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Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Magellan_the_Cat, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Here's an idea that I'm using for an adventure that in part uses the Ogre as a back drop. A facility that was once used by the old Seperatist League as a trap for Republic Assault Ships is discovered by your players PC's. After some major slug festing against the current inhabitants (Pirates/Sith/badguys) results in the demise of the (Pirates, Sith, Badguys), you find a vault with some ancient Holocrons along with an ancient Sith Warhelm (Sith Glyffs are engraved on the war helm and an ebony sword also with Sith Glyffs engraved on the sword's blade which is made of some dark material that defies identification. The war helm is empowered with the dark side's raw power, as is the ebony sword. Both have blood red gems mounted in them and were empowered by the deaths of thousands and thousands of Massassi warriors. Their combined Force energies were channeled into these two items. If anyone has read the novels Written by Frank Frazetta in calaboration with James Silk, titled "Prisoner of the Horned Helmet (Death Dealer # 1)", and the 3 other novels they both collaborated on. The idea of the war helmet becomes quite clear. You can put the helmet on but you can't take it off, (unless by the hand of an innocent female virgin). I've got some power hungry players just waiting for a chance to grab some booty and goodies. (heh, heh) The plot should work out nicely. It really is amazing how a borrowed idea for gaming can change a boring session into something really scary just in time for Halloween. Oh yeah, the sword is linked with the war helm and has the same power as phasing spiders from D&D against armor and shields. The ebony sword also has the same power as Storm Bringer that famous sword from Michael Morcock's novel. (It has a taste for souls.) At any rate that's my most recent gaming idea for a Star Wars episode.

    Vangarian out
  2. VadersLaMent

    VadersLaMent 2017 Celebrity Deathpool Winner star 10

    Apr 3, 2002
    If you want to put fantasy monsters in your SW game that are not already there, all you have to do is go to a local hobby store and you will see either miniatures you can paint or miniatures already painted.

    D&D has a mini table top version with ready to go minis. Right now they come in booster packs so you won't know ahead of time what you're getting. Some stores trade figures so they might have single figures out of the boxes for you to buy.

    With that said, I am looking through a D&D Monster Manual. Certain monsters have magical effects that might not really fit unless there is an equivalent Force Power.

    It would be interesting to see a Jedi campaign with the main Sith Baddy in the form of a Balrog.

    I actually wrote a piece of fan fiction(I thinks it's still in the pre-Republic section of the FF forum at the very end). I'd tell you the monster but it'd spoil the surprise.

    One of the symbols of the Death Star was as a labrynth, a maze from mythology. It might be a change of pace to have a minataur tyoe of creature in a literal maze for the characters to get lost in. The minotaur should be at least as tough as several wookies. Perhaps a giant of one, Rancor-sized?

    You could possibly re-enact the battle of Hoth but with real giant 500 tons elephants rather than machines, like Return of the King.

  3. VadersLaMent

    VadersLaMent 2017 Celebrity Deathpool Winner star 10

    Apr 3, 2002
    Since it's Holloween why not scare the hell out of your players with vampires.

    Human or creature, atmosphere is the key.



  4. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    As far as vamps are concerned there is a race in the ultimate alien anthology called the anzati who are a lot like vamps.

    Now, the reason I came on is because I'm running a jedi campain soon set during the new republic but before the vong invade. I will have the details next time.
  5. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    Hi it's me again here's some stuff from my campaign info(by the way I haven't started the campaign yet but will soon.).

    Possible Campaign Ideas (GM eyes only!!!)

    By the way the place the heroes are at is the yavin 4 jedi academy.

    Startup possiblities for PC relations

    1.The heroes do not know of each other yet and meet up with each other as they fufill their various tasks and quests for lightsaber parts.
    2.A small handful of the PCs know each other and the rest meet similiar as described above.
    3.Everyone knows each other.(Yeah, Right!!!!!)

    Possible Lightsaber Quest Villains

    Lightsaber quest as in the search for the gem needed as well as the other parts needed.

