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Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Magellan_the_Cat, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Are these ideas helping? Anyone use them? Results?
    Suggestions for making them more useful?

    Just wondering.
  2. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    I've used a couple and I'm planning on using that on where the hacker turns the player in Holo stars(I think it has potential)
  3. Rogue_Thunder

    Rogue_Thunder FanForce CR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada star 6

    Jan 7, 2003
    Yeah, some of them gave me ideas to build on. :)

    I guess since we've done a few missions now I can share the details of the missions my PC's have already been on, since they come to this forum too.

    Our first adventure was pretty much ripped right out of the pages of Shatterpoint, except that it didn't really delve as deep into the nature of man, the darkside or the issues in that book. It just had a jungle and Nick Rostu made a guest appearance.

    It turns out the primitive backwater planet of Al'Kora is actually rich in precious metals and the ores necessary to build battle droids (my campaign is set during the Clone Wars, btw). The planet and it's government are loyal to the Republic, but the CIS has really been eyeing the planet. Instead of devoting a fleet to taking the planet, which the republic would defend, since they don't want the Seppies getting ahold of all that ore, they decide to send in supplies to the disaffected miners and fringer-types and incite a small rebellion against the local government (think of your typical banana republics).

    The party's job is to find this camp, get evidence to the local government that they're being supplied by the Sep's so the locals have a viable excuse to wipe out the rebels (ironic that they're quashing a rebellion, when eventually they'll become part of one ;) ).

  4. MagilofZeal

    MagilofZeal Jedi Youngling

    Aug 23, 2005
    i know this is an old topic...
    but i saw some nice ideas here, although i didnt read them all...
    i wanted to share some of my ideas as well...

    (works best in the old republic era, that at least my opinion)
    the group (if jedi, archeologists, bounty hunters or just normal adventurers) are ending up somehow on the demon moon of Dxun (or any other planet you can think of),and they discover a hidden underground pyramid.
    once inside the pyramid they are joined by a jedi NPC (i chose to add a female miraluka, just for the fun of the futur thought...)than they all discover a Sith holocron (although they most likley dont know its a holocron, unless they are jedi), but what they dont know is that there is also a Dark Side Spirit inside the pyramid.
    a DSS of an ancient Sith lord, known as the greates lightsaber duelist ever (i admit stealling the idea of the greatest lightsaber duelist stuff from KotOR 2, but thats not showing up in the game at all)...
    then the DSS possesses the body of the jedi NPC, but the characters dont know that...
    then they are returning to the jedi council on courascant (or summoned by the council in case they are not jedi at all), and the NPC is starting to act wierd, ignoring the jedi code and stuff.
    once the characters tell the council the story about the pyramid the council members are gathering an important meeting, they are worried because they realize that the spirit of the sith lord is free once again...
    the characters started this mess so they are to clean things up, they are to gather 5 jedi holocrons around the galaxy, 5 holocrons of the 5 greatest jedi duelists who defeated this sith lord...
    what they dont know is that one member of this expedition IS THE SITH LORD HIMSELF!
    thats right, the jedi NPC...
    now the sith lords "accidently" ruins the holocrons one by one, before the characters can master the thecniques of the jedi masters (in case they are jedi) or can learn of a way to destroy the sith lord (in case there are no jedis at all)...

    thats the general idea of the cmpaign, every planet they visit is different, in any means...
    probably in some extreme terrain that the characters will fing hard to claim the holocron...
    most likley according to the jedi master's specie...
    i devided the game into 5 chapters...
    every chapters is about another holocron, the final chapters is also about killing the threat of the sith lord...

    hows that?
  5. MercenaryAce

    MercenaryAce Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 10, 2005
    Coold idea, but it would work better if it was a pc Jedi possed that you set up before hand.

