feeling as if his head were too heavy for his neck. The boy quietly left.

    It was then he noticed the silent crowd of Pennetians surrounding the bubble again. Their golden eyes gleamed at him in their solemn faces.

    "What's going on?" he wondered softly.

    'Tis time to begin, Obi-Wan.

    He didn't have time to ask what was to begin, because Triandeena touched the bubble and a long, hollow note rang through the air. Obi-Wan winced as the note vibrated to him, inside of him. The note seemed to change pitch inside of his body, creating another note, yet the notes did not create dissonance.

    The two notes swelled inside of him and he cried out, twisting in his chains, trying to escape it and receiving no respite. It seemed as if the very bubble were vibrating with the two notes that he heard inside of his head.

    "Stop it!" He heard himself shouting as he writhed in the bubble, the silent merpeople watching him impassively. "Please!"

    'Tis only the beginning, Father.

    "I am not?their?father!" Yet, he wasn't sure to whom he was speaking anymore. The notes of sound filled his entire being, crowding out who he was, what he was doing here, and where 'here' was. All he knew was the sounds, and all he wanted was for them to stop before he went insane.

    Embrace me, Father.

    His head jerked a negative as tears leaked out of his eyes, but he was only dimly aware of his body's continued resistance as his mind knew only the pain of the two notes swirling inside of him, giving him no relief and multiplying in pitch instead of diminishing.

    Finally, through the noise that only he could hear, he forced a thought. No. I will resist until I die.

    Soon enough, my Obi-
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    oh my Force padawan what in the Force did you just DO!?!? Qui-Gon's going to murder you you know....

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    ::innocent look:: Me? Did I do something? Huh? ::looks around::

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    Hehehehe Yippee! Qui's gonna go on a beserking spree!! *ooops* [face_blush] Didn't mean that...yeah... Qui's gonna really be upset! yeah that's what I meant. *snrk* hehehe

    Great work! Poor Obi! :( :( Nobody was there to help him!
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