    A crashed force adept from a previous decade who has been studying the sith lore in the surrounding jungle temples

    Force Adept 4 Iniative+2 defense16(+4class,+2dex) Spd10m
    VP/WP 30/15 Atk+5 (1d8+2 spear) Atk+5 (3d6 Blaster Pistol)
    saves: fort+4 ref+6 will+8 FP2 Dsp4 rep+0
    Str14 Dex14 Con15 Int12 Wis16 Cha14
    intimidate+4 spot+5 Listen+6 sense motive+5 Suvival+6
    Force Skills
    illusion +8 move object+4 affect mind+7 battlemind+4
    force stealth+7 see force+4 Alchemy+2 force lightining+4

    Dianoga as described in the core book

    gundark as above

    Predator Lv6 defense22(+5armour +7dex) iniative+11
    VP/WP 45/15 SZmedium DR5 +9/+4 melee(1d8+3 bite)
    +9/+4 melee(2d4+3 claws) +13/+8 ranged(sticky stuff)
    saves: fort+5 ref+12 will+3
    Str16 Dex24 Con15 Int2 Wis10 Cha6
    Balance+6 Jump+8 Survival+10 Spot+8 Listen+12
    Hide+10 Move Silently+12
    Force Skills
    See Force+4 Force Stealth+6
    Track Force Sensitive Control Improved Iniative
    Special Qualities
    Chamlion +10 to MS andHide

    Jedi Academy Friends and Foes

    Calista is an orphan who was brought to the academy earlier than the PCs.
    She has adopted the consular's way and can use some skills of the force that
    others cannot. She will help the heroes when they need it, but, otherwise
    stays in the Medical Ward where she uses the rare jedi art of healing.

    Lv3 jedi consular Lv1 jedi healer Defense17(+5class +2Dex)
    iniative+2 VP/WP 38/14 SZmedium atk+3melee(2d8+1 lightsaber)
    Saves: fort+6 ref+4 will+9 FP4 DSP0 rep+2
    Str12 Dex14 Con14 Int16 Wis19 Cha18
    Sense Motive+11 Diplomacy+11 Treat Injury+11
    K(jedilore)+5 K(medical)+6 C(lightsaber)+4 Computer use+4
    Force Skills
    Empathy+10 See Force+7 Heal Self+13 Heal Another+18
    Plant Surge+10 Malacia+10
    Force Sensitive WP(L) WP(S) WP(BP)
    Skill Emphasis(heal another)
    Force Feats
    Alter Control Sense Compassion
    Cure Disease Cure Poison

    Waroo is a jedi in training from the planet of Kashyyk. He gets there
    just as the PCs do, maybe a little earlier. If he likes them, he will try to become
    friends with them. He also enjoys navigating the jungle outside the
    academy. He is 15.

    Lv1 scout Lv1 jedi guardian Defense14(+5class -2multiclassing +1Dex)
    iniative+5 VP/WP 26/18 SZmedium atk+6melee(2d6+5 Ryk Blades)
    Saves: fort+7 ref+4 will+3 FP2 DSP0 rep+1
    Str20 Dex12 Con18 Int14 Wis12 Cha10
    Computer use+7 Survival+4 Climb+13
    Repair+5 Pilot+6
    Force Skills
    Battlemind+9 Enhance Ability+9 Empathy+3
    Heal Self+4 Move Object+4
    Control Track Improved Iniative

    Andre Hagan, a quiet, yet impulsive student. Unknown
    to all but Master Luke Skywalker, he is the prince to the
    Hagan Star Cluster, a place that is only rumored about in drunk spacer tales.
    His impulsiveness can get him in over his head however.
    His high force skills are do to a hidden power he has no control
    over yet. This power gives him a +4 misc bonus to all force skills.
    However he may overpower a test or something equally as bad by accident
    until he learns to control his power. He also has a twin sister. He also likes Callista
    but does not know whether or not she likes him. He is 14.