    Anyway, my idea is an Infinities universe that just throws everything out the window, using the characters, ships, planets and all that jaz but in a new storyline. But I don't have much worked out, but here I go

    The galaxy is split up amongst 4 powers: Th Empire, The CIS, The Republic and The Yong. The Empire and Republic have always been freindly (hence the similer armor and ships and stuff). Despite that, they still fight a bit, even though not as much as droid loving CIS (who aren't Seps here, just a rival power) and droid hating Yong (still extragalatic invaders). The Jedi are a netural group dedicated to preserving peace, while the Sith exsist to sow choas. The Rebal Allaince opposes all four powers for various oppresion reasons (GE=general, GR=class, CIS=Business?, YV=religous). meanwhile, prites and criminals thrive amongst the choas while smaller governments (Hapans, CSA, Sssi-Ruuk, Chiss, etc..
    To struggle to survive.
  6. MagilofZeal

    MagilofZeal Jedi Youngling

    Aug 23, 2005
    it could work...
    but i prefer an NPC, it gives me more room to plan things...
    if its a PC then i need to relay on him too much...
    and its going to be like this for the whole game, so the PC wont play his character at all, or he will have an extremly powerful character from the beginning...
  7. MercenaryAce

    MercenaryAce Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 10, 2005
    I'm just saying it will be more of a surprise to the other players...

    BTW I would love coments on my idea.
  8. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Jedi players discovers that their lightsabers have been stolen. Tracking it down, the party discovers that there's a gray market for the sabers among snobs and collectors of antiques. A certain street urchin has been working to supply that market through a fence. He has other children provide distraction and then he filches the sabers while jedi are looking elsewhere. (give him 7d of pickpocketing or 15 ranks of skill)

    Oh, the kid has force potential, but no skill or training. He's 12 years old and has 3 DSP but hasn't gone fully over.
  9. Ashton_Fre-Nel

    Ashton_Fre-Nel Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 31, 2005
    I had one that focused on the ice planet Rhen Var (from Battlefront).

    Rhen Var was actually a utopia and had many thriving cities, even a Jedi Temple -- unbeknownst to the Jedi a dark force was hidden away, not far from the Jedi Temple. A young padawan by chance came upon this dark sanctuary and began to delve into its mysteries. His sister, also a padawan, began to notice a change in her brother, and grew concerned; but never mentioned anything to her master.
    One night a raging storm began to form over the dark sanctuary, which began to threaten the entire planet. Believing that she could still save her brother, the girl ventured into the sanctuary. She found her brother corrupted and knew that all hope was lost. The two engaged in battle while the storm swept over Rhen Var covering it in ice and snow.
    The Jedi took with them as my inhabitants as possible, but many were stranded and froze to death while brother and sister fought.

    Thousands (if not more) years later the Council or Senate or Alliance calls upon the heroes to venture to this planet once again to uncover the mystery of its fate.
    Upon arrival the boy (now a force spirit) leads them to the temple (which somehow survived the storm).
    From there the heroes have time to explore the temple, and the surrounding area (but most buildings are just shells of the past). After some time exploring, the girl (a force spirit as well) approaches the heroes, quite and meek, merely observing and only ask small questions. But should the heroes question her, she leaves (vanishing if the heroes give chase). This occurs for some time until you deem that the heores have searched long enough.

    At this point the brother and sister begin to quarrel again, sometimes late at night waking the heroes. Once this occurs the girl begins to answer some questions, going as far as to enlighten the heroes of her past. The boy should also appear to the heroes, trying to persuade the heroes that his sister is crazy -- as well, the boy should coax (a jedi) to follow him into the dark sanctuary.

    Eventually the brother and sister's quarrel should totally be the focus of the adventure; with the sister saying something about repeating history, and the brother saying she doesn't understand, etc. etc. (imbelish as you will). Soon the heroes should find their way to the dark sanctuary -- either by way of the sister showing them or the brother coaxing one to follow the darkside. Once inside the siblings will clash in battle (hint: this is where history begins to repeat itself) the weather outside should reflect this, as another storm begins to threaten the planet.

    how you resolve the conflict from here is up to you. keep in mind the brother is a dark force spirit and the sister is only trying to save him.

    does the sister finally succeed in saving her brother with the help of the heroes? do the heroes have to destroy the darkside spirit? is there a deeper, dark force behind this? what is the fate of Rhen Var, will it ever be an utopia again?
  10. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    The rebel alliance has just learned that an Imperial scout ship has rediscovered the planet Lengand, formerly a member of the Republic, but lost to official records during the chaos of transition to Imperial rule. The Lengand government expressed no interest in rejoining either the republic or the empire. As a result, the empire is sending a Star Destroyer to both impress on them the futility of resistance (and punish any who do) and to update the bureaucrasy to modern standards once integration is in place.
    The players' job:
    1--scout out the planet for as much information as they can find. Most files on Lengand were lost, damaged, destroyed, or just vague & incomplete.
    2--steal blank ID cards and forms from the Lengand government offices. This blanks will be used to create new fake IDs for rebel operatives. When the government gets uploaded into the empire, these new IDs will help safeguard agents and help others escape. This is actually a key victory point for the Rebellion. The information the players scout out will help forge the IDs used.
    3--recruiting. Since the government wasn't interested in joining the Empire, maybe they will help the rebellion. If not as the government, maybe they can point the party toward individuals.