    Andre Hagan
    Lv1 Noble Lv1 Jedi Consular Defense19(+5class -2multiclass +4Dex +2dodge)
    Iniative+4 VP/WP 18/14 SZmedium atk+4(3d6 blaster pistol)
    Saves: fort+4 ref+6 will+7 FP5 DSP0
  6. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    Oh and P.S. The race Andre belongs to are the hagans arace situated in the unknown regions and they are pretty much a star wars version of highly advanced elves.(More than the rest of the star wars universe races) If you would like details on them and their adversaries e-mail me at
  7. Magellan_the_Cat

    Magellan_the_Cat Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    Party is on a commercial transport to meet a contact. All is going well--they are under cover and no one has blown it (too badly?) yet. (you can play this intro up as the players are trying to figure out which of the other passengers & crew is the contact. As they are getting near the appointed meeting time, the liner is attacked by pirates. Ther transport is totally outclassed and boarded. THe captain decides to resist, and orders his crew to draw weapons and report to the airlock/boarding tube. (Volunteers are welcome, but must follow orders of officers--all other passengers should return to their cabins for their own safety).
    If the players do nothing, the bulk of the crew will be killed. If they participate, they risk being killed by pirates AND exposure of their IDs.
    The pirates are after plunder. Mostly, they take the cargo from the ship's hold, but if any of the passengers participated in the fighting (none will unless rallied by the players), the pirates will loot their personal posessions and cabins.

    As it happens, the contact is the pirate captain, who wants to offer her services to the Rebels. She knows one of the cabins they are using, but not who or what they look like. She set up the meeting anonymously through intermediaries, and is using the raid to show off her crew's skills & professionalism, as well as cover the possible future affiliations from the Empire.
    She will have her doctor treat any injuries suffered by the party (or crew & passengers if the players insist), and set up another meeting at specific coordinates. The future meeting should be in the middle of nowhere, in 2 weeks. Negotiators to arrive in a small freightor, with fighter escourt if the party insists on protection.

    Party may or may not be involved in 2nd set of negotiations.
    Pirate ship should be well equipped. Maybe a NebulonB Frigate or a heavily upgraded medium-class freightor. The boarding party is highly skilled--1 level lower than the party (same dodge&blaster skills as the lowest in the party if D6), with 2 members for every PC. They also have Gunners with 6d, a medic with 7d, 21B droid, 8 astromech, 12 assorted other droids, and are trying to build up a squadron of hyperspace-capable fighters (currently only have 4).

    Rebellion use of privateers & rules of conduct can be found in Pirates&Privateers by WEG.


    For added fun, the party can be present for 2nd round of negotiations, as either negotiators or bodyguards for them.

    Maybe the party is assigned to make sure the pirates follow the Aliance code of conduct.

    One of the pirates is actually an imperial agent working under cover. One adventure, the party discovers that there is a traitor on the ship, and they have to figure out who it is. Could it be the 1st officer who has made it perfectly clear that he resents the Rebels' interference in their operations, the eager young navigator who has been asking all kinds of questions about shifting his alligence, or is it simply one of the droids, who's backup personality didn't get wiped when it was stolen from the officer it was spying on?
  8. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Another adventure idea would be to have your heroes land on Dathomir and make contact with one of the clans either through an NPC Liasion or one of the PCs who have lived amongst the Clan for several years in the past, say a male who made an agreement for trading knowledge of technology for knowledge of the Force. In my campaign I used the Purple Plains Clan (any except the Night Sisters is doable)for this. It can make for an interesting can of worms as many of the Dathomirans would like to get off planet on their own terms, Force user or not.
  9. Magellan_the_Cat

    Magellan_the_Cat Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    Either single adventure or whole campaign.
    A hyperdrive mishap dumps the party's ship way outside the traveled spacelanes into a very remote backwater unheard of by the republic or empire.
    The hyperdrive and backup are both blown, and the engines are going to go critical soon. Worse still, the ship is about to hit the upper atmosphere of a large, unknown planet.
    The players (after some stressful rolls) manage to crashland on the planet. While not irreparable, the ship is severely damaged. Local vessels, spotting the smoke entry-trail have arrived. They deploy soldiers (~3-6 per party member) and arrest the party for trespassing and poaching in the imperial hunting grounds. The local emporer is going to be most displeased.