    The Situation: Lengand senators saw what was coming and deliberately damaged records of their planet. They wanted out of the republic, but had no intention of joining the Separatists either. They just wanted to be left alone. And so they have been, for 40 years. Occasional trade with smaller merchant ships has kept their technology within galactic standard, but on the low end. Computer slicers will find the machines here to be painfully slow. Millitary relies on Z-95 headhunters and nothing else (see below). Blasters are extremely unusual.
    The decendants of the senators are largely in agreement with their ancestors: they want nothing from ANY galactic government, and will politely decline any offer of membership, and snear at any gesture of force.

    Government: The govenment is eccentric. Most matters are handled in towns by the local town magisters. More serious problems, conflicts of interest, and appeals are bumped up to city Magistrates. After then, matters are sent to the capital. There are 3 primary cities which rotate control: Talfager, Pidcully, and Thamptonor. Which city is capital is decided anually in a piloting competition. The best pilot with the best aerobatic display wins control for his/her city. Usually, there is some dispute as to who performed the best or put on the best show, or accusations of cheating. This usually led to war (see below). As a result, pilots, vehicles, and droids for the competition were randomly assigned. Each city would put forward their pilot, a blank astromech, and a stock fightercraft. This guarenteed quality ships (wouldn't want your pilot to draw your fighter and have it fall apart, but don't want to give some other city the edge--same with astromechs). These changes reduce wars from annual events to every 5-10 years. Oddly enough, once the matter of which city is Capital is decided, the society returns to a fairly egailitarian system with few hard feelings or grudges held.

    Culture: In the Lengand society, Pilots rank as a priviledged class. It is what every child aspires to be--either a pilot or spouse to one. Most restraunts have a Pilots area with better food, service, and, of course, flight simulator. Pilots are highly thought of, fete'd, offered better credit & accomodations, and so forth. They are celebrities. Even those visiting from other cities are treated with great respect. Talent is talent, regardless of which city it represents.
    Pilots themselves treat this priviledge differently. Some take shameless advantage and are snobbish and rude. Others are polite and sociable, "home town" types. With each other, there is the constant jockeying for position of better pilot, which varies from friendly rivalry to bitter hatred. Duels are not uncommon, and usually resolved with a match in a flight simulator or sometimes with a real dogfig
  11. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Oh, one more note for the above adventure: no blaster on the planet should be stronger than the stock blaster pistol (4d or the d20 equivenant). Their technology is older, and there isn't a demand for pistols much outside law-enforcement and criminals (who number fairly low).

    Population of the planet is only about 1 billion on a world 1/3 the size of Earth.
  12. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    The party's ship is damaged and has to land on a remote backwater world. Worse, they are in one of the most isolated parts of the planet. There is a starport, but it's neary 200 km from where they landed, and the ship requires some replacement parts that the party just doesn't have. Not even the ship's repulsor lifts are working. Their only means of transport is their collective feet. Oh, communications are down too. Only line-of-sight is available on commlinks. (Told you it was a backwater world--no communications satelites).

    But, they're in luck. A local nerf-herded needs to get his animals to market, and he needs people to help her get them there. She'll pay well (enough for the replacement parts and a mechanic if the party doesn't have one) if they can get the herd there intact. It's a long, hard trail with a bunch of stupid ornery animals. It will take nearly two weeks (10 days) to complete the trip. The party will be riding beasts (except the cook driving the wheeled transport).
    There will be terrain hazards, weather hazards, spooked animals causing stampedes, and, of course, theives and russlers.

    Yes, the Nerfherder's neighbor, another nerf-herder, wants the Herder's land and property, but she won't sell or marry him. So he and his employees are going to try their best to sabotage the convoy. Water supplies may dry up or be contaminated. Non-party members will be picked off in the night or sniped & killed while patrolling during the day. When all the experienced hands are gone, about 2 days from the starport, the russlers will make their play & try to take the herd by force.
    What the Herder doesn't know, is that one of her employees is a spy for her neighbor, and has been providing information to help the theft the whole time (as well as other acts of sabotage like losing provisions and water and such like). During this fight, the spy turns on the party and joins in the fight. Round one: he shoots the herder on stun, then switches to kill to attack the party.
    There should be 2-3 russlers per party member.

    If the party succeeds in getting the herd to town, they are paid for their troubles, the best looking is given a hug & a kiss, and a mechanic with a repulsor lift will agree to take them back to their ship & fix it (or just take them to the ship with the parts they need if they have a technician.

    This adventure will require non-standard skills from the party. Their mounts will require beast-riding checks daily, as well as during combat or other situations. The cook doesn't get out of this, as the wheeled supply truck & kitchen is not a standard vehicle that most players would have skill with. Additionally, many survival roles need to be made because of the environment. A goodly number of perception rolls during the trip will keep the party on their toes. THey also need to be able to handle animals to deal with the herd.

    OK, so I've been watching a lot of John Wayne movies lately... [face_whistling] ;) Watch any 2 and you'll have a good idea of what to put the party through.
  13. jasconsolojediknight

    jasconsolojediknight Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 31, 2006

    Ok there an eilte unit that was formed by the empire to help fight the rebels and
    that went after rouge jedi any kind. The GM had us fight a buch of sith during rebellion era. The reson vader was't deal with it is bc he was looking for skywalker and did't have time to deal with minor threats. What made the Hellfire so unique was the core-tros-ore that was build in the armor.
  14. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
  15. Ender Sai

    Ender Sai Chosen One star 10

    Feb 18, 2001
    I'm trying to figure how I can bring Luo Guanzhong's "Three Kingdoms" into a Star Wars setting. Dong Zhou is just too cool a villain, and Lu Bu too kickass a fighter.

  16. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Dark times for the noble families of House Pelagia:

    25 years ago, a daughter of the noble family Degascoin, Duke of Cheltenhan of House Pelagia, married an entertainer of low status. Exiled from the family, she and her husband lived in modest lower-class circumstances. Apon the birth of their first son, the entertainer (a middling-quality singer of no social standing) died. The new mother made several attempts to reconcile with her family which were cruely rebuffed, including a terse letter written by a secretary suggesting that she not attempt communication again. The son has grown up in poverty, but fully versed in the histories and personalities of his more noble family and etiquette of higher station.
    There is a peculiarity of the family title that allows the title to decend through both male and female lines of succession.
    Younger members of the family have suddenly been plagued with a rash of unfortunate accidents. Repulsor-lift collisions, duels with strangers by midnight, disease, sabotage, exploding packages,...
    The Second in line to the title, a weathy private banker and commerce magnate is looking for someone to investigate the sudden outbreak.
    Current surviving members of the family: An Imperial Admiral, An Imperial ground-forces general (AT-AT division), the banker, the current Duke, a young artistic and his wife (no children), a political activist woman who is trying to rally charity support for the off-world survivors of Alderan, and a local priest. With the exception of the young artist, there are no official members of the family still young enough to produce heirs. An entire generation is gone.
    Rebellion characters may find it odd to be worried about the survival of 2 imperial officers. The admiral will be killed partway through as a victim of a rebel trap. The General is due to retire shortly, however, and has not seen recent action against any rebel forces. Perhaps he can be recruited...

    Inspiration: "Kind Hearts & Coronettes" starring Alec Guiness

    Count Crengov is 31 years old. Every Count Crengov in the last 600 years has died within a week of turning 32. The ways of their deaths have varried from hunting accidents, poisonning, repulsor-lift crashes, falling rocks, and so forth. The Count wants to hire outsiders to find the cause before he succumbs to the family curse. He had hoped to end the curse by not marrying, but has fallen in love.
    600 years ago, the Count had a "Jedi" and apprentice in his household. Children were disappearing in alarming numbers and rumors were flying about the reclusive "Jedi" and his deciple son. When the Count's child went missing, he flew into a rage, surprized the "Jedi" and strangled him to death. The Count's son was found hiding by his pet droid. The Deciple, angered at his own father's death, pronounced a curse that "none of the Count's line should live longer than he" and threw a vile of fluid at him, killing the count. The deciple then "Disappeared into a black cloud". The "Jedi" was found to actually be closer in his studies to the Sith. A Malcitte Poisoner's kit was found in his "laboratory", along with remains of a number of children. The Deciple was never seen again.
    The old castle estate still exists, though it was abandoned 430 years ago by decision of the newly ordained Count of the time. It is disused, derilect, and unsafe. Walls are crumbling. Doors are falling off hinges. Tapestries and artwork are crumbling in ruin.