    This area is so remote, it has no knowledge of the Republic or the Empire. It has a single absolute monarch and tyrant. He has an immediate dislike for the party (except for any attractive female character, who might be an entertaining plaything). Many lesser nobles hate and dispise the tyrant, but are kept fighting among each other and never have enough power to depose him. Also, this tyrant has some lovely dark-side toys. Now the party has to survive the initial encounter/audience with the emperor, and find allies and enemies who will help overthrow him. Worse still, with their ship captured, they have no means out of the system--there are no hyperdrives in the system--they are the only thing keeping this tyrant from swarming out of system, and his scientists are working on fixing the ship and using it as a prototype for an entire fleet.

    If he ever gets out...
  10. Magellan_the_Cat

    Magellan_the_Cat Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    for the previous, think the old Flash Gordon series.
  11. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    THe players' consciousnesses get transported into droid's bodies. Worse still, they are in body types least suited to their personalities! The strong character is in a MSE-6 Mouse droid. The technophobe is in the R2. The one with the most obnoxious personality is in the protocol unit.

    And some how, they've got to find their way out of the warehouse, what happened to them, and where their real bodies are. Before they get sold, or worse still, stolen by some Squib merchant or Jawas!
  12. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Latest idea for a gaming scenario. Star Wars meets HalfLife. Let's say your party is hired to go to a research facility on a remote planet or moon in the expansion or even the rim area of the galaxy. You arrive and while the facility's research scientists are working on a high energy level test something goes horribly wrong. Alien creatures (even for Star Wars) pop in out of nowhere and start attacking the resident personnel and you have got to find a way to stop the slaughter or you're not getting paid. Because there won't be anybody available to sign the bill of lading papers. (heh, heh) Well fortunately some of the supplies are top of the line weapons at least. (originally intended for an upgrade of the facility's onsite security personnel) Happy shooting!

    Vangarian out
  13. Clone-Of-Kenobi

    Clone-Of-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 2, 2005
    I am thinking about htis idea for a Star Wars campaign using the WEG D6 system.

    The campaign takes place several years after the movies. The New Republic controls the Galaxy and the Characters are all Jedi or people working with Jedi.

    The New Jedi Order's HQ is located very far from the most heavily travelled hyperspace lanes, but it is still just as advanced and well equiupped as the old Jedi Temple. The New Jedi Order HQ is Cloud City at Besbin.
    Cloud City is now owned by The New Republic.

    The Jedi use A-Wing starfighters as Jedi Starfighters and they use Lambda-Class starships when on official business.

    There is still a lot of things to work on, but I would love to hear your input.

  14. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    I'm intrigued. How many years after RotJ/before New Jedi Order? What would be the explanation for not going to Yavin4 or say back to Corriscant as a location for Jedi HQ? Or would this be following more closely to "Film Canon" only. It sounds like a good start for something interesting. :)
  15. Clone-Of-Kenobi

    Clone-Of-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 2, 2005
    I have not read all of the New Jedi Order books and what else is out there, so I was actually thinking of creating my own future for the Galaxy Far Far Away.

    I am aware that Luke establishes a Jedi Academy on Yavin IV and that the spirit of some old Sith Lord is on Yavin IV, making life a little hard for Luke Skywalker and his students. I once came across a site on the internet where someone proposed the idea of a Jedi Academy on Cloud City. I liked the Idea and took it from there.
    I also feel that the Jedi should have a HQ as advanced as the one in the PT and that is more likely to happen on Cloud City than on Yavin IV.