    The Deciple, very much of Sith training, continued his father's research, and took part in the deaths of all of the counts during his own lifetime. Before he died, he built into the family computers and droid systems a program that would arrange a different accident or type of death for each and every Count. Sometimes, the program would arrange the hire of assassins or bounty-hunters or other outside agencies from the funds left behind in the deciple's bank. No one has ever found the program because of the nature of the design: it is scattered in subroutines in over 20 different files and systems. Purging one part
  17. Nktalloth

    Nktalloth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 5, 2005
    Hell yes. Lovecraft rocks.

    It'd also be interesting to convert "The Dunwich Horror" into a SW campaign.
  18. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Been a while since I read that one, if I ever did. (been a while, and I hate to say it, but the stories overlap so much that they tend to blur--especially with the compilations I have that include work from other authors (some of them seem like outright rewrites by lesser scribbling dabblers that the smooth writings of a master wordsmith).

    How about posting a brief adaptation/summary when you can?

    Anyone else have inspirational starters they'd care to share? you can even post full out adventures with stats & everything if you like. I just don't because I figure the GM should have to do something--I'm providing the framework. Besides, you probablly have to talor it a bit to suit the party. And there's the d6/d20 factor. But don't let that stop you if you're thus inclined.
  19. Nktalloth

    Nktalloth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 5, 2005
    Brief summary of The Dunwich Horror:
    (Note that I am telling this as events occur, not as they are revealed)


    Old Whately's albino daughter concieves two children by the Elder god Yog-Sothoth. One of these children, named Wilbur, is capable of passing himself off as human excepting when he is grievously injured or not trying to hide himself. DOgs immediatly dislike him and attack him. The other brother has no name, is invisible, and is described as having stumpy legs, being covered with tentacles topped with gaping maws, and half a face with the weak Whately chin. This more monstrous brother is invisible except when exposed to a paricular dust, discovered by doctor Armitage later. Wilbur grows and learns at an abnormal rate, and can walk upright in his first month. Old Whatley dies of old age, after renovating the house a few times to help hide the continuing growth of his monstrous child. Soon after, it is assumed that Wilbur kills his albino mother. Later, Wilbur attempts to obtain a copy of The Necronomicon from Arkham university, and resorts to breaking in. His death causes him to reveal his true form to Armitage and two others, who try to figure out what he was trying to do.

    Meanwhile in Dunwich the monster, having been starved due to a lack of cows, rips it's way out of the house and lumbers into the countryside. It begins guerilla-style attacks on Dunwich, leaving shells of empty houses and no trace whatsoever of the occupants. Armitage comes to Dunwich where he lures it up to an altar, blasts it with the visibility dust (the sight of the monster can drive people insane, like all other Lovecraftian horrors), and banishes it using a rite from The Necronomicon.
  20. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Star Wars: Paranoia!
    Anyone ever think of what would happen combining these two game universes? Both SW and Paranoia were made by WEG, so the mechanics would be dead easy. Everyone is a Jedi. Jedi are traitors who must be shot. Except registered Jedi, who are dangerous, but controlled. Everyone is a member of a Secret Society. All members of Secret Societies are traitors who must be shot. Everyone has 6 clones/lives.
    The characters must work the missions assigned them by THE Computer.

    What happens to Paduwans who fail their trials? Their minds are wiped and they are placed in a giant residential bunker. In hopes that they can redeam themselves, a program was set up to allow them to progress to higher and higher levels of control and competance. If they reach the top, they have the option of leaving the bunker and becoming full Jedi, or remaining to help monitor and administrate.
    The inmates retain knowledge of their jedi training and abilities, but not of the galaxy at large. There are alien races in the compound, but there always have been, and they are productive citizens. Oh, no lightsabers either. Lightsabers are illegal. Only the elite, who have developed their force skills in private on the sly might be able to learn (through the Force) how to make one. They would have to be Violet or Ultra-violet clearance (rapidly approaching the point where they could pass their test and leave or administrators who chose to remain). Either way, the players would have no knowledge of these weapons, except that they are on the forbidden list. (Now, they have training, but they don't know that they do, or from where...)

    This may have started out as a way to rehabilitate fallen Paduwan, but something has clearly gone wrong. Did the emporer corrupt the program for entertainment (and as a way of finding new Hands or other agents to do his bidding)? Did the graduates who chose to stay become mentally unhinged? Is the some faction of the Imperial Remnant seaking a new Jedi ruler the way Thrawn sought Joruus C'Boath? Are the Separatists (Dooku told them where the project was & deleted references to it from the Library) looking for counters to the Jedi leadership of the Clone Army of the Republic?

    Remember, the rulebook is a classified document, and anyone quoting the rules is in violation of the official secrets act, and therefore a traitor, and all traitors must be shot!

    All characters are Force-sensative, and start with either Control or Sense (or both) and 3 Force powers. There are no teachers, so Force abilities cost double to raise.

    This is the sort of campaign that ought to confuse the Jedi-crazed members of any RPG group.
  21. Jedi_Xen

    Jedi_Xen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2001
    Depends on the group really. I personally like playing in the Imperial Era, especially between the events of Revenge of the Sith and the beginning of A New Hope.

    Usually I dont start my players off as taking on the Empire either, it is large, powerful, and has nearly infinite resources for the players to want to dance with them. The campaign I am about to begin in a couple of weeks will begin roughly 10 years before Luke Skywalker left Tatooine with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Contrary to what I mentioned above, my players get a taste of Imperial might from the very beginning. As the Empire begins to tighten its grip on the galaxy, especially in the Outer Rim, my players have joined forces with a smuggler/blockade runner who owns his own Corellian Corvette. After a couple of run-ins with the Empire, the smuggler is betrayed to the Empire. I allow the players to escape after a fight, they crash land in their escape pod on a swampy world below and must make their way quickly into a distant town before they are discovered by the Empire and arrested. They have to fight creatures, and less than civilized natives until they reach the town.

    In town they meet an NPC who attempts to help them out, but the Empire is searching for any survivors from the ship they were on, so the planet is blockaded, with Imperial Stormtroopers marching through the streets of the city, and scout troopers are combing the swamps. They are discovered for what they are by less than scrupulous beings, a Trandoshan slaver, his human partner, and a Bothan who seems to be the brains of the outfit. There is a decent reward for any information leading to their arrest, so the slavers attempt to confront the heroes to prevent them from leaving before the Stormtroopers arrive, a firefight erupts which will be dumbed down for the players to win. Now they know the Empire is on their way they have to escape the planet, so they have to get a ship, Im thinking of having my NPC inform them of the slavers ship, but along the way they are confronted by the Imperial troopers and must fight their way to the starport. The NPC will be killed in the escape, but the heroes hopefully will survive until they can make it to the freighter so they can blast their way out of the blockade and into hyperspace.

    They are safe, for now. Little do the heroes realize the ship they stole belongs to a powerful pirate whose building a fleet of freighters to rule his criminal Empire. At first he orders his lackeys to find the ship, take the thieves and sell them to the Hutts and return the freighter to him. The heroes will be pursued by low level thugs of various alien species, and if they continue to allude them, and as they gain levels higher ranking thugs, until the pirate commander uses all his resources to find the players, kill them, and if necessary destroy his ship to do so.

    What happens from there depends on the players, they could eventually fight the Empire, or maybe run afoul of a rebel faction, or they could avoid the Galactic Civil War altogether as they deal with the power vaccum they created and fend themselves from bounty hunters, and other outlaws. But thats how I start.
  22. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Sounds like a good set up to me.
    I prefer to have the characters at least be sympathetic to the rebellion, if not actually members, simply because it makes life so much easier.

    On the other hand, there was a campaign I ran in which everyone was employed by one of the Houses of the Tapani Sector (Cadriaan I believe), which ended up with the players causing a great deal of trouble when they ran into the Rebelion.