    Offcourse going back to Corruscant and rebuilding the Jedi Temple would be a good idea too.
  16. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    That sounds excellent! For those who've heard of Chu'unthor,the space going academy this would be a very feasible alternative not to mention a security plus for the likes of Lando Calrisian if he were to have stayed on Cloud City after selling it to the New Republic after things got settled down with the Imperial takeover. With an entire space worthy city at one's desposal, one could have one's pick of any gas giant to choose from too.
  17. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    This weekend I sent the party to steal a bunch of x-wings since the Empire had been destroying so many that were escourting convoys of supplies. Only 1 party member had piloting experience. A CorSec base was "upgrading" its starfighters to meet imperial standards and was going to destroy the decommisioned fighters. The deputy commisioner had Rebel sypathies and sent them all the information. 4 squads of fighters, 2 of them fully flight ready (ok, some stuff was broken--parts scavenged by techs who knew the fighters were going to be destroyed). The rebels send their graduating class straight out of flight school. Most of them are only 16-18 years old. The party had to escort them into the base, past the security systems, with 24 assorted R# droids.
    Unfortunately, the deputy commissioner was under suspicion and interrogated before the party arrived on planet. Since he didn't know the details of the rebels' plans, they only knew that the ships were going to be stolen. THe Imps set up an ambush keyed to an alarm to the main gate. The party used a side tunnel, so the ambush signal didn't go off on time. It wasn't until someone thought to check the side doors & noticed they'd been opened that the alarm went off. In a nearby hangers, 2 squads of TIE fighters scramble, along with 2 APC troop transport speeders.

    Well, one of the characters had a thermal detonator that he tossed into one of the hangers, so 1 squad of TIEs got blown up. Lots of extreme die rolls (high & low) made the adventure very rediculous & silly.
  18. Shadowen

    Shadowen Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 11, 1999
    Campaign Idea
    Justice League/Superfriends/X-Men/Masters of Evil: High-level characters of roughly the same moral type (all lightsiders or all darksiders or all "pragmatists", etc.) played by your players in different adventures or campaigns meet up, become fast allies if not fast friends, and decide to form a loose commando group to deal with "threats" as they see them.
  19. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Party is safely at a rebel base when sensors pick up an imp scout ship. Pilots & gunners are sent out in Y-wings to capture/destroy it and the probe droids it's launching. (very close to the start of a "classic" WEG adventure)

    It turns out to be a mining survey ship that stumbled into the area while trying to locate a new source of ore to exploit. The miners surrender, hoping the "pirates" will leave them alive if they don't put up a fight. THe miners themselves aren't interested in supporting the empire as they are making a living and are willing to help the rebellion by using their expertise and tech knowledge to mine the right areas, thus expandign the rebel base and even providing a cover for it's existance. (Think Bespin Mining facility). THey will be happy to even register an official claim under rebel supervision.

    The party may be sent along to escourt the miners on the first few visits to other worlds, just to make sure they don't try a fast one.

    Expand from there
  20. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003

    THe players are at the end of a multi-session adventure (quest for the artifact type of thing would be good) when suddenly they get help from some mysterious figure. Their opponents are defeated and the mysterious figure grabs the item. Next thing that happens is a voice says "Game Over". There's a purple flash, and everyong is transformed. Figures that look like spheres and blocks are cheering "Sy-Mon", their guardian hero. He accepts the cheers humbly, see's that the party is still there, and demands "Format and Function". The characters look kind of like they used to, but different. (If you've seen the cartoon, you know how this works). Any droids assigned to them are now little pulsing yes/no crystals (like TRON).
    They get escourted to the cental processor for interrogation. Once there, the central operative explains that they are AI game sprites from a game called "Stellar Conflict". Somehow, during the last fight, their icons were switched from GameSprite to regular sprite format. All the history of starwars was just background. You didn't really belief that stuff, right? people with the power to move objects just by thinking about it? An empire cabable of building a space-station the size of a planet would leave such a rediculous flaw in its struction that would allow one child to blow it up with a single shot, etc etc.
    They are actually just sprites in a game, and now they will have to adjust. If they are willing, they can join the Guardian and help defeat the User in other games. (A search engine brought back an old readme file on how to convert AI game sprites to be able to reboot). The system is called Datanet. It has a virus named Haxxxxor, who will try to recruit the players to assist him.