    Hope your campaign works out.
  23. Jedi_Xen

    Jedi_Xen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2001
    Im going to let them have the ultimate decision but I can always, and very easily guide them towards the Rebels. A corrupt Imperial officer had dealings with the Pirate they just defeated, losing him a fortune. He trumps up some charges against them, bringing the might of the Empire upon the group, or atleast as much might as he could muster using Clone War vintage military equipment in the Outer Rim.

    When it looks like the players number is up, a small Rebel task force saves the day, so to speak, and now in the eyes of the Empire makes the players part of the Rebellion. They will have little choice but be sympathetic to the Rebels.
  24. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Not an actual adventure per say--more just an encounter that could prove interesting and complicate the players lives.

    Got Jedi player looking for a master? This situation is a lot more common with the D6 game, especially in the "Classic" era.

    A street beggar walks up to the party on their way to some mission, and tells the jedi player some nice strategic detail. "2 men in black followed by 20 men in white armor went into the building 3 minutes ago" "A star destroyer just entered the edge of the system" "security is checking everyone entering the spaceport" "_____ was murdered last night", or something like that. If the PCs blow past him or ignore him, or whatever, that's it. They screwed up.
    He won't be able to give any more information beyond whatever he first said, even for credits.
    In point of fact, he won't accept credits (a polite, "no, that's quite alright, but thank you"). If they ask what he'd like in exchange for his information, his reply will be "Warm beverage, small meal, transport off-planet, whatever you feel the information was worth. I'll be arround here whenever you're finished with what you're doing."

    If they blow him off, they've screwed up. Likewise if they fail to come back and give him his reward.

    What will happen depends how they treat him. Only if they treat him well and politely will he actually consider taking one as a student, and will only offer or accept after observing said individual for 3-4 adventures. During that time, he will always be arround the person he's considering teaching, but will say nothing unless asked, and will do nothing (abstaining from any combat except to dodge). He will not even turn on a lightsaber (he doesn't have one on him).

    The master was only a knight when saw the the empire coming, tried to warn those who might be able to do something, but no one listened, so he left the order and hid. He married and had two children. When the Empire started consolidating power through terror, his children participated in an anti-imperial demonstration and were killed in the "restoration of civic order via Stormtroopers" under the command of the local governor. When his wife heard that troops were being sent in, she tried to get her children out of the crowd and was killed as well.
    The Jedi master flew into a rage and killed the entire garrison. Realizing that he'd started to turn to the dark side, he buried his lightsaber in his "grave" on a remote garden planet. From then on, he has traveled as a beggar, living on the streets, rather than risk endangering the galaxy with yet another fallen Jedi.

    "What possible reason could you have to want to be Jedi? I've seen what happens to knights who have tried to resurrect the order by training youngsters brought up under the Empire. And too many fall from the path. Heh. Arrogant hotheads or vapid children with fantasies and delusions of grandure. They think Jedi are nothing but combatative warmongers. They think anyone with a lightsaber, robes, and a mouthful of platitudes can be a Jedi. Arrogant, greeding, angry, murderous... better that the ways of the Jedi die out completely than to be so corrupted."
    "You want to be Jedi. You will have to prove your devotion to peace. Dicipline your mind. Let your actions show that you are worth the risk. The damage of a single Jedi fallen to the darkness in greater than an entire Imperial fleet."

    The master still has 2 DSP to repent. He has 7 levels in jedi (probablly consular), and 3 in fringer, or 8D control, 6D Sense, 3D Alter, 4D lightsaber and 7D streetwise. He will have 5D of alien races, languages, and cultures, as well as Bargain and Hide/Sneak. He does not have Affect Mind or other powers that afflict perceptions.
    The trainee character will probablly gain 2 levels or 20-30 skill points before the master will be willing to begin teaching him/her.
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    May 30, 2003
    UG! I typed up 2 nice, long, detailed adventure ideas, only to have TFN board crash & not put them up when I clicked on the "post reply" button.

    Talk about annoying!

    Well, here are the sources I based the ideas on:
    early Columbo episode "Double Shock"
    Blake's 7 episode "Mission to Destiny" by Terry Nation.

    If you haven't seen B7, I highly recommend it. There are a lot of story ideas and background that I've adapted for use in SW campaigns in the past.
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