    The players can fight with or against Haxxxxor. Run them through a couple of Games (just for fun--see how they like throwing pies at each other in "FunHouse" or battling Rocky the Rabid Raccoon4. As time goes on, the other sprites will ask the party questions about the game they are from, what it was like, what type of missions they were on, where they were stationed, etc. The sprites will say things like "yeah, when I played that game, I was stationed on Yavin4. Got wiped out in the first wave. If it wasn't for SyMon, I'd have been nullified"

    You can play this as a new twist on the campaign, and just keep the different games going. (might be fun for a while)


    This whole thing is an Imperial/Separatist trap. The party was captured at the end of the last mission by an ionizing knockout gas with minor amnesiac qualities. They don't remember the minutes leading up to their capture. They are in advanced VR chambers (droids are plugged in). Various interigators take turns playing the sprites looking for information--the chattier ones. When the players get bored, have that one get accidentally disconnected or glitched for a few seconds--long enough to see arround. Then the players will have to work together to find a way out. (Season 8 of Red Dwarf)
  21. Reinn

    Reinn Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 19, 2005
    For mid-level heroes pre-TPM:

    They've just completed another successful mission and are heading back to Coruscant for some well earned R&R. That is until they engage their hyperdrive and find that the time dialation inhibitor on the hyperdrive has been severely damaged. A couple of seconds from their perspective ages the galaxy 30 years and they disengage the hyperdrive right in the middle of of an Imperial attack. The heroes are forced to aide the Rebellion while finding out what happened and maybe even find a way to go back in time and stop it.

    This adventure would require a hefty bit of roleplaying on the PCs part because in order for it to be fun, all of the characters would have to be genuinely dumbfounded about what has happened, even though the players know all too well.
  22. Masterskippy

    Masterskippy Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 11, 2005
    This is a great Rebellion-era campaing idea, one that was used by my GM, and heavily involving me. I also should state that it should be a semi-long term run scenario for maximum effect.

    Basically, soon after Hoth, many Alliance Intelligence units are dying. AI believes the teams are being compromised by Imperial Security Bureau agents.

    During the debriefing after Hoth, one of the PCs (preferably one who has either a shady past, or has something to hide) is more or less blackmailed to spy on his/her comrades for any suspicious activity. As a player, I kept this to myself for 6 RL months from my other PCs, and only the GM knew, since he was the one who set it up..:)

    Play it how you will, but the culmination has to include something to the effect where some vital piece of information that the Empire would really like their hands on. The one my group was involved in having Mon Mothma visit the base we were 'vacationing' at for R&R. I'll use this example to flesh out the plot. Timelinewise, this adventure happens approximately two weeks before the preparation for the Battle of Endor, as seen in ROTJ.

    One of the other PCs, during a prior interrogation by the Empire, was reprogrammed by ISB to give them any information that this person feels the Empire would love to get their hands on. This mole does NOT know he/she is a mole.

    A murder happens (the evil mole, if you will, is the murderer), and the PCs are under house arrest, due to their relationship to the suspect. The victim was a communications officer, and it appears his terminal was accessed to send off a message.

    The party is interviewed one at a time by Intelligence. Then, the 'good mole' is interviewed. The chief asks the planted agent if they want to help with the investigation. Concerns about the knowledge of Mon Mothma's visit is brought up.

    Once the PCs are interviewed, an alarm sounds. Appearantly, the evil mole has escaped. The group knows that something bad is happening. With Mon Mothma's arrival, anything is possible.
    Of course, the PCs must find a way out of their cell. This could be a good opportunity for the second mole to reveal themselves. I didn't, because we had Force Sensatives who managed to get us out.

    The group encounters some guards, and the good mole can show their Alliance Intelligence ID for quick passage. By this time, through roleplay or skill checks, everyone feels Mon Mothma is in danger.

    It's a race against time.

    As the group gets to the hanger area, Mon Mothma's shuttle lands. If a perception check (going by the D6 rules; translate to D20 accordingly) is made, the party member who makes it sees the evil mole skulking about. The good mole needs to make a perception check. If successful, the good mole sees that the evil mole pulls out a thermal detonator.

    Base guards, Alliance Intelligence agents, and pretty much everyone thinks the PCs are fugitives, so this should make their job much harder. The good mole (if they haven't declared their affiliation with Alliance Intelligence prior) should probably use this to their advantage.

    The whole scene should be played out, where (if possible), the evil mole is captured, and not killed. Mon Mothma is saved, etc.

    The debrief explains that the evil mole was programmed as a one-shot Imperial agent. For those who own the D6 Imperial Sourcebook, there's a small blurb early in the book that describes this.

    If you run your campaign like we did, as a group (plus GM), we watched the latter half of RoTJ to find our characters. That took weeks, and it was fun. Besides the EXP and force points rewards, this makes a heck of a tie-in for the Battle of Endor.
  23. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    The party has been forced by overwhelming numbers to flee a commercial planet on the first transport they could find: a bulk freightor.

    One of the crates on the freightor is a group of kawlian lizard monkeys (salacious crumbs). They were being shipped along with some other exotic animals to a zoo. The captors underestimated the intelligence of the monkeys, who have escaped from their cages, released all the other animals, and run amok in the cargo hold. The monkeys and some of the smaller animals have made it into the ventilation systems, and into some of the inner workings. One of the animals accidentally shorts out the power (due to biological needs) to the hyperspace shield generator--the ship drops out of lightspeed in the middle of nowhere. The party has to find the cause, and more importantly, solve the problem with a minimum of casuaties to the valuable animals.

  24. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    One of the high-ranking members of the Rebellion (or whatever) has a child in the hands of the Empire (or whatever opposition). As part of a political ploy, the child is been subjected to heavy indoctrination and is now a Sr. CompNOR Youth leader. The party has been assigned to extract the child. They have to replace the original chaperone squad for a field trip and extract the child at the last minute when they get to the 3rd or 4th starport on the return trip. In the meantime, they have to babysit a bunch of 8-13yo children, and not only listen to, but recite imperial propaganda as befitting the camping trip. Oh, by the way, while they get most of the original chaperones, the head of the detail escapes their attempts at removal.

    So, summercamp, detention camp, and indoctrination, all at once. Imagine having the players have to retell a couple of their adventures with their actions against the benevolent empire villified. Or how about having to sing a campfire song about the heroism of Palpatine, the evil of the Jedi, and the dutiful Darth Vader, servant of the Empire.

    Have fun with this one kids!
  25. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    The Show Must Go On:
    Over a series of adventures, the party notices people staring at them. Some bow, some silently applaud, some wink "knowingly". Any that are questioned act oddly, telling all about themselves or what they do and how important it is and how they "sincerely feel" about the situation. As time goes on, they might let slip that they know some odd detail about a previous mission.

    Some computer slicer has hacked security records from various bases and for fun turned them into holovid entertainment and sold the show to a galactic network. Armed with a casting budget, he has instead built and bought a number of holovid recorder droids and outfitted them with high-quality stealth technology (but they can be found on a difficult search/perception check). The droids follow the party arround. Occasionally they get blown up. They also have hacking sensors that allow them to copy files from surveilance and security cameras in the vicinity (these provide background, alternate angles, and such). So far, no one has been able to out-slice the slicer or determine is location or identity. The opposition want him stopped for exposing their plans and bases. THe party wants him stopped for exposing their identities. The broadcaster wants him to continue supplying what has become the highest rated program in history.
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